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V .
L- t ... " 73 ' t
If used night end morning
will aid in preventing for
mation cf timr, . Antiseptic
and'deancing. ; t
. It's Wfcke Because It's Pure
l EUltttAware'taaa. Pacific txfi&m
Now on display; Prices ;
:1c up to 25c each. .
m mm m
Japanese Dazaar'
Port St., opp. Catholic Church
; , The longest horse railway In the
world is in the Argentine Republic.
It runs between Buenos Aires and
Baa Martin, a distance of fifty miles.
j, Kate Welsh is still in town.
Attorney George French who work
ed so effectively in getting a pardon
for three former denizens of the re
stricted district providing they left the
country advanced the information this
auorning. ,
in fact only one, Annie .Williams,
of the three supposed to go on the
last Great Northern actually left
Mary Davis was picked up later on the
streets by the police to be held for
the next Great Northern as her pas
rage had been , secured ; on that boat
and Kate, who poses, under the new
title of Mrs. McEwen, is back at her
eld ' haunts in Wahia, ("Blood
town"). At least. Attorney French
says so. . ' -
' -She ought i to be arrested." the at
torney declared this morning. "If
she won't leave town then she has no
right to freedom. That was the pro
Ytslon.' v -: '".' - .
Sheriff Rose says Officer Ferdin
ant, who has been doing temporary
duty at Wahiawa, has not found Kate
yet. -If Attorney French., knows she
is there why doesn't he hare her ar
rested," says Rose. "It's up to him.
She was released In; bis charge.-
Public hearing on the road bill now
In the senate, providing for the con
struction of highways from i territori
al instead of county funds and through
territorial officials, was to be held at
3 o'clock tins aTternooa. ('. -;
Senator- A: W Castle as' chairman
of the Judiciary committee, which
body is considering the bill, called
the hearing and a big turnout of in
terested citizens was expected . .
. Senators this morning expressed
varying views as to the merits of the
bill, preferring to await the bearing
before expressing .their opinions on It
( Continued from page one)
'', . . M. : . ,. ' - t .... . : f ... .
New Spring .
1 isckwmr '
Is, So, Necessary ;to. the ; Complete
Attractiveness of Easter Garments!
C 1
And hero are -the kinds you'll vrant. Certain tj'pes' of , ;
Kanucnts seem to require a distinctive' kind of neckwear. ;
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find the most appropriate bit of neckwear for each model.
. ' "Just to -give, you an idea of how complete our assort
ments are we're listing afew of the most important styles.
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Hotel, near Fort
',r.-- 4-'.. , ...
A delightfully fragrant and perfectly harmless
preparation i ork the. skin;;;YIt: imparts;' fresibaess, .
:, smoothness; and transparency. Its use is not
detected. Renders the face, neck and hands, of
; ; velvet smoothness. Try a bottle today! - ;
Price 50 cents
. ; Eastman Kooalc Agency .: - ; 4 .
Phone 1818 ' ; - r , Fort, near. Hotel Street
lines who was not vouched for. v
-The American ambulance . in
France, which is continued by Ameri
can subscriptions ,at a cost of 1(M)0 a
day, has done a .'great work in the
war zone. The hospital is located 22
iriles from 1 Paris, and there the
wounded arc cared for. It would be
(-wonderful if the people of Hawaii
cculd have a ward in this hospital.
where 10 French soldiers could.be
taken care of for two years at a cost of
niM. - - -
, "Th French soldier and the women
of France are magnificent The sol-;
diers give their. lives for their coun
try freely, while the women of .France;
give their sons and husbands in the
cause of their nation. There are per-
haps 50 Americans fighting with the
British troops, and more than 300 with
the ambulances. ' More than '4d a via-;
tcrs have entered this service of
France, and many of - these ' American'
aviators have lost their lives fighting
for that country. . ;'
V "France has been wonderful in its'
policy of taking care of the wounded. :
Tlfey have asked the American ambu
lance to care for the wounded Oer
mans first and the French later. And
the Americans in France have learn
ed to love the French people for- this,
reason, - : . - V";"'"' 7 'flD
."When I reached New York: I was
instrumental in raising $30,000 for the
care of the wounded in France. You
people in Hbnolulu hardly realize what
is needed there. We were camped In
a little Village of but 300 people, and
one young lady who was my French
teacher had spent a year at Punahou.
The Frenchman's Litany
"Many of the French boys who are
wounded entertain the other soldiers
with, a smile Cn their face, even
though they may, be suffering from
pain. They are a brave, patient add
appreciative people, and their litany,
which is as follows, -represents the
spirit of the people: 'If we mobilize
we will either do one of two things,
we will go to the front or stay at
home, and' If ; we stay at tome we
should not worry. If we do go to the
front we win do one of two things, we
will stay behind the lines or be sent
to a point of danger, and if we are
cent behind the lines we should not
worry, and if we go to the danger
front we will do one of two things,
we will be wounded or not and If wj
re not wounded, we will not worry,
and If we are wounded we will do one
of two things, we will be wounded
slightly or seriously, and 'ft '. we are
wounded slightly we shall not worry,
and if we - are wounded , seriously we
shall die and then shall not worry, "
he concluded.' ; -;
English Girl Responds ' , ; v u
Following the remarks of Dr! Judd,
LieuC Dorothy- Smiley of the British
army , was Introduced and In, a few
remarks assured the members of the
woA that Dr. Judd had done - in
France. She told how the men of the
ambulances ' had . labored for France,
and thanked Dr. : Judd on behalf "of
the Allies. ' She said that she hoped
Dr.' Judd would not- remain long
InV Honolulu ; as he , was needed In
France.' :'':'y -. Jq.-r'-,
Aiembers of the Castner Quartet,
one - of the leading organizations of
Hawaii, entertained the members oi
the dub with, a number of selections.
The members of the musical organis
ation, are:' Magner, first tenor; De
laney,- second tenor; ' Foertscb. bari
tone, and, Wtsnewski. bass. : ; ' .
- Fred A." McCarl and A. Horn, 'who
are connected with the International
Y. M J C A, ; were Introduced. Tom
Sharp, who presided in the absence (
President Farrington, urged all of the
members to attend the School Farm
Fair at Kanoehe. . One of the largest
crowds In the history of jihe Ad Club
waa present today-. v. . - r
The Committee "i;:-: ::::J.
Tom Sharp appointed the following
committee to ; raise lunds for an Ad
Club ambulance to be used in France:
William Thompson, . Walter Dilling
ham; James D. Dougherty, Dr.- C. IJ.
Cooper, Jecrge F.Renton and J. Mor
ton, Riggs. - The committee will hoi J
its first meeting at the Chamber of
Commerce tomorrow at noon.. .
' ;'; ' v;
t '' 1 f, -."( t ; . '-. '--.'i - -
f- Thirty-four 'defendants In ' the ; case
of Ah Wing,' ot aL,r were discharged
from circuit court this morning when
the jury acquitted them of a charge
of gambling in -February. 1916.' The
charge was that the defendants were
playing pal' tab. ; " ; ' ?
; Capt. McDuflie of the "detectives .tes
tified that all. of his '25a pounds was'
necessary to break down : a barred
door at the ea trance to the alleged
gambling game on Maunakea street
l Very little Incriminating" evidence
was obtained by the chief In, the raid
and counsel' for the defendants in
ferred that the pany , was a Chinese
New . Year celebration. Attorney Wil
liam Rawlins represented the defense.
Per Ktr. Ma una loa. from Kuai
porta. March ST. John Fansottv. R. K
wahara, S. Pukafhlma. , Mr. See. Mr.
Do nr. C. One. S. Taketa. Mr. Sanckanl.
K. Obaba., J. -Kealoha, W. fi. CampbeU.
U. Kawasaki, M. Okano. A. Cieaikt,
Wong- Feart. C..K. Shang-, S.' Kim. Mr.
Kim, Miss Kim. S. Aba to. . '.. "; " '
? Rer. Charles H. McVey will address
the members of the ; Y. M. C. A.' night
sThod at the association on Thursday
evening: He ' has selected as his
topic ''Americanism? , ' : ;:
! ' Hawaiian Ixidge. F.l A. rnectfl
tonight " ; "", ' .
Supervisor F. M. Hatch has raised a
new and valuable point in connection
with the proposal to divert Apukehau
stream fom its present channel to
the sea over Waikiki beach, and
bring it out by Makee Island, Kapio
lani park. In brief. Supervisor Hatch
suggests engineering inquiry to deter-
i mine If an alternate plan is not also
financially practicable and, much bet
ter from a sanitary standpoint.
Hid suggestion is of develoting an
existing stream channel which would
carry the dirty water of this stream
the opposite way--to an ontlet at the
foot of Sheridan street, between Fort
de Russy and the mam waterfront of
Hon'olnla. He finds strong objection
to the Makee island outlet -project In
discussing ft he made the following
emphatic points this morning:
' The proposed scheme to divert the
waters of the 4oul stream near the
Moana hoteVso that the discharge 'will
be further towards Diamond head in
volves an error which will become
plain to any one immediately the facts
are stated: There U, a constant ocean
current flowing from the south at all
times of the $ear. This current splits
on Diamond head, one branch flowing
along the coast in the teeth of the
trade wind, the other, the main body,
sweeping along - the . Kona. coast of
Oahu to Barbef point and then- on
to tbe west r. This current is entirely
distinct: from the tide, which comes
and goes, or rises and falls. Possibly
the tide on the flood 'Intensifies the
current It is certain that storms in
tensify its strength.! When the w inter
rains make the Moana stream so un
pleasant the wind is usually from the
south; what a kona storm does In the
way of speeding up this sweep of
ocean to the west needs no elaboration
of statement to make clear. If testi
mony is wanted as to tbe accuracy of
the above, please' read the testimony
of Pilot Maea:ilay given In the case
of the bark Dunrogan, found in our re
ports, and tried shortly before admi
ralty jurisdiction in Hawaii passed to
the federal' courts. ThTee ships, per
haps four, have grounded off Diamond
head , since 1879, ail in consequence
of 1 this current and in trade wind
weather. .' More extraordinary still
and a circumstance which seemed un
canny until Pitot Macaulay's testi
mony was given- cask of wine from
the cargo of the EskbankCwent up the
channel, troubled not at all by, trade
wind, and was beached near Kailua, to
the great satisfaction -6f the residents
of that region. Moreover even small
school globes 'Show this current: the
return waters "of the so-called ."Japa
nese gulf stream the Kuro Siwo.o 4
"What sT intUkB then,-.t9t spend
money ttf'ffidhafge'thls' stream a few
rods fjifther iowthyl whea it ; will all
be swept back on ; the bathing
beaches." '. J .'- . '. ;'-
. Supervisor -Hatch makes it plain
that he is not "opposing -the Makee
outlet plan if there is no other pos
sible way, but that he has no faith
hr its . efficacy. !.J -;:: rr-;.-'' - . ,
The project was jdiscussed at a hear
ing of the house" finance committee
yesterday.;' ; i - ''X -' -v.. ,,
(See Page. 9 for.. account of hearing)
Be it resolved by the Board of Su
pervisors of the! City and1 County of
Honolulu. Territory of Hawaii, that
the followmg " sums amounting to
Three Thousand Three Hundred Fifty
eight and 66-100. ($3358.66) dollars, be,
and the same are hereby "appropriat
ed out of;alI hjohey$ .n the General
Fund in the Treasury of the said. City
and County for the following purposes,
to wit:; ; y j?V;':
Maintenance and upkeep . ;
Board and Treasurer's auto. $ 7.34
Maintenance " automobiles ... . . 750.00
Auditor, Incidentals ......... v 150.00
Purchasing 'agent, incidentals ,61.50
Expense weighing automobiles 407.20
Kapiolant park,, maintenance
and upkeep -... i ...i .. I
Public baths, maintenance and .
upkeep -. ,.",'.'. t.- . .'' i". . . . . ?
Expenses charter convention;.
' ; - - Introduced by ' -
, , . DANIEL LOGAN,' v
'r-v..:.'::' ' '': Y Supervisor. :
Ilcnolulu, . Hawaii, March 28, 1917. ; :
T' hereby certify that the foregoing
Resolution .passed first reading and
ordered .to print at a meeting held by
the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday,
March 27. 1917, on the following
tote of said Boardr ' - T '
;: Ayes: ' Ahia, Arrold. Wateh, -Hot
linger, Horner, Larsen, Logan. Total
7 - :.- y - -: i . . ,.- -.v
' Noes :r NoVe.V f 7" V.-" '
V ' s ; ' ' ' E. BUFFANDEAU, --
: Deputy "City and County Qlerk.
; - 6745-Mar. 28, 29,'30 'i '
-; --,
Girl. to cook-vand uc housework;' no
cJiUdren: no washing. Box . 583
' SUr-Bnlletin. " 745-t
Passbook No. 16410 on Bank 'of Ha
waii. Fiader please return to Bank
of Hawaii. 6745-3t
X ;-i h iRawlty Fancy ; "
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t. . Quality Inn or Phone 4225 ,,
Bl Willi
W mm
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I if fe
ease m a
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Sehaf f ner &
1 ,.,.
".v-'.- V '
Crrriskt Han Scaifeer k Mix
Because it
Realise its fit arid the c 6 nifb rt it (gives .leave
nothing to be desired-and because it expresses
the latest arid best in style.
remember, the price easily is within your
means v . . ,
Dress Suits $50.00 ..
Tuxedos $45.00
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lawn o
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Nature calls ' to ns to "till the soil'?
and'for" prepay ftg the garden, re
planting flowers or,, taking care of
the lawn we are prepared, to fur
nish :. all of the c tools " necesaryl
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ers, lawnmowers, trimmers', water,
ing potsK- sprayers, flower- pots,
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sortment of styles and. prices.
. " ' ;"':'.
Get the "Dack to Nature"? habit
and let vs help you.
Co;, Ltd.
. - The House of Housewares l'' .
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- At Bre'slatr; , Germany, . a paper
chimney, fifty feet high and fireproof,
is one of the curjosiues,
Times of unusual
Flooded steets, houses standing;
window-deep in lakes of flood-Y
water they are unusual sights,'
pictures of which will be inter-,
estfng in later years. Make a
permanent record of them with :
the : ":"',: ' ' ' j;;,;:-. ;
Date and location may 6e writ
ten directly on the.. film. at the
time the picture 1s made, Identi
fying it for.all time.;, ' - ,. '
' We have . an Autographic
Kodak that will meet your ,
. requirements as to size and ,
price. ' ' ; , '.;; . A. ; '' '
' .' r-:-: :': ' U ! ft f
Kodak Headquarters.
J; '1C5J Tort ttreet
'Oriental Sillz "G'oc
and uv?zc3
I Nauanu, nbove Hotel f :
Pt. 1ri
IDft?! Vftnr Tv fl?fd Crr
Try Murins Eye Remedy t
'JwSVCr"- .C.-r .i-i'., .... i'.:...X-:;.'.'

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