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L.i l .1 ! .
Evening nulletJn. Eft. lS82, No. fiTCI
Hawaiian Star. Vol XXIV, No.' 7S0-
11 HCiT
t i v.. 1 r
i i
Territory's Supply of Fats is
Menaced, Says Ranchman
in Summing Up Recent Developments-
Soaring prices -for stock, feed In
Hawaii' threaten not only to cause
wholesale slaughtering cf cattle and
hogs, but alto in the near future to
cause another materia raise in the
price of milk, "...
A nurpber ' of dairymen are ready
now to go ovt of business if the tan
Cet rid of their milcH cows for any
thing like the investment represented
In the cows. -;v.' ' i , i
' Virtually all' hog raisers who have
to buy special feed instead, pi giving
tl-elr swine swllf will have to slaugh
ter because e
cf stoek subs
ef. these Jnereasina prices
sistence; . ' ;
KW h in . prwi is w situauon pre-1
rnte1 tcday by one of Oabu'a veteran
randmien, C. H. l?elllna. Hp forhnees , l-ehlgh R. R.- . ..
n rricos shortaw In rattle andiwlneNew York Central.
If the prrsmt trend continue. j Penntylvanla . ...
T1;e situation Is doubly serlou be-1 Ray Consol. ......
aune Just now the mlllUry and civil-' Reading Common- .
Ian students of the foodstuffs problem Southern Paclflt
t'oclaro tlat Hawaii shduldbe tncreas. - 6r-.flebaker .
: Jn Jnatcad of decreasing its supply of Texas Oil J. .
fats, n . - ' - ' ' ; 'Union Pacific ....
Mr. Belllna believes that the slaii&it
terlng cf swine and dry "cows, ts lit -
creaatnr now, Hue to high feed .prices
bich noake It unprofitable far raricb
rjen to continue ia business.
Hearing' that Mr. Benin was in
iKKsesslon cf facts which on(t be of
value in the present agitation for more
fdequate fopdrtuft. th Star-Bulletin
this mom ins asked him for a state"!
ment , Summed cp. Lis Oral atatement
is as follows: . : - ; . '
8tOCk FOCii jt-" ' -y: .
Within Vo j ... . vo .TfVks stock
feeds have Jumped lo in enprecedent
degree. 4 Here are some of the ln
creacF: ; '-Tv
Beet; pblp. from $28 criSO a toa U
$ it! ' Jl ." ' j -' '
"Sure UllTt"' Veil known dairy
irea rrrm f4.s 10 s...i a ton. - i ms in-
1 x C 3
frc.i :i 46 :co wtoni
AiraUA't:cii,'frcr.v and 530 to
fSS'A ton.'.? tv ' '" a "7" . '
Beet pulp. ucd to sell, around tSS.tldd'-'or lie war the beard of Jiarbor
The last increase la ttid to have put
it to a flguro whero the ranchman
' cannot afford to feed "It to hia ani
mals. . . '''c-'-' x S '"
Toed, for pics, says Mr. Belllnai is
j rlufng with equal japidity. To some
extent the same kinds of feed are
used as for cattle. Alfalfa meal Is a
t wine feed. . , s " v -
; Whole corn, formerly $13 a tbn, Is
now quoted at J GO. Rice bran Is sard
ta ha-c ccne from 2I to about $30
1er ten.
. 'Virtually rail f tles6 Incrcasos
liave become effectire in the past two
viieks.- ays.Bclllna. . ,.; .
Pigs Must Ce Slaughtered
"As I view the situation, all the
I is-ralsers, at least on this island,
who have been bnylng these feeds, njDited from any moTement in Hono
liavo pot to slaughter their swine be-, iuiu harbor from half an hour after
t caube.fed Is no high. It docsnl Iay .unset, until - sunrise,' except ships
to raUo thera. Personally,," I - must ! rowboats, where aaid ships are an
tnarket some S00 ; pigs, immediate!, 1 chored In the stream." -
'vhich will represents loss because to
pet a profit I should have to feed, tucin
for several weeks or months; and djs
I'ose of them la lots, ' :t . f .'
."I belleYc that If this situation con
tinues, the supply of swine In the In
lands is iroing to-be nt very drast'l-
ally. And cnon the supply . iV cut
down it takes a long Ume. b natural
Increase, to bring It Ul agam." ...
Milk Situation Serious ' - f
Asked about. the milk bit uatlon,' Bel
Una ays thst it is quite as serious. "
"The Honolulu Dslrymen's Assocla
I'on, a cooperative concern of the milk
jroducers, handles' probably 81 per J The new regulatidns apparently do
cnt cf Uie milk on Oahu. If the pre- not forbid any American steamer leav
mailing high prices Toy dairy feedccn- Ing this port after dark provided the
t'nue, I do not see Low there can be usual clearance papers are secured.
i ay result but a Jump in milk prices. J
lather all the producers must raise or
rome of them will go out of bnsrness
nd tho available supply be cut down.
' t "An increase in milk became effect
1 u In February, partly to meet the
Increased cost f production, partly
ti make up for a prpyicus loss or deft
i it The producers now receive, 8
roots a quart from the assoclaUon;
he consumer "buya for 7 cents a pint
rr 13 cents a Quart. The increase
vlil probably be to cents a pint and
35 cents a quart" ;
Ho says that fce-'ls informed already
here Ik a circular letter or net'tlon
liing the-rounds or the smaller pro-
Oiccrs. heralding the intrcaso In price,
"Killing "Dry" Cows '
Tcesuse of the heavy cost of keen-
ing up dairy hcrrls,' he! adds, .'.many .'plow In many of the districts of east
f'alrymen probably will not be able tocrn and northeastern France,
wry their cows over the 'dry period, j ; The reconuest of large tracts of
When the cow goes dry she will be ! territory from the Germans and the
sent to tho slaughterhouse.
'Traveling over rome of our roads
the past few days, I have seen herds
leing driven into town and they are
Vrobably for the slaughterhouse. -It Is
certain that the dairy herds will be
iraterially reduced. . f, -
Bellina estimates that at least SO
per eent of the dairymen on Oahn will
face the necessity either of getting
Mgber prices for tlielr milk or of going
cut of business VV
- The Senate rejected the nomination
of L. A, MacGowan as postmaster at
Providence, R. 1. ; ' ' ; T7
May Wheat
Today, day.
Alaska Gold .
American Smelter 99
American Sugar Rfg... 1112
American Tel. A. Tel.
Anaconda Copper . .
Atchison . .........
Paldwln Loco.
Baltimore .4 Ohio.
Bethlehem Steel . ...
Calif. Petroleum ....
. 79
. 102!,
... 54
. 76'4
b123 M22i
Canadian Pacific
C M. & St P. (St. Paul)
Colo. Fuel V Iron
Crucible Steel
Erie Common ..........
1 472
' Wi
; genera t ecinc ......
General Motors, New.
Wf Bfc. II .!.., . ,
Kennecou copper
.V' 94
' 53 ' -'
29 '4
': 94h
.i 85'2
1. W
U. 5. Steel ...
.Utjrh ; . i
, Western Union-
.. 49
May Wheat
. BldytEx-dividend
Bethlehem. Steel a represents Class
A and b Class B stock. .
Governbr Sends Lettento Har
bor Board. Outlining Regula
ct.uw; ;i
Tor the purposeof enacting' special
regulations for the control ot inippin
i In Honolulu harbor during' the dura-
cbmmlsiioners met this afternoon -at
1:20 In special session. X .;
The boa rdNs acting on a letter writ
ten loinj by Got. Lucius E. Pinkham,
who says thst be as the territory's
chief executive requests the board "to
at once promulgate regulations approx
imately as follower ' :V
Harbor Closed at Night.
"No essel or craft of any skind of
description shall enter Honolulu har
bor from half an hour after. sunset, to
junrise. ,
w, rVessels o.ove,r "15 tons . (registered
classes) may move from pier to pier
wlthm Jlonolulu harbor during the day
or night.
I vKnelt under 13 tons are or o-
; The last eight words, "where such
chips are anchored In the stream,. are
heatfly underscored In., the gOTernora
leUer to the board. ; - -
The last J' paragraph of Uie letter
Says ! : .- A r ' v . v .
-Offenders will be subject to arrest
and will endanger themselves to rire ot
the forts, after being' warped by a shot
across their bows. -f ' 'J. '
; The tlause forbidding vessels ot less
than 13 tons from, any movement In
f he harbor after sunset will affect all
the Japanese sampans having Hono-
J lulu -as their own port.
rsr AxMdattd Prtcil
FRENCH FRONT. France. The be-
ginning of. spring this. year has.pro -
Jduccd the snecUcle of thousands ot
soldiers cf the French army, together
with their comrades of the British and
Helglan armies, torsawng tne nrie, tne
tayonet the hand-grenade and the ma-
I chincgun to take jn hand temporarily
the hoe, the spade, the harrow and the
ICIU1U VI wt f lutui luuaviuuiu iiviu
the places where they had taken
rtfuge confronted the authorities with
the problem of restoring these lands
to cultivation. Farming implements
to the value of hundreds of thousands
ot dollars, it was found, had been dam
aged or destroyed since the beginning
of the war In what is known as the
"tone of the armies. The young peas
ants were all serving in the ranks and
the older, men. even with the aid of
the women and children, were unable
to till their places for the proper cul
tivation of the land. :. .
' The army decided to step into the
TURff luf ARfIR
U. S. Release of Esplanade
Tract Sets in Motion Large
Building Projects
Covcrnor rinMianu' pnruuncrn -nt
on Tncsday that the federal stmrn
ment lias roatorcd fvr territorial uae
the "esplanade lots'' near the watr
1 front is a prin.e step toward several
I Im'nrlint n:illl inH i-rivat hiiilriinz
lroject3 which have been waitin
J - . -...u-i I
j The teiritory waots a. UK; piece of.
Hand on the "cllc center" for a tcrrl-
lorlal office biid:np All thoult of
rR'jiiog thl hantfaoiue building vi: I'e
proer.t capitoi prjuntls bas ! 11
!and?nefl, aay BupeHntcndent ot
.,;TiPu .ii( Workfl Forbes, and now '.re
ifrritory wanU to ;n? it up or tiie
r;r.ent "tf- -of 13 "to i.ewia stables,
n.' occupied ly ihe Abies-HertJ. he
C-.nu tny, and w aJjolnJnp j rrnr.
Vhfa site, on the southeast hJ4i f
the i-roposed ttti cfAkx is l'nder
rpvoral nwnerphinx. The "AtherteU
e.Mate. Castle & Cooke. AUen & Ro
f iiuson and ctbers f-Ve- gfonnd liere.
. It is understood. that .nder the pro
. (.i,im.,,!4 IAP.L
txi'y-w'l 1e, tax -i mer;rt an
aprM?d value,' ,hiij ha, tuvn,
in at least oueves thj
actuii cost at which tho.pr3-itni
acquired by m present owners.", The
appraised vslue ot the CaUe & Cooe
property Is" approximately $48,000 and
of the Atherton esUte property about
$19,000.- J
By effecUng a; f ansfer. of, the es
planade lot property, the teiritory can
secure the dric center site It orgenUy
desires. The Hawaiian Electric-Company
la contemplat'ng improvements
and extensions In its power plant and
cold storage equipment on ' Alakea
street and desires some of the. espla
nade lots wa . of the present power
plant site. If the transfer.is effective,
the electric com any can purchase the
tract rroji the owners , whor wUI(give
up telr- . ric 'entr property,-; In
Tivlrty thouAird ' Square feet .; are
restored to;tne territory litlie execu
tive order made public Tuesday.; This
Is 'subject t .the. right of temporary
occupancy Toy the navy department for
the nary coai pile; on the tract r : Be
sides the land to bo: transferred to pri
vate ownership, the territory will have
a splendid site for a concrete building
for . the entomological :" department,
under the ' board of agriculture 1 and
forestry. , This building has long been
needed, .to militate the search for In
sect pets on msrlne cargoes.' r -.
Superin):endeat Forbes says . tliat a
buildins cbsUng'ftbout I20.0WI will be
erected here. . .-"-.' :. ,v;
Rlvenburgh Explains Plan- ; ;
In explaining the plan fit the admin
istration for the- building up of Hono
lulu's new ciTic. center Land Commis
sioner Rlvenburgh' sUted today: '
Vith . the opening up , of Bishop
street by moving?' the ' T. H. Davies
warehouse to it etigenhe territory
plans to sell at auction that portion of
Kti&ue& street which 1 BcS between
Queen street id tbo Waterfront, the
threo-cornercd piece ox tana oeiween
Bishop street and Kilauea street aftd
the sauaro of land which lies Sust ma-
kal of the llaVallan Klectric plant-
! 'These tales should bring In money
sufrieicnt" to purchace : the : remamlng
land on the Judiciary square.1 The
Castle, Atherton ' and Bishop estates
have already Indicated their willing
ness to abide by tho appraised value
of the Jand.- fThe plncr Hwo owners
are the Loe Kstate andtlie Ailen; Es
Ute. The total'' appraised vvWo.- is
. -In the portion of the land net to
King street it Is planned "to' put the
new territorial office building.:, while
the morgue would be moved from its
present site to a less prominent pi-ice
in the rear of tho square -;v '
I "It is also hoped. Rivenburgh ex
plains, "tot widen King street along
the Judiciary grounds, where the King
street car track hugs the makat side,
thus straightening up the entire area."
As the plan for a territorial oifiee
building decs not give room for the
riuctsJt is not likely that the i-ity's
wish to obtain the Judiciary builaina
for a e'tv hall will be f ul filled.. Ho w-
; ever, the proper place: for the- ha:i
ronstriered the enra lot. at Present OC-
cuplyl by pi-jncegs Theresa; according
to theKC w.0 B-Ve- studied the -center
nian " '
: m : .
I TOKIO. Jacsn. April 13.K. 'Taka-
chi. tho noted Japanese aviator, gave'
nts ..lire. icr. inc cause or wo aiaea
recently 5omcnere in Frsncei. Wot j
has reached Tokio that the, famous
flyer, was killed following several scu
national flights over the German line
breach. The greatest proportion o?
the soldiers in the French ranks come
Com the peasant or farming class. It
was therefore an easy task to find cap
able hands. The organization was
more difficult, but coordination be
tween the civil and military authori
ties was effected very rapidly: A. mil
itary officer with agricultural experi
ence was appointed by each army to
consult with the prefects of the de
partments In which the troops were
stationed and to find out , what work
was to be done and how many hands
were required to do It
v T)n lb Kltb day of April. A. I. 1317. Wood row Wilson, rrexiden t
.j ot tbe VnUei ttate, Issned a proclamation hicl; reau'x la pait a
foikis: r : -
V-U)' Ajp alkri em?ny hall not have In bis possession, at any'
tiroe or plate, any firearm, we-tixm or imIciaent of war, or eompo
nont pert Hbereof. ammunition, n)axim or other 0ncer. bon b or
explosive or material used In the manufacture cf explosives:
(2) Ah alien enemy ?iiall rnt liave in bis possession at any
time or plr-e, or use or ;ernln any ain-raft or wireless apparatus,
or any foiin of sisnalin; devii-e. or any form of cipher code, or any
pai'er. document or look written or printed in ;;"-er or In bicb
there-may: ie InyiKible ,wrUlaR.
(TV 'AU property foend Jn the pOKfesskn of an alien enemy in
vlo'aticn o the foregoing jreHilatitna .shall be subject to seizure
by the I'ntfpd ?bte3: ' ' ..
That purstisnt f'to the 'nbbT all persons subject thereto, nhirh
includer all person $ ofng aHeg.anee. to the Km pen .-of Germany,
shall forthwith sndwlthin frhonr hereafter deliver to Uo tin.lersign- .
ed Unltel Stitea Marshal, to persons duly authorized by him to
receive the same, ?1 articles ln?uded in the aboAe. -" .
Tfcat in those pirts of 'tUJPSrritory, other than on the htlami vi
Oaliu. the Ume for dellYery' la-v hereby extended to Saturday, April
33. 1!17, and cn all f the last named islands the. jererrl Bheriff. are
anthorlied to receive and receipt for nid pwpeity on behalf of the '
imdersIgnedL J-
Witnefctf ujy haiiJ this U'th dayyof Aprir. A. I). J!i:.
V.. ' i J. J. SMI BUY."'
l-nfted talca Marshhl for Uie Dffirictrnd Territory cf Hawaii.
.... .
I . "
Committee Plans Elimination if
Immigration F.un3 and Will
Cut ContfngerJ Fund :
Elimination of the department, of in
mjgration and all appropriations per
tainlng thereto from th appropriation
bltl Is ' now being ' considered T by the
finance committee of th house of rep
resentatlv., . ' -
t This,' If it Is done, win bd pn c
count' of an agreement between tn,e
government und Immigrntlon authorl
vi .C it h ffbTtms 1st. : iitf
whereby all Immigrant becdnoina pub
He ebaraes within three yeanr after
randing ; are returned? to their ' Hail vol
countries by the terrltorr. Anotner
ground for the proposed aeUori It that,
during the period -tef waf,- a tjeait,
there probably will be no immigration
lo Hawaii through the territorial im
migration) station. . . i . -f
The finance committee of the house
expects to report out on the appropr
ation bill tomorrow. - As already an
nounced in the 8tar-BoIletln, the bill
Jiaa been changed back to Its old form
and a great manyother changes have
been made. " The - measure In Its re
constructed form la beins.typed today.
Other Cuts Are MadV !:
' One item of intportande that has
been inserted In the measure- is that
of .S60.000 for Interest on the new ter
ritorial bonds. v ; .
Tne so-called emergency fund, which
virtually takes the place of what was
known as the governor's contingent
fund has been reduced from $100,009
to $30,000, but is left In the bands of
the treasurer for disbursement Re
ports about the house were that the
Committee might put the fund in the
governor's, power "wRb. certain restric
tlcns. . V ' '" 'lI l :
eaiaiv d3!ies
iistee; ATUitmc
(Associated Press by. U. S. NavaJ
Wireless) ;
f " v
BERLIN, Se'many. April 19-
4 H ia off iciaiiy announced here
-f that there is no Oerman subma- f
f rine as yet in the western At Ian-
tic The supposea attack on the
U. S. destroyer Smith off Now
York in the early morning is de-
scribed in Gtrmn official circles
as fa frivolous means of attribut-
ing to Germany the opening of
hostilities. ; '
, :4.v V 4-'f. o t
hott tlet." .
( Associated Press by U.
S. Naval
v V Wireless) -t'OTENHAGKN.
Denmark, April 1?.
Well authentliatcd 'reports ta the
Exchange Telegraph Agency fro'.n Uer
lin declare that 73.000 mnnttions work
ers In Prussia have walked est und
are demanding food for themselves
and their children and the immediate
ending ot the war.
The great munition works at Iser
lohn, Kregeld . and Barmen . are idle,
not a wheel having turned lor several
days, but there has been no ri3ln
or othe disturbance sava at Barmen, y
voro an etftnrt was na)n nv -"h f
U V WW " . . . . T. v J - mm w
HUUSt IU 5 lAVt IHIlItll llttAttS:
ill I I1U1 ..il.MlUlll ! I.UUJ1IU UUIillllU -
GERL!ii::3 here
Two Employes of Legislature
Affected; Vat Emergency
Requires AH Men
An order received iff. the last, mail
f irotn th e mainland f rqni, Posttjiairter
Ceseral A 8; Burleson, directing J?ost
niaster It. IV MacAdam to'raacl ail
leaves of absence without pay of.eni
ployes .in. the locaf office becaiwe' of
the wa'r'- emergency has resufte.1 In
difficulties for two clerksi Louis Ffary
na.XMcnniag.'tw iioodii.va
Both iK'stofftce cttplv e&rto. Tn
iildyedak' CTerka In 'thev legUlaturc,
having served there since the session
began. Feary obtained a .80' -days.
leave of absence, getting one rcncwkl,
w hile Hoopii got a 60-day leaver, J.'iV .
- Postmaster MaeAdam " summoned
the employes to appear before him.
They called this morning and confer
red with him relative to.reporting for
duty in accordance wltli the terms of
Uie postmaster general's order.', v
- Burleson's rdcr,' dated ;Aprif 6, at
Washington, says that because of the
war It is Imperative that the postof-
fice department utilize to the .fullest
extent the services of its experienced
employes! - ' .f'v -f
"Owing: to iho emergency now . con
fronting us It .becomes necessary to
cancel all leaves of absence v except
those granted to employes witlv pay
(vacations), those to employes, oii mil
itary duty,. end employes abscM on
acccunt of sIckneKS," rvads the order
Irt part "All other employe on Usave
"without pay are directed to report to
their respecUvo josts for duty imme
diately u.., - .
. The order-is a general one and ap
plies' to. all postoffices in the United
States this territory, and the United
States possessions. ; v
Supt of , Mails Frank T. Sullivan
said, today that so far the war has not
bee felt by the I lonolulu postof fife
but that.lt, 'would probably affect con
ditions here in the near future'. . -A
(Associated Press-; by U. .S. Naval
v Wireless) J "
RIO JANEIRO, Brazil. April ll
Fires broke out today as the result of
attacks on German property at J'ortd
Alegro, with heavy louses of the prop1
erty. The minister of war ha placed
federal troops at the disposal of the
governor, of th province..
As a crowded streetcar passed a
German betel, a number of shots were
! fired frorr, the building and a number
! f Personi in the erowd wounded The
. , Lf.Sperml Cttl'j to Xipnu Jiji ,r,
TOKIO. Japan, April 19. Dr. M.
Negoro, a former resident of Honolulu
who arrived in Japan from Hawaii a
few months a&o. will be a candidate
for the lower house cf the Imperial
Diet in the .general elections which
wtii bo beld tomorrow in Japan.
era! other. Japanese who ive t ?n
living in United States have returned
to Japan to seek, office, bu; it ia not
believed that any at this number, will
be elected. ; ' - -; ' . . " : .... ,:.
strikers to' burn the plant ' e r
The soldiers and police 6oon had die
trouble well In hand, however, but not
until three of the strikers were wound-
ed and marfy were arrested. ? "'' "
Senate on Espionage Bill Today Proposed Press Censorship
Measure Under Attack Borah Spys Congress Cannot
( Atssot iatiMl Pixs b v U. S. Naval Wi relets)
MADRID, Spain, April 19.-The Spanish cabinet rtsijncd
in a body today, as a result cf the war crisis.
j . :
Tiirost in iSpaiu Iia.- been on the incrcaK?, according, io
nicaer rcj)orts fi-oui Madrid, and nimors of an iinpeudinsr
revolution have k-cn rife:' The cabinet which has just resigned
lias been under fire f rorn one' eiemeut. of the people because no
hostile jiiovc was .made, toward Gerraany on account of rc
.peated .torredoing of Spanish vessels. . . . , .
Idaho ; Senator Contends Congress
vCan't' Abridge Liberty of Pre
s WASHINGTON, D. C, April 19. The debate on the new -army
bill will "begin in the house on Iondayl' ' :
. The.senate,debate on the espionage.biU.ijontinn,ed today
The fate of the press censorship provisions are in doubt. ,
Senator Borah cf Idaho ui a visorous' speech - attacked
the plan to provide a government censorship of the American
1 press. .He declared that Congress is devoid of any jpower to
' interfere with the liberty of the press.; ,C
Afe on West Take Many Gere;
Uavounded, Also Number of Bi C;r;3
1 44utoi Pros hv
-' NEW YORK, April 19. Seventeen thousand -unwounded (Ter mail' prls
rMn aVn hv the French since tlwir great offensive began Mon
day and the British also havo added to their big ot invaders, v Both of lh
' Hntrnte amilea have rncreased largely their total of woty aelzed from th - ,f
bar; aammered in Vaders, the French,
oifiufal-eonraunUiUOs Issued from
fire heavy on and rcev hundred and eighty, machin guns.
;',ra dKmonlixaUoa Wcilv has, lcittra4Uy Jncrcsiw Jn.lh Cerrn
rananr file-of !arte 43 morv-tbaav marked yesterday,: acct-rt'..; f , tct t v;
,censora4 despatches from tho front, : . - ' - .
v Th- clearest evlder.ee of,thjs was the 'fact that (no llcnch regiment
reporti the capture of three hundred German prisoners. taken frem'sevcu
dlff-sreat rcglmrats, showing that the German commands are t womlngLadry
mixed up In the ccnsUnt fighting to which they have been, subjected oClate.
The forest of. Ville Au Bois was the scene yesterday, ot surrender of
large numbers of the Germans. Hero th French effected a successful -ejh
circlfaj movenicnt'vvhkh took In the enUro wood, which had been careryliy
fortlflej by the .'uTaders. : 1 "'' ' ,'
Immedlater upon the cobipletlon of the movoment and too German sol
diers saw themselves surrounded they threw down their arms and sur-.
rcn lered. Thirteen hundred unwounded priaoncis were tnken ft tho wood.
together with -.icores of machiue guns. f V, v4i t
Between Juvincourt and ihe Aisne rl7er iront the heaviest fihUng of
the day took place.' ; Again and again theGeriaan rounUr attacked th
-French line and ahen night came they had left more thau four tnousand
dead on tha thrr.e milo.stretCh. of. country.- 'V . ..' V 'V-
SoatU of Sa lit QuenUn and cast of Gauchy Uie Germans aiso ttckei
I yesterlay In th2 vain hope ot stemming the M Ut the afrair provtfd
abortive. Uter lu tl.day they struesaiu ntl thiatime they entered th
French position but tetc ney bad lime to consaidate their gains
counter-attack of the -pollus drove tL em out once nre with the loss ov
hundreds killed and scores of prisoners.
Assistant CashierofGreatNevy
York Banking House Tells t
of MontnsorworK' ii
V riavid W. Parry, assistant cashier of
the National City Bank of New York
City, "was one of tho prominent; pas
sengers on the Maui's maiden roys ge.
He will, remain here for about two
weeks longer on a combined business
and pleasnre trip ' '
As a representative of one of the
largest : banking corporations In th
world ,' with representative branches
through the Un'.ted States and in prac
tically all of the. American republics
Parry baa an ultimate knowledge of
world finances in connection with the
war and America's entry into it
' Parry ; is making uusiness .arrange
ments here - with H. A. Bruce, repre
renting the National City Company,
which la owned by stockholders of the
National City Bnk. rarry Is vice
t rrtiident of this' company. He Is
Htktinz at the Moana Hotel.
On- of the moct Interesting .of bis
fintnctal interviews which he gave to
Hon for
w ra tolEw;. "'rHr': scribe for the loans wblcb whl' be of-
"enSSd for4Monthr' :;-..feW by our own and the e -r
-The council cf defense has been ernments. Tfie Federal ne-;rv Boa rl
busy for nny months planning for . has issued a sUtemeuf, . explain!
ousy i.or muj L,,,trv in- that its announcement of last No
CB . ftl t.A'J xmvm " W w
razed tor months ahead the eueci
to make the. sltuUon more daucuu
for prlTate burets. , Thla i is .JJ
Urly. the case Jn th steel Iny
and with special .reftrence to snip
plates. ; There Is the most Jsent ;
mand for plates for merchant, ships,
and the mills are sold up on their out-
L". S. Naval Wireless! . . .. ,' ? .
aioao yesieruay saving uwn,
Londou aa-I-raxl ta. tu aA.foi Uo
The whole industrial situation . f!s .
Ifrfjtened t.p. for besides the capacity i
taken utf bygovprnrntnt-.ortlFSv-tbc yy
imminence of goyernmcnt orders has ;
iven a spur to' other business, ".As I
always the caaa vhen new deraaads re
develop there is U Bcramble all arenmi
to cover future roauircmehU: It H . .
evident that tho productive caracttf
ot this country will bo'-bsc to the-'
limit throughout this year, and until'
the war requlremen.sare drse. with, .
In t lew of tlie national cmcrncy-it -is
time to sound a arnbj. for pa-
triotlc reasons aeamst all crrieccssary
underUktogs or .expenditures afclch .
will dlve.it -labor or moncjr frci-th9
most .Important - n. ,'ot' which
can go over toanothor year should bq s
postponed In the common' Interest ,
Tho war needs rhonld have U)9 first f
call on the IndJstriea. For ccondip '
reasons also, thla is no time for capi- :
tal Investments whicli can bo' made ?
later. ' ."'.;
Subscribe For Loans
"One cf the most Important jihase J.
of prepaiedness Is readiness in au.V
- j, ta
'Uiibuii the fact that It Is far from : -t
desirable to have the lcaM taksn by
partle8 tccz0lz ciner. :
encft bctwcca haTi-; th- t-r.::3 create f
new cre41t and having tis plic u?e,,
. :
(Continued on paso.two) r; :
'A '-
' f, ,

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