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VM PUltl FEtt AT
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1 '
Grand Commandery of Calif or-
nia Spends Week in Capi--M
? tal of Bear State
; . SAORAJU L'NTO, Cat, April 18. All
portions of California were represent
ed here today In the fifty-ninth, an
jnuul conclave of .the Grand ComtnanQ
' eiry, Knights .Templar,, hlch began a
f ?" i,si4aw Bcpsiou Monday.,, aiwb ,wu
t . - . - . 1 . V r i . i ' ' t , . .A
7C?3 csests will be entertained by sac.
ratnnto Sir riknichts ' this week;.' ac-
, V.corc'fng to'Joat, Stephens, general
' ' V,hanaaa of .-fht. conclave, who ex
- . ; ; "ects not leas than 2500 Sir Knights
' t in thr tine' ofijnarch for the parade
.Monday's program included the first
ression of the Grand Council of the
state; which convened In its f ifty-sev-nth
annual assembly. The Degree of
- Royal and Select Master was exemp
lified by Sacramento: Council No. 1.
The -urand Chapter of the state con
vened Tuesday with Grand High
Priest Casimer Jackson Wood , presid
. Ing. This was the sixty-third annual
, convention of the Grand Chapter; In
the afternoon the Degree of ; ftoj al
Arch was , conferred by Sacramento
V y Chapter No. 3. . Excellent High. Prf est
; H. T. Uiatt-.ivresided. 1 Today saw com
'itlnue'd seriousof tBS Grand Chapter
' find La nonet , will be tendered In the
evening to e Grand Chapter rcprjHj wall naturally must be afforded an
; t : sentatives.and members of the-xec 'ppportunity t0 d0 her bit. x The ones;
tie conrmittees.: The afrjyal orGrand licn of distance and transportation will
. romiranderies also is a feature of BOt prove such a serious factor as was '
: Wednesda js;'jiw)grm ,;. "'K KZrl the tase'duHng the. trouble along the ;
, Thursday wU, ha markedrby;iM tJbtxlctn border. : i -A -W-:..
grand parade battalion' drtn and a" r -he services of the Hawaiian gttards-J, I
: concert in the state. capitol,igrounas
) : f . by sli commandery bands, mase.l jn -
1 ' fi .dcrHfcedlreiHlotf J of Oebrpe ennetU
I I iLlh eping Cd&ipetBjveidtills wiU
,1 be judged by Ubited States array orfi -
I cera.. Keen rivalry jxlsts among the
.- drill corniatifes. -.w : , v
. An automobile trip' to the state unR
; verity farm at Davis, with4 entertain-'
mcnt and refreshmenta provlied; by
;.vYolq coqnty. Sir Knights, lll' 1e a.
;Friday. feature. rJnthe .evening the
grand bail will take place at tae btatei
,U. armory. i'Satcrday will be marked by 4
, the .arrival of the Shrincrs of j Islam
TemYle. San Francisco, fof a ceremo- j
,0 liy at- Ihe' armory. . ; "f j
'- Features of the day's program will j
be a parade from the depot and a
4 cunt Club to Shriners.
lULaUU 111
v r h .
li'J ;.,y4
'.'See .-America First", has
changed to See Ha v. all First
At a
meeting of the Hawaii Promotion
Committee yesterday afternoon at the
Chamber cf Commerce E.1.Towse, At
thur Wall, L. W de . VI Norton and
Ph il Dar.ky were n't ie 1 'as a com mlt
tee to latnrb a campaign to ree that
the people of the islands become bet-'
ter acquainted with the, other sec-5
tiona.'i ;'- ;V . ;-,.',f.- vv v.:v-" f
t It was thcught that with the many !
submarine- scares -fe-er.. tourist
. would visit-the u'ands.Rt this time
he decreast-d. WltU tills Ja.mind. the
numbers ax led to make a-campalgn to
educate .thofe . who had never. before
taken advantage of tTie beauties oi
the other, islands. " .
It was the .belief of the committee
that Uiis Krmmcr there wiJI he a iarge
number cf teachers and members tit
other professions u ho will forego' tho,
. trip to the main'anu and .'instud A'lslt . cmmoa.- .,v.ft i-.'.i"' v
the becct-j spots of the other islands. '- vl i;c dead animals have been 'baiJ e
.Waui, Kauai anl llarafi'V.Jll all cr e ;la -rrde -oil to pt event the iBread of
. in fcr a gJod tourist busuts jr.. taii the -disease-and . ej'ez possible precau
way and - residents : cf these islands . ticn sis i being .takenr rJLn ; effective
i,wiU ..also ..visit Honclu!u. George H.
... vicars of Haw aii. , Worth. - Aiken , of
Maul-a'-d V.- H Rioe, Jr,. of Kaual
were in attendance at the ffleetln. :
' "I ihtnV Harrr" sIA Mrs Ririmi
. f HI ask those new vtotfli rfcrt". d6cr tortsTTtcwJefWf k't ' i-'Wfl
., . yr n j i.JT?3m.--,r ' J!il
; ',,4VX'. the but" her jpft their nest.
here by mistake, m l I thinkjt skeins '
only fair." New. Yorte-Tr.-c,.-!
DocioYSuys Nuxated r '
Increase o trength of Delicate
Is winy InttaBett Ptrstit litvt ttffferH -'
UK iy lr ytart Sctriii tr - ntnrMtt
. tilIimm; itmek, ilvar r k.Mity Hmh r
thf a..at vha thdr rtal troabla aa
lack t Iraa (a Oa SlaoS. Haw ta tell.
' Vark. X. .ir rtceuf d;eourat Dr.
. -' X.. 8aur U kttowa Special! -b baa
atudird wldetr both la thin eomntjr and Europe,
naid! If - yo era to Mike ao actual blood
test U peplt bo ar ill you" would pii
' Uy be ntly aittoNbttwd -at the txrediarlr
larc auaiber it Urk lrn a ad h are ill for
no Uer reaarni Uuta the lark of Iron." TS
v Miueut-lrw Is aitplled all their multUod
- tf dwerwl svmptuwn d sapp.-ar, Wtthovt
Iro . tlia blood at care, tune the power ta
''rhanjra food Ir.to Xrnt tissue and therefore
Botbinv yen eat dea tou nr jrood : yim dAt
rt tbe atrenrtb not of lt fur fud 'tiitra'r
tbrwiih j-our ej-stem. like-rum mrui
a DtiU with the rollera ao wWe apart tfctt
tba ml'l raat rrind. . Jls a remit r tbla
- f eAiuDQcBa blond and' nerve aUrtatioii, rple
,becoat teoerally. vaakaned. Mrroua and all
. run down a ad frequently develop all aorta
. . f eml'.tl". On U too this ; Snother 4 Is
burdened L irlfb nuhealthy fM: aome are ao
weak thay hardly walk: aome think tley
"hare dyspepsU. kklwey r lirer trovblc? some
rtBl uleep" atnljht. othert are aleepy and
- ' tired aU Uy: aorae fuaxy and Irritable: sotne
' atlnny aad bloodless. U't all4 Urk pliyn'cl
power and enduram-e, , In w-h net II la
' "Worn' tbaa rnotlshne' ta tke aOmuiatlnt
- tedicinaa r narcotie -drurs. which only whip
tip your- farcins anwera for the nvwnent.
-maybe t Ue"rpensa of your life later wo.
y sutler what -any one tiu you. if you are
not strons and "tH owe It to youraelf to
' maia tta followtns test. 'See bow lug yvu
," . ran wort of" bow far jo an -walk withoiTt
eMnlnt'-tired. jCext-tak two llTa-rrala
"tablets of ordinary nutated Iron three times
' ; fer. Uaf aflerv tnl tot. trot weeks. 'Then
Militia Problems Arise, With
HintiThat Services May Be
'Called For;:MayRequisiUoh
-. German. Refugee Ships 1
By C. 1. AlJBEItT ' ' j
8r-ia tiw RillMia Gerreeaymjeaea) f
WASHINGTON D. O, April 5. Thq
settling down to a. state of actual waf
between Hbe; United. $Ute!and Ger
many,' has resulted - la changed condfc
Uoti here. ' Plans for rigid censorship
fre-under war and the publication ot
much Information already had ceased!
Suspected persona are - under espion
ae. People natch each other. Pre par i
aiions for hostilities go forward day
and night. This means that billion
cf dollars must be raised and ex'
pended. '
Aside from army and nary activities
the matter of taxation Is the chief
topic of discussion. It Is certain that
i e venues must be brought fa from
every conceivable source. In addition;
great bond " sales are inevitable
Sugar fs not the only article that soon
will be carrying heavier rates of duty;
Coffee and tea may not be long exf
empt, Incomes -. will be materially
boosted and exemptions reduced. -:
' No orders have been issued for mov
ing-thcG muitiaoriawau out: these
1 iWimnev- iXnnr -nv1 tl. -Thi8
men wil not be so essential in the lsAl
1 lands because' of - Japanese appre.
.fces&hl ltf' tais 'case'the'tlnited SUtesl, 1
fl Jaan, tr' allies.' ,Ao necessity
j will "exist for . maintaining scrutiny "; 1
ever all things pertaining to the Jap-M
tonese empire. This Is the time when!
that people will be taken Into partner-.1 j
sM0 and trusted. .m
The Question of seizing and.utillzing
the German ships, ; interned, and ,
refugee, in Honolulu has not been de-j I
termined This will be taken up imJ
Mediately after the war is in fult, ,
swings The present Idea is that they
will be taken over as requisitioned es-1
sels and used for all governmental ;
purposes. The matter of compensate
ing their owners will be onefthe!
Itroversy Is ended.. - . 1 , .. ..
The patriotic spirit manifested by;
( t citizens, of iHavail has been: appreci-
.r w ' . . , . 3 .
ated herei,The of fer ot the: wireless
plants and radio stations was accepted
by the officials , as manifesting the
proper spirit ; ;
The sending of congratulations rto
: Senator! tcdgiltoijiis. resentments, of
insults from ' a caelflst. v Clrrnit
3idge.lshford':and .ethers in-Hcraolulii
helped to demonstrate that Hawaii is
right in the front Tanks along with
all other - sections cf the country In
seeking 1 to , uphold . the president's
hands and ware warfare for the pro-'
utuuu 01 American ngnis ai sea. 4
; ,I.!HUT, Kauai, April n.-Dr.-VMJiJn "jii in 'PuffpfJ-lJO
tcr A.. Korsraard. arrived at Ahuklalt"0 .0l-0rPt rUMep-LiJ,
this mcrnmR and went at tt.rA' ; ln
n; to invouiKate ttev, i
cf itMrrk at that place, j ; r-. ; ?
! It is renorted that ovt-r 70 cattle izi
-f"U aMoten horses have succumbed
, ? tho disease which is commonly: re-
iwrted to be anthrax. vThe dUwiS
taVes, several different forms butoc
in Vhich the animals fall sudaent ss
aataijr is
n pcplexy 6ecms to be th; wu-t
quarantine on: all animals to or from
the district has 'been 'established.
. t 1
V till
- icownecer fly, dear, it'as,
course, business that detained me
- Mrs. ; Rowneder Xo, Charlie, -you
wouldn't deceive "me. no 'matter what
Yc-sa1d.F-Ne,w Yprk. Tmes,v j
test your strentlh anlw and aee for ;yeuralf
aiiiiMt an tbe time double, and eon tuple
-imi,u . am -faaaraan ana - eu
tlrely tet rid of their , aymptotM of u.a-pepsla.-
liter and othur troubles :1a' froin ten
U fourteen -daya' time simply by taking Iron
!n tbe proper form, and tbia, after tbey bad
in soawe rases , been, doctor in jvr iontb
without btainin any benefit. Tou can talk
aa ou please about aU the wonders
uy new rentedes. but when ou (ome
tn hard , farts tber
ia nouiint like -good eid
srund. healthy fleth on your bones. . If la
also a great nerre and stomach strenptbentnc
and Uie beat ' blood builder In tbe worW.' The
only-fiHiWa waaytlat tlie old fiirnM.of, in-L
lirvAuU-t ima Ilk iiliMtur -f 1 fun . lmR dM.I:
ften ruined
stomarlm and ere not sslniiUtd and
for - tltew rcaaona
- tbey frtxruently Uid more
barm tbaa gwod. but .with tUe d'ax-orery of
the newer forms rf arrange Iron' all this lua
been orerrome. ' Nuxated trow- for example, is
pleasant to take, does not Injure the teeth and
ia a Idiom Immediately neneflctaL '
- !
- ..... ...-.V ' .- ..' . .. L. t -Ji - I'
.. XOTK-Tlie waoufactirrs af Xtuated tmn
tare sutb unbounded ennndrnre In Its potei'ry
Ut they - awtkjorire tlie anaounrement that
, 1 . 1 1 aSv.at :a s a aat avav a. rw .:a a. a
sUtutlou' if they ,an not take any ; nun or
wonun under sixty who larks Iron -and in
rresse tbeir trt-vngti. ff or r la
fr 'Weeka thwe. ' -prorhled tbey bsre
serious eralc trouble. Also they -will re
fund your money In auy case In which
Nusated Iron doea not 'at -tea4 doobte ydur
treneth hi ten dars thra. tt fc dimensd
4n . tbis city by - H-Jlluer Irug - Ck, Beasen.
Swttli Co.. riiambers imiz Co. end all other
- ;c .'...
--4?l5lince Jists.tilLMay.jlO. .
Sah H a titP.nn Art rhmor
siream ot
vlnttoductory price i
.Suppose a fire started under prour automobuenf,)Vith the,tisual
We carry refills for the.I'vrFyteMff.that voif can iret one re- ?
' Cquip-ycuj.xarv-ycuro
th fcw. kWAW - AnnvAtrArl Vial .
. I I' ' I I I I I I II . f --! I
gj in Mint
v ;JCornsrorCiouseiv;;
TIa',v makes . sore,, htxrning. . tired
feet fairly.dance'wUh-delight.- Away
go the ache- and plus, the 'corns,
callf.uses, blisters,-, bunions? and' chil-.
blafns ' ? ; t ; ''. - ' . ' . .v
':wn, 'jMw., iA:n nj
r' U- w..rf m.i'
sons that puff np your feet, Xo matter
now nura you..woris,- -liow.- - jun
dance, how far you'walk, or how long
,n remain" on your feet Tixr,ori6gs
re'stful foot comforL- TlsT Is matfcaL
swollen, smarting . Xeet , Ah sow
comfortable, how, happy you feet Tbnr
' feet just tingle., for. Joyj shoes, never
I hurt or seem .tisvvj'.,
I - .et a 2l-cnt box of 'Tisjnow from
t0 druggist or'departmcnt store.". End
loot tort ure forever- a'fear Rmullar
shoes, keep ycur feet fresh, Sweet and
happx.Just think!" a whole year's foot
comfort, for only 23 .cent. Ad t.
Alexander Hume Ford!, is off today.
on his vacation,.' the. first lap of which
i ft iU bo xnemt' bn the 1 island- oMtauL
With him ire Joseph Stlckney, his sec-
rotary an 1 co-worker, Lionel : de Vis'
Morton ot itheHawail . publicity com
mission, and George IL? Vicars, presi
dent .of the Hilo board of trade.
ri am off. for my-"vacation; the first
.flu. nun i lull
an wist' . "
wnxuEbt i In tliree ryears," :s
hig.mhe .others
said Ford this morn-
others' think they are i go--
(...., n,MHAii, i.n t nit. ttim
There : is ' a . valise full of shorthand
notebooks going along for Joe to fill
up. with notes. while Vicars and de
Yfo- 'Ncrton will flrd a .Trail and' Moun-,
, ni kpn thpm mnrin? ererr moment'
need the exercise,
Ett seriously speaking, we are go
Ing to do Maul so that we can in
augurate a movement along ,Pan-
i Pacific lines, that Is; ieach island work .
for i the -other 'instead of for itself.
Two cr-three years ago the Trail and
a. - M art.-- . a. . . . a 1 m A
1 Aionnuiin - viuu .. bcbv . more - vuaa ivv
i iuiuufeu aunxia uaic .auu
we then -started U System of . rest
J houses arOund Maul; these are now
.- j j .1. , ,
being used and the guide service we
started then Is now in splendid work
ing order southat we go the next step'
and erect a rest house every tea miles
around Maul and. through the crater
when we begin again to send our shlo
loads. pi peopJa.to .MauLi.Anjimberjit
times th Trail and MounUhrCrab has
chartered inter-Island steamers f for
cheap! excursions to the other islands,
and mow: that ! we ; Jiave a,i veryJow
cruise rate to Mauh Hawaii Jind Kauai
tfe .are going- to- have- resChousesr on
ait- of theUslanda and begin ca iperm a
nent campaign of . sending .people, to
bach of the- different islands and; ret
ting them o "visit ; us.-. We have been
M... uJ lv lUlO .Ut UUU
f J t PHnir
A rare chance to
mountain side
the VolcKri'd Of
;4 - 3 i .;
Lot. 1 to 10
r r . .
r et
- -: vy K r. . ..!. ;.r-.-; : .r; h-
X T l C, 111 1 , -'X v
. v! -.. . --A-. .-v.-.-, ? ! '.A '-'
. . . i . : f ... . ' ii . . '. . .
tot ii, $3bd
$25.00 cash and '$15.00
'i1- - . i
I 'GUAMlO)lIAfel f MUMt (Co Ltd; 1 1
; :-y:- '? - " ' ' -;; .. ?: y--- i y'. . v ' i -r !!
"v-V7 ' lIL ' ' --.i l'''--'S-v.rz.-t b;:-,n ..V:s. 'Jnr.? ,". ft) ijj!
J JI I ! I I I I 'Ml m i I 1. " i I I il -J ,in 1 I .1 1 I I I ! i II I i I , ii in I. 1 I I i. I i i ii i , .. t ;!
iVIiite enameled ,f" KlSy -51
Hade of .pressed
)lis porcelain' enameled steel, sliding' table
J TOP. 7 ; V .' !-' .; ' '
" - -. v. . - kl
' !
i '
. ? iH-i': 5 -
La,te clhejisaiitancefiftooperatlon the Mid-Pacific magazine that will de
from the promotlos ommitteeU- j plct In all ; tbe hrljliancy of tropical
t'-rOn thla vacation trip we :erpect to color the marvelous scenic attractions
tramprorldethToughr;thelcrater, o ot our islands.vBeJIere me, this is go
over the Ditdx trail .and.explore.ilkeiy iiny. to. be a great' holiday and I hope
spots ion.? West slant that are seldom (when our pioneering party Is through
visited.-; tiiave..Leen asked for &mumJ with. It that we shall have prepared
bes.iof ijfwaliaa. articles-; front "the
mainland; magazines and. I think now
that . we -can turn theni but. : SVe. all
have veras.-iUbns jind. $ '''$m getting
ja !-f"a r;r.Ux- ,3.' .J .rjj;.j
1 1 1 . 1
get prop ferty or c o
v ery C lose to nature s most won d
y . .
per month
oiceei '
steeL heavily enameled.
Sanitary and
; o
are carried in stock o ihat yon
'. -7. y.i J LJ ent evtrv scnut- inrl otit.rlrtftr
;;? -lbvin? boy
- - ; ;Made or
poles ywjth
- . ic . - ' end ot tent
- ,1U. .t; Ct! ' j
the way! to send everyone to follow on
jour trail and do all the islands: We
ar.ej going ;to do Jiawaii nexihen
I Kauai and of course our home island
: v:.
ry?:' d
J)Tl A
n v e ni e n t size, h i g
' -' i
' .! i 1 - .fi t'i'
v s;. i A
v- u v-1- tin m
- v
. . m
- V
.a. : style. , White 'crl
Knaia coiorea. ;
may jfet immediate - - . '
will appreciate.. .be-
absolntely: waterproof
brass ferrnles;; rear
mav ba closed: nacks
Edgar B Ward, farmer second vice
president of the Prudential Insurance
Company and vpne of its. original di- '
rectors,' died at!hls. home at- East
Orange, K. J. agej2P years'. He re
tired seven years ago . . ..
Chancellor of -the Exchequer Law, :
in the ('oramo8,;appealed ttf alt Irish.
members 'tb Join in the i tiegotlatlonji
designed to effect a settlement of the
"frish 'question. r
f a.'
(3 ) y y:'': y i
h u p on the cool
erfu 1 spectacle
11. Ctlttt
y1i .T it
o ir y-y

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