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V; .- .pH02 1:21
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-"?. ;V?
Lack of lht?rcsY Generally: At
tributed to -Slack' Demand '
. ; for RefinedSugar;
Nevers & Callagban. 83 Wall Street.
New York, issued the following sugar
Ui-,,SV- m:vr wi r
tcraber 10f v'f- rJ".
The weak opened with rcflnera rery
Indifferent towards offering of raws
for which -holders were asking- $-5$,
t asinff deg. . A f4 (4.C4c.) for Cabas
cad- 4.58c. 'basis' $5 leg: t?t, forlchaimitn'of the board, which consists
Porto Ricos. ; Sellers 'reduced 1 their
aking prices '"to" 2-9l$c basis $8 deg, commander of ihe 1st submarine di
c & for Cubas without attracting vision Lleut-Comdc A. Furen who
tuners and flaaUy ta M2e.-basis 9 raised theiF-4, and UeuL ' Karry U
dtg. c; Li t. before business resulted.
At this latter price an outport refiner
L inrhf annviTlniitnlv ' : it AAHKA AAA
bags.' ' The offerings at - 3-12& basis j
i'6 deg. c f., increased to such an
extent' that some sellers found it ne
cessary to offer further concessions in
price in order to make sales, with tbe
result that after about 23,00H tasrs
Cubas had been sold at l-WZZo. basis
U deg. c f, to a local reflaer, the
market setttled down to 3-716C basis
2n c & fvat which price about
rulators and outport refiners, one local
rcf.rrf taking about 26,000 bags afloat
and lor shipment at1 this figure
. "The reentry ; into the market of
f peculators had a timulatlng-' lufln
ruce and the week closes with both
f peculators-and refiners 'willing to
tuy at J-7lGc basis 96 deg; c..& f.;
but with no sellers of Cubas in evi
dence at this price. Late today; how
ever, a local refiner found it necessary
to pay 3-1532C basis 98 deg. c & f.
fcr one lot of Cubas for prompt ship
ment,. Holders of Porto Rico sugars.
with offerings in the neighborhood of
bags -were ' generally asking
4.4T-CJ basis 96 deg. c i. f with buy-
:s showing no Interest in the offer-
lr-s. During tbe week, a sale of. 4,000
tons Cubas was reported at 3.30c. ' 1 1
o. o. to Portugat It was noted that
local refiners made very few. pur
chases during the week and their lack
cf interest' in the market Is attribute
c d to the poor demand for refined.
The weekly cable on Tuesday from
( . ' a reported 'receipts of lMtS.tocs!
. nd 3 Centrals, grinding, as compared
to 8,000 tons receipts and Z Centrals
r t work at the corresponding date last
:ar. Messrs. Guma-llejer cable the
: -riucticn for Ausust as CS.S30 tons.
. I the total production for the entire
: ' nd up to September 1, at 2.4S3.6S9
(::.s, as against 2,533,122' tons last.
r j a. 1 ,
ioiiajr, 1 weairai is reponea in
c;cration and the weather is. favor
c'la for the growing crop.
"There '-were placed, during - the
v rck, orders aggregating about 20,000
1 "3 cf refined sugar for export at
:cc3 understood : to averse : about
:.::c. F. O. B. The domestic demand
' r refined was extremely limited and
:crs ia their anxiety to i attract 1
incss reduced tbe.r selling prices
rr.tu Quotations declined from 5.50cimoned. rAlthoogh it was reDorted a
s 2 per cent to 5.40c. less 2 per cent!
tooted by all refiners with" the exeep-
tion of the Federal S. TL Co.. andlren arm ;man3ger vt the Hawaiian
Arbuckle Bros- who quote 5.30c less I
per cent ; . ? : ; . i
"The trading la options reached a
( 'r.l cf lSXCa tans durine ,th WeAk.Juark'
Clor.ing quotations today are: Sep-
tc inner 3.44c CP 3 45c, October 3.43c.
f -3.44c, December J.lSa Q S.16c,
January and March S.05c 3.07C
Tim fvirffi-
rr r"Tfp r tip
T-U4 A. 1 I. 1.1 A 1 -
- .Miuiii Rn jui?
ne up lor iurtner action tnis "arter-
a mo case 01 rrann noogs, iormexjkPrt hv thA wav. rn n..i
' , 77,, M -
::;ion of City Attorney A. M. Brown,
Late- this afternoon City Attorney
I owa had subpoenas Issued for-, the
-m n 11 n i- ,j I
, t amuuw i v,. n. vwu&e, vrcMueui, i
i A. Lewis. ; J rv vice-president and i
r'rriMt fmiri. Mr. Ttrhvn-kM Jhat hn I
1: sired to have Ms witnesses ready in
c2F the grand jury took any further
action ia the, Hoogs case. ': : :
One week ago last . Thursday ; the
prand Jury returned a no bill", against
Jloors, the charge against, him hVf
i:: s been 1 that he ' embesaled certain
f; r.cls of the bank. On ast Thnrsday,
Circuit . Judge Ashford, , in a. lengthy
3 ircss,. branded the Hoogs ease as a
; ublio scandal," and asked the grand
jury to reconsider their action In re-
.ruing a ,ao bilL" ' iThe grand jury
last Thursday deferred action in the
: natter for one week, according to Mf,
Erown.-v-'. " '-i? ,r v-,-
"I presume that the grand jury will!
tatft Korna action this afternoon.-Mr.
Brown said today, -but I-faave not the
slightest idea as to what it will be." j
t. ..ia fw.v'n r th
nOVING DAY FOR MAYOR ; sUged on Bunday for those who de
' V . - ' ' ' y.-' : f not wish to enter the scratch compe
This is. "moving day', for I Mayor tltion, - - U- .
Lane, and the City execuUre inrork- -The first 16 to qualify In medal play
ing clothes has 1eea catching odd mc ; wlll enter the play on October 10,
raents here . and there helping ; along when the golfer with the high score
the work at euch times. as the cares wlllr be declared the winner. High
of office did not call him to the munio scores will govern the play 'throngh
ipal hall, Mayor Lane's new residence out, and the :contesta wlUbe for 36
will be at J120 Miller street, Just op- holes. 'All golfers, whether members
posite the armory. . His former home (of
was on Gulick:
Senator Lewis, of 'Illinois 'hat--post-1
rcned lis trip' to Europe ; because of
111 health
7; V:- "
Critf encferb Denies Engines , of
F-l Were Disabled By Ram
- Timing By Ship Supply . .
Late this afternoon' the: natal board
Of inquiry '-appointed r- to Investigate
itha V-A stfsnator- minft fhi inSmtr.
ing j eporHtaiHndiag a to the
fcause. it boldina: what may be itt iaat
1 f oraal meeting. The aessioa is being
I held in the administration building of
the -ravy yard. i W
J O Kear-Adniiral Clifford "3. - Housh t is
of himself, .;Lieotr 'K. B. Crittenden,
BoEUscb, he recorder.
.The board's meeting: this afternoon
was partly to check over the report
which 'Lieut Bogusch and Ala secre
tary have been typewriting- for the
last week or more,- and to consider
finu1 details relative to the' board's
work. It is hoped to have the report
iP'w Viu w Tre B
l - A - J I A.i A t
t ijl f 1 Wd' W av
J.he Fl. t.!'?0
taken put ins tomorrow afternooi or
early Saturday morning. The F-3; was
docked at the navy-wharf this morn
ing, receiving a fresh coat of battle
ship gray on her sides, and black
paint on her flu surface deck, in prep
aration for the Journey of the three
submarines to Mare Island next month
for. extensive repairs and alterations.
rThe statement la , this morning's
paper' that the F-l s engines were put
out of commission as a result of th
Supply ramming the ' submarines. Is
absolutely false," said Ueut X." B.
Crittenden, commander at the flotilla.
today. : The F-l's port engine is out
of commission due to a broken crank
shaft which broke weeka before the
Supply waa here. The ramming , had
nothing whatever to do with if, - s
. fri f' "' , ,. t i
I 1 ,1
'The ease of Louis Abrama 'teeretarv
' "
and a director of the Hawanaa Trust
Company, who is charged with embez-
a.ement,' was. to be presented to the
territorial grand jury by-City Attorney
A. . M Crown thla afternoon.
Alan Davis, an employe of the Ha
valiap Trusti Company, and -L.-. C
Abl both expert accountants,- were
to- appear as witnesses before the
rrand jury, according to ' Mr. Brown,
They were the only .witnesses sum
few days ago by the city and county
attorney's office thst J. R.'-Galt, treas
Trust Company, and other officers of
tne company: might pe caned as wit
fnesses, they were pot summoned;-to-
Davis and Ablea havo been examin
ing the 1 books of the ; HawaiianT -.Trust
Company, and especially Mr, Abrams'
affairs, regarding a reported shortage
in Mr. Abrams accounts said to
amount to more than $20,000. The
complaint which charges Mr Abrams
with abezxlement alleces that ' he
fraudulently converted to his own 'use:
a Kauai Railroad bond valued at $1000,
tne property of Cordelia C. HartwelL
Tl know Bothtng about any shortaee
in -41 r. A orama' accounts, other , than
" . "M'a V'"
criminal. snertr thra ; ; (". i,
Tne cltv attomev -drd tht h- wa.
: Tost. company to Uko such: steps
in the Abrams matter , as he saw fit
i iselected what aDDeared to me to
be on of ibrnttmn
. . r . . H ,w
piamea. :'; : 'i ' .v :v-
v -
; The Oahn Country j3lub. will sUge
an open golf, tournament on Sunday
for the Manoa cup; All: golfers of the
city are eligible to -compete tor: the
uu J:iw e c :? m xne
naorning. ah amea wUh be from
6: u60 u rrT .
?51 Manoa competition but
. .
the Oahn Country Club .or not are
requested to enter the competition on
Sunday.-'- .
STicnrjixcmr 4?nxs top
: i ' it 1 1 1 1 i i a --
mm luruuLr
1 1 . i.Lfi , 1 j bl t. m. wr , -
.(Continoed from page -one)
attached to this division for well over
one year Wore, he was .given ora- by a large rard and; living rooms fpv
mand of the ,Fr4.r Heiwan net given the staff and the fame condition cx
command cf the Fr4 until be had tbor- isU cn .the second and third floors.
oughly demonstrated his ability ' to
nsmue ws ooai unaer? an eanmuons,
hcth cn the v arface and abmerged.
Ueut Ede had been In command of
the f4 for nearly nine months before
lae swiem occyrrea wmca resuuea
in tne oas ox me qot.'r
. . I was not In command ef the division
at the Um but -1 ' was Informed by
Ueut' C.5 E. Smith. U. navy;-when
I relieved that of fleer in command of
this division to June of this year that
UeutBde wa one of the beat sub
marine officers that he had ' ever
known, ?and this tjpinloa Is shared by
every , officer-and by every -enlisted
man vbe was associated, with the late
and greatly lamented officer - during
the time that he was connected with
thiA -division..' .5 tL-..Y-t:
Ueut'dft Wat maq of ttielhJga -
est chsnietfer and nrincfnlei a sniendid.
caoahle. efficient officer a eentleman
and . fine man in verf rinecL Ha
had the respect of all officers and
men $n this division and. the feeling
cf -resentment here s most keen at the
unwarranted attaclcupon , himr' " - f
' The statement by Mr. Howell Infers
that .Ueut Ede was making his first
dive? This is absolutely untrue. ;Har
ing been In command t" the boat for
nine months Ueut Ed a must, have
made, easily 4&0 diveg and had taken
his boat through two target praetues
submerged, and through the various j
exercises submerged, required ia the!
course ofhif moxt..4:,i. w riia -'little brook running! through the
The board of Investigation, of . which
am a member, appointed by . the
navy, department., to ' aeternune t 109
cause ot tae accjaenvija uq i cq-
pleted its,- work. , Therefore, . I . cone
elder: It extremely bad. taste for any-.
one, even a person who has had. such
Bwiu .inww Buuiuauuc,
cusa at the.present.tlme the probable
uo' v? .vu4 vvvM.;,.i.-.-.-;v
most eameswy- request via jyu
give thla letter the eame .prominencfl
that you gave , iormer weuu.' noweu
speech la order that tbe widow and
. m m A. - V w .111m
family 01 tne late lamenteq laeuu t.Qe
and his personal friends, who may
have seen this brutal, vicious and uih
warranted attack upon him,-may know
tnat an auempi nas oeen mioe ro r
fute this attack and to let the world
at large know-what a' splendid, gal-
lant officer and" gentleman Ueut-Ede
was,' and what a Joss the service suf
fered in. hls deaOuti
. i Whatever Uie cause of Jthe accident
may have been It was 1t no way Ueut
Celt's fault and we know that ,he did
evcrythinj In. 'his power.: to prevent
it and ta recover and to save nis com-
mand after the accident occurred.
" ' Very sincerelr. v ;
Ueutenant U. S. Navy, Division Com-
! - mander.
T;anitiAT vtn ha tnariA nTt wpftk I
by National-: Guard beadquarters on Bbipa la spite ot the fact that he mov
ih -nh fmartM-masWa office of d U frequently from house to house.
the regular army hera for auppllea and
equipment for 640 . men -Tbe equip-
mpnt will bft abtained from the ware-
house here and will. Include trousers.
shoes, : leggings, .shirts and hats. yW
will be furnished to the XlUpino.com
pany here and to the -new companies
now. bemg, formed, both here and. in
the other, islands :: .:. ;;-; i.'-
Eight sets of steel iockera. Wight
lockers 'td a aet- have arrived at he
armory and .will be Installed within :a
few days- If they prove ; satisfactory
a1 iarge number; wiy probably b. .pur
chased, v - ; ?' - 4 : '-
Whri S rrhinW National v: Guard i
headq4artejrf .today that. ColiSamt
uel 4. Johnson, j the e.d4utant general,
as result of a trip tov HawglV bas
nnrrftPrterl Im jrfrn In b - ni i four- new 1
companies on Hawaii, and has 35 men J
enliated for the. machine: gun com-
nun, t TTUtv. rii ha detached i suf-1
ticieat number of men from :Company 1
M. N. O to brine tha comoanv UD I
to the requisite strength until .60 men I
can be enilstedr whlca It 4a expected
wi w rnnfr tonm than thre or
four-daraif-CQmnany M has also been I
atreafifthMiAd. nd;35 rifles havo been
shinned for its use. ' - :
- Praaent Indications . are that the mil 1
Itarr ball tn bfl divert Saturday nhtht 1
in : the armor by ' tha 1st Infantnr.1
Rand ; Cluh.1 N. . D.H... will- ne a. Die L
success Or - tne sou uckeu' issued 1
more than half havA been, anld ' 2 The
committee la charge consists of fL- EL
Westcott. cbalrman; J. : V. Parker.
cihiAf MuKiHan -a: a. Feieresei and
M. Tevea.- while the floor,; manager.!
.rn Ky. ir. rvtiMn . nnnnfn rr -jjiii i
start at S q'clock'acd refreshments
will be served. The' receipts go to-l
ward a.fund f or maintenance tf the
band's instruments and purchase of
additional oaesL '-t
HK MtttlONAtftEt
LONGMONT. Colo. WlUUm Rodf
ger, 58 years old, millionaire resident
of Chicago, president of the ' Thomas
nk Company: and vice-president of
the the Sanford Ink Company, died in
this, city from a malady of which he
had been a sufferer for years.
moves the cause.' Used the world, pvet
to cure a cold in one day. . The signa
ture of E. W. GROVE is on each.bo.
Manufactnrd by the PARIS MEDI--
CINB CO., St. Louis, U. S. A.
Continued from page one
I hospitaL Tne first floor Is occupied
1 1 am. fn charge of a ward en the sec
1 ond floor and oar bedroom is' close
at hand. Some, famous men tave
I -Mn Rtnifn- r. h nif '
j am0ng tbemd'ArUgnan. Moutesquieu.
1 r- ; rantaine and Jerome NaDOieon.
At present, vacation time, there are
no students here. One of the Catho
lic sisters showed us through the old
buildings and ytt lonnd them very In-
Ure8ting, espcciaily the old library
which . contains -some rare old books.
220 Beds Available- V .
-This t Ambulance; . Americaine hat
220i deb-3& beds to a ward and In
the ground . there Is . a theater which
holds 70 beds for joonvalescepta. tWe
get most: of onr patients from Com-piegne-r30-miles.
away;and. "Jthree
I times. A eek" our .ambulance .makes
1 the trip up mere ana brings dsck wnat
I wounded are .assigned tons.. At pres-
l ent we are hot getting many wounded
and those we getre.not badly wound
ed. -We do not see the 'horrible
wounds that we saw, at Neuflly. . The
two armr line seem to be t -4ead
i lock -each ono holding their trenches
while . the- other -German? army 7 la
cnasmg tne Russians au over me
countryr We. hear : rumora of a big
"drive" as they call it. I.e., an effort
( to break through . the .line that may
i occur at any;, ttme ,,'
The park In the rear of the college
contains beautiful rooms of trees with
grounds and a small pond. ' 'Altogeth-
I er It is most plcturesaue.
1, tha unrmnndinriMintrT ia verr
beautiful. "iv FlaU land with here and
toere a hilt fielda.of grain with great
.. nnw n.harii nr : Annie:
J chrate .of popiar and elm-trees, : plc-
turesque Uttle villages scattered over
pwcefui it Is hard to realize . that a
- j fewL miles away millions ;of: men are
in arms agamst each other.
Hear. Bopm of Cannon.-, i
L, . - u . . . .. ..ejk.
fianday Wgh ugustl Z2 we
were ; thrilled about at dusk to hear
the booming of vcaTttaon;;which aound
(J pqt , f gway?. U was the first
Boun ot,war we havfe beard s 6
: 4Tbe batUS Held pt'lhe Marne is not
far from here..,Wef have-not had time
to visit it as:vet l :;Av ,
;yAbpur'tnree-ailel from here, is a
viUagft---perchedH- o"a?A.,r cajled
Montge. . We walked over there the
other-day ancTfouU tbe wooded aum-
mit of tbe hill fulKof eoldiera.' -. -.
-If yoq look At trf map you will note
that the opposing1 batqe .lines run
down frpra BelgiuO'ta' a southerly dt-
rectloa, turn almost at right angle to
tha east . The turn, is the point neart
J est Paris, about opposite where we are
locaiea,iv?' --r . .r;i
. in 1 1
it -is almost impossible for; one? not
an Englishman rf Frenchman " tQ get
up to. the trerichesi.- The authorities
f will : not allow- it. few : days agoa
French amy surgeon told us that his
field hospital was bombarded by , air-
Pe flayv ho gave , out that it wastp
be .moved, to a -certain bous.e byt did
notmove. It -ana tsure enough that
house waa bombarded. - The German
py gystem seems to be vry thorough
and - efficient-, and that is one reasoa
that - none cah ' get to tbo trenches
where the f Igbtlng is going cn
;The most reeent ease- we have ye
celved ; since our arrival here was
wounded at 2:30 p xn and reached M
at. 7 p. m. -His forehead waa torn
open by a piece of explosive shell-
eclat , d'obus they- eall It a narrow
escape. - He had been In the trenches
for months. Wo gave him a good hot
bathjf dressed his. wound, gaveim a
good supper and pUt him to bed- He
f lept all nlghtand- aUe nextday
bpii mo .noiso m iao wanw
waking up for meal frThis Is
www 1 m m Loeo. ,4 x wimiw w
sleep, gnd H must be relief to get
wjr iruiariiw awiu uuyie. i
wonder they are : not all nervous
wrecks, but they are not One sturdy
ieiqw ,1 paa veen wpunpeo ,ana uas
Sone baek to the trenqhess four times
ana ine omer aay Droae nis arm
throwing a football in play! -There
are qttitft a few Algerian aoidiers
among our.; sQiaiera; quiei. pieasam
Araba, but demons In a fight they
ay.; n-. -
Beauty , and Ruins.
I have made one trip to Cqmplegne
wm . muuuiancca, imuoq 5'w
'w mvcs?m..- t.v w -.w wvsm
two beWtlfql forests dSrmenoUVllle
ad Compiegne. .Three 'handsome, fat
rpneasants ran across-tne roaa wne
we iWere?.passlng 4hrougb a forest,
Everything looked peaceful and lovely
until we came to senils . J-ierft tne
railroad station 'was inruins and one
aW' Of the street-showed a line, of
demolished vbuiWings.":. We; saw th?
wall . against1 which the mayor and
some-citixens were shot The Uttle
village - of verberie lay on our roatej
Here in 856 the old English Kmg
Ethelwolf married Judith: Our des
tination, Corapiegnej is a handsome
town ef The large chateau,
built by Louis XV, is now used as a
hoApltat. The alatues fat: the corridors
are- thickly, padded 'for protection.
Near by; we saw a house which had
been demolished: by a shell (t wo weeks
ago and there Was nothing left of it
.but a, bean- of bricks and rubbish,. We
saw ? the handsome residence which
the( crown prince had occupied when
the' German held the town and then
vacated suddenly The Hotel de Yille
and ohurch. of St Jacques are inter
eating buildings. .
The stores '.were open. -people sit
ting on the sidewalk eafea. and ear
I riagea were driving in the streets. I
tongtey, ;Head of Markialincj
: Division, Takes Up Hew En
deavw for Oaliu Growers'
' If adequate' transportation facilities
can be secured, the territcrisl market
ing division iShortlyv will 'begin ship
ping Havaiian-grown : banana ta the
mainland on:a large scale. . . "
The details of this jiew' project were
made public today by A. Loosley,
superintendent of the division, who
says .that he has been informed bv W,
A. Anderson, manager of the division's
branch office io San Francisco, tnat
there la a good 'market for Hawaiian
bananas to California, and that the
division "can secure a good price for
the frttlt.'-r'-.-':..''.,.','v :;-v? or ...
Regarding the new project, the bat
was started rolling' a week aro last
Tuesday, when the- division forwarded
to San Francisco a trial shipment of
30 bunches of bananas. This waa only
an experiment ; - however, - ssys Mr
Longley. r"lt is expected that another
shipment will be made next week
Mr- vLongley -i says that - Hawaiian
grown bananas now are bringing from
$1 to $1.15 a bunch ia San Francisco.
Tbe Y eomm eneem ent of - the project
has introduced a new.way of ahippins
bananas: "The fruit which went s in
the ; Lurllne was not-1 ia the- bunch
Prior to placing the shipment aboard
the steamer,: the best Lands' of ba
nanas were cut from the bunches and
packed in excelsior in cartons, i If this
method of shipping proves a success.
it will.be adopted by -the division for
future : shipments, says Mrv .ongley.
It ia believed that bysthipplnsr the
bananas In cartons of excelsior, much
of thft"eooklag".or rotting, which oc
curs when the bunches are packed tno
closely . together in a shlp will be
overcome.: yf?-z 'fife
.-'If . we can, get the space for : the
fruit, the division will commence ship
ping on a large scalev said M r. Long
ley.; 4 -i. .'. v.. : ,?C: . ; -r
"From what persons are you obtain
Ing the fruit?" he was asked.
VI am not ready to make, their
names pqbllc Just yet," answered Mr.
Longley. "What we want to do is' to
establish a. market and secure trans
portation facilities,. When the project
is in good working order, I shall be
ready .with further Information on the.
matter.": :f-Jr i ;i o :;:'; :r:
found a patisserie shop and brought
back ia load of eandied fruits and
cakes for the ladies. I bad a few rain
utea In which to visit Dr. Carrels hos
pital which is located in a fine new
hotel!? with a beautirargardon. . ' The
doctor was very cardial and Insisted
on my "registering from Honolulur-
saying that he had had visitors from
all over but I was the first from Hono
lulu. T added "and the last." t : r
Today when the ambulances went
to. Compiegne and were about to take
their regular station In the court yard
of the chateau they found a large hole
in- the - pavement made by a bomb
dropped from a Taube"- 20- minutes
before their arrival. 7 The Taube was
chased and captured at SenJIs. .
Enjoying Some of the Ufe. '
-Thus far we have been fortunate m
havlag nice. cool, summer . weather
with splendid moonlight nights but to
day is chilly i and misty. ; One clear
moonlight night, we walked to a fine
old chateau at a 'Uttle village of Nau-
touillet about twq miles from here on
the road to Paris,.. Tbe chateaux ,is
surrounded by a , moat and wall with
two round towers, has same fine stone
carving, n . attractive garden land is
most Interesting and picturesque.: : You
may read, all this and say, .'But this
is not war." . However, we, are enjoy
ing all the beautiful Ihinga we cah as
we go along. ,: Of hardships we, have
had Practically none. : We have piepty
of good food : aqd are 1 comfortably
housed, The entire expense of the in
stitution is maintained by Mrs.Harry
P; Whitney at a cost of about 17,000
francs a- week. . . :.
The Arabic lost a lot of mall and
maybe: a number of our letters went
down. ; : f. ---v : ;-. - :r
We ha ve received., several '- tetters
from yon lately 'dated: to tJuly -;S0th,;
and glad : that you bad heard of our
safe arrival m , Paris. AJl the news
you write interests us. ,
4xulse if working In, Ward 2, but Is
not' worklne as .hard as she did a
Neullly, as there la not the need of it
She is veil. ;r ;;- t,t ' . . . m-
We are taking French lessons from
the housekeeper's, daughter. Mile, Gar
nier. . She lived a year in Honolulu
and went to Pupahou and now is giv-
ng us-lessons la a little village In
Freece! - -;
SerenorS.. Pratt - secretary of the
New York Chamber .of Commerce.
died at Troy, N. Y. He was 57 years
old. 1 - - - . - '
The QUICK action of buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc, as mlxel in
Adler-I-ka, astoaishea Honolulu
people. Just ONE SPOONFUL Is
so powerful and cleanses bowels so
THOROUGH ' It relieves almost
ANY CASE constipation, sour or
gassy stomach. ONE bottle has re
lieved , mild ' cases of appendicitis.
In acute cases get your doctor's
permission to try.
Oae spoonful . Adler-i-ka ONLY
TWICE a week keeps entire sys
temiCLEAN and prevents appendi
citis. Most medicines act only on
lower bowel; Adler-I-ka acts on
"BOTH lower and upper bowel.. TEN
MINUTES after taxing, "effect be
gins the INSTANT action is sur
prising. Although powerful, it
works GENTLY and NEVER
gripes. The Hollister Drug Co.
V 15e It tesolved by the Hoard of Su
penrlsora of the City and ".County of
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, that
the sum of Five Thousand Four Hun
dred and Fifty Dollars ((ut50.oo be
and the same Is hereby appropriated
out of the Permanent Improvement
Fund of the Treasury of the City ani
County for an, account to be known as
Sidewalks and Curbing In the loca
tions hereinafter specified: '' :
Fort Street School Lot on School
street - -1. - . .:.- - '; : ; 1 . 1 -
Kashumanu-School Lot on Bereta-
nia.: Piikot and Kinau atreetsV 'K-A
Kaiuianl School Lot on King street
;Nuuann and Vineyard Street Bridge
op Nunan.11 street -v- , -
Vineyard Street Bridge on Vineyard
street '.:: -; '--r c-t: : :--,
McKaley; High : School Lot Vlcto-
ria ani Toung streets : ' -;;-:-:: :
Thomas Square, patching and reset-
Government Nursery, Keeaumoku
and King streets-:V-;-:- -:
KalihI-waena : Echool ; Lot. Gulick
avenue -y: -. (.: 1 ;... - "
Kalihi-waena Park, on three sides.
Be tt further resolved that the city
and County Engineer be and he is
hereby authorized .- to proceed with
this work upon approval of this res
lut ion. . -;.:: u :; . ';i ..... '::-;,:: "; :-: :
Presented ' by, v -i - -v-r-- s..: : :
:,vv . . Supervisor"
Dated: Honolulu, T. H., September
13, WIS. - - . .
Approved this 27th day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1915. ,:- . -:.: -:-
'-.n:? ' JOHN C, LANE. '
Mayor, City and County of Honolulu,
. T. H. t - i-'.-r-v
- . 62S0-Sept. 2S, 23, 30. ;
Be It resolved by the Board of Su
pervisors of the City and County cf
Honolulu, Territory- cf -Hawaii, that
the sum of Six Thousand Two Hun
dred and Forty Dollars (JC210.C0) be
and the same is hereby appropriated
out of all moneys In the Permanent
Improvement Fund cf the Treasury cf
the City and County for the following
purpcsc3, to wiu- .::
Wooden bridge, Kukui street '
over Nuuanu stream....... $1700.00
Concrete slab bridge. River
-street over Pauoa stream.. 1440.00
Concrete , :: bridje, School
Street over Pauca stream.. 1600.C0
Dry ;,rubble retaining wall.
Poamoho stream, Walalua
District lS0OrC0
Presented by ' "
t--..:i Supervisor.
Honolulu, Sept 13, 1915.
Approved this 27th day of Septem-
ter, A. D. 1915. '
? ::: ':. JOHN C. LANE, -
Mayor, City and County of Honolulu,
' ):" : " '6280-Sept. 2S, 23, 30. ; ' ' C
Be it resolved by the Board of Su
pervisors ; of the City and County of
Honolulu,- Territory of Hawaii, that
the sum of Seven Hundred and Eighty
Dollars ($780.00) be and the same is
hereby appropriated out of all moneys
in the Water Works Fund la the treas
ury of the City aad County of Hono
lulu for an account known . as Main
tenance and Upkeep, Water Works.
Introduced by, : :-
-: . . - W. LARSEN,
':.-i. ' - : Supervisor. -
) Honolulu, September 13, 1915.
Approved this 27th day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1915., r r : v :
: : - , JOHN C. LANE,
Mayor, City and County of Honolulu,
- ' 6280-Sept. 28, 23, 30. 1 :
Be It resolved by the Board of S
pervisora of the City and County of
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, - that
the sum of One Thousand One Hun
dred and Sevepty-five Dollars ($1175,
00), be and the same is heroby appro
priated out of all moneys In the Gen
eral Fund of the Treasury of the City
and County for the following purposes,
to wit: . ;: .... - - -y -t- ;:. ' - v
Repairs,, AlamukI bridge, Wala- r ' -
lua ' District t . v. . i. , 1700.00
Repairs, Haklpuu truss bridge, " V-
Koolaupoko District M.,,..r47.0(i
Presented by : ; : :-'".? ,'-'..--:,.
v - Supervisor.
Date of Introduction:
Honolulu, Sept 13. 1915.
: "- -:..
Approved this 27th day of Septem
ber, A. u. 116. -
Mayor, City and County of Honolulu,
T. H.
6280-Sept 28. 29, 30.
Sealed tenders will he received up
to 12 o'clock noon and opened at said
hour, on the 8th day of October, 1913,
at the office of the:. Clerk ''of the City
and County of Honolulu, Room 8, Mc
Intyre building, for furnishing ail ma
terial, tools and labor necessary to
construct a Skew Through Girder Re?
inforced Concrete Bridge on the (forth
Palolo road, Palolo v alley, Distrlet of
Honolulu, City and County of Hono
lulu. Plans, specifications and form of
proposal may be had upoa application
and a deposit of Five Dollars (85.00)
at the City and County Clerk's of flee.
The Board of Supervisors reserves
the right to reject any or ail tenders
and to waive all defects.
Clerk. City and County of Honolulu.
":':- i i
;Be it resolved by the Board of Su
pervisors of the City and County of
Honolulu, Territory cf Hawaii, tt
the sum of Six , Hundred ' IX s rs
(?60O.cav be and the same U hereby
appropriated out of all nrneys la tho
Permanent Improvement Funi cf the
Treasury of the City -and County of
Honolulu for the following purpose, to
wit: "' ;
Reccnstnictlon, bridge -on roil tn
Woodlawn. Manoa valley; , . ,50O.t"'J
rreseatcd fcr
. ; CHAS.'N. ARNOLD. .
" -' ". . C.:crvlaor.
Date of Introduction: September 23,
1915. , .
At a 'regular adjourned meet!::;: cf
the Board ot Supervisors cf tha City
and . County of Honolulu, fceM Tues
day, September 2S. 19U t!io frri-
lrs Resolution waj pauci
Rcadlr.5 and ordered tp rr
followmg vote of saii board
Ayes: Ahla. Arcold. IIci::r
t cn
V. 1
r, Ilcr-
ner, Larscn. Lcsaa. Tct il 6.
Noes: : Ncne. :
Absent an i not votlr.;: ZA:
Total 1.
', : E. buffa"-;dt:au.
Deputy City ani County Cr
6231-Sept 23, 30, Oct. 1.
NOTICE CF chart:h ccNvzrr
Ticn f.:;iTiNC
- The delegates to tbe Cl.artrr C
ventlcn are hereby called ta 1
regular jcsjlca'at the ir.a'l tni
cf the Alexander Youns Hctcl r
garden cn Friday events, C ' r
at 7:30 o'clock.
All members are re.iuestci
present a the committee cf 1"
pected to present a report. C
1 will be the 21st day cf t" ?
m. a pac:i::j
Chairman of the Ccnvcr.'
September 27, 1315.
. c:32-rept 23, Oct. 1.
Fralei tenders will tc;c:
William E. Pcrae, Cbalrcaa
Maul Fur.i Ccmir.is'er., V,
Maul, up until 12 ncca cf r
October 23, 191.". for tha C '.
cf the Kula SanltcrJun I)!m1:
and Kitchen Du'.ldl:.!, Ku!t,
v :
II. -
The Chairman of t.a Vr
Fund Cor? nlesicr rc?rrvcj t
to reject cry cr nil tend :;"..
Plan 3.. r-.'cclfl- at Ions t
forma tf prepce.-r ftr? cn i
office cf tho Cha.nraa ci
Loan Fund Cv -mi ;zlci,
Maul, and In the t'.'L-s cf
intendent cf.Putli V,'crk3, Cl'-.l
buildins, Honolulu, T. II.
;,:. , Superintendent cf rabile WorUj.
September 23. 1315. '
. . . -: . - - c::s-i:t . -
Sealed tenders will to rreciv !
the Superintendent cf. Futile v.
up until 12 noca cf Tueediy, :"
ber 2, 1313, for th3 filling rr ! ;
ing of tbe Walolama Swamp, li'ie, I
wail., " ' :..
The Superintendent cf rut!!; V.' :
reserves the risht to reject Eny ( r
tenders.'; ' '
--.Plans, -specifications an 1 1 '
forms of proposal are cn Ul5 !i ?
office of the Superintendent cf I -Works,
Capitol building, Honolul j. -with
W R. Hobby, Agnt. P;t
Works Department, Hllo. Haw-"..
CHARLES R. For.r:. ,
4 ': Superinten-dent cf public .'cr!
Honolulu, September 22, 1313. ,
:-: : '6275-lCt .'
First Judicial Circuit Territory cf
, Hawaii. At Chambers la Pre t ate.
' . In the matter of the estate of Suke
bachl Sqnoda, deceased. ' J ,
On reading and filing the petition cf
; Bishop ;Trust ; Company, LIn:ited, a
Hawaiian corporation, ndmInL?tratcr
of the estate ,of Sukehachi Scnoda,
late of Walalua,-. Honolulu, deceased.
Wherein it asks to be allowed the sum
of 8692.60 and. charges Itself with the
sum of 813610, and asks that tbe
same bo examined and approved, and
that a final order be made of distribu
tion of the property, remaining la. its
hands to the . persons thereto entitled
and discharging It from all' further
and future liability and responsibility -under
trust. as; such admluistrator. -:
-i lt Is ordered that Monday, the 1st ;
day of November, 1915, at 9 o'clock a. ,
m. before the judge - of aald eourt, at
the court room cf aald court ax Hono
lulu aforesaid, -bf and the same here
by is appointed as the. time and pla'Jo.
for hearing said petition) and accounts. V
and - that all persons interested may
then. and there:, appear . and - show ,
cause, if any they have, why the same
should not be granted, and may pre-
sent evidence as to who are entitled.;,
to said property. - t : -'
Dated, Lfonoiuiu. T. H., September ;
23, 1915. . ; ...v'
By the court '.-
(Seal) J. A. DOM1NIS, , '
Holmes & Olson, attorneys for pet"- j
6278-Sept-33, 30; Oct. 6, 13
rnYc::r.fiE7Er.i: i
Fo WU, Weak. Watery Xrs a ;
OsMalSaartHtMUoa Em Paia U
- A V

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