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Portuguese. Pitcher Soaked On
UooH hu Uic Hum C.irhfrr
IIVUU U1 llld Willi VMwiivia
Run Resulting
Chinese 6, Portuguese 1.
If isn't often that a pitcher is Lean
ed by his own catcher, but that's the
trick Franco turned on Sloan yester
day afternoon, when the former made
his debut Jn Portugueae uniform, or,
to be more exact, half a Portuguese
uniform. It happened in the fourth
frame. Just after Mr.' Apau had collect
ed one of the sweetest home runs ever
clouted over the lit field fence. Two
were gone, and Cheong, who had
reached first on a single, started to
steal. Franco threw In the general
direction of second base, and the ball
hit Sloan, who was hair turned and
had Just stepped out of the box. on
the side of the head. Me spun round
two or three. times with bis hands
to his head and the shortstop and
second baseman ran to his aslstance.
In the mean time the ball had carrora
ed off Mr. Sloan's bean back to first
Jiase, .where "StieksT Flizer was am
bling after , It". 1 Cheon kept right on
going towards third and Flizer came
to life and made a wild heave to that
. A. At 1 1 .1
uar. tne oaii Komzno me ieu ueiu
UIMCUCrit U1IB Uiicvufe wuncu uumt,
The crack that Sloan received would
save knocked ' out the average man,
but Sloan seemed rather to like it His
pitching Improved, and he allowed only
two hits for the balance of the game.
Manuel Paresa mas keen In earnest
; conference jlth some of. the Punch
bowl strategist and it li rumored that
Sloan Is to be soaked in the nut be
fore every game from now on.
, ".The Portuguese tot to be known as
the comedy aggregation of the Oahu
League last season, and : after yes-
' lerday'a game it was easy to' see why
the team had not been given a game
. against . tne venire . iigers mere
were halt a dozen "bones" pulled, and
difference, was noticeable among tbei
; players.,;
Th Pnrtnrueae nut A man across in
the first on a wild third strike and a
. - - : MM. - ' Aft. At I A.
coupie oi singles. .- inai was me urai
Cand last time they scored during the
game. In the Chinese half of the first
' J2n Sue was given life on a wide throw
l)y the second baseman, went to second
sacrifice, aftdtben-ca ra e bonionap-
; other wild pfcchVT - -n;..'
K. A hit an error, a sacrifice and. an
other tlf netted a' brace In the third.
and in the. fourth. Apau's nomer ana
the freakish bean ban above mention
ed accounted for Another pair; The
last score of the game came in the
Apau was -effective, allowing only
four hits 'and issuing but two passes.
. ;i . L li.
eioan was no.sioucn, euner, eerea mw
and only one baso on-balls being his
record for m day. x A ne-hanaea
stab in left field or Hoon KI was the
The scored
P. A, C
sousa. 3b 4 0 0 0 1 : 3 0
Franco, c ;'..V... 4 0 0 0 8 4 I
Filter, ib 1 ,0 0 972 1
Burton,'lf-si..:. 4 0 -1 1:.2 2 :1
Xa Mere, rf 4 0 1 0 0, 0 0
Austin, s-2b 4 0 l- 0 14 2
Neves, 2b 1 0 0 0 1 0 2
Carroll, If 1 0 0 0 2 0 0
Joe Ornellas, cf . . 3 0 0 0 0 0.0
Bloan. p , . .. .. . . . 3 V 0 1 0 , 0 ,. 10
; Ttals . . .St" 14 1 24 16 7
Team W. L. Pet
B 1 O 1000
d i J... : l o iooo
F t -. . . . . i ........... 1 0 1000
H ...... v.... l o iooo
K ,s. . . ............... 1 0" . 1000
M ....... 1 0 1000
S. C. 1 0 1000
C 11 500
a ... o i ooo
E V............ 0 1 000
0 . 0 1 000
1 o i ooo
l 0 t 2 000
Hospiui c........ o ) l ooo
.n sue, ci
Avail ea .
xi iia, u ......
Kan Yin,c ......
. & . . -
jvm.1 Luie. ri ....
Kualli. 2h .......
ADau. tj .........
Hoon Ki, If
0 0
0 1
2 2
0 It
3, 0
3 0
0 0
9 1
Totals 31 7 4.27
Hits and runs jy innings:
P. A. runs.... 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Basehits ...... 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 04
C. A. Uv runs . . . 1 0 2 2 0 0 1 0 x 6
t vw. '' t a n i i n 7
DilBEUIW w "
Summary Home run, Apau; sacri
fice hits. En Sue.V Ayau 2, Carroll ;
hc. nn balls, off ADau 2. Off Sloan
1; struck out by Aiau 10, by Sloan 8;
wild pitches,1 Apau, Sloan; passed ball
J"T8JlCuV-. ... uuipirro, ouljiuu uiu na.
TWhi. Time of came, one hour and
' 40 minutes. . : - V'. v-':7' '
"nothing U&e we suge u aaveruse
thtn'c." "How now? - "Since a dodu-
lar actress made a hit in OHyer
Twist' I see somebody has brought it
out In book form." V 5
'Marconi Yirdess
Telegraph Co.
If your code address Is not reg-.
istered, please let us have lt'
No charge. r- ::-:----K '
deduced Rates
and the inauguration of night
lettergrams and week-end letter
grama by this company is prov
ing most popular.
Office, 823 Fort St
By Straight Drive.
H generally much confusion in the S
tt minds of beginners and those 8
tS who attempt to play the game tt
tt without carefully studying the tt
tt rules regarding certain aspects tt
tt cf the rules applying to water tt
tt hazardB. 8
tt A ball lest in a recognized tt
tt water hazard, fcr instance, is not tt
tt a lost ball, even though not found tt
tt and the player is entitled to tt
tt drop a ball behind the hazard, tt
tt not nearer the hole, under penalty tt
tt of one stroke, just the same as tt
8 if the ball had been found. 8
8 In the case of casual water in 8
8 a hazard the penalty for lifting 8
8 the ball and .dropping it back of 8
8 the water or back of the hazard, 8
8 not nearer the hole. Is one stroke. 8
8 In casual water through the fair 8
8 green the player can come back 8
8 without penalty. 8
tRpectal Star-Bull&n Correspondence
FORT SHXFTER, T. H., Nov. 16. -
From the showing the teams In the
newly created Fort Sh after Baseball
League it is apparent that no. team is
going to hare a walk-away as was the
case with Company D last year, with
the exception of' Company C and the
old reliable "Resin" Kelly
On Monday H defeated A, 4 to 1,
and B defeated I. 7 to 2
In Tuesday's game Company D, last
year's champions, defeated L Company
17 to. 9, and Company : K took the
honor over C, score 4 to 0. .
Wednesday the game between Com
pany M and Company ,E was a beauty
and showed plainly that these two
teams are going to give all other teams
a fight for first place. M is fortunate
in having": in its lineup "Tod" Sloan
and ; Burton. . both Oahu League play
ers; and Lieut. Calder. behind the bat.
This gives them a shade on E 'Com
pany, but E is there with the old bull
dog spirit; that ." characterized their
playing last -season: The final, score
was, . M , 3; E - Lv Dossett, a Punahou
player Is E Company's inainstiy,.: In
the second game F talked a wawitir,
HospitaL 1 . V"; .-.';,'"
. '-Thursday the Signal Corps had an
easy mark in the shape of O Com
pany, score 10 to 3. and In the second
game C easily trimmed Company L,
10 to U . . ;.
- This leaves the standing of the clubs
to date:
CAMBRIDGE, Maas., Nov. 7. Har
vard crushed Princeton 20 to 0 today
in their annual football game.
Aside from the surprising weakness
of the Princeton team, the contest
was almost featureless. The Crimson
completely outclassed the Tigers in
every department of the play. The
New Jersey collegians had little of
fensive or defensive strength, which
riods nullnfies) some of the Iowans'
best attacks.
Army Wins Over Notre Dame.
WEST POINT, N. Y.. Nov. 7. The
Army won frrim Notre Dame today, 20
to 7. The yestemers handled the
ball loosely throughout the contest.
The Army's initial score came in
the first few minutes of play.
Notre Dame flashed a fine offensive
drive in the third quarter and rushed
made the victors' task of rolling up
the biggest score that a Cambridge ( the ball 40 yards for a score,
team has ever registered against Navy 21, Ford ham O.
Princeton an easy one. ANNAPOLIS. Md., Nov.' 7. The
The losers' nearest approach to the Navy defeated Fordham in a one-sided
Crimson goal line was made in the j contest on the academy gridiron-today
first period when the Orange and , b' th score of 21 to 0. The Middies'
Black secured the ball on a fumble on , attempts at forward passing and open
Harvard's 35-vard line. Even with Playing were unsuccessful, tne only
j The name of our preparation -
PcrsiLi tern Esscr.cs
is changed toSensapeisaV ;
The ingredients-the quality,
-the oriental properties of this
wonderfully successful nerve
tablet remain absolutely the
'. same. . -v-: ' -v ' ' :
It is a dependable remedy
- for nervous debility, impotency '
sleeplessness, despondency.
weak memory, wasting of part,
lost vigor and any form of neu
1 rmsthenia. Our preparation
now called .; V
vigor and vital power to thou
sands of men-young. N)ld and
middle aged ; it will bring to
yon potential energy so abund- '
- ant that your whole physical
; and mental being will be filled
and thrilled with the triumph
ant consciousness of power.
V M i st Ma? kc a m smT
74 Cortlaadt St., New York. N. V. U. S- .
ALL CMmits
the spheroid well in the opponent's
territory' at a period of the game when
all the attacking players were fresh,
Princeton was unable to retain this
plays upon which they could depend
being wide-end runs and tackle
Cornell Eleven Triumphs.
ITHACA, "N. Y., Nov. 7. Cornell
Lack of Spirit Said to Be Cause
of Uninteresting Gridiron
Contest Saturday
r."0" in?e "uli:S ; Engineers Take Sea Soldiers'
rule hereabouts that Saturday games
Both teams fumbled the ball rag-' earily defeated the Franklin and .Mar
kedly during the first period and it
was not until toward the end of the
session that the Crimson machine be
gan to work Bmoothly. -. z
Crimson Uses Subs.
, The Crimson first eleven scored two
tmirhrirtwna inH fahnn Hlr&ff tmn
goals from the field in three periods I
shall rooioaJI team here today by a
sccre of 26 to 3. It was the final home
game cf the year. Cornell worked the
forward and double pass for long
At Cambridge Harvard 20, Prince
ton 0.
At New Haven Yale 14, Brown 6. '
Cornell 26, Frank-
and half a minute In the fourth. Dur-1 T At Ithaca. N. Y
ing the rest of the game nearly .20 lin and MarsEall 3.
Harvard substitutes went into ,the ! At Amherst, Mass. Massachusetts
play. I Aggies 7, Middlebury 0. ?
Mahan proved himself an able sub-1 At Princeton V'ale fteshmeh 26,
statute for Brickley by kicking two . Princeton freshmen 6. (
field goals. The Princeton offense was At Manchester. N. H. Carlisle 0,
a bitter disappointment to 500 cheer-. Holy Cross 0.
era of the Orange and Black. Until 8 At Annapolis Navy 21, Fordham 0
Harvard substitutes went Into the At West Point Army 20, Notre
game Princeton could not gain five Dame 7.
One of the slowest games of the sea
son was played on Kamehameha field
Saturday afternoon by McKinley and
Kamehameha. The score was a 33
However, the game was notably
clean throughout.
The players, school supporters and
fans plainly showed a relapse from
the over-zeal of previous games. The
plays were run off slowly and with no
furnish the thrills, while Sunday con
tests are Mull affairs: Running true
to form, last Saturday's game between
the champion Puns and the stay-at-home
Chinese" was a real baseball
tame, full of interest right up to the
last moment, and only a small hand
ful of fans had the fun of seeing it
The Puns seemed" to have victory
well in hand, but in the ninth the Chi
nese put in a couple of pinch hitters
after "Blondy" Williams had walked
rione man and hit another, and at that
O IV. . 1 ll.l.am. Patla
, . . i J . I BWhD Jl t,.v.
anve; mere was no ugm nor ueitrnu-i n.a ,,Vo . hfV.v wlth ht- arm
UiOUC Or UViO snv. -
y?rds bv rushing. An unusual number
of fumbles marked the play with Lo
gan the' principal offender.
All told, Princeton made 39 yards
and two first touchdowns in 18 rushes,
while the victors rushed 82 times for
297 yards and 16 first downs. Harvard
punted 23 times for 744 yards, and ran
the ball back on Princeton's punts 165
yards. The Tigers kicked 19 times for
a total of 648 yards and gained on
run-backs 79 yards. '
Forward Pass Fa lis.-
.The jcrlmson tried their forward.
fMMKrwt rw iwiv u w ucvuDO, nunc LilU ACW
Jersey eleven attempted five, of which
two gained about 12 yards. Eleven
fumbles were made, Harvard being
credited with six and Princeton with
flve. Jn penalties, 10 yards, were im
posed upon Harvard and 15 6a Prince-
At Pittsburg. Pa. University of
Pittsburg 10, Washington and Jeffer
son 13.
At Cambridge. Mass. Harvard
Freshmen 17, Phillips Andever 0.
At Orono, Me. Maine? 27, Bowdoin
At Hanover, N. H. Dartmouth 68,
Tufts 0.
At Rochester,. N. Y. Rochester 0,
Colgate 18. -r,
At Lynchburg, Va. Washington and
Lee 10, Swarthmore 0. . r . '
At Houston Texas University 23,
Haskell Indians 7. ,
, At Baldwin, Kas. Baker University
14. Southwestern College 13.
At Memphis Christian Brothers
College, St Louis, 62 r Mississippi Col
lege, 0.
At Waterloo, la. East; Waterloo 46,
figures' tell mathematicaily i PS?' Jjr- .i- n--iil
defeat, rtJuf ' dounot demonstrate the ImT rr-pi. n rj
taom wa. tt,AMA, .,i 11,. I At Cedar Fails Cedar raws o Cedar
Ul-Milliken' 19,
Raplds 12.
At Decatur.
nois College 6. .
At St Paul MaeAlester 26, Minne
sota Aggies 0.
At Burlington. Vt University of
en waa for.f t .ummsf . Vermont 20, New Hampshire 0.
limit tfl dAfMt Rmvn :ia r wifK At St Louisa-Washington 6,
all the regular Yale backfield except
Harvard team over their, orange and
black rivals. ; The contest was almost
pitiful at times.
Yale 14, Brown 6.
NEW HAVEN. Conn . Xnv 7 Vnlo
Ainsworth watching, the - Harvard
Princeton game at Cambridge, tne
second string backs played loosely
and made.coBtly fumbles when within
the scoring rone.
W. and J. 13, PitUburfl 10.
fiTTSBURO, Pa., Nov. 7. In a
Louis 0,
At Cincinnati University of Cincin
nati 21, Western Reserve 0.
At Topeka Kansas 20, Washburn
14. ,
At Athens, Ga. Clemson 35, Georgia
At Birmlngtham Alabama 0, Sewa-
game featured br forward Dassea andnee 18
long kicks, Washington and JefTersonl At Charlottesville, Va Virginia 88,
College defeated the University of . 8t- onns
PUtsburg's eleven on Forbes field to-i At Denver Colorado Mines 18, Den
day by 13 to 10. I ver University 0, . .
Washington and JefTerson could not) At Boulder, Colo. Cloorado Univer
gain through Pittsburg's line and re- Bity 33", Utah University 0.
sorted to long forward passes, which A Cleveland Case 27, Kenyon 0.
were successful At Oberlin Oberlln 46, Heidelberg
Michigan 34, Pennsylvania 3. -
ANN ARBOR, Miclu Nov. 7. Tear- At Lafayette, Ind. Purdue 40, Ken
Ing Pennsylvania' defense to shreds tucky 67
in the second and. third periods, the) At Ann Arbor Michigan 34, Penn-
university or Michigan football eleven Byivania.
at the
' Alakea Street
won a 34 to 3 victory today. The
size of the score was a surprise even
to partisan Michigan rooters. Before
the game Coach Yost predicted Michi
gan would win by a small majority.
Pennsylvania's only score was made
in the first period.- Michigan's .first,1
touchdown in the second period was
partly the result of Tucker's poor punt
which went out of the bounds on Penn
sylvania's 35-yard line. Catlett made
the score and Hughitt kicked goal.
Then Michigan openea up. Fake kicks,
delayed passes and long forward
passes from complicated positions,
seemed to demoralize Pennsylvania's
secondary defense.
Splawn'8 long punts, which kept
Pennsylvania on the defense during
iTlA fiovinH woi a last nffatfvo
wwwmv a Wtp wt m j c4W V U V VS V C
in the third.
ine ganys was rough. There were
many penalties and each team suf
fered often.
Missouri 32. Drake 6.
DES MOINES, la., Nov. 7. Missouri
University' overwhelmed Drake Unlr
versify this afternoon at Drake sta
dium by a score of 32 to 6 in a game
replete with good, bad and very poor
playing, brake lost many chances to
score because of fumbling and poor
playing, while penalties of 100 yards
against the visitors robbed them of
at least - one touchdown and gave
Drake its only score.
Iowa 27, Northwestern 0.
EVANSTON, 111, Nov. 7. Iowa
romped over Northwestern's eleven,
27 to 0, today in a contest which In
cluded as features some brilliant back-1
field work by the Hawkeyes and a
gallant battle by the Purple against a
At Evanston, III. Iowa 27, North
western 0.
At Lansing, Mich. Mount Union 14,
Michigan Aggies 21.
At Des Moines Missouri 32, Drake
0.' f .
At Indianapolis Ohio State 13, In
diana 3.
At Lincoln, Neb. Nebraska 34,
Morningside 7.
At Milwaukee Marquette 6, Crelgh
ton 0.
At Pullman, Wash. University of
Idaho 0. Washington State College 3.
At Fort Collins, Colo. Colorado Ag
gies 13, Colorado College 24.
At Springfield, Mass. Springfield
Y. M. C. A. College 20. Amherst 0.
At Watervllle, Me. Colby 61, Bates
0. '(
At Wrashington, D. C. Georgetown
7, North Carolina A. and M. 67.
At Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse Uni
versity 14, Rutgers 14, tie.
At South Bethlehem, Pa. Lehigh
20, Pennsylvania State 7.
At Nashville Tennessee 16, Vander
bilt 14.
At Portland, Ore. Final: Multno
mah 15, Aberdeen 3.
At Crawfordsville, Ind. Wabash 17,
Northwestern College 7.
At Terre Haute, Ind Rose Poly 7,
Earlham 26.
At Greencastle, Ind. Depauw 0,
Butler 7.
At Beloit, Wis. Beloit College 0,
Lawrence 36.
At Lexington, Ky. Transylvania 26,
Chattanooga 7.
At Shreveport Arkansas University
20, Louisiana State 12. .
At Fort Worth, Tex. Texas Christ-
superior team. Weakened by the ab- ian University 13, Austin College 0.
seuce OI captain Hlgntower for the At Charlotte. N, C North Hamllnt
greater part of the game. Northwest- 30. Virginia Military Institute 7. I
ern was favored by fortune in other j At Charlottesville, Va. Virginia 88,
respects, while fumbles at critical pe- gt John's 0. - "
ination in either team; the cheering
section were listless and the spec
tators apathetic.
At times Kam would rush the ball
across the field by force of weight only
to surrender it after a weak attempt
to pile up the necessary yard or two
yards near the gual. Sometimes Mc
Kinley would brace up and put over a
long gain by a trick play or from
their split . formation. But although
Kam constantly wasted opportunities
by her backs cutting in too close and
McKinley wasted her strength on
plunges into Kam's heavy line, the er
rors of footbSll Judgment were not to
be compared with the lack of football
spirit At any time either team could
have had a touchdown by working for
McKinley braced up in the last quar
ter and by recovering her own punt
that went out of bounds after touch
ing a Kam man. worked her open
plans up to Kam's 30-yard line, where
Kauhane made a nice place kick," a
duplicate of Kam's place kick made in
the second quarter.
At the beginning of the game Capt
Lionel Brash won the toss for McKin
ley and chose to receive the ball at the
Waikiki koal. He caught the ball on
his 20-yard line and ran it back 15
yards. Kam then held McKinley for
downs, took, the ball and, on second
down, tried a quick kick. Bush re
covered the ball on his 10-yard line.
After Brash had made four yards on a
line plunge he faked for a forward
pass, but Belim, coming around from
right end, took the ball from his hand
and 'circled for 14 yards and , first
down. Again McKinley. was forced to
PttB.vFo' 10 injinlea.-tb)Wy-was
so. close to McKinleys goal that' Kami
tried two unsuccessful place kicks.
After this McKinley took the ball on
long forward passes and wide-open
plays down to Kam's 20-yard line, when
the quarter ended.
At the beginning, of the second quar
ter McKinley made a try at goal front
placement which missed by .inches.
Then Kam came to life, carried the
ball the full length of the field and
made a successful place kick. The
play-was a seesaw across the 50-yard
line until the last minute of the half,
when Melim made a long punt which
Kam missed and vhich he recovered
back Of his ten-yard line. The half
ended here.
The "'second half Kam chose to kick
to McKinley. McKinley started back
with some pep, but lost the ball on a
fumble. Kam took another chance at
a place kick but failed. The rest of
the quarter was spent in seesawing
back and forth behind McKinley's 35
yard line.
In' the fourth quarter Kam made
several good gains that placed her on
McKinley's 30-yard line. Here a for
ward pass placed the ball 12 yards
further down and after three downs
Kam tried another forward pass. Had
Kam driven wide plays with a bit of
determination she would have made a
touchdown easily. But'Hawklns inter
cepted the forward pass and Kam's
chance to score was pau. Brash made
a beautiful punt and the Kam back&J
Juggled it Hawkins, following the ball
well, fell on it and then McKinley
walked down to Kam's 30-yard line by
using open plays and forward passes.
C. Melim was called back to hold for a
place kick and Noble Kauhane drove
the ball cleanly between the bars, tie
In the score, , with a place kick for
etch side. Score, 33. . .
The game ended in a few moments
after McKinley had made another kick
off to Camehamett. - -
The lineups follow:
M. H. S. Position. KamV
Hawkins LE . Hlpa
Lujan . . . ; ,LT. . .H. Bertelmann
Yap. Felix LG . Kalkaka
A. Melim. Gertz. .X. ....... McGowan
Lee ........... .'.KG ..... . SImeona
Rosehill ......... RT.
C Melim. . ..... . .RE.
A. Bush..... !..... Q.
Wong .-...'.W...XH...G; Bertelmann
Kauhane-. F. . . i . Kama
Brash (C.)....i...RII..Makananl (C.)
Officials Lieut S.- Bessonv referee;
Frank Mldkiff, umpire; Ben r Clark,
head . linesman.. :; . . 4'.- "-x
A; young Italian boy, with i5,000 In
American bank notes in an old can,
was arrested while leaving the liner
aCrpathia just before, it left Naples.
The money was ; taken from an ex
press company's strong, box. 4,;
. : Cap t : Warren TJean 15th V. S. Cav
airy, recently: tried before a court mar
tial at El Paso, Texas, has bejen. found
guilty of carelessness In Ms accounts
and sentenced to be reduced 10 files
la hit lineal rank,' -: ;-vr:-v? I
Number On Fort Shatter
and Williams retired In favor of Al.
Amoy. hitting for Luck Yee. hit to
right and Cyril Hoogs misjudged the
catch, the ball falling at his feet Che
cng scoring from second. j
In the tenth the, Puns came back
hard, Argabnte wait-ag out four wide
ones and going to second on C. Hoog s
safe bunt Argabrite stole third, but.
Hoogs was nabbed trying to reach sec-
PfH-olal Star-Bulletin Corrr HDnn.krH.rl
FORT SHAFT KR, Nov. 16 Engin
eers 20. Marines 0. .
The mad career 01 the strong Marine
Corps football teara was checked yes
terday afternoon by Lieut. Reason's
sappers. The Engineers showed great
improvement and outgeneraled and
outplayed the Marines in every quar
ter. The forward pass executed time
and again by Varner, the star player
of the service, was as simple as hand
ing you your hat. and when this same
1'ttle Varner took the ball the lines
man started down the field without
waiting for any unnecessary signal to
do so. Coleman of the "sappers' was
almost ladylike in his gentleness until
he lost his head and the parting lost
his team half the distance to the goal
which was some 35 yeards.
The Marines were penalized only
ond. Apau. who had batted for Hoon . .. vuui uvi in
Ki in the ninth, and went in to pitch n side, nor resist the temptation to
in the thenth. hadn't located the plate P". so were penalixed continuous
nn wJk Brewer. Araabrite stole - hite, the star in previous per-
thlrd and came home with the run formances of the Marines, was in poor
that eventually won the game on Bur
ton's timely hit
Lai Tin got aa far as third in the
Chinese half of the tenth, but was
nabbed at the plate trying to steal
The score:
Sadtler, 2b ..
Argabrite, cf
Derby, rf
Brewer, ss . . .
Burton, If
Lyman, lb . . 4
Hensnaw, c
Williams, p
M.1 Brewer, 3b...
W. Hoogs, ib
C. Hoogs, rf
Castle, p
1 13
0 8
The Engineers scored three touch
downs and kicked two goals.
'. Following is the lineup:
Engineers. Position. Marines
rcunscu winder
Holdridge RO . Booker
Thomas LG ...... I... Evans
uox kt. Borer,
C. A. U.
En Sue, cf , . .... 4
Kal Luke, rf. If., 5
Lai Tin. ss ...... 3
Kan Yin, 2b cl.T 5
Kualli. If. 2b, ... 3
n l Start IT Hh!..,!)
u roDDiano uti urcnm
0 Coleman ........ .LE. .:. Ward
0 Roland .RHB. Jeschke
0 Cain LHB. . ..... ,Y Tuttle
0 Elliott FB........U White
0 Varner Q i Hunter
0 Time of quarters, 15 minutes. Ref-
0 tree. Lieut Philoon. Umpire, Lieut.
0 j Welch, U. S. N. iHead linesman, Lieut
A ' Tai-M f -CwmWmam. t..A r at.
With the defeat cf the 1st Field Artil
ss 211 -7 20 14 0 . lery yesterday afternoon bv the 1st .
AB R BH SB PO A E , Infantry the standi of the teams la:
0 'Marines .... .. . .. ;. Z
rj Engineers "... . . ; . ; .... ; . 2
0 ! 2d Infantry 1
0 4
0 3
0 2
0 1 1st InTantry
Hocn Ki, c.C.. . . 2
Luck Yee. n.. . . .3
t Yan 2K ' A
Apau, P . 0
Amoy, rf 1
.Emo, Namauu
....... Among
...w. Mitchel
.... 1-
1 "'.750
1 ' .65
1 ' .500
2 33
Totals 33 2 3 30 15
Hits and runs by Innmgs:
12345678 910
Punahou 0 11000000
Basehits ..0 2 2 0 1 111 1
C. A. U......0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Basehits ..0 20020001
' - The following leter baa been writ
ten to the Star-Bulletin by a "Punahou
aluminus' and f reproduced Just as it '
(came; . ;.;, r-s-. -.
It is knew that In the past that Mo
kinlev hfzh Is a rood wlner bat a. venr
1 3 , poor looses. The whole trouble is Mc-
2 11 Kinley has never been able to defeat
0 2 Punahou in football for a good many
years and she is jealous. Jealousy is
I the whole trouble and everybody that
-rnree nasenns staauer. Two-base-; loot, atit in the right ways says the
hits. Brewer, Henshaw, Kau Tin. Sao-! ame thine. - v ; .
riflce hits. Burton, Lyman. Wlliams,
Hit by pitcher Hoon Ki, Span, .Der
by, Lai Tin. Bases on balls Off Wil
liams, 4, off Luck Yee, 1, off Span, 2.
Struck out By Williams 4, by Castle,
1; by Luck Yee, E; by Span, 1. Wild j
pitches, Luck Lee, 2. . Passed balls. I
Henshaw. Umpires Stayton and
Chillingworth. ' Time ; of gameTwo
hours and five minutes
all-oahustakV k
All-Oahu 4, 25th Infantry Zyr.'
A banner crowd saw a bang-up
game of ball at the Schofleld ball park
yesterday afternodh. ; The fast picked
team that will go up against Venice
In a few days hung one on the 23th,
and the result was. popular with a
large proportion of the : crowd.? v At
Schofleld visiting teams get plenty oi
encouragement, for while the 25th
goes in strong for rooting the fans
from the other organizations : usually
line up to howl for the, opposition. .
Barney Joy did' the hurling for the
Picks, and used his head as well, as
his arm. ; By keeping the infield ers
busy trying to ; tag him between first
and second in the seventh he gave
Argabrite an opportunity to sneak
home from third with the run that won
the game.-, ' V';.,.;-- . "
- The score: -''j IV-: R.f H. ' E.
All-Oahu . . ...V.... ......V 4 10 3
25th Jnfantry ...f,.. ... ;..3 . ; S 1
A bronze tablet composed of parti-1
cies recoverea zrom ine wreca oi me
battleship Maine and dedicated to the
marines and sailors - who went down
with her; was unveiled in McKinley
Square in the Eronx, New York City, v
Look back andyou will find that the
cleanest games ever played have been,
played betwen Kam and Punahou.
Why? because Kam can take a defeat
and! say nothing.. ' :,
. No doubt thd gameolayed Saturday
the 7th was the moat unclean game of
football ever played between . the
schools but when any one puts all' the
blame on one side and says that Pun
ahou is a coward I think he is making
a big mistake McKinley doesn't show
herself to be very brave when she
leaves the field just because she is
looseing. ? -V..
The offlcial8 were selected by both
schools and why should McKinley turn
around and run them down? The offi
cials don't penalize a. team becazsa
they like to. They can easily pick out
the players that do the dirty playis
and it is their duty to try and sts? it.
Captain Brash of McKinley deserves
no praise whatever. A captain shou!i
try and keep bis men in a gocd hunor
as well as himself. No man shoull
act as captin If he can't keep frcci
fighting.: v -v -- '
. It la plainly seen that something has
to be done between the two school!
to stop this Jealousy and hard feeiz?
toward? each other. One school is con
tinualy nocking' the other and until
that is stopped there will be no cleia
sport , It will either come to clean,
football oe none at alL
-Punahou has always : been pretty
clean' in football Many games have'
been won through good head work
and lean playing. It Ls to be hoped!
that 'i Punahou ; is not fotgetting . the
good name it has. . ' " .' . i .:
Puunene, MauL' Nor. 12 1914. V v
- . .... -. -i
I OAHU ICE CO. Phone. 1123 !
',- .......... -7
1123 Fori St:
Phone 2124
r Mrs. Frank H. Stevensof Wasng
ton, N.:J, remarried ther husband that
she. divorced eisbt years ago becansa
he wrote to her. declaring that he wa3
lonely. 1 ? . ;
Secretary McAdoo arid Attorney-gsa-
"j. eral Gregory are the president's eole
advisors in Washington at present, the
Other etsit Clblnet members beinotit
campaigning. .
- Several auta bandits stopped an Erie ,
' stcle''.merchandi3e valued : af ItCiw,
escaping in their auto before the traiii
crew found out why they stopped! :;
:. Mayor MitcheL .who has been inves
ngaung xne Closing, or many or New
York's1 east side banks bv. the stata"'
banking commission. announced Xtxl
the depositors will . be paid la full la ;
a short tiaiel-' . . . ". . .

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