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v.'- H. ALLEN
v J v
I 5 DAY 1 ?
;..;;MAY 15, 1917
TteGty Shculd Elect .To Office
No. lThc Mayor an cl i Board of Supervisors
:cr Iycr-Joha 0, Ine EcpubUcan.
cr Csscrvircr (seven to bo elected) E. A.
t-Crnith, Hcpnbllcan; Chirks IT., Arnold
-:llicin; V7. H. HcClloa, Democrat; Bcc
lr:r.; Ccpafclicaa; Lcctcr Pctrie, DenQ
; J. Azhrzz E carca, Ecpahlican; and cad
t!.3 fclioTTi--: O. n. Bcllina, 7, 0 Achl
-1:1 Lean. VTillian Ahia crEd-jar Heai
laiiolulti 1 almost on. the eve of an important
( lection with inan tcndred, perhaps tbou
' , cf Tbterii undecided as to their ballot for tttj
::rr next Saturday p Vi;" l-'il
: vvr before has there been KUh an evident noa?
;! an movement a desire io elect to oi2ce th4
::ca avjii.ible, almost without regard to 'party
t ion. '"FcraJcLed" tickets orHkely to be plea
1 i:?zt Saturday and that ceans scratcnea or
; tickets in lhe final election.;-J -r'M
i.umbcr of the candidates "ire to iai' considerably
t untried, in elective ocer others are almost
-n. Others have been tried and have faill
.: impression of fc:ccfulf forward-lookins
. rwari-rnovins cClciency which Ilonoiuln..bad
'?ct a time of prci-ac rcfronsn ilit:r5.'4j
:t V : ;ir.y icople have tsicd Xls r : ar-Bnlleti?
I cr stands on this cr on that candidate,
: i:;!v evident that the mind3 cf many vptew
: - : rp, partly from lick of informational
: , partly becauro in 'tcrcral instance cone
.( r-;rcachci;tha ivlcal 'j riainli
r. au dirjustcd becauca Ihey have Uii
! t-, n men none cf whom they feel litp
faces a coalition and not a theory.
t ' . j nc. c: ::(y cf electing men to run Hon
t! ? r.?z t tro years. '. The;di?rm?ted stay-a
::o r cd to Lis rarty cr his city. Th)
?' : at tL? 11. t cf candidates and ea.vs
't vela fc? nay cf them is not a.'goojt
:: --'A:? v;l.at t!.6. qtmlity of the cacdl
their fra
v c: xc
to c-.::
-v 1
1 1
i t:
r t:
in t:.-
;tiv2 cf
i ' ;:r.er.t; va
- :. :.. . .t to meet?
at this r-rticular
' : .ii
th::r records eo far ai
:.!.cd c.Ver c;
pre or:?.
e t!
t V
jrc: ..cat
re fully, ami
;n has Leeii
J cad
;t.v t'. :
;r 1::.::
r v, '.;() i ; :
cf .k
::t rf f.
i f
:d f
! r
A'.r.i of CV
4 O V ' .
. It' v;catd
the 1:7--r
fc:- II ;
...in!.;- i
? t;:; ; n-t
; at city :
: :.' : t: :
.? r - rt :
i:.ta ; u
: tyj.;.;
lit I - ; f Jr
Cv-V f3f
'rz2 tv.
. : :: . at
. It v.cuii
-rten tl'.ra
e. It ;v,vA
t.:-. aril
;lalU; ; If
;;;c?i cr.r.li:
tl . bnsinrjl
. rar.-.er.t vas
. . f4
ener, bnt can expect W steady Improvement, wltli ii
man at the head of tte governinent who beam him-
mlf with dignify,- for whom no apologies are neces
sary, and whose attitude, principles and conancx on
der eiven circumstances are known to the roters. :
For snperrlsori eighteen. ai in the fielwfor the
Republican nomination and fourteen on tne ucino
cratic ticket, seven on each ticket to be nominated
raiuraay anu seven eieciea in iikj iiuas. - f '. .
E. AMott-mith and Charles K.; Arnald Repub
licans; and WBctHeltattV Democrat, by all means
(uouiu ue nomioaiea . ana eiecieu. ..uuiuihh
perhaps the mot generally popular man In th race.
It is conceded by.the DemotTats . that ' he will be
elected and he is likelv to head' the ticket- He lias
plenty of i experience in public oQee,
capable and many-sided man with a natural talent
for getting along weiriii; pnJlJc:fpbitl6ns2:a' good
type of a candidate whd can be supported on a non
partisan basis. '::''- " J;r-;r'
W 1 . . ' T '. J';''rl lif'-V "H ,'1':;"
: It' is improbable that many bf the-present board
will be reelwteowhdiarre
be leader of the present board.; 'Charles X. Arnold
is an able supervisor. . He has had a better grasp Of
the city business m general than any other, member
of the present board. - He oujrht to be continued as
chairman of the road : committee;
WV II. McClellan desen es the support of Repub
licans and Democrats., lie la needed because of his
knowledge of city finances and city affairs in gen
eral. When he was a member of, the board, he was
one of its leaders,' even when a Repuolicaa majority
wc s against him. If elected co vr'. he wou Id give bet
ter service than ever; lie has "a natural4 bent tot
municipal of2ce," js a" hard worker; and gets along
well even with those politically opposed to him., lie
knows the ropes ; thoroughly and 'realizes; that -the
ucsi .puuuca on xue ooara .is.incpoimcs., oi .n
ciency. -; ; ; ..; ;.;. . : v; - ; S' ;,
Another Democratic candidate Who ' would be
valuable on the next board is Lester JPetVie Ilere
is another man of solid principles and 'convictions,
of experience 'and of practical ability; The. Rtai4
Bulletin. believes that both' Peiyie and McClellan
fhculd I j elet'cd their nominations are conceded.
- A member of 'the present board whose record en
tit!:.; him to reelection is Ben,lIollinger Right now
Ilnlliaer's impetuosity in campaigning has got him
icthing of a squabble with others of his own
They say he is taking too much credit to
into fo:
himrelf for the achievements of. tho present board;
That is possibly true. Rut the fact remains that
Ren Ilollirer has done a Teal job as chairman; of
the parks and playgrounds Voramittee, "He has got
things done. He has been able to conceive and ini
tiate and construct. ? He js a young man in politics
and .he,' too. makes mistakes, but in the; main he is
traveling the right direction 'y And that's another
thing Ac is traveling not 'sitting on fhc tdclc of his
v.rcl: ch l letting thc otlitr fcUoui do the Kork vhile
Ic confutes himself to talking, f v-tSV-A
pro mis irig,,hust li ng, I ntensely ear nest and "vip
erous candidate";-is : J.V Ashman Heaven; Reaven
thould be a good supervisor because he is alert to
many comparatively small but still important city
needs. He has always been active in neighborhood
kr.rrovcment work. He has had experience' in Xew
to b
ar.l open
. 1 f
;t on
1 co'i-
t "of
is the
t C-
i a
cf t
! lavcr ha- -p
fi: cf t
in cl'lre i
. ;tica 1
to get
hi he re
ocnt ci:y
::.:at with
eppe r.cat
:i:r.7, rie
Lr.g.and in. a position corresponding to that
Fuiervisor,-.'hcd he has lived long enoimh herc'str1
that he-is not a malihini. , He is.theK of man
v; ho in public cfee wouljl be oj)en always to sugges
tioas for civic betterment v: 'wZ
As the seventh mcmlr of the .lkard,-voters have
f cvjrr.1 acceptable candidates for any ot whom they
ra.:y cast their ballot. Y. C. Achi, though the wise-
s give him email chance to win. has good points
taken into consideration: HH:is sho-n-n tlmt
. alive to the r.red of;lK)nJ.pliarte.revTsion,
aa i.y.orhcd wjth the short-ballot advocates during
the past two years.; Daniel Logan and .William
Ahia of the prcrent .beard, harlcs H. Rellina and
H !,;ar Ileariqres. new aspirantsare asking for elec-
tian. Logan and Ahia; hare plenty of experience.!
lagan's record and his loDg activity in : the com
ma aity have won him innumerable friends and sub
ftar.tial palitieal support.: Rellina has one special
r: alir.eation that of knowing at first-hand about
I ..1 fced-FupplywhichpntitIes4lilm"; to. 'serious
t hh ration, and he would give useful service to
!lhe fall extent of his' ability.- llenrioues has a
j trcrg following and is regarded jis a promising can
. ; M hte. On the -Democratic side former' Bnnrv!Rnr
Jv ha ::arhham has had experience and is well liked.
A: other Democrat who will gc tt considerable ote
i3 Jcr:e Makaiati.;. :: r- -. ft :. " . ': -..V-':- ; ' ':v
A 1 card composed of Messrs. Mott-Smith Arnold,
: IcCIeU aa, I'ctrie, Hollinger, Reaven and one of the
other Republicans named would W.well-balancetl,
mere than ordinarily' capable, and hajonioui?.-. It
t a! J Le ftroaer than the present board. It would
n inn to
It ; ! r -B I B
tli II 1 1UU
Tht reaxltlsx fcTiaes Is crti:-tr
stirriax a lot ct Iztcrttt la llcs
lata. I bfiUere tefort Ui wetx U
over tbero will be pleat? cf tolca-
Memorial nScnrices : forSt
: Late Ambassador, ;;'-
Impresslv servtcei, were , held tn
Central ; C&Ion church last hlat m
memory of; George W. CBthrte.;lte
American : : arat&saador "to Japan,
whose remains are now ; to Honolulu
aboard " a Japanese cruiser- oa taelr
war to the mainland for totenneaLi:
i- Over the head of those on, tbe plat
form were draped the flags! t "Ameri
ca and Japan, allies now ta a common
caaae, end the eervlcea wer& conduct
ed both In Japanese and English Oa
the platform were Gotercor Ptnkham,
Brig.-Gen. Frederick S. Strong, Capt
Geoje IL'CUrk; Capt O. NUro ot the
eraser Azuma, aatt the Revt.i- J.- p,
Erdman, T. Okinawa, T. Hort, G. Mo
tokawa, -'Ja H. WUllams and D.C
Peters. - .. ; r? -v.-v:
Crowd FiJIa Church'V' - -V;' '
I The bod j of the church tfu filled
to capacity and;' aside from townspeo
ple SOOi members of the crew, of the
Azuma and -as many I officers : who
could obtala relict from duty aboard
were present. . Rev., Mr." Okamura
opened the ervicea -wlth,remarka ia
Japanese.; and ' the laTocatlon tin
pokea by Rer,;Mr. HorL' : -i - : - ;
r -We ahOHldlconsWer for a moment
the ? beautiful courtesy extended by
Japan to the United : States," said
Rer, Mr. Erdman. This act of Japan
la an act of generous friendship and
we here tonight take pleasure, aa Am.
ertcans, . ia acknowledgtn? it as such
oa behalf of our country." .' - V- -
Speaking of Mr. Guthrie work as
a diplomat, rMr: Peters said, la part:
-George W. Guthrie the late ambas
eador to his Imperial majesty'a rgor
eminent at Tokio, was : a maa pecu
liarly fitted vbyi his ancestral 'inheri
tance; by his fine general and, special
training, and by a spkndid .experience
in municipal affairs. ; Before neing
chosen to hi3 highambassadorial of
tir he hfid already, achieved distinc
tion as a clear-sighted statesman who
could see Into the very heart or an
issue, strip It of its nonessentials, and
present In 'cogent , form its, essential
f a'cts. This , was a ;very necessary
faculty In the ohe who was to be cho
sen to. represent ; the United; Sties,
her spirit, her alms, her general atti
tude, to the Japanese government; He
was chosen at a critical time. Grave
misunderstandings ;i were arising.
These , misunderstaniiags were ? voic
inj; themselves not Infrequently, ' la
harsh terms. 5 That I these misunder
standinrs were allayed so readily and
the harshness v disappeared so com
rlciely can'ba accounted for, if not en
tirely, at lea st very largely , by tne
srlcclid'.wcric-; don J by, Arbassador
Guthrie, la portraying the spirit of the
American government-..to the'govern
neat of the Mikado."
At aay ia:
. . : c:
h a V. cuM te
v 4. I....!. .-.e
T- -( , ' "I 1 I
.Vv ' . ; it I
have crpe.lencd men fqr the road committee, the
v.ays and means committee the parks committee,
tho health coaimittce (Mott-Smith, former president
territorial board of health) . It would have
cf t!
vigorous new blood and would have a solid founda-
th:n of experience'. " r"' ;'.':
V,it!i Lane a mayor the board would be headed
rrht for progress. ; ,The" present administration of
f SthccIty engineering, water and .pswer works, ekt-
(to Judge Polndexter) " . Ton- may
Cad It a tittle warm at first for yon
here, coming right out of the snow of
Montana, but get a palm beach f a
oongee suit and youll forget It Quick.
5 -JAMES ' V. jrilP (ia Los Ange
lea Examiner) : If Hawaii had only
the nlua and dolphin , as game fish,
the islalia would rank high as a fish
Ins resort.:J But they hate many more
good fighters to test the angler's akUL
candidate for supervisor; The Demo
cratic candidates got the beat recep
tion- Sunday that tho back country
has ever given the . party. Joa Fern
was called upon to apeak threa times.
' A.-.vV JfEELY: The big corpora
tions generally - watt until the small
fry have their taxes paid before, send
ing their checks into the tax office.
Thafe the reason the last day tor col
lections generally exceed any of the
other' days, i tr&
lfcCARTHt:rv had most
1 of th typewriters init bufldiag
busy, th last few days ; helping . me
get ready for my. trip to Washington.
And my head is crammed so full of
bond figures that I couldni get car'
bor board ides ia aide wise. - . .. .
litical fight on Hawaii is one of the
bitterest, la the ialands. Whether Sam
Kauhan or Kormaa Lyraaa will head
the next board of supervisors; is a
Question that has split the voters Into
two opposing camps and the meetings
are -mighty hot. ;- - t hs'---;
v R. -W, BRECKONS: .The Con
even though It is shy on-illustrations
by Howard Chandler Christy or- Har
rison j Fisher. V Recently.; during the
discussion on tho army; bill, one of
the. distinguished senators put. in an
amendment making it illegal to sell
liquor to members of Congress, and
it. was remarked during the debate
that of courr', -so far as the senate
was concern! J,. there was no need of
such a provision! .
MR.; AND MRS. A. W. EAME3 of
Wahiawa are home after a mainland
trip..jv;.:; . V:'C: y . -f, ";:. '-
Weialua plantation has arrived from
a mainland trip.
to the coast to attend a wedding cere
mony, has retwed.-.--- - . .- ,' v' :
SHAW h'a3 returned from an exteadsd
tour of the mainland.. -::;
MR3. J. HAltGIE ard her 'daugh
ters. Miss Pegsio and Avis, have, re
turned from a yisit to Chicago. . ; .
. DR.' II. bELUOT of HI16, who has
been : traveling on the mainland for
some months. Is a home-coming pas
senger. '" -r ;
will lecture here ' on Finland and fhj
Fins. - arrived on the last boat , from
the - States. : i 7 V;:1;;;.-
from San Francisco, where she vent
on the sad ' niss'.cn: of ; attending tbi
funeral ox her iiiouier.-,--... t , . .
' Charles E. ? King,-1 Harold ; Godfrey
and R. M. Dnncaa have entered the
race for election as president of the
Kamehameha ' Alumni v:: Association,
their names having - been - placed - on
the slate at A meeUng of the. organ
2aticnlast night.- Other nominations
are as ' follows: ;:- ... "-;y r-. '','
EL K, - Punl and Thecdore ' Awana,
for vice-president; Joseph, Ordenstein,
treasurer; TxjuIs Feary, recording
se cr e tary ; C William Akana and T.
Awana, for corresponding secretary ;
David Desha, auditor; E.' K- wong
ham,. John K. Fern, Charles E. Kins,
William Ahia, and IL" Godfrey, for
auditors, threo r - whom - are ; to be
elected;.;;' r:r-'r!V'Pi?iy
Thrush wood, , the r home ' of. Irving
Dacheller, author and playwrighv a
Greenwich Coua-' was. destroyed by
fire at a loss of tlQ9,0C!). : .t.y : :
their proved ability, charatter and ambition to serve the. pr.hlic in
stead of for their party tag, we shall not progress far along the read
to emciency. When tne party, managers ana proicssicnai.poHui-iui.?
realise that good candidates must be". given a square deal and cn
couragement J run,, and when worthy men ""'find that other worthy
men have been elected even though not of the dominant political
larXOie ihlvemaa BrtnJvg"!; typa.IIlhag. to "get into
politics.".- -y:V: .h,:;; ; r; ;
The Htor-lJulleiiri-has beenasked
'fhis paper hasnojcandidates in the sense of pledging itself. to cap
port any man or set of men in order to put over a Elate. Some of
the men we cannot support as best for tbe plac are men with v.hom
this paper is on the friendliest terms.; But this i3 not a matter cf
friendship: It is a' maiter where the conclusions reached after a
thorough study of the situation and of the candidates ought to he
placed before the votersbefore the readers of this paper. ,. . :.
.The Star-Uulietih is confident that the men it suggests to the
voters will give t he. city ;a ; reasonably' good administration. .The coiae
cannot, be said of other possible combinations. - ; rr -
; ( Tomorrow iti Jthis (tolitmt icill be discussed the candidates fcr
vity attorney, sheriff, clerk, auditor and treasurer) . ' -' ' '
ERNEST DIA3 cf t Lpuis College
was operated upon xt the Eeretania
Sanitarium yesterday - fcr appendici
tis. He is reco7trins rapidly. ,
. ALFRED YAP of . Honolulu, one of
the stara of the old Chintse baseDaii
team and receatly a - student at le
high, is back ucmp for th summer.
S77 T';i
1 ; -..1-"."--
rrjojns. Lot 50xllG feet Furnituro TnaV bo had if desired.
Price $4750.00
W&cx Gain Ciiztziii by TcS.:r (or:r h
MiM 3 . : :, . ' ; -.: -; v v - -
":' ..... - - - - .. -""".'"',?':!
f run end hide. ;::' ',
::;';chi:tJ :. continue to
:csJalthe ieara of-the
public by presenting J
th e i r r business as
i i ;? usual. ;V J, ;
.v'; Here hiints VTho
; -V Ctop their publicity
iin a 'period of public ;
' J hysteriv: are in the
:.;..' same boat .with the r
Ht; Frightened " People r
i Zwbo Run and Hide..' ;
I li!;i to O to tp
: tnd tuK ch Art
1 I
1 (JTha Rcil C'alc'nzrn 'has confidence in hi3 business
ftand talks ;it through adverti:in roll the time,
fr V - Paid Publicity. Gain3 Confidence. '
Vf .'r- -s .
J he net paid circulation of tho .
ft t; Star-Bulletin oa! Harch 21 was yfV-
He developed into enfc cf the bast coV
less players ia Eastera rants. ;
A: M. I JONGENEEL, ''agricultural ex
pert for the CalL'ornia Packers Cor
perationand preslasnt of the local
branch cf the aima "concern, the Ha
waii - Prcserviag : CoV arrived. from
Saa Francisco tor a-viylt here." ;. .
- I ' 4 - mmmmmmmm .. . c '
w.'l 8ANE0It?r of Kauai has hu
ried hom-s from a tour ca the main
lan 3 to combat the anthrax epiJeial
which la threitenlng h!s. ranch later
ests. ':;.;. -y-
o ;..
Llsrary. I r-ti:ed a ne?? i.:n e. u
cr so ago 'which sccrcd to lay c :i- i
rhasU ou tas fact that f!ct!?a t cl;i.
are nesdd. Cut I tnow tr.U t.-.3 r.j!t
need ct the Cchofrli LIt::.-y U, tnl,
text tad ec-::1 t-:':r. t a
air-bra (L!;h sc:.:cl), r v .'.'a -ra:s-.
ari.Ii:ti:3, aai xr.iny ctl-.tro; r :." i,' :
scientl.'Is tcc'i3 cf rtt--?, t:
we have era car! rat: tV.;!, I.':. ' .
I am cf tie c;la! a that if a r : - I. T
tlma to read -flctlra ha'hai t: 3 t
: 1 d.-i ret raial If clatrarrrfir f'.:t:r:.
but otjjct to Cie fl:tl:a rtzitra
Z'Z it-",' ' ' '
J - f .
' EIr: I would ti nV a f?w wcri cc-' n r--'j !
- Wclvts icr3 fir ia::3 c:r
Palestine. ia t'.allcal tir.rs'f:
. 1, . .. lulu ..
-' 'i:- :-:r';!?. -" ." '
. ; -.1. . ;
ii J
' . . 1 ...
i !
r-V ---: -'"'-r 1 -s
":".VZ '.
' .
.1J ...
c c.
. , -
! Platinum lini:h,-thr.t Trill p!:-..::3 yen, -nov. i:
ia cr:
4--- ".'VT -"!- J. . . . CD., ..
:::7;7:': "
-at. royal "jGrorc,; L:;-
ISA '--- "
! 1
1 . .
a v.
r ('
.. v.-
i in the main is a good 'administration would
- t - :-!--t vr.;rr'of ciectir-
t a

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