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From San Frsncfsce:
Lurtinc. Nov. 1 7
For San Francisco:
i'hiRA. Nov. Hi.
From Vancouver:
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J JX2 iX -1521 - X-iLX - JXl3X
' V"-
-HivaUsa KUr. Vol. XXII. Na Vt
psraffoiss fe FVaiice
. :;tAUt UKUN oAl T Lb-TURN EUR OPE f pp.
'- '--' ' ''P CAMocTated PrMt terviee Ibj. Federal Wtrsleis.
LONDON, England, lTov.
. irum vapennagea enng-s me-news inai uermany is concentrate
lnff great armies to; defend the, eastern border from "Russian
attack. . The armies are being
v ; Only the .utmost need will
troops to the western arena, says this despatch.;
V The German attack in Flanders is slowly shifting toward
tne iTencn opraer uains and
, tries, where in many cases dykes have been cut, have trans-
; formed -the country beyond Dixemude into" a vast swamp, im:
passable for. artillery and almost impassable for .even . light-
- cEuoi D3 maYea. vounuess. corpses ;are anoaii in me waiers.
: UUSSflWOULLy S MSH-::lllg
" LOIDOIT, England, Kov.
ly ccUccntnitirg at Cracow and
Austria before making their main advance on Germany. t .
AIH33 Repulse "Kew
PAHIEj, rrance, Nov. 16,
a lor. ths Yscr, frcm'Nieuport to Dixemude; consisted, only of
. irtillcry exchanges..-' 'Jp.pp kXpPt
, Tho German forces endeavoring- to cross the canal .were
! all driven beyond tho bridges. I :- One regiment was completely
. dertroyed z on.th of Bixschoote,
Fc riaminfj Four
.Urges PcrxaUpoa
: nOIIE, Italy, Nov. 16. Pope Benedict today-published a
papal cncylical urging peace upon war-torn Europe. He nanies
; four causes for tho wsr lack of mutual love among men; con
tempt cf authority, injustice by one class against another, and
a' belief that material welfare is the ' ole; object bf human
; activity. . ; : .P-: -Pp'Pi
LOND Oir, England, irov.16.The Athens correspondent
I the London Exchange Telegraph Agency says that" an an
nouncement hs been made in the
that Great Britain is advancing
r hips in British yarda.
J. S. Kn2v of Audacious Disaster
P. Out Kepi:" Secret
;. T7A2HINGTON, D. C., Nov. 16.The government laiew of
the destruction cf . the British superdreadnoug;ht Audacious,
shatteredvby s. mine, a fortnight ago, but kept the information
. secret at the request of the British government " : v . p
PetrogracI Ac!mo7ledes Tha
Turldch Attack Has Checked The Slavs
LONDON, "England, Nov. 16. It is acknowledged at Petro
grad that a severe Turkish attack has checked the Russian ad
vance in Caucasus.: The official Turkish statements say that
flTTftCftS. S$JCESSFmi
16.--A despatch to the Times
massed at Thorn, ; Breslan ; and
persuade Germany to" send any
inundations irom the low coun
re anoai
16. The Russians are apparent
Przemysl, striving ' to crush
Official. Yesterday's fighting
! Causes
of Europe
Greece Money to Build?
in Yards of Empire
Grecian chamber Of deputies I
Greece $8,000,000 tcrbuild war-
l'.vux -iiiiNouu Tr.iiniTonv or iiawaiiv mux pay, nu kmi;k!: k im la
Sons of Kaiser
Spilllflood in
J ..Thre of the sons of . the Ger
I man frnwrftr whfi have shed their
blood during "the. present .Euro
pean war;, above is Prince Oscar,
aged '26, ; received v a flesh ; wound
h during the battle near Longwy;
inr thecenter ia Prince August
Wilhelm aged 27, reported wound
ed in the battle of Marne, and,
I belowj " PrSr.ce- JoachIm,viaged 24,
1 wounded while- serving with hie
reglmenf-; between . Meaux and
Montmirail. : ':'-p.'ii-..
.'The ladies of the south. King street
LJapanese " church, of which Rev. G.
Mctckawa is pastor, plan . to hold a
bazaar. December 4 in a store in the
Progress block. Fort street, near Bere
tania. ' The Japanese . ladies will; be
assisted by Mrs. Jcb,n yv. ,: Wadman
and other, American friends. Dainty
rushlcns, i shpping. bags, towels and
pfneushiens jrhich " the adies have
been busily making, fcr a year past or
more, will be offered for saleT the
proceeds4 txt benised fcr a church car
pet, sidewalk and other needs.
GraniteiJMarble' And Blue Stone.
. work flrst-clasa and prices right.
t'-' ?s H. E. -HENDRICK, LTD. :
Jlercliaiit and Alakea, ' , " Pione 2648
. II
J . MIIB.; I I?
' . ' - I '-.
f : MPS BE
n a - :
Dollar Christmas Fund" Is
: r Being Raised to ': Relieve- "
. -Awful 'guffering i ;
W Relief Committee and the
Chamber of Commerce Get
n : Splendid Support:;-
. Frcm the honorary, committee of the
Dollar Chrtstmi?Fund -for Homeless
J I Belgians, 66 Urbadn ay, New" York, the
1 Stir-Bttlletln thaa . recelTed, a letter
I " showing that the necessities of the Bel-
4 : :u it m. ' t . -
1 tn enm will continue : the falsing o!
1 : nans are sum. mac America iur wtrttao
r 'reliet funds;. . '. ' ' ..
(. ;.ThJ3etterwr;-i, : ; -J
' ,:. . New York. Nor. 6, 1914. .
Editor Honolulu Star-Bulletin, v
JSIr: I am .desired by our commit
ted, which now' includes the namejsr of
Mr. Adolph S. Och of vthe New. York
Times and Mr Win. ,C. Reick of the
New-York Sun, to ,ask you to publish
the ncl03ed letter, by our treasurer,
lir. rHenry Clews, a your valued col:
UmnS. ' " P f ;' " " . -5-'
Z Despite the "assistafece of. the Rocke
feller foundation ana every other
agency-jo -reJief tre and in Europe
Idespfpad-Vaai' 'supor.1s '!
sohitely indispensalet II- we are to pre
vent thousands of Belgians'from start
ing. this winter. . -.:
The American newspapers are giving"
noble support and we rely with confi
dence upon .-your- fraternal good will
to help us in a great work of mercy by
giving us such publicity as you can
afford. The circular I enclose gives
all details and if there are others you
may desire please' let me know.- '
; If, as we ventur to hope, the. cause
for which we appeal has your approval
there are two ways apart from the
publication of the enclosed letter by
which you can render us invaluable
help; First, , by cslling attention to
the fact' that the . authorized dollar
Christmas fundcohecUng cards will
be ent to any responsible applicant,
and, second ly, that you, as editor,: win
undertake to receite atfy contributions
from your reer8p-:pp'p
; I remain, with great respectn with
? . (Continued on page three)
Provisional . President Assures
Washington AH Foreigners In
- Mexico Will Be Protected
Associated Prcs by Federal. Wirell
WASHINGTON, D. C," Nov. 16.
Provisional President Gutierrez has
formally notified the United States of
his assumption of the powers of the
Office to which he was named by the
Aguas ' Calientes convention. He
auaranteet the orotectlon of Ameri-
I r4 Me kl ma m a m ! I m tUna f t I mm
i m iviciyiici ws bis m kiviiaiiuvs
and - asks the withdrawal of U. 8.
troops from Vera Cruz. f -
Consul Silliman of Mexfco City re
ports, that hostilities' between the ri
val factions have ?3eer . suspended
pending the outcome of further par
leys between the Carrahzistas and
those supporting Villas .
Associated Press by Federal Wireless ?
WASHINGTON. D. Nov. 16the
12 federal reserve banks dpened today
ana-26lndcr the; new evrncy: U
oo ooo oo . ooo ooo co
Sutcrintendsnt of Public Works
' Backed By Non-Partisans
- to Succeed WVA; Wait
Four Supcryisors-EIect Said to
Favor Getting Former tn-
; gineer Whitehouse ;
Charles R. Forbes, superintendent
of public works is being boomed for
the successor to William A.:.WalJ as
city and county engineer, kit is taken
for granted by most of the politicians
that Wall will be displaced wherf the
new Republican administration takes
office on January 1, And rumor is now
busy with the possibilities of the sitU'
ation. -Pp:-:-; , t:,p'i
Last . Saturday the statement was
made by Ajnan who is alleged to pos
sess "sinside". infotmation that U M
Whitehouse is certain - to be appointed
engineer. It was said - that four su-
terYisora-elect :have declared that he
3 the man lor tne joo ana inai inej
will stand together to see that he gets
it' Certainly the. former city engineer!
now - nas many . suiuncn inenas ? out
working for him.
On the other hand whispers of oppo-
one reason and another various people
say r that Whitehouse ' should no be
named. "'- ".i. v -:-JkAi- -:.'
v Just how far the movement oh be
half of Forbes has cone could not be
learned today. ' It. is conceded that
some opposition, to him would arise
from Republican politicians, because
he is now holding appointment to, the
territorial position under a Democratic
administration and presumably satis
fied the administration that he is
Democrat !tb whatever extent he : Is
politically active Op : the "other : hand
the movement to secure him as county
engineer, according to one of those in
terested in It, is a non-partisan move
ment based on the need for an effi
cient and influential, man in the city
engineer's.; office. ForbeV answers to
that description, it was claimed for
him todj:-Pr::rt?--:i:
This afternoon the Chamber of Com
merce's committee on county and mu
nlcipal affairs Ms holding k meeting
with ; the newly-elected; supervisors.
arid It waa atatedthla morning that
the matter oftheirext county engineer
might Je brought up. ; . t. . ;
Galaxy of Baseball Talent From
The Coast Reaches Honolulu
, Today In the Sierra fcp
Music, leis, decorated "automobiles
and last but not least a great crowd
of, friendly fans welcomed-an all-atar
baseball "aggregation from the main
land this morning: On the deck ot the
liner Sierra, "when still off port, " the
first aloha . was , extended to the visit
ing diamond stars, and when the ship
slid into her berth at the dock a big
ger and noisier welcome was freely
gi ven Packed into motors and head
ed by the Hawaiian band with Captain
Berger at its head the players and
the reception . committee had 5 a tri
umphal progress, tip Fort street , The
whole town, at least that portion of it
within earshot of the music, Crowded
the sidewalks from the waterfront to
Hctei street and then overflowed into
Bishop street when the machines, fin
ally pulled up in front of the Young
hotel; where tbjs players will be quar
tered during their Honolula stay.
Then came an informal gathering and
more handshaking on the roof garden,
while the'press photographers worked
their graphlexes overtime." ; : '"p
ball, players and one star umpireFand I
several - friends. i .' '.
v Jphri J Blisa, known to baseball tzzi
ttres) t
ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Coins Put Into Pockets' For
Monday Generously Expend
ed In Aid of Worthy Cause
Women Canvassers Reap Huge
Benefit and Receive Cooper-
ation From All Sides
Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 16, 1914.
r. Editor : Honolulu Star-Bulletin
4 Sir: I respectfully beg to pre- S
sent the . thanks of the y Anti
Tuberculosis League, to the Star
Bulletin and the press of the Ter
ritory In general for its generous &
4 support of the campaign to , sell
$ Red Cross i Seals, which owes
much of its success to that sup-$
port and goodwill.
Very respectfully yours, ;
" : h pP J. N. SINCLAIR, .
e v Superintendenv - Antl-Tubercu-
$ losis League. . , : ,' vU-i'; - Q
''.' ..' "jw .
Honolulu . surrendered to the Red
Cross seal invaders at 9:05 thia morn
ing. v : . " i , -v.
A heavy -ransom haa 'been levied
against the xity4 It lias three more
hours In .which-to iiay.it nVbui the
wiuingnesa di ice popuiaiioik.to meei
the demands of its captors guarantees
that the shades of . evening wilr fall
upon complete harmony between both
parties, t ' '" : . .-
The ladles "under Mrs. Walter F.
Dillingham, having got all tne coins
that were put in all the pockets for
Monday, have agreed to arbitrate.
At 9:15 ' this morning . Secretary
Rath began to ; get calls . for more
stamps and sent out reinforcements
to the extent of a couple -' of dozen
boxes r or so to various districts.
Through the courtesy of Castle &
Wlthington, Mr, Rath has established
the red cross seal headquarters for
the day in the offices of that firm.'
At 9 o'clock this morning Mrs. Fax
on Bishop had sold ,1200 worth of the
uue aanesive crusaaers m ner aown-
town district' and the best was ; yet
to come. V- A'-' - r,v.
Mrs.' Cheatham Invaded 'the sanctu
ary of the tuberculosis bureau itself
and retired with r valuable ..booty. In
fact the board of health; offices were
the first to fall before the assault The
government offices ihy bothSthe judi
ciary and capltot buildings capitulated
immediately afterwards. '
Everything possible has been done
to make the sale a success and mer
chants, : ministers, officials. and citi
zens of every other class have joined.
Mr. Lennox, managerjjf N. S. Sachs
A Co., Inaugurated Twlndow, display
of red cross subjects ; in which the
scepter of tuberculosis was law away
beneath the weight of public opinion
and Hawaiian generosity. .-.
Mr. Rath does not exnect any' fle-
nfes showing the.extent of the sale to
be reached until the close of the day,
but believes that almost everv stamn
will; be sold.. It It estimated that a
thousand dollars' worth had been dis
posed of at 9 o'clock - . . '
Mrs. Dillingham and the committee
in charge of the sales wish to express
their thanks to the territorial press
andto all who have helped them to
prepare for the Red Cross Seal Day.
Var Cosfc. Great
seal Invaders
J - fAssociated Press Service by Federal Wireles3.
LOIIDON, England, ITov. 16. Premier Arqnith, i:p:a!:irj
nhe House of Commoni tod made the'eHtir:it3 that :
war is costing Great Britain from
:r BEBLnT, Germany, : ITov. 16.-Dc:patchc3 frcn 'C
tinople report that the KHsdive will have shortly .to z:zz:"
command j)t Turkish operations against ths Eriti;Ii in
, : -v ':;. ' ' 'v. - '... -s'. -. .
Great DriIi2ii.GG::jial-l:adi
LONDON. Eni. Nov., 15. --JLord FJoberts. the fsremcst
British empire, is dead. Th'i r.twz, which has crttitl n
sorrow thrcuahout Great Cf.tain than any crcvi:.3 z -cu
of ficial' press bureau, was .mads put!ii
Lord Roberts was on a visit to ths
talpi. la visit the re-!menta makln
acruaintancei 'an j to relnrtira ths f
Critiih r,32-
i-!y ta thi v;t;rz-! cf r. t::rs cf
rnicc five cento
"AiinAnmic cirrr
HUUrtblUUd UUl.i
Refers to Official Announce
: ments of British AdmWty
a Few Weeks Agof, ;
says placeoFalleged:
disaster is unlikely
Thinks No First-Class Ships
Would Be Cruising North
of Ireland
The Star-Bulletin hts received frora ,
BriUsh Consul E. L. S. Cordon, the
follbwlng important commimlcatlon re
latlng to the reports of the sinking of
the superdreadnongbt Audacious:
British Consulate, Honolula, Hawaii,
November 18-1914.- -Editor
Honolulu SUr-Bulletin. " .
; Sir: I encrose tor publlcttlon copy
pf an announcement Issued by the ad
miralty at the beginning of this rr.or.t'i
which the, British Ambassador de., cj
me to have made, widely known. .
You will notice that the Olymplris
mentioned as having narrowly esea; I
disaster but nothing is said .of
Audacious or anr warship l)elng sunkr-
I look upon the telegrams relating to
the Audacious with a, good deal of sus
doubts wm
picion; firstly because it is the tenden
cy of all ordinary people to exaggerate
the. gize of any, ship; they see,. ?ccn V-j
because" the.-adqjlralty-does-, not hc..i
tate to publish any cases of the s!n-.
lag cf ftny of bur warshln, and h.v, j
denied that any of the battleships hava
been sunk as vet and thirdly, becau i '
it is extremely unlikely that any cf r
our first-class ships would be in
an out of the way place as the norJi .
of Ireland. The German consul's tele
gram Is evidently based on Jhe srnie
report as that cn which the other" tp'
grams were sent,'"' , ' P -
- - ; Yours truly, - .'' '
- I v E. L. S, GORDON. -V- .
' .. v: . H. B. M. ConsuL'
The announcement says: "
-"During the last week the Germans
have scattered mines indiscriminately
In the open sea on main tride routes
from America to Liverpool via north of
Ireland. Peaceful merchant ships liar
already been blown up -with . loss til ,
life by this agencyA ,The white Star
liner Olympic escaped disaster, by pure
good luck and but for warnings given
by British cruisers other British and
neutral merch?nt and passenger ves
sels would have been destroyed.
"These mines cannot have been laid
by any Uermah ship of war. They
nave been laia oy some mercnani ves
sels flying neutral flags which have
come along the trade route as If far
purposes of peaceful '"commerce dzi .
while profiting to the full by immunity
enjoyed by neutral merchant t v?r3
have .wantonly and recklessly er:iaa
gejred the lives of ' all' who' travel n
the - Sea regardless of whether Uey
are jfriendi or foe, civilian or mllitiry
In charactex ' '-; ' .
THIne laying under neutral T.zt I
reconnaisance conducted by trawlers,
hospital ships and neutral vessels are
the ordinary features of German nival
warfare---; ;v :-v;--v,
"In these circumstances taviaj re
gard to the great interests entrust? 1
tQ the British navy, to the safety f
peaceful commerce on b.lgh seas anl
(Continued on i?a-s tire?)
Bniain II::-2 C:
$4,500,000 to CS.CCO.C: 3 d-il.
r.er.t !
last r.
tzWifnnt In -Franc?, r 3
th? Indian continr-t. t r: -:;
:ht?rs from Iri t wi:i -'i ts
' pnei

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