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" f
Will Come Up on Saturday, Not
Tomorrow, on Its Third
"Tbls la too much for me."
With thete word Keprceentative
JjoTria Andre made baste to stop
the, house of recrescntativcs from
considorinc on third reading torn or
row the substHute prohibition bill.
Anarewr wnen me diii came up u
Jay, moved that It be deferred until
in the session. Andrews- got up
moved to defer until Saturday.
"I find this la too much for me, he
said. "Tomorrow is Friday, the 13th,
1 took one chance and introduced a
bill that waa numbered 13" the char
ter bill '"and don't know whether it
will be lucky or unlucky. But anyway;
.1 move we defer the prohibition bill
until' Saturday." V
Whether Friday, the 13th Is a hoo
doo is a matter of conjecture, but it;
was noticed there was no objection to
deferring thtf ;"prohr measure until
the J 4th. I
SalaHes Are: Fixed
-Representative Andrews, introduced
a bill filing the following salaries:
District magistrate, Honolulu, 1300;
Koolauloa, 160; Lahalna, f 100; Wailu
ktt $150; Molokai; $50; iianat. 175;
Puna, $100; first clerk, Honolulu,'
second clerk, clerk andJ4
stenographer, Wailuku, $60. .
Provides For Employes -
Representative Andrews Introduced
bill providing that regular employes
of the territory who have bteen j en
-'ploy t J for not less than one year shall.
during a period of two months Uiuistriet magistrates and clerks. An
w hich he Is ill or disabled, be paid his
It 0. 238 Introduced by Charles Mar
.quez and relating to the advancing of
money from one special fund of the
city and county to another, and from
the general fund to any special fund,
Is extremely dangerous to financial
welfare of the. county, according to
P. L. Conkliflg city treasurer.
' In regard to t the -part-' permittlag
money irf the general fund to be ap
propriated to a apeclal fund, Conkllng
says that a law is already in exist
ence which covers that phase- and Is
constantly being used, but If a law
IS-Passed aJWWins: money irom one
special fund to be appropriated to an- tnat the Bupervisors will be elected on
other It -would mean that- money in the three-and-three ' plan, which is a
. the road improvement funds could be reTersal of the vote taken on .the
nsed for other purposes by an nscru-. eleventh' hour 'yesterday afternoon;
pukma board of supervisors.,?; i, j that' the mayor' will. have power; to
;" "A 'special -func: made becausf discharge without the, consent of jthe
the money lnvit is supposed to be used .board ' pf supervisors, though -hia' ap.
for a specific purpose and nothing pointments must be with the approval
else," said Conkllng. - - j of the board;-the purchasing -agent
Conkllng suggests that lMh legis-"..vlll be the only officer appointed by
lature wishes to paR beneficial w iae supervisors, r -. i v-"-.
"It could do so. by aJl9wlng the terri- f! Several senators expressed the be
tory to advance money to tho cou?tyfifef today that this looks like the prob
until such time as the UxesVare revjtble decision, but they say one argu
ceired. Each year the county is forced ment may change the vote again, it
to register warranto formany 6t the H thought now that the report will be
funds, paying the' banks 6-per cent submitted tomorrow afternoon.
Interest This interest would tersav- Situation Is Recognized
ed to the county If the territory could f " Owing to the shortness of time until
advance sufficient money Xo cany the the election proclamation mu&l be is-
county- between the urns jutaa casn .
basis fund is depleted and. the new i
taxes are received.
Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock tho
directors ot the Hawaiian Sugar 11a nt
ers Association are to meet to adopt
vnohn rsf anlvin? th-frrw1 fillftRtlun
of the Hawaiian Islands as far as the An echo of the b-a fight put up
plantatlona are concerned. ' hy the ofneers and crews of the Ger
t The meeting .Is called by Oeorg man crnlsefa Nurnberg and ' Lelpiig
Rodiek, president of the association, i en they ;were sunk early in the war
who will suggest that each plantation ' by British war vessels near the Falk
manager utilirei as much land as ro-1 land Islands, 300 aiiles ast of tho
sible Cor the raising of foodstuffs su5h f Straits of Magellan, stirred in Hono
rs Tegetables and grajns for human lulu today when Collector of the Port
consumption. ' Malcolm A. Franklin requested Span-
Just what details may possibly be
worked out is impossible to say today
as each plantation presents a different
problem. Some have more land than ?
others suitable lor the production ct .
food while somp may set aside certala ,
aa and nlhura Tilant hot uonn ih.B I
rows of. the young cane.. !
. t
Whatever is done, however, will
mean a big increase in local food prod-.
vets 'and go far towards solving the
very serious question of feeding the
people cn me i anus u or any reason j
iv- Mncnnrtstion fnHtittM m ).
2tmm"7 -
AT O r- W. IUMUnnUVV,r Claimed by ueir on-ners a, Ueroaas. ' ,
" . : - . men went down with their ships in j House jemt resolution No. 3 as joint I
- - A wirelees received today by the J the terrific faival battle iri which the J resoluUon ' So. l; entitled: Joint reso-j
cuartermaster's office from the' U. S. commerce raiders were sunk along' lutlon . authorizing and directing the
ETDiy tTEUspori iflvuiswf win
arrive from San Francisco about S
rr V tomorrow HWiuwu. ine
irnort bringing 316'bags of mail.
l'J?fpr 6.: , ; . t
jBJtU.WU MW w-
Tea aaral lisutenihts froa' the Ar-4
'entme Reoublic arrived at Eostcn for ,
ctuA fh the United States
v.r '
va'J- - - - '
, ",J?ntcr wasc at llie regular aDd
'Such eickness or disability, it i pro
vided, thali e certified tq by a regu
lar phvfcjciaa and anruediw and 'the
ii)tnrf ts under the act stiail not apply
tairon whore sickness or disabil
ity is caused .by tis own wrongful or
j!;Cgal act.
K bill by Rcprefentative da Siiva
provide that in case of the temporary
disqualification, illnefis or absence of
. Alftrtf " ma irffctvof a frnm nnv
ca other pergon may be ap.
uteJ by a rlrrait judge cf tne cfr.
f rii It in uhirh mifh maristrate s dis-
. t Horn in miffnrtu tha 1ntiQ of fhf
office for tne time being.
New Medicine Bill
Representative Lyman Introduced a
bill providing that the president of
the board of health may issue a per
mit to any person applying for it to
administer j and ' use medicines made
from Hawaiian herbs and plants
grown in the territory..
The following bills were Introduced
teiday: ' ':
J - House Bill 423
Relating to pay of territorial em
ployes during Illness or disability.
House Bill 424
Giving further powers to the public
utilities commission. Kawewchl.
House .Bill 425
Relating to the disqualification of
district maglstratea-da Silva.
' - ;T House Bill 425 :4
board rf health to issue permits"- to
qualified persons to use as medicine
Hawaiian herbs and plants. Lyman.
1 House Bill 427 i
. u ... . 4r " r ' - - i
Relating to the salaries of certain
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ether band it may not. The members
themselves are at a loss to determine
the outcome. Y V. t" . - '
' After trying for two .hours this
morning to get all the Oahu members
present to discuss charter affairs faith
ful ones went home, for. luocli.:, "They
said they would try to get a meeting
late this afternoon, but that the meet
ing might not be held.; Anyway it
would be too late for any .report to
go in to the senate today.
The very latest that comes to the
efnr,Riiatfn . fnr nroAlptfnn la fhla
suea Apra is lr is intenaea now
that if the charter bill passes the gov-
f shortening the length of time neces
sary in advance for a proclamation to
be called. . ' ... , ' . '.-'; '.' ,.':
On April Jf it 1s probable' that' the
regular proclamation will! be issued,
but if .the charter bill is passed a spe-
cta.1- prpclamation for the emergency
twNT liii'rmMlshAil
Eclio of Naval
Battle in. 1914
Is Heard Today
tsn Consul ' Lu'a Guillen Gil to call
cn .him. r ?
The collector desires to turn over
to the Spanish coftsnl, Mho is acting
for the imperial Gei man government
tho personal effects of the officers and
. .
sels. left here hy the men. when the
Nurnberg and Leipzig steamed from
Honolulu shortly after the outbreak
Cf the European war. ' - ' ' ;
Effects Kept en Refugee Steamers
All the naval men's effects have
t. . - ------ i
ah nun's rript finro
.oeen r.epi cn ooara we reragee uer i
Hnah mcrchaht steamers, -under seals
put cn oy we customs aumonties oi
this Dort at the time.' Thev will nev-
mm Auuiuti wui asi'cc a 3Ljuuru uu.
December , 1914
General George W. Goethals, who is
"ted by Governor Edge to construct
r - .
Nw Jersey's $15,C0.C00 highway sys-
tem, held a conference with the State!
House Commissicn, composed of the '
Tn nam m nr r r Mr-art vim TP a wv.r. .
governor, Ireasurei Head uui CV.nin-
Itroller Dygbee.
Charter Furnish
Additional powers will be conferred
on the public utilities commission if a
bill which has been proposed for in
troduction in the house of representa
tives becomes a law.
Under the provisions of the measure
the commission is authorized and di-J
rected to Investigate charges made by
corporations, copartnerships or per
sons for water supplied to consumers
for domestic uses and purposes, in
cases where water so supplied is se
cured through a lease from the terri
tory. In the event that, from an investiga
tion, it appears that water so supplied
is by virtue of a lease requiring rates
to be fixed by the licensee, with the
approval of the land commissioner, the
utilities commission shall report to the
land commissioner the results of the
investigation, stating whether or not
rates charged consumers are reason
able. The concluding section of the pro
posed bill reads as follows:
"In the event said commission, in
vestigating as hereinbefore provided,
shall report that, in Its Judgment, the
rates charged to consumers for water
supplied to consumers for domestic
uses and, purposes, are not reasonable,
it shall be the duty of the attorney
general to take appropriate action to
secure for fetich consumers reasonable
rates for such, water or, should he be
so advised, to propeed to cancel the li
censes and leases .ox, the corporations-,
copartnerships of persons charging
such unreasonable rates."
This is the 43d day of the session.
Copies of the report of the board of
agriculture . and 'forestry for the bi
ennial period ending December 31,
1916, have been sent to the house.
The bill providing that Good Friday
be made a territorial holiday passed
second reading.
A bill providing for the assignment
of counsel in certain cases, thus giv
ing the poor defendant every oppor
tunity to appeal, passed second read
lug. "
Representative Kelekolio's bill to
give Inspectors of election pay in
ratio with the number of voters in the
district was tabled.
- A resolution for an investigation of
an alleged lack of seating accommoda
tions on the cars of the Rapid Transit
was tabled. ' " '
' That the territory acquire the land
ing a.t Makena, Maui, owned by Dr. J
H. -Raymond, is the provision made in
a resolution by Representative Brown.
House bill 23S, providing that wards
oTsupervfsors may advance money for
heeded school Improvements, has been
deferred until Friday.
f v ' '
'the tax bill providing increased
revenues for the various counties and
amended so as to exempt the boys'
detention home. Hllo, from taxation,
passed third reading.
.A bill approprirfting $3000 for com
pleting the Palolo belt road passed
third reading.
Representative Vilder's bill to projtional Guard reserve by; reason of a
tect frogs and tadpoles came up again
today and was passed on third reading.
It now goes to the senate.
. The substitute prohibition blir has
been deferred until Saturday.. for third
reading. -C ".
A bfirto reimburse Capt H. C. nTcH
son in the sum of S75 passed third
r Representative Petrie's W1L to pre
vent waste from artesian - wells and
providing a fine of not more than 350
for eacn instance ot waste. where con
victed, was reported put favorably and
passed second reading. ' " ' '
Tha Kin .n,n,wunn (iaa aaa
W claim.' bl Staeae wfi wee forced
to suspend business in 1911 when the
board of health was endeavoring to
prevent the spread of cholera, passed
second reading.
Representative Brown has intro
duced a resolution authorizing the su-
nr!nlntlpnf ff nnhlln rnrV.' In nr.
range for the teaching of Hawaiian j tlpn vacated by Carlisle.
in the public schools to Hawalians de- . ? riSS r.r5
... .headquarters, 2d Inf National Guard,
Governor Pinkham has signed thi
following bills, according to word sent
to the territorial legislature-today:
House bill No. sCWtct 73, entitled:
"An1 act appropriating the sunt of cev-
Ilin..n4 tt- uAwA - r.tl.'
',""v' lui twauo wnuuu ib niwa-i
homesteads, county of
fi - I
House bill No. 54, as act 74, enUtled
ad act io cunsixuci a ucmesieaa roau ;
An act to construct a homestead road
... . .. n v.
a u w lua Viu "uul,5:j
stead lots, district of Koloa, county of ,
oj maKing an appropriation oui ,
of the fund available for homestead
ewiuvi wuuvuv v&
public Instruction to request the com-
miSSioner of education Of the fcnlted '
States of America to undertake a fed-'
ritary of HawaiL .
. , .
The Chevrolet Motor Car Company
has announced an ltitlal dividend of
3 per cent, payable May 1.
, Big Legislatiyl frbblej
Thirteen thousand "eight hundred
acres of land at Hanapepe, Kauai, ex
tending from the sea to the mountains,
will be opened up and subdivided into
homestead lots if a. concurrent reso
lution introduced in the house today
by Representative Kula passes.
The resolution po.nts out that the
leaae to Gay & Robmspn for the land
of Hanapepe expires on December 27,
1917. and that there are many resi
dents of the territory eligible to take
u? homesteads on public lands who
desire to acquire such homesteads at
The measure provides that the land
commissioner, with the approval of
the governor, forthwith order the sub
division of the tract into homestead
lots under right of purchase agree
ments, the areas of the homesteads to
be as follows:
1. Dry land agricultural lots to be
not less than 30 acres or to be not less
than 30 acres plus not more than
one-fourth of an acre of other taro or
rice land; .
Rice or taro land lots to be net
more than cne acre in area.
The bind commissioner, with. the ap
proval of the governor, is further re
quested, to Immediately mane tne
necessary arrangements with the Ha
waiian Sugar Co. for the; release of
so- much of the tract in question as
will be cut when the 1917 crop of sug
ar cane is harvested.
The resignation of CapU Leopold G.
Blackman, Quartermaster Corps, as an
officer of the United States and ot the
territory of Hawaii, is accepted.
The resignation of 1st. Lieut Robert
G. Miller, Medical Corps, as an officer
bf the United States and of the terri
tory of Hawaii, is accepted.
The following'named enlisted men
will be honorably discharged tor the
reasons; set opposite their respective
names:. Pvts. .Fong "Seong, Henry
Wong wah, Senaro Navartv Ramon
Delion,' Saburo "ocon, Maxino Pedro,
Pedro Seseng, Kahui Hookano, Maka
wela Kuapahi. Kui Fong Chlng, Co. L,
4th Hawaiian Inf., failure to sign fed;
eral oath; Pvt. Samuel K. Young, Co.
H, 1st Hawaiian Inr., physical dis
ability; Pvt. S.t. Blake, 1st Sep. Co.
1 Fjig failure to sign federal oath; Pvt.
T.,an 'inimadnii f V Xf ith Hawaiian
Inf., removal, of residence, to Philip
pine Islands;.- Pvti Miguel Edquelag,
Co. 'M,' ith Hawaiian In f, removal of
residence to Philippine Jslandsi Pvt
Charles 6. Clanp, d Co.,; Hawaiian
Coast Artlll7,: plirafcal disability;
Pvt. 1st ; Clalsi J. Scott,' Head
quarters Co., JLst Hawaiian. Inf., to cn
list in1 National Navy Volunteers.
Pvt J.; J. Fogarty, Field Co. A, S. C,
will be discharged by reason, of con
finement by (ivir authorities'. K
Corp. R. R. Craik, 1st. Sep Co.,;Ha-:
wailan Eng., la granted an extension
of furlough ot two months from April
5, 1917. r : . . .r . ...
' That portion of paragraph 1, S. O.
No. 29, JL G.J 0 T, H., dated March
31, 191T, which refers to the nonorable
discharge of Pvt. Henry Bomke, is
amended to read "August J. Bomke.''
-Pvt Oh Pong Hak, Co. H, 1st Ha
waiian Inf. i Is transferred to Co. I, 2d
Hawaiian Inf. j
4 Sergt. Manuel Silva, Co. L, 4th Ha
waiian Inf.. is furloughed to th As-
change of residence to continental
United States, which will exceed six
months' duration, but which will not
be permanent
With the consent of the company
commanders concerned; Pvt H. S.
Prager, Co. D, 1st Hawaiian Inf., is
transferred to the Quartermaster
Corps. :
- On vjecjommendation of the chief
quarternmier, the following promo
tion is announced u Pvt. H. S. Prager,
to be sergt., .Quartermaster Corps, to
He will .be
obeyed and respected accordingly.
Sergt. Hulei Kani, Co. I, 4th Htfwal'
Ian Inf., Is transferred as a private
to SupplyXJo 1st Hawaiian Inf. This
A. If 1 J If AU - 'tOt'?
iiransier wm oaie iruui antrwu x, mi,
d the "c?r?s of Z0
concerned be' amended accordingly
To -''enlist "in the National Naval
Volunteers, Robert R. Carlisle, 1st
lieut. Field Co. A, Signal Corps, has
resigned and 1st Class Sergt. Fred C.
More of the same company has been
honorably discharged to accept a com
mission as 1st lieut to take the posi-
Rus. Medina have been appointed
sergeants and Pvts. Pedro Conseption,
A. M. Lopes, C. Cestello, S. Hill and
S. Bansantosto have been appointed
LONDON, Eng. The proposal to re
move from tjis fornjer residence the
tablet commemorative of Heinle, has
rAAV. D.nrt rrt n - n r-t-w r n ic ariinn I nw
For this action the
Lrnflon counw council, wn cn nas lur-
isdiction in the matter has been prais-
aA In' ertm a miarlcro onrl mndpmnpn
in others. The condemnation comes
4 from those who want to eradicate any
1 i thing- German 'from' British memories
uiing oerman rrom cjiusn
, j.. . t-. i
but thdse more tolerant call attention
to fact that it 'was from Loadon
tnat HelnIe wrote some sentences they
for instance, the following:
An Englishman loves Freedom a,n
he loves hisu lawfully wedded wife:
he regards her as a possession, and.
11 ut aues not i real ner y mi specun
tenderness .vet it need be knows how
tn rfofenri her A Pmnrhrrun Invp
Freedom as he loves his chosen bride; J
ce .wui commit a tnousana lomes ior
her sake. A German loves Freedom as
he loves his old grandmother."'
Appointment of district m'agislratt
should remain w ii thi governor red
not go to the suprt-m-j court. ic:oiC
ing to a report submit.!' today by the
jifdiciary committee of the renate'en
a house bill projos!ng such a change. J
The comnittee expresses the belictj
that the appointment of magistrate is
an executive rather than a Judicial
function. . J
Judge Ashford's pet measure, house !
bill r.'J. providing that animals, impie-i
ment9 and machines may be attached j
and held for damages in accidents was i
laid silently to rest by the committee, j
"This bill." says the report, "pro
poses a drastic change, particularly in
relation to suits against persons who
have automobile accidents. It pro
vides that the suit shall not only be;
against the person himself, but if so
desired against the machine -causing
the accident or damage. '
.."It makes a Judgment rendered
against the machine prior to previous
ly recorded mortgages or leases. The
result unquestionably would prevent
the sale of automobiles to a large ex
tent, as the majority of the machines
are probably sold under a chattel
"If the bill is for the purpose of al
lowing action - against the-'machine
similar to proceedings in admiralty we
do noil'tnink the '-bill necessary.- It
the bbject sought Is to prevent the use
of' machines by irresponsible drivers
then this can be reached by city and
county ordinance or by , requiring sU
automobile drivers to put up a bond.
The committee reported in favor
house joint resolution 1, which allows
territorial officials 10 a day for ex-'
ncntP tnnnpv uhn trnvpHnp- flhrnml 1
V , - i
A trip to Molokai ty the members;, onu urununai iuuci,r i vi
of the house' of representatives is now'' peculiar benefit to the respiratory
practically assured. ' tract and is liberally used in tu
R The select committee consisting of Vberculosis camps for that purpose.
Representatives Andrews, Lota and - ! . 7t -
Joseph today reported to the house tVr CTT Ttl f Cf I II SCCll S.
that the steamer Mauna Loa may, be J "M L l -ali.aI LI vIjUU
chartered for S75Q for.the trJc I Bcott a Bowne, WnomrM.W. J. , WX
) The committee, has .asked . that tfie !
nouse, approve; W Ate : expenditure of
this amount 'and also other necessary
expenses, not ' to exceed $800. It is
further provided that the clerk notify
the steamship company that the house
will charter the Mauna Loa. The re
port was adopted.
" A resolution by Representative An
drews, authorizes the accounts com
mittee to "pay expenses up td $800.
The ' house probably will invite the
senate to make the trip.
radio company Unlisted
reserve corps ordered
'v -
Authority for, tho organization of a
radio company as a unit jof the signal
section of the enlisted reserve corps
was received today at army headquar
ters from the secretary of war.
The regulations under' which a man
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure blind, bleeding, itchr- or pro
truding PILES in-6 to U days or
mone. refunded. Manufactured by
the PARISJidEDICINE Cot 3t Louis. .
U. S. A- - :." ' ..
City salesman wants to rent, horse
and light rig by the week. Telephone
5898. : 675S Ct
Girl or woman for good sewing and
easy housework. Phone 3 6 05, Bere
tania street 491 near Punchbowl.
" 6758 2t
Kalrhi, Kapulani street, . 3 bedroom
house and large lot cement side
walks, fruit, trees chicken : coops,
garage etc.Dn terms and for a rea
sonable price. J.- C. Sousa. Phone
1884, 4"Erewer Bldg. ' 6758 tl
Ovcrtahd Toaring Car, newly painted.
new tires in rear. First clans condt
tjn. Will demonstrate. Price 1500.
'"Owner leaving island, llione 4921.
room S 27. 6758 2t
Electric washing ' machine complete
with wringer and motor: slightly
used : sell cheap ; any evening at
6 Cottage Grove. 6758 2t
Riding horse, excellent gait weight
1125, height 15. hands 2 inches.
Phone 5883 or 5947. Capt H. H.
Blcdgett 6758 tf
There will be' a general .meeting of
members on Saturday, April 14, 8 p.
m., at the club rooms. Members are
requested to attend.
6758 April 12, 14.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
i bread is that iucoinparable :
delivered :t your door freshly wrapped.
PHONE 1-4-3-1 . . .
Owcer lcaviiif,- for Orient.
braml new (,'onls.
may enu are the name as for the
other branches of ther reserves.
' The men', who are Wanted. In the
company are those familiar with tele--
graphic and radio appliances and al
lied branches and men who have"ben
members ot the signal corps of the U.
S. army.' Those, who wish . ta' Join
would'send In their names at once to
Majcr Douglas, signal corps, army
headquarters. ; , ' , .
i"Jcqrr Eas:zictchd
respond 'TlOr 4 quickly tO U13
hlonnnrlimcf niUnftfi In
than to any other un medicine,
SCOTFS is a rich, nourishing
i s m at ' m . -
100a 10 srxeaguiea icnacx. uuuau ,
; : ? phone 4915 : ; r
Fire, Life, Accident, Compensation 1
11.' 1 1 ' 1
79 Merchant St . Phone 1846 !
- Commissioner of Deeds " -i
California and New York
Draws: Wills, Deeds, Mortgages and1
. all Legal Documenta.
S6 surprised me that'I vften thought Tt Just, happened so,' though It
never did that in my former practice. The law of, average results is worth
consideration as a basis of proof that adjustments are right F. A. Hall,
M. D., D. C. - f ' - . .- ' '" .. -'. -.' '
- .424 Beretania St
Palmer '( Parent) ; School Grad.
V elvet
ar . - 1 i
' r"Jii21; Z-j u" n... 4rA.
rauier iui u; duys
-"Mother and the Girls
Velvet Ice Cream because of
its high quality means
' health of body and brain. ; It's
nourishing. " ;: V
Orange ' .
.Vanilla ' .'
Chocolate ;
.-' Caramel
Tutti Fruttl
Butter Scotch
Vanilla Custard
Chocolate Custard
Fresh Strawberry
Orange Sherbet :
. Also , " ' 1 -;-;
Neapolitan and Metropolitan ...
: Wedeli ver. twice ; daily '
PHONE 1542 or 4676
.- . ... ' . . . -
Sheridan St, off
PHONE 1231
Car fully C'liiilil'i'il, 8 tirvs, 5
Dainty luncheon or tea at
Hotel neai' Fort
Sittings by Appointments- 4682
i 424 Beretanla St
Sterling Silver
Rhinestone. Pins
Exact duplicates of ! the
Platinum Diamond Brooches.
Also pee our American Flag
Pins, Lapel Buttons, Set Pins
and Cuff Links. ; ;
HXulman Co., Ltd.
Fort and Hotel Sts
. ' (Hy Special Request)
"The Beautiful Queen"
Will be given by the young people
of St Petefs ' Church, . at Da vies
Memorial Kali, Emma street
Thursday, April 12, 8:15 p. m.;
Tickets cn sale at Hawaiian News
Co.. Cunha Music Co., II. F. Wich
man & Co.; Manufacturers' Shoe
Store. South Sens Curio Store and
Territorial Messenger Service. ;
Admission 75cr and $1.00
204-205 Boston Bldg.
'Pacific-: College Grad.
- t--5 -'
" ' , : '
" . .
,( ; .: ; .
. '' '.'
' -; r - ,
Assn k-Vv
King :
-St uv
National Speedst
r-:v . t '
' '
' A'
1 ym

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