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Evening Bulletin, Est. 1882. No. 6074
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XXII. No. 7114
:..- - - C.
t a- v La
9 A
l'crsla, Jan. S3.
For Can Francisco:
Manoa, Feb, 2..r
From Vancouver: . . - '
Niagara, Feb. 21.
For Vancouver:
Niagara, Feb. 5. -
1 1 I- i - I
0 J. E'"'1Q
Big Point in Fight for Larger
Port Accommodations Se
cured by Washington Report
News Cabled by Delebate
Honofulans Glad to Get
U.cznz Much fcr Future of
City Project is Revision of
Ordinal Plan of Army En
gineers .;.-": '.' .'.;.
"Chamber cf Commerce-;-' Pri
"Ilalihi. . Chanel .reported
favorably ! y rivers and bar-
4 1'
Tl o a
i .
- nesBago from the
k ...bed Honolulu thla
r:.!::r, thows tliat an important
:vo t-ward uniting Honolulu and
:'.: I hr.rlcrs has been successfully
Every reject for rivers and
rl:rs ir.irrovcrncnt must first re
o. the ccial O. 11. of the board
z.rrjy cr.pinccrs known as the rir-
s i' r.d l.arbcrs board, and the ap-J
:vl cf th'.3 loiy U equivalent to
"!"7 cny mrarure before' congress.
rcvL-cJ-Ka:!' channel -project
t TJ'S to tie chief of engineers,
I to the tccn lary of ' war, la t! '
r r.rr.-.ci, l:;t farcratle action Ly
cr.j l.ar! ors toai J means
11?! ':rc the- house at
:. 71.? ten irr"-dSate-:
I," :.-t en:!?" "-,
cvf:r.cr.ts.f:3, ai if there
--,! :?"-?. I i'l b
. i . r s it 13 mere than
-The city and county will commence
Inspection of. milk on Jlonday, accord
ing to the positive statement Issued
by Mayor Lane to tile Star-Bulletla
today. . .f -V i.;
"Regardless of -what the territory
does In the matter, the city and coun
ty will have charge, of milk inspec
tion,' was 1 the statement of, the ex
ecutive. "The law clearly provides
that it is the duty of. the city: and
county to Inspect milk and I Intend to
see that the law Is carried out' The
milk inspector has been named and
will Proceed with his duties February
l .- i-. . - . .. .- ,
''Ugh.' and a couple of "Egh, egha,"
Taste anything In the water this
morning! , .. , '.. s
One more step towards "the human
perfect'Mn so far as health is con
cerned has been established.;
It was and Is and will be chlorine.
Four hundred pounds of the -drug.
manufactured ' Into liquid form,' las
put Into the water yesterday, and to
day and It will continue to. be turned
Into the water Indefinitely. . r '
City Engineer Wall ; turned la the
chlorine la number 1 puriScatioa plant
In ,-Nuuanu valley yesterday;; Num
ber 2 plant 'was brought tato use to
day.'' V" ;'.".;''.,.;." V:j.'
The liquid chlorine Is forcEu into
the w ater and is used to kill all those
little germs that are supposed to cat
Into our Inner, tubes. The flow of t'-e
chlorine Is regulated acordingr to ue
Mow of the" water.- : .4 " -
Maybe It will even kill the "germs"
that are eating the insides out of the
c:eters, .; ' 1 .'.-','-,'"- ' ' '
i . rr i
' : - . ' r . 1 ' M. , J." 11
Mine -Af f n mt . : - i -r : :
Not Kccpcad cf Navy r i
H);iovs m:ia:m Wilson m
Shattering PrccedentsfWillv
Deliver Vitvva In Person
V IFrc-u Hawaii VlsiP
Secretary cf tha ITavy Dan
iels, will cct allo7 the change
of anzne-- f er the fpmal
opening cf ths ranania; canal
to ' Dlocx Ms yisit ; to iiawaii
this year.? f;--
FolloTTing thsi news from
ATTENTION, HE THINKS 7asMrjtcn yesterday that the
f v -.v,., ; , ". " I bir fcitil: -Mii 9anida throii'rh
Part Of AdcresS Uh2 cnr..il 'cr:r.nflt ha held in
Has Completed
10. Legislature; ue in lllarchbsciof pczinhmty bf
xeresung, tie says-, - ths vcr::!3. not .heinar able to
Governor pikkham; has decided' i ui I ffct throng ft -was feared in
on another '"precedent-smashing inno-1 Ilcnolulll tllCt Secretary Dan-
A. M.t. S 41. VIa I . - ,- . t - ' J W
illustrious superior. President Wilson. UlS ; plin tO bnngflve tattle-
me governor win appear oeiore me i smca to Iiav7au WOUiu DC en
Jolntxassembly of the territory's law- Ui-i v a XA -rPi:,
The Ctar-Bnlletin .cabled to
hi l
? rivers cr.i hartcrs
":n cf tho cri;:aal
c:.:r.ccr8. "ir.13
r a CCO-foct chan
r;v.are turning
ru'.-craticn it.vas
? C strict cr.gincrr
i tr.at a iu j-iooi
rJ ir.rr.ciite ec-
gov1: cahl:rram vrai received- today
lined to set u answer: .; .-, 'v;; V',
; A j Washington;'; A::c:i"ted
Press despatch today cay 3
''Secretary vDanjels ;tpday
formally anzcur.ee d that ths
opening 01 uia, iranama .canai
will be postponed is July'
Fi:!i:rman;:Who Says He Vs
ltac:;c3 by Hc:irp, L.ay
, Did From Wcur.d '''
' . ,. . . ,i f ; y-
ITugcne Luanda, a Portuguese fish
errran, a recent- arrival . from Koloa,
iva;i, was found unconscious "with
threat cut from ear to earln. an
i ..'rc". ;rr.toi district of Iwilel early
t:.i j r -rahig. . He is . said to have
teen aitacked by a Fillpinof, holdup
nau. " ' - v . ...... :
Captain of. Detectives "McDufTle,
Crrrrt. Kellett and several officers are
t:c-.:rir.5 the. city for. two Filipinos,
v ". c3 c'rscrlptlon by a pedestrian tal
1 j v,;th that given the police by the
ictl.a cf the alleged holdup. .
After c'?se questioning of the man
ty the 'pc'.Ice and examination X,l hl3
v cur.i ty physicians, the alternate
t v. : 3 cavanced that he had at
t:r:'i to take his life. Luanda -ad-L.:t.t:
' having taken part of. a bottle
cf gin tut denied attempting suicide.
L .rda was lef r to his fate by his
sallants. lie' partially recovered
and made knov.n his plight to Walter
Ms r on,'. who believed the man under
the influence of liquor. On seeing ths
man s condition he called the police.
Luanda recovered sufficiently, to
tell Li3 stcry when taken to the ds-
tltal. He tays that he had spent-the
;ht fishing off the reefs near Iwilel.
lAt 3 o'clock, this morning he, was fe-
f. c : t.s work, which win turning to the city when accosted by
? r.cv,- cut 1CC0 feet square,! a. Filipino, who asked or money to
:'r.T the triangular cut to be. play a game of craps. Lu'aflda Tefus
, end En area in-
r.t Quarantine wharf
vh::h has Just teen
:'rt cf the eventual
:i i : .1 Kallhi har
' t c'.ar.r.d, w".Jf
: ::r:-':a l"
. i..;:.;i wh::f
. ; ; I";;:, tetter ani
. : ' - : '-.ruvcrin.': cf
e l cf t: ? er.'.:r?
: ct si.:;:::,
: rt cf the work
r J ani thrown
I L a aprrci!n:atc
: -! rcr cent cf the
of .S3. The
:3 the moving cf
v case, and imrr.i
1 coaling wharves.
at additional tar
ed behind the
arf. 1 The length
nel will be 4003
proposal Includes
honored custom when' he performed tha sscretarV: ; Tha following Clent S Visit 4t0 th3 ezposi.icn".
. 1 " ' . . & a ' . i . I
uus ceremony on me erst 027 vun-
rress after he took office
ernor Pinkham has determined
a similar recora in. wawaii.- u wm urtrmtTrf'nu Ti 'r:- T;
be the first time a xorernor'a openins - , JllJijUlUi,, L. t., J an.
message has been read by the execu- 3, -Secretary Daniels says his
' - In making the announcement", this but Will nevcrt3. cancelled. He
morning-. tne governor said: - r ; rnmir" Vnfir"t'fail He inav
There, are a number of thinrs I 13 COmmo VrXinCXUi. ne ddy
desire to . Impress particularly upon
the; legislators,- affairs which "-need
their closest and, most careful consid
eration.; The -best'way o drive the
facts home and get their undivided at
tention on the questions put 'before
the lawmakers, I believe, is to have
the message read to them by: the per
son , who 'writes it,'
The . governor "reiterated a former
statement to the effect that the' com
munication will not be a lengthy one;
e t the same time It Is to' he as nearly j
Li: ihr.dslTe ' of ;,the .leading ,r govern1-
cental prchltms as he, can make 1L
He ha3 given-considerable time to
its preparation, the last ten days and
already a portion of the document ts
ia writing.; He expects to complete it
tn ample time to have copies ready for
distribution among the senators and
representatives on February 17, . the
opening day of the session. He is not
prepared yet, however, to disduss the,
subjects that will be Incorporated in
It, but promises that, the message will
be of more than ordinary Interest to
the territory at large.
MiMZPJ&ift ted' In German- Cablosrcin
? ThetfoHbwna eablearama reeeived early thia arterneon trofa.pin
eial German sources:,''; : - - '. v--... . - r: ;i "t 4,--' 'i-'j-' ''
: ! "WASHINGTON. D.C.,laiu 29-Headquartera reporti; Ena1itj depots
in the fortress lof OunKerque (Dunkirk) were .abundantly shtlT.l .with
bombs durina c nlcht raid by air-craft. ' : p :: ?fL
AtUks.H'.the' dunea. northwetv of Nieuport repulsed the enemy, .who 1
lir one plaxe 1ta? entertcm1 German potitionTna . enemy ae-tirrrerr-t-iic
With a Jtlcbt bayorrst- attack. , south or the La Basse canal the tn;iisn
tried to take back, a' lost position but; their attack -waa easily repulsed. :
"On the rest of the western front there is nothing important. -v -
The Russian . attack near Kutsen, northeast of Gumbinnen, has failed.
Heavy Russian losses" have occurred in Northern Pofand. No change In
tha situation northeast of Collmow. ' ; .!' V ' :M
- "East of Lowicz the Germans, drove the Russians out of-an advanced"
position and captured the main position, conquering the trenches with trt
vial exceptions, accomplished In - spite of violent night attacks.' ' x r'x
rAssodated Press Service by' Federal WIrelesa.1
PETEOGRAD, Bnssia, Jan. 20. The object of the Rnssian
invasion of East Prussia is the German stronghold of Koeni3.
berg, where it is nndsrstood the garrison is depleted. .The route
of the invading: -orces lies farther north than that taken by
Gen. Rennenkampf in his disastrous attempt early in the war,
and theH Russian army is novr stronger and better equipped. .;
Dr. Scudder Points Out . That
Until Anti-Asiatic Agitation,
Naturalization vyas Granted
That more than. 50 Japanese havd
been granted citizenship; by the Unit
ed States la the statement of Dr. Do
remus Scudder." pastor of Central Un-
.i.'rfo keep, special watch over IT". " tv.t,!nron itn MnnsAtioa
t. r .nils to prevent the disease's S3TjthT 'appliUonTinTthe federal
e. , .ng. . , . . . comt here of Takatf Ozawa fir citlzen
T. e patient is a girl In, the fresh- starBulleUn asked Dr. Scud
man diss, whose name was withheld. , tt.hr t,. ,,, TiAderable lnves-
The discovery of a case of diphthe
ria at Punahou academy today prompt-
(1 f'.3 Ruthorttles to make an official
ti t -reassuring parents and
.ntine wharf.
led to give him any. The attack fop!
She has been taken to the children's
hospital, where ,it4la Bald the case is
a mild one,". .-' . , ; , i ' .
Following la the statement dfPres
Ident A. F. Griffiths, to parents, In
The source of the infection is cot I IP- Pn7ZZ
tigation of the subject, aa to the facts
regarding naturalization for the Jap
anese. - . ; r; -
The following letter was .received
J known. The school Is watchlngT, for
... m
frt ttrnr.srlv tflk'pn rf a hntllft of rln nnTna hnurn ' any Cases, that' may Tome
Sir: Last evening you quote, Mr. Aj
c: t: 3 community ior uie iowecu L.uanaa aamittea navmsr car-i . "iu. 1U1 rP ,v ...ine thit hA knows
' a ii v i-xKfH iiiaai iiixt iuiih i i i i i i uik i - . . .
same 'source an dare asking parents &;2!.-wrf"fSJS2
ly re r:v.:r Governor 'W. F. before. -: ;. .:"?:' :.-r .r-"".
. I e fere t'.c toard ofjpn rVneers j Luanda said .that he" approached' a
r j.vcrs sr. I t:.rbors, la.-ui3Mr. J watchman at the railway Wharves who.
rear, t'en ia V.'ahlngton, spoke as Instead of giving him aid, attempted
e re; .'esentative cf the Honolulu to drive him off the premiseso J
" Lcr cf ccn:n:erce, and his 6tate- " The injured man 13 about 40- years
-.t, tristling with Indisputable facts old and has a:wlfe and 11 children on
: ' urcs, undoubtedly had consid
. . l!o wc!-ht with the board. In tak
: - its prerr.t favorable action.
A few tr. ruths ego the community,
,rr; : J to ths necessity for united
- :l! a locally, also took up the pro
.; ct fcr pull is cliscusslon. The Cham-
t cf Ccrrr.crcp, Governor Pinkham,
: icrir.lcnccnt cf Puhlic Works For-i-fs
tzi many ethers. Individuals and
,f rn.s, heartily advocated the project
3 a commercial necessity for Hono
1 Ju. - . -
Jcnciulu Clad to Hear ths News. .. .
Termer Governor Frear was 'frank
(Continued cn page two) '
. t, V I A M.
:The doctors report-' that the ?nJ ff ?1 ?e512f SSSl
chances of students taking the dis
ease from these cases are very small.
But the school is giving full Informa
tion to the parents of all children in
the same classes and asking them to
rtore C0xi5 ft; warehouse 24x43 ft,
Alskea street '
Ut CCxlCD ft, with barn,.iimer st
Let 125x100 ft, Beretania and Miller
street :.. "'
ranch, 14 acres, 2 miles from cat
line. . -.
I Merchant and Alakea streets : '
KauaL". ' ' ' . ' - ; -v ;
Sergt Fied Iaukea. and Special Of
ficer. Nobrlga" went to see Luanda and
joined In the InvestigaUon made byjdren show any symptoms, not to hare
me ponce, ii was said at me nos- cui cvuiu w ,uwi uum .r
Dital that the man mar recover. .clan has been consulted.! . - .'
Captain McDuffie ; learned today! Mr. Griffiths-In giving this matter
that two Filipinos accompanied man 'publicity said that, he' felt sure that
zation. We have one such Japanese
in Honolulu, a most excellent citizen.
Dr. Katsunuma, an employe of Uncle
Sam in the Immigration service. While
In Washington last month. i: learned
that the number of Japanese -who
use .vigilance allyjln chlngfor have fc granted : nkturallzation by
possible symptoms and. if the the.courU. of our country is -between
50 and 100. Until the anU-Aslatlc agi
tatI6n of the past quarter, century, be
came acute,, all, -applications for citi
zenship by Chinese - and 'Japanese
apparently intoxicated, in a hack' that
proceeded along the lower, Iwilel road
In the direction of the old "gold mine."
The Portuguese was found -within 'a
short distance of the spot designated
by a spectator. Who. described -the
Filipinos to the police. ; V .
Petitions for naturalization filed by
the following persons are scheduled
to be heard la federal court tomorrow
morning at 10 o'plock: Takao Ozawa.
native cf. Japan; Manuel Abreau, Ma
deira; J. F. Daly, England; G. B. "V.
Isenberg,; Germany; Herbert IUley,
Tngland; Raval Aitakae, Fiji; H. . M,
J. C. Frandsen, Denmark; C L." J.
Schmidt. Germany; A. De Santos, Ma
deira,' ' r . ,
the homes will "be glad to know the
facts in the. matter and to cooperate
with the school in. preventing a spread
of the disease. 4 S . :P:'r',-p'
' " i- ' t
WASH I NGTON, D. v Jan. 29.
President Wilson wore a tarnation In
his. lapel today In honor xf, the birth
day of President McKlr.ley. r "
Jurqrs In Judge Ashford'a division
of ,the first circuitc court trill not be
required to appear for duty until next
Tuesday-morning, no cases being, set
for jury trial before that date. ;
This Jime It's 'Gen. bbregon
and His Men Wh5 March in
" Triumph Through Streets
. .--. ; . . ;
i . ; A. P. by Fed." Wireless i -.
MEXICO CITY; Mexico,-Jan. 21
Gen. Obregon, supposedly friendly .to
Carranza, yesterday -entered the capi
tal at the head of an army of 10,000
men. --Sharpshooters hidden under and
on the roof of the cathedral attempted
to assassinate him, three of his sol
diers' being' kilted 'and several, wound
ed by the "sniping'! fire. -.The sniper
werg nsi.ciugni. . -j . . , . . , .
Last flight 2000 more soldiers, en
tered the city. The capital Is quiet to
day and business is -resuming. ,
LOSES flii PLi
Special cable 'ilo , the-Nippu Jijl-J '..
" TO.KIO, Japan.' Jan. 29. -Because Of
hi failure to effect a consolidation of
7 Zj. ; itZ ' " Ji' t 4 electric Ughtmg plants here and
were granted The statute Meringbnnfl the tntirl, system under munici-
naturalization as originally. passed by
Congress in 1791 orv thereabouts ex-f-Ti'S
(Continued on page two) f
,;: ; r-.-.." .f -.
Further tesUmony was taken in (he
federal court today ; te the case of
VVong Kum Wo, petitioner for a writ
Of habeas torpus.Twho'. recently filed
a second petition', asking that he be
released.' on bond and "removed from
the custody of Richard li Haisey,
V D. H. Lake, secretary to Dr.? W.. T.
Brigham, testified that, he 'visited the
Immigration- station --'September
1914; and" that wbentWong" KumWo
L02TDON, England, Jan. 29. Answerino; the strategy 'cf
German and Austrian "generals in starting an offensive xnovc
nient in. Hungary and Bukowina to repel the Slav troop3,
Russia ha? resumed her invasion-of EasVPrussia. The Czarr3
forces are now more than 30 miles inside the German border. :
PH Simultaneously with the stiffened 'Austrian attack, the
Turks further southeast are attempting to exert a new prcz:ro
on the' Eusso-Turkish line. The reports there are contradictory
but heavy fighting is evidently taking place. 5 : ;
(V-: -The western front is quieter. :he costly German assaults
of the past few days seem to hae accomplisehd nothing.
nussianGeneral Staff Dsclarias
W -: Recent Attut!u Proving ; Succe::
' PETEOGEAD, Eussia, Jan: 29. A statement issued today
by the Eussian general staff says: , - ; '
4 "North of Tilsit, in East Prussia, on Ilonday tha Eu::ians
drove back thGennans. destroying the -Pogcgan 'railway rta-
won. vj;io;niin? continues m me ruisaiien ana uuaci:a re
gions, which at certain points is resulting advantageously to U3.
'Southeast. of Dukla Pas3 we gained an important su::::3
on Tuesday and compelled the: enemy: to .'retreat, pre::" it
"The attempts of the enemy to assume the offensive cn tho
Carpathlaii frcnt have cVerywherTJbefn smctliucJ by ths a
Saults of our forces. ; ; r .. . " .' , : ; . 1 ".
; "The situation in Bukowina is unchanged.' :PPP. -
Austrian Press Demands GevmryV
Example in Ssizin Food bo Follx;:
r r VENICE, ttaly, Jan. 29. Despatches from Vienna z.y
that the city council and newspapers are demanclinj that Ay.:
tria follow Germany's example and confiscate all foodstuffs, to
be distributed by government agencies. 'p
The press denounces as selfish.the Hungarian agricultural
ists who are opposing this plan, i The Vienna newspapers de
clare that' a great catastrophe threatens the Dual Ilcnorchy
unless energetic measures are taken to conserve ths food sup
plies and place them in official hands. , " " ; .
; y VENICE, Italy, Jan. 29. Telegraphic advice3 here, from'
Vienna ' say that the Austrian government has d: eided to or
ganize agrain monopoly similar to Germany 'si , The minister
of agriculture today announced that the army-ha3 sufficient
food ta last until September. Owing to the quantities cf barley
and maize used to make bread there is a serious shortage- cf
fodder.'":;- v -; ' P. :
- 4 ,
Crovn Prince Lays It;
NEAE VEEDTJN, France, Jan. 29.-Cro7;n Trine: rre:! cr
ick William.has made the following statement to the A::::::.t:.I
Press:' :-: ' v; ; -- y,',?.; -p. p
""We are convinced that the day 'will ccrn : v, h : n ?: . .
ana r ranee wiu una tnai xney are oniy cemj t....
7orlc- we. expect of Amenca absolutely f;.i: pl;.y . vi l
Berlin Official Reneri .1
y BEELHT, Germany Jan. 29 German acrcp!an:i last
made a raid on Dunkirk and dropped bembs.ca the Zzp.
provision depots. Except fcr miner cnjajen:cnt3 in rianJ;;,
the remainder of ths front was inactive. : , '
pal control; Baron' Y SakatanL mayor
of Tokio, has resigned. x
" 'JBarqcT Sakatani Js peitwnally knbwri
to- a humtrorHonolula' residents:
He was partrc'ularjy, hospitable. In bis
entertainment of the Hawaii - party
that toured the empire last spring on
a semi-official peace mission. -
slJiwk hands with'; his alleged father,
Fd win ' Farmer." . former Inspector,
stepped betweeh the couple and hurled
them apart with. seemingly unneces
sary force.?, -The defendant' has filed
an affidavit In which he alleges -cruel
BEELIN; Germany, Jan. 29. Tho report cn ravi'
finances fcr ths past year show that tho. deposits '.
creased COjC vD,CwD. . , ? ,.
Li O
t 1 1 i ,
y ;v PAEI3, Iran:- Jan. 20. Ycstcrthy there ;vcro rPj
and niinor enjer ents alenT the entire we-tern frcnt.
The present civil service comrais-jnicnt icc:t!c j
slcn will ccmplst! tiie execution cf;thcs3 v,to ta.
treatment-at the. hands of one of the; its last ecu? Zitu.-Jay afternoon when hell in -l
IminigiaUoa-Wflcials.;'--' !;- P. f-appoIatr::-t3 to L:veral rcY.zs depart- L-':::t.

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