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to get up an
"'Service and Efficiency"
will be my motto as
. Mayor of Honolulu.
.Pleases children because
of its
i Purity '
., and
Delightful Flavor. v
Try ' serving: velvet ice
0 cream in- the place of
J some other less nutritious
ana more expensive iwuu.
. dairymen's
. ' . Known as
Drown Qutside.
White Inside
Its very appearance tells a story
of purity..
Of, the highest quality; staple,
practical' and artistic in design.
Almost any style of baking dish
may be bad In tills ware but In or
dcT thaf all may have an opportu
nity to try It we are going to sell
the following Items at the follow:
lng reduced prices:
Custard Cups, Ramekins and
Cocottes, 10c each.
No. 3Hl-q'iart round covered cas
serole, $ 5c each.
These' may also be had. in silver
and ulckfe-plated frames. ' '
The House of Housewares
. King St. near Bethel. i
f ire rrpor.;.
Bering V are :
1 i i :
I I ' I'll ' J ' I
C . .. ; ,
Nov concrete 'roads already built in the
- Y. I will endure for a generation.
1' : 'L., -; .. They lead to .
: 50 Beautiful Home Sites -
in one of Honolulu's most select and newest resi
dential ! districtsopposite Oahu Country Club. ;
- . - . -I: Sales Agents
Phone 3646 r I Bethel St., opposite Postoffice
Tbc rrjort of (l'Jtrc Ooliinn, city
and cunty engineer, for the biennial
reriod cf'l'il5-16 ha. been handed to
Mayer John XV I-ane. After telling
what the department baa done It givca
a number of suggestions for the better
ment of the derailment and also an
estimate of the amount of money
which would be needed to put all the
prin.lpal roads on Oah i In first class
The rejort ays that the department
ban undei'. mf ruction by virtue of
the frontage ux law $H0,ilti.7 worth
of 'street Iraroemrnts of which the
city will pay im.ZlG.W and the prop
erty bolder whom the improvements
are to benefit $321,401.67, wblch. on an
assessed valuation of iQ0.of0,Qij
amoimts t .-api roximately 0.C2 er
Collins then recommends the follow
ing three posoible revisions ;of the
frontage tax law:
Some method w hereby It is possible
to award a contract immediately after
receiving bids for the work, allowing
the remaining steps In the proceedings
to follow after construction has com
menced. '. '
A change in the amount of the bond
exacted from the contractor from 100
jer cent to 60 per cent of the amount
of contract. The 100 per cent bond
unnecessarily Increases tle cost of im
provement work.
A provision whereby the city of
Honolulu may furnish crushed , rock
and other materials to the contractor
on any improvement in lieu of a cash
contribution as its share toward the
improvement. This looks forward to
the time when the city shall own its
own quarry - and operate an efficient
rock crushing plant.
There are 474 miles of roads in the
city and county of Honolulu exclusive
or lanes and alleys, 234 being con
tained within the city limits. In the
city there are 185,95 miles of improved
streets and 48.03 unimproved and in
the country districts 128.5 improved
and 42.5 unimproved. ; ' I
It is estimated by Collins' that It
will take $2,309,750 to complete the
road system, $1,179,750 in the city of
Honolulu and $830,00 for the belt road.
Of the former amount $528,500 would
be borne by the county. ;
KENOSHA. Wis. Burglers who
entered the home of Darid Korf paid
no 'attention to a lot of valuale sliver
j which they moved out of the- way in
order to et a lot .of eatables. They
took a loshel of potatoes, half a case
of fresh eggs and a clothes basket
i.aed with canned goods.
The high cost of living forced us
to it, was the message whicb was
left bolxIntL - viiv. -.ae- ..
nzzif Dizzxneis, F&intness.
ftD Disappeared After i
ths Wcrnan's Medi
H ?. cino wcj Taken.
KlAgfsber- Okla. "For two years I
uffered with a severe female trouble.
was nervous, and
had backache and a
pain in my side
most of the time.
I had dizzy spells
and was often so
faint 1 could not
wait across .tha
floor. The doctor
said I would have to
have an operation
A friend asked me
to try Lydia E.
Pink ham's Vege
table Ccnnouod.
After taking ten bottles I am now well
and strong, have no more pain, backache
or dizzy spells. Everyone tells mo
how well I look and I tell them Lydia
E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound did
it" Miss Nina Southwick, K. F,'D.
No. 4, Box S3, Kingfisher, Okla.
Every .woman who suffers from female
troubles, nervousness, backache or the
blues should try Lydia E. Pink ham's
Ve re table Comrjound aa lira. Sonth.
wick did, or if they need free advice
la regard to any annoying symptom
write to Lydia E. Pinkham Mediciae
Co. (confidential), Lynn Jlass,
Arriving cn the Great Northern next
M.nday is Foster Milliken and cou
sin of New York. -both of whom. are
game-fishermen of prominence.
Mr. Milliken has visited tte islands
fonr time, but in a letter Just receiv
ed by If. Gooding Field be states that
bcth he and his cousin intend during
their three weeks stay giving the
waters a thorough tryout They will
make their headeuarters at "Barracu
da !odgr." Kihel. Maui, the clubhouse honeymoon trip, they got in onut)i
of the Hawaii Tuna Club. They are cation lth him and as Sturgesa hal
bringing with them all the fUhinclbad tbe time oi nw ir
paraphernalia needed. Mr. .Milliken. Maui the MnirnecMed to andor . m
who is of the large contracting firm
of .Milliken Brothers of New York, has
asked to have a commodious power
boat chartered for the occasion. Dr.
V. Hedemann of Honolulu is a frienl
of Mr. Milliken. and rlans are about
completed which will Insure a thor
oughly sporting trip.
- There arc a number of mainland
anglers in Honolulu at present who
have also planned to visit Kihei next
week, now that the boisterous souther
ly weather has about subsided, and
the game fish are again biting. Some
record catches are now in order.
Ie Charles Miller of Stlt Lake City
; Here i another snglc on the cele
brated. Japanese 'mystery freighter"
Kotohlra Maru. which left Honolulu
at 6:15 Wednesday morning for Yoko
hama, after bunkering here. - She ar
rived Monday morning direct from
Manzanillo,. Mexico, where she unload
ed either ammunition or munition
making machinery brought from Ja
pan for the Carranza government
The following news story. Associat
ed Press correspondence from Tokio
says the Kotohlra will carry from Ja
pan to Mexico not. only ammunition
for rifles, but field artillery and ma
chinery for agricultural and industrial
purposes. The kotohlra Is now re
turning in ballast to Japan, having
turned down offers of 160fr tons .of
cargo made her by Honolulu shippers.
The Associated Press story is as fob
lows: v.:; ..r
TOKIO, Japan. Considerable inter
est has been caused in Japan by the
arrival and activities of three Mexi
cans, who represent the government
of Gen.1' Carranza, and who are said
to he making extensive purchases In
behalf of their country. According to
the information at Tokio the prospec
tive purchases' include munitions of
war ammunition, rifles and artillery
and a steamship, in addition to ma
chtaeryfot agricuTtur'ar ahd : Iridus-"
trial purposes. ' . - '
The Mexican agents,vwho 'are" in
charge of CoJ. Carpio, are reported to
have succeeded in their quest for
rifles and even .for a steamship. Itj
had been understood that they . were I
negotiating for the freight steamer!
Kotohlra Maru, a vessel of some 3000
tens, and the announcement that this
steamer;: cleared from Yokohama on
January 2, with its declared destina
tion as Salina Cruz, Mexico, was ac
cepting In some quarters as proof that '
the negotiations were 8UcceBfuL The
manifest gave the cargo as general
merchandise and machinery, but the
report was current in Tokio that the
vessel had on board a number of rifles, ;
estimated at 23,000, consigned to the
Carranza government This report
could not be confirmed here. - j
Jn response to inquiries by The As-;
soclated Press the Mexican legation
at Tokio denied that the . Kotohlra
Maru carried any rifles. The legation
admitted that tHe. steamer had sailed
for Mexico but said that her cargo
was confined to general merchandise
and machinery- consigned to a com
pany in Mexico, . The legation added
that Mexico had" been seeking rifles
but had been, unsuccessful, as all the
available weapons had been purchased
by the ; Entente Allies. The legation
confirmed the departure of the Koto
hlra Maru. saying it was under charter .
to a Japanese , firm. . ' -
It Is believed here that the Mexican
government recently opened a credit
in Japan of $1,000,000 .for . the- trans-'
action of, general business. During the (
presidency of Gen. Huerta the gov-!
ernment of Mexico opened negotia
tions with Japanese firms for the pur-1
chase of rifles and ammunition, de
positing some 3,000.000 yen for. that
purpose in the country. About 12.000.
rifles, modelled after the1 Spanish in-
fan try weapon, were actually deliver-!
ed to the Huerta government but be-'
fore other consignments were pos
sible the European war broke out
This Interfered, with" the delivery of
further orders to Mexico. Some 60,
000 rifles originally Intended for that
country were sold to Russia and
France and the weapons that went to
Russia ' are now being used by the
Russian troops on duty in Northern
Manchuria. , " '
AMSTERDAM, Holland. Several
buildings of the famous Cockerill
works at Seraing, five miles southwest
of Liege, Belgium, have been destroyed
through an incendiary fire, the news
paper Leg Nouvellea says. The loss
to tma plant, which comprises Iron '
works and machine shops, making it ;
one of the largest In Europe, will bo
110,000,000, it is eetimated.
After thr
Two Kre for Lifetime S
S I "ivii MrtMU for TINS BfM. M
9jt Hon K?-GrDal&4e4 2
s HMWM. MmriM is . S btmim itwuhdi s
S for Mjm tb&i ti &ry immrv Glvarovr
5 9t m mieki of yonr Iprtac er u row X
s tMku4tU(k(WM retmlfcrtty. .3
i cinrarua. m ctrrsr m irw rmt s
SoldMUTM A OptioaJ Moras or y siaiL
S Stk Mm lit Imay U. Caitata, to fm sssSS
and Mrs. MiUcr.'now stoMtng at 'the
hoth outdoor lovers ana
big game banters and fishers. They
were fn the northern part of Quebec j
last September -when they owa oed a
copy of 'Crating" of that month with
the article by H. Gooding Field on
geme fisbng In Hawaiian waters.
Being acquainted with II. W. Sture
of Salt IJike. who. they knew, had
retnrnrd from Hawaii on bis
trip tney naa p tnnw .
bunting in. Alaska and come out to
Hawaii for fish. They plan to leave
Honolulu iimi .hwd.s .......
- the Kihel grounds. uui, iur
cf weeks.
Take a Glass of Salts Before
Breakfast if Your Back
Hurts or Bladder
Bothers You
The American men and women must
guard constantly against kidney
trouble, because we eat too much and
all our food is rich. Our blood is fined
with uric acid which .the kidneys
strive to filter out they weaken f,om
overwork, become sluggishr the ellnv
inative tissues clog and the result is
kidney trouble, bladder weakness and
a 'general decline in health.
When your kidneys feel like lumps
of lead- ycur back hurts or the urine
Is cloudy, full of sediment or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three
times during the night; if you suffer
with sick headache or dizzy, nervous
spells, acid stomach, or you have
rheumatism when the weather is bad,
get' from your pharmacist about four
ounces of Jad . Salts;; take a table
spoonful in- a' glass . of water before
breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salts Is made from the acid
of grapes" and . lemon juice...combined
with lithia, and has been' used for
generations to flush and stimulate
clogged kidneys; to neutralize the
acids In the urine so It no longer Is
a source of irritation, .thus , ending
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is Inexpensive- . cannow
Injure, makes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water beverage, and ..belongs in
vcrT home, because nobody can make
a mistake . by h axing-iAtQQd .kidney.
Hushing any time. Adv.t bftr. l td
HAWAII' ' 1 ,i'
W. E. Miles, Mgr.
Rooms S and 6, Elite Bldg. Hote"
St opp.. Bishop St Phone-1411..
Diamond "C"
Hams and Bacon
4 UU
-1 ii
Absolutely Puro
; fad from
Grapo Groan of Tartar
no auur.1
A quantity of koa trees have jbrcn ;
planted in Manoa. valley within the !
fcrest reserve and are making excel-1
lent growth, according to the reiort i
cf C. S. Judd. superintendent of for
estry. Yjz-i h mcEth sees more of thesej
fine timl or trees planted with the in
tention cf hiving a large part of the J
fcrest comi-tsed of these trees. 1
Ask for
looking for
roil sale by ai
i - SUlwi.
For Sale at Leading
Hawaiian Snipper
mJ..mmm miSn ttn Vn!f von wmiUn't
Iti cort the old-erriceable-friend kind th once-in--liftiai kind. And
there ii the old razor friend h one that is chosen for a comfortable share
from an assortment of several that wcrt peihas newly honed.
Such friends art tha
Pcclict tlnlvco czd Hazcro
Tt. An?' fmnrest bisect tint eouli possiblr be found tempered
sactly tight for a keen, lasting ed avoiding brittleness but extremely hard.
Ia construction, every detol fa &rm careful attention; to that springs, Joints,
rivets, linings and handles wUl last aa long as the almoct indestructible blades.
them br the name Keen Kutter sad see tut
the trademark.
knife and uxor bearing this trademark is guaran
Tbe Recollection oi Qumllty RewsJcs
LonzAtterth Price U
i - leadi::g nnnouinE dialeq3
RwYsffc, PWUittphi. .TM, Mwmwfa. S!w City, WwfcftSi .
Caiiieel Eds
"The Taste Tells"
Markets and Grocers
Tin toothsome n a 1 1 v e 'dainties
vMelt would delight your inahi
I;uid visitors so niueli are fully
Z i voii in rel in 1 1 e nvi j n.s by vr el I -kiniwii
Honolulu women and le
sentinl in excellent form in the
Honolulu Cook Book
Price 50c
At the office of the
125 Merchant Street.
wTl far IwYct
you get taem oy
t. ,
... '
it.-i .-,:
- t:

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