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nojcoi.m: sT.Mi r,n.i.rnx, tiu i.smv. wuu. m:.
Removal Notice
has reu:otd hj offices from 1U-T
Aljk-a strer. corner of Hotel street,
i. North I Uri. :'r-t. Will orn
fr buin ;ril -'.
faster :rd and Novelties
Successor fo.ArWRh :Co., ,
Agency of Hawaii
!;! and .N'i-ilit Patrols
'1m.i, 1 m. .". and . Mite Pddg.
WM. E. MILES, Mgr.
AO CLUB (.Effi
Win backig
wilson policy
i Takinc t;:e lead in an indorsement
j of the poii y of President Wilson, the
Honolulu Ad Chit) ff-nt the first mef
Uage from Hawaii that has been re
jched in Washington since diplomatic
jrHatifiis with (Jerrnany were broken
li.waiian war relief ' headquarters
will !e cfrts1! Friday.
1 1 here will be a dr.' Tuesday n -
! in? at th fount rv Club.
I -
A unist tournament win miiow a
Doffing of (Mive Mraiuh Ker.ekaD
f.odf. I. . (). F . tonight.
($!! Ma- ( ii t.-r-
The Faster vacation for the students
of the Mid-Pacific Jnstitute begins tins
afternoon and lasts until Monday even-in.
A.-n! :..
M .'i-n-nT'.aru
li- sn--
Souvenir Jewelry
IVntlif-r Jis, Tapa Cloth
Souvenir Spoons
Jewelry Designing
Diamonds, Watches',
Arn!er, .Jade
H. Culman Co., Ltd.
Fort and Hotel Sti
otr At a meeting of the Ad Club yes
terihiv a committee njmiir.swl 'rf John
Ijjjl r.ffinv r. Marry IV- V.' v and (Jenrge
, Fimh iratted th" toilowing resoiu
i lion, v, h i ft was forwarded iu -f Vfii
I irij? to President Wilson: j
! -Honolulu. April A. I'MT.
j ' .t. I'r'sia nt Wilson.
Washington. I). !
'The following resolution was un
animously adopted by the Honolulu
Ad . lub, ') inernbe rs. this Hay: lit'
'it reded by T 1 1 - Honolulu AJ Club
j that we tender to the President of The
I'nited States our united and earnest
j indorsement of the govern mint's de
i termination in ith attitude toward
! Pnissianisin and .ourselves as a hody
I as individual in loyal sunport of
cur country's stand for the right and
for humanity, in whose behalf the
Allies are now engaged in noble antij
heroic struggle. I
wallaci: H. FAKRINOTOX,
'JOHN SOPKR, Secretary.-' -
pleasure' should include
motoring to the
where you 'can be quickly
served with a dozen dif
ferent flavors of
; Sheridan St., off King
The Kcroa Mar;i admiralty case wa:
ccntinuel in federal court Wednesday
and was pctoned to Friday morn
ing. Th regular meeting of the. Fre
Kindergarten Aoiation has h n
iMj?tpi:n"d from tomorrow until Fri
day, April 13.
Ho.se Palak attempted to commit
suif-rUe Tuesday uieht on ;ilei roa 1
I y taking poison. She was treated at
the emergency hospital.
The motion to dismiss the appeal in
the matter of the petition of Frank
Andrade to register title to land was
ordered in supreme court.
The motion to tax costs in the case
of M. F. Stott'versus E. N. Piliio was
granted by the supreme court yester
day. The costs 'of appeal were IW.73.
Reserve cueft.'ons fiom the circuit
! court in the case of the First Ameri
can Savings & Trust Co. of Hawaii,
Ltd., versus Kbtn P. Low were ar
gued in supreme court yesterday and
The monthb meeting of the Hu
man1 Society was held yesterday in
the Library of Hawaii and the sec
retary reported that 1SS animal and
19 children eases had been cared for
during .March. The rest of the meet
ing was taken up with routine matters.
After a long and serious illness that
followed her return to New York. Mrs.
Mary J. Coulter has come back to Ho
nolulu and is now recuperating at the
Alexander Young Hotel. As soon as j
she has sufficiently recovered her i
K.nl. V, nvtfl .tfv . t I f 1 . n.iw-iww.l I
to open a studio at the 1-aniakea.
Mrs. Coulter. Rpent several months
here last year, did a cnsiderable am
ount of (tainting and catalogued the
I works in the Cooke art gallery. Dur
ing her stay .she made numerous
friends here who were later grieved
to learn of her illness in New York.
After undergoing an operation upon
the throat, which nearly resulted se
riously, Mrs. Coulter had an attack of
pneumonia and was in a precarious
condition for a time. When able Jo
travel she came back to Honolulu on
the last Matsonia.
Won't those Glass
' Baking Dishes"
in the
A i ...
- ovenr x
That's the question women are
constantly asking us and - very
naturally- iout the wonderful
new PYREX glass dishes for bak
ing. '.NO, Iadjner; they will NOT
break In-the oven,. '
No matter how hot your oven Is
the Pyrex baking dishes will neith
er crack, nor chip, nor; craie, nor
flake! . - - ' v" ;
' It Is 'an education' to see these
ne-jr glass dishes. . Letter make it
a point ;to look at them Toda) ,A;
full line one, for every purpose' .
W. W. Dimond &
The JHouie of .Housewares
King 'St. near Bethel.
Sjmorrow, Good Friday, the chief
ice at St. Andrew's Cathedral . is
that ; known as "The Three Hours,0
which begins promptly at noon and
closes at 3 p. m. The service con
sists of hymns, prayers and addresses
on the last Seven Yords of our Ldrd
from the cross. The bishop will de
liver the addresses applying the words
to practical every day life.; While the
service as a' whole does not seem lojig
to those who stay throughout, yet- it is
fully understood that anyone is at lib
erty to enter or leave the church .at
any time during the singing of ' a
hymn. Leaflets containing the whole
service will be given out at the door.
Boxes will be in place at the doors
that those who desire to give to n:fs-
! sions may do so. Adv.
Around , the y- Island, $1.75. Sunday
Tickets at Benson, Smith & Co., Fort
street. Phone 1356. Adv.
An electrically operated washing
machine -has been r intented that also
dries clothes by centrifugal" force with
out removing -thenu -
Thrum's, Ltd, will be closed all day
tomorrow, Good Friday. Adv.
For over 69yearsScxit7
Ti t Vomen all over the
orid have used it to
obtain greater beauty
f and to keep their appear
ance always at iu best t
Oriental Croam
FXRD. T. bOPKTKS 4b SO$. ewYork
,-Your home .will always be among tlTe Cert inlfonoTulu "
if it is in the -
In tins east' tlie best does not mean the most expensive;
these ,
High-Class Home Sites
are se.lliuij.at. only .17. eents-a sciiiare foot;
Phone 3646
Iet us take yon out to view them.
Bethel St;., opposite Postoffice
Sales 'Agfent
A nv)tton to tax plaintiff;? bill of
costs in the matter of M. F. Scott ver
sus K. N. Pilif.o v as heard In supreme
conrt Wednesday ' and taken under
advisement as was the matter of the
petition of Frank Andrade to register
title to and interest in certain ' Hono
lulu lands.
For passing the best test on Chris
tian doctrine, Henry Lau Tan, '17.
president of the junior branch of the
Holy Name Society with headquarters
at St. Louis College, has been awarded
a handsome silver crucifix. The pre
sentation was made by Brother Robert
of St. Louis.
lEftlES. -
At thtr sen-:! annua! ::v
1: Infantry X':! M
day t'-'Mnin. i! -.sc.
mens!) tie. led j rt.MiiOi.:
teeds Caj t FrVn!. Hii-ftad. tni has
tehi V.v.z i-r ---1 j-it ji". t.-.r dj .iTi
ure f .ia.i. It.j .-. f,r tl.v siatt-s. Th
Can. BraiuMIl-. Ca4.t; 'I.ia.-iand and
1st Lieut J. !.,: Smith, ( ail J-S.r.i .
Simons. -lr., a dc- ted to r.c --'e t
Lieut. Waiv r .r- .ntn t:- . r ?a:
and trea-i:i-r Ti;.- ":ni-a!.!-.u;i; r
pcrt sho'As th .'t.: t if in ;in r -l
lent financial r.diUo.i.
A cable nseivc! at Sjl'.ofield from
AVasiiiiifcttjii ai'.'H inii s th- 1'roinutioti
of 1st J r. ut JuiiM V Sim-m.'. .Ir . ! -t
Infantry, to the 'raiiv d' . attain, to
rank from February 1" He is assign
ed to the 1st Infantry ;iru! is nov. i.ii
jduty v, it!) and ccmmndiiitt fompany
Tt-e panic ..!ilc announces t!ie fro
motion of 1st Lien. Hit hard Kimball.
4ili Cavalry, to tlie sra le of captain.
t rank from February apt. Kim
ball is attached 'to the 4th Cavalry for
dutv and will romain at Schofj!d.
Ir i expected that twe '.'.2d infantry,
now on duty at Pearl Harbor and Fort
Shaftvr. will return to this iost on
Saturday. They have boon in the field
for one month and will lie relieved by
the Ith Cavalry.
The four probationary second lieu
tenants, who have been receiving in
struction with the 1 ?t Infantry for the
past three months, have joined their
regiments. Lieut. McCarrigle has
joined the 2d Infantry; Lieut. Crooks
the I'r.th Infantry; Lieut, lndrum the
.'52(1 Infantry, at Pearl Harbor, and
Lieut. Cutehin is doing duty with Com
pany F, 1st Infantry.
Since April 1 the hours for reveille
and retreat have been advanced one
half hour earlier. Reveille is now
at "j:L". a. m. and retreat at p. m.
Since tne issuance of tne or ler on
March ;1 making it a military offense
for any soldier to enter the town or
Wahiawa. the place lias been deserted
so far as the soldiers are concerned.
The 1st Infantry is maintaining a
guard near the Wahiawa -bridge which
has instructions to arrest any soldier
found east of the county road. It is
expected that these measures will
clean up Wahiawa, as the "place has
been a constant source of trouble for
the military authorities at Schofield.
moves the cause. Used the woild over
to cure a cold in one day. The signa
ture of E. W. GROVTJ is on each box.
Manufactured by Oie PARIS MEDI
CINE CO. St. Twiis. XT. R.
Scottish Rite Masons. are reminded
of the Maundy Thursday services at
the Masonic Temple at I'JSO' tonight,
Thfs service-' is open only .to Masons
bf- the -'eighteenth'' degree, on whom
ft Is obligatory, ' : ".
' The Easter Snnday services' (re
lighting the lights) will be held at the
Mission ' Memorial Hall' tm ' King
street and is open to all Masons of
whatsoever- degfee. Visiting Masons
within our gates are cordially invited
to kttend. Adv. .
All Boy Scoots. are called, upon to
turn out Sunday morning and attend
the- Easter services to be held on
Punchbowl. Boy Scouts will serve as
guides, assisting people on the trail
and in giving out programs. TT;ey' are
to report at the Normal school at 6:30.
Deputy Commissioner R. K. Thomas
will be in charge.
By. order of H. S. Hay ward. Commissioner.
.Mr. and Mr3. Albert Lf Stetson of
Lcs Angeles, who have been here for
the winter, left in the Matsonia. They
expect to come back next winter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. EI La Dow of Mans
field, Ohio, who have been visiting in
the islands for some time have moved
from' the Moana Hotel to the Royal
Clarence H. Cruickshank, represent
ing the Premier Motor Corporation, is
in Honolulu with one of the latest
Premier' creations, a car whose gears
are shifted by electricity. He expects
to establish an agency for the car here
and later go to the Orient for the
same purpose. Cruickshank has been
here before. "He is at the Moana Hotel.
Dr. Dorothy Smyley, the English
woman physician who has done such
wonlerful work in the war hospitals.
Inft In the Matsonia on her way to
Saloniki t(f take up her war work
again. Dr. Smyley gave the Star-Bulletin
several interesting word pictures
of the awful conditions in Europe and
the great work being done by women
of England, volunteer boy scouts and
tBy AsocUt"t Presil
OXFORD. Eng. The commandant
of cadets at Oxford University has as
sured the American students here, it
Is announced, that if they desire to
join the officers' training corps they
can b accommodated. Such a course
would have to be approved, of course,
by both the American and British governments.
Sachs drygoods store will be closed
all day tomorrow. Good Friday. Adv.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
.' i ; t -j . . . i
T?-.e lihle stlul cunU ef ihft
..riMan'. chur h hdi it monthly
' WeJpiKda night at t ie
.unci:. After the supper various
i !..; were disrussgd. If w ..' vote-1
f.... : I-.e c.mcil to set aside Sunday.
.iriJ us Uelgiau Reliff ia. " At
. teai time the Bible school children,
.vii! be atforded an opportunity to j;ie
towards the support of iiildr-n in
f'-iuuiin. H was stated that 12. ents
a dav will ; rovide a P.eUian child with
a 'iip -f chocolate and two small bis
(uns. The 15ji)le jiujtijs are to be ask
ed not How much !ll you give?" but
fio. many Belgian children will you j
In i; to feed ?
Ti e council cted to have a Moth
er's Day progiam on the snond Sun
day in May.
Plans wro discnsse.I in regard to
r!ie jcssible lcrmatirn of a summer
school for religion during the vacation
r. -
Apparatus lias been invente 1 'to en-
I able i oticetuen to time automobiles
I accurately and arrest violators of,
' speed laws. '
rnn 1k lwt MipplitMl here ami at the lowest possible cost.
Your Kaster attire will be incomplete without a pair of
the new novelty -tH'kin:, silk, lisle or cotton, in plain
colors and blaek. Suitable weiirht underwear in all
grades at lowest prices.
A new line of "Dove" undermiislins, embraeimr 'the
o'inplcte line of these eelebrated garments.
SjM-ial values in fMerole" knit umlerwear, broken
loi- at half price. ,
Silk Hosiery in blaek, white and coIoin, $1.25, $1.50 ainl
S2.50 a air. '
Ladies' Jisle Sttckin,iTs at 60c a pair.
( liihlrcn's Sox and Stockings, 25c and 35c a jwiir.
Hotel Street
near Fort
- t
Women's White Shoes
With the addition of recently arrived ship
ments, we are now better than ever prepared to
satisfy the most particular feminine .taste in
style, as well as to fit the most difficult foot.
French heels, white (ttPV
ivory soles, plain toe, Jjll
medium high vamp.... ?" f'-
ci j Dtttipac auu oj licit
with turned sole, ,
French heel and plal ,
ftr nn
- - . - . v ." ' -i
5!fSlf51 1051 FORT ST. fr3SVc
'iT ' lii' ii
1 i
Photos of jrpw
" ' : "' : :' '
be co
. S'i : . -'.'.
- ''' .
C'. ,
in war-tflMe
. - ,
'I -:.,
.. t . . ;
M :.-.4i '4, i. M'-.
Pictures of relatives or frie nds w hp belong to tHe;
regdlar army or the National Guard ybii want aH ; ; ;;
..... .-:
can get of such photos, don't
Why wait for the man to give you his picture? Get a
- ..
.. . . :
. t
. - T t.
. 1
'V : -;'': :: .
- s :
' . J ";'
and "snap" him yourself. Catch him in natural poses, in civilian attire and in his uniform. 5
The SENECA, the Great American Camera, makes this easily possible. . It is-simple in yJ
operation; the amateur gets just as good results as the professional caa obta
Buy a Seneca and a roll of films today
.A '.. .
-. J l '''' : . i'.j-
Young Hotel Bldg.
. . . v i '

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