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Pt---ji-3:.-. ; "'. 'v- "'V'-.-' v - ," ; ' V
-.. ,
- -t" ' 1 . " 1
i : .
. P.
J - :. ;
the Prsonil ackoowldgeafits of Mr.
Henry Clws tnd our coram Mtfe, yours
Tery truly,
Hon. Sec.. Dollar briatmia Fund for
Honselesa Belgians, 66 Broadway,
New York.
Mr. Clews' letter saya:
New York. Not. . 1914.
Left to right, the figures jn the p cture are: Standing Don Rader, Gesrge Klepfcr, Dick Sullivan, "Bert"
Lowry, "Jim" Scptt, "Toots" Bliss, M'ss Eailey, A. Koch, L. Cunningham, Jacf: McCarthy, "Billy' Orr, Mrs. H. G.
towry, C. Refsberg, C. Williams, M. Kennedy, J. Fitzgerald, Johnny Kane, C. Nell. Capt Berger, Lieut. Harbold,
Jack Ellss. Kneeling Harry Elliott, L. Redlngton.
' Contlnued from page one)
here as well as on the mainland as
Members of the Shri:e were aboard Nov. L'7 (Viast Oefense, at Athletic
the Sierra to welcome eldd'e Maier. j lurii-
BBfnrtBt.ir hav.l Xov- I'S-AH-Oahu. at Athletic park.
Jack. Is at the heiG of the party and , , . " .- , , . -o. - J .tn jniantry, at Atnietic
has Jim Scott, star of the White Sox ins een detained on me mainland ,iark.
nftrhfne ntflff: Harrv ElUotL leader ol ;" l'?"'1". l"ru",TO- ..
the Ccast league backstops; Fred Der-
rick, jflrst baseman of the champion
Portland team;- Roy McArdle. well
known here as a member of the Fisher
party In 1908; Billy Orr. former utility
Infleldef with the .Philadelphia Ath
letUts; Dan Rader, third baseman of
the ' Venice ' Tigers;. George t Kleprer
'and Claude
to baseball troubles.
bera of the Young .Menvs Christian As- j
scciatlcn also extended an invitation
tc the party to use tne gymnasium
and bcwling alleys at the Y. M. C.
A., in fact , the men were told
to make themselves at home there
during their stay in Honoulu. The
Outrigger Canoe Club, through Presi-
Williams, majcr league ul i,ulllf u oi-iy
,iv tk T..arv.nas aiso invuea ujb mru w mane
to the rnaintecence within, limits of in
ttrnaticnal Tw or trade between neu
tral countries, the admiralty feels it
riecessrry to adopt exceptional meas
ures approrriate to the nvel coiidi
t'...ns under which this war is being
waec 4 . j
"Tbey. therefore, give notice that:
thp w hole of the North sea must lx
considered a military rea. Within Editor Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
this area merchant shipping- of all)
kinds, traders of all countries, fishing
craft and all other vessels will be ex
posed to the gravest dangers from
mines which it ba been necessarj to
lay and from warships searching vigi
lantly by night and dav for suspicious
with other organizations to avert star
'everv descripUon are hereby warned JVB,Uo Jh thr?ten maoy- U ls
of the dangers they-encounter by en-!001 byAWespread and generous snp
tering this area except in strict ac-lP0 and b Pnal appeals through
cordance with admiralty directions.! the Press that we can hope to achieve
Kverv effort will be nde to convey J 8uccess J"1 hundreds . of thou
this warning to neu ral countries andi8ands of Belglalw- are homeless and
to vessels on the sea. but from the 1 Pennileas refugees. Thousands of ciYil
5th of November onwards the admir- lan haTe roet a miserabl dath- The
alty announces that all ships passing whole apparatus of economic life in
a line drawn from the northern pointfie,d or ory or office has been
,or the Hebrides through Faroe islands , wrecked and ruined so that the future.
to Iceland do so at their own peril.01 Peiguim is annEnnfr uejronu prw
Sir: The cooperation of our fellow
countrymen is asked to alienate tne
sirfferings of comtless thousands of
Belgians during the comta winter.
It is a tremendous task. The Dollar
Christmas Fund, of which I am treas
urer, and which is hacked by many
( well known public men, is working
Fftigerald, Charles Relsberg. outfield
era, and players Kennedy Kocliand
Campbell, r : h : '
-The men , were welccmed Vto llono
lulu this .morning la' trueHawaiian
v style. Leaving - the foCt ol Fort street
i at 6:30 Promoter Ixwry,: ajccompanied
i)y a party- of friends from the Elka
, and Shrinet newspapenaenMrs,' H-CL
liowry and . the 1 Henry Chlllingwortfi
? String orchestra, wentvin ; a , special
launch to the Sierra, where the wel
coming ceremony took place Immedi
' ately alter inspecticn; ' .; :: , . - i
: ' After th nand-shakhig1 and intro
ductions : Mrs Lowry bedecked each
' .member of the party 'with a yellow
and green lei, after which- James I.
Coke - welcomed the jparty ba behalf
: cf the Honolulu Elks, at the same time
handing each - man an invitation to
friend3 and relative abroad has been
themselves at home at the club, with
the nrcmisa of showing .them how to
paddle a canoe and to ride a surf
board, the various members Tolunteer-
Ing to denate the heats, boards and ;
their services to the flayers. j greatly increased this year, and that
On behalf of the team Captain Jack R. W. Perkins. th leading local pho
Bliss accepted these generous offers , tographer. is excelling all past offorts
and thanked everybedy present for in the making or portrait studies for
their keen Interest in behalf , of the . this purpose, fetter see Mr. Perkins
players. - 'about an appointment for a sitting.
; This afternoon the Venetians will Adv.
get their land legs back again by a
Ships' of all countries wishing to
It ride to and from Norway, the Baltic,
i Denmark and Holland are advised to
' come, if inward bound, by the English
channel and Straits of Dover. There"
they will be given sailing direction
which will pass them safely as far as
Great Britain is concerned up the east
" ' --'r - - . co?st of England to Fame island,
HONOLTTIifJ, Nov. 16. ft is" report- "whence, safe; route will, if possible be
0,1 , t ..sSiyen to IJndesnaes lightehip. From
photos of themselves last Xmag to
1 :
this point they should turn north or
sou'.h according to their destination.
keeping as near the coast as possible.
Converse "applies to vessels outward
. bojitnd. ; . . .
''By strict adherence to these routes
the commerce of all countries will be
able to reach its destination in safety
so far s Great Britain is concerned.
, but any straying even for a few mihs
from the coarse thus indicate may
snanpy practise at' Athletic park. At the instance of District Attornev be followed by fatal consequences.-
rr . .r o , 1.. i i n. . '. ." '. . S- ' 1 '
; - me arst game -oi toe.emce Bsnes Jeff McCarn. Sam . Kelunnlole. a Ha
wIH be next Thursday afternoon at walian, was arrested late Saturday
SeboGeld . Barracks, the following be- afternoon bv the United States mar
ing the complete schedule for-the se- ghal, charged with nving violated the
rJesV .V ' I white slave act. According to the com-
Nov. 1 -23th Infantry, at Schofleld. plaint, Mary Oina is the woman in thef
' NT-iV. 21 'I imahou,' at Athletic park, cast Kelupulole was released . this
4 Ncv 22 -All-Chinese, at ' Athletic morning on bond to the amount of 500. J
Tnake the club rooms ct the order bia Park. : . .. ; ;7 " A hearing ol' tne case will be had be-J
headquarters daring ;hl
Iftic park.-
1 George S. Curry November 28.
71 7ITS well sharpened aiidimindsS
Vhas thesegenerally knovvs
is talkinsr about. Read the testimoni-;
yr Tuxedo can't be equalled in , als on this page. Here are some or
soothing, refreshing qualities, lis :-" : '----, V .
TSe Perfect Tobacco forfipi tmd Cigaretti
creator f
X Thev wouldn't smoke Tuxedo if it didn't
keep their-minds; alert and cheerful all day !'
lonff. dav in and day out. A tobacco that a
can do that stands in a class by itself .
"yw i, TvxcJo a gooi b. iuxeao is maae ot me very mgnesc graucjj
: laca. ; lis fiagnmce and flaw of t choice, mellow, sweet Kentucky Burley ;.
1 if , ess. vviiicn removes uic suiig &u uwi u tar;
f not bite your tongue granulated ; so that it ;
a smokes v f reel v and - unif o
y pipefuls to theuOc unr--
Tuxedo deserves i
every good thmg. tnat
has eyerJbeensaid of
itand to :j)1royer it '
Tuxedo sells by the :
millions upon millions ol :
una uuuuaiiy y
..Tourist trade,, may be a, little .slac
nl,Hawirtl3,r.inter, but early next
year It will start up with a rush and
the ' territory ,wm; be filled with visit
ors for most -of i$l 5, accordng to the
estimate of E. A. XTerndt of W. W Di
mond Co., Who returned on the Si
erra from a business trip to California.
"We are going to have more, tour
ists here than we have, ever dreamed
of," he declares. "Everywhere people
told me this: 'We are going to the
San Francisco .exposition next, year
and from there to Hawaii. We have
been promising ourselves a Hawaii
trip for a long time and now we are
gofng to take it .
"The exposition, is going . to be a
wonderful thing," says Mr. Berndt
LHe -ft brimming with enthusiasm over
the prospects for the big 1915 fair and
HawaiVs place in ij jthe Hawaji
building is coming alaoig ilnely. -'And
the colors of the exposition structures
they -are marvellous! ,-That whole
mass of .buildings looks as if it had
been touched with magicJan's wand.:
The ' glow and shimmer of color , is
simply indescribable i . ; ' '
ilr, 'IJerndtilinclutfeil a! Visit to lira
Angeles in .his'triy: ' He bad ; a busy;
time and returpsto Hawaii with a
number ot , suggestions .' for promoting
the- tpuist Jraff ic; , ' 1 ? ;r
l creator ot "Matt and Jeff.
' J . EVERYWHERE , ' t:
"Tuxedo -has made v pipe my 'l Femoos greentin with goU let- n I
; favorite firm of smoking- Its coo- carved to fit the pocket 1 UC
. . nets and mildness maize pipe smo-
ing a red pleasure.
In Oomm Humidor 50c and 90c:
Coavesjent poach, inner -End fJJ?
, with moutare. proof paper OC
Tfhere are many ways in which you
can help to avert the agony of suffer
ing "which confronts helpless Belgians
during the coming winter. You can
send a donation to our fund or you can
apply to onr secrK ary, Percy Bullen,
66 Broadway, .Net York, for a collec
tion card. He will be glad to issue
same to any responsible persons en
closing personal rcterences. Church
es',' chapels, dubs and societies can
assist by writing for' our collecting list.
Entertainment committees and places
pf recreation may render great help
by r sending us the "proceeds of benefit
performances. In all these ways
friends everywhere are assisting
All the money, received will,, be
cabled to Europe before December 20.
It is our ambition to -see that no ne
cessitous Belgian man. woman or
child is destitute of food or shelter at
Christmas." , .'
Many heads of families have prom
ised to "pass the plate" for the home
less Belgians before dinner on Thanks
giving day. A few cents from each
person would form valuable contribu
tion from many households. Such a
gift will surely be temembered by the!
beneficiaries long after the war. has
ceased and no man's. Thanksgiving c.
Christmas .day will be the less happy
because in some; cases the gift may
entail some measure of personal sac
rifice. .-.'. : Vt . "
l,et s;remember "that tro flttW na
tion. in tne world's long history has
teen more grievously stricken, yet no!
people can raise their heads more
proudly from the dust The crown of
thorns is still a crown!
Help us .as best you can and please
help quickly. "Belgian needs are ap
palling," says a cablegram have re
ceived from London today, "and condi
tions baffle description." ;
. Yours very truly. . '
Treasurer or the Dollar Christmas
Fund, 15 Broad street. New York.
' Til-iaiinua! m'ee'tingl ir tljeV.'Vr: T.
UvtU bbd at. thaiome jQlitri: 1.
II, .Whitney, Punahou street, tomor
row1 afternoon at 2:20 n'rlork r J
W. Wadman. will, speak on i local tern-1
perance conditions. All interested tnj
xemperance are cordially Invited.
' ..' v,..v: J
. At' the weekly meeting of the' board
of harbor commissioners tomorrow
morning the question of a pew wharf
for Kailua, Kona, Hawaii, win be dis-i
cussed. The appropriation ol 112,000
for the new pier has been set aside,
the funds are available and the plans
are in preparation. (
. The case of James McQueen, charged
with having assaulted a customs in
spector on a local wharf, and at the
same time interfering with the duties
Of the Inspector,' will be beard ""before
United States Commissioner George S.
Curry Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
McQueen now is out on ball.
As a; result of.a colHsionrneaf the
intersection of King "and South streets
yesterday,- automobile ; number 1653,
driven by Hirata,- a Japanese chauffeur,
was partly wrecked, the frame and
lenders being smashed. The
pants escaped seriousTinjury.
-Y. 1. Ellsworth paid a 'fine of 115
following a hearing at the district
court this morning upon jiv charge of!
neeuiess arivmg. blisworthj Is al
leged to have collided with a 'tele
phone pole neartb,e corner of4Klhg
and Mililani streets. At an earlier
hour in the day be is reported to have
ran. down a Japanese. .
The trial of Nicholas Trillu, former,
ly an enlisted man stationed at Scho
fleld - Barracks, and Maria Lucia Me
lendre.'under indictment by the federal
grand Jury on a charge of having com-,
mitted a statutory offense, Jwas con
tinued in the federal court this morn
ing before Judge Sanford B. Dole. It
is expected that the matter will go to
the jury tomorrow.
MRS. S. E. HUBBARD of Makawao,
Maui, is at the Queen's hospital, hav
ing undergone an orerr.tion for ai
pendicitis. The operation was per
formed Saturday and she Is expected of the entire sale goes to local, anti-
to be about again in two weeks. toberculosls work.
C. F. ; Lund reported "to the police
yesterday that while driving an auto
mobile along King street near the Ju
diciary building, the machine was ran
down by automobile number 1205. The
Lund car is stated to have received
some minor damage.
Henry K. Sniffen, charged with hav
ing embezzled local postoff ice 'funds
to the amount of $68.66, was released
by United States" Commissioner George
S. Carry -this morning on a bond to
the amount of $1000. ,A bearing of
the case win be had before the com
missioner November 23. Sniffen was
arrested by, the police yesterday at
the instance of A. J. Knight, postoff ice
inspector for the district of Hawaii,
and later turned over to the federal
authorities and placed In Oahu prison.
Sniffep has been in the parcel depart
ment of the local postoffice for the
past two years.
H. P. WOOD: It is certainly
good news to bear that; the Hawaii
building at the exposition is to be fin
ished at the early date which has been
JAMES A. -RATH: The sale of
Red Cross seals today was most, sat
isfactory. It must be remembered
that about nine-tenths ol the proceeds
''Commodore Crozier'
A high crown straw Mt with
a little narrower britn than
usual. Nifty. black band, wiiti
a, twist that's quite au fait, J
A handsome, very stylish lid
Sold only by
The : -v.,:'
ti ii ii ,rnn
-J t- . ,;'. ft -. . . , ', i l V '-
i I
... ivn:
Deserves -Plenty of '
- t .
The well-spread table looks 'better: "under hand
sorrre Electrolier; we have sets of Small larnps to place
Ik amid the decorative greenery ; and ryour5v1UIhave:p
" warm, homev glow in everrToom in the house'by nsing
Westinghonse Mazda Lamps., : , ' V;
A Portable Electric Lamp may be the solution of
vour taoie-aecoration sciierae.
Hawaiian Electric Co;, Ltd.
'- ' " Phone 3431 ,' -
, . te wisli 'to announce' that 6ur iBpeeiht Bisiaof
table, settings is ii ready, and rill ie on exhibition
e-vepv dav until Thankkgiving.-.m ;"''
we MosT'cbEDiAij-mvira ; i;5
the women of Honolulu to visit bur store feeling sure that
an honr sient
enjoyable as
inspecting! these tableJBettings will prove ;
weJI as benenciai.;.'-?fn'f 'wwv..-; t -v y -a
House "of HoiseT7ares-3-Ca Kis S W; Her
". -I.

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