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i:vrcJr.i l;tia. Est 1SS2, No. 6TTC
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USEfiTV LOfaf BE :
Subscriptions Pour Into the
"-Treasury Department 3000
f ' Banks In Country Joining In
v? Patriotic Wove; Local Finan
ciers V ant More Information
fA clktUTn T U. I. V?X WlrtlMs. )
United 8Utc it eoitiins t plenditfly. to
th front dbocrlptloni , for tho
great wafwloait "' Thlo : loan, already
called tho "Uborty : Lqhs , win be
Heavily f. Oversubscribed the opin
ion of treasury ' department - officials
hers as, they yai&h the rush for tub
scriptions. :t' " h i,; :--Openlno
today, subscriptions to the
- . first two- billions offering - of bonds
7 "i ? f or the Liberty .. LOsn poured Into
1 the treasury ' jdepsrtmeni' at the rte
-Nf mors than million t dollars an
hour. - v- ..c -,,.;;7 (7
. . ; Thrs thousand banks throughout
7r ' . the 'country simultaneously have. tak
7?. "en subscriptions, totalira a;vat sum.
; ! Early In the day it was foreseen that
f 7" the loan would be over-subscribed. ,
Wlille pracUiWl sJl;Of the HawsilLRedlna cimmn
1acks sod trust corapvnies and. many
I)IanUtiona are ready to subscribe ' to
the war bonds, as far -as ; could ' be
fcarncd today no subscriptions had
heen forwarded from here because of
the lack of Information concerning
the" bonds.-. The'maln point on which
there Is doubt Is the date on which
thd ' srorernment- will wtnt- the : sub
criUiui to be paid.' 'This informa
tion has been written fcr. and until
it Is received It is. -understood n6th
Ins will to c'rr.e tower J " t:tuardlns'
the"- offers, , ttz.i ' !rcc iy large
bHcVs have 1 '
7 Now that the legislature is" over en4
there la jr.cre leisure for consli3
,tion cf war: 'there -Is ttlll: more talk
"'on 'the rrobaUUty cr in early cs'l for
the Nations; Guard, by the President
'.end aiio of the ', itatus -tt r married
xrr.-r.licrs.cf- Hawall'ir miUtla.v- 7
.7 . V.I.ca Gen. Johnfcon Jsrued the 'y
ier a few days ?o excusing all r.ifr
licd r.5tn In the guard having depend
7rr,t families, tie latter to consist at a
".wife, child cr mother, it was general
My uricrsiood that several companies
wcUJ'te practically annihilated 'tftth-oiit-firing
a shot - ; , ' ' V;
If all the 'carried' men In some cem
3ari;5 were excluded a roll of t?ver ?0
woi:!3 in rrsny cases te cut 'down, to
inly a few t;:t with the flshliig.by
the ; mcrr.cr cf two measures r-asscd
ty t;. 3 lcisiaure" which- might, be
' tcrn.c ,3 r.iiill-nca's relief - bills; the
7. itr.at7 n takes ,ca a different aspefel.
'"-' Fcr Instance, no " married nembK
- cf the suard v. ho la an employe of
" (he territory tan leave "the guard xm
7 ier the Crjer ir.t (amlly: order, as
the c'Jircrer.ce tetween his 7 s alary
7-vith ti e fvar.1 end wltU the territory
Is to ti nicety the emergency' fund.
Vhat leave r viry.Uiri married con.
7.. tirrc-t cf tha r-rd IctacL- 7' :" -7.
7" Fcrihcrrrcrc ' it is' said ; ihat' Cen.
: JcL: sen i ' .::s to cep another ian;e
' f;r.t;r..-cr.t jcf. married- men in tha
:.fuarJ -ur.ier 'Ehclhcr tin whlch7cr'w
stel a fcnl fcr dependent famlliei of
- Uioe -miiiilamcn xot in the employ of
the territory. ' - . - w--- -
7 Thi3 fund is small, however, in nro.
portion to the number of men it wouVJ
iiave to a?tti?t and inllvidual families
"'would i rol ably, he !.tt!e benefited by
it; crrtairilyvCDt to the Kamo extent
.s tcrritcrial employee, who would be
iecci:ins a.s much as 'before.: :' s 'r
Comment the street today.' is
free abort tte i;uard.7.Ther question
c f its being called out and when has
c veh beccrae a source of Wagers, Erune
letting on the time limit. ;? It is.-R9n-rrally
conceded by. everyone that the
rail will ccme and mott betsyare on
lriods Inside cf tqweeks. 7 D -
: ' Another Query n the guard. 7 if It
. is called out. is: n -Ahere will it bej
, nir iiany youns Americans m ho
' jiclulu with: the spirit; of adventute
. nun;ti:g tlirough their- arteries wan:
to cee action if they don the gi?d
.tmIfcrm of the United States., and
' wmft aro claiming ibs militia wilf ga
Others- say the regulars will. f
- -'. - . - r O ' ' i !.
D Mies Mildred LJ " Clemcua,'' iicice of
the late Mark Twain," who spent some
months in . the Islands will exhibit a
Jjlm of outdoor treses of Hawaii dur.
ing her , lecture tour. .The ;; . firm ' has
been prepared by the Hawaii Promo-!
tion Committee and is already on the
"ay to the-malnland. ' y. '. -7- (escaped a few days ago Irozd the Jail
; The Hilo Board of Trade also has , in IwlleL ..Kupaka was the one Leal
sent a film' to ' Miss Clemens Which . got -' He was In the Myrtle 'rooruiAS
win be exhibited cn the' tour. Miss - house on upper Fort street His part
Clemens recently wrote. an article for ner, Joe Francis,' was sentenced in
the- Sunset lligazlne telling of ; her .police court yesterday six months a d-J-iurneys
through .Hawaii; -v. i-Stz t dItlonal..time: .ia''Jail.,o7-.-:f;if.7K
Today, day,
Alaska Gold
American Smelter
American Sugar Rfg. ... 110
American Tel. A Tel.
. rs
A AS4 .
Anaconda Cbpper
Atchison ..: t.
Fatdwin Loco. 1. : .
Baltimore dL Ohio
f3thlehem Steel .
.at.... a1244
bU b1222
. iS'a 20
Calif. Petroleum
Canadian Pacific .......
C M. St P. (SL Paul)
Colo. Fuel Iron
Crucible Steel
Erie Common. 25
General Ctectrie '......,16514
Genfrsl Motors, New 1054
Great Northern Pf d. . , . . 1084
Inter. Harv N.l ..$ ..., "J.
Kennecott Copper
45 45H
Lehigh R. R. ...........
New York Central
Pennsylvania . -
Ray ConsoL
62 : 2Yz
91 93
52' - 53'
792 194
207 . 2S3'
Studebaker 7i , . .. '4T
Texas Oil.
Union Pacific .V...,
134 136
u; S. Steel ; . . . i i'.i . ;1 14
Utah; ;-i .',..V.... i i .US'a
Western Union ; ,'. ;'.. 7 9 3i
May Wheat
7 CioV t Ex-divldend. t Unquoted. -
Cethlehem 8teela represents.Ciass
A and b Class .0 .stock,777':-;. wVT-7'.f;
1,1 j-1. 1 .,
' - Although he was the lowest bidder,
S, Sasaki neglected to stath la his
proposal the number of days' be: re
quires for construction 'of an oil' pine-
linev on Pier 1 8, and In conseqoeee
the board of harbor - commissioners
has. referred his bid to the attorney
general's department for7 an opinion
as to whether the board can accept a
bid where no time for completion of
the - work is -stated. 'f. rJ ;.-.;.
Sasaki bid' S3279 for Ihe job while
the only' rther ' bIdder;J.71i. vTonas:.
asked -15900, specifyins: 108; days, for
completion 7 of -the ;ccntract;77in;7no
former Instance the - attorney-general
ruled that a bid where the number of
days had been omittedV'by mistake
could not bo accepted. !Vp i ,
Three" Bidders on Bulkhead ""."v4
VThen the board opened bids dn7the
construction of a 7 wooden bulkhead
which is to contain the fill for th
proposed new concrete lumber wharf
Lt Pier 2, there were three bidders.
Henry K. De Fries was the lowest Md
dlng $1." and 23 days working time;
tb e ', Lord,-Young 7v Engineering -i Com-panj-'s
'proposal :';was ?5S00 r and 40
days, while Harry ; Sands wanted 3S04
and 9$ .days. The i bids were referred
tb.jCha Irman Charles r, It Forbes 7tor
tabulation. I . . , 7 . , ' r;. 1 -'
Ffl" J. C. COHEN
,.1 ' f
-Now that- all the ' candidates hate
their hats in Iho political ring it is
interesting to note how they aro
lining up. 7 In ; the Republican camp
the" competition ia ? much keener be
cause of the greater number ot can
didates for the. varions of fices. 7 i
One of the recent surprises .was the
Jump of John IU Wlse 7 Republican
candidate for sherift, into the. fioheu
camp leaving' Edward Hopkins, out
for the earner office wjth the 'Lane
contingent; it This split ot political re
lations has caused considerable -coia'
ment 7lt Is understood that ; Wlse'a
backers are Wasting for Cohen alone
while it is the policy of the Lane
men to boost for all Republicans Im
partially. , At ' the first rally : of ; the
Republicans ; under the banyan tree
I'eter Kanae called ;Wise to account
and heated .words ensued. Ever since
Wise, has not appeared at any of . the
Lane caucuses,, , j , -K
: Mayor; Lane refesea to comment
V - i . .-.
m is captured by:leal
About ;5:2t) this morning Probation
' Officer Josenh Leal arrested the' soc-
ond of a couple of rdunr, fellows who
A 3
Dr. Norgaard Returns From
. Kauai; Says jwo Rice Fields
May Be Abandoned
'There is no doubt that the out:
break of anthrax" is well under con
trol." :r This Is the opinion today of Dr.
Victor X Norgaard, territorial yeter
inarlan, regarding the anthrax epi
demic on Kauai.
Summarizing the situation this
morning. Dr. Norgaard says the total
number of deaths from the disease of
cattle, horses and mules is lees than
120; that 90 per cent of cattle dying
vere cows; that the epidemic has been
confined to the district in which it be
gan, and 'that only two persons, him
self and a cowboy, had been infected.
both recovering because of immediate
vacclnatkm with human anthrax vac
cine. - ,:"'' 7 -,..;
Rice Fields Feared Infected
In theopinlon of the territorial Vet
erinarian the most serious damage
done by the outbreak is that ft is
feared two. big rice districts have be
come infected with . anthrax bacteria
from- springs originating in the pas
tures df the infected and quarantined
district - ' -
Will Defer to Washington
f lt7 is"a Question of whether these
fields one of 50 ; or. 60 acres and the
other of '30 to 40 should ever he d
again, for .rice growlniC aaid Dr.' Nor
gaard this moniin. 'Thls will be de-
clded.7 byV the 7 territorial r board - of J
h ealtb,7vUnIted SUtes .public ? "health
service and the territorial board r of
agriculture; and forestry. Wc-will; re
fer .the findiOgs7to. Washirigtou ,fdr a
final decision.-; TTie economic ques:
tlon Involved is a serloua one In. view
of the need of every acre of ricje.Und
in; the. territorylfor .production ofthis
feed -staple during ; th war;-.:' ? vr, 1
Will: VasefnatV.lCOO M&tm
v When he left Nawlll wiil. fcrNim
raard.said, hl aesiRtani-eierjnarlati..
lr; :i:r r ?j;d cJCf e, 7arrlvcdriit-4he
Kauai 'iwt .'with - an; additional J000
dopes cf. bovine anthrax "vaccine, iwitu
which h will vaccinate all the remain-'
Ing - cattle, - work stock; horses ' and
mules on the Princeville ranch. Hana
lei district where the outbreak began
and to which It has been confined. AU
animals 'used oh the rice plantations
adjoining:, 7 which, "It 7 Is feared may
have become infected as. well, wilt also
be taocclated''wlthiTatclnfc.:u-i.--X:'7,ftJ
Human Vaccine Distributed 4
' PleritiM supplies .of, bumafi, anthrax'
Vaccine ; hav also , been 7 supplied s to
Soard of health physicians and. agents
on Kauai in the last few, days and If
any come, down; With the disease they
will be Tacclnated at once.. Dr,r Nor
gaard urges - the . Importance ' of ; Im
mediate i vaccination In case ;of ' the
slightest j infection, of human 7belnr
with the disease.-;;;;;7' "
No Oeaths Outalde Oiatrfct :.'--a, i-'x'
The, territorial reterinarlanT will re-,
turn to Kauai next week, ho says, to
yesurne tht work of stamping: tut the
epidemic, . He .says : all possible pre
cautions have been taken, a Graves of
stock dying f rom the disease and
buried when they should"; have ' been
burned have been i thoroughly , disin
fected, and cattle dead since he took
charge vhavo been cremated. 7 There
have been no deaths outside the o,Qar
antlned .dlstrictoH
mm m ""' ' v. ':;'
' Tomorrow morning; new. cable cen
sorship regulations go into force here
on; all cablegrams ; to or from Hono
lulnlv. The Commercial .Pacific'; Cable
Company ontilnes . them In the follow.
tag notice:--;'. - ' ; C. ; --':
.; "The followjhg codes only, admitted:
"ABC 7 6th, ' Scotts f 10th, 77Wester
Union -(Not including, five : letter edi
tion), Liebers (not Including five let
ter edition Ulfcritleys complete phrase
code (not Including the oil and mining
supplements), Broomhalb " Broom
balls. Imperial combination : code7 rub
ber edition, Meyers Atlantic' .cotton
code 33th edition. Riverside code 6th
edition, 'Ax. V -'' -,.-',"- -":
f fName of code must be supplied by
sender but will not be charged forr
- Plain-language messages must be
In, English ''. French or' Spanish. Ad
dresses tnusVbej in full with name and
street, address except that code ad
dresses registered prior to. January 1,
IWZ may. be used. Cablegrams most
be signed by the name of the firm or
In case of an Individual byat least
the surname ; '-' 7.7 '
'TAll cablegrams are accepted at
senders risk and may be stopped, de
layed or otherwise: dealt with without
notlee.' -: ; ' .'7
"'No Information .respecting trans
mission "or delivery or other disposal
will be glren. .
""Cablegrams not conforming to these
regulation : will be stopped by the
United: States censors after 8 a. m.,
Washington time. Friday, May 4. .
(Samrnary of last day of lenlslatlvs
session and of session's work contain
ed in news stories on pages 2, A and
S," first section,' and 1 and. 2 second
section.),; 7 . .
TvvoSteamers Secured fpr
Towing and Some May Be
"Put in Shape Here
Tli at a definite date apine lliue b
fore the close cf, ibhroiQith has been
set for the departure of several or sli.
of the ex-Oerman refufjej(uer-hant
steamers at this icrt; f pr: the - malnr
land, where Ciey Vt bekepaired an1
placed In servkeby?the United State
was learned today by the Star-Luile-Un.
This morning V. S. inspectors of
Hulls and Boilers ; Ca?is.V Joseph
Meany and Thomas JJ ifeeney ;cr.
tlnued a thorough tnirveycf the Hoi
satia, tied up & the railroad; wharf 5n
the cwa basin td .derermlne ho-fc
much Vork will Tianto done to
put : her steam steering near rn com
mission o she can be towed; to the
coast. I . v. ' ;" ' ' .
Pommew -la Inspected ' f. '
' Wednesday a vimit was aid to th
Pbmmern at Pier 7 by Capt William
Matson of the Matson Navlgat loa
Company- and other Mafson orrtrisis.
together witlriMinager W C.- Hall t
the Honolulu! IrhV-iVorl'si PreWent
James A. Kfermey t)h thr fiiter-lsiaad.
Supt Alex,Lie of the ioter-ls'an
drydock, and )he local ferterai nnCr ,
tors pt hulls, and fcollerslprJt.Be
purpose.', in case the JJatscA, Line
agrees to sign a contract . to . tow the
big" merchantman largest pf the tier
man vessels, here to tbel jroast tor re
pairs.' v ITer net tonnage 41 Thsz
of the Jlofsatla, the, scroad. largest hi :
3540 " ? ,
i- tK--fc -i-jfKii, it!ara statement that all fear leaves
Pier 7 and J8,the7thirf largt-of
sftcoiot tnn mv 1wk tv4 br.
as the damacii to her tK)IUw and ma
chinery : Jess" than that ;donr to thVi
omer Merman . TefH!wLoy. incir .cna,'
Setos .repairs .Workunar-rtie; dottb' by
the Pearl Harbor t nayal" station ship
yard jor.tle' Honoluiu ; Irpiiv 7Wwk3
both or which are said to have tha
facilities '-:,- Z-4;J-h
Keinedy Represents Shlppiog-: Board
1? . ji be ;report that James A. Kennedy,
president and general manager of the
Inter-Island Steam Kavigatlon1 f5m
pany, Ltd has been appointed by the
UtS.7 shipping loard to arrange' for
having the German' veasela towed ;td
San Francisco, was confifmfi ity him
today. " The local Inspectors of bulls
and boilers have bn directed C&U
Meany said this morning, to cooper
ate with Kennedy In getting the boata.
ready;- u . 7a . , '' : c
Two Steamers AlreadySecured
- t Advices received here. from the
mainlana say that the federal, ship
ping board has purchased, the Colom
bia to tow one of the German steam:
era from this port to the coast fcr
repairs. This vessel is believed by
locar shipping men to be the - steam
lumber - schooner- Columbia, here last
year from . th - Sound, as she. . Is ' the
only V.steamer j of ths t name, equipped
with; a .towm$ engine.-, The" steamer
Atlas is; also, reported to haveitrejen
given a - contract to , tow another - Ger
man boat: from Honolula. . She U - V
lieved to be '. the Standard Oil -tanfctf
of that hame which brought oil here
last month front California.-:iU'--'
- That the interhed German gunbt
Geier and her naval collier Locks-fft,
whichV were both seized and tow'id
from this port to Pearl Harbor Febru
ary 5 by the Pearl Harbor author! ties
will be repaired this summer by a
force of mechanics and shipfitters at
the. naval station's shipyard, . mas
learned today by the Star-BUethv on
good authority, from Uvilian sources.
Tiie hulls of both vessels are in exr
cell en t condition, although their en
gine ; and boilers were practically
ruined by the German, officers and
crews,. The Geiers boilers - were
burned out on Sunday morning. Ken--
ruary 4. the. intense heat setting fife
to the wooden deck, so that the fire
department ,hsti to Im called to ex
tlnSMish the blaze, and - martial inw
declared on-the waterfront so the fire
men could go to work, the crew refus
ing to allow anyone aboard the' gun
boaL .
. For several weckg pust Iearl Har
bor has been enroling civilian, boiler-raaken-.
shtpfittera. electricians and
other ..laborers-sklled in shipbuilding
and repairing. Today it Was learned
that the reason Is the repairing and
replacing in commission, both boats as
United Stales naval craft
By Associated Prul
" LONDON, England.Manufacturers
of fern, marmalade and condensed
milk are exempted from the latest or-1
der f the Jood controller limiting: the;
makers of Articles for sale during tlu
year io 4u per cent 01 we sugar usea
by them in 1915.
; '. :. ' 1 : . -a ; ... "-:' "-7
; an
1T - 1
IVY r::,:
u. a; ieea wov
Cantain Curry Tells Clubmen
That Problem is That of,
.t. ij": i t
7; Bunuing raaenmes in Larger
The United Stales needs aeroylanei'
much more than aviators. Cpt John
t Curry aviation corps. U S A., told
the members of jhe Rotary Club at
their weekly lunch today v la a straight
forward talk which gripped the at
tention oi the Rouriims trom start t
finish, Capt. Curry toid something of
aviation, its brier, thrilling history,
and 8omeUihi ot the sitnaiion that
confronts the United States In Ur
ar crisis.
'iTou can't just go out and brild an
aeroplane anywhere, and thenar are
ver lev factories in the v United
States which can turn thentut b
said. ,5This lack of building1 facilitit-i;
( nor . tAl . nrnhlfm now Wa can't I
get anywhere .enough machines, - .of
those ordered for Hawaii, two are in -
posed to bei oh-their way. As to iho
cur country has sot
aeroplanes -at any
r.ZTL!l?' ,:v!
simply can t lorce
-fturry how.
, w Vt . .
CapL . Curry -sorprlscd hia bearers
with .the statement that the, average
UXe f an aeroplano In service is Only
150 hours flying, or thereabouts.' lie
said 'that 1 machines in, . active .service
may last a few weeks but not" longer;
The terrific strain otf.-ths lightly-constructed
machine aearsv IV out "-'' Jhe'
aeroplane must run rat' very 7 nearly
-S"? "22 1 ' J
j lie told briefly some of his experl-
nainsBD apeeo, w e uying ai au.
I TOBd is antrue. I,
rises from the
know, all the
military aviators in the -United States
ahd most, of the civilian flyers and. I
never beard one cf piem make, snch a
statement, and on the "other -hand 1
irax' natural moxiooe.-'ingnteneapy
a- close" calL?; Personally, 1 have been
fttghtened. ' severaltimes t he 7;con-
f essed frankly. .; ;:.'.
EiThUlk iaconsidered "one7orhe
test the .Rotarians have heardV V) .
; . The Rotarlans'unanimously voted to
Jrtpport the army and navy Y. M. C A.
project r and President U Towse an
nounced that the directors .will name
J.x IT Westgate, director of the
united states experiment station, was
introduced as one- of the leaders 7in
the TVdlnff Hawaii; movement and
hiaw introduction;: was greeted with
hearty; applause. 7 r
; Another 7rnsh M ; applicants for4-; positionsas-
civilian mechanics "In'; tie
service ot the united SUtea navy at
Pearl Uarbcfr; was experienced Wed
nesdajr by the locaf bureau pf labor
employment- , at the Allexi;:.;street
branch of ..the hatar station. Alto
gether 70 men were, given u appllca
tlon. blanks and told to. go to v Pearl
Harbor today to sign up. ? :
' Enrolling- officers of. the local; sta
uqh vaid this morning that Pearl Har
bor now . wants skilled, laborers more
than ; anything '.else," also ielectricians,
ship ones preferred, ordinary, elec
trician's as helpers being desirable as
well. Next . In. urgency are wanted
Boilermakers and coppersmiths . -r
This morning there were about 30
or. 40 Filipinos waiting for th' office
to open. . Because of . the physical ex
amination; not all ' Filipino applicants
are accepted. Their average percent
age in physical tests is 83, where the
Hawaiian average better. 7 90 per
Wednesday a deaf man applied. His
qualifications were excellent and his
physical condition good bnt deafnesa
resulted in his rejection as he Is
barred under the federal compensa
tion act, which makes deafness a
caU3e of absolute rejection, deaf men
being much more subject to accident
injuries than those wheae hearing is
good. . : -
Tho annual contest of (the eighth
grade pupils of Punahou preparatory"
school for the Damon rhetorical prize
will be held at 2:15 Friday afternon
at Charles R. Bishop hall. Parents
and friends are invited to hear the
speakers, Dorothy Beard more, Ethel
Harvey, Paulino Kluegel and Marion
Stewart The boys who will speak
are Ralph 'Anlt. pail Fassoth, Edward
"Meyer and Richard Simon ton.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Another
Dig Lana merger, tne sixtn wunin less
than as many months, Is announced
The -Stockholm Bank? of Commerce 1
takes oyer the Non-land Bank; giving
it a comouxea capital and reserve or
nearly S8,000,000.
7,17-;o---;".-;7 7. --'-;.'..':, V
Arras Battle Scarcely Slackenm
Into Foiirth Phase----Geimanf
tnarines Doing ; Huge Havoc--Big Brit
ish Steamer Sunk
(Associated J'rcsa.l)y
I.()Nl)()X,vEnjrlan(l, .May
the west; whicli has resulted
entered its fourth phase
.British' at the (;rjuan cuicitd
lfaiK's lutMi launched their lourlhi Kreat attack on the
eiieiuv across a I'J-iuile froiit
. vrtr. . , ' t .
Official aunouiuHmeiit late
tHttciai uimount'Cincui laie
tlie results as follows:
eason is that."" 4 v"",w A -
been building 'There is heavjr fighting
norUt bf the?Senssc river and
tTlie: Brijslirliavia. captured h.''iiupibcrvof8tron
IrrJw 1 tins - been iniide
Cherisy. and Bullel Court .7: --i-'J '. ,7 7'.;""; ; "
.T!ie f 0 ttiurc," if 1 & 'IcarniMl';' -Ijegnii- in hct latest : libu r-ft t uV
iiight, just -before dawn, the ifctftisli striking, Uie;Jd,er&aiw. tiast
of Arras. S11ie infantry and a terrible artiUcry jfirr7!wcre
handled !with elTecttveues.
; 4k
.believed 2i)eior Vvci'L' (.!io.i.u.
v :: The .Arcadian (8339 tons was owr.ed oy tne Royai wan team - :
Cd and was buijt at Barrow-on-Fwrness in 1839. ; Hpr home port. wsa C:i-
fay'-V 7'7i :;. -'r;.av ..-": .' - .
', ' 7 ':' , -:rv. . ;'; .."
7 :XThe' oil tanker British 8un (5565
'and ewncd bv the Britiah Sun Co-
.. carried petroleum In bulk. , r-;
. .; ...
'f,.: ' :i7 ;- ' , . . .
a'submttrine thfecr
government today despatclic to allKntente
poVers aurinthem
izardoni will hot aiTofd tl slacUeu-
ing of itnssia's parC In the cbmnion struggle. of the' Allies. 7
v.; lii; h 1 1 ' 7--;" " l' '' -;7 '. 7 . v - c -i- - ? -:'"'77: 7-; ; ;
French .Mal(e Gains
"riortant gains on the Cliain
luring a German rfison and;2(K) incn.:'
Inside Inormation7, on UrBoat
of 'the Allies aligned against the Cento the effect that. theAilks hate IcwC
Jral - Powers have been forced to a 400,000 tons . of -shipping; during .tii
lecognition of the menace of the sub- (last week; from .the .submarine cans
marine as .the greatest- momentary jpsign. Secretary Lansing saidV'-r w
peril that we have to faCe. It was! "We have this information; fryn the
admitted here last night that the gov- j best possible sources, and-we: know
ernment of the United States,., as welllthat the situation-Is prcSoundly seri
as of Great Britain and Krancebave' ons." t:V:; '7 '" ''f ff ' ,;y "
put their electrical expei ts to work At the present rate of sinkings tb
upon the problem presented i by the seas will soon be denuded cf .their
German U-boaw in the hope that ships. . ''-p. - -" .
Romething can be done to combat Substantiating ; the ;f statements''' of
them effectively. It. la .known that American -.officials last nigh f, the Brit
American experts-are at work uponjish admiralty announced that- for tbr
devices which It is hoped will prov j week ending. last Sunday at midnight,
of service-against them. . J
In speaking of the situation SecTe
tary Lansing .last; night commented .
Upon the - warning iasued yeaterday
afternoon by; Secretary Lane,. who had
The Chtaese Oratorical-Association,
numbering about '80 roerabers. has
opened a free employment bureaj 'at
their ball on Knknt afreet, between
Fort ind Xuuanu, and have asked aU
fins of .th? city in need cf,hel t
call upon the association for men.
John Chin- Lin, president -of the
association,' has announced - that t:e
asscctatlcn I a growing one, and has
already establiehed , a Chinese - sntt
English reading room for the, ma;i'
-ers and their; frlenda. The meetings
are held on Sunday afternoon of each
week, - Business houses in search tf .'
a . - - - - ? '
7s &
r , ;
T. 5, Xayal Wireless);' Hf X
3. The tremeBtl ?Kitilct:h
friM .tlio''(leraianttUiIro
with airot her lgKmas1iiy 7thi
positions. : . .
ui tlie. Arras sector..;, '
. . - - . -;?
todays gaVc'uieager uewstof
iouay g
- . ,UiV t '
f rom.tlio .Ilihdenhur.ltne to the
to Aclicville on the jVimy road.
Hsitloni, .7 . 7
10 the directiour Of FreKuey,
::er 7
1 ' " v r -
tons) was built l 195 i;-ai. Newcastle.
Ltd - with heme port at Liverpool. She
:M. 7V--vv--..-v,0 ;.
-t-i .Si-,
V '
announced that he had Information
the total number of ressels between
1300 and 1600 tons turdeo sunk ;by
the tT-boats or7mincs bad been ,'ln
addition to these eight' flshinar. boalff .
have been destroyed.; '-':."Z
-7' -: --,-t"': ' :.-:' f;;!':-'' 'l-'
-And order was; received "yesterrfv
from the war department- InfonrJ-. t
the local- department .that ' herea f : r
schools ami colleges not already, Applied-
will not be. given military i i
stnictprs 7asSnbne7,wlll7 be .avallab'c
because all are fcbw' employed in simi
lar capacities ; in - the regular servic ?.
lit suggests, howev2ri7that Jtufiiits
wha are of" age : can best "serve th
country-; by : entering the service ani
those' ;wbo7 are ; bOwytralnlng : shooli
continue to fcrso until needed. ; '
employes are asked to . communivate
with John Chins Lin at the Y. M. A
,:.-',.- a
, r;,--

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