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Dt uGiSailflilE
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: - Z ; j '. BORN.. ;
FRANCIS. In Honolulu, April 29,
1917, to Mr. and Mrs.. Barry 8
Francis f llZi Luso street, a daugh
SHOCK EY In Honolulu. April 29.
1917. to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin E.
Shocker of 32 Hala Drfre. of!
School street, a daughter Edith.
M1KAKOPE In Honolulu May 1.
1917 to Mr and. Mra Henry Mlka
kbj of Kakni lane, off Fort street,
a daughter.
opriations Greatest in His
tory of jcrntory; Provision
for Permanency: Made
Probably-more than any other legis
Litare in territorial history that one
which closed Its session last, night,
has, conr oh record tor good roadsas
tnown by a study of work in thai di
rection, v ; -.
That the work ot the legislative ffc
ranccsromitteei has been with Jbxx
firures so far at road policy goes is
evident front; the fact that for:0ahu
alone the Toad money in the coming
two years; will amount to approp
riately .$1,000,000. ' :
Chairman It W. Shjogle of the sen
ate - ways' and nieanar committc, re
viewing the; work pf ; the legislature
this morning with the Star-Bulletin,
expressed satisfaction with- ihe' pros
rccts fOT road; bonding"1 and Told bet
terment. as : result of the recent
legation.---'' ":." 'v-!-;i::ii
Alf of the Jlands with the excep
tion, of - KsnaL- which-:, already' r.- has
roads , and .which went ott'TCCord-as
:.ot wanting more, received generouu
expropriations in this line. - ,
Velcano Read Cartd For
To begiA"wJtnnhTVc4canoV road
a Hi. recelre tnrough tber loan VfnriS
the sum of.' 1290,000 lor a road of con-
mftu: fM ihet Stephen' J. A lencastreV.v assist
:r,ri- Tinale, "Hawaii, $60,000 is fur
rhed in loan fund 'money, which
t urn is in additlbn to' tZ&fitO already
In the handt; of , the ldatt'Iun4"?com.
: -.isjlon oh" that ? island. Prisoners
will be allowed to do the. work. which
uiii connect the- road, with t Ue so
c :.:!cd North Kena. highway, v- I
The"two'Kohas--North and South,
HI receive $50,000 each; r totalling
: 1CJ.000, which', wilt 'lead through t$
;:.c fccit roaa m tiau aisinct running
rvc r the-recent - TOlcano'- flow, . In'
: :::tfoa $0.00vwlll be-expended, to
; ;ukalatx,.Hamkkua district;; v
"These appropriations," said Sen-i-r
Shingle,-:: rwJU nractlcally ; com:
' ta the belt road in Hawaii , and
a' the in-j'sood for eTeryone.'
C CtU , Half : Million V- 'h - ;
Oa.hu gets $500,000 straight out for
:t road work from the loan fund,
: : v. f or this : road-will ;be prepared
- the city, engineer and apprpyed by
. 3 superlatenient'Of public ? works,
work to be let out under contract
"-tcnaara-is specified by .the can
r ft? tcm. - This is' expected to
: r. cral A'cslA-and-. permanent.,im L .Aitnosses,A eJiord i,YMnfy
AtrU 28, 1917, William Werner and
Miss KaUe Garcia. Father Ulrich
Taube of the Catholic cathedral offi
ciating; witnesses Paul Teixeira
and Ethel Teixeira,
April 28 191 7,. Manuel Olltelra and
Miss Teresa Santos, Rer. Father H.
-Valentin', of - the Catholic; Cathedral
cfriciating; 'witnesses Manuel Fer-
relra and ST. Santos. ' : v : ,
Uhue, Kauai April 27. 19l7,A.Ilen a
WllcosY second on of Mrs. Albeit 8.
Wilcox, and Miss Florence . Mug-
ridge, only, daughter: of tbe late
Charlea F. wugridge or Tiburon,
CiL, Rer. J. M. Lydgaie; pastor of
Xlhue I ForeJia i church, officiating.
California papers please copy; ?
REBELLO-KE-A In Honolulu. April
25 J 1 917. John Rehello and Miss Hel-
" en Ke j Elder Ernest X. Mlnef of
the Church of Jestia Christ 5f Latter
: day 'Saints, officiating; witnessesr-
Da Vld K Bray and Lydiji Bray.
EW A I J KO M ORI KOTO In Honolulu,
v April 29, 1917 tq .Paul Ewaliko
.nd Miss Mary Morlmcto, Rev. Fa-
nt traitor of the Catholic cathedral.
6ffIciaUnir ' witnesses-i-Hehry K.
Mortmolo- and Kidel Tbrres. ?
iuluv April. 28. .1917, Edwin Herbert I
; Ideler and Miss, reari fuiuernu.
Ret, iohn ;;H , WiiUams, actios: nit;
' - later kf Central Union church, of ft
Vdang1 " witnesses IWdolph Buch
tv "and A: Hubert Jones
McFADDEN-SMlTH -r- In Honolulu,
t April .2$, 1917; John G. McFaddin
ana airs, ueruuao.ouu -vld
Gary -Peters of the Christian
thurch, officiating; wltnesses--U E.
Taylor and Mrs GJ Ki Mills; :? "
12JQ YILUZ In Honolulu, r April 28,
'7917, W U Uof& mS.Hi CMarie
Rosaline da Lus. rather Stephen J;
v AJencastre. pastor of the Catholic
-church- of the Sacred Heart, Puna-v-
hoo, officiating; 'wltnesses-Joa-f:
quim s: Mattos and -MarySilva Mat;
5layp 1 1917, ;Henry CbrlsUan: ajyi
:: tii.o rt H' . RaileT. vEIderX.
4 W . - . - w"
,crct. "funis are Increased to. a
t citcnt 'nnrtcf the new tax law
i elves ila city cne per cent of
trrit:r'.al taxes instead of . two-
? c;
r Will Hsve f.!cney . .
.:r hcu:? till 43S, sn adfilUonal
is "rrovlied fcxroad Improte
.is and 130,000 for road mainten
?. The till will also provide $140;
fcr 'free' sewer'; extensions and
.f. . r
C . crt?r inkhara signs .the '-bill
:.. T.IU .:!qt lotions cr the' cash
Vczi to be used for street '.work,
:-Jx Etreet will get tS2,000.,Ho
Tret wldlrr will get $18,000;
: ..u roid, $i:( :x --'.' .
;:aul there are-iaiportt:t'roal
crrits -allowed for In lao-val-:.l
IlLhakalca;. The Burn of $180,
j to ta f 4 "t cn 0:e : rad from
-'.-.-j to-rd ll"av- and irallua,
' fcr.zior Shir.e telieve- will
.:r be a grtt territcrlal
..v. - - . ... . ?
i : - .:
with our. viriTo?
V. Harris i3 cac cT 1
rcj'.-.r.ls who s:rr.
.la rccc-tly.
Irs. Ray B. -'Howell, who I
o before, arrived recently
hustand, a trarcllr.; xr-
K A AN'AA NA-KAKE In Honolulu,
' April 30, 1917. John ,U Kaanaana
- and - Miss Hattle Kane,." Elder E
' tietI Miner cf the Chotcli t ot
jesusXhriet of letter Da jSaints.
officiating ! Witnesses,", CaaAba
r nit :!ri 'Vatle .DamcL ' r:vX
KLUIEAXU-BERGEn Ir: Honola3u,1
. April 28,- 117. Isaac Iv Kahea-ku
; 7nd' Miss NNeUIe- -E.,-.-Berger, Elde
Ernest L. Miner cf the Church. of
Jesus- Christ ofxUttec-:Dar;S5Wt..
t officiating: v Witt e-sses, WelTordV?:
May l.; 1917,
1 wto
is-' Etayirzs at the Vc.
A. Brown, the - well' known la: '1
.: .s r an who came ho::.e re:cr.t
:n tha balnlani, has tshcu rp
Clar? (
t- -
to 1 v
T ca f
t the Young HcteL
an, a men.! f tl.?'Pa?
" .'.".rd cf uv?-, I iji Island
rc for a etc tr.cf to lake
r.I-s' Isl?.r:d,-. w I;ere he, is
..vcrcment builne&s.'. V
;' I . - .'V
? of t' t rnacyibv1 '
: : :rlul . for short vi '
Crrcr. manager of J..o
. Lt(t.. f Christ cburch. New Zei
I. lie .3 coins to tne Orient. . . v
r. a:. J .'Irs, J. W. Appleton of New
: Lre ,' .eluded In that rapidly in
f Ir.? i umber jof mainland resi
- w!:c always" corne back to- Ia-
1 cr.ee il ey hare been here. They
tl the Young Hotel. . ! : : : , V
; ' ; " . -,-. -' ? : n :- - t '
Ivir.s i out as tar away from Ha-
I r.s rc :ihle to still remain In the
3 f i tes, MIsa. Ar F. O'Neill . ot
All . r. . - Vt, - nevertheless knows
drl': ifurthe islands are and'ar
1 rcrc tly for an-extended . visit
- Is-at t.-.e. Young;, ; x-; .
l y tV.e rnd of neit week Beretania
-ret frc Kins to Nuuanu-will be
' v ? j cr. j the extension and paring
r . -. !Ui " ttrect from DeretanTa' to
.n villi commence, Beretania is
v 3 wi six inches of concrete 'with
t.'0-lnch tltullthlc , surfacing. ,
T. Vf. Mason - and Williamv Fabcr
r rw ; r rrivals at "the Pleasanton
I.JTTtcy are mo Vie men from Los
;-s 1. expect to Vbe in Hono
; : 'cr. t "T.'tfm c:'v.;.v: :::':
rs. Gecre U 'Rogers,'- whb has
In Hcnclulul for a .: year; from
r.rf. Maine., has ceciaea aq con
SMITiHES In 'HcriolufurMay r.rWIT,
- J Archibald James Smlthtea c! Youhg
' street, neat Pawaa lane, sterk; na--:
Uve of Honolulu, 44 yeaJ-s,cJd.Lfv
McGURN In Honolulu, May. 191
-. Ellas,-In'tant son. of -Mr., and !Mr.
r -Charles McGurn, of 1305 . Beckley,
. ne.-r IvaUi street,-Kaliht
ItAirO In ''Honolulu:
Mr?. NunehlwaUnr Kaipo, natlyeot
:fU. oV Hawaii; il years -oMl:..;
I.EITT7 AIn Honolulu, May.:l, ; 1917,
, infant daushUr of. Mr. and Mr,
r I , r Lc Xua ot rWalakamilo road.
F ::. IIILlIn . Oakland, CaL, April
i 20, 1S17, Mrtl Maryyl. Fennell,-wld-,'
Vow of tbe late William P. Fennell of
ilonol 50 years pld.:':; '''v'-:
! IE I : A 1 1 " " A In ; Honolulu; May
1917. I .ka KcVahuna , oC Heeia,
- Oil. v., widow-er.iabofer,-. natlr'3: of
i:au. Hawaii." a'years old.-:
zhout 7 the summer. V;Tuesday
i.ho .vas lostess. at. dmncrV.to,
;:i Mrsr U IX il?oper,v
Mr. and lira.' James Cotde' of Bos
ton arc i : recent arrivals at tne . Fiea.s
antcn hctel..-' They come to Honolulu
to reside permanently and arrivod re-
ccntly.. :'xc -
Senate Defeats Credits F.tea
ure While House Tables the
Lyman Commission Plan .
Two measures of more than ordin
ary importance- the farm loan cred
its bill and the senate resolution
seeking a change in the land laws
rwent down to defeat last night in tbe
separate houses of tbe legislature,
and with them went also by far the
bigiest attempted trade the session
had -seen.
Senator Chillfngworth's resolution
was killed in the house, and in the
senate Representative - Lyman's farm
loan measure made its demise. Both
measures roused fiey debate before
they I were finally squelched by the
According to the story that was
current yesterday at the Capitol, cer
taih members of tbe legislature fig'
ured out a compromise plan by which
the farm 4oan bill would be preserved
in the senate In Teturn for the; saving
Of the land resolutldn in the house:
An amendment introduced by Pa
checb last night whereby Congress
would first appJve of. farm loans In
Hawaii before they coUd become ef
fective -smarted the argument in the
senate, being hopied on briskly by
Castle who declared it would be a dis
grace to send such a law to Congress
for .that .body' decision-- j
Castle. Assails' Measure-.'
Xlongresa corfld neA?er i;as3 such a
craty hin,M saU Castle, who chair
man1 of t the. judiciary committee had
reported with the minority. against It
t!It'f was , drawn up in violation of all
principles ' of good banking and com
mon sense, The Trill, la' a. fraud and
it does not, stand for soundtejisla
tionl The way to assist the farmers
Is - not by such a .scheme ns this but
first by good roads- and marketing
facilities: It is purely and simply an;
appropriation, it is not a scientific
loan." ' . ',t
I PachecTvowed that the bill was
drawn by men who knowt the hard
ships of rural life and that It was a
symbol of constructive legislation. It
was one of ,f out; big measures tf tt
session the others ot which had been
killed; .ThU cne should pass as
iiiiiioiiiii LEOisiiiflpy
x house mm expensive
"The total expenses of the session! The reportshows that the follow-
to - date amount to " $41,392Ji: . orl tng amounts; were .expended Jrom tho
The flnaj vote., siooa-s to againsi
rt .Tonus Christ
'iiucj-w.wic r. --------- .
- of Latter Day-; SainUt orncmmvi" -OUJV " .
LfL ifZ r Ki and 1 5 ; Ayes-Coney. . Desha, Kamauoha,
Makekau, MIkaele,' Pachecor uniiung
worthv;; i'i'A-i' 4'
? , oes--Baldwm, Ctstle, Cooke, Cor
rea, :Hlnd,-J3uisn; R6hinson,Shingle.
House rThrdttlii: rtesolutlon -i
,Chlllinsworth'a1resolutioft . on? land
jaws met- ftt death jn the house long
afteiwnlcnight when? e-'tQo ! ten!s
committee . had lookedv if v over4 again
'add -finally ' recemmended - that - Ue. be
not passfed.It was tabled on a shofrf
handswith bnly-frmor six Tepresen
latrtes" fotingviir the negaUvV tj
the resolutfott-i begad;-' lariy lnV'th
evening Wi therIaf ds fmmittee,
hea f.br'y'.presentauve worman
Xiymai;; ; 'reported 4 that'vthe committee"
could not asree.-ahd' ref erred the reso;
lutlwlbiclc tcth houseoj V -
Representative Andrews moved
that the ?reportbey tabledVl:-
v -"This ;easuro, provides v-an.. Imr-ort-ant
xhans6. taithe- land, :.lawg of ther
ierritory," Andrews aaidjand to take
it up and IhteJUgently. discuss It - at
thl3 'late Jicur w'oul(Ti'b.eto. my. mind,
a' great mlstake't & : t':::'
$76723 more than th expenses of
the session, of 1915. This is largely
due to the7 fact that the number of
bills introduced during . this sessiou
this year exceeds last year's mark by
"Out of 'the federal appropriation
$9459.20 has been spent, and aa esti
mate of ?6000 is withheld for the
printing-of ,'th Journal and he ses
sfon laws, .and out of the territorial
appropriation . of 436.000. 131,933.71
has been epeit, leaving a balance
territorial appropriation:
, Corarensation of members. $1700;
lay. of -officeraw" $1739; clerk , hlrev
12773; stationery ?1217.S3; furniture
and lixtnrea,, 13000; printing, , $29 1 1 ;
auti hire, $131.75: typewritlnk.' $756;
advertising, $3i.S5;, expenses,, investi
gation, 1422-83; incidentals, $1126.73.
Total $31,933.71. . . ...
.; The federal" appropriation was ex
pended as follows:
. Mileage, 154; pay v. of officers,
$2112; clerk hire,- $3725.50; printing.
$2506; stationery,- H 59.05; typewrit-
In these two paragraphs is summed' tag, $416.65. Toal-$94590.
up the expenses of the house of rep
resentatives of tbe ninth territorial
legislature which "came to a close
shortly after 1 o'clock this morning.
The financial report was presented to
the hope last tight by Representa
tive A- P. Tav ares, chairman of the
house accounts committee
Individual house committees spent
the following amounts:
Finance;" $372.60; judiciary,
$1031.60; education, $281.03; lands,
$753; - health, $t7.50; accounts, $572;
agriculture, $44.50; .miscellany;
$37.50; printing. $5921; municipal,
$432; journal, $2360. X
There . la food that can .wsll take the place of pure and whelewme
ra nr r s rmmr-f"ry ir-n
Ah Grocers ell It. ;' ,.'' - -
. ? BASEBALL FANS"' ; - :;-:V;kY
-Smoky" Joe, Wood'a 315,000 cbme-oack wai duo to Dr. Cruclusuv a CHIRO
PRACTOR. His -piUhinrarm." is now O.- 1C, and Cleveland has a chance
for the pennant this year. Dca Jkfoine YTribtme" says rrtt smaller pitch-"
ing muscles and nerves leading to right arm had become jbanched' afon Ihe'
spine,. due to a cold.- I,: -'
MJGTbN, D, "
' 204-205 Boston Bldj; f
(Over May's 1 1 . .
uty Internal revenue collector: When
I came here in 1904 this office col-.i
lected $40,000 a year, now In round
fisTirM.Sl.KM) 000 ) taken In. .S .
the legislature is like being
a ball game. Somebody won't
whichever way you decide on a ques
tion. - . . (
q. -
Passengers arrived:.. From Kauai
A, Robinson, S. Robinson, A. F. Robin
son, "Mrs. H. Isenbertf. Mrs E, Allen,
Dr. Norgkard, Dr. Fitzgerald, Judgel
L; - A. - Dickey, C. A. Davis, "J. A: De
o. in ' Hamano." y snido. Mr. and. Mrs. a.
umnire fttsSouro,lC Hoiiuchl, Mrs. M. Tanaka.H
nt ilk At : Trova Maul : A. dacksOn. - -Xh I
m 2f Kee, Mary Peck. J. A.'-FlerV
nan... Mr. and .Mrs., s. w. wucox,v t.
To8hlnaga' Dan Quill, Mrs. KXlo;
Wm.Rosa; Dr. E.;N. Toungf 'Mj A.
Johnson," N. F, Dush, Alfred Ayres;
Legislative workgets to bo sort of a. Mf-ana jfrs. FStark, I, Hi Beadlei
habit after 0 days Tne first day Mr; in. lfrs- m- v. De Coff. Mm:
after the close of the session has aK FenleTSL, Misses Ferriera, Kuwata;
ways been the hardest ono for me.
JOHN F. NELSON: We are ex
pecting a big crowd at the kite flying
V. Takeo, Satero 'K Fukunaga, C A.
Woode. -- : .
" : . ' . a-:
ST k , v .ur J whom one Is sovrned is a njeans
The boysave a largember of kites of prolection to eery -bne.-' John
tills year and compe)itton will be keen, stuart Mill. : V - . - - -
PHONE 2295;, KfiACfiliS
v r.-O BOX 2t2
The tig bargain sale of Rebuilt and
Used Cars ,by. The yon-Hamm-Young
Company, - corner. nAlakea- and Hotel
Streets from Tuesday, May 1 to
Saturday; May 6th. Adv. ''
amended , to put the burden on Cot' AomparaUvely straight street may
bo constructed by Boston to connect
the .business district with the" Back
Baytt mill be necessaiy to condemn
much, property, and it is; estimated
that-the' thoroughfare would cost $20
000.000. , :-. i i "? - - - V
Kcefas thci ttctfi whit
tncf! inouta clean anri tree.
iromt acidity
? ; Csst Awsfi-TTsaarsafic EssenSstt-'
over the. fact1; that ou have to sock. youi? Sun
day outing4-by means of a street car-Vead5 to-r;
: i
day V. Stiir-BuUetiu. aassiflcd Ads.'
'For Sale" are the biggest bar
- r,
: p
gains in J'useu. autos. xvmcu may be purcnasea
aCunusuall tow oricek ' " 1 "
- . -ft l - r -
I-. .:.' "f'-VT? -r-.'':i-'-4fy.-:--'!r-V -:' - .'- w'
Lis pec ,;!!:!;;!
- " v r - --
V. " ' '"r " ' ; - if'n'r"' n'v - .. .......
-'' " ' ' rl 'In i. . 1 1 - ' - ' ' LJ. ii i . . -. i. i , ,....
t Max Miller, who has been in Ho
nolula at the-lleasanton .vhoter for
incnths ha's decided. to':. remain for,
mitber. from tbelr? home, in Home1
strad. Fa,, on ! the -next boat v'r'';':
t .'Governor iTcCall 'of Massachusetts
cent' a special message vto" the; legis
lature recommending the creation' of a
home: guard tobe raised 'In" time; of
- -0 - . . -. .
'. f:- v-,'-':.'':'' ,
" Informal " Proposals forFnrnishmg
and Installing tJaTvanfaed; Iron Water
Pipe and Fittings nt Oahu Insane Asy
ium.: I lonoluluu Tf HiwHl leyecelv?d
at the Department: of Public (- Works,
Capitol Building, -up-.uhtU Jl a,' m. of
Monday; May 7," 1917; vrhen they will
be publicly opened: v - :r 'At:--Blanks
for proposal and plans may
be obtained at5 the office of .the-Sup?
crlntendent of Public Works J j
-v: v-CHAItLES IL FOItBEii: , i
';. Superintendent .of Public. Works.'?
. Honolulu, May.3, 1917 : vr; 771
IMZO OINTMENT is iruaranteed Co
cure blind, bleeding,' itcliior prp
trading PILES in 6 to 1 "days ;'jotr
money refunded- Manufactured by
"It changes' the entire, land laws or
thU territory ind; it i would not be
fair to ' urselvL- or to:out constitdr
fents -to, force it; through; at. this late
hoof. It takes - (iom: the homestead
ers tbe rightt61 apply 'forUind and
places 7all thd" power, j :lnl be"!handi
of v the" governor; ati4 ?cpmmIssion.
This landUioard is given, thd' power to
ref use any applIckUon'adth right
to lease such' lands ai It saea litThe
question .isi ehall'-the Teo&eiave a
all ' th$: rbwer,;ot land disposaT be
placed 'h ; the' hds ;6f; thev ".governor
and this' ' commisslcai? j: It: narro,w
car tbe last day pf the session to revo
lutionize' theIand laws of thfsner.'
ritor?.? v::u::-, :": . ;'s;
RepresentaUvex Grow Restive
;: RepresentatPi e Lyman ' wanted the
committee's : feport .) adopted.-- Repre
acntatlve' Kula arose and, speaking in
Hawaiian; lalktd abouf I the - measure
W such length' that tiembera arose on
theground that; he'wai out of "order.
"Speaker Holstein, who1 had been- fin
gering the pages .f his" rule, book,
then ruled that the report ws out of
order.; Some one: made a motion to
recommit the report to the' lands' com
mitted The motion: was carried. - :
iHalfan (hour; lattr- the committe?
reported j out 'again, recommending
tnat J tne ' resoiuuon r oe oiea. , - ik
motion ws carried. -
1. .
Three-bedrronXirBiridenca;. 814 -Geen
street xknal i-screeTiporxhlec-f
trtdtyi. gai water ;heater and atove.
C Will rent tor $50 month. to . perm'a
X neat ,tenanfcf-Apply J, IL Macaulay,
Phon 2603' tt:-- 77$-St
Af a sacrifice, complete furnishings of
! 14 roomscTCtfmer and jnake an offers
rApply126S;MaUock ayeatte;re776-2t
VcnYocr &i3i:ccd Cere
0: tTry Hurins Eye Rcacdyi1
' 'I'll
il;-.-;- -v .- ' -:-...',. . , ::::,:.:.?. . v-'-,-; , -v -,-r-:'--- ' " ;'-
!i '-.s ' - " '"--, "-q'.-v- - -J.::;
l!ii;v V .' L' if -CEVij- 'e''Li :':iW'..; .' V- '- v' W'
1- -
f.'- ' . - -- ".v ;' -';i i-'!' V r
r -
- . :s .
; ViH v ' ' .:
i-. :. rtr?nKJtlnncri.voii tV;mt is bn orih sido--iirH,o on tha, nthfiranditTirlnine'; lMttrwW f liV.
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Phone 4911
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