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. : '
1 u&mwLTi umwviiAym, Friday, October 2, 1914. .-.
.. - y -- .-' . T '. i,SSSSSBBBWBBBBSBS1BBBSSBSx
-.- Second Clash Between These
Teams W;!f Decide W. & D.
Trophy: and Shingle Cups
Tomorrow afternoon the Oahu and
1st Held Artillery polo teams will
i meet on tbe Leilehua Held In the last
i uruu.ru ,lCn w vam seaBou. iue.K l0n, and I believe they could a
Inter-Island tournament la over with to gat advantage by a
Oahu on top and the wagon soldiers i mt a mu who not get sat. a
ii u vvMwn, ana lurawru w . jgfactory results with Irons, a :
match is an added feature of this year.' l va;il carry a short headed a
. The teams 'will play for the Wall St n aluminum ceek Jn my bag and a
Dougherty cup,- a trophy offered by a would be lost without itr It is to a
that firm for annual competition be-me, at least, the easiest club I a
tween Oahu clubs, which must be wontt nave eVer found to get the ball al
three times ti become the premaneat xx Bp ani away from' a doubtful a
. property of any organization. Thls'jj ne. a
year handsome individual cups hate'jj jiy nibHck is of the same a
been Offered by R. W. Shingle, to
oumgni 10 tne winners.
This will be the second time that
the Oahu and Artillery fours have
come together, in tne past iorcnignuj
The teams rtp ied Abe lntot-tsland
' tournament, Oahu winning: by a score
of U to VA, and as the sarao men
are playing, most of the dope" of the
first meeting Is applicable to tnis one.
j There is this, modification however,
( . The game will go six, instead of eight,
, periods, which should reduce, the
score, and the Artillery, team is play
lng on its home field. At Moanalua tne
Boldlers." were strange to the slope of
the cround and ' the fast . play round
the makal koaL and this was som
' thlnr nf ft hnnUrnn Oahu Dlaversl
atrangerB to the Schofleld Barracks
.Held and will be at no particular dis
advantage, playing; there. -The
Artillery team is rated at 3
goals by the handicap list of the Polo
. Association; and Oahu figures 13. ' In
the former match between the , two
teams the; result was almost exactly
according to the figures, as oanu won
by the difference n handicap .plus
: one-quartef of . a goai.' " ' -' -1-
It is Interesting tu note In connec
tion with the Inter-Island; tournament
that. withthef exception of the gam the Y M a a. games hall the gym
; between th Cavalry and the Artillery, na8Uc:exhIbitIo n, which , features the
the scores came tery close t? the tan. - fair of association, will
. dicap. and hadthe toornatnent . been ke piace. A men of the city are
a andlcaiH insteador a , scratct i af- inmed to attend and see 'the physical
' th CheSf J,u tTe liJ department work,-which is being de-
. .
extra period to decide because Oahui
ranlts ope goal better than the Valley
tf0f rA.,rnh -'fit;-a full
Tbe WneuD- for tomorrow jmitch:;: - ;
a mb. w -w
rti. Wftifr .Mr.farian A. H. Rice.
. ArtiUeryLleut -H. I?odds.
' - nr . - , -
" ww,,t'oy :
; . ' - - ' . -:' .
i1 vrPTcn n vtp c P n n W -, 1
ItOltuuHl o owunw ,
I a a mm a m a A IIP s.
I If J I Ht lilu LtAUUtb
i V t
' At Boston Nevr- York 5, Boston ;
(first came); Costorf V Nevw York 2
(second came). ' "
At St. touls St Louis 7, Detroit 3.
- At Washington' Philadtlpltla 3,
.Washington 1. VC' V:'
: At PittsburoPlttsburg 5, ClnclnnJl'
. At New York Boston 7, New Yorl
At Philadelphia ' Philadelphia 9,
Brooklyn 7. ; ' - ; . :
Inctudlns yestercxy garnet:
:.' -. ; w. l. ;
Philadelphia- .iiv.V.':.;. - 87 - 60
Boston ....... . . .". . . 88
. Washington : . .'. . ; . . . 'I 73
', Detroit . 'kV . . .V 7S
New York . , ; . r; . ; 6J
Chicago 69
St Loula . ii. 7
Cleveland '". . yui . .. . 'ii .62;
. Boston ......
' .616
' .487
New York
St Louis ..........
. f ; OF 1916 CANDIDACY
' : IBy Latest MatlJ
r NEW YORK-Colonei Roosevelt
r and Oscar Strau had a? conference
recently at Progressive headquarters,
1 1 shortly after the former, returned from
I his southern trip. ' -
i! r. : Straus would say nothing ex
cept that the talk was personal. i:olo
v nel Roosevelt was equally secretive.
x Mr. Rnosevelt ' e?t Intn the city
K shortly alter noon, : visited hit pub
V lishera and then went to Progressive
C headquarters. He denied he had stat
, ed' he Would be the Progressive candi
date for,: the presidency in 1916, and
that John M. Parker was. to be ' his
' running mate. .. : ;' -lie
went 1 to Oyster . Bay before
- starting on a western trip of 10 days.
"" "Whea he returns he- will enter the
' l' state campaign. . - .
., '"- ' r An Audience.: -,
f . Mother And so my Jittle man didn't
. . cry when he fell down. , That was
-."brave. .
Little Man There' wasnt anyone
to hear. Exchange, v ... ,
BBnnsstfnannoan nr a
a a
a years ago clubs with aluminum a
a beads were much more popular a
a than at present They are still a
a to be had In the sporting goods a
KO.n make,-with & large? ball-like head
s cut away to a wedge formation a
; a that gets the ball up from almost a
a any kind of a lie. Nearly every a
jj one who sees the club laughs at Xt
XT it, but it has saved me many a a
a stroke, so I continue to carry It a
a ,My putter is of the same a
a make, of the Jong headed variety, a
u lasntoned, I understand, after the a
a old fashioned wooden putters' a
jtf used In Scotland years ago. When a
. I am putting well It is a Joy, a
,f when theyrwon't go down I a
o raow it is my rauit, for4the club a
! absolutely sound. a
. 8 ' a
- .88 T8 8888a88nn8
I - - v
Beginning at 7:30 this evening in
-r yeioped under the; direcaon of:.Glenn
r,,' ..
tumblers, while Jackson Is handling
Robley - is . specially' training; the
- 1 !Lt??!n
The : gyin ; exhibition opens
n aua s uia l - vt ui bv biju ii.iii 1 1 uiiiik ii v w nn
fio wing athletes;. ,S.t W. -vRobley,
exhibiUonof acrobatic
n worK and long distance diving...
FoUowIng this will be a monolog of
'Dutch stories by W. H. Hutton, after
1 .which Robleywlll show some wprk.on
I ; the parallel bars with David Bent Clif-
I. ..... .. '
l.iora Meiim, the Decke brotherarand
I August Camacho as the team.' There
1 (will be music during ail the athletic
3 BtuntSw'-i -r i . ..v ?7-,i ; a
- Ernest Kaal will give his "Ukulele
Fantasies" as the next number and the
games hall program will conclude with
a. great exhibition of building human
pyramids, which is Rohleys' specialty.
Those participating win be Glenn E.
Jackson, Waldo H. ; HeinTichs; Henry
Hanebergr the Bent brothers, Clifford
Melira, the Decker brothers, Sam Ka-
hale, August and Loufs Camacao,
Charley Melim and Oswald Auerbach.
At half r past eight thw'Toiley ball
will coramenter wltlT Physical Director
Jackson Jn-'. charge. Two teams wili
be-selected from the young business
men's class with J. P.-Morgan and J.
Ilbward Worralr' as captains R; ii
Lrmbert; P. Cramp, tfc M,?PaTvey; C. C.
James, L Ml Stalnbacav W. PThomas,
R.- U Lyon and 1 C. O: Back v are the
llkelyiytcrswlth other members of
the class playing during thfe game. ; A
handball ( match, between1 John Gomes
and" Francis." Tranks' will be played at
the ame time. , 'f - ' f
.The bowling'alleys, jwhich are operi
kig f or the , fall ; season today, will be
thrown' ope at 8 : 3 for a free game
to ail men- present who want to try
the refinlsbed maple drives. .' This-feature
will-attract many of the old-time
bowtetjr iuid 'other wh;want to? learn
tn gained v ' : l
' There win be free blTTiards with 'music-
and' refreshments ; in the. lobby".1 ' A
large receptl9n cotmnittee; 'of .'which
a: Lt.racKaye Is fchalrmatf, will' help
show mi ; over tie' building' ahd' try
tQ guarantee a' good"f tlme to all who
attend. A special dinner In the cafe
teria from 5:30 to 7 will open the. fes
tivities and .the program' will begin at
7:30. TA11 men are invited to attend
the big Y. M. C. A. fall opening to-
t ; '-tByLatest-Mal'il-.SAN
' RAPAELT The contestV Of
Congressman Kent for the Democratic
nomination was ' finished 'yesterday In
Yuba -county, :anV .aa elsewhere, it re
salted In substantial gain for Kent.
He gained : 62 votes - ta - thai county:
Since the contests were- filed' In the
various; cxnzhtiesv trials- have1 been had,
In " -Marin,4 1 Colusa, Glennrr and Yuba
countlesrrana s Kent tas ;? gained ' 36S
notes'. 1a -alL-t ?.:.
. . .- . - - - - .:
' Thcania' LatTghy, ten" "year bid son
of James Laughy, a SanTjorntbnVN. H
rarmer, accidentally Bhot and ' killed
himself while ottt hunthig with hiir'eld-
tt brother. .' 4
The American Red Cross received a
contribution of 3i01 from the Amer
ican league baseball clubs aad SS48
from the National league.
Mil PltUlHi
'v roiiiT
WKinley High Getting Into, Line
For This Year's Football Honors
Coaches Depend on Straight
Football to Land Team
as a Winner
Makiki field has been the scene of
great activity during the past week.
Captain Brash of 'the McKlnley high
school team called out candidates for
the first practice last Monday. Tbd
prospects for a team looked rather-,
dull after the first turn-out, but the
coaches are now confident that they ,
will turn out a banner eleven- . J
Coaches Rosa, Greenly and Glenn I
a Jackson are hard at work at present
trying to teach the team thet funda-V
mental principles of the game. Not
much formation work has been done'
as yet, but a great many preliminary,
stunts have been attempted, such as ;
tackling tbe dummy, catching punts, -and
blocking. There are not enough
boys in the school interested in . foot
ball to form a second team. This is
a great disadvantage to the first elev
en, because it will have no one to
buck' against (
The aim of this year's coaches is
net to give a lot of new plays, but to
stick to the regular formations and ,:
master them. In having a few plays
like this the men who are new at
the- game have a better - chance to
make good. 1 -. f
Captain Brash and Edmond Wong
are back again in the game and will ,
hold their old positions in the back
field. Brash will be at right halfback '
while Wong win hold down the left
half back position. Much is expected
of these two men this year as they are'
experienced players and hard fighters.
Clifford Melra, who played' a star
game last year, is out for right end j
and there is no doubt but that lie i
will play there when the team comes
to lino up agamsi iu nvais. i
Aiueri rubu ut a, Bpceu man ana
, V A - T- fc. f ' - . . . .. 3 W
his head work." In previous years has
made him look like good material for
the quarterback position,' where he is
being tried out now.
With a few" veterans . back and a
good dear of promising material the
wearers of the black and gold have a
fighting chance fpr. the, championship.
Considerable disappointment 1 s
voiced by those who have ' hoped to
read of encounters in ' the air during
the present war, says the Army and!
Navy "Register of September 19.- ,The
quiet orderly -reconnaissance :and
gathering pf valuable information does
not produce the spectacular effect de-1 m uuuni ouuuugg
sired by those who are not satisfied t 11
without k . thrill. ; The real work of A large and appreciative audience
the aeroplane will be told when the gathered in the Charles R. Bishop hall,
war is over. It likely, will be found Punahou, last night in attendance at
that bomb dropping and air fights the concert given by Miss Pearl Suth
Were of vastly Jess Importance than erland, plane teacher at Oahu College.
the scouting and messenger work done
by the air machines. These machines
considered ' by American experts
a added means' orrecomialssairce, o&-
serration, and communication and In
such capacity can.' and no doubt are,
rendering valuable aid to the; various.
arrnlee'eagagetf, it the -present : war. j The program follows :
Whfle experts have declared that iris ; Violin and Piano (Handel), Sonata
possible. to build N airships heavy in' 'A - ihajcrr Andante, Allegro, Alle
enough. t drop from - 600 -to lOOO.erctto :oderato.
pounds of high explosive without trou-Ir
ble. It la.notbelieved that feature of
the possible use of an airship should
be given much weight 'Field Mar-"
slial Sir. John French, has reported to.
the British: war office thar the royal
flying , corps, has done remarkable-
work. In- France. In this connection
he aays:, s fc ; . v
Oae'of the features ol the caalceberg); (Kroeger), Egeria; (Pearl
1581 our 'side has been- ther sue -
ceee oT the Royal Flying Corp In
regard to the collection of' Information.
t is impossible either to award too
much praise tolonr'r aviators for the
Way; they have ' canted out' their du
ties' or Ho overestimate the ; value' of
the mteJligence collected; more ' espe.
ciairy during the recent ad vahce.
In due Course certain examples of
what has' been effected may be spec!- , 50 to E5 cents an hour,
fled and the far-reaching nature of! ; .
the 'results fully " explained but that cases German pilots or observers have
time has not' arrived. ' .." Ibeen shot while in the air and their
"That- the services of, our flying '
corp which has really been on trial,
are Tully appreciated by our allies Is
shown by the: following message from
the eocnnander hi chief of the French
armies, received Sept. by Field
shal.Lord Kitchener: , ?
. 'Please express . most particularly
to Marshal French my thanks for the
services ' rendered evedy day by
the Eh-glisif flying corps; 'The preci-
slon, exactlttide,v and regularity of the
news brought 111 by "its members are
evidence or their perfect' organization
and also; : of the ; perfect training of
the ptlotp and the Cbservers. j -'
To give a rough idea of the amount
of woFk carried out it is sufficient to dulged in to any great extent On one
mention that during a period of 20 occaslbn a petrol bomb was success
days up: to. the 10th Of September, a fully exploded in a German bivouac
daily average of rdore tnan nine re- at night while from a diary found on
connaissance flights of over 100 miles .a dead German cavalry soldier it has
each' has been maintained. been discovered that a high-explosive
Nevertheless,1 the tactics ' adopted
for dealing with hostile air craft are from one of our aeroplanes struck an
to attack them lflsfanOy -With one or ammunition wagon, resulting in1 an
more British machines. This haa explosion which killed l" of the ene
been so far successful that In five my."
r- ' -
- : J. fi x- . ' . ' . -
L -
': Football; Captain at McKlnley High
By Latest Maill . . .
- CHICAGO. Unless other members
of the national commission can talk
President B. B. Johnson of the Amer
lean league Into changing his -views,
the Federal league, will not - have a
hand la a fall series to determine the
workf s championship. U '
f President J; 'A. Gilmbreifc the inde
pendents .asked permlssdAn for the
pennant" wlnnjnj jpJub.Xjilieithird
lcagXteT'inlt' the . flag ? wtenera-' of
the 'American and National.
'VThe: request wil not De consld
eredrM, said -Johnson. "The v whole
thing is a joke. If tney want to play
a post season series wny don t tney
play the SC Paul clubr
St.; Paul is hopelessly last in the
American Association and has lost
103 : games.) ' ' S
; j; ...ITJ..-.. ,
j JJ InLnLAniU htUM AL
j . " A PDCAT Ciller tree
. Miss Sutherland was assisted by
j George Caspar, violin, and Lester G.
. French, . baritone. ' The concert was
j highly successful,' each number being
weil received by those present Miss
Sutherland was the recipient of many
flowers. ' '
-Pfaino(Chopin) Nocturne in G ma-
.jor: (Chopin). Scherzo in B flat, mi-
nor. ; .
i. Sones fGlordani Cam mio ben:
(De Fohtenailles). Obstinatlon: (Hugo
Wolf), Yerborgeftheit; (Bruno Huhu),
invlctus. '
. Piano ( MaeDowell) , Moto Perpet-
Juo: iMacDowein? From a Wanderine
Violin (Handel), Minuet; (Svend
J sen); Romance; (Kreisler), Schon Ros.
, marin.
Prano-r-(LIsxt), Rhapsodie No.. 11.
Th House adopted nu amendment to
the' Barnhart printing bill, increasing
therpav' of bookbinier3 and printers
- : in the government i riatiH office frcm
machines' brought to ground. As a
consequence the British flying corps
has succeeded in establishing an indi-
s vldual ascendency which is as serv-
viceable to us as It is damaging to the
I How far it I due to this cause it
is not possible at present to ascertain
definitely but the fact remains that
the enemy have recently become much
Jess enterprising in their flights. Some-
thing in the direction of mastery of
the air; already has been gained in
pursuance of the principle that the
main . object of military aviators is
(the collection Of Information.
! Bomb dropping has not been in-
bomb ' thrown at a cavalry column
8 8
8 a
8 "Rabbit" Maranville now play- 8
8 ing short for the Boston Braves. 8
8 has a whole lot of individuality. 8
8 It was little Maranville who re- 8
8 fused to cover the last world's 8
8 series for a Boston paper be- U
8 cause he didn't think it just 8
8 square for one player to criti- tt
XX cize another. Maranville tossed 8
8 off a couple of hundred dollars 8
8 on account of his scruples, which 8
8 Is more than certain other play- 8
8 era of the major leagues aro do- XX
XX ing. Another thing that makes 8
8 Maranville popular with the fans 8
8 apart from his' sensational field- 8
8 ing and timely hitting, IS his 8
8 size. As his nickname would in- 8
8 tilcate, he is no bigger than the 8
8 proverbial pint of cider, but every 8
8 inch a ball player. While quick XX
8 as a cat he is awkward In catch- 8
8 ing fly balls. He has a style all 8
8 his own; certainly not one taught 8
8 him by any coach. There is a 8
8 cry of wonder from the stands 8
8 every time the little fellow goes 8
8 after a fly ball, for he catches 8
8 them at arms' length, but with 8
8 his arms hanging straight down 8
8 from his shoulders and hands XX
XX cupped not far from hia knees. 8
8 One would think that he would 8
8 miss a lot of balls going after 8
8 them in this fashion,, but he 8
8 doesn't He is regarded a very 8
XX sure shot . SI
a ...' . a
Where are the fleet footed runners
of the National league? : There seems
to be a scarcity of them in the older
HUljor lettgutt 'urgauuauuu into. cat.
It is almost impossible to find; a fast
base stealer. '; ' ; ' .
Bob Bescher was reputed to ' be the
league's fast runner last season and
was thought to be a record preaKer.
but since , he joined the New Yore
club it appears as if Manager. McGraw
has stopped him from running wildly
when on the ; bases,; as -the- records
show that he Is not pilfering aa of ten
as he' djd while with the 'Cincinnati
clubtfvHe led the league? last year
and was out In front by 4 cttmfortable4
margin most of the time, but Buch Is
hot the. case this season although he
is third on the list
Burns Best Base Stealer.
New York has the best base thief
In ithe league in George Burns, but
hismark is nothing to boast of. i
Catchers ;Thr6w Better
Whether the scarcity of stolen bases
Is due to the slowness of the players
Is hard to ' say. - It : might . be due to
the " excellent catchers with " the dif
ferent clubs. The National league has
some of ; the best throwing- catchers
It ha had In years. Nearly every
team has two men who are capable
in every respect 8 .
Chicago has Archer and Bresnahan,
New York : has Meyers and McLean,
Philadelhpia has1 Dooin and KUHfer,
St Louis has Snyder , and: Wlngo,
Brooklyn has McCarty and Miller, Cin
cinnati has Clarke and Gonzales, Bos
ton has Gbwdy and .Whaling, while
Pittsburg has Gibson and Coleman.
Every one of these catchers is . a star
and their throwing to second may be
responsible' for the lack of stolen
bases. . - - ':
Catchers Head Off Runners.
Most of the managers, believe the
backstops have kept down the base
running in -the league. They declare
there are many fast men who wotlld
purloin a greater number of bases if
the throwing was not so fast and ac
curate New York has speedy sprint
ers in Burns,fBescher, Doyle, Fletcher
and Snodgrass. but they have not set
the league afire with their base run
ning. Other .clubs have two or more
men who can go 100 yards in close
to ten seconds, but their speed is not
shown on the pathways. It may be
the throwing and It may be .the ina
bility vt the men to know when -to
Only continued good weather this
afternoon and tomorrow morning will
make baseball possible at Athletic
park. If. the field is fit the Hawails
will meet the Coast Defense tomorrow.
Sunday the j scheduled ' double-header
is between the Asahi and St Louis
teams In the opener, and the Chinese
and Portuguese in the closer.
Mrs. Harriet Harper, aged 102 years,
registered as a voter in the primary
elections at Atchison, Kan.
Saturday, October 3
Sunday, October 4
CHINESE vs. P. A. C.
Tickets on sale E. O. Hall ft
and at office; Park phone 5132.
Main entrance on Kukul St Auto
mobile entrance on Beretania SL
(Manager of the Chicago Federal Lea
gue team.)
An eastern baseball expert in a re
cent analysis of the Federal league de
clared that from being a foe of the
third major league he had become an
ardent partisan of the Gil more cir
cuit for the reason that a trip around
the, circuit had shown him the Fed
erals were playing much higher class
ball than the two other leagues
and therefore were- deserving of the
support of the fans.
He also declared that the majority
of those who are opposed to the Fed
era league,' of course, not meanisg
the powers of organized baseball, are
those who have not seen the Federals
in action.
Play Ball to Please Fans.
This proves that the press as well as
the sport followers have been convert
ed to the fact that the Federals have
come to stay and are playing the kind
of baseball tht interests the fans.
The reasons why the Federals , have
come to stay and are entitled to the
consideration and support of the fans
can be shown in three ways.
In the first place, the Federals are
playing major league baseball, for the
reason that no one can deny they have
collected a bunch of scars in all de
partments of the game, which insures
this major league -class of baseball
Furthermore, the time of the game,
the afmost errorless play, their speed
on the bases and the hitting of the ju
nior league all support the1 contention
that the ' Federals are playing high
class baseball.
Backers Clean Sportsmen.
In the second place, I might cite tbe
fact that the backers of the Federal
league are clean sportsmen, who have
taken a chance of losing a wad of
money to give the fans high class base-
balL such as they are entitled to, and
it would be absurd to imagine that the
magnates of our league would under
take a sporting venture that they could
not carry through.
Because of the fact that the Federal
league backers are trying to give the
fans what they should have in the way
of baseball, it is no more than fair that
thelfoes of the baby league should at
lesst; investigate beforw passing; Judg
ment In other words, berore lormmg
an opinion they should at least see the
Federals in action and not make state
ments regarding the league that' are
not borne out by, facts. All that we
ask la. a fair comparison and such a
comparison, I am sure, will prove to
any impartial judge that the Federals
are worthy of the bacung or medians
Whv Fans 8hould Give Support.
: The third: reason why the Federals
are entitled to the support of the fans
lies In the fact that we have 'since the
season opened developed a league that
is remarkable In many ways. A rew
davs ago I was allghtly under the
weather and decided to dress early.
when I saw that the game was clnctiea
for the Chicago team; and having
dressed I entered a box near the third
base Ithe, to get a chance to see now
my team looked, from the position ol
a' spectator, ; ".
I sat downnear a man who failed to
recognize me as the manager of the
Chicago team, f ; Naturally, as several
interesting plays aeveiopeai piunw
conversation with the stranger, ana
in the course of the talk he made this
remark? which I consider of Interest to
- . .l a. it. . . . a aM - .
tne i an s tnrougnoui uio wunuj .
Mlah Class Baseball.
He , said: "One of the things that
have Impressed me the most In this
game Is the class of play of the Fed
erals. I came 1 here expecting to see
mediocre baseball but on the contrary
1, have seen baseball of the highest
class. Why, do you know if some of
the plays that' have been made here
today had been made In an organized
baseball game they would have been
written in the annals of baseball for
years to come?" '
Now this is merely ine viewpomi ui
a stranger, a mm who did not know
that I was in any way interested in
either of the teams. He was merely
earnest in his contention that the Fed
erals were playing major league base
ball if not better than that offered by
the two other major leagues. And I
want to tell you that this opinion re
garding the play of the Federals is
gaining ground dally and that I have
become each day .better satisfied with
the new league and more confident
that we have not only come to stay
but ultimately will be recognized by
the fans throughout the country as the
only league that really offers the high
est gTade of basebalL
The various managers of the Federal
league have been able to brifrg their
teams to such a stage of perfection
that they cm be truly comrared to
well oiled machines. Our - field'ng,
base running and hitting aracting
attention from all over the "country.
Not only in the ciUea of the Faderal
league but .,- even from' the Pacific
coast . ' r: .. '-
The, whole secret of our success lies
in the fact that we are; trying to give
the public the worth of their .money.
We are giving them baseb! games
that interest and we have enongh play
ers of nationwide reputation tb Insure
every fan 'who 'attend: one. oar
games having an intimate : knowiego
of j the record of a f least me ; star to
the game. . ; , i -
" Wlliiam Thomas Lewis, grst Baron
Merthmyr, died in London. , He.Tras Tl
years old. ..;,,;'.':.--' ';
Plenty of
Stories at
In the Young Bldg.
"Equal ta the
SUrilng , mark ;
on tllvtr.
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tocts. Phona 1045.
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They will tell you tho troubl
King St. Auto Stand
; 8am McMillan, ' 8am Peters
Antone Rodriguet . .
V . .i .
- V. K
Best for this Climate;
Lewers & Cooke, Ltii?J
Dealers In Old Kona Cc.'.'xs ,
- i.
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