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The Ajpfil meeting of the College
I Club took the form cf a musical held
at the Christian church on th- after
noon of Tuesday, April 1 7.
r' Allvthe numbers or the program
I Honolulu ' demands la -fa f fcu'sir ess
admlftigtrario'h. Tlursthe-klmf, or
administration Honolulu will have
writffrsm ihayarr .4 '
Territorial Veterinarian Feels
Assured Epidemic Will Be
Quickly Checked ;. ;
: .
ebvice msT " nek m i r co:r stcbage V 7 . v v x 3-to7i southquzz::
arir'tlviYty LLrapp. e-
,ieie rkreaf' Interest, rendered bj There i no dthger ef the anGirax
0 cf HdrioJultTa best-liked artiBU. outbreak on Kauai spreading through
The 'aecond.nmnber, ri'olk SongslthPt island cr being conancnicated to
frcm Kefitockr -lfpontaina. sunt by ether islands in the territory .T This is
MJrHulh TubD,ibaesriHi a quaint- the opinion today of nr. Victor A. -W-
nesr alt Its V own; rAa 'ferplalned by
Mini Knth lluntfngton, these' tongs
and others liktf them har been j-ecent-1)
foand .'among- the' Kentucky moun
falneeri'whera lhr have been passed
down by ward, of -mouth for three or
four generations;' ' Y. : 'Ay '
- They are bid :TChg!ish WHadir -taken
to that parf of the conntry by the
gaard. territorial; veterinarian, uho
was 8ked by the Star-Hnlletin for a'
report on the epidemic in the Garden
' There is no likelihood of the out
break Bprea-iing." said Dr. Norgaard
this morning. "The infected herds are
pastured in a well surrounded valley
opening out on the sea; all preent1ve
made by our skilled pastry j
cook and baker, to' taH
I cake. . Have, you tried'
them! ;.' 1 .: '
5 1 Freshlybaked j
- Pastries
: Rolls ;
Pies of air kinds
Fancy Cakes 't
Layer Cakes
Colon!al ancestors of the present-day ! niemurea. including quarantine, have
The entire program of the musical
fpllows: ;
'"' 1. Andantino. for two violins and
"piano (Edwin H. Lemaxe), Mias Mar
Jraret Steven, Mrs. Ernest Ross and
j MrsMJernlce Steven,
j h 2." Folk Songs from Kentucky Moun
, ttfras ;bo11ected by Loraine Wyman),
DarbaT!Alnf; -Pretty Polly." "The
Mary CoXdent Tree," "Sweet William'
and Lady.Mfcrgery." Miss Buth Tubbs.
7 A' Waltt:.'Jfrom t .".Carnival" (Schu
fliann Octave: StOiJy '(Williams), Miss
lUJthMuMyy.' VA
r.4.Hr, Kose" (Cbxrmha, "Sylvan"
. IRoland) ; Ntiturerdla.i'Sehnsucht
liennrr.iTcharkow8ky).Miss Bernice
Kahaiiaindkusf' 'nnvtrilrif'
: Au Cdtnlc 'SongsOtfM Doctor UaN
Giaa" (l-ohT)?rrT;Oot'the Alamos"
(EnrnkMnA; Green), Exhortation,' k
NegrorrmonPtC6oTt),tMr. O. Berg
man, "vihrr. :. v Sv-ii
.rmx Spirit of SprIniT Miss Leo
nora AaderaenVctsVi; !if ?: 's-fyjj ;
J. -Sunlight. WTaltt" ..'(Harriet Ware);
."MjC Dearie ' (Mary .Helen: . Crdwn),
Jtfra." AJexander Robertson. . 1 '
. 'VaVettfeTtRAnieaaJrpreladc. end,
'Allegra (PugnanJ.KrelWeT; Mrs.In
to be '"second lieutenant of infantry i
V. C. Schoemberg, to b record
tenaut o( infantry; IL dearie, to be
sect nd lieutenant of infantry.
The fcllowlng named "enlisted men
cf Co. II. Id Rgt. Haw. Infl. N. G.. vld
j te honorably disc barged on account ot
Hotel nsaf Eort: 1;
Are tuned to the open tones of the
bugle so that all military calls may
be sounded on them.' the tones all
harmonize ' wlh o: y ahcther,' dis
cords art impossible and no' musi
cal knowledge is neceesary for bar
indnldiis resuRsT J?
niastrated booklet, with prices on
request."' v. 'r-. ":' ' ';- Z";1 1
These chimes make unique gifts.
Prices run as follows: 17.75, $10.50,
I13.G0, J21.50 and tZZZQ each. " ,
W. W. Dinxond
Col: Ltd.
The Hotts et House waraa
. King St near ;Beth. .
U Idfc
lliiial J
To0igh.t;wm,;b$ rGres.ti Kotfhmr
night; at: ' Heinle's Tavern, "on, tKe
beach, at Waikiki," . and a most cor
dial mvILation is extended to theia&!
sengera and officers of the S. S.
Great Northern to attend thelinert
dance to be given in honor oft thenar
rival ofthe. big Hill liner.
. clever cabaret ;- entertainment '. by
Hiss Evelyn Gilbert -during'the even
ing and dinner.' An excellent rfenu
has been carefullr Selected and Twill
be 'served - from- 5:80 to 8 and reset
rations for same should be made as
tNarlyaa ptslblAdr;' T ;C
Around thjtf: Island, $1.75. Sunday7
TfckeUat Bnon; Smith Co.. Fort
-a m . r t a j .
in ecu ruuue aut, .
' .Four children "wefft nurned to death
In a fire that destroyed their home at
Saginaw,' Mich, ".ivwi-'-t- v- -i;
Tne plant of " the Jeans ville Iron
; Works at Hazelton Pa" wis damaged
by fire At a loss of 175,000. "
Nj Pretenres
, -sr-- J the skm andcomplcxlqn
Mir v - wka
youth is but a memory
Vouf appearance xwJ
always be the wonder
:: ypur friends if you Use
. . Gouraud'a
; . , Send 20c for Trial Slz j
We tiave'a'mce line of :
La Tausca Pearl
Just like tne genuine in color.
and finish also.
See our; large assortment of.
Rhinestone broodies.' Exact' du
plicatesTof the' Diamond Platinum
brooclxes. " ; r'
H.CuIman Co.. Ltd.
and Hotel Sts.,
been taken, the dead cattle are being
cremated and enough vaccine to inocu
late ail rattle Infected or exposed to
the1 disease should, arrive very "short
ly and I will at once take it to
Kauai and vaccinate, all the cattle suf
fering from or endangered by the. di
sease." The only ranch to suffer from the
epidemic Is the' Prince rille' plantation,'
at Hnalei, Dr. .Norgaard says. There
are no cattle ranches adjoining the In
fected paitures. Deaths of cattle iron,
the disease to date have been about
70 head. The disease is such that no
tattle ill from it can; "fie shipped. TneS;
would die before reaching their des-
Will Vaccinate by WhtTtsale
- vi.'uJil-vuccinete'aboot lOno'head of
icattle In ;the tiuarantined district."
waW AOr;cXrgaard 'thM'-mornln. ,
ordered ennu'vaceutte. Mon-1ay by
cable tn San Franeisoo, to tnocqlat
l5mf i t Oft to: 2004 head and - it Should
arrive: Beon--' "Vf-'td.
ai Dr. : A .i'lt Glata j-er,- deputy territo
rial teterraatjan' for Kauai.: Is at'4be
PrTncerllle ranch In the Hanalel dis
tWct, laklhg ?eery-preeantlon and- en
wciar th aarantin absotateiy. 1 1 la
Mlt ettaln tf doty r. tfaef r untiir: tu
epideam-Jiaabffn.'rthetfluM Tahtftal
dangerrl mait;axtir at--'i
Bane- Meal la: Blamed h.?. - '
3 AJj to the rcanse?kjf the Vpldemlc, the
territorial feterinarian'helieves it due
Hargey;to botfemeal imported from
uanrornia, wnere mere has been some
my annual report 1 warned stock
Igtowera not, to feed afaythlng -but Ha.
waiian-made bone meal," he said. The
Iffens.-TeTrMthdU. at the salt licks
in case where paiture'i arp deficient
in 'rroR'saUs. ' The-veterinaalan warn'
edfvcattie men. of the tcrrltbry to Insist
on getting, only boie- meal manurac
turedvini the islandft,;4iir $ ..'
- -Te Snlfi flanHpl 'dlstrrct is ulider
quarantine today and one of e 'im
portant -hiegs' to be done after' the
epldem'ie is'? checked will be .to. do
away with infection of the soft, which
has resulted -frotn skinning the cattle'
dead from the' disease. ,
Before Dr. Norgaard reached' Kauai
he cattle 'men had' been? skinning the
dead cattle and burying their carcass
es,: There the iTrtper: method to' have
followed should have -been- complete
cremation of the: cattle, by touring
oil on the bodies and burning them to
ashes: "That, is the only safe .way to
prevent further infection, because- if
the soil once gets infected thie infec
tion, continues to1 stay in1 the round
and gro w,"i says TJr. Xorgaardi 4 - r-r
; ''The territorial, veterinarian desires
to', assure stockmen, vofrthd territory,
that, there is no possibility of the 'di
sease being brought; here now and that
with all possible"-precautions-? being
taken the epidemic shooKl he stamped
out soon after the'vaccine arrives frein
the malnland 'an.1 Inoculation is stven
eicfc cattle in& those exposed to - in-
lectiDn.'-I-":r r.: , .
r 'cy.7. i m m j :
A membership, in the Jew; York
Coffee and Sugar Exchange was sold
for 15000, an Advaceof 200 over the
last previous: salecn : V
'i'i-r .": 1 ".'ei. ' . -.
- A hiU to.amend the tevised statutes
prevent the sale of cigarettes or
cigarette papera was.lntroduced in .the
Maine legislature.: - t ? r : ;i
i.thb entenrr count oe thei
, Elrst Circuit, .Territory; of Hawaii"
at; Chambers, inJ Probate. ? .
. In the Matter of the EsUte of Hen
ry llliamsTDeceasedr ' - j
A cordial invention i; extended to all tourists and visitors in the city to come and vi "
our store, where the most artistic and skillfully Cnryeil Ivories, jrottHmH Pongee a:
Pina Silks. Haufiful Hand .Kmhroideries an! l.aees, Silk Kimonos Mandarin (Vats M.
nila Hats and a Iarre collection of Oriental 'Xovelties and Curios U'.pi.yie.
Fort Street
..-' ' . ' . . ' ' .:-
- " : - - ' Samuel A. Iddwin. tu ciptain of
The rM'tiPtkn of 1st Ue4:t. A. infantry; Gecre kurruy. to be first
Reelna'd G!aivr th Ha tr.f lieutenant of Infantry; f redbrick A.
G, as an officer cf the National Clowes,- to be first He tenant of la
Guard of the I nked States and cf the Caleb Hums, to oe second iieu
Tprr:tr,rr r.f ih.,ii U a-nti ttnaat of infantry; Foster Robinson.
That portion of paragra-h 3 s O lf te second lieutenant cf infantry; i physical 'disability;-; Pv:.-Kanaka Kal
31. A' GO. T' H dated April 5, 1917, J- s- B- Mckenrie, to be second lieu- liuaua. Pvt. PhRip Kalua, Mech. Wtl
which refers to the resignation of 2nd tfpantofjnfantry : Wm. R. Makaens. !iam M. Weeks. ; .... t! ; . :;.
I.Ieut. Henry Vincent, revoked.
Subject to fat.ire eam:naticn. in
.ccnfoimity wlih sfdion 7T.. Natio:iai
Defense- act of June 3. Iftlf., the fol
leVin; promotions in the infantry arm
of the Xaticnal Guard of the United
States and of the Territory of Ha
waii is announced for the informa
tion and guidance of ail concerned:
2nd Ueuts. Albeit K. McDougall
(unassigned), A. J. Stillman and J.
Yates, to be first lieutenant with
rank from April 17. Assigned to ?nd
Haw. Inf., and will 'report inierson
or in writing to his regimental com-'
mander for fissignment and for duty.'
The following named enlisted men "
will be honorably discharged - to ac-;
cept commission in the National '
Guard of the Tnited States and' of the
Territory' of Hawaii: 1st Sgt: E. IC
Kanehailua. Co. I, 2nd Haw. Inf.: 1st.'
S2t"Ar in A. Whelan. Co. G. 4th Haw.
Inf.; Sjrt. Samiel K. Toomey, Co. H,l
2nd Haw. Tnf.
Subject to future examination, in
conformity with section 75, national
defehse act of June 3, 1916. the fol
lowing appointments in the National
Guard of the United States and of
the Territory of Hawaii are announced
for the information and guidance of
all concerned:
E. K. Kanehailua, to be second lieu
tenant of infantry, with rank from
pApril 17. Assigned to 2nd Haw. Inf.
fArvin A. Whelen and S. K. Toomey
rto' be second lieutenants of infantry
pvlth rank from Aj 1". Assigned to
4th-IlawH Tilf -
Mulst .'aass 'Ctorjes E. Healy,
vI?q; rC-lst. Airawr lnf is trans
ferred":! 'private 'to the Srd Haw.
Inti-" 'l " - ' -: "
; ic SJL- Manuel Perreira, M. O. Cd, 2nd
llaV Inf., .is transferred as a private
to the 1st ilaw. inf.
Sgt. John Alexander, Co. C, 1st Haw.
Inf., will be honorably discharged by
reason, of physical disability.
That portion of same paragraph and,
order as above, which applies-to the
resignation Of ; 1st Lieut.- Herbert C."
AlstOO. is amended. to read "Herbert
C. Autin"
; Subject to future examination, in
conformity with section 75, national
defense act of June 3, 1916, the follow
ing' promotions in" the infantry arm of
the-National -Guard of . the United
Statetfand of. the territory of Hawaii
are- aanouncea;,'. - - - -..
r ;To' tfe majafs, ifrtth ratilt'froniApTil
19-Capt. -Orlahd6 " J. Whitehead, ' 3d
Rgt Haw. lbU'iii. G.r Capt. Henry
Robinson. Jr;, 3d Rgt:Haw. Inf, N.;XJ.
To ' be, cap tains, with rank f from
April '19 1st Lieut. Edward Walsh;
Za Hgt; Haw. Inf, N. G.; 1st Llenf AI-
Tth Robinson, 3d Rgt. Haw. InU N.c;
1st Lieut. H. R. Slogett, 2d Rgt Haw.
Inf MV CL; 2d Lieut. Seabury Short,
3d Rgt. Haw. Int, N.-3. , - -
. To he first; lieutenants, with ! rSnic
from April 19 2d Lieut. David Town-
send, 3d Rgt Haw. Inf, N. G.; 2d
Ueut. H. Waiwalole, 3d.Bgt Haw. inw
2s. G: 2d Lieut. Wm. K. Peters; 3d
Rgt. Haw Inf., N. G.; 2d Lieut F,' P,
Rosecrans, 3d Rgt Haw. Inf ., N. G.s
The aboVe named officers are. as-
cigned to the 3d Rgt Haw. Inf., X G.
The following named enlisted men
will be honorably discharged to accept
commission in the National Guard of
the United States and of the territory
of Hawaii: 1st Sgt. Caleb Burns, IL G.
Co- 3d Rgt Haw, rhf.,'N. G.: Sgt Fos
ter Robinson, M. G. Co 3d; Rgt Haw.
Inf, N.- G.i CpL Samuel Ar Baldwin;
M. G. Co.. 3d Rgt Haw. . Inf, N. Gs.;'
Pvt." George Murray. M. G. Co.; 3d Rgt
Haw. Inf, N, G.; PyV J: S.-B. Mac
kenzie, M. G. Co.; 3d Rgt. Haw. Inf,
N. G.; Pvt. Wm. R. Makaena, CoE,
3d Rgt- Haw. Inf,"N. G.iVPvt. V. a
Schoenberg, M. G. Co., 3d Rgt Haw.
Inf, N. G. " ,
Subject to future examination, '. in
eorffornmy rit sectiOnl'75;' national
tfefenseact of June 3, 1916, the fol
lowing appointments in the National
Guard "of The United State and of the
.territory -of Hawaii are announced.
with rank from April 19, and are as-
1 1 1 .
I ,VlIHi
-i i '
f ill
111' si .
vUisdeU Build:-
VVe beg. announce that arrangements have, been Bad
Albert E. Lloyd, to represent us in Honolulu and adjacent ;
districts ; This will" assure the residents; of tnV' islandsJof
the benefits of our compiete service ; in makin tile1. ralDQwe (in
ounceoeiit ved
that subject to their accounts' agreeing with figures which r c
have ha and hereafter,
deal 'diMctiy. with theri. through cu'r lb caX eVTroJdst,
the'se customers to cummunicate" .'at their, earliest convenience
with Mr. Lloyd, at C. A. Long's, office, AlaKea St. .. Honolulu
April 12, 1917.
Charles; A: Stbnehaa k Company
2" ' ' ' ' ....ri",V.i '.i,,1,1 .. .,.:.
When you want facts, ask those who knew by personal Investigation.
"Opinions of Well Known Physicians and Osteopaths Regarding Chiroprac
tic" and "Clinical Experience with Vertebral Subluxations,"' by Dr. Patchen.
are free, at addresses given below, . .' V '4 . '
-' 424'Bsretanla St'
Palmer Parent) School Grd.
V 234-205 poston .Bldg.
Pacific College Grad r
BetheV Street ivjiv-iy-jivf; Phon361Q
The PeUtion of Mary Kaipo Willi--
I ams." widow Tof Henry AVUUamsrde
ceasea, raiegmg tnai Henry Wiiu
aois of Honolulu, T. H, died Intestate
at Honolulu aforesaid on The 11th 1
day of AprlL A. D. 1817, leaving prop-1
erty within the jurisdiction of. this
court necessary' to." be administered ;
upon; ahd praying that Letters of Ad;
nilhlstration tssne: to? Carrie- Kapihe
having this day been fIIeH, 'rti ?. '
It is ordered that YIday,-he 23th
day of May. Ap D; 1917,1' 2.rtfcl6ck;t
p. m, be and is hereby appointed for
hearing said Petition in the Geurt '
Room of this Court in the Judiciary "
building in Honolulu City; and Coun-'
ty of . Honolulu, at' which time and
place all persons concerned may a p-
pear and show cause. If any they have, J
why said. Petition, should- not be '
granted. . . 5 x - i 1
' ' Bv the Court
Dated Honolulu, April 19. 1917. "
Attorney for Petitioner,
' ' ; 6764 April 19; 26, May 3, 10
- . Crcsriif ti EyeUiv
(n)InSrycs"in!larad by fatpo-
wkrklv rwIievedbvRirt8
!tStyBty NoSntartincV ;
fust "Ere Comfort. At
. la Druggist Ucper&xtb.. Mariacbc
UrrcInubct2Vct orBeelikeCyerreeatk
... .. ..... r-f
f. -
. Presents
- i
By Clyde Fitch
April 20th
. At 8 P. W. i T; "
Tickets to be exchanged at
Cnnha Music Co., April 18,
9 and 20. -
IG-incfi Cretonnes; hew Spring pattern,
s sliadow elleets and r rench chintz pat
terns . . .... . : . . . . . . .25c per yd.
72-inch lercerized Linen Finish Table
' Dajiiask,4 choice patterns 85c per, yd
forcer i zed Table, Xapkins," 15-in., IS-in. '
and 20-in! at $125, $1.60, $1.95 per doz. -
fc Fine OraUe "SVIhitc . Voile in assort !
.- ' : ' r '- "' : . . -fr"-, -' . , . . '
stnjies . . .'; ... . . .'i;... ; .25c per
Hair Ribbons, jlain 'cors, strife
plaids and Dresat. .25c per;
White Lingerie Waists, all srze$1.00 :
Hotel St.; near Fort ;
.'it,: -s lj I
:?!:? T
Let us show you onr new Engl ih-made woolen pr. t
We'll give you the cut, style, fit and quality: thr.t
antee satisfaction. - ; ; .
' ' J!w 3.. it. - .
0rtUt6rarlpCf Splits.. JCCJ i
" ; . ... t: fit i

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