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Dr. Hofmann Refers to Shell
ing of French Hospital as
Told in Star-Bulletin
Kealia, January 3. 191G.
Editor of Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
- Dear Sir: '
Your paper of September 20. 1913,
contained a letter written by Dr.
James H. Judd, in which a passage
headed by you 'Shelling a Hospital.'
ran thus: "A few days ago a French
array surgeon told us that his field
hospital was bombarded by airships in
spite of the fact that he moved it
frequently from house to house. One
day he gave out that it was to be
moved to a certain house but did not
move it and Sure enough that house
was bombarded. The German spy sys
tem seems to be very thorough and
: efficient and that is one reason that
Hone can get to the trenches where
the fighting is going on."
Writes to Dr. Judd.
1 addressedTon account of this para
graph to Dr. James R. Judd the fol
lowing letter:
Kealia, October 2, 1915.
Dr. .James R. Judd,
Ambulance Americaine,
Ju!!ly, France.
Dear Doctor:
Enclosed copy of the Honolulu Star
Bulletin of September 30 contains a
letter written by you in which a very
... , .. .raTet VlO mpthnHS of
warfare of the German army is men
tioned. That a hospital has been bom
barded even from aeroplanes by mis
take would seem not Impossible. But
to follow tip by aerial attack a hos
pital marked by Red Cross signs and
not containing any means for off ensivq
or defensive warfare would be a crime
that not only every German would
condemn but most of all, I am abso
lutely sure, all authorities of the Ger
man army. The spy story connected
with it Is unimportant as to the char
acter of the accusation and sounds too
much like the old stories of 1870 to
be taken seriously. :
. The accusation Itself would be quite
Irrelevant for me as raised by a
French army surgeon, but your name
connected, with it as authority gives
It great importance for the Hawaiian
islands. You see by the editorial in
troduction that a superficial reader,
has to accept it as your own experl-
ence. v'., '
,1 realize that your letter' was prob
ably not intended for publication, that
you give In it your source of informa
tion and that you mention the . tale
only without any own comment as il
lustration, why French army authorl-
ties do not allow foreigners to go to
- the front , ,
. But though 'such accusations have
been proved again and again to be
.without any foundation as soon as fol
lowed up closely (you may remem
ber the "Round Robin" published by
five American war correspondents,
James O'Donnell Bennett, John T. Mc
Cutcheon, Irvin S. Cobb, Harry Han
sen andRoger Lewis about alleged
'.'German cruelties in Belgium") your
name in connection with this story
, will be accepted here as proof of Its
truth. .- .- j " :-:J
I write to ask you kindly to let me
know for truth's sake, which hospital
has had this experience, at what place
and at what time, if possible the name
of your authority, the French army
surgeon. After the long time elapsed
since the alleged occurrence there can
not be a betrayal of military secrets
In giving this iinformatlon; on the con
trary It must be in the interest of the
French cause to publish the derails of
Buch facts. I will then certainly em
ploy all means to get from official
sources the German version about the
same affair and promise you to let
you know It as socn as possible. But
I will reserve the right to use it here
for publication in the same way as
your letter was published.
I was very glad to read in your let
ter about the peacef ulness and the
good preservation of the country you
describe, because a good part of it has
been under German occupation last
year and this alone discredits so many
of the "Hun" tales so widely propa
gated by the English.
Hoping thai you will find time to
give me the desired details of the
alleged attacks on this French hos
pital, I remain,
Yours truly,
Dr. Judd's Reply. -..
I received by last mail from Dr.
Judd the following answer:
Juilly, November 25, 1913.
Dr. K. Hofmann, i
Kealia, Kauai, '"
Hawaii, IT S.
Dear Dr. Hofmann:
. In reply to your letter of October
20, I would say that I had no inten
tion of offending my German acquaint
ances or of entering ; into any con
troversy as to whether the Germans
had bombarded hospitals or not I
simply related an instance which
would serve as an illustration of how
efficient Germany's knowledge was of
what the enemy was doing. There
was no mention of the building hav
ing been marked by a Red Cross or
having contained a single patient If
anyone draws such a deduction from
the editorial, the editor of the news
paper is to blame and not myself. I
cannot give ycu any further informa
tion as to the incident as I know
nothing more about it and have no
means of ascertaining anything fur
ther. As you write, "the letter was
not Intended for publication. That
Is true; it was simply a means de
vised by my brother to answer the
many questions from my friends and
acquaintances as to what I was doing.
My position over here as a non
combatant alien exists purely for hu
manitarian motives and I cannot enter
into any controversy with you as to
whether atrocities have been commit
ted or not If nothing has been proved
as yet, time and history will decide it
and some day the whole world
know the truth.
Trastfne that this letter will
you in good health, I remain.
Yours very truly,
Nothing Tangible Learned. 1
I am very thankful to Dr. Judd for
his courteous letter and the statement
of his "neutral" standpoint even in
midst of his French surroundings.
As to facts, nothing, tangible is to
be learned to substantiate the charge.
I do not see what is left of the char
acter of the field hospital, if it should
not1 have been marked externally as
such and had not contained patients
and wonder why the Germans should
pay a certainly rather expensive spy
system and risk their aviators and
aeroplanes and spend their bombs to
damage medical supplies.
Thanking you if you will give room
in your paper to this attempted verifi
cation cf facts, i remain,
Yours truly,
, The letters . reprinted : above,
through the Interest and anxiety for
accuracy of Dr. Hofman, are of un
usual Import. The Star-Bulletin would
emphasize the fact that there is no
thing to justify the Inference that this
paper commented upon the incidents
narrated by Dr. Judd, and to this ex
tent the references to such comment
are baseless. All that the Star-Bulletin
did was to print the letter as it
reached this paper, with an introduce
ion which mentioned what Dr. Judd
had said about the shelling of a French
hospital. ; M;
. . mmm9' . -. ''
Neither the K nor the L types of
submarines have been accepted by the
Navy Department. The K boats havep
done some splendid work on prelimin
ary trials, but the builders are not
ready to submit them to the final test.
The L boats have not taken a prelim
inary test, and will not until the con
tractors have made some changes in
them. The secretary of the navy is
exercising the greatest care in inspect
ing: submarines, insisting that all
should come up to the letter of the
government's specifications. He i be
lieves that as the submarine is stHl
in the experimental stage the govern
ment should be protected against any
defects that develop in the boat It is
understood that the chief trouble is
with the defective storage batteries.
Despite all the claims of the manufac
turers the battery problem has not
been solved. In some quarters it is
believed that a dependable submarine
will never be obtained until a single
unit of power is developed.
' The Navy Department, is making
fome experiments in this direction,
and one of the eld submarines will be
t4nrmrl . Tt-ith n-ht In Vnfiwn as the
Neff system of propulsion If authority
can be obtained this session irom
Congress for the expenditure of suffi
cient funds to install the new system
of power. Army and Navy Journal.
(Special Cable to NIppu Jiji) y
TOKIO, Japan, Jan. ?! For the first
time in the history of Japan, a Japa
nese emperor will personally welcome
a representative of another nation.
Emperor Yoshihito has announced that
he will go to the railroad station in
Tokio to welcome Prince Mihaero
vltch; who w ill arrive in Tokio on Jan
uary 11.
Prince M ihaero vltchwill bring the
news of a better understanding be
tween the two nations, and great prep
arations are being made for his recep
tion here. Newspapers of this city
are commenting upon ' the proposed
visit of the Russian prince and the
people are awaiting with interest the
outcome of his visit. He will arrive
in Kobe on January 10 and will then
come to this city on the following day.
',: .-. ' ' '
That 10 sailors of the China Mall
steamer China's deck crew of 23 men"
successfully passe the examination
for able seamen's ; certificates, as re
quired by the new Seamen's Law, was
the news brought to Honolulu today
by Capt. K. Hashimoto of the T. K. K.
liner Persia Maru. A !
"This- gives the steamer the neces
sary 40 per cent of able seamen in
her deck crew," said Capt Hashimoto,
who said he thought the total number
of rCiihie6e in the former Pacific Mail
beat's crew was 140. Capt. Hashimo
to said he is sure the China will ar
rive here next Wednesday, as schedul
ed. 2 : - :'J ':'-: "' ' ' )
( Associated Press by Federal Wireless
BERLIN, Germany, Jan. S. Several
members of the l ord jieace party
reached Berlin yesterday afternoon.
They have not been officially recog
nized, but have been given permission
to do journalistic work here. ;
All the present defacto consuls of
the Oananza i"ofrajr.ei:t have hn
officially ic-cocnied by the Utiiie.i
States.- v ':'r j
There is a new
line of Hatid Alirrors
in the Hdwre. Dept.
t i t - "
' " i s '
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