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Many Record-Breaking Events During, Past Twelves Months
, America Fared Badiy in International Competitions
New Football Brings Smaller Colleges Close to Great Rivals
International competition in sport
ended rather disastrously for Amer
ica in the year Just being brought to
a closa, and only in oue instance did
American athletes succeed In carrying
off the honors. Conditions in Europe
prevented the carrying out of the in
ternational yacht race for America's
fsap, or the motorboat races for the
Harms worth trophy.
In other lines of sport, however, the
invaders scored distinct triumphs, in
cluding such features 'as the raising
of the polo trophy, carrying off of the
l)aviacup nod in other events.
. From an international standpoint,
the victory of the Harvard second
crew in the Grand Challenge Cup race
. nt Henley was the most noteworthy
lerformance. England's best crews.
am, well as those of. Germany and oth
er foreign, nations, competed, but In
the final heat Harvard defeated tbe
Union Boat Club easily
ban, of Brooklyn, who swain, from the
Battery to Sandy Hook in record time.
The English polo team regained the
international cup after two unsuccess
ful attempts, Two matches were play
ed, the invaders winning them both
by scores of 8 1-2 to 3 and 4 to 2 3-4.
The amaleur and open golf cham
pionships justified the estimate in
which American golfers have held the
American triumvirate. Francis Ouimet,
Jerome. Travers and Charles Evans.
It is mainly due to Ouimet that fol
lowers of golf have come to look on
these three as pre-eminent in amateur
golf.5 It was Ouimet's splendid show
ine in the amateur championship that
established him as the leading player
in American ranks. A new star rose
in the professional ranks- and W. C
Hagen von the championship from a
strong field. He made a score of 290
for the two-days' play, Evans finish
ling second, with 291. Evans won the
In the Davis cup matches the Aus- western amateur championship in con-
traiasian team Fcorea a Driiuant vie- vincing style
tory. In spite cf the defeat of the An international performance in
United .. States ; team, Maurice Mc- court tennis was unique. Jay Gould,
Ixtugblin defeated Xorman E. Brookes world's amateur champion, defeated
and Anthony 7ilding in the singles, George F. Coven, of England, playing
winning the title of, champion of the the first half of the match In England
world.. , - and the second in Philadelphia
..There' wag an absence of Interna-: Although there was no international
: tional Interest in golf, as Miss Gladys motorboat racing, the performances of
Raveftcroft of England failed to de- the Baby Speed Demon II made a rec
fend the title rbe .won; 4n' 1913. ; All ord of 50.5 railea over a nautical 30-
..fit the 'American amateurs who went mile course, which is a new American
abroad -to compete ,- for the, British ; record.
championship were -defeated.. ;- I For the first time In history the
- Football witnessed. a number of re-' American racquets doubles champion
'versals of, farmland wag marked, by inip went West when Dwight F. Davis
the development of tbe open style of ;nd J. W. Wear, of .St. Louis; George
game. Harvard ; won the soK:alled In- r. Fearing and Hugh D. Scott of the
tercollegiate : championship for the ; Boston Racquet and Tennis Club won
third consecutive time, but the small- fcur gameg out of. six. .
cr colleges tnade great Btrides toward. Harness, Raclna Better.
lenEenlns the margin which existed ' v Harness racing showed more speed
' lctween thefr : strength and that of than in any prevjoua year. During the
the larger institution. f - . . fseason, 12 trottlnz. and 15 pacing rec
Drew In Form. .7 " . , 'ords were broken. In trotting Etawah.
Prominent among the record inak- 2.-03 3-4;. Peter Volo, 2:03 1-2; 'May
ers In track 8port, wag t!)e , perform- Mack and , Rythmel , were among tbe
anco of Howard P.' Drew, the colored j leaders Inrecord breaking heats.i;Pe-
ppnnier, equaifu .uv rewiu ;ier VOio, oy ; winning, j.iuu, iaauo
! 9 3-5 8ecor.ds. f,or 100 yarug. credited iniBelf the second highest money win
to Dan Kelly.: Oeorge Parker gharea ner in 0ne season.
gtellar honors with' Drew., ; The Olym-; In Che pacing division the most no-
plc Club champion's name vin be m-.; table performer was Directum I, whose
scribed on the record book eg hav-jbestarwagIi ln,;a race. -Only
lng' equaled the -worId'gAi record: Ml one 'other pacer In a race.; covered . a
21 1-5 seconds for 220- yards.; Homer- mile In less than 2 minutes
The XX Club made a clean sweep.
of the "Y Intermediate bowling
leaeue. bv winning: three straight
games from the Hawaiis last ening.
All tha XXes were, in good form ana
several major league totals were re
corded.' Captain Louis Silva rolled
well for the Hawalla. CapUln Tinker
wag high; man for the evening.
This -will bo the last match until
Tuesday night, when the Moderns and
Ancient will bowl the decisive match
in the club- league. The winner of
the second series, wilt then meet the
-Bakery fow YorkAUletie f3ab
making, the disf n of Knight rrant-Rose, car
, the CfiO-yard record.
'tance in 1:20 2-5 seconds. A. T; Mey- rjed ofT; the turf honors. He reached
er.' Irteh Athletic. Club, did 0 rardg , the too of his form at Saratoga, where
Indoors in t 2-5 seconds, nd ; D.- S,, he captured the handicap of 1 1-4 mileg
raid well, corneii.coverea nair a mue a 2:02. T ' - .
in .1:53 l-2-5.: y ..' '--V - Automobile racing honora gato-Ed-
F. Vt Kelly, 'University of Southern die- Pullen, who woa; thetGiand Prize
California, and J; J. Eller, Irish Amer-j race and the Corona, event over the
lean Athletic Club,! established: new 1 ganta Monica course. In the latter
, records, and the 1200-yard telay rec- event he established a world's record,
ord is credited to the New York Ath-; Ralph De Palma, won the Vanderbllt
letlc jClub in 2;06 ? E.' Beeson,i cup race. : Barney, Old field finished sec
Olympic Club, made a new high jump : ond.V Thomas, Duray" and Guyot. al
record of 6 feet"7 5-18 Incheg. . - i Frenchmen, finished in the order nam-
The Boston. Braveg won the Nation-:ed in the International : SweepaUkes
nl Leapue cbamplonthlp and the Athr 'at Indlanapollsj Barney ..OldfieMi was
leticg won' the American League em-, the first American to, finish.-'
blem. The former set a new record, There was considerable doing In the
In the annual world'a gerles, taking It4 hlcycle game; :E. Kaiser wg the rec
in four straight games, a feat which jomlred amateur, champion and Frank
had never, been, turned. before, Jake, Kramer retained hU, title of profeg
Daubert won the batting honors in slonal champion. ulthough opposed b J
the parent, organization and Ty Cobb -a formidable field of speedy ridera.
again carried them off In the Araerl- No boxing tlUes changed handa ex
can. The Federal League entered n--cept ln the UglitwelghUaad; bantanv
othfr element, which wag successful ; weight divislong. Freddie . W el?h de
In weakening .xnanr-of the- organized; feated, WUlie Ritchie for the llelft
teams. and have shown that 4t.i8.go-j weight crown at London and Kid Wil
ing ta be a thorn in the glde of, or, llama stotoed Johnny Coulon, the ban
canlzed baseball by Its actlTity thia? Um title, holder, at Vernon. v Hockey
winter " , . . ; ' w " 1 retained. it popularity and Princeton
After a lapse of many years Colum-; won um intercoueRiaie. cnimpwnsmp,
bia University regained the United t while the St Nicholas team of New
States rowing champrcnshlp,' winning I York waa awarded thtf jimateurtitle.
the college varsity race at Poughkeep-5 WresUing- aa "ttle thought of. - as
sle on June 26, - V. r v, " - I Frank. Gotch, the only reaj champion,
After making, such a brilliant 'per- jfcaa retired, and, the oreign grapplerg
formance against the Australasian ten-; are meet f Uym at home, on the oth
Yiis team, McLoughlin ehowed a mark- er - side of f the pond, grappling with
ed reversal ofform at Newport R, U I their adversaries. In real battles which
on September, 1. when he lost the are not decided on' the mat.
United State championship to R. Nor-) ; V ;., 1 ... .;. ,
ris Williams, 6 3. 8 C. IW. Misa Mary CATUpRLPSS DISTRICT
bill ZEN -SOLD 1 ttfS
. 7
. 5
. 4
. 2
(Final Standing.)
XX Club
Hawaiis .w-
P. B. C I. ;
club league
In connection with the New Year's
open bouse toirforrow evening bowlers
may onng meir laay inenas to try
the alleys. Bowling is usually one of
the most popular features of ladies
nights at the 'Y." A special commit
tee composed cf C H. Atherton. E. H.
Shaffer, and G..E. Jackson will have
charge pf the alleys tomorrow night
beginning at 6 o'clock.
Last night's scores:
r Games
1st 2nd 3rd
XX Club
Hill ......
Keen! .. ..
Bvengen ..
Tinker ...
Methven ..
Lanqui3t .
Totals . .
Akana ...
Silva ,v;..
Vongr ....
Blind .....
Dummy . .
717 737 760
- Games
1st 2nd 3rd
106 82
133 150
134 124
I--- V 1. 1 Associated' Press) v n
. t j .j -. - ?.-
r K s irom irs. tuawaro iwfliuuu jmu . nvcrted at Etretat In the .colony of
liss FAni ildey.. In the,mUed don-imothetlesa 1 children whose ; fathers
Lies Miss .Brown jind ,T. ; Tilden haVfr een called to the army.' This
also won the "Ue-- 3tiU grow-
Many Swimming .K - tofc now. contains.. &00 children of ages
Among the ... swimming , records . - m A rt 1A Vaarm nra aA.
are those which . were rruen nr .
rictcry -t Philadelphia."; She defeated
Miss,. Marie Wagner for the i singles
title and, with hr sister,. Mrs.Robert
"Williams, as a partner, won; the dou'
tfAVifiA . vA 1HnOiai " I S uiauo aA v w - im"u
to the first ofjthe wlnter-argtorms,
lx)s Angeles.- and Duie Katana-mufh uffterIe mo5 thfeiittl! nt
rnoku, the Hawaiian, and OeoireMio WearInS
. The town of Etretat, about 12 miles
from Havre, lies on the exposed coast
end la swept by winds and sea fogs
during, the winter. Between the Bel
gian refugees and the dependent fam
ilies of ; soldiers; public ; charity. . In
France ,1a already heavily taxed, but
: nevertheleaa the i colony's appeal for
1 help has met with ; some success in
Havre.; .-VH-. .'.' ."
r 'T
1 &mpj
L -
Totals . . 01 623 594 1820
ATLANTA. , 2j ia..L!-h
WHITBY, in. h!sh
. 2 for 25 cents ,
Civ c it. rezbc It CoJ, Inc.
. i n J
i Joseph A. Plouff of Ware, president
of the Lafayette Savingg Bank of Bos
ton, ; was indicted i for larceny. " Five
counts aggregating $9727' alleged to
have been obtained my Plouff from
five, national - banks and trust com
panies, were contained In the tlndict-ment.-'
:.: : '' .'..;.;-'-V- ".'s
The first Sunday of next year, will
bo. observed; by. Great Britain as a
day of rrayer on "behalf of the Allleg.
Associated Press
, HAVRE, Frahce.How a single
company of French infantry, told off
to cover a retreat,' withstood a large
force of Germans for several hours
during a battle at night and then
escaped through a ruse is related by
a wounded officer.
The entire division had been order
ed, to withdraw during a sharp en
counter at Charlerol. One company
wag selected tocheck the 'German ad
vance. .This lot fell to the company
of which the officer; now in the local
hospital, had command. , '
. It was 8 o'clock In the evening when
the company was ordered out The
men ran through n heay rifle and
machine gun fire to a farmhouse, in
which they barricaded themselves,
stuffing the walls. Every time the
enemy tried, to approach, they were
stopped by volley firing. This lasted
nearly three' hours. .
Twenty times the enemy's bugles
announced a bayonet charge, and
twenty times the attack was repulsed,
but the defenders began to ran short
of ammunition.
The vigor of OS German attacks.
w"s now broken. This the French
commander quickly took advantage of.
He ordered the bugler to. sound a
French charge. The Germans stopped
firing and braced themselves to meet
it During: the pause, ". so as not to
break the still of the night with sns
picious sounds,' the' French stole out
of . the lions e, man by man,' and ran
ror the rear, i When the Germtns tir
ing of the strain of waiting the attack.
took the house y a rush, the yfound
The record-season, for the National
Guard cf Hawaii cloBed last Sunday
for the nine companies of the 1st lu
fantr'y on Oahu and the staff depart
ments. The showing made by the men
who fired the coure at the Fort Shar
ter range is excellent, very tevr vvlio
fired tailing to make marksma.i or
better. However, a large percenthge
of the men did not complete the in
struction course, anjl this has held
most of the companies, tc a low hgure
of merit, on account of the unquali
fied men. This is partly due to con
ditions and to the lateness in starting
the gallery and range instruction
vt ork.-The number of recruits brought
jvst before the first of the year swelled
the list of those required to fire the
Instruction course so that the facili
ties of the Kakaako range were over
taxed. Better conditions are looked
fir next season, besides which, men
vho qualified as marksmen or better
w 111 not be. required tt) fire the instruc
tion co'urse, which vill give company
efficerg much more ime to devote to
Individuals . - ,
" The forixhh&r mfntlaoseag
prescribed by the territorial military
authorities for this year. It is simi
lar to that fired by the regulars, ex
cept that 500 yards rapid fire, and the
estimating distance test are omitted.
This makes the "possible" 250, the
classification figures being 210 for ex
pert1 rifleman, 190 for, sharpshooter.
and 160. for marksman. All who fire
the, course and fail to make any of
these three grades are rated as ' first
class" as a complete course of instruc
tion firing, in which riflemen roust
make 130 out of 225 possible, is re
quired before any soldier can fire for
record. .
Following is the complete list of
men. who made expert, sharpshooter
and marksman:
General Staff Score. Class.
Capt. Henry Van Giesen 212 ex.
Field, and Staff
Maj. Gustave Rose 210 ex.
Capt G. B. Schrader, Adj.. 192 ss.
Capt H. P. O Sulitvan, Q.M.217 ex.
Capt J. M. Camara, I.aA.P..211ex.
1st Lieut. C. R. Frazier....204 ss.
, Non-Conimissiohed Staff
eg.Sgt-Maj. LB. Reeves.vl91 ss.
Reg.Q.M.Sgt L. JleCallum.194 s.
Sgt. J. K. Evans 225 ex.
j'gt S. W. Kepano 210 ex.
Sgt Remes Kukcpu.... 210 ex.
Company A
1st Lieut P. M. Smoot 220 ex.
2d. Lieut. 3. L. Cusaingham.209 ss.
1st Sgt T. J. K. Evans.... 221 ex.
Sgt. L. P. Fernmdez,, 214 ex.
Cpl. Murray Mackenzie 219 ex.
Cpl. A. K. Lucas 219 ex.
Cpl. W. P. Dole 233 ss.
Cpl. J. K. Kealawaiole 190 ss.
Cpl.W. E. Miles 186 mark.
Art Abel Rogers... 203 ss. 1
Pvt. Earl Cook 194 ss.
Pvt. Richard Colburn 206 ss.
Pvt Leo Caspar ..203 ss.
PvtF. Fernandez 186 mark.
Pvt. Jack Aikau 166 mark.
Pvt. Jos. Akau 184 mark.
Pvt. Jos. Bruns 162 mark.
Company B
Capt Paul Super... 179 mark.
2d Lieut A. J. Lowrey 199 ss.
st Sgt. F. Stevenson 206 ss.
Q- M. Sgt V. Newell 190 ss.
Sgt B. T. Mead 216 ex.
Cpl. S. S. Stefnhauser ,.216 ex.
CpLB. McStocker 189 mark.
Cpl. P. Deverill 197 ss.
Cpl. L. Haehonfera 180 mark.
Cpl. J. H. Mcintosh ..189 mark.
Pvt. B. R. McEldowney 192 ss.
Sgt. R. H. Lowrie 175 mark.
Pvt J. W. Rassel 179 mark.
PvtF. W. Carter 168 mark.
Pvt.K. Emory 164 mark.
Pvt. Hiir, Henry 198 ss.
Pvt F. W. Gramberg 185 mark.
Pvt S. M. Lowrey 204 as.
Pvt L. A. Hicks 204 ss.
Company C
1st Lieut L. R. Medeiros..l86 mark.
B. Henshaw.
1st Sgt. M
Sgt. W. U
Sgt. B. M. Sumner
Cpl. John A. Swain..
Cpl. H. J. Evensoy . . .
Cpl. A. J. Erskine
Cpl. Charles Herbert
Pvt. J. B. King.
L.-Cpl. J. C. Searle..
PvtE. T. Stacker...
Pvt. M. P. Morgan...
Pvt. J. A. Evenson . .
Pvt. Geo. M. Collius.
Pvt.1 Ed. C. Searle..
Pvt. S. E. Larson....
Pvt. S. E. Searle ...
Pvt R. P. Brown.. .
Cook S. E. Mcintosh. .
Pvt. C. Tinker
Pvt. A. E.' Tinker
Company E
1st Lieut John Hilo
1st Sgt. G. W. Baker
Q.-M.Sgt R. Lane...
Sgt. A. Aina.
Sgt. John Stone
CpL Wm, Wilcox
...196 SR.
. . . 220 ex.
. . .226 ex.
. . .173 mark.
. . . 197 sr.
219 ex.t
. . .171 mark.
...229 ex.
...221 ex.
. . .191 83.
...212 ex.
...168 mark.
. ..190 ss.
...215 ex.
...194 88.
. . .223 ex, -.
. .178 mark.
. . .174 mark.
. . .177 mark.
...16') mark.
...212 ex.
...229 ex.
...196 Bar
...229 ex.
.193 as.
-75-72 j i :'i ? v';.'
ltf 0 clock 1 imnovrow
Company G
Company C
: I'romjly fat
morning the Y. M. C. A. cors-rountry
runners will be started off over their j Company H j
oure. The cross-ctintry !s this year , Company F- ,r..:t
being limited to the men of tne Inter-j Company A ,.i.,.Y.
mediate leiai truent and a large nura-iCompany D' ........ i
ber of these voun fellows are antici-' Company Q
pitting the race.
Methven of the XX Club has been
working very harti and consistently,
and he will probably be in at the first
finish. Barbosa of the P. B. C. !..' Last night's game C
however, has any imount of wind and Company G, '!7 (7 Inni
Ms club believes he will w!n. Har-i Next Game Compan.
Losa won the- cro?-country in the ny D Saturday, 8 pt n
Boys' Deiartraent last year, and Is -
a fast man. j . Four hundred -part
The Washington Club will probably night witnessed the tnt
win out in numbei of points, since dor ball game of the
every man entering and finishing the series to date. With tw
race wins the proportionate number of pitchers in th Island c.
points ,for his club, according as he
finishes. The Washingtons. on this
basis, will win out by their snierior
number. Tifiea
The r '; takes the runners up
Alakea s.ivet anu around Punchbowl
by the T -t.-'-s mad. rhen back by
the expr :.!.( tit station and by Hotel
street to the V. M. C. A. This makes
a course .of about four miles, and is
u standard. one. .
fAAs JaaAumUi , Sif ... 69 mark.
Pvt Chas. Papaikee'r
Pvt. M. Lobb
Company F
2d Lieut, J. S. Lemon. .
Q. M. Sgt. J. Ho Yap.
Sgt. . David Kaawa
1st Sgt. Philip Sing....
Cpl. EL Swift
Cpl. J. Kalaukoa
CpL J. H, Waniaolo
Pvt Henry. Zerbe ,
Pvt Frank, Zerbe
Pvt. Jos, Karaakea,
Pvt Ralph Dusbalsky ..
Pvt. David Iaia
Pvt. Geo. Kanekoa
Pvt Ed. Sheldon
Company G
Sgt James Kulike
Sgt, Louise Feary
Cpl. Jos. Iao ,
CpL Peter KawahJ
Pvt. Jas. Kekahuua
Sgt Frank Kalua
Pvt. Sam Kealoha
Pvt Sam Kaaloa . . . . .
Company H
Capt L. W. Rediugton.
1st Lieut. John I3
1st Sgt. C K. Amona . . .
Q.-M. Sgt A. H. Wong. .
Sgt Sen Y. Youns?
Cpl. Lee Dung You
Cpl.C. T. Sam
Cpl. Yee Hoy
Mus. Lau K. Sing
Pvt. L. Y. Sang. .
. . ..187 mark.
193 gg.
231 ex.
199 gg.
. . . .213 ex.
. . . :194,SB.
....180 mark.
212 ex.
213 ex.
....2J4 ex
190 ss.
174 mark.
. . .194 ss.
...168 mark.
182 mark.
. . .218 ex.
...233 ex.
195 ss.
198 sg.
216 ex
199 ss.
. . .160 mark.
183 mark.
193 ss.
213 ex.
. . .190 ss.
...193 ss.
216 ex.
...210 ex.
.. .185 mark.
. . .168 mark.
...211 ex.
.213 ex
J ' f .. "J N -...'.. . i- '
The reorganized Chinese baseball
club which is to tour the mainland
next year, leaving here March 2 and
visiting Cuba .after filling engage
ments' in New York and Philadelphia,
will make Its Initial appearance to
morrow, ' against the All-Oahu- team.
The game will be played at Athletic
Park and another la scheduled for Sun
day afternoon at the same lime and
place1, after which the playorg will
take a rest cf several .weeks. c ?
Following is the lineup of-the two
Lteams, the. selection -cf pitchers bging
left to the last moment:
Chinese Kan Yin, catcher; ' Apcn
and Luck Yee, pitchers; Cheong, first
base; Yap, second baae; Ayau. short
stop;. Lai T!n, third base; Kal Luke,
left field; En Sue, center field; Ping
Kong, right field.
All-Oahu Henshaw, catcher; Joy,
A. Desha, Sloan and T. Moiiyama,
pitchers; Fernandez, first base; Bush
nell, second base; Chilllngworth,
shortstop; Sousa, third base; Lang
Akana. left field; Argabrite, center
field; Yamashlro, right field.
Sgt J. H. Burkett.
Sgt. M. V. Souza .
Art M. C. Martin.'.
Pvt. F. B. Enos...
Tt WawvY. Kolb.
.180 mark.
.223 ex.
.182 mark.
.178 mark.
.188 mart
Pvt,Lum Tal Chun 192 ss.
Pvt.K. Chon Zane 206 ss.
Pvt Wong Inn 201 ss.
Pvt. Arthur Chon? 203 ss. -
Pvt Wong Koon Chew 193 ss.
Pvt. Acbuck Akina 198 ss.
Pvt. Ching Ah Ming ..180 mark.
Cpl. Chas. K. Ching 176 mark.
Pvt. Ah Luen Dung 186 mark.
Pvt. Alex. Yee 171 mark.
Pvt Fong Chan Ming 169 mark.
Pvt. Wong Gee Chong 189 mark.
Company K
1st Sgt. Fred Aki 214 ex.
Q. M. Sgt Sam Pinao 217 ex.
Sgt. M. S. Andrade 203 ss.
Associated Press
PEKING, China, The minister of
agriculture and commerce, H. E.
Chang Chien, has again written to
Paul S. Reinsch. the American minis
ter, asking if he will urge the Red
Cross Society to proceed as quickly as
possible with the loan for the Whai
River Conservancy project Another
terrible ncod has occurred, worse than The French aviator Martr Pn
usual, and thousands of lives are be-j hero of the Khartum flight, was
ing lost from pestilence and atarva-' ed while reconnoiterfng in the Sc
ticn as well as drowning. district ' : . ,
Valry between, the two t
heat, a thriller was exp'
fans were In no way d!.:
the fifth Inntng ' Vviock
the speedy ChlnesiTlaye
pany had walked over r
for they went infc the air
nearly all of Company G, .
files, crossed the rubber.
H men came to bat in t
of the fifth the score v
against them, and O Com;
era were jubilant -r.
Then began an exciting
Four runs In their half l
Chinese vwithln two runs "
ponentsv but In the gixth
cawe back' with" three r
looked ; like a bis; 'lead i
class of pitching Parker v.
up. In the. last of the six
Pany put oarer four more r.
tbe lead down to onej TI
l-nny batters worked their
fntoe ninth and got men
but fast fielding s ghut th a
without a: run.
With one run needed to t!
to win Lee-Ah Leongthe
up, got a hit and Lieut L"
on third'a error. : Kam . I
grounder to the pitcher, w
Lee going to third. Then .
Young .Yee connected with r
left that gcored both run n
II a lead of a gingle run. wit.
put' 1 ,1 ' -.
i Artnttr Parker pitched "ic
erg, and showed a world of :
lrotbjw-ohn was ,at the. re c
and did some great work t
rubber.';- 5'..-:; : '
r Fpc n Company Bunn S::!.
pltchlng. while Edward Ctar
It was Suinn's .flrgt appear
league game, and he made a
Ellfowlng, v- although shy cf
tnrough .-.lack' , of : practise. :
Parker are by an odda the t
erg In the league, ind protai;
islands. The ne,xt meeting l
these two teams will be a 1
without doubt- ;'.'.
- Score by Innings, and Usp-:
Company G....,...l 4 1 0 S :
Company ,IT.......,t Z 13 4
; Company G John Parker, c: .
ker, n; S. Palea. ib; Solomcn :
hoe, 2b: F. Kalua, s: 1 Rlchnr.
Peter Frank, cf; H. Kehaha-, 1
Kehahua, If.
Com rany H Lee Ah Leon sc. r .'
cob Kin Fut Ching," 3b; Dur!c
Lee, gg 1 Lieut. Lo If; Kam r.. '
Alexander Young Yee, lb; Edw:
Ij. Chang, c i Ah I'at Heu, 2b ; :
Sutnn, p. - -r . . . ,v.
Associated Pressl
PEKING, China. The American
minister, Paul S. Reinsch. has received
several letters from Chinese signed
with their own blood. One or two of
them appeal for mediation with the
Japanese, others ask that America at
tempt to cause a cessation of the war
in Europe. It is the custom of Chinese
to sign letters or even to write them
w ith their own blood in place of ink,
when the reason for writing is grave
or nobly inspired. The saying is that
the writer t:ut off a .finger and wrote
with his blood," but as a rule a small
puncturerIn the sfcm ..supplied suffi
cient bjood for We A of a letter.
of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin
1 at Lieut.' Wichman A-183mari
to it nothing but empty" gheUs. Cf2a Lieut Scha
Schaefer.', , 200 p
' jV
Eorlvate f At7 v a, "V pY ; giy
Any weight over 4 lbs.
To Islands except Hawaii:
3 Conies.
10c "
12c y
....... 14c-
To Hawaii: ,
3 Copies
4.'Copies., . . . . . . ... . . . . .
5 Copies..-
To Mainland:
; f 3 ; Copies ...;;.;ViV.v'.-..-....r...CCc

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