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Honolulu star-bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1912-current, October 02, 1914, 2:30 Edition, Image 5

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-"i"v. .V':v"
's:i:v;;vt:st;- Honolulu stati-bulletin," frid At; OCTOBEITS, 1 01 4.
. r : p' v 1 rr , -3"$r . . . ....... ... ., ..... . . ...... .. . i
iC'i III '." f . 1 -W.A.TIAKT7C OCA J
" ' ' -V- . . , -- ; 1 - I .
':iv.'vv.v v.v ...yAv jy ..:.:-.y..'.-:-... . :Sc.;. '-..v-;.: .
T; ' . -' 'W'7iii1, .v-".' j 1 -- 1 ,Ww-irfi, . 1 .. hrffs.,,.. '
. 1 1 nil . 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 . 1 . . . 11 r
t .j nili: t.' -j'v
Mr. A. Stirling Calder, the cu!p:
; tfir,' Vhas just completed the cle
'J mo-els for hs' triumphal ''Fountain
a'-cf Enerfry.pna, of the most import
'"antysculpturev groups at .the J?an
VamaPaci? International. Exposition
i and f.rst photographs of the; figures
are published on this pgrUiz$it -
ijiB vticme v 111c otuipiui wvii -
the .triumph; of human enerpyjover
4 earth and . ocean - in the building of
- the Panama canaL-The essertraJ fea
ture of the mark Is.the Jightnes ofj
.t.Tect in "portraying k-then? which,
.when attempted in sculptured groups
or R rures, would , ordinarily be ex
pressed in too'heavy a moodi j'lThy
details cf the fountain are lonv 15 a
Mithe ' creative spirit. The flgvres
' suggest ; folk lore ; and fairy V lea,
Such figures and fpiites were jpever
seen on sea cr4and. . '
.;vThe Fountain of Energy 1!-prove
v one of the most striking groupi of
sculpture . -upon the exposition
"'il'.i !'" '.'j,- .'V ' ' '''!.'
Stirling Colder Striking Figures for UitFoiinlai pf' Energy; Celebrating the Victory of Human Energy Over Earth and.Oeeani
the tropical South Gardens from the
main gate or uie exposition.
l: ; The fountain ia unique in its s
- conception. A" great globe r ep--
tesenting the eaith is surmounW ,:
i'sd by an equestrian' . figure 5 of
t Energy, the Victor." a splendid
male n?ure standing " erect ' in ;!
i&jtticiups, with handaoutstretched
m gesture 01 command..; rrom
vhis shouldera spring" two spirits ,
' if Xame and glory - who blow
. their, magic trumpets about his ?
. tbeat, Sprays of water describ- .
- inir intersecting -curves-- witb.3
their , interplay 1 imd motion and -
Iignt renecuon will convey vne
joyous spirit of th fountain, -.j
n Jn the fountain's main.- bisin
at 'the base of the; pedestal are
symbolical figures j representing 4. -
theearth's four; great bodies of
liWer the '- North? Seaj the v
h South Sto, the - Atlantic', Ocean
; and the Pacific Ocean. v f
JThe 'sphericll pedestal whit h the
It will be outlineJ srlnsUtviutnphal' rider ; surmounU is mod-
the vast archway of the greaMpwecUlca -to, represent tit earth, crossed U
. - nf Jewels through which the. visitor urom norxn 10 sou:n vy a of ccrauve 1 01
; war ntpr dirertlv into 'he Crurt of 1 band; following the path tf the' sun's ed
the Universe upon pasting through 1 travel .through the heavens. This w
. Of. thirty-nine nations that accepted invitations to pary cipate in y
tner Panama-Pacific exposition, only four, are" involved hi the war.
None have withdrawn,' and if they should, thef exposition would still .
surpass all precedent. Within three weeks after war began, Holland y
increased her appropriation, France cabled there would be no change
in her plana, the first "emissaries of English manufacturers arrived,
Argentina, in view of new trade alignments, increased her appropria
tion; Japan, which made a splendid exhibit at St. LouisTwhil t War '
-with Russia, sent word that her display at San Francisco wjll be the
finest she ever has made." The exposition expects to draw it lot or the -half
billion dollars that has annually been spent by American tourists
band wili be. ornamented;, wilhj. s'ym-
belie figures xf the earth's response
to the quickening action of the Sun.
Surmounting the pedestal and at the
base of the figure of; Energy grow-.
ing out of the sphere as though, a
part of it, are two figures represent
ing the eastern and western hemis
pheres.; "?;. a '
: . The four figures of "the four eaar
st&nd out from the pedestal hit' the
basin anain the .cirraiar pool are 1 win.', - Vwi- - f ; F. . t "
wc alternating lines with the figures h 1 Mr.; Calders imaginative genius is
J -J' 1 .: -i I.J !LI 'V-j.J t
water sprues anu aeroiui raouii- uu-snnuj jiwiureuL u umj uures
upon odd ' fishes; executed :ta a l teprcsentiag '. the four seas. These
himsical spiriL ;v;V v' v r
1 ,The idea , of -EnergyDvriU'also be
brought out by; the play of : water.
Curving sprays of water in opposite
directions will give intricate play and
action to the design. The waters of
the fountain will describe four inter?
esting curves; v the- heaviest 'jsheet
spreading downward from.-the topf of
tht pedestal to the pool and each line
No. 1. The North Sea, portrays
an -Esquimau jpeering ove the' back
of a walruss intent on spearing his .'
prey. . ;? V i,--rr" : '
No 27 The South Sea' portrays a
giant negro, ' flnn jd and : tattooed,
mounted on a prodious sea elephant,
survivor of prehistoric oceans. The
great black is amusing himself with
a wriggling octopus and he is as in
dolent and good hatured as a yotxng
puppyl ' No; more striking.Tepresen-
tation ; of ; Mr.. Calder's , geniuscpulcj
be given than in th;s picture i .
VNo. ;, 3. The- Atlantic Ocean, a,'
water,, sprite . ridiLg on a helmeted'
dolphiu and grasping in her hand as
a tridant a flying uilt ard twisted sea,
serpent, ' representing -submarine
communications;.; Her head dress is
hung -wjth shells and corals. The, hel
met of - the dolphin is "cymbolical of
.triumphant navies and armored mer
ehaatmen. : j : -;
"No,; 4 The Pacific Oceanrepre ;
seating ' the goddess of the - Pacific, "
MouhtedJ upon a huge sea monster :.
and rising easily over placid waters.
No. fi.v Central pedestal surmount
ed by an equestrian statue, "Energy
the Victor!-, );.. UL-:v i'. :r;
wm opj
if.Tcn inn
.Work ph the preparations for start
inp the actual breakwater building is
going atead .Tery slowly,, owing to
weather - cenditiens." -Reports ' from
W&iplo, where' Contractor, Marshall.Ms
con-tructing J a' small breakwattr to
protect the barges which he expects
to lead with, rock to be hauleii to the
breakwater, has been slow. There has
been so much rain that; it has been
impossible to go- ahead with the Job
as expected. - :.r-; ,"'-':. "i? " -. '' : "
Marshall is spening most of his
tliue In Walplo and is arranging" for
" r-w
' 1 t !
the quarrying.. It is stated that dur-j ..To preserve meat in hot weather watef, and then ver;With slices of the onion and rinse, m.eat in clear cold
ing next month he will, begin -the long t wash over, with Very eak vinegar luad raw , onlch, ' : Before cooking remove . water.- ; . . ":.;. ';.-' '
hauimg jcr roefcs irom .waipio tomej.:
breakwer.; " Then, will. come' the test
of the practicability of his. plan.. v
; There - are many ; who . express ) the
cplnlcn that Marshall cannot carry but
the contract he has undertaken in the
way he is trying. to do it, and. that his'
plan to hauf the , rock In barges from ;
Waipio- to the' bpeaawater is imprac
tlcabla The next two or three month ;
will demonstrate W hether it can be
dcne"or riot If it can, 31arshall will :
probably makes big pTofltmt of hjj ;
contract, and if It cannot, he win hive,
to "go -broke.--cr ," start 4 nwt plan.'
and. the .breakwater wifl be delayed.;
HUtf Tribune. '
. r . f
Forerun Sidaiess
and should havelmmediate ef2cient
treat raent with SCOTTS ESJULSIO!! '
because physical power Is reduced
cr the cold would not exist,' y-i-v
Drugged 'pill' and . alcoholic,
tyrnps are crutches, , not remedies,-.!
but Scott's X-muLsJon drives out
the coUs, warms the body by
enriching the blood, and strength
ens the lungs. ': .. . - - '
fothlnf equals or compares -y
WlLh Scott's Emulsion in build- V
bt the forces to d revest broo-
cLilla, trippe or pnearoonuu - O
. ... AtcJ Alc-UEc Ssittlfajtei.
' When it comes to real mean work.
the palm . must be awarded : toY the it
"man" who sneaked Into the Catholic
church in Hilo last Friday night and
pinched the poor box. The mean thief,
can net have a conscience of any kind
at all and if he be captured he will get j
the limit in the way of a jail sentence. S
Th e . amcunt of : money stolen' is not; (
known ts. the contents of the box can-;
not be told till the regular opening
day. comes arcund. : : ' ' -V ' )
' The bcx was noticed . in its usual
plse cn lYIday afternoon and evening
but cn Saturday, morning-It was gene.
It had been wrenched from ; the- wall
and taken away by .the thief. Hf;;v
. Deputy Sheriff Martin Is working on
the case and he. has a clew, that
may lead to the arrest; of the mean
est thing In the way. of- a. man that
haa been around Hilo for many af day.
Hilo Tribune. . : ; ; - : .
ROYAL-4 the most celebrated
of all the baldng powders In
the worid-reelebrated f or lis
great leavening istreilQtli and
purity. It malces your, calies
biscuit, bread; etti, healObLh
Insures you against alu
all forms of adulteration that
go with the low priced brands.
' ''
Royal Baling Powder Cook Book sent free on request, Address box 633,
-.-'-- V:: . ; Honolulu. HawU ?
The first field excursion cf Mr.
Rock's special Saturday morning class
for the study cf the plants of the vi
cinity cf Honolulu will be made tomor
row . morning. The class will assem
ble between 8 and 8:15 at the Castle
Heme ataticn cf the Manca car-line.'
These Saturday- classes are fcr teach-
, '!:-,.
The Y, W. C. Aopens its- season
at ; the ; Outrigger Club on ;. Monday
evening, October 5, by . means of an
informal get-together - evening. .. The
first thing on the program is' a free
for all Bwim and this will be followed
by refreshments in the way , of eat
ables and talks, and from former ex
periences both will be well worth go
ing for, ' . r ,
If. the states dinner hld last Janu
ary is any sample of the sort of reel- r
by live entertainment which the Yv
W. C A. can carry out, then there is
no more .vital organization In Hono
lulu. -;;,v- '--v- .
; All women or Jrls who are interest-;
ed or think ta.t; they might become . ;
interested are invited to attend, and
the only price of admission la that .
you not only come for a good time
but "bring a good time with Ton.
Dceskin gloves should be washed
in water that just escapes being chll Y
ly, and plenty of good white soap -should
' be used. ; -Rub them gently
between the hands until very clean ",
and then rinse them r in fresh and L r
slightly soapy water, i ;
;HaIr 'Dresser'Your v hair; is very
thin on the top, sir. ;
Customer MAht I'm glad of that. I
hate fat hair." London Tatler.
Dimiinifiii ni:
llUlilU 1 1 ILL UL
(! borhood who approve the idea of liquor :
selling at the hoteL - At the following
meeting the inspector's report will be . .
I received and actlcn :; may then, be ;
taken. 'i," ': y :X'y. y; . '','v;-:..; -
; ' jAiaunaxea street
Manl.Ramlres, Ewa . .
Anna Berguna," Ewa . . .
. . . .18
Seitsnchi Yamahlro,; Honolulu . . . .27
Hide Kmokunei. Honolulu .... . .20
One kind, of a cereal story is the rice
thrown after the departing- bride and
whafc-sae married., . . ; . :
yet it costs
' ' :. ;i- . ;
5 cents the pound
Trade-Marks. Tliere are val
uable presents given away free . i . r
Illustrated Catalog free on re
scours --- polishes.
cleans purifies
Use it daily.
r- '. ' . " ; ...... . - . .-.-?J .
Turn the little disc to 1271
rinaof ho hlf?Mt PVPIlta cf its
I kind . annually; is the Central Union
I Bible scbool picnic, which comes off
. . 1 w-ri
tomorrow ai tne peninsaia.- ronowuis
are the details " ;
Time Special picnic train leaves
depct at 8:50 sharp, returning arrives
I at depot at 4:15 p. m. The special
picnic tickets are good only on tn.s
Tickets Special tickets must be
presented by all children except Cra
dle Roll and Sunbeam departments.
Tickets not required of adults of Cen-
Itral Unicn church constituency.
I SuppliesAll provisions, food and
( other supplies for the picnic must be
delivered at the church . before 8
cclock or at the depot before 8:30;
I Bathing All perse ns who expect to
go swimming must bring their own
suits and towels. Dressing rooms, a
safety committee, and other facilities
for swimming will be provided. Ti,
; Baseball All boys who play base
ball are requested to bring their own
baseballs, bats and gloves. Indoor
baseballs and bats will be provided-
i Sports The chief events will in
clude swimming, launch rides, track
, events, novelty: races,' stunt baseball,
. indoor baseball and some special good
' games for girls and for little children.
I Dinner The picnic dinner will be
- served between 12 and 1 o'clock.
Chairman F. J. Lcwrey of the Hqucr
license commission says that board
will take no actlcn for another week
cr two cn the application of the Pleas
anton hotel for a license. At the com
mission's meeting next week the ap
plication will be referred to Inspector
Wlllian P. Fennell ,to check up the .
signatures which have been submit
ted as those of residents in the neigh-
New Plan.' Corns Shrivel, Vanish.'
Until "GETS-IT" was born nobody
1 was ever sure of getting rid of a corn.?
Corn treatments nearly ; all . contained
the same ingredients,, ont s some were
'it h
fit j
YiakM Ddik
k4- -9
It Ul to rid
' ' yP
I ! -CTs-rr .
liquid, some plasters, some ;. wrap
pers" and some in salve form. Now
comes "GETS-IT" with a newly dis
covered formula the corn cura on a -principle
and a simple plan that never
fails. Thla is why . -GETS-IT' has
grown in three years to be the biggest
selling com cure the world has ever
known.., r' , :--y .' , , 1-
There's no mcre .' need of . fussing
with corns, ho more digging or cut
ting. ".'There's nothing, to press down
on the( corn, nothing to Inflame the
flesh, to "puir the corn or cause pain.
Put two drops of ;; "GETS-IT!; on in
two seconds. That's alL For ; any '
corn, callus, wart or buniofiu - T
-GETS-rT' is sold hyJ druggists er-;
erywhere, 25c a bottle, or sent direct!;
by E. Lawrence & Ccw Chicago. -"GETS-IT"
is sold in Honolulu' by
Benson, Smith- & Co., Fort and YloU V;
sts, and Hollister Drug Caradver. :
tisement. " - ' - c '
- r

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