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ay Specials
I Sjiiali, Iluhl.anl or 'iv;nii.
Li'M. ISiUM- I Chi. k.-ii,
- I i f - r i i -
.S. W. ;ttrt-l . . . .
.l'iil;ir ric. n-v ll. ." . .
jl'ul;if -r tin. ."...
.il-irul;ir l'i i -r Ht.. " . .
JIN-iriiljii I'li' '. in 'rl;i. L'.V
Sj.-. i;i ;ij lV i!
....... . S j 1 :M .",Or
JSM-i;il at L' j
. . . .Sj ial at i-at-fi '
Turn the little disc to 1-2-7-1
Kxeelsior Ixdge, I (. ( F.
this -v-njnK at 7: K'tbck.
The federal court trial jurors not
now in the Pavao rrlpiinal case Tf
excused to : tiofk tomorrow
morning. -
tees of
will be a me. aing of the trus
tlio Library of Hawaii this
a) l o i . ' K. i lie uieei-
uill be h
held in the library build-
by R. J. Baker
to illu.stiate the
terested in tii
Kei'rijary VI ar
will be on exhibition
talk Ai' persons in
bill's Jt ip to Kauai
An important . me ;.ng of the reli
gious education committee of Central
Cnion church hun bu called for this
afternoon at 4 o'clock at the parish
All members of Phoenix I,odge are,
requested to attend the next meeting
on Thursday. January 14, 01 me iouKe.
vorv imiKirtant business to be trans-
OMoans in Honolulu are invited to
a meetine of the Huekeye Club
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam A. How en. 1701 Kewalo street, at
7:30 o'clock tonight.
Copies have been received here of
the bill introduced Ln Congress by
Delegate Xuhlo to t ubmlt to vote of
the people or Hawaii wuuiub u.
frage for the terrltoiy. f
The annual meeting of the Free Kin.
tor-nrtn nnfl Children" Aid Assoela-
tion will be held 'FYIW morning at 10
o'clock at the Castie kindergarten.
Miss Hergen will addiess the meeting.
At the instance or United States
District Attorney Jcf: MeCarn the case
of Akioka Klnchita. charged witji big
amy, has been 'nolle f irossed In the
Tederal court and tnc defendant dls
charged. '
i ; i - r
Further consideration of the Fleas
nf,.n lmtPi'H flnnlicarlon for a license
4ii ho iHi-on at a meeting' of the II
,.nr- n.onp rmmni.ioii Friday aft-
"W' .... V
?rnoon at 3:S() in the senate chamber
.. at the capitol. -
' The granting of a demurrer filed by
;lhe respondent eoimanj caused the
ulhtniswdul euuetltf cU. rot forced, bank-,
" ruplcy In the case ( the. Honolulu
Klectrlc Works in the federal court
' yesterday afternoon. . , V ,
' .-; '.- '; ' .
The first meeting of the busjness-
men's Uible class of the Y- M. C. A.
will be held In the gymnasium this
evening. Supper win be served at C
o'clock, after which Rev, A. A. fcoer
bole will address the class.
Owing to'the abssace of John Wise
nnd John Ef finger, a meeUng of the
Hawaii fair commission scheduled for
11 o'clock Uiis , moii.ing .was post
poned Chairman It. 1. Wood may
call a special meet -.is prior ms
leaving for San Francisco on the Mat
son la tomorrow mora In g.
In his annual r i"rt u dir- tor l
experiment .stations in t!i' (i'-partmnt
of'agricuture. Ir. A. '. Trip uf Wash
lnvfUn. 1. ( .. has tiiii' h to say H-r-Tain
iiiif to Hp Hawaiian Islands. He
takes up at length the Imal fiuiit ii
the Mediterranean 'fruit lly and also
discusses the various productions ol
the territory. Considerable space U
j;iven the establishment of the terri
torial m.rketin; division.
According to advices received from
Washington, I). C. an omnibus lis;iit
house bill has been introduced in the
senate by Senator Pomerene of Ohio
which provides for an appropriation
of 180.000 for an aid to navigation in
Pearl Harbor. Other provisions in the
bill include appropriations for light
and fog signal stations at points on
the mainland and on the west coast
of San Juan island.
In the report of William A. Tayloi,
chief of the bureau of plant industry'
in the departmept of agriculture, men
tion is made of the recent visit to Ha"
wail of R. A. Young, who investigates
the taro patches in the territory'. Ac
cording to advices from Washington,
U. C, the data secured by Mr. Young
will be used to work out the dasheen
problem in the South and to ascertain-
whether methods of taro culture may
be adapted to the cultivation of a re
lated root crop.
nn Dnmn
Fve res"iluti-!is eat
On t Li last leg of a I" ar journey
niound tii world, durlri. whieh time proveAifiit of sti'tt. liie laying -j
!, covered 74.22' tnilei. Dr. Jack Daw'- sidewalks- and c.irtsU.n -, uere intr-j
yon, M. D, A I-' It . i'. S . of I'erth.1 duced by Snjir-rvisor Ju::ie? Qiiiiui and.
West Australia, arrive., in HonoluluJ passed for the first r-atiin by jtiej
In the Mteamer Sierra and will remain i Hoard of Supervisors : ineeiiu-;!
ia the city until he ir.'s earned suffi
cient money by ghin b-ctur-s to pay
his expenses to the Colonies
Dr. Dawson left P-ith January 1,
1MC for a l' year cu-ii.rpnce test, in-
in the i ity laH last ai'it.
The w.rk will le i.ai uel tn t thr
adjoining property owners in coulojiii
ance with the frontage tax statutes,
according to the text of the re-n!u-
xviiss Annie Aiona and James B
Howard were niarried in the Catholic
cathedral at 3 o'clock yesterday after
noon, Rev. Father Valentin officiat
tag. Assistant United States Distriet-H
Attorney J. Wesley Thompson was
best man and Mrs. Edith Strader, sec
retary to the district attorney, brides
maid. Deputy Marshal Otto Heine
gave the bride away and' Attorney
George A. Davis was chief usher. Aft
er the ceremony the marshal released
the bridegroom on his own recogniz
ance so that the coupler-might enjoy
a brief honeymoon.
Pending the supreme court's ruling
on the ,blll of execptiens taken up by
Attorney George A. Davis. William F.
Armstrong has -beea- released from
Jail under. $2000 nond.- Armstrong re
cently was convicted by a Jury of em
betzlement and given a prison sen-
"tence by Circuit "Judge Ashford. '
Dr. Doremus Scudder, pastor of Cen-,
tral Union church, will be tiie guest
of honor at a reception In the Japa
nese Y. M. C A., Smith street, .this
evening. Dr. Scudder recently return
ed from the mainland where he: en
gaged in a campaign of "good-will" to
further the friendly relations between
Japan and the United States.
T. M. 'Ball, pioneer printer of Oak
land and who formerly worked at his
trade-in Honolulu $2 years ago, re
turned to this city yesterday to re
new" .eld acquaintances f fcr the first
time since 18S3. Mr. Hall arrived on
the Sierra and he recalled nionee'r
printing times in the islands of the
early days.. He said hand presses run
by Hawaiians were used .in printing
newspapers. Of all his old acquaint
ances, Mr. Ball could remember Albert
McGurn and Henry Smith only, the
latter now being a circuit court clerk.
He will remain here for a few weeks.
"Explorations of the , Mountains of
Kauai" will be the subject of an ad
dress by Former Governor Walter F.
Frear at the Trail and Mountain Club
luncheon in Cooke hall, Y. M. C. A..
Friday noon. Photographs
"One hundred new members by Jan
uary 31" is the slogan which has been
adopted by the membership commit
tee of the Y. M. C. A. Through the
efforts of a committee of 100, 44 new
members have been added to the rolls
since the first of the year and it Is
expected that the remaining 56 new
members will be secured by next
The committee of 10.1 was appointed
In December' with the understanding
that each committeeman would try
to secure one new member. Many of
the committeemen have fulfilled
these obligations. Others have gone
one better by securing two or three
new members.
Discovery Is Made Territory
Does Not Own Proposed
Site For Pier
Plans for the proposed new wharf
at Waimea, Kauai, have been tempor
arily checked by the harbor commis
sion's discovery that the site on which
the pier was to be erected is not ter
ritorial property but belongs to the
estate of Mrs. V. Knudsen, mother of
ex-Senator Eric Knudsen. Chairman
C. R. Forbes has been puzzling over
the new obstacle the last week or ten
days, but a solution is thought to have
been found.
On motion of Commissioner James
Wakefield the commission today auth
orized Chairman Forbes to write Mrs:
Knudson or her agents, requesting
that she donate to the territory the
site desired for the new wharf.
Wakefield explained this morning
that where piers are built by the gov
ernment and are particularly sought
by large property-owners on the dif
ferent islands, the sites are donated
by the latter if they happen to hold
land which is especial'y desirable as
locations. He cited several instances
proving his point.
Plans for the Waimea wharf- had
gofie forward and a point reached
where Chairman Forbes was ready to
take soundings and arrange for the
actual work at the site of. the. present
pier at Waimea. The discovery was
made suddenly that this land did not
belong to the government and that.no
other government-owne-l location was
available in the immediate neighbor
The Knudsons, who own a large
amount of land in the region and were
especially active in urging the new
pier, are expected to be willing to do
their share now in assuring its loca
tion. Chairman Forbes said that
about 1.7 acres would Iip necessary
and Mrs.-Knudsen is to be asked to
give the territory title to that amount
of water-frontage.
angurated by the National Sporting tions. The streets to sc ;m- sm!: :m
Club of Australia, which offered a rovenients are as follows:
prize of $2r.,i'uii for the rirst man to; Walaiae road, between. Kamoiliili
ieach Government hrm?e. Perth, be-bridge and Koko Head avenue; Kamoi
iween midnight. Dec uiber 21. 1HH. ixil i road between in'er.-e. tion of
and January 1. v. IT,. According to King and I'.eretania sti. . is; Kahikaua
these conditions Dr. Dawson has lost avenue, bf-tweeii Kna road and inter
the prize. However, in the course of section of V.tvk :md !i:nm"i.! Hen 1
ihts globe-trotting he has rossed Aus-jrcad; King street. be-veen Kahaniki
jtralia. New Zealand. Japan. China. In- bridge and intersection of King with
(ke( tuna, I ibet. Nortnei n India. Afgh-j i'.eretania ar Kamoiliili; Heretania
anistan. Turkestan, Siberia. Russia.' street, between junction of King and
Hungary. Germany. Switzerland. Bel-jjt!, intersection with King street,
gium. Italy. Spain. Portugal. France. ln response to a re-piest from the
t-.ngianu. r-couanu. ar.aua and uie. board. Citv Kneiueer Wall submitted
Here are the
Glorious Shades
in Phoenix
Silk Hose
for Ladies:
United States.
Three students from China, Kuang
Pio Hu and Hung Chen Chen, of Pe
king, and Kou Chow Li Tsing Tao
head the honor list issued at Phillips
Exeter Academy, at Exeter, X. H.
Lord Kitchener, has. repudiated that
interview. He admitted the Cobb, but
won't acknowledge the corn. Chi-
prepared caeo News. '
Table Glassware
Is one of the rntst important items hu your table arrangement.
Like the "open-stock" dinner pattern idea we have 12 complete fines
of glassware from which, with a initial purchase, you can start your
set. :-
WV DIM0ND & CO., Ltd.
The House of Housewares. 53-65 King Street
Round the Island in auto $5.00.
Iewis Stables. Phone 2141. Adv.
Milton & Parsons, milliners, have
reduced prices on their attractive bon
nets for pre-inventory sale. Adv.
See May & Co.'s advertisement of
their Wednesday specials in another
place in this issue and then take ad-
-vantaiie of-the reductions that occur
only on that one day of the week.
Mr. Abadie, proprietor of the French
Laundry, has opened a branch office at
110S Union street for the receipt and
delivery of laundry and articles for
dry cleaning. Either Mr. or Mrs. Aba-
die will be at the- branch office each
day to give advice on the cleaning of
clothes. Branch office telephone 2919.
The Metropolitan Meat Market is
supplied with high-grade meats that
are kept in a cooling room only long
enough to free them from animal heat.
The result is good meat, tender and
without the apjearance of sogginess.
The ladies of the Outdoor Circle are
to be entertained at luncheon by the
Ad Club tomorrow. There will be a
feast of reason, a flow of soul and a
discussion of the sidewalk problem.
Incidentally the Honolulu Construction
and Draying Company rises to remark
that they build the best and at sat
isfactory prices.
Mr. McCann, manager of the H. T,
McCann Co., with offices 3X Young
building, reports tlm an absolutely
unprecedented interest is being taken
in the' telegraphone, a marvelous in
vention by Poulsen, the wireless man,
which automatically records telephone
and telegraph messages, as well as dic
tation. It has been prophesied that
this wonderful piece of mechmism
will completely revolutionize the proc
ess of recording. Whether it be in any
of the above forms, or train despatch
es, lectures or lengthy court proceed
ings, the simplicity and economical
operation insure its lasting satisfac
tion. It would be difficult to enumer
ate the many uses to which the tele
graphone may he put, for lack of
space, but let it suffice to say that a
visit to the offices of the company
will enlighten you more than pages
of literature. There's nothing like see
ing for yourself.
Although Mr. McCann has been ex
hibiting but a few days in this city lie
has been forced to work night and
day to fulfil appointments for demon
strations. It may be said tint this
is not an experimental proposition.
The hackers were not willing that it
should be offered to the public until it
was thoroughly reliable. Therefore,
those who now witness a' demonstra
tion and book orders may feel as
sured that tkey are obtaining identical
ly the same finished produce that is
rapidly taking the place of the almost
obsolete dictaphones throughout the
It is the purpose of this advertise
ment to invite all interested parties
to call for 'demonstration.
a report in which he urged a stand
ard type of sidewalk uul a regulation
of sidewalk lines, as well as estab
lished grades. Wall also recommend
ed that a fire service be installed
where salt water cou.d be used in
stead of fresh water as at present.
James T. Taylor appeared before
the board and requested the improve
ment of Laimi and Puiwa lanes in
Nuuanu valley. The mayor and the
supervisors agreed to visit the places
mentioned by Mr. Taylor on Saturday
The skating rink applied for a dance
hall license, but owing to failure to
secure permission of the majority of
the residents of the district the board
refused to grant the license.
The Holy Name Society has install
ed the following officers to serve during-1915:
Rev. Father Francis, spiritual di
rector; Rro. Louis, director F. I).
Creedon, president; Thomas Lincoln,
first vice-president; J. C. Camara, sec
ond vice-president; Eaward Kahale,
recording secretary; Louis Isaac, fin
ancial secretary i Rro. Louis, treas
urer; William Perry, marshal; Harry
Ahong, Samuel Lehna, II. Nestor and
Louis Peiry, consulters.
En route 1o the Pananm-Pacilic ex
position, the members of the Philip
pine Constabulary; band" will visit Ho
nolulu, February as passengers in
the steamer Marichuria. The baud
will give a complimentary concert
from the bandstand in the capitol
grounds while the; steamer is n port.
A cablegram was received by Gov
ernor Pinkham yesterday from Fran
cis Burton Harrison, governor-general
of the Philippiuejs, stating that the
There are now 1,248,427 acres of b;ulJ was coming and asking Mr. Pink
land in the various counties of Cali-.ham to arrange for a concert. The
fornia open for entry. Only 53.587 governor replied ithat the band will
of the total number of acres have not) he suitably entertained and thanked
been surveyed. ' Mr. Harrison for his courtesy.
Palm Peach
)id Uose
Nile Crec n
Light Wisteria
King's Plue
Skv Hlne
Light Cray
Park Crceii
I'.ia. k
Tan :;o
American Beauty
Light Cold
!.!:' Plue
in ary
Ct i ise
'i'unpii ise
Pure Silk Yet only 75c the Pair
Sold only, at
Expert Furniture Movers
Prices Reasonable '
Baggage handled with promptness
Union - Pacific Transfer
KlMg St, next to Tosng Bids.
' : "' 1
1174 WepbcnM 1171 . I
A submarine apparatus permitting In one of the Fall River mills', was suf
the use of a motion-picture camera, j focated in a' room at his boarding
nrnSp,niu7csfX on nt street whn flr a-
nas reei. successfully employed ( aged the tenement building.
Kecuring motion pictures of marine; American wire wheels with rubber
vegetation and fish in the harbor at titS are to used on Japanese
Adssau. rickshaws in place of the old Japan-
Oliver Boucher. 50. a ring spinner ese wooden wheels. -
Up late last night? Dull, heavy
headache this morning? Don't worry,
take Shac one wafer one swallow
of water relief in a minute. advertisement.
The governor , received a request
from the state department, through
the department of the interior, to give
entertainment befitting their disting
uished position to the Prince and
Princess Kanipengpetch of Siam. who
will visit Honolulu for several hours
Friday during the stay of the steam
er Mongolia at this port.
The territorial executive is planning
to accord the royal couple every cour
tesy possible. The prince is brother
to the king of Siam, and the couple
are en route home from a tour of the
James I). Dougherty wHl have
charge of the entertainment of the
prince and princess.
Boarder What do you mean by
calling us to breakfast at this hour"?
IPs only 5 o'clock. Waitress The
missus heard it thundering and she
told us to hurry up and serve break
fast before the milk soured. Boston
Tlhsitt's Some Gieese
In MAY & COS wi ndow
TFMm To See
It's a Wisconsin,
Elkhorn Brand
cheese weighing
Order a slice now.
It will be cut on
Saturday, the 16th
at 10 a. m.
Henry May & Go.,
Phone : 12715 -1
'. ' . .
: t ,

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