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China, Sept.25.j-.
Far Can rraneJseoS
Sierra, Sept. 26
prom Vancouver, i
for Vancouver:
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Evening Bulletin. Est 18S2, No. C967 J
Hawaiian Star,' Vol. XXII, No. 7007
L 4 ktt-j
kali W
J ; L.L
; ; TAssoclated Preis ervl tiy Federal Wlrele&cl , : v"
r "L0I7D0ir,'Eb":d, Ccpt. 24i Ililitary experts here point
cut that ths fall cf the Austrian stronghold of Jaroslaw into
r.urdan hands completes the rct stage of the most colossal
' inilitary. operations 'ever nndcrtalicn. yy "y;V4
The invcztmcnt cf Pnemysl blocks the advance of the
Austrian and German forces, it is' declared. The Russian move
ment is noV that cf a huge T7cdge-shaped body, constituting the
Russian riht, cn the entire line from Libau to Waniaw.-This
lcn linerrevcnt3 cvti&&iag
'LI:" ' : it Parczinfr Gsrnicms
:.::a arc cvacuauaj i-as rrussia to rcimcrce .ineir line iaw
ai:.:r, cn the- rch;:i bsfder;.-'- C:V, .: '':;-V'
: Zfc5 idrc Winning v ;
IIZ, Tranco, Cent. 24.General von Kluk, in command
cf the Cernan right, is .inching under the attack of the Allies
The Allies have menaced the German attempt to-cut off
the craiy c ::ating arcund 17ancy: r -. ;' - ?
The Ci.-ans are losing on the right. The Allies have
r.dvan:.:i a::d now occupy Peronne. 1 The Allies are also ad-
vr.nslr." cn the left between the
The Germans- arc cntrcnehed;
'Ihe Crrman advance in theTosges has been repulsed.
Sl::lv Lrilkh Jacar'04rcci:Los::T-;
L0:;D 317, England, Sept. 24. Sixty British nival officers
were lest in the sinking of the three British cruisers in the
irerth C:a. ' : -,- . ; : - 0
Albert Dougherty,' chief gunner of the Cressy, says that
th 2 atta eh was made by five G erman submarines; one . being
C : strove d. One German submarine has' arrived safe in a Gferr
man pert. . , .' . ; ' '; ' : :;: '.; ; ;
it is pert it le there is an error in the above. The telegram in its skel
; eun fern tttiW "Five submarines, one destroyed. From the fact that It
is ttalii sfterward that only one submarine arrived safe In a German port.
It it pccx'ile that the aentence means: "Five submarines and one de-
ttrcyer." . . . ' - ' -'; '"V I ;V
Allzz!: cn Vcrazn Said to hi Failure
LOITDON, England, Sept 24. The Germans are making
an attempt to pierce the line of French forts linking Verdun
withTcul. : . ; ; .'-ri-t-:'':: S'yiPi
The German attack northeast of Verdun has failed, i :
v The center and left of the Allies are now confident. - V
LONDON, England, Sept. 24; It is reported-here that the
German vrar loan is 4,289,000,000. marks. 1 T i "
This amounts to approximately it C57,0C0,0O3 In U. S. money. .Several
reports as to the size cf the German w ar loan have been received here, 'one'
that It is CeS3,CS3,CC3 and another that It Is $500,000,000. A report a few
diys J9 from Deriin stated that the loan was heavily oversubscribed. -
Szy Scctzlists Ttxn cn Kdszf
LONDON, England,- Sept. 24. It is -declared . here - that
Seeialist pesters have been put up. in Berlin bearing the" words,
'Down with the naiserl7e vrant peace.".', . - .'
Ti:r!:l:!i Arjasccdor is Resentful r A-
V7ASimGTON, D. C, Sept. 24. A, Rustera Bey, Turk
i:h ambassador; to the United. States, has notified President
Vrilsen that he will leave the United States in a fortnight and
i: e will not retract the statement criticiainjr the i United
ment for sending
o o
r. t t
rr rrri
L.J k
-land, Cept, ".21Gennans pursuing . the
rrussii have met 'disaster at Cubi, The Gcr-
, 'Z 1. OH icial announeeraent rays:?.- -nary
fcrco uraer General .Bamardis-
t Lavshan E ay and is moving
rivers Somme and Oise toward
between the Oise and Aisne.
American cruisers to Constan-
o o
U'X Dr.'.WinnItt2taa Unjramiyshop
t-cft.oticr,':ln sirviceVkit" ?eady
trf join the London' Rifle, Brigade,'
,of whfch he Js chaplain. , s. 'v;"
J. . J. Smlddy, Appointed U. S.
Ehal for Hawaii : a ' few weeks
ago, will take offlce aTjcut ' October 1. v .
:-Except for cablegrams toi the Star
Bulletin from it AVaahington corres
pondent. pracUcally nDthingHas come -
. .7 i-.-iv. -
lO nawa.ii concerning uie ouiiuu njr.
ocintment '
and he himself ihaa not
even receiveu oiuciiix wuru uiai ue u
r A.- aw .. I
' l. B ... .J tv.t la
XpoinTmentdeUils that W S ?f STSSSo?
BqUetia 'Affiled to Washington to as- Foow is a listjof . the petiUon
certain ; the standing : of the matter, era and their witnesses: v , v
The following cablegram came from Richard Kalbe, a native of Gctha.
C. S. 'Albert in reply this morning: ; Germany;,) witnesses, 'Adoiph- Ahrens
v : ?'Smiddy9 commission signed and and Charles Stephens. : ': '
mailed September 16V; ; w 'o; v . Claude Buffett, a'native; of !' Grand
' The commission is expected to ar- Bank, . Newfoundland; witnesses, Geo.
rive here shortly before October 1 smith and Robert Horner. '
and Smlddy will qualify immediately. . joIm Bryant, a native bf Pembrokfly
It is understood e is already. making England; witnesses, Oliver Walker,
arrangements to perfect the reQtiired and Richard Trent ; ; ; ;t 'S :
bond.- - v-- -' . vvv - Manuel de Coito, a' native of :.San
There - is r some speculation ; as to Miguel, Asoraa;- witnesses, Vincent
what appointments the,". ne.w ; marshal remand and Manuel Medeiros.
will favor for Ms pfflce, He wlU have Hans christian Lybe, a native of
first and second4- deputy :- marshals Hem Kive, Denmark; witnesses, Rob
and a -messensrer. The expectation ert and Edwin Cooper.. ;
is that Albert Harris, one of his clos- vmiam Scott May, a- native of
est political associates, will; be nam- Newark, England witnesses, Arthur
ed chief deputy, but another rumor Farla and Alfred Wall,
has ; it that Palmer': P. Woods, .late : -Anton Munze, a naUve of Koblenz,
candidate for the Democratic nomina-iGermany; witnesses, John Olsen and
tlon, for delegate, may, be placed in Bodman.
the office. ; ' '' '" r: v :i christian WUhelm Lorin, a native of
" ' 1 " ' ' ' .
'Because Judge William L. Whitney, :
several of the atorneya-in the case, ;
and a majority of the members of th9
jury today are attending the ceretnon-;
iea at Kuhuku which mark the open-
ing of the local Marconi wireless sta-
tions, : there was no hearing . in ' the
No. Announcement From
Un to the timp th first pditinn'nf tTi Star 'RrilTtiTi tirPTit ceived rom a. p. Taylor, in charge ract tnac .tne Marconi wireiess leie
UP 10 ine ine nrsi eaiuon OI ine biax-lJUUeUll Went of San pnnci9c9 off5ce offthe Ha-1 graph Company of America is now a
to press, no:news had been received from Berlin - Tha last
Ar;Mi iU.
important victories over the Russians in East Prussia.
ure ot Jaroslaw is
PETEOGRAD, j Eussia, Sept.; 24. Official annonncement-
The capture of Jaroslaw
Crisis m Mexico- More Serious
: -vis Threatened ' .
tABBOctated Press' br Fei Wireless.
WASH I N GTO D. X, 8epU 24
Affair In troubled Mexfco: have once
again come to a crltle with the serious
j revciution..SJnt- Provitionali Preal
dent Carranza;. headedrby.JrU' fbrrher
chief " general, "Panche", .Villa; V
j Pollowing the latter pcstin of rev.
' btutibrt roclimatlpnv-he "has tnbved
south ..vvith :his' 400 Irobps to; meet
I the Carranza forces. VH
Gen. Carranza today telegraphed to
. Wathtnton that he will' not. make the
. attack on the orposing . troops and asks
;ino unnca not i inicrtcrc. w
forts to'. heal tKe breach between, the
two Coriitrtutlcnallst leaders are being
1 made in Mexico City.'- L: ',. -. - .
1 ' Pres(denv;wnn- today conferred
with the istate , departmefr? and may
decide that the United etates troops
ihall t kept at.Vera Cruz;
to be holding Terreon; Is fa virtual
prisoner cf'war to'-.VlWa."-'-:' -
Residents of Honolulu t the num
ber cf ten, representing; nearly aa
many different nationalities, who have
applied , for naturalization- as -American,
-citizens, will have their, petitions
heard in the federal court at 10 o'clock
fnrn H. Dole,
tomorrow morning before Judge San-
Thla Is one of the larg
- . t,ttnrM arfl1.
V ' .'"IC
r- - 7 4 u
federal court at any one time, and It
tXorrkoping, Sweden; witnesses, Chas.
j Albrecht and Jack Edwardson.
! JoseLopez, & native of Spain; wit
nesses, Daniel Bellew and John Lucas.
Maya. Boota, : a native of Calcutta,
inoia; witnesses, waiiace Ji saffery ;
and William Speckmaa, . '
' ' .
trial of District Attorney Jeff McCarn
ra the territorial court , this' morning,
The trial will be resumed at 9 o'clock
tomorrow morning, at which time it Is 1
believed the territory J will rest its
case. :- '- '-V-. .::r'v-,
n. .-i.-!.:.. j
is confirmed.' '
, . Guglieimo Marconi . ; (above),
whose genius made possible . the
wireless girdling of the gTobe, and,
Governor L. E. PInkham. (below),
who "touched the button' that' set
in operation Kahuku plant, which
enters ' Hawaii " in globe-circling
chain. f '
(Special Telegraphic Correspondence.)
KAHUKU, Sept 24 Greetings to
the people of Hawaii from, the main
land were received early .this after
noon over the new Marconisystem,
answering; the messagea tent from
Oahu. T- ' '"v i"j '? ,;-r.V
The first message ' received at the
station was from Charles C. Moore,
president of the Pan-Pacific - exposl-
addressed to Governor
tion. It was
Pinkham and read as follows:
jl "The Panama-Pacific ;. Interna
tional Exposition : sends 'cordial
greeting to the " people of . Ha-
wail and congratulate . them "on .
the additional facilities for com-:
' muriication with the outside world,
provided by the Marconi Wireless
Telegraph Company and earnestly,
hopes , this will stimulate both
trade and travel and : contribute
. materially to the prosperity : and
happiness of your people.'
A long congratulatory message was
wa Promotion committee.
A meisaae of oood wishe. for con -
Slauahterk alened, "The People of Ho-
nolulU. ' .' i: ;
. - SAN FR ANCI SCO,? Sept 4-Sugar :
96 deg. test 5.0? cents. Previous quo
tation, SJ27 cents. '
h nil
Key; Aenal 'Mdi '
Aloha From ; Hawaii Pulses Across Pacific in
Gommemoration of New Aerogram Route
v --198 Gueists of Marconi Company at Al
Fresco Luncheon Bi?1 Kahuku Plant It
- spected by Visitors Who Go by : Special
Train And Auto - : ' ' ;
(Special telegraphic correspondence by Marconi land wire.)
Hhe great irUrc"'i'n tl-.it wifl bJ.-l.tha Sci-r.-.ir.li cf ' l... 'v A .r,:r
Asia h23 L;en t:..ed and 'found ta .s
. inertly eiterz o'ciock tocjy:ycr.3r.w J-r mxr.i.T.rrrir.i ..: p!a:s
it thCheidof 'the'al fresco"banquet board at the big KSS'.'rj station, pret?
a silver key- .With that movement the Marconi w!r?!::j plant c.i Cih-j v .i
,formally,cpened and trans-Pacific communication ty the new system sue::;.
; fully established. ,. , x ! . .. .' ' . ..t -! -.- .
H was an Impressive ceremony and far-reaching In" its ultimata results'
The crash of the wlrelew spark drowned all ether noises In the plant and
; for. a moment stilled the. big crowd of guests assembled to commemorata
the opening of what is said by experts to be the greatest wireless station In
the world in capacity and power.' r ' -.- ,. .. : ,..
, One hundred and ninety-eight guests of the company sat down ta ths
luncheon table, after maklng'a thorough inspection of ths plant previous to
- the turning-on cf the power by the territory's chief executive. -
The celebration "uncer the Auspices of the Honolulu Chamber of Com-
merce was a complete success, carried out as it was In thoughtful and hci-'
pitable detail by the Marconi Wireless Company. The Marconi management
provided not only splendid accommodations, but spreada hoipltabls beard'
for It3 guests, who Included the leading bininess and prcfenlonal men cf
the city and many public officials and representatives of commercial cr olh-.'
er bodies.' ' ' ' " - . - - ; -. " ;
The guests from Honolulu left the city at a o'clock by the special train
and arrived at the Kahuku stopping place at 11:4a after having picked up
about 33 passengers who made the trip from the city to Haleiwa by auto.
The' company's guests sat down to luncheon ;in an Improvised pavilion
Jn the shadow of the towering wireless masts. . Former Governor Pltors
R. Carter, presidentof the Chamber ef Commerce, acted as toastmaster on
behalf of the chamber.; ? - . -
nwi wimcH mtiHjw o many mainiana men anox onciais, inclusir.j
the President, were sent and received.' A feature of the luncheon prcgra.Ti
waa the reading of fake messages from various people to some of the bua
Inessmen. present ; The messagea were jof humorous nature and stirred
up much laughter, while the real congratulatory aerograms exchanged be-,
tween Hawaii and the mainland were read amid applause, f
, Three rousing cheers were given for Mr. N. H. Slaughterthe engineer.
In-charge for the Marconi Company, and three cheers for the company.
L. A. .Thurston made an Interesting talk on the history of communica-.
tlon of various sorts In Hawaii, and Engineer Slaughter also made a strlk
Ing talk on the hopes and plans of the new system that has come to 'Oahu
to stay. . .-m--l .
' . The weather Is overcast but no rain has fallen and the opening "cere
monies have been an entire success. -.-
Bio Construction Work Completed.
-.: With the opening of the Marconi
plants at Kahuku 'and Koko Head, one
of the greatest industrial plants in
Hawaii is practically complete.
The two plants together represent
an investment of close to a million
dollars, of which nearly 1750,000 has
been expended in the gigantic Kahuku
plant This station will ultimately
serve as . the sending station to the
Orient when the rest of the round-the-world
Marconi chain is put in place..
The Marconi company has been pre
paring for today's opening for more
than a year.
Uvln? to rielav fn eot.
I ting material for the plants, the work
at umes progressea siowiy. rne plants
are of such unusual size and so great
is the power demanded that most of
the machinery had to be specially built
for theOahu installations.
: The opening of the Kahuku plant to
day, was made a gala occasion by Ho
nolulu. . The celebration was under
the auspices of the Chamber of Com
merce and much of the day's business
in the elty was suspended owing to
the large number of business men who
made the trip. . :'
They expressed themselves as de
lighted today with the big plant, its
costly and unique machinery and the
part and parcel of Hawaii's industrial
i life.
kind were Bestowed today upon ru-
granite, 4 Marble. S' Blue Stone
. . Coping: and Iron Fence. ' '
! J
J I I (
stror.3 and true.
gent H. Slaughter, the young engineer
who is in general charge of the liar
ccni work and who has labored airiest
incessantly for many months to get
the plants into working order. The
large staff of employes were .10
heartily congratulated. - -The
messagea sent today incW 3d
the following: , .
From Governor Pinkham to the Frts
ident: : .-' - ' . t " '
' The President, the White House,'
' - Washington, D. C: " ' -
Witbr time and distance annl-' -hilated
and tpace subdued.'
through wireless triumphs and
Impulse, the Territory of Ha
wall conreys ita. greetings, pre
found respect and sympathy 4t -Woodrow
Wilson, president o
the United States, as he so earni .
estly seeks the blessings of peace
and good will for all men and all
' nations. : . V ) .
r. Governor of Hawaii.
From MaJXSen. Carter to Adjutant-'
General: . . . '
To The Adjutant-General, Washington,
D. C: ,,,,
, We celebrate today opening Marconi i
radio plant on Oahu. The radius of
action Is upwards of 5000 miles,' tini
insures communication in time of war,
regardless of any cutting of the cable.
. CARTE n. .
From Admiral Moor to the Secrttiry
"of the Navy: . -
The Secretary of the Nary, Wasblr
ton,' D, C.:- ',.' ' '
. The Marconi 'Wire'.:: j Te
(Cc:t!r7?l - '
w -

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