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Frern Can Francisco:
Wilhelmlna, Aprtl 10.
For San Francisco:
Lcrline, April 19..
From Vancouver:
." Niagara, April II.,
For Vancouver ,
Makora, April 27,
i ) ft W
Evening Bulletin. Eat. 1882, No. 6755
Hawaiian Star. Vol XXIV. No. 7794
WjJli Ml III
h m;CS; lll ... - I - Tl -I S: , !.! I I "'
:-'- ' -'. "r. : : V r'.;';. ,k:i.';''ry: ; ' . -I I v--;. -; .'-'..'' .:'' ? V -V .v-'-x- ' . ' , .. '-.;-'V :V- .' . . - J
mnnnr-o-;. ' n n n non
i!lJvJUi 1
TrftTrr TrTTiS f ;o
Declare ; For Loyal Sup
port of Officials v By
' Press and People of
:Territory ;y
: Hawail't patrlotiam. Hawaii' man
hood, Hawaii's ' bualneak leadcranip,
Hawaii's public splrjt apoko thla
corning at s meetrng of tha Honolulu
Chamber of Commerce' such as has
never.befort been held in the history
X of this leading ccmmerclal body of
1.: tK territory. r
Not alone in eloquent.werds uphold-
Ing the stand cf President Wilson and
t the United Sutes Congress, but in
'' i practical planning for "preparedness"
; here, for Hawaii's parKat home, did
the leading businessmen of "the; cUy
unite, - ; ' .
The HonoryiU ' chamber-means not
' Only to pass resolutions brt to isok
. C afterthe- military, problem herer to
' look after food KJtpliesta stand by
the'officiala In a difficuit nourwith
- concrete and definitely, practical work
Ki that Was th spirit shown by norei
r than HQ men this morning Jn ses
sion that filled the makat pav'i.'on ol
the Young Hotl, which beflai at 10
' and lasted until 11:50 o'clock.'
' -ai3ed togetber to pass a resolution
indorsing Prcfldent VVIrson and Con
Kites in decl&rlnf war on the German
tmplre, the- Honolulu chamber met
. this morning In one ot he most re-
.-.mirkable gatberlngs ever beld in this
- city. Not only did the members pass
the resolution unanimously, but equal-
' - ly unitedly v ent on recorJ as favoring
v Tomj ulsory universal military train
ing .&ud eeTIce'-for the citizens of
this rcuutry ami pledged tben-.selTes
V to aid and. lielif tiie1-country io very
wcy ultiiln thllr power. ; . v-
' ' " A!::TianJm t.r.d all It -means and a
' to ! ir..':alf i tTcn evry
i re s : r li t!e ic -ra
. . r ' v:: :.r;:;:.e.; : J
, J. . ' ". 1 ' , . . ' -1-c nt. of j.he
rbtr. ;r cf L'o-.r.-.crce, .opened .' the
meeti; ,' itli a- Etrcng jaddreES an4
w hen ho said' "halMaked loyalty- is
net wanted,", the applause was deaf-
- ening. r-:
' Former Governor W. P. Frear Intro
duced the resolution and said: "The
legal comolttpe n drawing up tHe
resolution felt that It. should embody
two main features; one the Indorse
ment of the declaration of war, and
" the other our desire to do our fuh
. part. V'hle the times demand that
everybody keep a level head, it Is also
fitting that enthutlastle and patriotic
meetings be held. Presumably the
course takel by the president up to
: the present time was wisest but many
;, have chafed and now that the die has
been cast we should, enter the. strife
i with a -full, determination to defend
-the right cf the nation and humanity.,
I therefore move "the resolution bo
''" passed, and copies sent to Tresldent
Wilson, t!ie ttnate, house, and the Ua
waiian delegate." ' "?'.-
. J. A.Eeaven, follWjng Mr.Fresr,
said: "It is. very eisy to come iere
and vote with our hands, but itxeally
; means that each one of us must put
our strength and power behind this
vote. . There is not a man here but
what; can do somelhir; for hta. coun
try. A baker is as Important as a
man at the front and, therefore, every
one of you should offer his services to
the governtienu";
'(Continued frrra page' three) .;
' 1 (A?octatd Pre by Cable) '".'',
WASHINGTON, D. - C" April " J.
;,The supreme court today held Invalid
the restrictions eoujht by the Motion
IMcture Uateuts, Company. on the use
of competitors' films in its projecting
machines, the supreme court refusing
to allow an Infrlngment injunction
against the Universal Company. -Application
of the, Clayton antitrust
act and price fixing right, of patentees
were brought . before the supreme
court" in a ..patent lofringeaent suit
brought by fae Motion Picture Patenta
' Company againtt the Universal Film
. Manufacturing Company: the Univer
sal Film , Exchange, and the Prague
Amusement Co, of New;Torkv , in re
' fusing an infrinjment Injunction" the
.circuit court held that to uphold the
patents company's prohibition against
use of competitor's films in its project
ing machines would give the' socalled
.moving plctdre trust an "absolute mo
I nopoly cf the film business.'
The suit was entirely distinct from
federal proceeding, brought under
tiie Sherman law against patents com
pany and others to dissolve an alleged
-combination popularly known. .in the
film 'w orld, as the" Moving - Picture
Trust. In seven other, suits $18,250,
Oto damages under the Sherman law
. are asked by western film companies.
-Under the court's rulings in other
cases the Motion Picture Patents Com
pany contended . its licensed sale restrictions-were
valid. - -
"Be it resolved that the Chamber of
. Ing for th purpose this ninth
edty commend the action of the
elating war against Germany in
" r tion and its citizens and in thus aligning ourselves on the side of civili -
; ration and humanity against unwarranted Invasion-and wilful disregard
, of international obligations and human rlchts; and further. that It does
' ' 1 hirfbw nimdam it- full iBoort to thm Drekidcnt of th United States ip
all issues that shall enrje from
moualy by the Honolulu Chamber
Governor Galls on PatrioHsm of
Havaii to Do Its Share in :War
COMMERCE: " - ; . .
Members of the Chamber of Commerce; .
. This Is the second time in my. life "tbet I iave attended a meeting
which concerned the vital life of tbe American nation. ; ;
One meeting was ' 5R years aga, where the problem of humane liberty j
within our borders was the problem that had .to be solved. We1 now today
.come to o)ve the problem orthe freedom of the seas. Your knowledge oT.;
wnat uus proDiem is ana means neeas no euiuoranoii iruxn uie. u u wro
under discussion for nearly two 'sears. - .1, '
- I wish to tring ycur attention, to one fact, that In no place under the
American flag ha the realization of the necessity for prepareilness.been as
impressed nd ' eagerly anticipated 5 a it. bss wttitlu these kland and
-under the flag, not only of the nation but of the Territory Gf Hawaii.'
' ;lt cliauced that your governor, during", his ctay, In- th'vFar.':JCaet;'i!aw
internatlcnal troubles. impending something lite Jx .or seven years ago, ana
, took the pains to search throughout th'-world, where the point of trouble
- mi&ht come to the -surface. .It Ufd n6t come lb the surface at Just the point
1 thought it might when I 'started ? Co' travel round' tho glob.?, but I be
came convinced that the. JL'nlted States must abandon' ItspoHcy of attempt-
ing- ethical command of the world and : prepare.. Itself, pot for exploiting
irtauren, but ''.to be prepared to def en 1 itself.; and that Its own right "arm.
should ' be 'ttrcna enough to command peace, ho matter, who;undertook to
imio$ "upca' the United States- of Xwerlca,'., 'V-:.'-.i'' '
the caflly class that fought in'f
!d nct-twi ttieiuled-Aiwon it-ti. w
I -" er; imningo4 cDon: ,'and' 1 wsnt ti ItM. yu;; oentlemenj'look out for
that kind .of an. enemy, because hey'will appear In. the United States of
American t hepe not within th. Territory of Hawaii, - :.SV - t 'l
. Ve have a difficult problem before os; ,sj cannot ten you now jt is. to
be solved. " Our percentage of thoe who have sworn to protect .the Araert-
can flag is much greater than. iriany ' spot or political dirislon, of r the
- United States, and.lt affects us 'more directly and fmmedlateiy-than 4 any
movement that can occur in the United States." fceg" Vc-u to have ipatience,
or those In authority wiirtry and make" the burden, a. light t as, possible,
but If It becomes hard, let your hearts be , stout . enough , and your pocket
books liberal enough to make the sacrifice that Is necessary for your; couri-
; The heartaches of vkarl welt, remember. People: may think that: men
war on each other thoughtlessly, but I can tell you in our division hearts
ached -fir, the North as hard as la the South - to thlnfc that brothers and
k members of the same nation' should be obliged .to come to blows, and hbW
evr hard we may striTe; "however setere ve miye, keep your"hearts uvee
come to those who are the victims
uo hard woraan,r it Is no undutiful child that ha. th feeling; Of humanity-to
Its heart. : Men anX women are the stronger and better for. it; "they ,are kthe
more just and etlectiTe soldiers, and sympathizers. With ; that sentiment
throughout th United States, there can - btf bo 'comeback; : thereean :;be
nothing In history to' discredit the American Mtion. and the American na
: tion wishes Its record vn history to b ae clean and honorable as any ,ndi
vidual should desire, that the. record of 'his "life should - be clean and hon-
crable... . . " ,- .- ...
i lsthank;'yott,-gentlemcnJ1';-.
1 ' v
MERCE: " '.' ' L- V " '" -? v' " --i' ..'v'vTv'-'I.'-fi'-.'v
"The die nasi been Vast; the J iiol wholly-xtnexpected hss happened! ;r
-"Coturress. after careful deliberation; haa. 'passed a resolutloiT declaring
that a state ot war exists between his
Our President, -after, many montM-of patient rorbearance, Has found it
necessary to substitute action foTTords and notes. j Dur country, through
no-fault, of its own.-baa beea drawn into 4he awful maelstrom of the merci
less European war. . - 7, - . .' . - ', z- ' " T '.': r' 'u''
. r "However much many of ns may regret ; war, or the ' taking active part
in the European struggle; gentlemen, we are broeght face to face with con
ditions at the present time , which, we cannpt Ignore and we must' declare
"ourselves In this crisis., As citizens of the United States .we owe a debt to
our country in, its hour of need; this debt is expressed in the simple word
. 'duty..' America expects every : citizen to do hi. duty.. America, after. aD,
" is only entering this, war .because" it consider, it Jt. duty;--? f '.. -'-'
"With our eyes directed toward. Washington - we realise that history; is
being maCe very fast and that our country 1. destined to play an important
role in world affairs." U is clear that whatever may happen, America will
emerge' from this catastrophe a "greater and. a stronger nation. ; .:
'.Social," racial and all other differences among us must and will dlsap-
' pear, rf suiting in a 'united nation fully conscious of its existence, and its
" relation the other countries of the -world, V''.-''-"v"t '"'"l"- :-
mass of oeoDle of which this nation
be Quickly, cnited into a' homogeneous bo Jy and the possibilities of the mother, talkina; machine, manufactur
pearance of racial or other faction, will be forever removed. V Half-baked era and other patentee, generally use
lGyalty.ts not wanted. "- We want only one class of citizen., as 'provided 'the license plan, restriction, upon ac
for by Out constitution; plain, ordinary Americans;. This is the prime re- tnal sale '. price. having been ..held; fl
qulsite for the continued life of the naUon.. : ":-.v':;, ' . 'A: legal by. the court. :w t
- - Tit behooves u to remain calm, deliberate and, tolerant In stormy days; V-VThat- the license , plan is a ; mere
-thus emphasizing the policy always exhibited by our country. .:- There is .no subterfuge adopted to control retail
need for undue alarm or excitement War is a serious business, much more prices to the public was contended by
serious than most of us perhaps realize, and if our cause is to be triumph- HheMacy company iitthp present pro
ant, we must. not lose our heads. ' i :::.; '... . ;' - -.- i ceedlngs. ;-The appellate' court below,
-Let us. therefore, place our full confidence in the course laid" out "by however, upheld the license plan, stat
thos chosen to lead us, those who are in control of the country's affair. ; - l&S patentee, could thus limit the use,
the President of the United States and' his able advisors; let us follow upon : payment of royalties of their
them; let us support them, come what may, , a united chamber,; a "nnfted products when not, actually parting
' country"- - " " ; - ;..;.; - : v - - with the legal title.
f ....... i
'- Voicing hi. personal view. . to the
member, of, the Chamber of f Com
merce this morning, MaJ. C. & Lin
coln, who also bore a message from
Ccmnurce. assembled in special meet-;
day of 'April, 1917, does hereby unreserv'
Ccncrtse of the United States In de-:
order to safeguard the rights of our na-
the action thus taken." Passed unani
of Commerce today.
.gaviLtlveir blood yen? fromljelr homes.
lie. w..ul tiiUi,fcuts' or. linancial' inters
of war. It is no. cowardly maiu.-it it
.' 'V " .
ens to
country and the Empire of Germany, j
is composed will. In times like these,!
. . . - -
Commandinc Gen. P. S. Streng, de-VWer. courta. oy- xne victor .company
dared " . - j - t against threatened" cut-rate sale of
ij ?-itui''r':"i'-r-ii:i!s i,""'rT ' its machine.;"': ,;. " .
Td Uke .to cee Hawaii close . all " '.
aaloona tomorrowl - A .tonti of ap'mentaf W .hall have a -large num.
play, . greeted thi. declaration and ber of yftung men in training, taken
MaJ. Lincoln continued: v 1 away perhapa from heme influence.
"I. there any way to bring prohibi. would like to see prohibition in Na
tion about at once, if this thingreakaj wall on account of the military sltua-(referring.-to
further-war develep-ltion." .. - '
gegm::s on
AUEtlS ! ri
its o:o:;i
Officials in Honblulu Say That
: Have NokBeeti Givea Any
Official ilptincauon -
- .. . - . : ;
J Whe.i inquiries were made or gov-
ernment cfficials, elier mlUtary. na-
j val or ciilv reladvcj to carrying oat
rro visions of the proclamation made.
- j April 6 by President nvtfsoniHtllaln"&
certain restrictions ror auen enemies
i i I. .iai.J 'shaU' . 1 mi. Jk
that no such of ricm Instructions 'had
been sent to Hawaiif it' seems to he
the general opinio ?amoog' those '- in
authority here tbtt tne pr.ociamationK
in Hawaii at Jecst was more j of a
warning ' to the ahe enemies -tbenv
ifhM than, kn order to -off Icila! to
regitUte acU6c..- y, -
United States District Attorney Hu-
alien.ene fromfapprcW
haafa mUefany fedeMl or fctate fort,
lamp, ienL- urctn uuuu, s
ernment onavalessel, yard or muni-
Uon factor j. - -v.r- -J
it. is, mis pnmsjwi ;uabaas,csuKH
ber said he had seen-and heard oi no ' American publisher and roan of. f- relations TetW(Hn Anuria and the United States, the Unitel
such orders -but expressed. a telief . m"h0. fs l? r6 ftent'ftates today seized the ntrinn temTwhiiiq rnrf Kn Vnriitf
that mKloubtedly.theweretetoca?fd RsU 'BiyV .topped a few hoar,
ried out In some pa rt4 of the maki- r ?daJ " a Psenger on; tbr; Srjerfa- ton and ITiraalayd, lviug;at this port.i :!A - .V V ' . .
knd : wherethey vweTe rrticularlyap. .,11. V - :":'' - - "; '. . 7 V
considerable : discusston m ; tionoimu j He'xarrived at breakfast-time thl Since the . wat
because H would be almost Impossible marning.. With Miss Bessie Beatty, l; oftrte
to enforce at least: without, entailing; representative of the fiaa -Jrandscor X- . Wes
wtfch trouble. v : vT uEnlletin; who I on her war around! " ' t-v ..
Huber Polnta Out- Difficulties, v . : the world tor her paper-and who is
' Attorney .Huber pojnta bni'that Ger a much of a "live wire In her way
roan citUens would notithenTbe able- as Mr. McCIure in his he was at the
to ride on the Rapid Transit cars to ; Star-Bulletin office almost before the
VVaiklkl past Fort ' Da Hussy . or be steamer had tied up. " A Vr -permitted
to ?emainl in 'Hackfeld'a art , We eant to see ,aJT;wr-can, bear
go; cnthe Oahu rallwajr. trains' bast'all we -ean,. and .write: somethings be
the ouUylns IjarracUS. .:.? '!.'.
. "nery: fortvano rorernrnf Qfreserr tt.iT!jeu;egaj.auusy, ay,s
tatlca," taa.'.ltaVi y;-. - itifcuvZ.teih U8T 'Eanefearlng.'df to
says ; Huber, vbeywwlrw1iicj-nralii
enemy can. pass. This i a. matter
thit tke. amy and, naryvof fleers are
derstand 1 from Cen.; Strong that: he
has ',recelved nqi orders such', as." ap
peafed in ; the press. ' ." t ., ' ;
; tCJapt Clark ot the naval station; at
Pearl - Harbor Jso said .this momfng
that He had racelved; no general or
ders similar; to -the one whlch ap-
Lpeared in the papers but was naturally
following ' individual, ? ;-4nstructIon
which caused federal i reservations to
be, adequately guarded. -
f -.''. ' l ' ' : . 't
-::'- (Continued on page three):'
" (AemcliteH rrs by Cable) : .
: Washington, d. d April 9
ibHiNUtoWr JJ- V- P" Ya
U. S.1 supreme court . handed '
a decision today holding; unlaw-1
f ul the: "limited license? plan of . the
Victor Talking' .Machin ' Company r in
distributing ' te- taiklng-ntachine and
other - products;: & . '; IL K . i:'t
' rar-reachingr.'. fluestiona " regardinj;
right of patentee to fix retailor re
we . price, tot v their .'product, tvere
involved i in - the lnrrinemear uit
brought by. the .Victor Talking Machine
Company against the'Macy department
store of ; New Yorkv." . An '-Injunction
was . granted by the -second federal
court after being denied by District
Judges- Hahd.. and-Hough. ' . -- .
The principal ' question raised , was r
whether, in disposing of ita'machlnea
by giving, i a '. license .only", for. their
"use" for royalties (during the patent's
term) and not outright x title torpor
chaser., the Victor company . might ,
thus lawfully regulate. - and -.restrict
distribution of; it. : producfavv', A; .ec
ondary question was whether the fe
strictlon of distribution through 7,006
''licensed dealer, was an illegal com
bination and monopoly under the Sher-
man: anti-trust law.
An lojuacuuo was secureu id me
HQins vicroit ci).
Noted Publisher, Familiar' With
With German Defeat
( "I should not wonder If we would
have peace within three months t do
not predict, but, I, say, I. should not
wonder. ..'.- : ' "'J""TrNX--- ' ?
"If the German submarine camcalon
does not get the results, lor which
Germany hopes, the last card seems
kAM J 1 .Z v
: -Since we have broken relational and
' declared war on Germany, I feel that
" Amerfca is regaining renewing its
soul. The part we should play hae Tor
two and a half years tain very "near
. my heart.' : - '
' Tbece in subsUncer.are the views.
I obtalnel In rtpid-flre interyiew thla ;
"wrTfc,'-w ' . o... cwurtr ',ia:uuu:
SwrtotimatS fMX, .April
orenerKfci wnit' sei7ed hore t(-i s
OTent hIs eQtJrc y, :fi IIOpoluiujS W J'R ,1 UaU
ka A.n.-K. .vf mh
tajjreparinrMme of those facts to be
given to the public through the Mc-
Clure publications.
! fere we leave,", he told tbeditor. s
he pkiuce
of , the distinguished publisher, vvohin-,
teered, the use of the big reI mayor
ajty car. In this at 9 o'clock the party
y-'h (Continued on page threeV
t i AmmrtntaimA PrAC hv PaWla
- BOTTOM,; Mas., April 9-Rlehartt
Oliie, former secretary 'of state, died
today., ": f I.'.."---.: I '..TvUV V"
' ''.J i v:'":?: V -" ' .;-; ..'
A: secretary of state during, the sec
ond administration of Grover . Cleve
land. Richard Olney wss a 'world5 fig
ure, from June ,10,189516' March r4,
1W, but before that time het had been
and? has -smce continued prominent
li "national affairs and 'in the. councils
of the Democrac rty.-'-Hls a"pp6!ntr
ment as, secretary-of state was criti
cized severely;,oa the ground that; he
was a "Corporation lawyer ut he dls
appointed hi. enemies and confirmed
the confidence of his friends by his
conduct of his office during his period
0f incumbency - ' ,
Masa.. Sept 15, 1835. He took the de
gree, pf M. A. - ae Brown University In
1856: LLc B,:. Harvard, J858 j LU D.,
Hatvard; 1893; Brown;-1893; tTale,
iwu . He was admitted tot the bar In
1859 land '.practised . since C in Boston.
Iney was a member of, the Massachu
setts .house of representatives in 1874.
FrohVMarch C. 1893, to. June 9, 1895.
he waa attorney -general of tbe United
States In President Cleveland's cabin
et.. Od. June 10, 1895, he became sec
retary of state, continuing in that of
fice ton til March -4, .1897, when Qlete
land . retired, r His c areer In the pre
mieir, cabinet position was, signalized
by the famous. message to Great Brit
ain which led. to the peaceful settle
ment ot tue Venezuela crisis. This
incident was : characterized by Cleve
land's - opponents as. ; "shirt-sleeved
diplomacy.' '. ' ; . S7r O
i President Wilson hi ' Ma"rchr 1913,
tendered the ambassadorship to Eng
land Aoi Olney, but he declined the
distinction. . . . v,.;.'! ;- .
v He was a; fellow of Brewn nniver
s Ity,-1894-7; resent Smithsonian Insti
tution, 1900-8; member Massachusetts
Historical - Society, , and American
Philosophical Society. In March, 18S1,
he married Agnes P. Thomas, and his
home .was at 260 Clarendon street,
Boston." :. ' r - ;::'"': '-'
' . '
'Owing to the fact' that eensorvf
f' .hip now prohibits the tran.mis-4-
.ion by cable of figures, no quo-
tationa on the New. York Stock
'4- Exchange have been received to-"
day. Until. Mme change shall -e-
be made in the censorship rut. -a-
that feature of the SUr-Bulletin V
wilt have to be omitted. .
t," ' . - - "-'V 't4
4- ,
aus Opening of General-Spring Offen
' WASHINGTON, D. C, April 9. BaronJZwledinek, charge d'affaires of
the Austrian embassy here since the recall, of Ambassador Dumba,.has
demanded his passports, breaking off diplomatic relations - between Aus
tria, and the United States..:.-;.-.. ::''..--!;.. i; ;'' '. -- .'.'
WASHINGTON, C. C, April 9-A despatch was received by the. state
department today from the American minister at Berne, "Switzerland, an-;
nounefng that Austria has broken relations with the United States and that :
Spain will look aftef America's interests,, while Swedtn will take charge
of Austria's affairs in the United Sta'es. : '
OltLKA NS, La., i
ships,' the Clara, Anna arid Teresa, which have been lying; here
opened as refugee veswel. were seized by the
anthorities today. ": ir.." 4 V-.v;-
: NEWPORT NEWS, Va. April 0.The Austrian steamer ;
Diidapest was seized here today. -.' ' -":z- '''.s 'w.-.
0. PIIILADELPJirA ; Pa. Arjril tXThe ? Austrian garner
Praneoriia was' Keizied; bytthitetl Stated officials .today, -? ; ' X
..'.'.,?;'::.(.' v.?,-". - i i . ' . , r . . , . '
tinhsa Iroops Cut iTciir L:r.cC":- -,-Arras
in-Smashing Drive on ih 1
. . '. " ". f' ' J V'! "i. .... : ' I ; - .'-f-' -, ; i -'. v' -. ..
,r ; v, LONDON" En ' April 9Gen. HaigV British ;roopa to- :
day drove. a terrific &torm, of artillery and infanthry at . the
German lines on the. Arras sector and penetrated the German-;
held territory for ten miles, from Arras to Lens. . It is the open
in.fi of.the jreneral spring offensive, and the Allies are launching
a furious drive on the German positions. . v ; v j , '. '
Do ar
IK S.: Three
: WASHINGTON,. D. C., April Q-A bill for a Hve-hillion '
dollar bond issue will be introduced in the house of representa
tives on Thursday: Of this three" billions is' to' bo for a loan y
to the Allies and two billions f or.United' States expenditures
in conducting the war. : ' .;''.. .; - " '; ';'.;:".",i' -J- -: " V, r' y
:;; msmNGTON, D; ar April 9.Estimates calling for an ; -"expenditure
of $172)50 for a submarine base on the Atlantic ; x
side of 'the?Panama Canal were submitted to the senate by the
navy -cfepartment; todiyi-;7lv': i'.;r-"'J'-'. -;' r '
, - Senator Sterling of Soiith Dakota introduced in the senate ;
today an appropriation bill of $25,000,000 for, the'.relief - of '
the Belgians ; :f '";'"':. ' 'f ' i-. h'-?:V':'' ' '' ''' '; '.' -
WASHINGTON, D. O, April 9.--The
rank of . brigadier-general is abolished
by a provision in'theew army appro
priation bill. . Under this provision
there will be no general's rank less
than major-general;
EUC till!
SEATTLE, (Wash.. April. 9. The
brigantine , Harriet . G bound for Ho
nolulu. Is today being towed into Capw
Flattery . and the Straits with her
masts down and otherwise damaged
by- rough feather.: ; v i i
" 6p!t Ctl t Kppa Jiji) - i ' ,
"TOKIO, Japan, April 9. Tokio press
and public have welcomed the news
that, the " United States has declared
wir uponGennany . Many of ; the
newspaper. - In commenting on : the
subject were of the; opinich 'that it
was the only thing to do under tiie
circumstances. The Government party
expects a victory in the coming elec-
Uon. v v-- , "'-
a Followin- the breaking of
rTIie Austrian .steamer Krnv '
pril 0. Three Anstnan steam-
Billions For
i Z
17 f:!::;il i:..:
T ""'' AfOiated Press by Cable)
BERLIN.- -Cermany, April 9. Sev
enteen Entente airplanes : were 1 shot
down by the Germans on the western
front today.' -.'.....
' (Afttoctated frt by CjVI)
XEW , YOIIK. N. .V., A; r:i 5. T'e
federal grand Jury ha-1: J ilown in
dictments against 21 ccr; -atios. and
18 1 Individuals, chargir? t:.r.i with,
violation of. the-Shert: 'ai;ti trust
law, in fixing the prices cf cal'
NEW POSTUASTE.1 13 -. :. 3
: . " (Awoclaled Press by Cable) ;
Advices "receive! by 'Acting tt
master William C. Peters :r. btatfl ttat
the new- Honolulu pestr. :-ur.' Ia-K-Ings
"Vi'cAdain, will pre1:-'-'? crrivj c .
the next transoort, t; 7. f!
Friday frca : fan Fr .; : :. II j :
comin? from Was!;'" T'
incuratent fc-! ' " r'
ca the last 1
net ccme. ; .

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