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CEMflraiS C0.I.F1ST IH
will be 'made to- accomplish by the
powersthat be; that then and in that
case 1 shall .accept the effer togo to
JCndau, v r-v.rc;::--r-:,:r:-"Yours
truly. '
Territorial Officials Involved? i ,f f .
- The following facts hare come to
my . knowledge :.. .-- ,V r'l:
1. .That the said Whiten er report of
(Continued from PaJte 5.) . i ments In. and of themselves showing I KnTmhi it ins . tvn hr
I government office to-.the Hawaiian
- I ' v : i - . . - government ompe
f.vuww . ww r - i ne .swemenw ser. iortn in, saw icaxette. Company on November .14,
ana aga.n viouuea wnen saia personal -eanr "'. re-wep rum re-j i9i5F and there printed, n
port of- said Lieut AVuKener to . -the I , t -
- in WAHhinrtAn n rr 1 l , r i f . governor of the- Territory or. Hawaii I -.nftrt; -.!.! hv mA
I propose primarily 'to, refute the ift SIifSS horUy after my, recent return to Ho-
statemcnta contained in said .report z d vf-w " 7 .T, " "Mnoluro.
; 71 V."Zr.rT:.r.:r:.rr.:.''llt.-lilB: which" Iaafc--rnort7ntama I : :: ."'. v
...iTwuwier muieu m m lupwr . . i saia rcDOfT was1 renaereo 10 tne tern-
communication under the beadlpg t torlal government and.reached the au-
.--aeaa.y Parallel"' oeiow
; : in addition to the direct contradWa appearing from the'jpen of Lieuti! SSSSSSSi
- -s t.... 1 r,vnf,,f .ffMairfi.itw IBUpenntehdenJL' .- of pubUCt works.
principal reasons for Mr. Forbes be-
Ingrsent to Washington was In regard
fnt In h tfnf omenta -rf T tout IVhltonpr at nnntftiripd fir aalfT' fpnrirt'fif NOp. I
''VomUii 11 101R an.h ifflifirkk K4n frtim mti nt mt flnrilntr In' IhA nm !' I 'CSentatiVa tO. T ashlngtOn. D. C
munitv mm f thom nffiMN-vhA hnva Wn' innr aprvJrp in h VAtJnnal I governor majung -11. Known
n'TwIu-r- rr-:: time that one of
As you, MrEditoiy-have read many of those affidavits' and know, the
'. character of the men wRa hate maile them. 1 ask thai am nlesDacba' ftiveu 1
ln,your. paper foV tbkcommun! Guard affairs. -f.
.v ..,v-v: -OEAOLYPARALLEUr: , -5.. Mv information Jst that
'. .. - NnvPMRrn 11 101 ' - - .. 11 a.viVi9is" ? J Charles R. Forbes as suclv
TThe organization was largely a
- polUlcal one; this was ? especially
tkl nl lo Mo Kam . , a na-l
;, uuo wi.kuc uu jiuuiuu ui tut, ici
ment, composed of Hawaiian.'
,Alth the adjutant-general; at the
head, the Hawaiian portion of 'the Na
tiontl Guard, constituted a powerfu
: political machine, most efficient at the
polls, but- with Indifferent and In-
efficient officers at the head, aruTwith
-mtn seldom seen at the drill haiL"
"It m almost impossible to secure
the -removal of thete inefficient off!
cers; ach was related to some ten a-.
: tor cr representative, or had ; -aome
local Influence that prevented :hls, re
: -Mliut with such.' '.handicap aa, c
'-political' head' and body,: indifference
Vnd In attention' to : duty spread' a a
r!rv 1 fh TMYxri )in nntlto Ai-trofifii.'
"'Th I officers, with a 'feWnotabU
. 1 . 1
EAw?.. a, r un&ie i secure large
iattentfan&a at drill and seem unable
to develop much pride tn their orgafil
;One reason for " the snaall attend
.' fcnee at drills , among the Hawaiian
itompanles is the political character ef
- ansa u rr x r n t ui niniyaimn . una rir inn
consequences of this political Organi
zation Is the-retaining in" service of
inefficient Hawaiian of f ice-rs."
s ."Yet, la view of the political .char
acter of parts of the organization, it
la not believed that efficiency can be
arrived' at until the following reor
ranizatlcn has taken place: ; The ap-
federal. The .raster out of ve or
t:x indifferent, officers who' are re
tained for political ,reasocs.M I
"It is ce!ieved that. the eliminatlcn
cf p s title a frcrn the fv-ri would re
r t In a incxeaisd efficiency as can
: .?: i f;-." .'..
i.mi'nWttftri tif nffiAr wrtnid b la Itlve'of the Governor took with him to
return from an efficient system to an JAVashington, O, C; a larae number of
inefficient oner a. steD backwarda ; At 1 tfie, printed copies of Che Whltener ra
the present time alt of the, officer of
the cuard are appoiwted bytheiiiov."
ernor Upon-hia Hnowledae. of theroffi-
cer1 efficiency or upon reports He re-
i r m- . "1 : w MM 1 - - M
etives. irom jine ; supmor- OTiicerri.o?
the cuard. ' No officer , -receives his
commission until "he" has"' passed, a
rigorous examination ' In 44he lutle .of j
n:n proiession. ; :i ne appojntmenv ano
pnpmotlcnot officers vis ..thus in the
hands ; of the governor, and. military
efficiency has been the reason for the
advancement of officers- The results
p6rt of Nov. 11, 191$, for distribution
o members of Congress. ;
6. That while In Washington, and
ever after, the said Charles R. Forbes
omitted to give to the delegate from
Hawaii or to 'said delegate's secre
tary a copy Jbt said report. - :
T, ' That among those, at Washing
ton. D.;CJ,iurnished with said' report
was) Senator James L. Coke of. the
Territory of Hawaip .
4 , oV When questioned as to why" the
delegate or his secretary had not been
hava been 'satisfactory Jn the extreme supPjJed with copies ; of said report
.and constant Imorovements In the aw v;nanes u. r oroes aiaiea mat
xorps of "off icera1 are ' Oklng placed In hvbad left a large number of copies
my lasl report to the war, department I ,vuie ues oi ne Becremrj w uio
1 chiracterizecf tha-.eorpdf.' officers I delegate. : - - v l:
rifti.ncv: la lrv at mftsur to er interesting to note : the attitude
the" system . under .whlclr. the; officers
ajeT-appolnted and promoted and this
system, - ioaprcived land -elaborated : so
as continually,, to reqnlre . more mili
tary etf iclenty from the officers, will,
in. my humble opinion, continue to be
satisfactory, so far as the, require
menu of the war department are con
Animus Is Charged. - A "Vi' Ti't
Again In his. November- report he
says: ri::. : x;:
"The past inefficiency of the Na
tional Guard of Hawaii as an organi
zation has not been due to the char
acter of the otflcers and men. or to
notable end exceptional local . condi- j
tlons. The fault; has been at, the
head. To inefficiency and polities' at i
the head may be traced all Che other
evils that have made -efficiency unat-
taken by . Governor Pinkham that he
had nothing to do with and did not
authorize the printing of the report
Is it hot pertinent to inquire, and Is
hot the. public entitled to know and
should not Governor Pinkham compe
his officials ; to t fully divulge to the
public their connection with said re
port?. Is not the public entitled to an
explanation of the matter contained in
the - Johnson letter which- Impliedly
points to the governor? A - 1
; Respectfully, S i ;
; V: r Delegate from HawaiL
Governor Pinkham' Letter. . v .
Governor .-Plnkham's letter to Fed
eral Judge Clemons is as follows:
s-rv..i :,v:v .W-.-:;.r April -1,1 1916.
Hon., Charles F., Clemons, .
.Federal Judge, i V;:;'r' ',
Honolulu, T.i'Hv.-VAv''iV'
Sirr I have been given to under-
IDmSdg Gdi, Ltd.
Service First
. IPH01TE 4 9 8 1 t GencraJpffices, 65 S. 'Qn'cb Ct
W,? v.-:.:..:.
tain able. To this fountain source mar
be trace tf directly the appointment of ( stand the clerk of your -court intends
nerncient and Indifferent field offl I to hand in his resignation.
jeers, slackness ofl the part of bfflcer;f 5 it was find is 'my pnrpose to shield
and non-attendance at drill 'on '.the George R. Clark Jn mr own way,
L. X t. 11i. J a. I ' m - ..' a.
par- emisiea men; poor wrgei
:ractiseand the not obtaining suit
Tl.e f
t,i:i te
c n
t ! e i
Uve r.r.r
r. t. r
r ... j j c ,
tamed enlisted men
h-rcratly discharged, by .the
-Ir c.T.ce r, 2nd Infantry, for
:r.s set opposite their respec--cs:
" " .
rr cst C. Meeker, Company D,
r.trj'. to accept commission;
it P. Christian, Company D,
.try, to ccccpt commission.
'':"'r-: trrclntnenta.in the
cf t ; Ix'atlonal Guard of
. c i t or the Informa
' " cf all concerned: '
. . A. Clowes, captain, March
, Crl Ir.fantry; James B.
, c:-ts!at Ilarch 14, 1916,
m Mfii ..: r- j . .
i.e range lacuaiey. ronucs msieaa
cf efficiency, attention, to haw 'the
men vote instead of how ther perform
J Hheir duties, has been the basic evil
of this organization In the 'past. .. V ;
. The animus displayed in the reports
of May-12,; 19lSi and November 11,
1915, as appears above, is only
equalled by the very apparent anxiety !
to perform a service, as will appear by
rrest C. Meeker, first
AB i Tonne mm hA hu nhoTB nn
usual - capability, ' industry, - and . won
my regard in the past.
i-4 believe he : has been mjsled. and
used for1 ulterior purposes In the most
reprehensible manner: and -been ill-
advised. .;-;'. s; j
Personally I hare no desire to see
him Buffer in reputation, position or
linance, ; ' -'-
I have taken , not one siale step
with youor anyone in authority here
the following excerpts from the report 1 or'elsewhere to procure his dismissal
cf November 11, 1915, aforesaid;
"Such being the past and present
condition of the National Guard of
Hawaii, it is well to look into the fu
ture prospects of its permaneney and
future efficiency. J At . once its-, past
history looms up, "as something prob
ably to be repeated. And that history
has. been full of politics.'.
"So long as the present governor
holds office, and the present adjutant
general serves under, him, will there
be no politics, and great strides toward
efficiency. But there is the president
rch CI, 1916, 2nd Infan-j11 l6cUoa coming on next year;
Christian, Eecond lieu-
, r;h CI, IS 1G 2nd Infantry..
: ' r r---:i oScers will re
: . i :. i cr in writing to their
: 2 rc -rr.tal commanders for
' . I f r Cuty, and will report
i f ( rJ f -tr-.-lntng' board to
: .'. n i j . .:. J examination for
i: ' to v. hic'i rp pointed at such
t: r s tl.3 l r.'. r.-.ay direct.
( ' ; : s Cl;,vvts and Thompson will
tr.'r. t i.i the order named imme
: : . : r Cc p tain . Wm. Walslx. 3rd
r : :t!cn cf Captain Thomas
,1:1 lr.f;.ntry, as an oS
: ( : t : t;:r.cl Guard cf Hawaii is
tl.: live tpoa the execution
: i. ? p per transfers and receipts
: i C:; t. CcII!r.s to some cfUcer to
c ' i ty the ccr.c:cnding oS
c -, : t i : Cri Infantry, for all
r.t cr irrrilcrial property for
v ".: C:. : t, Ccllir.s is accountable.
I ive cf thence cf 76 days from
. ; rii 1?. IT 15, 13 granted Major Don
:M G. r.cvrcan, 2nd Infantry, "with
I c mi?? tea ta visit continental Unit
ed Ctates. - : ,-; i.' .-'?".;':.
from office.
Should his: conduct be reviewed it
will not be at my request- - V ,f "
Respectfully, ' - ; :
I f ? v.- Governor of HawaiL
Clark's Letter to Governor. ' 6 , .
George R. Clark's letter to the'gov
ernor is as follows: ' '
; ; W r Honolulu, Hawaii,' C
';VlCvA , AprU 1, 1916.
Hon. Lucius E Pinkham. . .
' Governor of HawaiL - , -
: Sin: c It la. with, great regret that I,
there mignrbe-a .cnange of adminis; mJtted an m sIgnmg affi.
f t 1 ia. .r e acciaeni daTi concerning, the Whltener report!
mieht ha r Den to the covprnor anv-1 k i. . f ...
!. ,v. .:' .-"' i..wM Bumciuing soouiu
"'"s miaui tause auuvuer 50""" i not have done.
uur iu ue appomiea. ixxiKing over
I am doing, what
can and will do all I possibly can to
make amends., 5 v-; 'U
Yours respectfully,' : ; "
(Signed) GEORGE R.' CLARK.
. Darrens of ?150,00v was caused at
line, ra., by a heavy storm, '.which
iso!ated the city for 24 hours-'U' r.
The Swei'sh trig Ynet, captured by
a G?rr.:a destrcter In Swedishr wat
tr;. v.- 3 released witlTan apology. '
.The city cf Copenhagen Is. dally
c-:.zAzs about 23,000 , pounds t of
rir n rait rork. i K ""' ' r . "
The "V.'altt Itazurka," .: the
fn;5 t! at bes taken San Dieso
ty stern. Orisisated by Carlos
fc! r tfeu- and introduced ; in
i! r-.eh.'.j.by .-.
: ':. il:: visuvx
"Hotel, cr OJJ
Hall, riione 1
r i
the political field, and the candidates
for, governor , from both I parties, it is
practically certain that the next gov
ernor, no matter, what his party, will
at - once issue orders to convert the
National Guard of Hawaii into a po
litical machine that will Vote rignt
And this means that all the officers
so caretully selected wiirresign and
their places be-taken 1 by party , men.
The National Guard of : Hawaii will
become rotten to the core. The old
shiftless, indifferent political organi
zation of the past will be the type of
the future." v
"His temperament is so specially
adapted to this kind of work that it is
an easy prophecy to make that ' with
CoL Johnson at the Lead of the Na
tional Guard of HawaiL it will soon
become ; the besi National Guard in
the country. There is no other man
in the territory who can fill his place,
or hold all the different nationalities
and perries together. He is.lrreplace-able.-
- ..--. :. 'I'v'rV'.'.: ;
The officers should te appointed by
the president Owlns to the dearth of
material for higher commanders," regi
mental and higcer commandets should
be regular army officers, : except the
office of Commanding General,' which
should ' be given to Colonel Johnson.
He can hold these people together, and 1 inches.
give- more ; stability and efficiency to
the whole, than any army officer. He SECOND BATTALION N G H
is better qualified to deal with this uuuli I I.HUyiv, .n. U. n.
peculiar class of volunteer troops than CAMP NEXT ON PUNCHBOWL
any army oincer mow.""-, v-v
; k Extract from letter appearing in
said report of November 11. 1D1&.)'--.
. : v Honolulu, Nov. 11,1915.1
"The Endau Development Company,
Ltd. ".':.; ...
; '"I hasten, to Inform yon to this" effect
after carefully noting your reply and
to state my position definitely and
.'if-' v., ;' - . - t X1"i. '- J .'
v Breezes tonight and tomorrow are
looked for from the northeast by the
U. S. weather bureau's local bffice, as
a relief from the lack of them In the
last two days or more.:-No rain is an
ticipated. i ; -: Hir' -:, ; y.
- C"VVe are havicg a high barometer,
and the changing .atmospheric weight
is causing an unstable condition, so
that I expect breezes tonight and to
morrow from the nQOrtheaai.' says
Meteorologist A. M. Hamrick. 1
This morning the barometer stood
at 30.10, an unusually high mark, h The
relative humidity a.t S o'clock today
was -63 per" cent1: Yesterday's" maxi
mum ; relative' humidity -was S6 per
cent at 8 last night'
. Yesterdky anc last night before mid
night .26 of an inch of rain fell, mak
ing the total precipitation for March
7.01 "inches, nearly three times the
normal rainfall .for the month, 2.71
An order has' been issued for the
2d Battalion to have an encampment
of two days at PunchbowL beginning
April .16. " ":.-;-'":'.;-' ' .-.-'; ,
. The annual competition will be held
in the middle of May. e " " ' t
Company - H of the 1st Infantry, N.
positively on this subject namely, that 11 next Sunday, April 2, at 9 o'clock
should I receive the appointment by ! m ' .' . .: -
the president of the United States of
brigadier-general In charge of. the Na
tional Guard of Hawaii, which I am
at liberty to elate a special endeavor.
New Jersey factories employ core
than 3S3,000.workers," ,V
- By AssoetsUd Prel
NEW YORK. N. Y. While the Eu
ropean -war hia. killed all chances of
international sports competition , on
the scale of the Olympic Games and
the America's Cup Regatta the com
ing year will not be without its inter
sections! "and ? international contests.
In- fact the Indications 'point, to a
wider range. of sport meetings during
1916 than ever -before in the history
of amateur competition in this coun-
try.'5tV;.r:.; , '. .:' ,
' National 'championship contests are
expected to draw entrants from all t
parts of the continent ftd with the
interest of all secttoas bound up in
the play of their respective contest
ants . the ; dearth of f international
sports, planned Jorrl916. will be oar
uaiiy forgotten. Th6 .Pacifie coast
will send a powerful and well balanc
ed tennis team to eastern courts for
several months of tournament play;
Stanford ynlversfty will enter a team
in the intercollegiate 'track and field
championships and the winning crew
n the Far Coast Intercollegiate regat-
ta wlir row at Poughkeepsle.
An Easter . Don: team will nlav in
tMe Middle and-Far West while one
or more from these sections will com
pete in; the national championships
ater .in the summer.: With the com
ing of autumn fatersectional. football
gamea will be more frequent than
ever, the South, Bast, Middle and
Far - West elevens meeting in numer
out gridiron contest.
-The outlook for international meets
hj not; so promising; although there
will become events along these lines.
The baseball team of Waseda Uni
versity ,of Japan wl!4 tour the coun
try, playing the leading college nines;
several Australian boxers are, already
planning to invade the. states; Cfirisi
Ian Mathewson, the world's champion
skater, is expected to compete against
me leaamg professional speed skaters
of America during the winter; several
South.Amerlcan rifle teams are Jplan.
ning to; shoot in the national tourna
ments and. the: invasion of the United
States by.' a large , track and field
team from a( least one foreign nation
Is a possibility. f ' 4','.-- ,
Censor 8portK'::"VXv,-4t -:
English war censort workiust as
carefully-wlth.blue pencils and-shear
on American sporting matter cabled
w uyrope as aey, ao on newa of far;
greater importance.'' The' score of the '
Harvard-Yale football game was. held 1
up for more, than 12 Jiojurs, much: to j
me Disappointment of;Harvard alumni j
who had 'gathered tor. dine and. cele-
uittiej me . toreyasiea victory. - The
scorer of the recent ,,ix-day . bicycle
race was, received with, the' dailv rer.
ords of r the teama; eliminated - to a :
point vwnere It v was impossible l for
English sporting editors to make heafl
or tall out-of what 'was left,- Results
of boxing bouts in Australia are made
Public from one to tW days late,: at
that the sportsman it hQm h mti
advantage over - hisf brother in. the i
Shorter training :tfins and ' fpvr
exhibition games are predicted for"
the. big league baseball teams rtnrfn?;
the coming spring campaign of pre-
No Pot Hunters Here, ' "
Wisconsin tennis authorities have
decided to stage a state championship
tournament open only to Players who
are residents of that state. The state
will be - divided into sections and
each club asked toehold a tournament
to . decide, the club championship.
These t iUe-holdera, will, in turn, mppt
in a series of divisional matches and
wnen the lists have been reduced to a
winner in each section," such survivors
will meet m a round-robin series' for
the state title.. - Pot hunters from 6th,
er states will have 'to confine their
activities ' to such invitation tourna
ments as offer prizes in keeping with
their Ideas of their own drawing pow-'
ers. . 'ri;s , , '...: , "yk :
IL" YamaguchI, who has been sport
ing editor of, the Nippn Jlji for, three
years, has resigned his position and
will rest for a few months. It Is not
certain who j will - replace him at the
sport desk, but . Y Soga stated this
morning that he expected to have a
sporting authority for that department
in a few days: V ' ; ... '. y ; ' j. ,' . ;
Mr. YamaguchI has made a success
of his work here, and has materially
helped to raise the standard of J4pa
nese. sports in Honolulu. The Japa
nese here have always taken a keen
interest : in athletics . and llr. ' Yama-
gnchi has . been a power in creating
the interest in all branches of " athletics...-:
vl: ;;.': -.T; -''. ';' K'y:-:.
The area -in square, miles of the
United States cf America (continen
tal) i3 2.C23.000; all.Eurcpe. 3,700.00a.
Health cffl:
are endearcr;
dustry ia V:.q
paw fcr rr.t.::
positicn cf m
a!3 cf the
T ty develop
an in-
:1 v.
'i el
juice of the paw-
' ''.-.- -'' '
:rrs into the con
t!.3 best wall ra-
Weight but 7 lbs. -,
Easily Carried
Turn out perfect work.
See these Typewriters -
V at
Hawaiian News Col
i- :-: 'M': LTD. J''ri
" Yoiing Bldg. Bishop St.
v-4 A single nest of the Australian bush I v The tribe of monkeys on the rocefhey have a chief which is known to
tarfcey has been found to weigh five of Gibraltar r re carefully proteetedle garrison as the major.- -
CHILE extenSve renovations
. v v and improvements are beiqg
made at our old legation, we will
serve our patrois next door,
, V 908 Fo't St. :
"Where Qiidity Reigns"
. . ;' ! -
; .- t;M,- -WWW. mn-s ,
.. m , . I . . r m- .'it. II ' . - II ..,
There; are just 6 cottages all remodeled
.;..,::, . ..v ":......... ... . - I . .- ...... . . 4
into, pretty 5r R o o m B ii ng a 1 o w s, left in
Dewey qquRT, m
ready to ; move into so
that you can have your
summerV swimming
without a cent of extra
Last of the close
" to-beach homesltes.
Less than One Blociltrom the Beach
Beautiful Neighborhood
v .. ; ' ........ i. .. . . .'..'.'.-I
EritenGive Views
Fine Cool Aj
g3i.760.OO Cpweabm Terms
' Telephone Llr, Ma
fear 0 fi2 coaoon and send . " X T
i Co.

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