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:SDAY.. DKCEMBKIl 31, 1914.
are heller made ly M,
icruthrd nr feeler tr1h-rSxinxw Roerfe.
-. . - . r' ' .
' giij.. l y-.a u- A . .,,
"resident AVilsorys4ue ihe heartiest and
t Support of:t)ie yikricnfyviteh
' ndfd efoWW'preserve neutrality and
tliis nation out of a bloody, devastating
.haunting war.
divl ding-line between war and peace
v is narrow indeed. A few false . steps
part of the administration might carry
ion across'th'at line. Tlius far'President
course has won the cordial admira
. political enemy' as well as political
Actively step he has taken has been
in instead vof ) toward war yet he
.in when he found bona fide American
r interests injured by vGreat4 Britain's
!o of contraband. H J i; .f
re was ever n time :ift .recent history
American people to give Mr. Wilson's
r.n jklicy a voluntary and true support,
the time. That is the least an American
( :mvdb. , .
lii'swarnpsalVnl, long ?&
: irritated humoYlo vtprs as well as
, will be f ore verTwep? away if the big
. loiTplan.of Superintendent of Public
crbes, as outlined in the Star-Bulletin
y, is adopted by the legislature. , . i: ;
is', every reason :wh3': the legislature
I prove the plan," and nonenot even
' al reasons-why it should, not The
! bo carried out under the "revolving
and in the endVill cost the teh itory
: othing. The benefitted property will
, tu al expense of the jraprorenient.
; oft reclaiming
; ;.l section was developed by Governor
; .hen he was president of the board of
rtant changes and' modifications and
now f ni ts present jand future fnceds
.nciallr foible. - tiolcl be put
; one of the. first acts of the legisla
ht bustneBt proposition' without any senti- t
to the lncmauai ana w.im w,:.
r3 our governmenL ' , . "
- much a buslnesa InTeBtment M Krowng -,,
- rlncapples and -with return! in proportion -:!tal
invested, far greater than any other
Teaterprlse. . v ; ' ' v- '"
tourista meana more money , in clrcuHuon.; -Dney
in circulation mean ;.mow busineB! ,
nerchant.'' ' ' .
: :iaess means mora protprity and mora
: end- Jobs. " ' ' t.- ; . .
; :ltions and Jobs , means more demand tor; :
, rand for help, means higher salaries and .
cf tits means more reYenua in, the form A'
i .i taxes to the government : . . ;
utely every one in Hawaii ivoeneowa
izg here.- .'C. '-
e have to o is to' put w ahoulder to taa
htlp out with money and encouragement
lien Committee and the other bodies work-
in tariff can hurt Jtba
vr-r-o- ! f
1 ;inesa" ' . --7 -t
cars ago this sort of doctrine, would
v...ded in many, earsi dangerously aldn
v. Voiced by Mc IIi U tnmgS t Ii
! meeting yesterday, it was convincing
..motion Committee's work is expand
ir time'..The outdoor; pub-committee
: r. ral addition."'' The Hdwaii Fair Com
. i ? a part of Hawaii's promotion work.
; ve strong support ." X . v
ii is" just on ihstejfciC lig tourist
nt it is not croihff to be secured
y talking scenery, and4 climate
s must be systematized. ,: : :'
i Lauding irEUTBAUTY.
rv' liwitmes of tiepreschlativearthd
r; nnrl :.Vollmet'.t)f. Illinois, have run
vi . !i their discrefionliThalSidnly
: '-nation of the sensational yiews they
:i lie floor of the hous"e yi3i
r sman Vollmer's remarks concerning
her alliance with "Great Britain fur
rood illustration of the kind of peech-
that encourages Japan's jingoists and
cr statesmen: His comment is not
. .It is dr.n-eroiis;wheninade(t)n the
.stopping the exportation of munitions to Im1
ligerents are less sensational but hardly less
the arguments of partisan .sympathy. His at
tack ,was plainly; directedagainst the Allies;
TWs in perhaps entirely natural, in riw of iH
fact that he was born in Germany and his
blood-ties are with the Fatherland.
Both of the congressmen have failed , to ob-
serve liie tieiicateiy-paiancpa piru 01 neutral
ity for which the United States now pre emi
nently stands. In their position as meiiilwrs
of the national law-making body, their re
marks are not those of private citizens. In
evitably they are interpreted as more or less
qflTcial opinions. Congress is a liberal body:
in each house wide latitude of speech is per
mitted? but here is a case where it would have
been desirable to invoke a parliamentary rule
to shut oft this sort of debate.
i '4
1 n 1 a .'2 v
Xhval ' operations during this war have al-
r-onAv i;eniino1 1ia oflnoCO AvcnAA t- F. H. bCHUKMANN Is reCUper
' atlng rapidly and expect to be at his
nought Avship-building authority says that office as usual in the near future.
(Written for the Star-Bulletin.)
"Here's a health, to the year that is
And well hallow the toast with a
tear? V .
(O'er the banquet so joyously spread)
For the frjends that no more can be
Aye. call back the faces of those.
Who onceL feasted and joined in our
Nay; xheck not the tear when it
For the true hearts that slumber in
Here's health, to the year that is
"Here's a-thealth to the year that is
. 'Tis the 'dawn of the Carnival year,
With a smile for the friends who are
And a sigh for the dead, ever dear,
Here's health to the joys yet to come,
To freshv hopes, which may brighten
each day.
While hero, from our mid-ocean home,
Goes "Good health!" to our friends
far away;
"Here's a health to the year that is
Honolulu, Dec. 31, 1914.
FRANK W. DAMON Is numbered
with the passengers expected to re
turn to the islands from the poast in
England probably ..never will lay down another
one of tliese leviatban.4 of the deep.
AH the dreadnoughts, according to' this an-, Matsonia
thoritv, which have been laid down will be '
rushed tocompletiQn, Wt .so ..orders will berAT.it
tiren'for an)' more Vessels of this tvpe. This Pacific coast and is returning to the
- ' . . . - , 'Islands In the Matsonia.'
policy was under serious consideration when i .
the Audacious went to the bottom and thes DR. doremus scudder, who has
recent loss of the Bulwark has only served to months, is reported among the list of
Confirm the opinion tbat the battleship as a passengers returning to. Honolulu in
fighting craft is doomed.
AH hew constrnction in the British shipyards iiS1? tSZ.lSl
consist of heavily armed cruisers of great coal-completed a vacaUon toir of the main
S?i?y. destroyers, and wl-SffiWfe
r or ten mnes aiong ine xyne in coming mio ' '.v .
KoTvcnstlo thp nnsspneprs on th'p ho.it cannot. u- K- LAKK1S'X- supi?menaens oi
iewcastie me passengers on xne ooai cannoi hydrogTapnyf who fattnied a confer
hear each other speak because of the din of ence of the; district etiineers.-ofithef
steam hammersfificjt
or January. v ; j ; ( ?. -.; r . (
; ALBERT P. TAYLOR, for the past
year identified with the;:HawaiUpro-
f m6tion interests at; B(1Franclco, is
expected lb: return ta.ls,, Ml -the
Atson jrner Maisoniaj-ofl next iues-
l When Sir Percy Scott expressed his doubts
of the. efiiciericy .of; the dreadnought just .after
England had 'plaVed her seal on it as :thepre-
mier fighting unit of naval warfare, hisorthd-
uua wauc uim.vac.Btvmcgu;cipMu nix nonixxg. 1lTB. Taylor i will also
i 'i ii ' ' ':" V J " iJ a"'-' ' a! '. , i .L- '
out xnis war nas come near, 10 vinaicaimg nis (,D passenger vh vesseu; . . v .
theorj-j for trus far' not a: jingle isucss can charts BftrcE Jotter, whose
placed to thVcrecIitro some nouce
the experimental almost despised submarine S iTToktoTh
ha won most pflthe nava, laurels. rv ' j Japan Advertiser says: .MMr.r Charles
..France is alsorepotted.las.MrTiing the con-, pa.t fev4ri6nths. in connection with
struction oi SUDmanneSWniie XlUSSia JS SaiU W we ,nre wnn aysien wuica e nas
thousand tons.
;5 At the outbreak of the war it was feared the
where sral ftles are 'considering
the adoption 'of his' system. ; The- Pot
ter fire jaJtrm,' system is also being
considered by - local a Tokio officials
1 and there is much talk of its adoption
in February."
loss to literature through, writers killed at the Mr. Potter fatter1 a- short stay in Aus-
iront wouia- oe- irreparauie... ,11 now apiwars M r " 7"' ' " "
that the commanders have guarded against this
danger by sending: their leading fictionists to
Jxcddquarter tQ pen.tebffidaVannouncein
Mavor Fern may lament the fact that there
' " i i " 1
--SUPfiHVISOR QUlNNi'It seeras to
koo VAAAi-iiW ififTtV? WlT;aftir.A - fifTrwifiA me that ome'of -th& roadardund the
r.-ir? rr r::": r-;-;' laland : caaiiot'De' ImproTe4 "under the
r a. a. aA .a.k.ij.H j fc m w . sab
must be done un
general tunas
"":i'7,T7. wi, rT., , v . v island cannot' le lmi
he might e holding down the executive chair ; frontage-tax law but
ffr iha ripxt ixen vpiirsffhir .To cprfninlv haslder the general fuiM
for the next two years.4? Our Joe certainly has
, , . .: .......... . . j-.
k We notice that an outgoing supervisor sug
gests tthat js" injeng, brethren have a thor
ough1 :eSrniad&' otbIidewalk ordinance.
More trouble for the new administration to fall
heir to. V . ' y t 1
The superintendent of the Anti-Saloon
league savs he has no faith in the present police
magistrate: adman ; has . been a' iret
steady observer "of police' court' happenings',
toor .
Hog and Sheep Raising Indus
tries Having Benefit of
Pure Breeds
A pure milk crusade was talked
ever y the board of argiculture and
forestry at its monthly meeting yes-,
terday afternoon, following earnest
appeals for months past by Dr. Xor
gaard, the territorial veterinarian, who
pointed out that the results of the
practical elimination of bcTine tuber
culosis on this island, through his di
vision's work started on the strength
of the municipal milk ordinance that
prohibited the sale of milk from tu
berculous cows, were being rendered
largely nugatory by the filthiness of
some dairies.
It Is proposed early in the new year
to begin publishing the names of cf
fending dairies. In his report for the
month of November Dr. Norgaard, ou
this subject, says in part:
' On November 21st I had the hener
to address, by invitation, the Medical
Society of Hawaii on the subject ot
IJovine Tuberculosis and Its Rela
tion to Public Health.' with special
reference to that of children under
live years of age. As a. copy of my
paper on this subject wai submitted
to you before It was read before the
association, you will know .that ,it
special aim was to enlist the assist
ance of the medical profession of the
territory (not in Honolulu alone) in.
getting the milk consumer, and esne-J
cially the one who provides milk foi j
infants and childen, to know and ap
preciate clean milk, and to demand I
that the milk producer,, that is, the
dairyman, furnish clean milk from!
healthy cows. Renovated or purified'
milk does not fill this bill.. though it,
is better than filthy milk, but soluble;
Impurities cannot be strained. out of;
milk by mechanical processes, nor can ,
milk containing the remains of one
miilicn micro-organisms in every sin
gle drop of its volume be considered
clean and wholesome, Just because the
bacteria have been killed, or their
vitiating activities retarded, by either
chemical or physical methods." '.. . .
He goes-on to say. that while! tm
mense progress has been made toward
the end of milk from healthy cows, as
regards ; the matter of cleanliness,
there Is'still very much to be accom
plished. " . i
. Dr. Norgaard devotes several typei
writlen , pages to ah appreciation of i
the recent Hawaii county fair.'..-.''
He reports the general tuberculin ;
test of dairy cows for the year as' fin
ished, showing, an aggregate of about
7000 animals tested and the propor
tion of reactors reduced ;more than
one per' cent Active work "lit "the
same line f is about to be - started 3 oil!
Hawaii, and the inspection of cattle !
on Maui is making good progress. V l
Mention is made of the arrival of
50 pure-bred Merino rams from New
Zealand fcr the ' Parker ranch, which"
he sayi "are splendid specimens and
will undoubtedly do much to Imppove
and Increase the already well-known
Humuula wool clip. ., ' , '
Hog cholera, which ; has caused ex
tensive losses the past two years, the
veterinarian, states, has been so much
abated that there Is a prospect of the
revival of the hog-raising business in
dustry on a hitherto unknown scaled
several . hundred pure-bred ; sows hat
ing been Imported.: ,!, . : . , ) "
The governor yesterday approved ex-"
change deeds between the territory
and Jose Freitas Felippe. Jose Robelld
and Frank M. Pirea yesterday-He ap
proved a mortgage by John Venhuiien
to the - First. National : Bank of Wai
luku on Iot.55, Kaupakalua, Maul, and
a planting agreement between David
Kihei and the Onomea Sugar Company j
for lot 27, Kaleie. v ... . .
realization that the duty of an Ameri
can is to support the President of the
nation as against all others. My coun
try, right or wrong, is a mighty neces
ed States.
preach over at the prison on Sundays sary doctrine in this part of the, Unit-
I have an advantage not enjoyed by
many preachers In the fact" that my
audience "must listen to all I have to
say; they; can't get away.
C. P. MORSE: The American
Hawaiian freighter Washingtonlan
completed its initial visit to, the port,
departing for New York last night.
lieve In doing all new road work under taking a big cargo of island products.
the,.frontge-tax law and believe more-, This vessel will be followed every 10
over that. the county can save money i days by a freighter of similar size or
by calling for bids from contractors on even larger in perfecting the New
most of the work instead of doing it xcrk, San Francisco, Puget Sound and
by day labor.
ii-'f'-A.: X:
Bitter1 Weather Brings Suffering on Main
land ' says a! headline over a despatch from
New Yprkt ;nd rHpnolulu at Christmas isi per
frjctlyoniftatj 1
fiti Jlhei irobV ofiKjkhal Jii a year of the
Digest crops the county Demo:
ciats "rere Ivalioped inthe election.
Most of the lexican soldiers fight because
they would rather fight than work.
It must be this fine Cliristraas weather that
Tins.invPTi fSinid Rn much nen." .
j-". O . A
-r. 'v prtn'inlv riftpa nrforrn thnt
v jkiEBEN P. LOW: I am still looking-
for the individual who took my
automobile for, a 'joy ride.- vWifh the
aid of the police I expect to land the
light party.
-, . ? - , . :
-W. RjTARRINGTON: I hope the
new year will brijag to all citizens a
Hawaiian service.
L. B, REEVES: The passing of
the schooner Jessie Fremont from a
coaster to a barge marks the removal
of a picturesque figure from the marl,
time annals of the Pacific. As a ma
rine relic the Fremont possessed few
rivals along the line of ancient and
honorable service. " '
r A two-stor. nine-room house, containing four bed-:
Situated on Matlock Avenue.. PEICE $4500.00
V. - i-
r' ..... ... A. r '
Cottage, locatel on Wilder Avenue. A short distance
from the car line. Xear to the Oahu College. .Tlie "
hSuse is new, having been onlv recently erected. v
PRICE . . .$2000.00
Call on the Guardian Trust Company, Ltd., for fur-
tlierparticulars. r 1
Before deciding on your new Engraved Cards, kindly
secure samples of engraving and prices from
Leading Jewelers. :
A Sound 7.27
' V 7 r . if
Tlie best stock ever oiterett jh liawaiu . LFirst
Preferred Stock of Pacific Oas and Electric
Company, issued under authority of the Itail
road Commission of California, by thcj-litrgost,
and one of the Oldest and Most Successful pub- -lie
utilities in California, doing 36 per cent of
the entire gas and electric business of the state.
Xon-asscs.sable'an"d Ta'x'Free in (1iforiiav ,
I dividends paid every Three .Months.'' '
3kfav be paid, for in quarterly instalments. ,
Price $82.00 perflate pay value $100, netting
7.27 per cent on investment.
Apply for further particulars toV-
. Authorized Agent rfojrrHawaUJ' r 1 1
503 Stangenwald Bldg. f '5 'Phone 27U
r.. ?v - ivy ' -
will be accepted on the charming,'
bungalow now almost : eompleted V
. in Makiki near, "Wilder avenue. . I
.. .!.'?wiliak
1 " HcheaIr.loaTr,inax'to,pay'rent.,
W ,1 Start the1 Newenr;rightl ff3
i' 'f y '..'.';:v:.:i , . -: i o V : v. tt"
: - drng yotulf of tte extratagani
. y v,: t.;:- - ,v.
' v V.i' habit, pf renting
f . s ' ' .... s
' i-J ' u J. ? til. ,
CiEmimm- .0 ;. ,f
In Aboreciation
Of the, business done during the earwe wish;; t
; to extend ihanlts!tbK our
determination that wel will use our every effort )
; toVontihue" to'merit-their patronage v ? T Cf
. . : AVishing youA foosperous -New .Year; : : - ; . r; ; i 5
113 Hotel St;
r; . - ' I -
2336 Oahu Aenue, Manoa ...... 4 bedrooms ,?.V, W6.00x
1252 Kinau St, cof. Armstrong and
" Vancouer Aves., Manoa, ...... 3 bedrootmsv.....
2G6S Rooke St. Puunul ........ 5 bedrooms.....;
Cor; Alexander and Young Sts... 2 bedrooms
3 bedrooms.. ?
3 bedrooms. . . t40.0d . : -"
Z beuxooms ..:; 21 AQ
' 3 bedrooms'. ... . .. 2!.0:)
SkA a .m .
tiw tvinau Bt....r.vn
J339 Wilder Atc.
. 1231 Matlock Are...
J328 Klnau St . . .V.'. .... .".
1877 KalakatutATe.ViVv.rr.'.v. 3 bedrooms rs i fi 20.00'
Cor.-Koko- Head and-Pahoa- Avea . -f-.
Kaimukl , 4 bedrooms.... -43.00
' 1S15 Kalakaua Atb $. i:. V J& bedroonur. ', . , 304)0 v
1671 Ala Moana road 3 bedrooms... i.. 170.
839 ,youmrfSt..K..ii.i.. .Dcarooms-... oAwv
Cottage Adams Lane. . CJty . . .
224 East Manoa Eoat ,
Manoa Valley..
3 bedrooms
2 bedrooms.,.'..
- ""'V
4 -'-
;- --
. .
- x , .
' r .
""" iii - - -- - i - iM''-
; r I "-"iwald BalldinsT-
V -k'

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