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..MAY 4. 1017
TihIhvV Home K!ioniy Ph -onftn another
! K-ri-K of r;n timl, inexKrtK've menus ioniilel by
Vnx& nfa of ih Honor interest in Honolulu Hi th l ollesre f Hawaii to fit local i-nmlitions. 1 new
the l;it te 'wrenr nhow tip mm baldly tnexxnsable a' nienuH and recies will ! found well worth study,
i !,:. 4i'm,Ay, tk lninr hntmi nf the lerifilnf lire and in roniunftiou with the n2etions for home
t i . '
5 jln g of In f Cries reieiv
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court are
Judges o the local circa
prove & serious cne. It relates to the
war vessel confronted with a problem that may
an er
plosion aboard the iiitih
cn h,ch he was serving in the Me , yilient ot fe,s ue to Jur?
iterranean at the time, Uent Ciaudi.-jjj ,
Ogden Harrfnuton Usborne. R. N. V..; The attention of th jadgeap has been
eldest son of Canon find Mrs. John
Usborne of St. Clement's Rectory,
passed aay last Wednesday, May 2,
according to cable advices received!
' I l. r i u..t r.idni imiea&e tor oniv
t'tatyK?:i.itli fhV food control bill. economy, various shops ami purveyors are tiraw-r - ' w wh livln in van and to their homes Cr
' . Tl:af bill HHfln cruerpptiey netAnre, drafted, in inj: attention in the artvertisin coiiinis oi tne s;uue
'trodurtvltiind imt-hmnch to Rafejjuard Hawaii's nae, to enm modifies wliirh may b" punhas'd also
f - - m . T I- , .
f(k ilpply in war-tiine; It was drawn up as a pm-
t e t ion .or. 1 1 13,0(W ptsipk in II a wa i i.
' : H'HtV? Hip bill gave power to the fowl eomniis
lijkloiT jo: forbid the use of riee'or grain for intoxicnt
ing ..inor. Ihf brewery interests started an
f cl vr;ljh4tour lobl'. Tltey wanted the bill amend
, M to uit their i'on.venience and their .business.
, Tho storm that quickly eame up over the' horizon
drove U?revprr lobiit bark to eover. One
, W'natr'ilcI.imI,,tuat .uulesi. the brewery. ?opie
. l;;jit ljan(V:jftft would ttak the flor and expose
f ti e 'ijitmf fiatoeuvertwlng. namefi' The Attoine.v
f)ibVJwy'letpIe finally adilsed lii rlients to
drbp'th any arnendinent,
n ul- ft u1m YiitnneL: " Tlu limior lohbv would
' Only . ii feti' "weeks arj 't ho saloon men of Hono-InhiViwmrotaMy.-p.wilwtlnir
I heir jmtrioti$m.
That ivTiH when pniilieopinion fori-ed them to niakea
iiiove "itf.hirtAliiiefr hour ot sellingThe brewery
alonp: the line of minimum eijwnse and maximum
usei 'illness.
Tomorrow's Home and S-hM)l hardening Sec
tiona fart of the Saturday Star lJulletin which
has won an unusual following ami close attention
all over the territory will carry two sjK'cial arti
cles of verv timelv interest.
Vaugban .MaK'auhey of the Collwge of Hawaii,
who is writing 'a series of talks f sjrtvial imiK)rt
ame to teachers, projssM summor sessi4ns for Ho
nolulu Hxhools of thebigh srh(Ki standard. He has
some striking idftis ou tins subject, well worth con
sideration. V. ii. Krauss, sjijs'rintendent of the extension
division of the 1. S. Exieriment Station at Haiku,
Maui, ha apracticsil, very readable article on "The
Peanut 'in Hawaii With Special Kefereuci to Its
Value 'its an Eimerguncy Crop.".. He also has com-,
piled a ready reference column of garden vegetables
with statement of time required to. reach edible
In connection witti these various articles and the
called t3 a section oi a law passed in
1903, - providing that jurors be ra4
once during the term; namely, at the
end of the term, and that they shall
! tr1v hv hie naronta frftm 1 font T'a.'draw mileage tor on!v cne trip from
ing such term.
I k a ... . . . I I A
i . ; i ... - i. ' vv nan mil iniinip v ij naiftpn in t i
couer, ana wno. was nciiiiea uv uuit ja" - - (
by the British admiralty. Hhe ourt ha1 short terms Umited to
No details as r the first, fourth and1
re.ti.ted in the navy man s death are
contained in the message othr thai. ' entire Y ,
that he died at a ..jort Je Mj-; CU8tom ol makins out monthly
iterranean He a 'signed WTll .-tor and tria, jlirorJ
ago to duty in. hose e "J J" w continued in. practise, and it hai'
rarents only last week received a let - J' . nfaetuw to allow mile-,
ter from htm. the letter having been a!so5e AP' Iu .
((1 r-ih.lii. four Icb aco ,ase lur ery. wr uu wmi-u Rrwiu-ur
written from Gibraltar four weeks ago -,trja, jur0r rom hlH home if
Lieut. Usborne voiunteereo ipr amy , he llves ra0re 10 miJes frtjm tfc,j
at tne time in r-iirujiran wai vc j cour
out. but was not sent-to England un-J mileage was ort-inall
llI.IS!iCS,0ber uenrlfeeRoy Iflve cnTami" Thfs wa fnlreaVed
retro! duty as a lieutenant in the Roy- ,A 4 , . . .
al N'avai Volunteers, and served with J -' " . ,V1 .
bravery and distinction, meeting nw , " . . ' 7ii.
SLUh ImS. rfnHnin hht duties on cent the wse o a juror residing
lobby waa tcient to ifehow the kind of patriotism
" bred bt. boozed: : -' v. -X
Tp in California there bas leen another eonapi-j general Rttbject of home: economy and gardening,
: iT;Unff Vi.1MnnMt-yin;i flbni.ftfhtMine!1tie' IStaBttlletin again states that questions on
well jti a vigorous etlijorial, referring to the. kill-
f-lto KomJngekilIi1oib
To lill. would, havtj wiped out4 the Jaloon,but; pre-
f c rvel'the vineyhrtl frrestk The igonautrKiys :
, It may be' remembered hatnrhe Uw Romlngerbill
"first lencouatered. rotigtj-weathcr:ln.thft aenat U.vas.
remarked-ia these columna (7th lnstatit)tMt the dfr- i
'; posal would be the surest way to bring- about absolute
proMtiUon.lv Wcll,i tlue trick ha been turned. The
.political forcea subject to the saloon Interest,; were dr-I '
dered iaao place their, voten aa' to serve fthe trafflc."
: The Romlnger bill was killed beyond revival, r A "great
. victory' haa been'won. But It la. the kind of victory .
ths.t spells ultimate defeat There "has been exhibited j
berore theftaiethespectacle-of anarrogaatand vjclouaf;
interest In' practical control of tbe4egislaturev la there""
, i.r.j tody v. Lose povera of observation and thinking are !
not stupefied by.aelf-Interest who can not iee.what thla
, "victory V, means? . Can' there be anybodyoutalde he
' -HicUed few .bova described who falls to understand "
that when the Issue of prohibition shall next, be, put:k
' t c rcreHae people It jwmiwia, bands downtt.AllIthaC.4
wis needed to bring into-line-behind prohibition, the
ciny thousands w hose neutrality 'lost thought -last
' yearVa a'deiaonstratien qf the political power of the w
saloon Interest This, Interest by Its famous victory, haa . ''
".dug Its' owcu grave and prepared its ownxpfflriand U
, now it is practically certain to drag down the vlne-
. zt d interr t ; K easoa an d moderation will now bv
i cast to, the ,winds; and the explanation: lies In the' -
stupidity and folly behind the proceedings at Sacra-y
' ' tacntc.- ' :a i fib vriPnV
A circumstance illustrating the certain effect of the '
defeat of the.Romlnger bill ia the new attitude of the "
-; San, Fraacisco Uxaminer s0ne does;not aeed.-to re-f
" pect the.mprai Intentions of. that, newspaper to appre- '
date Its practical JudgmenUKobody knows better the c. '
pendencies of the public mind than this adroit trim-;
tner. ' And 4 of . one thing the; public mari. be assured. f
' namely; that before the Examiner takes up. & ."cause
that tause 1 already .wonv Now in lew of the 4efeatf I
of the Romlnger pill the Examiner, cornea, out . atfong ;
;.for prohibition; and this being Interpreted means that ':
; fn tho Judsnent cf. the controlling tnmd of theex v I
, amlner prphibition la Inevitabla It is Inevitable .be-V
causthe pLIii ia TeseaLmentruinst the-1iauor ln
terest will surely vote in over'helmlng numbers to
any topic jnay be aildres.scd to this paperl and will
be referred at once to the proper authority for
quick answer.
death while erformlng his duties on
a war vessel, in the Mediterranean. '
The young man never lived In Ho
nolulu but visited here seven years
ago cn his wedding trip. He is sue
vived by his widow and three children,
all residing In Vancouver. Lieut. Us
borne was born in Canada and ed tr
eated at Trinity College, Port Hjpne,
Canada, as a civil engineer. He later
left thai nrofession and became- suc
cessful hi business as a customs brok-j
Both, Canon and Mrs. Usborne have
the deepest sympathy of their many
Honolulu friends In their bereavement
br4 Usborne said) this morning it will
be several we:k uetOe aetaus are
received. as to how tbeir'son received
the injuries Vwhich resulted in nis
death. ,,; , 1 '
r areflpproaehihs iimt time of the year when
the weaiher is most condndve to the lireeding of in"-
sectg and especially so of the mosquito. iThrongh
previous wars on' this pest, its mtmbers have been
ron&iderably reduced inland about thi city, but
with the corning of summer, eternal.YlgilaneeTm Ih'e
part of every citi2en ts the paramount brand of pre
venfion.'. .
1 ospiltoes I cilnnot -, multiply except in stagnant
wafer. -1 f there is. no way to . eliminate stagnant
wateV found abofcihe place. hen charge U with a
small 4o.se of ; kerosene Which iwV form, a film over
Uhewateisand. strangle the';awrig!r8,, that come
to the urfac to breathe. ' .vv . : .
: Rememberthatlthecan;from which yon v have, re
moved aimaragnk cipa jot sk her,iooL -and lias'ibeen
thrown, put to catch a few1 spoonfuls of rain water,
uTjusr as, comenteni lor-uie momer mosquuo as u
penalize and destroy it root nd branch-in" so, f ar E
'It may. be; done 'byegal 'SMttaC.X
o veri t hhour, 1 obby
telp'i o JVnakVrii a
; , ITIt i ruately the unsuccessful, elo veu t h-hour, 1 obbV
in Ibe ILuvjiiian .'legislature will 1
waii tlry. "
- u '' -
. ox -Tin? old .'CincriT. . ,
Ta in iliar. ami : i ocfTec l i ve niethods 'pf campaign
ing tire egain'; being followed I by7th&andidates in
"the citv c 'cction.
The board of .jRUpervisors now has a shining
chance to make itself a famous as the ladydog
legislature. f Ajpti tiou signed a by. n, nuuibery of
motbiwyclisrtf, Wants tha supeirisoTs to do sonie
thing or other tokeep dogs;from running oh-tjte
streets. Some do;appea,?just can't keep f rbiu
Da rk i n a na mnmns: aiongsiae, :wnen tne anfti
cyctes . uo . vys , wnicuj is nisn u arruannir vioy mot
ej clihg nrndul 3feahw-hile t" $S " n
pisi t Ion where j t hey 'njflle a,, petition to k
hofn-sereeching) m6tdrcySlistoff 4hesf reefs.'
- r
10 miles or -more from court with an
allowance of 10 cents a mile for thoso
living less than 10 miles from court ;
But section 24l of the revised laws,
which provides for the payment ot
jury lees and oulege-only at the end
of the. term, has not been amended,
and the judges are now wrestling with
the question as.to wnat to do about it
it seems hareh and unjust'-' say
Ciccuitt. Judge Ashford, "to keep a
uror waiting an entire year for hls
pay juryi fees and raileage-'but the
U spparenUyforbida paymenU ex
cept at the end of the term, or once a-
year in this circuit as well as in tne
fourth and fifth circuits.
. ..jt i gntlcinated that when this
view -of the law is brought to the at
tention of the grand, and trial "jurors,
some complaints will be heard;
' i -f
rtuermanvaents must, be rather unpopular n
I(nnsli. thesel.itys. The young 'republic will nev t
compromise wit h. Germany-unJcss tii struck a te r-
rible blow before its' newly-6rganlied army 'c8in''ftu
feu. to wlthtnd
vernment 3 by'the fafct
I b at A !'4;.lii'gh4trinynicecs' have teen snmmari ly it
t iredri ri 1 he" in terest of-discipline. - ';--f-.'
Hy t he ; way, J ncle; Sam, r why don't yon plan t
. The R i uiatcaus and l)em
gVoups i,.. r-rnev around
From a V .zVt. to two dozen c.Vndio
cach tiKH in;-. TlhreihurMV; a rew wieeks.J Jhink
wordvti..:,xi''lut-ir';"lOwnd'MiUT 1 '" '
time to give any iv r Ig"?55 . . ss
- issues' of V tV ; ipaignr Qther Energet ic ineijsiWf
. lieaitl; .Thft nmsiciahs imist play 'and ng.t omW ins out the. Kauas anthriTepic
iriiinjjcwaii done; iti starnp-
rplay and ngj: Somtvf ing out the ;Kauais anthraxTenidemic. JJrispr-
: ; t itn-s inoving-pictnres ifntst tewn';4i;, 1 Vi fe-iw territorial;. v?terjnarianr lana his assistants
une result is inarm iue rreatymajoriry.'oi eases, uiu me. jou up'wiin nejitues unu .uwpaicn. aiiv'.ii
I tne. canu mai.es .arc . iiueny vuuaDie to suow wnetnerwi jM-rwnat risrasvis.eviuent
. they ha va -any ;rcaf ideas j on cM J roreraniont.' Norgaard anil t wo ot herri ; Vere iccjidiurij infpeted
Alout all"' 1hf T '-riiiifdo' ie.ilo'w : their naniei tell and raftered 'severely !
v whemi hey w-ere bqrn, express a great aloha for the , . r -
; eoplef'thedrtIcular pin inV'which they are tlVVhen thef?Polmn0ern.M Geriuan
- : Hyp -i'orfjyptes
-.:-;;: ? jhftvnextjcandaje,:: : ';'-,i ;?i
r ' v'Another Te&alt;ig that, having to create a strong
' impxiRsioji,1pra vtn few minutov candidates often
Vmake fcntirely u itothe elec
torate i.
- ' Tins
i .peals1 tj the voters -where;party Jines have some1
f orce. They are already favorably inclined toward
'. y thej Republicans "or. lWmocrats and tlie massmeet
fngs of; a lot -of. can5idare.-helpf to ViinchV14heui.j
Hut it docs not. appeal iq the independentvmen who;
T n-ould liVe.to find out wliethet the raudidates haiie.
- 'v I:t ral conception of. the dutierportunities and
refugee vessel ire repai red and jutinto - Ctfele
tfam' servicether should beTtame4 f ter t he raenii-
tiarbor hdanl whoi strove vi
valiantly to get them out of the harboV
The newspaj)er jensorship provision' of thevespi.
onage.bill may get over in some form, but iwill
be; cpnsiderabiy less autocratic than first proposed.
Predict ions hat ihiririt6iifewj6iii4 6c' able to J
jsiruggKv aiong.niier me legislature aujoprueuiuTr
Af any rate, the submarine menace is sending a
lot of jieople bactipKthe Jfioit i . ' 1
''P ti -r?tnlly 'Every tiiue1wheat:is
I dollar or m. V
Every tiiue-wheat is mentioned it jumps another
R. W. SHINGLE: My million dol
lar road bill did not pass the legis
lature but Oahu got almost that much
money in road appropriations anyway,
so I feel pretty, well satisnea.
KEA: I shall still continue my duUes
as secretary to Her Majesty. Queen
Lllluokalani, but most of my time will
be spent at .the executive building!
-GEORGE M. COELINS, city and
county engineer: It is my big ambi
tion see aU the; streets in thej Clty
,well pa vej3; and then big automatic
washer go over tnenvevery nigni, ana
thoroughly clean .them. .
&'HUBER tAavMf' know when my as
sistant will benaind". or when 'Judge
Polndexter willabe here. ' I do know,,
Kowever, that! miss my .former assist-. I
ant-urcuituags ivemp.
rLOC IS. KEDEIROS, elevator oper
ator, Capitol, building: It's so dull
around here since the legislature ad-
.jpurned . that. 1 don t make, enouga
trips up and down m a day to Keep
Jthe motor from -getting: cold,:
have certainly ' enjoyed my stay In
Honolulu durlng"the legislature- aad
I am eagerlyT'tooklng forward; to-1919.
HonoiuiM sbaa :Sorae nne motion i
ture .theaters, ad Isam .n enthuslas-
JCRISTy, deputy.city. attor
ney; 1 certainly hope that Gov. Pink
ham' wiU sign, the- amendments to the
frontage imprevement Jawi,They are
absolutely necessary if road construc
tion W jthe cUy,Js to be carried , out
on the sqale planned.
. HW.-KINNEY, superintendent of
school!: . It la remarkable how few
changes; are; desired . by . Instructors
this;; y'ear. Advance bifo'rmatlon, for
pur. Jiine meeting shows, that In some
jbf the.larger schools', not a single
change Is being inade. . . . ' .
'HENRY; P.rjrsULli VANi secre
Ufy, public utilities commission: ' I
meved .my family" to my mother-in-law's-
hwse and i closed up my . own
residence,: so 9 to be raJy to take
my company ,?to fichofield when the
National Guard 1 tnobflization .order
came. , l.-am still waiting tor It ,
v.t Under a suspension of rules in both
houses, .the Michigan - legislature re
ceived, and place in position for past
sage tB4 bill suggested byr Governor
v w w n 1 - -
n pi inn inn. 1 1
, i-iftisuii Li- i tj : ii
- f .
Marrrer G. K: Hoaklna. newly ap-
- minted . territorial aiitor. will nof:
take office until Jun.eX, arrangcBient
naving -oeen ; maae wnereay- j. .
Fishery tormef andftor, rilt remain oi?
the: post, until that date. T
Wfcert Tish'er goes out offiffice oi
June 'the will have en1ed t yeark
and six months, in the n'Jice, the long
est record by .far of any diartmetit
head Mnvtht Jterriioryi Hwas jxpn
poinieu unaen irtyeruur vuwx f, ?r
Extra vwork -1 Jhetax cflce wtta
payments .aU-idue.xm 3ta 15 pas. na-
cessltated 'Hopkins -stayirfcr there ui
til the eocl of the -months it'wher paid
this-morning hfe'had mads. no arrange-
mentsr i or? any; Qtner posiuon.
i na
i .
: t ?-
s 0i of the Certain Results Established
By Paid Publicity. "
Information lmsel
on liunor or jj;enentl
reprri t has an element
of tluuht it may not
le true.
(J Statements are-,
full y, preparel ami
placed before the
puldic tlivoiiifh Paul
f Are Known to
have boliiml them tbo.
(I e 1 i berate thouirlit..
eonclusiou and action . ; 't:0yK
nf the men or institutions isstiinpf the a?ertioi
the uofld v ;
I.revrkrew vbdut.
teForc .
mr -
yorry rrsore,. r
Paid Publicity HiyhhIs Confitleneei-
The net paid, circulation of the
Star Bulletin on March 17; ai
Ir1 -
..Ht Sir. -'V
The Illinois house of representatives- erendnbilliTheJatter
has killed all pending dry legislation, which: the drya' had centi
Including a state-wide prohibition re il campalgnrwas defeated SOf
fc ., t '. 1 -1: , r , : : ii , r , ,' , , i . n." , J 1
- MR.JAND:.MRS. Ji A.- LYLE hate
moved te 276. Beaeh - Walk; "Telephone 1
rapher in the:Jthlrd division of circuit
court, has returned to herduties aftet
a brief vacation.. - ri " . -.vi
assistantcierK oiine, nouse oirepre
sentatlves. has . -resigned . his position
at the postoffice. :; c UT
. EDWARD G. H ALLM AN left: recent
ly for: the mainland. He is auditor of
the'Tbayer' Piano Company and will
attend theig convention f piano men
and alsa the Rotary Club convention.
MR.' and' MRS.: CLAYTON, R; tlN
COLNof Katmuki have gohe to tne
mainland1 to -make their home-there.
Mrs. Lincoln is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs-Williams EbeHas of Alakawelt
Kauai. ; i . .i:-.: . . ;': . ' '
r FRANK IL'BARSTOW, former chief
operator of the Federal Wireless sta1
tion . at lleeia,. and Mrs. . Barstow, wlli
leave on the Matson. steamer. Wilheb
mina for. the mainland, v He willrtake
a position as- telegraph operator on
Federal lines, running from San, Fran
Cisco, south - to Los Angeles and San
Diego, and north to Portland and Se
attle. ....
Sleeper' authorizing the state to bor
row. $5,0H,000 for, war purposes. .
A 5...
. 4- J -
ESTATE ..r ;T 3
. v;-
a riome on
4. i'ii' i: r''e
a1 bargain
..Close to tn&best Kind oi Dining, fMonsetuiif I
two years. (Two stories; 6'spaciow roo'ini,Vw.e !
ranffeatnree.otiWtucn are DeaTooms,;,uaragew; i
; --vants o'artersi wash hohse; sidewalk.anotxon J !
one; :y t:ir, Iriii:
; ! . ft"-.'
? V, ' - i k - ' - y - - - "" ; 1 -'. .' . . p W
-L .' . - ' i r t . : - ". 1 ' . . . '. x . W . v - - '
-1 1 : ?
m www w w v v
ir Fins 1
If Set in "Sil veHte, ! witli .beautiful Rliin Stone
W lobIclike PlatintmLt Fine workmansliip.:
)nees'xne;oniy' gooas oi tne jana ui ine ciij( .. -'. :
Alewa Heights Bargain
A fomfortable IiOTiie-tliree. bedrooms, basement, ser
tants' quarters for two, garage.
beautiful lot of 30,000 square feet.
Unexcelled view of Honolulu.
Concrete road to be laid shortly."
Price only $4150.00
Reduced from $5500.00 !
GuardicmL Trust Co. x Ltd.
TeL 3688 ' . ; 'Stangenwald Bldg.
Manoa.Road : ;;'.',. 2 Bedrooms .1....;
tlalelens. Park (Manoa) .v. . ..3 Bedrooms .........
?229" KaUa Road ( Waikiki) Bedrooms . . ...
. - ,(On beach ivr. Seaside It
2410 Kalakaua AvftCtWalklkl) . ;3 -Bedrooms Al ;v. .
f (Opposite Means Hotel
1563 wilder Ave. ..;y..3iBedrooms .r4
- (Opposite Pleasanton Hot
Pacific Heights Road ..;.... 12 Bedrooms .... ;.i4.. ;
125 Third Ave. (aimuki) ...V..-2 Bedrooms
. . . . .
' -i'Vj- 4
3310 Pahoi Aye. (KafmukiT. ..2 Bedrooms
Koa Ave ( Walklki ) J Bedrooms
Koa Ave. (Waikiki) 3 Bedrooms? ..
Koa Aven (Waikiki) ........... 1 Bedrooms
Koa Aye. (Waikiki) 3 Bedrooms
Alewa: Heights ... .2 Bedrooms
Pohaku St. (Alewa Heights) . . .2 Bedrooms
1235 MaMock Ave. .- 2 Bedrooms
1704 King SL.tnr. Pawaa) . . . . A2 Bedrooms
Punchbowl and Vineyard (Store) ...
-W -
f 0 g
. y . j
r .... t
. .- i
. . . . d
y w Beat .Estate Agents V ';?V-1
Cor. Fort and Merchant St. . Honolulu, TV H.
V - - v.

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