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Evening Bulletin. Est' 1U2. No ..'6758
Hawaiian Star.. Vol. XXIV. No 779J
n n n r-i n - tn nn ; f !n r v nnn fl HTN S'A fWCTZ
i "i I ' i i J u". U I
w v -IQJ i 11 aim. r ! ojku w i Y u j a"
.u 1-U US J L J u Li km U ) : Mi W ; u
mlnil . n- ui I 7rA u i -i
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s ' ; Vl I
. i i i 1 1 i i i
Z3 VTy aV VV U U 1 v V u U U U U U UUU ,J L4
n n M-MvnrT3' tttTh n n fl fl rFiT
w W: -mm
; U ILU L2JibAL!LiAuA LiJL2LuJL-auvLILJL, vu iUU
gov:::::;! colds
iviiip iifino OVER
Proclamation for Primary Bee
- tion Must Issue in Six Days
I-and No- Charter is Ready;w yy:
I Can Refuse to Grant Furtncr
v nAU. ;nn DlaWeo 7 J
. I'nlees the legislature paisee ud
thcovernor approvei hew city
ture further amend$ ecUon 29 of thealdwln Loco...
tka t.w f itnA thm rovernor. Eaftlmore Ohio
V . approve rucli' tneaiure, the scorning
'', election at municipal and coanty of-
. ' fleers vlll aeo be held under, ihe
? present chiJrter regardlesg of whether
-r the new charter, be later ra.'sd anJ
11 approved. In othor worri the tiuegtion
of what charter ofiftera shall be lcct
; 1 ed under At the coming election lies
with Governor Plnkhanv, unless Vie
T,Tlegllature acta and the governor ap
"This la the announcement made to -
day . by -David Kalaaokalanl. county
- clerk of Honolulu., who has followed New York Central ..... 4
..very closely the legislative activities , Penntfylvania . .. f- 53 .
- and inactivities of the charter nuea-.Ray Consol. 30 ,'
- ttou. - :" ' "; - w '1 Rtadino Common ...... 94.
Proclamation Due Net-Wednesday -1 Southern Pacific ...i..-9Z
According to lavr the secretary stadebaker i..V... 95 '94:
the territory jcust Issue the primary Texae Oil ;,.....,. 209'4 209.
flection proclamation, SO daya betore, Union Pacific .137g "138 v
the idate.of the primary election. Ac-;u. s SteeJ.'.i';.:v..; 112 .1CJ
cording. to an . act. of -the legislature ytah k.. .i".; 110'4 V109. .
, the prlniafy thl:ycar cornea 'May J9 fwetlern. Union, iy. 95 V 95H
: - tr,-:-:
vetk V.-:.cb..ay.; v , , .,, ,;'.: , :
Onfy .Four Cays Ueft . ". ' i '
, Tl.irf trcT.-s ibat the legislature na,
not coiintlr. U-ay. only, four working
t'ays In ,whld to- act and secure ,-ne i
i rovernor's approvaL Of. course the
Jcgisiature jnight Egain put forward
the data of .the rrimary election which,
would automatically place the procla
watlon date at a later day, it the gov
trnor did nct hold back and'Veto it,
ut Kalaukaknl believes that the
easiest way of solving the problem is
lor the, legislature to change a law
it aking tlie -. proclamation day 20 or
ven J5 daj-s before the date of the
! primary I elettlon. v- This, e' aays,
- practical aa the so-day notice. ' :
-In either case, however, unless the
, tlirrt?r Is" actually passed by the sen
Vate within the next four days and ap-
proved, something must" be dene at
ence or the matter tr a new charter
might Just as well be dropped until
qie viext '.session or the.Jeglslature la
f 1019 "' ,
1 Mn this respect anothef angle pre-
sents' itself in what Governor . Pink -
: ham might tblak and 0 ss to the city
. and countj-of Honolulu 1 and fw
i h.rlcr, tever act the legislature
may pass mi .wwuu uio c.w.
the primary nonces ar "iscni oui .bj
the Ucreury mube- proved byl
tho governor ana U for any. reason ne
, wishcfc - to exercise ; his. limit 01 ;u
I days before signing or vetoing the act
, the c harter woifld be killed so far as
. affecting tile coining election and tlie
crnces to be filled. f:
c Committee May Meet - '
jf the Oahu select' committee "can J
ivA lift full memhprshin at a ttftet.
ing called for this anernoon alter tne
regular day a session or me senate u
m.Y come to some decision for a re-
ooit ito the senate proper.. On the
, (Continued on rage two)
. PLfalTS JST Df
' It will be a week, or 10xdays before had not been approvel by the congress
inter-island - wirel ; communlcaUon ot the United SUtes. which fact iim
will be reopened, according to Ensign "ited the work ot the commission. .:,
I W. Branch, in charge of the con- , "The duties of the members of the
solidated government radio station. ." .public ctlllties commission ccrresponi
-We will have to tike an inventory relatively to the officials ot i.ie.utility
of kll the Mutual' wireless plant, ln-1 corporations with whom they.deal and
rTiidlnir tho local ataUon and those, the corporations by legal fees imposed
t l.ihue. Kauai: JjJiaina. Maui; Ka
- waihae; Hawaii, and Kaunakakal. Mo-
lokai. berore the navy, department can
J take over and resume inter-island
wirelees aenice." said Ensign Branch
today. -:- - -
. Business went along smoothly at
the local naval radio office today and
' messages were received for transmis
sion to mainland and Japan points.
Cah in .charged for aU messages. An
Wder received from Ueut CQ. Wind
aor UvSs. of Pearl. Harbor, super
fr;:r,tkf radio service in the local
tv.i district the 14th, says that mea -
. TT.Im ..4
ofl writien in Western Union and
ab. C codea can be accepted now.
Any code messages' have heretofore
tcra refused by the office. ; ; :,
Market Mrong;
Today, day.
Aik. coid -.......u m
1 American miier ui-a
American Sugar Rfg.
American Tel. A Tel.
Anaconda Copptr ...
. 123H
. 80e
. 102a
. ,; m
78 .
r-ethlthem Steel
Calif. Petroleum
, 21H 2154
Canadian Pacific......
C, M. & SL P, (St. Paul)
Colo. Fuel el Iron
1 7sz
Crucible Steel
Erie . Common ?. .V. . .
General Electric
General Motors, New -Great
Northern Pf d. , .
, Kennecott Copper
4 r.
j Lehigh R. R. ...... 1....- 84
9 '
House Overrides Executive By
i Vote of 26 to 1 on Receiv- ?
ing Message;
I cannot believe a departure from
compensation is wise. Just, or in ac-
cordance with, the best interests cf the
public" ;, ); V--.,;..-.'
Vwith these . words1; Gov. Lucius. E.
plnlcnain iOSe his first veto message
t0 tte territorial legislature or 1917
one . dhjgpprovlng the bill. passed ly
'both houses to. take from public tIU
ties', commissioners all compensation
Ior MrviceB. . - , - i
d ly W saya the rovcr-
1 nor"4o aeek the Intent of tha amend
r; epropoi.ed. but to cali yovu'
-HnntiAtl tn ffN.t.-- "
. .A . . .n. n.nv ti;
r".-. if-. . .tititi -Phiie
Lawsi of Hawaii, 1915, entitled 'Public
Utilities Commission,' Sections 2221
2240, inclusive. waa enacted, there
were good and sufficient reasons for
the enactment and the financial sup
port provided. ;.';-..".;"'-,-''" :"(.:'. I
Here the governor quotes from Sec
tions 2221 and 2237 of the act, point-
ia u. f"""
iuiob uyyvi-vi M wv...
but by fees from corporations.'
I He. gives figures to show that unJcr
ut iirsi aci , wnea bui
was provided the average toUl salary
per meeting was ?98.10, and that un
der the present system of $10 a H'eet
Ing this baa been cut to 122 91.
"From the above," he sayt, referring
to detailed notes and figures, "it can
be-reAflily underKtood why the -governor
waa disposed to delay appoint
ment of a chairuan when a vacancy
. occurred under ihe original act and
awaited an opportunity to consult the
, lecl&liture.: Session 1V15. and- also
i. f,m ts, f,o( tfiit Art Xk K
ma&e II yossioie iur iue icirjwviuti
treasurer to moderately compensate
I the commissioners. , ' '
Upon motion by Representative An
drews the house of representatives
shortly before noon today voted to
pass the bill, over the veto ot the
governor. The vote was 26 to 1, Rep
resentative Kalana being the . only
member, to vote against the house
action. . . ' : " ' " '
"The passage of this bUl,T explained
Andrews, "will put territorial officers
oft the board and cut out the 910 a day
Uobs. It is one ot the best bills this
! l(.(rirlll,. V. -. , TTm went
legislature has yet passed. We want
citizens on the board who are not con
trolled by tbe man - who appoints
i '.iSrr-
Vberea, the new Matson Navlsatlon steamship Maul has forged
an additional and Important link, in tfie chain which now binds the
Territory of JNawall in closer commercial unity. to the mainland of
the United .States, and ' ': '
-" Whereas this vessel is now msking 1U maiden vo)-ase across the
Tacific to the Hawaiian Islands and Is due to make Its initial ip
ucarane off the t6rt of Honolulu at daylight tomorrow morning
April 12. U17,
-f Now, therefore, the Hawaii .Promotion yommuiee represeaung
4m the Territory of Hawali all Islands, urge and direct xnat aii sieam
4- "whistles and sirens of whatever nature belonging to various institu-
tlcns and manufactories', be sounded in .enthusiastic and -hearty
greeting to the latest addition to the passepger and commerce car-4-
rylnx fleet connecting the Territory of Hawaii with the homeland, at
4-r -such time the new steamer Maul passes through the channel to its
4- berth at Honolulu between the hours of seven and eight 4. m.
4-; Also, it Is requested that all owners .of automo'nsr.or other
4- motor driven vehicle assist In the reception by ,the liberal u?e of
norn or ower noie-uiaii oin. . j -v t
ii78f4' i9i7.- ' - - : a
M l By the chairman of the Hawaii
14: v ' " ' - : - . -
, J t ,4 4 4 4 V 4 4 4 4 4 4 : 4X 4 ,4 4
txc:..-u t icnvChlna Viili
B ' iGet'is Question ; v
Just whit courtesies, it any, wfll.be
shown to the party of 200 German 9n
sular officials from China; wjio are be
UeveA ttr be on board the Dutch steam
er Rembrandt of the Java-Pacifie Mailt
Senrlce. on the way from tne-orient
is causing
considerable .specuiaiwn
alonr the waterfront; today
:Aeccrding to Japanese newspapers
the Germans, w ho had to leave China
when that country followed' the Unit-
led State', lead in s everipa; diplomatic
relations witn uermany were cru.cu
safe conduct by the Britkn and Japan
eee governments la' leaving Chia en
route to Germany",
Left Before tfar Declaration J 4
, , As tna steamer left Uie. Orient, be
fore the United SUtes .declared war
on Gerpaauy and this is the first Unit
ed SUtes port at which she will touch.
jusff what win happen when sbe ar
jrfves Is anyone's guess. :
Halsey ; Refuse toTalk : ;
t A representative of the Jiue's lwal
agency, C- Brewer & Company, Ltd;
caHed on Jtlchard I Halsey, inspect
or In charge of the United SUtes in
migration service at thts port. on. We-l-nesday,
to determine if, possible what
liberties, ff anr."the Cermana will be,
allowed when tho steamer arrives. In-1
spector Halsey tnis momint; saw ne
had no information to-glve out. It is
believed he has requested instructions
from Washington.--" r y'
fMay Be Kept Aboard . i
The general Deiiei toaay on we, wat
erfront was that the Germans, it ihey
are on board, will not be permitted to
go ashore while she is Jn. port for
bunkers, .because they I are nemy
aliens. and as such cannot be admitted
to the territory. '
Will Co To Coast ,
1 The Rembrandt the local .agency be
lieves, yrill Uke the Germans to the
coast an. .land them thero. so jhey
can be sent by rail overlantLto New
York and there Uke anotherjjsteamer
6f the same line for RbtterdafMAom
whence they. Via proceea to leryn.
it ia imnWihst f h a man PArt.lhe
Java-Pacifie line , , is ., on board the
a, v w vf r - T
T Atria 14 vi a. la "on i. Iwrrl thft
Renjbradt which has 4not Bent in a
wireless to date.- :, "... y
r InUbout two weeks ,the . Vilt-
steamer Goentoer is due . to arrive
from ' BaU via. ' This boat' Is also of
the Java-Pacific Mail Service. . r.
?ovDEKKsiVBe Open to Puhlic
(Associated rrecs by. U.
s '-"Wireless)' .
' SAN DIEGO, Cat, April 12. Close
on the heels or the disastrous explo
sion In the great munitions plant at
Bddystone, Pa., a German plot to de
stroy the works of the Hercules Pow
der Company, at National City, two
miles south ot here, and to wreck the
newly built dye fectory at Chula VlsU,
six miles south of this city, was nar
rowly frustrated yesterday by United
SUtes secret, service men; War
rants for the arrest of several em
ployes of the' powder plant will be
asked. . - ,
Consoliaatlon of the army and navy
air 'service for "joint development or
ganization and operation? was recom
mended by a board of army and mavy
officers created to study the question.
1 -r
4 t
4 '
. V" V J
Promotion ttanmiltle. 4
- .i' vri '-r-:---
4 4; 44-v4 4 1 4 4y 4 t ,
PVhvArixiousfTJ'it -Certain
i Oov. Pinkham. yesterday approved
the;joint resolution . providing forVift
federal school aurrey, in Hawaii: ; '
In a letter to the , house of repro-
Hentativea today, the. governor says:
. i am 'anxious certain .surveys be
nartlcularly made;' "believing - they
would produce strikingly economic re?
suits, henco oeg to suggest wst an
approyriatlon be made of a suitable
fcUIU. ? , . . . : r.j
introduced by Representative Clarenca
H. Ctwke. it was amended in the sen
ate so as to request the governor . and
superintendent of public instruction to
fnvtt -th iitvv - In this - form .the
resolution : was approved ;by both
bouses, it is also proviaea max me
local school commission work-in co-
in making the survey.
f Associated Press by U. S. JS'avat
L -;:V Wireless) - .
' WASHINGTON. D. C April 12.
Hvo men. chosen by the sUff execu
tives of the great raflroads, .afeto
take' charge, is officially announced,
of wt- entire 235,000 miles of railway
within the boundaries of the nation,
for the duration of the war.
t.1m aiiTCPntAH lv thA war, defend":
council summoned by the president,
and approved at the White House, this
plan was transmitted to the railroad
executives and received their Immedi -
The board of five wiH be In absolute
control of movements of'- troops,
freight munitions, equipment and traf
fic ln general, constituting a national
operating' ' department working in
close, harmony with the general staff
of discretion
i as ' exoerts In their line as to hqw
i uul iiniiiij
tit HotirM nf the covernment shall
a-aw . mvw-" . - . v
he effectuated.
Art a ' Jf 'M i. f- include the company, small arms flr
llleetlDS IflaVf WOt KR ?? military, law. topo-
. . - ....
. :
-4- 'The liquor Incuse commisrion-
4- ers will meet at i o'clock tin's
-f afternoon ' toconsiJer proposals
f or closing which have been bud-
. mitted to them by saloons, cafes
and hotels of Honolulu, (hair-
4- man R. A. Cooke of . the board
said this afternoon that he doubt-
f ed if tbe hearing would be pub- 4-
lie. Nearly aU cafes a ni hotels
f have signed the proposal close
. at 8 o'clock, accordingrto Cooke,
-f Including Heinle's Tavern. He 4-
says, however, that, the Territo- 4-4-
rial Hotel Company; owning the
4- Moana, Young, Seaside and Roy
4- al Hawaiian hotels. stilL holds 4-4-
oft - ' : : m ' . '
4 4 4 t r t'TT t t
Bulgaria Is
Reported On
Lookout For
lre8 by U.
S. Naval
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
4. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 j WASHINGTON, 1J. U., -'April Ii." ix COlOSSai.CiUIipiilgU uy.
: LCNrx3N.E3iand: ,ii ir te U
V -It ia sported here that the Bui-
gar&n minister at Berne, swit-4
4 aerland, is seeking overtures for 4-
A 9T .
- a separate .ce wiween, ui-
- j'garia and'ie Allies, and that j4 ,
de!e?atfrom the Entente pow- 4
4- era are n Switzerland seek.ng a f .
4- basis for such a peace. 4
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
acres of
Kansas. '
wheat , in -"Oxlahoma and -
LTWs ihoijld: -opewXt-ao wer,
fVrice;'ofheat --i-Vt .r''l
I . ' " .
Citizens Desiring to Enter Army
Reserve Corps. Will Be
; Given Instruction
. Citizen, who wfehtojnal ap,
uon ror commissions m mis mm c.
reserre ccrps wilt have theDenefit of
bXtfthe Y. M. C. A. beglnnmg on-o.i
dany evening. A prjl 2?,, a t i : ;
The Officers' ; Reserve Training
School -will be, Sunder th .direction of
P. M. Smoot. who ha Jiad much ex
' perience in both the ; naval and u-tli-.
'tary branches. All members enterfa
the. classes will be auowea o jtflil
with the regulars atFort.tihafter. ,
The class wilLgive a couree for rxnn
who wish to fpfecome lieutenants ani
captains in the reserve corps.' The
course has been approved by Ma ior
Lincoln and the class will be aaii3ted
iiv th rionartmpntal hi-adauartcrnJ Of-
j fleers of the U. S. Army will give tec;
tn thn meinlr .it rarlrvus ftC'
The course will be gijfn on Mont .y.
Wednesday and Fri lay of each weoli,
f and the full course will be given to
members of the association for S
others will be required to pay.Tr
for the full course up to the time of j :
the examination. ;:
The exan'naticn which will be held;
require a
Jr dSraMs?Sfe -X'
equivalent to -a Iiigh
or academy diploma.
This examina-
don is waved in many instances. i!.x
j - .
aminers arer to satisfy., themselves s
tn rhnrartf r of the 'aDOlicantS. v The
i ' course will also Include, adminlstra
tJon. drill regulations, field service
; reflations, tables of organization to
graphy. and nap making.
At New York Boston 6, , New
York i. - : :'--
At Oetroit Cleveland 2, Detroit 1.
At Philadelphia Washington' ,
Philadelphia 2. - - :
At New . York New York 6, Boa
ton 4. ; ' ,.:
At Cincinnati Cincinnati 1, St
Louie a - ' .' :"- ' '
At Chicago Chicago'2, Pittsburg 0.
VAt Boston New York-C, Boston 4.
At Brooklyn Rain : game' .posti
poned , - -j:,.. ' --j- ' ';
ihmwmicu lion tons 01 snipping a year, iuajui-u-cucioi wckuoi Wv.
.wee rlSAi''iif tr, Panama Canal, has been chosen to supervise" thisgigan-
Timely rains have saved. thousands of V cnr4t met" ori nro Tram. j v r ".'-.:' -
Tn nr rnnRicn at
in nr riiii tirii ii i
President Believes Greatest Service G&n
Be Given By Assuring Allies of Food
and Munitions
(Associated lVcsH by
supply tne .Entente powers. TlOW Amtnca s aiu, wnu iuvW
clothing' and munitions, has been
fl . v tlio wnr
. r' - .
. Every: resource or tne country wui ne jomeu ju ma
such a tremendous 'supply'campaign'' possible at ones. ;
TTit c,t nnaVil tr BPnrl an armv imme-
diately to fight on the battlefields at least in numbera cor
parable; to' those of the scale' of modern warfares-President .
Wilson believe that the greater: service will be to render fruit-i
less. Germany's submarine mcnacerwhich has rallied the fading;
hopes of Prussian conquest. , ' ; J-;' ":''
, The plans as worked out by ;the president and his advisers
11 fnr the imrnpfiiats construction of a thousand small
! wooden ships.- .These plans include' the building of three mil-.
57 i 1 f ATT A J
Not Accept . Plan of
WASHINGTON, C.," April .12. A fiht against -con.:
scription as the national policy in raising the new army is de-
t- . VA.t.votr n( Vift WmfpTPflPA Which tn6
veioping m me nousc kwuj 7 ' "Vv -
l.ij iv. cAoVii. niorV nr? firiairrna?i?Kllcnin OI
the ways and means committee oi tne uuuac,
Kitchin told the president that the house opposes conscription.
President Wilson urged that the entire war plan -be ac-
i . a1 J t rt..M'
r cep
am t r)a t Cofioress
event that the volunteer system
new"armylplan will be amended
Conffressman Kitchin assurea me presiaentvwfc
. tm9it TTia orwv flTinrn.
, . , v wn 1 rjaSS
, Aa
rjriatiori bill Of $278,000,000, for
passed the senate yesterday.
' " W department i38
preparing to call for half miUion volunteers to fill the regu-;
lax. army and units of the national guard. . ; ; ' i ;: i: X
British Smash Forward Again on' ; ,'
West; German
IXNhOX. K?:. April 12.nibin? forward again. oit tlir ;
west front, the liritish lrwjm tcxlar captured .'two itnporlaijt .i- .
tiutw north of Viiny. They pained m yaril of trendy and eleven
pins. To tho southeast they are now astride the river hmiehez and :
Jightinf: fiercely, for lHwitions on tlic other side. , : :!"',;t ''
Two counter-attacks Jy the (Jerinan wei-e repnlwnl wiih licay ,
! josses for the enemy.
Fighting, save for savage artillery unei.s inm rami nuvuuu f
iniK. rame to an abrupt- halt on tbe wvxtern front yesterday, when
I niioimu r mm sllii-m
. fav nw sf0nn made it .ini'i'OHHiWc for the foemcu to islinjuish
rach othm and foreeil the avfatom to Keck shelter. . , s: .
vihr t iho Kr,lh in the neighborhood of Saint (iuentln.a:
fromi there to the vicinity of Kheims; Hie weiuntT ivnnmru
Jerv io tontinne its.work and the bfHiibardmcnt f'.reiorted .as hu - ?
Iwn- tremendous on both sides
Joint War Council
JKItLlNVCIermanv. April 1:. Heavy al tacks were mane nv inc.
Uritish on the west, frtmt Joday, partkularly north of the village of
Monrhy. in whjVh sw tor tlipy nd cavalry and the big tanW hut
! the Germans repulsed all attacks -with heavy Iwsies. ; ; '
WASIIIXGTOX, 1). C,;' April liTlie delegation of .British
international experts, headed by Foreign 31 in ister Arthur J.Halfour,
will arrive in the United States within 10 days for a war council;
i SAN ntANCTSCa CaW April 12.
An official waminfr that there may be
one or more German submarines oper
ating in the Pacific was sent out yes
terday, by Lieut Comdr; E. C. Woods,
TJ. a N retired, cf the 12th aval
District . This warning has been sent
out broadcast Ty wireless in order that
every ship- at sea may receive notlfi
cation and that the capUins may keep
XI. S, Naval AViruless)
determined upon as rresiucns.
acrainst Germany. , ; -V
. . ... . .i ' j
would accent the plan in tho
fails. Indications are that tho
tofthis extent.
OU -Friday. V The amy appro-
. . "r u ovielnfr nrmv
the needs of the existing amy,
Counter is Fruitless
, , ;it ,
in Ten Days
a close look out for and take precau
tions a;ainst submarines.
A report "from . Nosales, ' STexIco,
states that an arrival there. fe la! rr: ins
to be a member cf the crew of the
Mexican gunboat Guerrero, rc;3rti
that the commander of a. Gerz a.i
marine, then .in the Gulf of Cp.
recently boarded the gun -cat ai t
ferred for soae tiros with Ii3 ca;'.:
The. Mexican officials t i'cz
fail to confirm the' story cf ti. :
either f as to his connection "wi;l:
gunboat Guerrero or as to tie'tru.::
hfa statemenL
.. . : . i
. i.'

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