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VS7 v? ' 'v- ft
I 3:30" H
iMMil i Edition
i:r.nlnr Iluilel'n. Ert. IMVKo.
IlawiclUi SUr. Vol XXIV, No. 703
President mdM
oo o
Anti-Saloon' Lcaquc Opposes
Andrews Bill; Declaring It
Full of Flaws; Makekau
- Springs Surprise. With "Dry"
Resolution : ;
Two important developments came
this afttrnoon In the status of prohibi
tion measure! before the legislature:
1. Members of the legislature re
ceived identical letters from the Anti
Saloon League, opposing the Andrews
plebiscite prohibition till and urging
that the legislature memorialize Con
gross for a feCerai act to make Ha
waii "dry." Each member of the house
and senate received a letter, personal
ly delivered by George W. Paty, sec
retary of the league, and one was sent
to the governor also. t .
2. Senator Makekau, surprised his
associates and tha senate, gallery by
introducing a concurrent resolution
this afternoon asking Congress to en
act a prohibition law for Hawaii. The
surprise crew when It was discovered
.that the resolution Makekau introduc
ed la that which ' the ' Anti-Saloon
League is advocating.' - ' V ?' V 1
, - , . - ' .
Concentrated and emphatic opposi
tion to the -Andrew prohibition bill
which has Just passed the house was
shown by the Apti-Saloon League today-
when a' letter of strong protest
w as sent to the senate against the. An
drews measure. Tho letter urges that
the senate should net pass this bill.
The Andrews bill would submit the
question of . prohibition to a vote on
July 1,4. . and it lhe,Vote was. tor a
"dry territory; the ilan. under thi'
measure, is lor a special session of
the legislature to meet and enact an
outrjght rrthil)(tlon Jaw.,,,.. " v
- " The AntPSaloon-'ixaiiufi.caTIs the An
ilrena bill .'apparently valueless, oW-
Ccntla ad a Va (e two) -
goess plmi
o;i iBMWa--aids
Walkiki reclamation, was brought
forward for consideration by the legis
lature this afternoon when Gov. .Pink
' ham appeared before the. two houses
In Joint session and read a forceful
message on the subject , which some
hare said was "dead for the session.".
The joint session was held according
to the announcement made by . the
Star-Bulletin yesterday afternoon. -,
Gov. Pinkham's caessage sets forth
a number of salient features of the
proposal , to drain and reclaim the
Walkiki marshes.: Among these are
the proposal for an exchange of gov
ernment land for land taken - from
private owners, that the government
' should contribute Its proportion of ex
pense, that a drainage canal or lagooh
.s the only way that appears feasible
to handle the flow -that must be dis
posed of, especially" la times of heavy
rain, that the flow must be carries
out through the reef and the propose
that a commission bo named, .
In fall tho governor's message is as
Territory of Hawaii.'
. ' Executive Chamber,
"Honolulu, April 16, 151.
'The licnorablo President of the Sen-
' atC,; "?.:-v: ''-'". .'
The Honors Die Speaker of tho House,
' and ' , . ''''
"Members of the Legislature of the
Territory of Hawaii. , ', .- v
-Some 6u days ago the prospects of
Honolulu and tho Territory for a rap
idly .increasing visiting, seasonal and
i evidential population cf leisure and
independent means' Was very flatter
irg. Tho prices at' which residential
lots sold in near subdivisions gave a
Labis for calculation In estimating the
prospective values. of the areas' at
Wsikikl that could be drained, .reclaim
cd.' street planned and . construction
i ndertakcn and all desirable utilities
provided. . Tire rapid Hy of the sale and
. cccupancy of such residence lots ravo
fn idea of the rata oC progress of re
I'lamalion that would be prudent from
a financial, civic -and rational real es
tate point of view. : - V
Ceach Great Civic Asset '
- "One civic point of view Is the ur,
gency of preserving our present great
sset, the Walkiki beach.
Wafkikl t
ucach cannot be refined, made sani-
r tary or preserved so long, as the sur
face drainage, contaminated and dis
colored, cf hillsides, flats and valleys
from Puncl.bowl to . Palolo . valley . In-
tdre drain cn to Walkiki beacn. dis-
7rgiring It permanenfTy. Shifting the
discharge a short distance to the right
er left will not do away with the of
fensive conditions. The entire surface
drainage must be intercepted: and de
livered over the reef into deep water
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COLUMBUS. Ohio. April 17. The bleachers at Neil fark collapsed
this afternoon under the weight of a bis crowd at ibe owning game of the
American Association pcpnantrace between Columlms and Louisville.; No
fatalities resulted, but 40 persons were injured, many having broken arms
or legs.
WASHINGTON, D. C' April 17. Consideration of the seven billion
dollar war-bond Ijsue was taken up on the floor of the senate this after
noon Senator Stone of Missouri,
who has been an opponent of a majority of the administrations war nieas-
tires, announced today that he is for this bill. Senator Simmons, chairman
of the Lnance committee, said: "It will be lonif, weary months before we
can render assistance to the Allies in the field. This Is all we can do now
and all ther are asking us to do. In the name of America, of patriotism,
liberty and democracy, let us do it quickly, without carping."
' " '
"Vote for Walter F. Dillingham lor Mayor," was. a. typewritten slogan
found lying on each of the senator's desks this afternoon when they met for
the day's work. The message was printed on wlte papex and in red ana
black Ink.
Two Portuguese employes, John Duart and A. Fernandez, at the Catton,
Nelll L Co. foundry were injured thl s afternoon in the' explosion of a cast -
Iron moulder when, one or the cupoia oaca-iirea. ine men were covered
. with, smoke and soot but when examined at the emergency hospital their in
juries, mostly slight cuts and scratches, were found to be not serious.
r . It was reported in the house this afternoon that plans are afoot for the
i representatives" and .members of the senate to go to Molokal probably a
' week from next Saturday. It is understood house-members had planned!
' al services on Sun Jay.
Representative Norman K. Lyman this afternoon, introduced
house a bill to permit registered voters, while on military, service, to exer- S?: Via SZrXS , nr ?J
else the rlghcof suffrage while absent from the precinct In which thBjAluJJlI1
are registered. The measure provides
unteers are called into active senice, the governor shall ascertain where i
they, are stationed and take certain
allowed 'to cast their rotes.
' neciuse only one ccramlSRioner, A.1 JGIgnoux, washable to attend, the
k public iutUities commission regular weekly jneeting which was to have been
held this efternoon did not take place, as a quorum could not be obtained.
The commission, is due to meet Thursday for another hearing in its gener
al Investigation; of. the Inter-Island, on, whicht 37 hearings have, already
been held, the inTestlgation- now bemg half 'a "year old.' - Owine; fo the ill
ness from typhoid fever of Norman, E.; Gedge '.assis'tant general, manager,,
the hearing will probably have to be postponed again. - - v V .
IS 11017 Pil0?0SEO
Senate Committee Has Meas
ure to Supplant Bill of Civic
Convention. Lines
. .'. .... . .
Senatory R. W. 8hlngle, chairman
of the ways and means committee, an
nounced today a tentative decision of
that body which it is hoped may meet
tto wishes of all factions In road work
as a substitute for the civic conven
tion road plan,, which is now consid
ered practically dead through the op
position it met in the legislature.
Briefly outlined. Shingle's plan calls
for. a commission of three men the
county engineer of such county where
my ey is to be expended, the superin
tendent of public Works and the pro
fessor of engineering of the College of
HawaiL The board shall be paid spe
clal compensation. Road plans are to
be submitted to and approved by the
board of supervisors of a county and
toads are to be kept in repair by the
rantonler system. The plan follows in
full:- --v.:- v
"No monies shall be expended under
this acL for roads, until the methods
and materials proposed to be used and
the plans and specifications for the
construction, reconstruction or repair
of any road or roads intended to be
paid for, In whole or in part, with
monies provided by this act, shall first
be passed upon and approved by a
board of three engineers, who shall be
the superintendent of public works.
the county engineer of the county in
which the money Is proposed to be
expended and the professor of engi
neering of the College of HawaiL - Be
fore ' approving said methods, mater
ials, plans and specifications, the mem
bers of said board shall personally In
spect the locality. In which the said
work is proposed to be done, and
make themselves acquainted with th
local conditions affecting the said pro
posed work. . h'-J.y- v . ..
. "The members of . 6 aid board shall
be paid no special compensation for
services rendered under this act, but
traveling and other expenses Incurred
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. A call has been sent out for vol
unteers to fill the ranks of the Na-
Uonal Guard to war strength but no
further steps have been taken be
cause there is no money to make a
concerted appeaL There -Is a bill In
the senate Introduced yesterday by
Senator Coney appropriating 11000
for this purpose but until it passes
nothing can be done.
If the money is appropriated It is
planned . to open a recruiting statioi
and start a big publicity campaign.
All this will take money, however, ami
until the 11000 is forthcoming the
guard officers are simply marking
time. ' -; ;
forelen affaiis committee chairman,
that, if National Guaidsmen or vol
specified steps whereby they shall be
- .
ger;.ii SAILORS
Marshal SmCJy, under Orders
; nve i eurons rrom waning
With Schooner
. Five German sailors, all members
of. the crew of the American schoon
er Gamble, here from South America
were ; arrpjted . this morning:, by Unit
ed States Marshal J. J. Smiddy under
a warrant prepatcd by United States
District Attorney 8. C. Huber acting
under .instructions -from President
Wilson. ' They are being detained Jn
Oahu prison until further orders are
received from W oshington, D. C The
sailors give names of II. Sonne. V.
Langmann, B. Rykter. H. Wllkens and!
Paul Wolff
Marshal Smiddy explains that thelftU of wh,ch are the same as in the
men are not-arrested under any rega-! prc6nt charter: The manner in which
lar charge but are merely being de-j m embers of tlie board of supervisors
talned bv him on account of the warfare to ;be elected is contained In sec-
situation, by order of the -presidch (
until further initructiiina ian Issued ii
and Attorney iluber gives further rea
son for their detention.
Th9 men constitute five of the
Gamble's crew of eighL" he aays, '
and had -prepared to leave the isl
ands In that boat when we cabled
their names to Washington and asked
for Instructions inasmuch as no Ger
man sailors are supposed to sail on an
American boat now that war is de
clared. We promptly got orders to
hold the men.'
The five Germans are all rigorous,
decent-looking young chaps who are
taking their arrest very peaceably.
The federal authorities! believe they
will be released by the government
ns soon as the whole case has been
presented but it is not likely they
will be allowed to leave in the capaci
ty, of sailors oh an American ship as
they are alien enemies. ' : .
As the territorial seiiale. met thia
afternoon for its day's work, the bookd
of the clerk showed that a total of
151 bills had been introduced thus far
in the upper house, '
Of these bills 15 have been signed
by tlw governor. A total of 37 have
been "tabled b the senate, 40 have
been sent to tie house and not yet
returned, and iO are in senate conj
mittees. The o her 12 are distributed
In various way, most of them having
not yet , been r-f erred to committee
or else eliminated by substitutes.
' A bill providing further punishment
for persons convicted of heedless driv
ing passed second reading.
The Farm Loan Board announced
taat the Interest rate on all loans
made to farmers throughout the coun
try by Federal Land Banks would be
a 5 percent" - ' - ' ' ' '--'.
WASHINGTON. D. C. April 17.
Legislation to empower the
Council of National Defense to-;
superviRe the distribution of food.
'. and if necessary to fix maximum
and minimum prices, is being
framed aa a result f ra confer-
' 4. eQce between Secretary of Agri-
! culture Houston and the Armour,
Swift and Cudahy packing com-V
U panies' representatives'.
! 4.' The president and the cabinet
' today discussed legislation to
control food prices arid commodi-
-f ties, and planned a reception for
the British and French commis-
, 4. 4 44 4 4 4 -f 44 4 4
Acxoriated Presn by CommerciiiJ Cabl.
(were killed and 29
injured. Much
damage was done. ' .
Thayer Says New Charter: Ef
fective, if Signed, Too Late r
for Operation This Year
have to be conducted turd er the provi-
signs the new charter or not, because,
as passed, it will not go into effect
until noon of July 1. is the discovery
made this morning by Wade Warren
Thayer, secretary of the territory. As
a resulC he eaid, he would strongly
advise the governor, not to sign . the
new charter.
The last section of the charter states
that it shall become effective at. noon
July 1,' 1917, except as to sections 21
and 37: to 56. ' . -o.
Section - 21 : deals with the "manner
fn which the sheriff, county . clerk,
treasurer, auditor and city and coiiity
attorney shall be. elected, and section
S7 to 56 with the territorial elections
tlon 6, and therefore, does not come
under the exceptions, which means
that the proposal to elect three snp
ervisors ' from the fourth district and
three from the fifth district and the
mayor for four years will not go into
effect until July 1 or after the next
municipal election would be hckl by
law. . , ,. .
"I am' required by law" to send to
each county clerk tomorrow the prim
ary election proclamation, instructing
each one as to what offices shall be
voted for and the manner of . their
election," said Thayer. "As matters
stand I cannot see but what. I shall
have to make the proclamation under
the present charter. Of course, I have
not gone Into the new-charter thor
oughly, but from what I have read it
seems plain that the new method of
electing supervisors in the county of
Honolulu docs not take effect' until
July 1. It is barely possible that-some-where
In thejcharter I . may find a
saving clause. 7 As a result to prevent
unnecessary discord aad .' mlsilnder
standing I shall advise the governor
not to sign the new charter. v
customs HoiSslrcAuii
Aulhoritj. to solicit bids for cartage
from territorial piera and other parts
of the "city to the U. S. custom house
here, for the ensuing fisral year, was
received today In the mail from Wash
ington b the office of the collector of
customs: v - ; : .
- Proposals will be opened by Collect
or Malcolm A. Franklin ,at 10 'a. in..
May 2L" The contract .'awarded will
be for cartage from July 1, 1917, to
June SO, 191SV' The present holder Is
the Honolulu Construction A Draylpg
Company. Bids are on a parcel : or
package basis. -The same compensa
tion is received sfor. carting a -bale
weighing 200 pounds or, more as for
handling a shoe box.-Last year-there
were two or three bidders. ? w;;
Ally Aviators
Waiting For
11. S. Victims
Asoclatd Trrsn by rommerrial Cubit-.
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 17.
President Wilson and his cabinet to
day listened to Secretary Danie-ls' re
vert on steps tken to protect the
American coast against the German
17. A (Jennan submarino
firt'd on the t:. 8. torpelo boat
destroyer Smith HH) miles. ofT
New York tod a v.
Tlie fact that the submarine
has been seen in American
waters indicates that the U
boat blockade of United States
ports has begun.
17. The navy department to
day issued the following state
ment: "It is reported from Fire
Island lightship to the naval
stations at Boston and New
York that at .3:30 this morning
;in enemy submarine was sight
ed by the U. S. S. Smith, run
ning submerged.
"The submarine fired a tor
pedo which missed the de
stroyer by thirty yards. ,
4 M The wake of tlie . torpedo
fas plainly seen, crossing tha
liow of the destroyer. Tho
submarine disappeared. " ..'
The destroyed Smith! is , at-v
tached to the Atlantic fleet, is
t 4 700 tons, commanded . by
Lieut, (junior grade) ' U. T.
Merrill, with home yard at
Charleston, S. V.
BOSTON, Mass., April 17.
The naval authorities here an
nounced today,. that commercial
Messages, will, not be handle. 1
in the first naval district be
tween ships at sea and radir
stations, and nil ship wireles i
outfits are being scaled up t
prevent iiiforniation , of ' chip
ifit vemcnt s from reach i ng t h u
tremv at sea. . .. .. .
At Cincinnati Cincinnati 3. Pitts
burg 2.
At Brooklyn N'ew Ycrk 8, Brook
lyn 5.
At Boston Boston ' f, Thiladclphia
5 (12 innings). - . '
At Chicago Rain.
At New York New York 2, Wash
ington 1.
At Ietmit Chicago 4, Detroit 2.
At Philad 3l ph ia Boston 3, .; Ph ila
delphbV 1.
At SL Loula11--SL Louis I, Cleve
land 0. :
. ... :
Boston '
AA-ii,.;,. .V 4 . t "800
Cleveland, . 3 '2 . V)
Washington f.ii 5.
New York ... . 3 , 2. - 500
SL Louis ....,:...'.., .2 . i J.-. 4V0
PhiladelphU 1,.. 4 250
Detroit . ......i...... 1, ., 0 -200
- v '..;',-:."
' . . . , ' W L.
New York ............. 4 : 0
SL Louis 1: i'. 4 v : 2
Cincinnati . ; . ... . . 4 r 3
Boston .... - 2 2
Philadelphia ... ..... 2 , 2
Pittsburg . ....... . . . . 3 - 4
Chicago . ............ 2'- .4.
Brooklyn ............ 0 4
' Senator J." H. Coney said today that
he intends to call 1 meeting of the
committee named ,to .investigate . the
construction of Piers 8, 9 and 19 just
as --800ni as Senator Castle returns
4 : - - - .
( AKVtUtfd Irr tX Commercial rtfic Cable) "
LONDON, England, April 17. That the Allies are win
ning; the greatest single battle of the European war was the
official announcement here today.
Chancellor of the Exchequer Bonar Law, speaking in the
house of commons, said that the British are Engaged in the
greatest operation of the war and that their success is exceed
ing all expectations. He had previously moved the second
reading of the bill to extend the Parliament session till next
November. The Irish Nationalists are opposing the extension
cf Parliament.
PARIS, France, April 17. This is a day of tremendous
victory for France. "
Heralded by the terrific artillery bombardment that has
beaten down the German defenses along the "von Hindenburg
line," the' troops 6f the French republic today carried their
smashing attack of the past two days to heights of dash and
ferocious attack such as the western front has not seen since
the battle: of the Marne.
, Today's ' story is one of another crushing blow against
Germany, on the western front. Forty miles of the strongest
part of the.line have been wrested from the Teutons. :
A loss of one hundred thousand in killed, wounded and -prisoners
is the result of the new French offensive. ,
. The attack began along a 25-mile front from Soissons to.
Eheims, thus extending the great western battle begun by tho
British over' a third of the mighty line from Switzerland to -
the Sea. I ' .'';.;'-,v"- Y r ' : -
' The new front, where battle is raging with concentrated
fury, is 150 miles in extent; and 'ail along this the French and1
British. are hammering ceaselessly at the Germans opposing
Xhe Berlin war office today 'says:,:-' A i
J' -yOne of Htie greatest battles of i the mighty, war ; and';
therefore, one of -Uie; greatest in the history of the world, is in'
progress; oji' the iiyer Aisiie.' f .-.f ." :- ";':':-'
' ' ; '' ' J'- 'c -'. -' , V "":-'r,'
British In Mesopotamia Drive Forward
LONDON, Kngland, April 17. The British made ii further
advance at Eehy, on tlie west fronttoday. ; i '"A :'
The British " force in fesopotamia are continuing r their ,
advance up the Tigris and as they progress the Turks fleo
before them. They are now within 10 miles of Samara, 70
miles north of Bagdad.
Big French ! Blow Launched Yesterday
. 4 7 (Associated Press by V. S. Naval Wjrelesa) . ' ' "
LONDON, Eng.; April 17. Over a 23-mile front yesterday, and following
the most tremendous of artillery preparations, the French struck fiercely
between the sector north' o! Soissons and Rhelros, and Berlin officially ad-V
mitted that if the effort or the French proves successful It means a retire
mentiOf the whole German line between Lens and 'Soisscns,' in other word "
the famous von Hfndenburg line which; was to bare' proved the daath trap
for the Allies on the western front, is now menaced from both ends, by "
the British in tho north, where the German lines around Lens, are being
systoiratically crushed in by the overwhelming British artillery fire, and by
the, French in the Champagne country, where yesterday the Teutonic in
vaders lost 10,000 prisoners and scores of heavy guns; - . ' ; ""'"-'
The British official statement detailing the. fighting on the western
front since April 9; when the big thrust began ea3t of Arras,'-announced '
that in. the week they have. taken 14,000 prisoners from the. retreating Ger- .
man armies and 194 heavy guns. -. i
The official description of the fighting issued by the Berlin war office
last night said that -this 13 a great attempt to break through cur lines at
two far distant points. It possibly mcansthat succeps might necessitate onr
retrrat from the greater part of the lines we now hold be;weea the Soisson
sector and that of Lens. There has been violent artillery fire 11 eastern
Champagne, and this may be the forerunner of an extension of the Allied
offensive to that sector." I ' : ' : 'r'" '-' " : '
The German ?eneral saff appears to believe. -that. the attacks on th
western front frdlcate that "an Intensive fcattH is approaching from Bel- "
gium to the Swhs border." , , ' '' ' ' '
; There have been but small engagements elsewhere in tlie various war
theaters. In the east there have been some minor attacks and . the Ger-
rcans and Bulgars in Macedonia attempted to fore 'the Entente Allies back
"from the neighborhood of Mooastir" but their attacks failed a-id they lost .
heavily. V.;V - - m v;.;r;;.: r-, . ' :' . . '
BY A Sil
ikl.j ii via
" .jiEW";'YQRK.: Y -April 17. The
British steamship Karmala was drawn
upen a reef and sunk on March 17 near
Spezia Spain, "after It had been shell
ed by a German submarine, according
to Americans arriving here today; It
is stated there are no casualties. -
.... - , r r
from Hawaii,':-Coney has some data
on the work which he has been col
lecting from . time to time. The
meeting will be closed, he sail, and it
it is . hoped though hardly expected
that a report will be nade before the
senate adjourns. ; Castle will probably
bd back tomorrow or Thursday. . . .
' 1 4
I AlilV.onzi. Telf ;rs;h' f ;:;ttches
I .. -,-published cn Pa;j $
AatorMieil preos by Coramrclat Cab5.
BUENOS AIRES, Argentine Rrpub-.
lie, April 17 Supporters of-the Al
lies and advocates of neutrality clash
ed in the street here today- and a
number were injured la the rioting...
r ' . : . -.; - ... " ; '
Members cf the Japanese-American
Citirens' Association will held a meet
ing on Weaneaday evening April 25.
to discu3s "th3, subject of militar)'
training.'. Plans for the-furtherance
of better civic ccnditioas'wlll abo be
discussed at thJs moctiig. - -

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