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Honolulu star-bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1912-2010, May 15, 1917, 2:30 Edition, Image 3

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Sheriff Gives Version of Arres
of Sailors But Fails to -Answer
, Althab flTiac bo reason why he
aid not Acksowledce Cpt, Clark's
letter m reard to alleged bniUl treat
ment accorded rnited States sailors
on the streets of- Ilor.olola by local
wucemen, snenrr Rose stated this
oorntas that he ha lpn matla.a
careitti mTesujitum or the auair.
-When this ISTestixatlon is com.
pleted I intend to report fully to Capt
ciariE.".he says, I har statemenU
from . ey vwltaesses but hare been
unable ; to locate others iwha wera
present.'-" ' .-. ' X" '.
Bat btn asked if It would not have
been common courtesy , to hire at
least written the cofomandafilespe?
Uliy after the" Utter had addreasej
two- respectful letters to the sherltf
Roae.smUed and shrugged his shoul
Clalnw -Political Trick
tHe stated further, however, that bw
could' see throujh the whole, scheiDc
as a political trie.
tWb did txot'ihe civil service com
mission give the Uorrof, Capt CltxVi
letter t to the vrcss : wben it .received
them. May ; I.T he demanded, instead
of waiting for wo )weeksr, i , c
In complaints adely, the naval. au
thorltfjs 4he names of the jllcemea
whose confluct s alleged, to have been
tiutal'are noiffiveii;; Bose.old tk
whole'v story to the- SUrBuHeOn this
mdrting, which Is ;1ntenaf: tafyltaws.
accortung to nxs versions, a , '
fios. Gives yertioiiA
9' )Tlv .eanrrt- t7.eto X coming- dowa
llfttat mfreif fnV roTiF!
by; hitting Orientals and kikin over
gafbije cansj? Ataemterof the Met
; iimciency
" Ths.t:. Is the . analysis of Joel
T. VOaetftJ'Fbxttf ied'T oWy i
" Vhich s he-5 pouring ; into
"K iionoiutt4;? r i? y v" y
" It has proved ; it , "ef ficl
. ency" by producing most of '
the Icrasy-i criminal i drunks
' before the courts.', T " -'" ,
;.fihll it be Mayor, Cohen
' ' ' AntiSalooA Xeaarue. :."
r ty-.i ' followed ;ijtheni and
v.hta tl'.j , . a oar Patrolman Samuel
;:.MLaliil-- :i he yelled fori the police
: to arrest' the ..saHcmi-'t' -f-'
Two of tl:e 3ive-.navy . men had br
that ttea ; gone cn , ahead.; Kalilimoku
started ",to rsake; the . arrest and" the
three sailors offered a fight. C Patrol,
cian Waiolasia nearby, saw th rum
rus Vand 'with the rhelpot the meN
charts' rtrolnun assisted Kalilimoka
in 'making ' tb e ;mx8t-Wi-'
When -the threo sailors" were turned
over to the: naval authorities the next
!ay,' a fuU report from the ; police a
coapanied ' them,; explaining the na
tura of theirt offense snd giving the
details of - the arrest, j ' H . , ; '
,ArcpJlecUpnof . wines, liquors Tand
clsars ra.rti of ,the stores "of the re
fugee, Germans boats, will be sold by
Collector of Castcma. u Malcolm .'A.
Franklin, in the course ,of a .week or
two.-;- v.... : : - - -v
, v . . J I
.';-,: AND
Clarciicp O.PnrijjIs
t iD;iccnLtic.. V Cdidate . for
Haycrxabjcci to the Vwill of
lis Vetera cf .the City , and
Coiziy cf IIcfclaltL . 7-. - -;
Republican Rallies Show Inter
est in Primary Election is
Really Awakfned
J. C. Cohen Waikane. 5:10;
T......... ......
nw mAA tJiT . r noothly and personalttlea have been
Over 1000 people, a majority DiI.Hmin.t . ..im. . .
whom were voters, attended the Re-
publican raUy at Emma square last
enthusiastic recepUon. Lorrln An-
fve rlea l? ,ir1fmtn.f:h21t Pt to 4tot out Into the
. - . '
ZV, o . .KTziltot!n!y for "other raj. The m.
Jhe position. Another Republican ral.
'j m ua x ci u yr. fvcwouftw
t roaa. unaer u management 01
Harry Franson and was also success-
ful both In attendance and receoUon.
Leoan Denies Extravagance
W . W a. a a a .
Lnuuet Lpgxn wenc ai lenam ano
present board had not been sstrava-
Kit .-,u
than any. Democratic admtoistraUon.
has been said that we have
spent 40 cnu every time we appro-
prtated $1. but figures at the auditor's
omce,wWcb hny voter an get. will
show - that ? the overhead charges of
the, -general fund have been 81 per
cent and of all fjmda 4 per cent." I " ailing .women vwmld make
said Xjogan. -If you can show me arItwH! Me ' that grand remedy for
lhntTM.a. firm in Hnrminin whirh h 1 woman's " Ills, Lydla E Plnkham's
a better record I would like to see it.
AssaUa Bourbon' Administration
UTheTDemocrats' say that they gave
' -,.:-
Mwiumw vim w wwa wo
v Army is .trying to do for us.
7 rrortifledTpkay, is what'
1 -
U Joel (XCohs .company J;
selling to the soldiers
:,: It is 17 per cent alcohol ,;
and absolutely deadly. '': l
-Anti-Saloon League.
he Republican administration-a hugely
sum of moneyAcontmued lAga:Thef
act la, the?amount was $5445- . They
bh f av.vvv , f WB -CWU1' UMj iUJW, t
but during the past- two-years- we f
have added 90,Ooa to it'fWheney The : jmderslgnld. 4 Guardian Trust
5iiHI2,S;Iorme5 Company,-Umited,, having -been duly
pnbllcaa .heard left; ?$X0OO but this appointed AdmlnUtrator with Will an
the. emocrata used up,; ln;, other nexed of the Haute of Sarah E. W11
wordatwhen. theyr went out. of. of flee late: of SauUCrov California,
they had spent $20,000 more than deceased testate hereby?gtve noUce
their income.
As;tb what; this bbafd has idone I
tor the people; it is wen Illustrated by I
tne laci mat 014910 the. board spent 1
more, tor protection Hor i me f
and property,V jpermanent-l roaus.l
neann;na other improvements tnan
the last years ' of the.Lterms. Logan I
said. "It appears to me that it. would!
oe oaa Business 10 put . us out ot ci 1
ucev.., . . v-; -; - v Zi'
William -Larsen, In speaklnK of the!
water.works said: Good results de -
pentf nponthe heads of the individual
departments.. The administration has
been especially .i fortunate - In rhaving
good heads, jpartjcularly over v? the
water: And. jeweri department whichi f ,
now has the best -organization In the
city - J government "Th - ratS 4 havoT
Deen ; aajustea ana it . anyone oecome
TcUniuent the water Is not turned I -
off but payment may, be made on the
instalment plan."
Sreckons Tikea Stump
tAmong the spellbinders of the
J 'I
evening was, R, W. Breckons, who de
clared .that as It. was the Republican
party which gave Honolulu city and
county, government, , It should be kepi
I3. office.!? He '. pTalsed especially' y the
voIt ; of ."David 'Kalanokalatit fitintT
-t ' . m . t a. .'. M
tier , y- a ? 'Ams cry . 4c.y;; auuniej,
ana Ufci. umjuing, city treasurer.
' fW; H.:B6ogs for supervisor, prom-1 r
Ised to attend" to the eity'a business
as hr would his own: KilL iWood
ward," for;auditorvi said Jie was quali
fied t because 'he had beeaclerk- of
the legislature;. Ben Homager showed
What he had done for the people:
J"amesBickneU;? auditor, pointed ont
that Jie,' too, , was. an island-born hoy,
and v Edgar Henrlqnes,; who . said - he
was the . "good road candidate, j -76therf
speakers;werB I John1- C.' Lane,
Edward" Hopklns W. C Acht," William
Ahia,: 3J A. Beaven. Chas. H. Belllna,
Robert Horntr Joacph Luis and B, A.
On the ground thai; the liquor, bust-
ness and efficiency do- not go together
and 'tlxat "J Cohen.1 candidate for
the Jepublican nomination for, mayor,
is In the wholesaler liquor business la
Honoluln as represenutive of a Call-
fornja winery, the Anti-Saloon League
will oppose Ms nomination. At a meet
ing of - the -leasee held i yesterday
It- was decided; to -Insert advertise
ments In the form of readlig notices
la the local papers each stay this week
which should call attention to the bus
iness' la which Cchea- is engased'and
the attitude cf the lcci-a tenrarii V.i
wapocraac primary k r1r
meeunrs vm be held this evenox at
aioaaaius, Aiea snd Peart CUr, The
candidates also may go to Watertown.
. interest m the DemocrsUc primary
campaign la increasing daily, and last
nigav nig crowds attended the meet
ings held at the PaUma pumpmg sta
tion and iaLalmi road, Nunana. -'.
As this Is the final wcek of the
1 forcer last nfrJit anil nnfm rin-m
T I slmultaneonsly at totn meetlag pla-
I nirr m-, -m v..
next Saturday. ThOa far the- Bon
campaign has Wed atona
UrgeIy to their own Aol qualin"
KlfVI 1' rV.
v mw . va va waa w vo ian vnu
next Iriday evenia with a big rally
i at Aaia-park.
nr ntnurii iiiTnnii i
a ; '
Ji '' 7' """ ZlJ
1 lys deependent and depressed and
SJS .?W?rt,m. tow 1
JS.'tSfe H
H itt"S.J5? ealth. v An
fi00"01 .f0??1?0-
," scumws, sieep-
1 """ ueaaacaes . ana
I de??R,efteT- " .
JfeUbI Compound there would bev
little occasion to ask if , despondency
i natural to woman.AdT. fif I
ft , ''i t'.-
. Ma.
TO "DAGO Rfib.wv , 7.1
The Fortifled Tokay that Joel
C,,CoheVia selilng'Is .7-
17 Alcohol
v and ) deadlier than -'"Dago .
..f. ., .. HE ..- . , -
;-, t For MtyorT NO. ' ' 1
'Anti-Saloon League. '
:" notice TfivcnEniTftaa' :
1 - t ';', ;,4'-;y :.-:-;
14 ESTATE SARAH Williams;
l C . v .... ' -
to all persons: having claims' against
said estate to present-the same to the
undersigned ; at Mts r office. Stanten
waid Building;, - Honolulu, 1 ,wlthbt six
months from the date, of the nublioa-
Uon of this notice or the- win be for.
ever -iMurred?-'?'5
GUARDIAN TRUST, coi ltd ..
Administrator -with.. theVWIU Annexed
of the Estato of Sarah, E.' Williams,
iiecease'-.'.C j;.f-vv.'?H
eAU--M,-;wAiuitw ft jWHTTNExV i
i Attorneys, 1: s
k-a e7S$ May 15, 22 29,'June 12c a
1 11 limn ..j XtiU:':;?-;.." -;t 1 -4.' - , t
' '-" ' Squdre;dedl tor everybody ;
; ;, j ' No hpppdikdi q &i $6 z dpdu ,
; :jL-:. lV : .. -V"
wdtmmmmcm 3
: ." 'gn i ? , "',.
' - '-C
' Ik ir the patriotic? duty :6f rdtfitaiiT in
tune of war to see that thp novernment
runs along smoothlyv wimbut ' friction yor
interruptions inciderit to puttihsianew
Mayor in office.; -
With war stirring the cbuntiy and dz
le, ah important duty of the citizens
is to forget all personal Apolitical feeling:
r wherr tKev cTft'trv 'fh rol1 " . : nv W r
i?TKs;is riot the time ifor, sc
patronage, for a owi tching o f - p oh a C3, " f o r
execuUve expenments: V jiV r-:
r 1
is a
rA wm &..au -inaes oa prcparca to rzzzJ tl:3 j.'-:-
uiieresis ana give .-j-v:
iSrDAUXREr.l lriDEHS !
' 1 ,' ' . ' '
2Uarsf-s?r:e'. cf' tt'7's .rsr.t -r j
ecrva YOU by tzm:izz .f: vj c!
Jthea. ; - ;.: -
;; Wanted Two mere -paster.crs f;r
motor-party aro-iad islird, 4 eici.
"Lewis Garage, phene 2141. Adv.
' That spare room should be tri-ir '
3ron an Income. Is it?' If net a4vcr
Usa It in; the , SUrCuSetiacZassf:? i
columns.. -v .; . - ' v.-.'-
- For Dlitflledwaten 'lire's ri';t
Beer - and all ether - Tcr ulir Drinks
try the Com SodA V.'aUr V.'crks Ca
i It will "psyt you ; to .aivcrtise yr-r
real estate In the Eiar-EuIIetia it ycu
make a .business matter" of It, ai
CARRT rr.TiinouGiL - "
'"Finding a 'pcslUcA" Is ' ths"
task of many nea snd wcn::n l'.I
the time.-. tar-Du::?t!a cIcseL'IjJ ad
vertising offers cocrcratlca.tliit -r'..-:
'. The trustees of the Ilc-ula Li
brary. Association - wf.l meet at S
o'clock tMs ercsja ia ;the Lilr:ry
of Hawaii.: C 1
-1. - i
' '7 '
-. - - , ; ' -
; : Paramount to all ether Liirrs'ij tLs dut :
the City and Ccurty cf Hocc'.a. ca to :..
' ground- i t -.' i. . : ; y s . v '. . . .
y:'-DemAndthat tla m:a who Seek yrur kuf:.-; -'
moral priacljle zzi s?c:z. pr::rs at!.:7 --V,-"A-wcrId.ca
fire r.-ltias f:r c:r.l I: ;-j
i; tpectacle.-cf casdiiites fcr . put::; 'cr;:-v .z i:
tisa tsavers cf nii:r!l t - vU
'ttailag no CzZzLi iizzl ca live r.:::! : 5 v.
mere l2;:rt vi:'.:-i cf r 'i : -
' - Vet? t:t rcVer .a : 1 'c
Cs.-.: : c: .. ::tei to a r - ;
' to.r.tr.3 la t3 v.zr:i, tl f ;
act "Rl.'a -.:; .2:.:r7 r: ' ; t
c: ci :."7 :
i J ,
r ty t r- :'-
: t ! -
extraordinary wOTfices df the'
- '
- s - -
- -
; s tha r-
: -v : ;
: t7
; ;
, - S ! .

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