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Mil aiUUUliI ULrtI II OlliirLL 1IULL0 UULILU From "S ackers77 UI HLI UUUUH1W . v
.-'" v.. v S . '
' i i
5 ;Wben the school commiffclon meet
'la Jtfne to appoint the teachers for the
' tr !ftg "school' 'year,, remarkably lew
. 'ft-iges-wlli bar made la the personnel
-pf. the 'present - teaching staff,; upt
Vllenry W.KInaey nai nnounceL
Vtere' wtD be but tV eht&xet for
, fl text achool yetr,? r the upe
.iottidecO-Jn seme of -tHllj ichool
"whr there are 20, and r SO teacher
"thrt wlir be af chant es; ' One reaaca
Is tKftt the roantrr taacaers who hare
' Vat U 3 to cpta Jo the city hare been
If CtjAt ere. Anctrf Is the lilali coei
- W rrinc: sstxminc that a teacher ts
; jrettlcjc from $50 to $TO a month, they
)cl -it ne 7.tof stay Jo tha .country
wtcre( iivia fV;less.-.epMiye and
Vhcra cottai:H ;ai4(urnlhed: ,wbere-
. sVfonolMi;at mltftf oit them
" betwentWvand $45 afjnonth for
'X'; aaunp . raise ior teacners as
; fiQ rUid for ,th legUlature to into
tCf ct nr et enjwfci. i eacoers .now
tftipg jst;iUoi$lO win be pald .$40
n atd afrlJuly 1 In accprdJLnce with
. a ipectl 'statute, lnffect. the salary
VUs UI-te -onUll. halls: l
-J: , Tor iLicrr at $30 to $50 a
vinxoiittt;Aj5'.Pr jcent increase; for 605
x teachers at ilO to $209 month, a 10
" percent increase; : for ; 9 teachers at
mof than $100i a 5 per cent increaae.
Although t&f position of Inspector
'J of . achooUi i ha4f.l)eeii. eliminated, .In
spictor: Georca & . Raymond remains
; in rtttce until, the end of this year.
, JThe "office . of statistician .. has " been
created In place of the Impectorship,
Slid If 1 t'euorted that Harmond haa
fdJsy the commission to this pew posh
N. Y. Police Paper Cites List
- of Habits That May Be
Followed Without Cost
The high cost spectre can
dri?en away by a proper realixa-
tica of the. fact that IT COSTS
4- To Breathe. "
To walk. ,.
To have fresh air.
To exercise,
To eat atowly, .
To eleans the teeth. 4
To sroid alcohol,
To be cheerful.
rclltlrs- took a; strictly. belligerent
tum;U,t;. tight- at theilraperial-'ljav
cfcorlr-irto a fepo'rt made by olice-
i M;- Xfi Kekna of an affair fce-
C' rl ; AVIdemann : and nvinium
i'ri-1 1.
. c ' - t
ICekva reports as iollos:
.ViJesiann .was atthe 'lrupe-
ca Eethel street talking to
? hca William Larsen, Jr,
Z and overheard, him .aajr
: cIinat his father,. Wlllidva
i. r., the tupervlsor .uf.yy:v;
-i hit Wide tn a c n twice ' rii h
.1 knocking to . the
.Jen:ann sustclnc j a cut erer
t, eya- tnt M t.cf ; wnt- 4to
irrcs .-asafnsf; I.arfen..,'
-.ucr.ily no trrc.-t's were, maiet
i Ew'h a thir.'-3 juperstl
y, t'- cf cn'? C. L:apakl,
' ccr ,:cr,- th;' !:.J!ridual
' J d Cat itaV 'hoo
,! rwl.' C as: V.i yesterday
' ;d uosTifcefffui attempt
. a roller.' contract,? baring
r'..tc the number of days In
ould lay an" oil pipe line
- .,--: j;-;;. . v., a1.'.
r .t!idcr, rasakl lost the
; v z 3 vrhat he did about, a
. cr. Ilaahumanu'schdoL fail
t l.:s tend la on time after
... a ; fair way to; secure the
Cn the tid for an extension
. G rcne ncnths ago, Sasaki
' l!ipr. This tine' he tailed
a. certified checkwita ; the bid
r r-e dcittslcn t' harder
1 tj rtfwsa.ta crier. !.'
r rrn - r
NEW YORK. N. Y. Add to the
maay other duties of the New York
police department that of teaching the
city how to beat the high cost of Ihr
ing and at the same time enjoy bet
ter health. . .
In a recent issue of the Police Bul
letin there la an enlightening articl3
on "Saving Health, and Saving Money''
and the various 'points driven home
apply to all citUene, whether he be
of high or low: estate. The informa
tion waa furnished to, the department
by the Life Extension Institute.
.. ; As a basic tueans of keeping the
cost of living low the article sets forth
' It costs'' nothing ib stand erect and
breathe and ; walk properiyV
"It costs tiothlnr W taVe fresh air in
your home, r ifi
H costs nothing to do setting up ev
erciies every day.-;;
tl iC cbsiiBothljjg ftMiUd&r. taw's
looi uorougoiy; v uus inare oeuf
aigesuon ana ie&a oi jine expensive,
highly, flavored fooo ' Is. . consnmed;
money - and health are -saved, C
; It costs nothing to cleanse thetteeth
thoroughly after each meal. By so do
ing yoamay; save-Jiot only j dentists
bills but surgeons, and doctors' , bills'.
It costs nothms io cat some crusty
foods- that give jxrppcl employment to
the teth and tcu ure dentista' blUs.
- It co4ts nothing to cboosefthe kinds
of food that the body xeedav :Vl
.It costs nothing. to. keep, out ot your
bodr ubiUnCe Jlks slcohol that an
known to te Injurious.'? p.?sS&i
It'KU, npthift to. adlust your diet
so that the more xpentve flesh foods
ara not ukea'jn excers i,' V;
It costs, nothing to : avoid dosing;
yborself with patent medlcixies. ;:
It : costs noinnr w, Mol? ;a"s ;D 1
twe?n meah- caadv and sweets
hav high fs?Tt slue aid are likely to
imtste the eloa'-ich sod ctherwUe af
feet the difcstlon tad metabolism, .
It rsts tothing to feed the' mind
with wboteaonvs mcttUl food instead
Of trsjh or moroid literktHre that easi
ly lecomposes ard poisons yoar whole
It eosU nothing to keep set ene and
cherf'ii; to stow "malice toward nece
and charity to a!.;" to keep out of in
nervoiu system gto tches" that waat
, your energies and infect, the lives of
those rjHnd'7nu.
"Ton auy anwer that to do these
things does cost soratbing,nainely
mental effr.rt and exercise el wii;
poer," the article continue a. Trw,
but Is a man i unw filing to exer
cise these Quatiues to reasonable et
tent entitled to tny synrpaUiy. If he
suffers through, the high cost of liv
ing? uy sbght amount of Vroental
and physical efrcrt the way can Ve
opens j to save money an&ajso bealtU
that is beyond frfce. Those who sur
fer by failure to reixe such opportun!
ty have little rig.it tc conlplain
The German rovernmeat has. very
closely studied the food question and
is carrying this knowledge to the peov
pie. The British government ia doing
likewise. As a part of "preparedness",
in the broadest senat of the term to
keep our place among the nations and
advance our civilization we may weil
do the' same.
To eat more food than yon need
Is a waa ten Jstnictlca of property.
We a. charged as a ration with be-
log extntaant m our food habits, not
onliL4ftthe to&s'tmptluti ot fOvi but in
JU preparation- -
rojney .and health may be saved by
the.folloirliig food economies :
By irefcarina food so that the maxS
imum amount of uutnment may be se
"Vt selecting Trod tkst is ualatahle.
digestible ajid f low. cost, ut contain;
Ing ah: lemenUVnfcessaryao
maintain toe body. i.f -ph-
Circuit Judge Asuford is consider Tonight Luso street, opposite Mor
tar vhthr ha nttvht in hU hiHJrla! moo CDUITfU
rapacity; to throw any further uat-j Saturday Castner. in the afternoon
ronage in the way of references to t 4 o'cIocIl .
attoraers and otHera to a mas waiaiua waiaioa aiur at p.
ters in ine auaiung pi prooatr. abo
Details : bf ;the .: -killing -'.of t)avld
vrause. escaped mnraerer, are con-
r&f atms'. food liilJielHgotway
and nnpmusurpcajBtlcatiQf lf.V'H: ;
-f'fiyifollowing ' out the .other rules
of hygiene, so that the body , may bo
kept .vigorous and the .appetite keefl
for simple food, which 4a awaya more
healthful and less expensive than; Tan
ey food prepared to tempt the- 'appe-
: rDv . welahinc vourcelf often - and
Tovrnbg-tho diet to keepthe weight
at the-, most healthful point, : which
after 30 is usually well below that of
the average .individual who considera
himself health yi A weli.-aooTiahed .pr:
on 'at 30 shoiM not v tocwaae.'.' In
weight, with advancing; years 4
r mm u m
L i cwp t mm
. One ; ofjilonofivlu'a i fair 'visitors Via
not '.afraid f stances, or war-tlma
tained in the Alaska , Dally ; Emplra scares. She lar how approximately S500
of April 16. co ties -of which , recently miles 1 from : home ; may trayel a few
reached Honolulu." Krause ts the out- thousand ..more before she JbM 1 -fin-law
who was reported to have escaped iahedf is abaoluttlyaldne, aqd likes it.
ift -a small .vessel and, witbther out- t BhTa' MUa A. ,F.f.O'Keiu;f Bt Ai?
other accounts, or to young m . ith
er in or out of the legal profesKk-n.
who refuse or neglect to join tk col
ors or otherwise tender their er c
to the government
? No definite conclusion. Jud; Ath
ford said today, has been reamed by
him on this point up to the prttent
time, but he intimated that it nt i
unlikely that no further patronage
will be bestowed by him except n
those who are ready and willing .to
go to the defense of the colors t tfce
limit of their several qualifications.
Judge Ash ford went on u say. how
ever, that there are several ways m
which a man may. serve his country
without actually donning the uniform.
He declares himself enthusiantcal
ly in favor of everything that will pro
mote enlistment, saying he considers
it the absolute duty without hesita
tion or question, of every man to Is
qualified' for. military or naval .ser
vice to tender his service t the r.v.
ernment in this time of 3tress. .
.ut this, the judge intimated, is
held not necessarily to mean that
every man should don a uniform, but
it does laean that his services, in
whatever line or capacity ne is quali
fied to act. should be unhesitatingly
placed at the disposal of the govern
Judge Ashford remarked that he
deems himself qualified, from "aa
military experience, to Instruct re
cruit in military drill, although he is
liast the age where he feels compe
tent to ."pack, a muske. He "has al
ready tendered his serces to per
form, any. kind of duty of vhich he
may be considered capbole. .
m.; John Gomes Uuarte, chairman.
Waialua Japanese theater at 7:3')
p. m.; Oscar Cox, chairman.
Moving pictures will be taken i(
these meetings.
Wednesday Athletic Park at 7:30
p. m.
' Elks meet tonlgni at 8 o'clock!
Mystic Lodge, Ki of P., has meeting
thla venlng. K :
. Polynesia Encampment, I. 0. O F.
meets for regular bosineas tonight
-A special sessioht.tf Lodge Le Pro
gres, a: M'ia called for tonight
' ,r. ' . ' 1 1 ,
The Hawaiian Philatelic Society
meets at 8 o'clock next Wednesday
3 vill Le a dinner-dinsant held
a Hotel tomorrow-(Satur
cu-'.r.. Dancing oa,the lanai
8. t j 11:20 Amy ar.i csry and
t catty peddle are cordially, In-
laws.' to have started for. the4 Sooth
Seas. It appesrsvthat he had never
started on such a trip but that fce. be
came nearly famished, 'went to- a
Tanch.- was ? covered . Tlth, a rifled still
courht to ecane and waa shot'. :.-v
::: From the - article- in the Alaska
Daily r Entire' 'It1 ; Is ' learned rtha
Krause . was .shot -through " the -body,
near the hetrt, and; also through' the
head, the :.ltr wound JTfflglng; from
the left tje to, bact of the right ear,
He was shot 4 by:"Artid Fransea' at
Dotya Cove , at ! 2: 53 Inthft afternood
Of April 15. - ir r W'-''.lC-: t '
Fransen hadxreturned to hlr liome
baii8yariliDotsv4Bair, puromlnenit
ton oftMae shore or.tne.Tar iuun
anhistorjcLake Champalh
f tiVias 6Ztlllt t rrtved Withe, last
ateamef and- al though 'shethas had k
deUghJfal Vt!me4 witb ;;eveiy'Xainute
busy, she Admits: there Is something
about Honblttlti tliaCJa not "exactly 11 v
inrttp-to her expectatlqnsv? -.; K
v:'-You.;-. are":- little -too .modern, too
.'tally; American here," she insisted
with awln"nlng .pout,, and . you dont
live up to our dreams. At night vith
your, big moon, and .the silvery- palms
I and the snrf there ia the real romancd
that mainlanders' have come know
a dayt so6ner; than hfe had: expected HiwaiL for buC by idaynoitUsn't
because he beard ot the escape vC tha here i'.-' u rf-V--? " -ri' v'
v l 7:
.mly nE:;i;:DERS'
' ' - ECs cf I today's wast iJs
VOU C7 asswerij ,a few cf
I T'tro- tr.cr'e' r str.?crs ' for
:rty, arcusd it V U tuiX
i :rz:a. ptose ZUA&ry
. 'T:,u:::d -'Witcr. ;:!rea""ncct
izl all ctltr Tci-lir DrlcU
try-tla Cca, Ccia T.'tttr VTcrkl Co;
1c : :dJt:t:3
. : -..5 c:i U.crcllii
i' iiorzly rr.J
- . : cr. 1 nouri:h
-c Ycuf.V
' : u: 27 1 to V V
murderer.- He testified that hls wife
f w a -emsLlI boat rounding a rock:; and
cl.ad t 1b attention to it : He wen
out and hid behind a stamp to see who
the man in the boat was but the dis
tance was" too great and he lost sight
of the mart in the brush. .l--
Just as the family waa sitting down
to - dinner oife ;f the children said,
I i To ' thavt that i she ; ia ;-4ipt entirely
dlsappolfitedV Mias O'Nelir .aays - sho
will probably, stay bert wa month and
admits that f ine;. should not form too
many- impressions about the. Islands
until one baa 'seen; more of them," At
ready, she has planned' to take a trip,
etarUng next week, to all of them and
her friends predict" that' when" abe Ire
i Xu i ifTZ vJrT" hnT.hd t n 10 her temporary home at the
went ror.nia gun- He neara ma wiiet.--- -.
say, - "liooa mvnung, oux aearu nu
reply. k Then he. stepped.
the man and said, "Are you
5"E i mAh'Y'-.slates outpwheQ
Yes.T icame the reply. As Krause I
answered Fransen testified,-tils teeth
were set, his eyes glaring and Fran
sen ' had' never seen so ferocious'an
expression. Aa v hi ; answered the
v!t Jlf fon tnyl conWeibly in fa.
j Tor.; In fact hia name haa appeared
1 Slates ar,e .beginning ; toi appear, "at
the headquarters,; ot different, politi-
j cal tactlona and at the dally meetings
There was i a bulge 'under ' his : coat
rJL 5 . w OT1two Democrabc alatea.
and Fransen shot :! Later hex reported
h lr!Htu' ftfnrlt?-.-r--v.i;.
A. 0;LudIcanw a Filipino, jwaa? gir
ca iltv. months - In police i court .twi
Thjirs waytor. .receirMgstolen goods.
''7 ' ' "V
vCartoelia AlBoha'wa1 tried" In po
lice veourt JThTimdaV " on haret
of.'tagrahCT ana : tiveA. alx montha. I hav the; edae oouuiaritr -For au-
The defendznf; got, a,' suspeqded sen-; ditor, Blcknell he av sIght :lead over
tencea few dsy. agowhett ahe was. Edward Wood wajC; - '
Among;' the Supervisors -Arnold, Ahia,
Logan" and .Holllnger of. the present
board -Are-; running strong on the .Re
publican fsldV anda!so Mott-Smith'i
name is' heard .prominently Jnc the
Democratic ranks - Lester Petrie. antf
William McCTellaA hive the lead.',
' There' Is lest attention paid to thd
other offices as there is hotjsomuch
competition except in thijcfs: of
sheriff, wnere Okatlis B-Ose-ieetns to
c6mmltted to i-he ; hotde for women
ot her: kind. v She 'raajkway.'and tha
police: picked her ;bP agiiji.
r BERNE. Swltieriand.-Of the:
indirldualft wlio : during Che year 1U$
Mrs P. -'i; KrfceA wraa r in ?joIlftfi : souzht to change thetr cituenshMB and
court .Thursday coi' a charge t fOl t becomifSwlss the ,overwh.elmlnr rma-runnlag-,
liet ' tar i ilta . the - Vmnf fler j36ritr were jGeiihan., . 'And of the 4110
ojca, cuklng an ahicj 1kg noise. She applicitiopw;; for - naturalization tat
waa given a suapeflded sentence. TueWereJ granted by the Swlsa . officials,
arrest wss made by; Chiuffeiir Exam-J JM5' ,wer nUred by ermaxis.
incr Bob - LllUi wHo Viays "hi had J iivThe ; total creates 4 Vrtcord. ! Dui
warned, ter: before; . He promises to 1 tng'.tna .years before the war; the aver
make other -vat-rests f for almilar o,? age;.waatlittie Cover i'. thoosand .an-
The Cohen .meetlngr scheduled for
this evening will be held at Vineyard
ahd; River - streets. '
L , Atv 10:30 Wednesday morning the
annuaVprogram of the Morning fusic
lLahIakea)r ., ' f..: : ..: .,;f
trTlieff United CMoeae' Society i. and
Chfdese Merchanta-V Association '- will
entertain , the members .of - the legisla
ture at ah elaborate Chinese dinner
this evenlag.Ht6: 30. o'clock;' .
C Vital siath-tics for Honolulu during
the month of Aprik show that thre
were 271 births,' 179 marriages and
117 deaths, Tuberculosis caused , the
largest number of deaths .with a totaL
Ot; 26, ;' I -. .. -Z .Sl-.-'.V.iit'-"-'
Today the Republican candidates an
nounced the time and place for all of j
their meetings until the'primary elec-
ticn. May 19. On the evening of May(
18 a big rally will be held at Aala Park
as a final wind-up. Every day from
now on there Will be meetings in both '
the fourth and fifth districts)
The schedule it as follows:
Fourth District
May 7 Kmamala Park. 7:30 p. m.
May 8 Ulluokalanl school. 7:30
p. m.: Punchbowl and Laso, 7! 30 p. m.
May 10 Kukui and Fori streets,
7:30 p, m.
May ll-Seaaide grounds, 7:30 p. ro.
May 12 KaneohelZ noon: Wai-
kaae, 2 p. nu; Hauula, :30 p. m.
May 13 Waianae, 2 p. m.
May 14 Emma Square. 7:30 p. m.
May 1-Pauca road, 7:30 p. m.
May 1& Kamamalu Park, 7:30 p. m.
May 17 Kumalaea Block,-7:30 p. m.
Fifth Oistrict .
May 7 Walpilopilo Pump. 7:30 p. m.
Atay 9 Athletic Park, 7:30 p. m.
May 10 Laimi or Puunul, 7:30 p. m
May 11 Ullha ami School, 7:30
p. m.
May 12 Kaalaea and Waiahole, 2
p. m.; Kahana and Kahaluu, 4 p. m.;
May 13 Ewa Mill. 2 p. m.
May 14 Fern Park, 7:30 p. m.
May 15--Ullha and Wyllie. 7:30
May 16 Banyan Tree, 7:30. p. m.
May 17 "Mokauea rcsad, 7:30 p. m.
sipHHr inn.
Beware of Sub '
, Thr sxJc maken cf ;
cine Aipiria brand -tablet
and every p- .
with the Bayer Crosi
m tiiawnBr
"Tkt Bayir Cross
ise: (
. ly Auftelaud PrtuJ
LONDO.V, vEng.The Bankers Ma
gazine for April says that 587 rep
re8entatlve securities - on .', the Stock
Exchange show a' net, appreciation dur-4
ing March of about 17.000.000 pounds
sterling. British: funds led: the up
ward movement ' in " gilt edge stocks.
Home corporations and colonial loans
shared in the advance while foreign
government stocks' and Canadian -railways
were; strong-; American railways
after many fluctuations have shows a
dull tmdeney owing to apprehensions
of war - with. Germany. , - f
necessary . iand tines J between Nova
Scotia and Montreal, there to connect
with' existing- services administered
by the Pacific. Control Boird. A re
ductkm to ea ble 'rates' - la urged '? es
pecially n press traffics , -
The report . says it is , possible; ts
arrange new. Imperial mall services
by 1 1922 when the llaCest'and ' existing
mail contracts expire. - High ' speed is
advocated and a 20-knot' service from
the United Klngdonito Eastern Cana
da is suggested.. ! - ' - r;.
"Smoky" Joe Wood's $15,000 come-back was dtie to Dr Cnidua, a V '
PRACTOR. His rpltching arm' is now O. ICjt and ; Cleveland haa a ; c
for the pennant this year. Dea Moines Tribune" aays The smaller
ing muscles and nerves leading to right arm had become 'bunchsd'alo.
spine, due 10 a cold."
F..C, MilQHTON, D.,c;
20CS Boston Bldg.;;
. fOver Msv'il - - -
1 I?.. ?i
.-i : - FIREWOOD AND COAL , . , '
03 QUEEN STREET , . v P. O. tCX
i-i i I-
' i f' . mSJ. - j . w J'-. '.'
" TN.it -trtf 4W - 11 .4 . -
-7 .
SSi';rort Street:.;, v-. .
LONDON,- Eng. To enable; the Bri
tish empire to .resist any pressure that
might be applied by . aay power or
group of powera, in peace of .war, by
control oi .'raw. materlalstnd ' commo
dities essential to' Its .welPbelngs the
royal commission of . the -.national re-
source, trade and legislature, proposes
that an investigation be undertaken, to
discover newv sources' of ; supply;- and
substitutes tor raw, materials control
ed ;ly other countries and: to prevent
waste of materials; .. .The report is
signed by. Lord D'AbernorfSlr ; Hi
Elder; Haggard Sir, W. Lorimer, Sir
G: ;El? 'Paater: of 'Canada: JL Sin
clalr. -of yew Zealand; Sir teM.a.l
Lagermas fvSontliAfrlca; and Sir
Egar rBo wringr of .Kew.foundIand.
Concerning toJdieMettleri the Com
mission' reported : "We die not ; see
duringour risit to Canada; norso. far
aa we can gather; is there in the .other
self-governing dominions, any.' strong
Immediate desire, on. the part of ex-
soldiers-to turn to the land.' On the
contrary, we found that some of those
who have previously worked on the
land showed no Inclination to return
to If - .v ' '
Urge Women to Emigrate.
Women are' urged to emigrate in
larger number than men, and a scheme
fa outlined : for the Interchange of
school teachers between the United
Kingdom and the dominions. .
. Cheap speedy and efficient trans
port between all parts ot the empire
is advocated as a vital necessity for
the scientific development of imperial
trade. Transport of this nature can
not be obtained except by-the use of
vessels of great length - and tlraught-
Such yessels cannot oe employed un
less. there exists harbors fcf a size and
particularly - of . depth adequate to ; re
ceive .them and suggestions for; secur
ing a-uniform depth at the chief ports
of the Tariouk routes are made. ii v?t .;
Governments Ship Control sr
!Ori the-, oueation of ocean freight
which- nave arisen; since" the - war and '
which' may not retnra' to'' pre-war levels
for a long time- the report say: We ; ;
img Qt Season
At FJoiiuli Field:
8aturdjiy1:4V Haalaivls vs McKln-
ley; 3:30; St Loufs vs. Hawalis. ,
Sunday 1; 30, Asahis vs. Fillpirtos;
V 3;15, All-Stars . Wreckers. ;;
Prices: Bleachera, 1 0 cehta; Grand-
ts Rets
. stand,. 25 eents Reserved Seats,
3S cents;:
Governor Pinkham opens, league.
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