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-: ami L(ii ).. II. ..
f.-ruiT with th lnjtinu "f .lajan alii-', tji M-izur of the nr
rfiain Mm- oi .Jaijin'M- nru in transit in ioreiirn itottotiw ami tin eon-
-UMit leinriilix;itioii of .laanee trade are the principal reau
ulvaneeI l official of th- mikadoV i(veriiinent in explanation of the
. ultimatum t (iermanv. th ultimatum kaiser A ilhelm r-
juin-l tiM'vaeuate tlx- German naval base in China hv . Anr. 2-.
.'IRAKIS, ;Frane, Aug. The Gejman lefrn-e in Ivcr Al-
'V-'" sno is l jnjr driven Iwl; and the Ciertnans are retreat in r on the l'iu
An enap'inent av;is fought ve.-terdiiy afternoon xuth of Muelh.mxu.
Hear Altkiieh. the (firman In-tinu 1 t jrun- and manv primmer.
(Associated Prss by Commercial Pacific Cable)
SAX -FRANCISCO, Aug. 21. Fears are enterfaincl here that
4he Fnion Steamship Mnatia is'hcading directh into the water ja
ir'.llM. y the Gennaii eruier Leipzig and may Ik eapturel. The M
una eleare! from thi urt at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, after hav
W ,,iig t'n ihil "j1 at Meigs's wharf for IS hours past her seheduled sail
ing time. The Norwegian steamer Cnzeo, whieh came in as the Moana
left, reMrttl having si:htel a lhree-funnellel cruiser, supjosel to l
the' Leipzig, alout seventy miles wont Invest, of here.
The plans of Captain Stringer of the Moana, as tohl by him to
'"""'friends lef('re mailing, was to head his t earner south for some seventy
Jf jiiih s, then to make a rim for Tahiti.
If the Leipzig is staying in the 'neighWhocxl where the Cnzeo
ightel her, the Moana runs a big risk of capture.
-Captain Trask of the S. S. Sonoma, which arrived yesterday
from '.Sydney, reports having sighted a warship alout two hundred
miles out. .The warship refusetl to answer the Sonoma's signals. At
the time the fighting craft was heading west.
SAN FHANCJSCO, Aug. 21. Collator of the Port Davis m
refused clearance papers to the German-ownetl Mexican tramp uteamer
3Jazatlan anl has forbidden the tramp to leave port until she has dis
: charged the five hundred tons of sacked coal included in her cargo, the
authorities having knowledge that, this coal is intended, to.be trans
ferred at a to the German cruiser Leipzig. v
The iMazatlan, owned by the Jebson Company, had asked for
. clearance papers for Mexican west coast ports.
- John Iiothchild, a wholesale coal dealer, had admitted to Col-
; lector Davis that the coal aboard the Mazatlan had been ordered by
him from the Western Fuel Company for delivery aboard the Mazat-:
lan for ultimate delivery at sea to the Leipzig. He says that he was
1 JWIV 11 j'viluul 10 oiuiuij iveuner, wno siyics nimseii tiiii spe
cial agent of the German consulate.' " ; "
Treasury Aent Tidwell has information that Reinier is in real
ity the surgeon of the Leipzig, who arrivecl here recently a a pa.ssen-
: J0Vr al)oanl the German freighter Alexandria, now; a refugee in the
)ort. The Alexandria's, manifest shows, that Iteimer transferrel to
that, vessel from an unnamel i vessel at some port between. Champc rico
and San Francisco. Y
PKINCE IUTPEHB. Aug. 2l.MiniMer of Marine Jla
v zru has telegraphfnl from Ottawa a warning to the authorities and to
;flie banks here that a German warship, said to be seeking coal, is
;i fPPrnaching this section of the British Columbian coast. The author
ities have been notified to give no aid to tlie German, even if a threat
, to bombard the city le made. v:
War airships
Passenger airships
-.-Italy .
Wa airships
Tassenger airships
Austria -;
Var alrshlpa
Passenger airships
Grand totals ......................... .........31
In constnictlon January. 1. 1914:
Germany 5 large rigid type; capacity, 4,200,700 cubit feet.:
Italy 1 non rigid. 1 semi-rigid; capacity, 776.600 cubic feet
Total building for Alliance, '4,377,300 cubic feet.
1 i.r uii buins
. I VI
........... t !
r,v . - mm, silica
1 ::r'.and
- tlrshlps
Grand totals
jn construction January 1. 1914 France, 7 non-rigid. 2 seml-riKid. 1
rigid; gas, capacity, 6,033,300 . cubic feet. ' .
England 3 non-rigid. 2 rigid; capacity, 2.753,400 cubic feet !
Russia 2 non-rigid, 2 rigid; capacity, 1,235,000 cubic feet
Total building lor Triple Entente, 10.024.700 cubic feet
The aeroplane fleet of Frence greatly exceeds that of Germany, which
has given more attention to air craft of the balloon type.
) i
NavaJ Dattle ls Imminent Off
the Nova Scotia Coast k
SYDNEY, N. S., Aug. 2, Two Ger
man cruisers, were sighted today off
St Pierre, Mlq. They - are probably
from Mexican or West Indian vat?ra.
It is surmised that the object of their
presence so near Sydney harbor is to
secure coal for & transatlantic voyage,
or that they may have been detailed to
watch this port and the entrance to
the St Lawrence. A statement to thia
effect was made this evening by Cant
Postin, the officer commanding the de
tachment detailed to guard the cable
station at Lloyd Cove. He was noti
fied of the presence of the warships
by cable from Newfoundland and re
quested shipping he notified of the
'fact - ., v' , ' ' 2. a -
It is conjectured that St Pierre it
self may be the objective of the cruis-
era. which may b awaiting word of aWhen Orunt Pletrl her faithful com-i
formal declaration of war ' between, pa nicn n er long year of misfortune
France and Germany; The French and exlte. announced that fighting had
cruiser Friant cannot be far away. begun, her eve Rhone ni ha r.rwi
Admitting the report to be true, a na-1
ce by Tederal Wireless.
luffrtfnMUf iv ttcrrnan
In cu. ft.
Non- Semi
rigid, rigid.
- 8 :
in cu. ft.
Non- Semi
rigid, rigid.
: '1 v.
. 1
.34 74!50,62Q
val fight
seems imminent In these
Cholera Among the
Austria ns and Servians.
ROME, Italy (via London), Aug. 9.
It is reported here that cholera baa
broken out among; both the Austrian
and Servian troops. s : - .
The - German cruisers Goeben and
BresJau, which recently were forced
to leave Messina, Sicily, are reported
to have succeeded In passing through
the straits of Otranto Into the Adri
atic sea.
i Forty-eight tralnloads of Austrian
troops from the Tyrol arrived today at
beopoldshoehe. in Baden, to the north
west of Basel Switxerland. Thev were
on their way to Alsace to assist the
Germans. ;'
Aoed French Empresa, !
Interested in the War.
LONDON, EngM Aue, 9.A diRDfltch !
from Rcro gayg: ."The aged French
Empress Eugenie. who Is at Bculoene. I
.takes a vivid Interest' Tn th vrar
-This Is my revenge Were the em
Destined to arrive at . New York
within 2 days atter departure from fraSallfornia. a party of Ifi tourists
Hilo, Hawaii, th 3 American-Hawaiian who are brought togfther through the
freighter lowan, steaming from Hor.o- representatives cf the Oceanic Steam
lulu iat evening, following the load- ship Company fcr a round trip to the
ing of mere than 3W0 tons of sugar
will carry the product through the
Panama ca..alr B:fcc3 clearing from
th island of Hawaii, thf lowan will be
suj pik'd with 7.)U tons of sugar and
!2"n tons of pineapples, representing
about 47,000 cases of this fruit Gen -
eral Freight Agent C. P. Morse stated .overhauling following the loss of Its
today that the lowan might be ex- starboard propeller. The vessel mlss
pected to leave Hilo about August 24, ed one trP to 016 Wands by being
Vessels of the lowan type which
have within the past month visited Company, tne local representatives,
the port, are steaming from Hilo fori stated that according to a wireless
Balboa, Panama canal in 18 days. Al- message the Sierra will bring 1619
lowine one dav for nassine the water-itons of cargo for Honolulu. A big
way and seven days from the Atlantic
side of the isthmus to New York, the
time in transit for Island sugars U
greatly reduced. The steamer Mon-
tflnan uhfrh left Ililn Aliens 1 ia e.
pected to reach New York about next
The local agents have been advised
that the Dakotan, sailing from San
Francisco for Honolulu direct was
supplied with 59 sacks of later mail.
peror only here now! May God pro
tect - France! " She makes constant.
comparisons with the war of 1S70.
Warning by Wireless
Saves $1,000,000 Cargo.
BOSTON, Mass., Aug. 9. Heavy fog
banks on the North Atlantic saved the
German steamer WIttekind, with 323
passengers and a million dollar cargo
of lead and coal tar products from
capture by the British cruiser Essex,
according to the story told by Captain
SembllL. when the steamer reached
here tonight "
Captain Sembill said he was off Sa
ble Island, bound from Hamburg for
Montreal, when he was warned bv
wireless of war between England and
Germany. Later his operator picked
up. a code message from the Essex.
which he Judged was only ten miles
away. The steamer immedlatelr was
aeht foil speed - ahead, and for 20
hours drove through' the orotectlne:
fog. which did not lift until she got
Into neutral waters. :
Belgium to Guarantee
All Wheat Cargoes.
NEW. YORK.-; Ane. 9. Belgium will
cover war risks cn shipments of Amer-
lean wheat for Belgian norts. Pierre
Mali, the Belgian consul In New York,
announced todav. v. j
; Mali said, he had received cable in
structions' from: the Belgium minister
of 'foreign affairs In Brussels to in
form wheat exporters to' this effect v
.. ' , . .":-,' - ' -' -.-.r.
False War Dispatches ' ; ' -r:
Cause Arrests at Paris.
PARIS. France Ausr. 9. Several res
idents of- Paris have been arrested for
posting' false war dispatches. : n or
der-better to police the ctty It has
been- divided into two- sections. The
judiciary and police will give special
attention to espionage. ;
i i;The French, government upon hear
ln that Tomasso Tittoni, the Italian
ambassador r France, was returning
from - a vacation In Norway, sent a
special train to meet him at Dienpe
It was found later thnt he had arrived
In Boulogne and another special train
was sent there for him.
War Clbsaa Copper
Plant at Martinesu
MARTIN AZ, .Cal.t Aog, 9, The
Mountain Cooper Company closed its
smelting works and refining plant to
dav on cable orders; from the London
effice. The action automatically sus
pends 150 men for an indefinite period.
It was explained that the European
war, disturbance had made lt lmpossU
ble to market the product '
I m porter of Toy Are s
Hard Hit bv the War.
" NEW YORK.- Aug. 10. Importera
of toys are hard hit by the European
war and the present indications are
there will he a dearth of the latest pro
ductions from Germany. - Austria and
Russia for the coming Christmas sea
son. The" drst shipments- had Just
been made on. the, other Bide when the
war broke out and with the, arrival
Tiere last week of the steamship Pres
ident Lincoln the. last entries were
.received. :." '' . .W;.-.;. ' ';
Dealers In toys say that If the war
keeps on. Americans will have to be
gin to make all of their toys.
Sarah Bernhardt is Patriotic?
Shi Sav It la. "A, Holy Wir"
PARIS. France. Au. ;. 11. Sarah
Bernhardt sa'd, todav that the strug
gle in which France Is now engaged is
a hcly war. ,.: ... - .
' It is the holiest war man ever has
been engaged. In, said , the actress.
French oldlers are not dyinj? forthe
fng but for humanity, for the end of
all war. for universal peace."
. "When Madame Bernhardt heard that
the trl-color was floating once, again
over Alsace, sM fainted.
.She said:' t am sorry. I cannot
tight the barbarians who too long have
been the plague of the world,"
American Girls Are '"
. LONDON En?. A u. .-Fnur Amer
jean rirls the- Misses Cera Lane and
br sister of Tfaylte, Ind . and Ruth
Corlett snd Vgrv Ak of Washington
ssred ?9 tn 25 rears, arrived at
the Hret RirheHeti hr Testerdav
from Germany where ther wwe
Wtod to ttw lndimitv of bine'beld
lhrA. n. n
The girls st)oke but little Cerwrn. but
lor - ccnld sneak French thtenUv. .
I" iThey were travHnr alone . toward
iyiu n.kM , ratn waa .tnnntj in
a suburb where two Rnsalan spies had
Rt-cruited frcm scuthern and cen
Hawaiian Islands, including a visit to
the crater of Kilauea. are numbered
among the 6a cabin passengers
tt- arrive at Hcnululu at au early
Vnur. ou Monday morning in the liner
i The Sierra has bwn given a general
docKed at ban Francisco. L. Hrewer &
raaiI amounting to 363 sacks is aboard
" oierra ui ue oerui-
fd at Pier .10 and from this wharf will
' u,8f lc r nan rrancisco ai
noon lhe following Saturday.
'With. passenger3 and mail from the
islands, the Oceanic liner Sonoma is
reported to have reached San Fran
cisco yesterday afternoon.
The Matson Navigation steamer Hi
Ionian Is reported at Port Allen to
day, there -taking on a shipment of
sugar destined for coast refineries.
' Departing for Hilo last night the
Matson Navigation steamer Matsonia
is due to return to Honolulu early
Sunday morning. A delegation of
tourists left by the vessel.
:v For the purpose of loading 3ugar
and cattle, the Inter-Island steamer
Heiene has been dispatched for Hilo.
This vessel was discharged of a con
signment of island products.
, '
r me inter-isiana steamer oeau naa
oeen aiscnargea oi sugar urougm
from Kllauea. This vessel may be
operated as an extra boat during the
height of the sugar season.
Bound for Honolulu, the Oceanic lin
er Sierra is due to arrive at the port
from San Francisco at an early hour
on Monday morning.- The Sierra is
' scheduled for dispatch to the coast at
noon on Saturday, August 29.
been arrested the previous day dis
guised as nuns. Hence a sharp watch
was kept' ' The military guard took
the American girls from the train and
questioned them 'as ' to. where they
were going. They .replied that ' they
were going to Berlin to visit a cousin.
Asked. - what his.v address was, they
were forced to reply, they didn't know,
but he was to come to meet them at
the; station. The: party 'was held as
suspects and kept . under surveillance
three days, when they aucceededV in
getting a letter from an American com
sul, through whose Intervention they
were finally' released. ; '
Carries Explosives
For German Cruisers.
-ROME, August" 9. The Austrian
steamshfp Bayern, which received
summary orders to Quit Naples on ac
count of a dangerous consignment of
dynamite and live projectiles, is reU
ported to be trying to penetrate the
Adriatic under cover of darkness. " It
is suspected that its real mission Is
to replenish the; German cruisers Goe
ben and IBreslau. The; presence of
numerous German colliers has been
signaled in the Mediterranean.
Canada Gives On .
Million Bags of Flour.
OTTAWA, v- August 9. The Cana
dian Government .has offered the im
perial . authorities; 1,000,000 bags of
flour as a gift for the use of the Brit
ish people, it was announced today.
The offer -has been accepted and the
work of collecting the flour is now
under "way.
Engineers Hark to
Call of Russian Czar.
SAN FRANCISCO, August 19. An
swering the call ;of the Czar, two of
Russia's 'foremost - engineers, connect
ed with the government in important
advisory capacities, have sailed by the
Pacific Mall liner Mongolia. They are
Wiacheslaw W. Landsberg and Nich
olas Roglnski, who for the last two
months have been studying the en
gineering and railroad situation in the
United States.
When news that war had broken
out was flashed around the world the
Russians were in New York. Receiv.
ing a summons home, they arranged
for passage op the Lusitania, and had
their baggage aboard the liner when it
j became apparent thftt they would not
be permitted to return to Russia via
England. The engineers then ascer
tained that by quick connections they
would be able to make the Mongolia
and travel hOme! by way of the Orient.
Leaving New York four, days ago, they
reached: here just in time to purchase
passage-on the Pacific Mailer. .
. The Russians will, go to Yokohama
on the Mongolit. thence to Vladivos
tok, from where they, will proceed to
St Petersburg to be placed, with the
Czar's troops j ; . . ';;"'.;-,,.- ;,
JThla is the greatest war the worjd
na ver Known,
said Landsberg,
tell Just where or
auuf uu. tine can
how it will ei
Involved have ;
many must f .!1
1. . All
the -.countries
i " Prince V
of "Cra:'
per. an:
la St V
Cruisers flying Japanese color are
today reported, to be following: close
in the wake of the Toyo Klsea Ka'.stia : strike situation. The number of strik
liner Chiyo Mru, which. suVniinsjers i esticiatel at 13.Vo.
from Yokohama, is wearing the. port After enjoying the title of " venue
and according to a wireless message of Presidents" for two vearn Wahlnr
received at Honolula last night " ill
be at quarantine about daylight on
August 24.
It is the dispatch of this vessel for
San Francisco over which much spec
ulation has been indulged, lender
ordinary conditions the Chiyo Maru
would be ready to proceed to the coast
about 10 o'clock on next Tuesday
morning. That nothing has been
stated in the wireless to the contrary,
leads many to believe that the Chiyj
Mani in its 10-day passage from Japan
will be convoyed by war vessels.
The ultimatum given Germany by
Japan will expire on August 23. At
this date the vessels, were they dis
patched for the islands, would be in
close proximity to Honolulu. The
movement of the German cruisers
Leipzig and Nurnberg. in the north Pa
cific, are vet a matter of much con
jecture. Had the Leipzig sailed from
the California coast some day ago
for the islands this vessel would
cover the distance in time to meet
the fighting craft trom the other di
rection, about the first part of the
coming week.
The Seiyo Maru still rides . at an
chor. It was stated this morning that
unless the Chiyo Maru departs on the
regular schedule, no berth inside the
harbor can be found for the liner and
it will have to takc its place In the
roadstead. : .
The Chiyo Maru from China and Ja
pan ports is bringing 12C5 tona of
Oriental cargo for discharge at Hono
lulu. Passengers; for: this port num
ber 116 Asiatics in the steerage.
Enterprise Will Now Visit Honolulu.
Before steaming" from Hilo for San
Francisco with more ; than 30 00 tons
of sugar, it was announced that the
Matson Navigation steamer Enterprise
which-has been discharged of a main
land freight will hereafter cover what
is better known as the "triangular
route" in the Pacific. The Enterprise
will call at Honolulu, Island ports.
thence to San Francisco and Seattle.
The vessel Is reported to have de
parted from Hawaii for the coast on
Wednesday morning.
Lurllne Bringing Few Passengers.
Passengers from ' the mainland to i
the islands in the' Matson Navigation
steamer total 47, according to a late
wireless message received today ' at ,
the agency of Castle & Cooke. This I
vessel has 27G8 tons of cargo for Ho- J
uuiuiu huu . luus iur uiDCijaJ m
Kahului. A mail amounting to 70
sacks has been forwarded from the
coast In this vessel. The Lurline Is
due to arrive at the port on Tuesday
morning, taking a berth at Pier 15.
;:- : - .;;: : .- ism .;;
Sparks from the Wireless.
The following wireless message has
been received from the Oceanic S. S.j
Co.'s S. S. Siberia bound, from San ,
Francisco for Honolulu: 64 cabin pas-'
sengers. four steerage passengers. 363 j
sacks cf mail, 1619 tons of general car
go and 65 packages pf express. Ar
rives Monday morning, Augv 24, 6:30
a.-m.; departs ror san hTancisco on
Aug. 29 at 12 noon; "
Kbna Sugar Report.
Sugar awaiting shipment at Kona
and Kau ports includes the following
lots, according to report brought to
this city with the return of the Inter- .
Island steamer Maun a Loa; Punaluu
13,692,; Honuapo 4100, Honokaa 8000,
Paauhau 7000- sacks, .
-;;;:.-;.; .";.'. a
West Virginian Gives Position.
, The United States cruiser West
"Virginia, convoying a submarine from
San Francisco to Honolulu, gave her
rositjon. through Poulsen wireless as
860 rallas east
o'clock today. .
of the port J at 11
Per str. Mauna Loa from Kona and
Kau ports H. NIgaro, Miss I. C.
Mossman, Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Vickers, R.
E. Bond. P. Cockett Mrs. Summerfield,
Miss Adccck, Robt Hind, H. I Hind,
R. A. McWayne, Mrs. J. C. Lane, T.
Ulukou. Mrs. J. H. Magoon, E. Ma
goon, T. C. -White, J. D. Paris. Miss
Kaai. Rev. S, II. Davis, Dr. McCoy, T.
Wolf and 34 deck passengers.
(Special Wireless to Merchants' I
, Exchange. I
Fridav. August 21.
SAN FRANCISCO Arrived, August
21, noon, S. S. Korea hence August
' 15. :
HILO Sailed, August 20. 8 p. ra., S.
S. Enterprise for San Francisco.
. Captain Hinokuma, master of the
Japanese liner Seiyo Maru, stated to
day that no further instruction had
been received from the head office at
Tokio regarding the future movements
of the vessel. The Seiyo Maru has a
large cargo of nitrates for Japan and
China. . . " ' - ; -
To secure the remainder of 8300
s of sugar and scattering ebip-
"ts of pines, the American-Hawai 1
freighter lowan steamed from Ho-J
,:i for Hilo last evening. This
1 will be drtched from the!
:i rr.rt f ?: Ycrk by. the way j;
Jas. H. Love.
Herbert Davi of BlooraingUn. Ind ,
'0 years eld. ; died frvm injuries re
reived whil playing laeban. H
was struck by a batted ball.
Si regiments cf soldiers arrived in
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