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-Masters of American merchant ves
k j will he snared much tnconvenl-
ence and possible delay If they . will
promptly dtsphy colors and registry
number when a war vessel is sighted,"
' h..ii thA . rtet of tTiatruetiona ? dren
Capt H C. Hpudeletle and his officers
"T In, the Oceanic liner Sierra before its
departure from tho Golden Gate tor
the' Hawaiian Islands wltn- less inan JumDcr . . ccBiipiea w we uuy w m
60 cabin passengers.' ' i Company ' " .
' That the United States government; That the larger fighting craft sight-
anticipates the stoppage and search of cd by Captain Mather was the Idzume
' merchantment flying the American flag he was quite1 positive. . : The" second
during the wtr period is' evidenced by vessel to his opinion appeared touch
: te notice, markedrimportant" which like one of the smaii British gunboaU
appears, in large type 'on all f; pilot or auxiliary cruisers that sometimes
charts "and, 'nautical publications 'for 'visit north Pacta waters; - -'
. i' tho month of December"; - :rr, iV. Five days ago- after ue schooner
.ike documents are Issued by the hy-I.Xl had ridden out a Bard-storm,
-dro graphic olfle of the TTnlted States h'e smoke from the war vessels, was
' : nrr dcoartmeht and sklDDers are re-- sighted. The Japanese cruiser came
V 'minded ofihe conditions now prevail -
ing in tho Pacific by a6erics of ample radeh ecbooner, itee of ficenr; keeping Orient late this evening or at an early
' notilcatlpns. . --r '..' 1 the Fred : J. Wood under close obser- hour tomorrow morningr. "X-
71 0icnnLc boat is reported' to have vaticn for an- hour; ! ;Thfc merchant-, The British steamer Indradeot; with
met wita.no interruptlou itieVoyage'aiwa permitted to proceed; upon , 7000 toas of Oriental cargo oa oafd
to Honolulu.- For four ays the vessel Uts cearse, no 'attemot hetoavTiaule tq-bound for Nejw-:Yerir and Boston,' re
- steamed through seas irkened tq a mill- exchange slgaala. The flghtmg ships maJned at the port from Saturday altr
" pond.. There was little' wind to retard plater took a southerly dlrecUon. Vf V j erncon until . eaijy.; Sunday ? morning
. the progress'of the liner,. which Ar-f The Fred: J., Wood sailed from Port during- which time 450 tons of coal
' rived off quarafltjne before daylight 'Townsend on October 9. For several - was peed cii-bea
Anion 4& cbb nasseneera were a peeks' the vessel ;; met with - strong called at the Philippines .where about
delcSn of basebau S I fra,S' tempestuoaa seasJ DeteMe00tons cf raw sugar waa-shipped f
' V Pfcoast
main for some weeks in the islands.
, A small . number of tourist was in
cluded in the list of travelers., 4 Fn
Twenty-six steerage passengers ar
rived in tho Sierra, Purser A. O. Con
SSI nSShlS'Vs-Hich yet remain
cnrgo which includes. much freight tor
local importers for the holiday trade
' - r n v, in ,. ii,u
246 sacks of mainland maiL : : j
: Several hundred -spectators gathered
at Pinr 10 ta witness tk Arrival of the "ul vuv w- uwuer iwuerv
- VJSt 9 T - , "eVVas - TlHlnd, lden with 760,000 feet of lumber
. r ' :'Vq v , l:tor Honolulu fall in with heavy seas.
it ? .
u Many were the misfortunes that be
set the British, freighter Strathblaae,
aa arrival at Honolulu today, with 4821
tons of Australian coal, . placed" on
board -that vessel t Newcastle, N. S.
W., during the latter part of last June.
; With fuel for the Inter-Isl and Steam
" Navigation Cempany 'the Strathhlane
.was despatched from the "Australian
port en July . 20V Vour days out from
' Newcastle. CapL C P. Lenton was told
. that the machinery was in crippled
condition. The vessel -went back to
v Newcastle, wliero a corps of machln-
ists attempted to place the ship In
. seaworthy . condltkm ; out it. was found
that", the vessel rausr , proceed to. Syd
ney, about 100 - mes istanL" The
Strathhlane remained there for many
weeks, the work of .rebuilding the" en
gines being ; completed to permit" the
vessel to again - steam- for Honolulu
on; OcMb-;
When several hundred miles off the
FIJI Islands Capt. iventon decided, to
call at Suva for additional repairs. He
; ; reported that he was obliged to re
main there, for four days.:,. The re
mainder of the trip from FIJI to Hono
lulu is said to have been made with
out incident. Following the discharge
of the coal 'the vessel may fcei .sent
to the PacifC roast to odA a return
cargo of lumber. Vv ?.-; . . .:'-;.!
Mails are due from the Hollowing
points as follows: - v.; - ; - ,
San Francisco Lurliae. Nqy.17. ; .
Yokohama. China, Nov. 17. X . 1
Anctmlla Sonoma, Dec, 4..' .
Mails .win. depart for the following
points as v - : .
. san Francisco-China. Nor.17. . . r. -;
IT11- v
''r" - - r.
ThoJapauesw cruiser1 id2umo, ac-
eoonanled ' by smaller British war
vessel, was within 00 miles of the
Hawaiian fslancs but a few-days agd,
according to the belief expressed by
Caotain IL II. . Alather, master or tne
schecner Fml v J. Wood; that this
, mcmnlg was towed into the harbor
to be discharged of 820,000 feet of
; within short distance of tho lumber
received no damage and lost none of
t A. - S . A J J . " .
its largo cargo in spue w wt vonime
o Atater that swept the deck.
Captain: Mather last visited Hooo
hihi' as master of the UMated S. ,
mark tlie location of the dis-
I u ... . l-
Jff Ttfi.t,!StS:ir
delay the passage . from Port Town-
?ena, wnicn was completed yesterday
following 41 days at sea When with
hx 500 miles of the Hawtiian Islands,
Capt. J. Wikander. sighted three Japa
nese vessels believed to. bethe bat
tleship Hixen.- cruiser Asama and a
collier, the fleet being .headed - in a
southeasterly dlrecttea- and apparent
ly steaming ?t about 12 knots. -'.The
Robert R. Hind .was deiaiaed eutsWe
the harbor for fumigation and brought
to a berth at a territoriaV wharf to
day. vWWle roughly handled) by the
elements, the vessel met with no dam
age. - The cargo was : breusht " to the
port' Intact . !' ;i; x
j..t' ' .' i.-. .' gj-;,v y .' -
Kcntucklan Wav Take Nw Crop- Sugar
The first of tke new crop of Hawaii
an &ac-Br destined Snr th PAstonnf of
the United States mav be suDoiled theJ
" ' ' t ' '' . ' ' . , , i
1 q
American-Hawaiian freighUr KeatHCk- member 16. O.- A. - Pallister, W. E.
Ian. ?n arrival from New York Jbr tbe!su. : W Austin, P. A, Gorman,
way of Panama; Saa Francisco andr" tod rs. H. T. Barclay. W
Seattle -yesterday. The big merchant- rf . t. Mtkahala for Maui. Melokai
:maa Is at Pier 19 where about 8000
tons of cargo will be discharged. The
Kentuekian brought a quantity of live -
stock Including hogs'and blooded-cat
tie - for - local ,imnorters. Aecerdlag
to Capt De.Lano the -ressel met with
fine weather'and sighted no steam or
siling rtrafU. on thet voyage. Two
8towaway were Iandod at the "port.
Bark Rithtt 3aHed Wtth Pawenge.. 4
The bark R. P. Rithet wil sail from
San Francisco with eight passengers in
addition to a large, cargo: of , general
merchandise for the. islands.- accord-1 way ports November 21. Mrs..!!. V.
ing to the report brought to Honolulu 'Patten, Miss. Patten. " f
today with the return of the Oceanic! Per O. S. S. Sierra for San Francisco
liner Sierra. - The Rithct was el pected ' November 21. Misses. . Mulligan,-, Au
to -depart from 'the Golden Gate within CarvelU, J. H. 'Belseiv Mr. and; Mrs.
as few daya tinder command of Capt . T. W. owen and infant, R. L. Hart, Mrs:
Jackson. , The bark now represents t Alice Freitaa, .Miss: Marguerite Freitas,
the only windjammer carrying pssen-' Mr.t and Mrs William Mutch. Miss
gers between the Pacific coast and the Mutch Miss Viola Mutcn,. Miss, I
Hawaiian islands. 1 : f ' : i Mutch,". William Mu'.ck, JrH Horace
' VV'?- '"':cY Pa ' Wayment Orson Beur, Ernest Eyre,
Presumably due to bad weather the; Mr. Creightan Mr. Eary, Miss G. Ool
Matsoa . Navigation steamer Lurl!ne dial Miss Vivian Goldinl Mr, aad Mrs.
from San Francisco with 18 cabin pas- S. Goldinl. R. Carpos, P. Carpos, Mr,
sengers and ebout 4G00 tons of gener-' and Mrs. J. Eary, Mr. and Mrs. J. Sa-
ai' cargo wm oe delayed, in making
uiis; poru a jate ,-wvreiess -message
states that the vessel will arrive at
quarantine tomorrow afternoon. The
Lurline will be berthed at Pier 19.
FtHed to capacity with cotton, rep-
resentla g one of the " heaviest ship
ments to depart from Galveston, Tex
as, the "big British freighter City of
Naples en route to Japan and China,
was reported off thtr port earl this
af ternocn, the vcesef to" call at- Honov
lulur for toout 500 tons of bunker eeal
The City of Naples is the second
carfra earner proceeding Dy me way
of Panama casal tos visit the islands
to replenish its stock of fuel.
- The- fnter-Island Steam Navigation
Company wiH act as agents for the
vessel that is bearing - about -17.000
bales cf cotton, valued -at ' 90,770t
The shipment will be distributed at
Kebe and Yokohama. Tlie steamship
1bo carries 1000 tons of pbyiron, su
piled t Pensacola,-Florida..'
- It -Is' vthe-intention furnish the
vessel the- required amonnt of fuel
. witli "a ' view of - its despatch for th
. commanded by 'Captain r.- Evans,
1 A(l . W 1 MM
: v i f-j-h Hinem -in ves
sel was.eoaled from Pier & i.w
;Per strt Kinau. from Kauai and way
ports, November 15.-Rev. J. A. Aklna,
Mrs. ;J; A. Akina. W. JCeliy.'W. Xane;
W.; A: Wright, C. HU1. MrAriraa. Mrs.
J.' Bush; J. SonbaC' Mrs".-LT Kekoa; Fai
ra; Mrs.' Hanaye. F; T Schmidt Goo
Fook San,- Hee Fat, C. F. Drake; Chung
Lnn Sang- Mrs. Anderson, Dr. E. C.
Waterhouse, Dr. Glaisyer.'Mrs. Glals
yer, J. Boyce, It' J. Caddington,' Miss
E. Hofgaard, Mr. det Licy." :' '
nper stn Likelike, from-Maui and Mo
lokai; November 1 5. Mr. and' Mrs- W.
Av Dickson; and- infant Miss Otaka.
Wm. Kaluakini and child, H. D. Bow
cn, Pala NakI, H. M. Whitney, J. W,
Harvey Mr.- and Mrs. vMcCorriston,
Miss O. McCorristoai J. Munro and
seven jfleck; . J i-; i-v.
1 Pervstr. Chudine, from Maul No
vember 15. M. Jardlne; Mrs. M. Jar
dine, Mrs. Pilu Joseph,-Miss S. Noda;
Miss Noya, Looie Fengj4Tsx See, C. H.
Dye, J?; O. Boyer; S. A, Baldwin J. D,
Dougherty,: C. J. Schoenlag.
Per str. Claudlne for Maui ports No-
Ma ports, November 1 1 .Miss
i orrea; Airs, uorrea and inrant
1 pr str. Muna La ; r forT Kona and
Kan"n0.rts November 17. Mr. and Mrs.
' J- Magulre, C. H. Olsofi.
V utr MiunaKea for HHo and way
,frts November 18. Mrs: H."i F ,Ber
; telmhn. John Hind, C. Hedemann.; J.
u. ciacrsnear, miss jones. Mr and
Mrs. W. JC. Buchanan. Miss Buchanan
and maid - . v "
Per str. W. G. Hall for Kauai porta
i November 19. Mrs. B, 0 Howland.
i Ter str. Mauna Kea for llilo and
In steaming for the coast oh Tues
day the Pacific Mail liner China will
carry a large accumulation of mail. -
Beriberi Is a scourge l"at stlk the
decks of the Japanese liner Klyo Marv
trUay riding at anchor off Hoootuh
harbor, while t)ie great increase In
the number cf cases among: the 350
Asiatic passengers is a matter of grave
' concern to the officers of the unfor
tunate cteamer which since Septem
ber 5 has been detained in Hawaiian
waters TcaS'ng an opportunity to pro-
.cced tc Mexico. Central, and South
Asiatic firemen openly revolting at
the prospect of steaming for the west
coast ,cf South America arc declared
to have caused Captain Hashiso4b toL
Jose no time In returning to Hcaoiuru,
the Klyo "reaching the port yesterday
While beriberi is declared by the
federal authorities not a Qua rn Unable
disease, it is stated that more than
100 steerage passengers who left Ja
pan aad China in this vessel several
months ago are sorely afflicted with
the nalady. -
' Taatf far no deaths have been re
ported. One erased fireman -who ran
amuck some weeks ago Is .detained
here at the instance of the federal
authorities. The Klyo Maru- will re
turn to Htlo today, it being the pres
ent latent ion to transfer all Its cargo
and passengers to the steamer Selyo
Mara, also destined for Mexico and
Soata American ports.
Th Klyo Mam will be sent hack to
the Japanese coast, while the Selyo
Maru is to be despatched for the reg
ular ports cf destination, taking the
ccmMaed passengers and freight 7
4 ' !' H'iS I I " I
. With -lumber for Paget sound ports
destined for Maalfc the schooner Mary
E. Foster came within range of the
Diamond Head observatory yesterday
to report its position and all well on
The' Inter-Island steamer Kinau,
from ' Kauai - tforts, returned with a
cargo yesterday morning including a
quantity of empties,, 3 drums-of mo
lasses. 15 cases f wax, 68 bags of
tsro 234 bags of Jct- 98 packages of
sundries. Tbe
muclj scraplron.
i The 'Manufacturers Shoe Store has
just rexrelvedrnitextenstve variety of
styles of the fameus Broad walk shoes
for children. Adv.- ; .
China Due TomoWow iMornlnci.
'rThe Pawiflfii 'KalM crhIna rill'
arrive at the port" al an early hour
tomorrow morning, '1 the latest pre
diction . by wlrelesfc received . at. the
agency of .11. Hackfeld A Company.
Tho vessehwill bring several hundrsd
tons' of cargo from, China and Japan
ports; $ While here the: vessel will be .
supplied' with 450 tona of coat. Itds .
the intention' toi despatch the ' China
for San Francisco about & o'clock la
the evening-- The vessel will take'
about a score of cabin passengera andi
jwillbe supplied', with a large accu- J
muiation or maiu , ; , . , . , .
4'tt Is as tmpossible' for hls .to re
cover aa it Is to empty the ocean." -
- Thesai were tho doctor's -.jvordsr to
the partner of Andrey C. LerseiV Salt
LakevCtty.' Vtahu i -. . ' - A
Larsen was down with Bright's dls
ease; : was 'water logged, having been
tapped twice,' aad the doctor advised
hia -partaer to fix n-p We- affalrsv sThis
was is190l, . .-? V' " --.--.--'-.?; '
Tho treatment was changed to Fttl
ton's Reaal Compounds and in Mareh,'
1905,' patient was back to business, to
the stuTJttserVbls physician and ,
eveTyonefCaS.,-K -r ;t 1
As tobnefmhlncbi abettor from Lar
sen dated "February, 'Wll. six years
later? said ? vt ant; Irt Jperf ect .health
haven't fta :at aler day or. several
years.j :J-:. ' ''
, Thef aMWty of Fulton's Renal Com
pound Ilo oppose. Renal dlegeaeratloa
and reduco albtimeh In taany- oases, of i
Bright's Disease Is not av- matter of
opintr but FACT IN PHYSICS, and
we will mail formula, for albumen test
that will show the perdeotage fromi
week to . week. As - the 'albumen , de
etlnes improvement commonly, -fol-ows,
recoveries- having Tft'i-eportedj
id: tbonsaads of cases. Formula- and
ntef atuf e"loarfed 'oh reqtieetX John ' J".
Fnltar'CttTfc Sam !tottebieo-Adver
tlsemeat '
ressel ; also
Chinese Embrdrderies Gurios; old and new China-ware,
Brass, Bronze Elny ind Rattan Furniture a specialty
A few beautiful hand-painted Chinese Tapestries of rare design
Inspection Solicited.
En route to the viUage of his; ances
tors to visit his aged inother. whom
be has not sees frr many years. Har
ry Dai. a young Hoalulu-boni Chin-se,
expects to leave for Hongkong, China,
on the steamer Korea. Friday. Harry
received his education at Oahu Col
lege, .and said this morning that he
probably will spend eight months in
his native land whlcn he has never haJ
occasion to visit. "
"I don't know j.ist where this vil
lage of. my ancestors is." he explained,
"but it Is back in the hilte o China.
somewhere. However, my mother has
written that she. will meet me at Hong
kong, so I am sot worrying on that
Aa far as be knows, all Harry's rel
atives, with, the exception of bU moth
er, reside in Honolulu. Harry says
that his visit to the Orient is merely
in the form of a vacation, and that
he will retarn to Honolulu as soon as
he has' seen something of China. It
is the village of Ms ancestors, as he
picturesquely put it. that he is most
anxious, to visit, but he says that he
Is branded deeply with the charms of
Hawaii nei and that deepke traditions
and -family ties, he will prove a loyal
member of the "Come Back club.
FoUowlngfthe discharge of about
1000 tons of cargo the Matsoa Navlga?
tfc:atesJneMarJcaTTettm!ed,' to
Honolulu from Hllo yesterday morning.
. .Ana., Wtly At Uur Hxp
' We liave several U
entecj for varying terms which we are desirous or moving
off bur floors in order that room be secured for new pianos
to arrive soon. , :-v:'
iThese JJ.Pm
;anri;case.-U are irjade in oi-der that
you-Imay help us quickfj; to sell them.' llie lot includes:
SINGER Piano in walnut caso has
;;, been used very little ; spCcIaf price
?V u . .,,......,........ w'
Another SINGER piano, In oak ase;
- ': la use only two n)onths; special
' r i vv ,..'........... 5. a t v
WEGNER piano, in walnut case, su
. pertoned Instriiment of , splendid
- ' grade: has been carefully used; spe
cial price $290
There are
. V
JAMES H. LOVE Phone 123t
The. December number of the M!d
Pacllic Magarine is out t4Uay ani ends
the cifthth volume and fcurth year of
this publication.
It take3 time for a magazine to
"find itself. The Mid-Pacfic Maga
zine now become a magazine of pur
pose, and the December number ends
the policy of "te-Miag for what the
reader wishes. Beginning with the
January. 1913, number the collection of
articles secured arsund the Pacific by
Alexander Hume Ford cn
i)is recent
trip will' begin to appear. There will
be articles from premiers, governors,
railway presidenU and. in fact from
the great men of all Pac'fk lands, in
cluding Hawaii, and each' and all of
these articles will have a purpose.
The main purpose or the magasine
from now on will te. with Illustrations
and articles from the thinkers of the
Pacific, to educate the people of theJ
world as well as the people of the
Pacific as to the advantages and pos
sibilities of the great ocean. Its ob
jects from now on will be to publish
authoritative articles .from men f
power and weight articles thaf wll
be copied by the press of the world, i
and In connection with this printed
qxerpts will be forwarded to the lead -
BOUDOIR piano, cottage else; In dull ,
finish' mahogany; In excellent tone '
and case condition ; special price.
CHALLER & SONS piano In wamut
case; somewhat older than the oth
ers, but in excellent tone; special
price ..... ..$60
KRQEGER, walnut case - beautiful
tone . .$iw
a few others we'd like you to specially
Sole Ageuts here for Wurlitzer Automatic usieal ;.;
' ' Instruments. ,
We will rent you a Piano by the month, or for
a special occasions, i
Fort Streetrnear- King;
ing newspapers of the United States
and other Pacific lands.
The Mkl-Paeifte Magaira with 191S
will entertcto the field it Intends,
with the assistance of the great men
of the Pacific, to occupy, aad that is
"the' mouthpiece of promotion for
each of the Pacific lands, placing their
advantage j and attractions before the
world and before each ether, thai the
lands of the Pacific may know them
selves, know each otner. and work to
.gether to make themselves known as
iuej suuum ur iu iae oquioq wonu.
In every, way the December number-is
equal to anything hitherto pub
lished as the "Mld-Paciflc Magasine.'
but this number bids goodbye to the
old policy and salutes the new? t
.U.u . 1. 1 J fc. . . A 1 . I . .
In order to make the garbage peo
ple collect the rubbish. that has been
placed outside of a yard for. nearly a
week without being taken away for
causes unknown, Mrs, Kamanourti f
6I2G Weaver Lane tool a horte whip
(this morning and used It upon the
. employes of the garbage department
ense r
Nuuami Strsct
PhgR 3033

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