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Honolulu star-bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1912-2010, May 15, 1917, 2:30 Edition, Image 9

Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI

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. , - h:::olul j
(VIMtcrs vhsi hart sot beta !v
J. J. z z
t iui Us Power's r.:;::inery Prl:rs.
rnoin: y-c-ci
ty ieTC-r-rifcn).
Y '
, - . .- . . .. rr : - t r 1 " " "
HICH CMiniFF. SAL- r-:. ; . n -
Cf I . V y - T v
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" - - " ; yr ' --
- Honf.ala Lodse rV--v !.
stated, 7::3 P- n- 'fv-:
TUESDAY- ' -:- -
Hcnclula Chapter To. 1. sp
Vlil, ntrk - Master Degree.
' WEDNESDAY ' --' '
Hawaliia Lcd's o. Vtp
. cial. Third Decree, 7:23 p. xa..
VJUmclnlu Ccmmandery No. l.
V; stated and apecial, Red Cross..
- Y -7:23 p.' n." ; - - - ;; , , ; - i .
' f RID AY 'v:--v' v :' V r
' Lodge Le Frcgres ?;
-: special . Flnt ; Degree, 7:23
' ' P- - yy.
CATURSAY : -m'-::-'
Harmony Chapter No. 4, 0. E.
- J -tV r ; ':
' " i-i:
v . v , W
- . - V.. -
IIir.:rr zls 3. 7:3 P.
' n. "s ctktritlca
cr tie rc::,-: :::t Atilvtrtirr
cl tis L:::, . ; .-;
v- - f
::r L:i:3 2,'7:C3'P.
i "
3 1 - - I
: c:
. ; . t
i i
: . t. ...i
POULTHY - piioduci:
Tcrritcrid :f.!c;!:::;n Civ?ru
f.Jaunxkea nexr t::n r..:ra .::3
YEE:CHAi: C: CO.'.
; oiuehtaleili's !.
Freest Pzttrvrlrti
v-'';. .' "tr.i Cream,
Prcst-o-Lito Ctcri jo Xattsrjr;
y": -r Cervix -r ;;c
If jrour tittcry Is rot tctis ritt,
call and see cs.fsr free tiTlce,. '
Hus.::3 ZU'c't Ciuth.
.-'';' .' Prices,. .1. ; ' .'
TH E H U D- : H ctel, E w ef Pert
, 'Latsit t-i v.cr.jn's f::tv
;.;rCtlver. crcy .yli C Irch -.tc?f''-r.f:il
Chss C'.cre. Hctsf AFcrt
- - r " '
. ... .. , ..r
' ... cf : '. I
. L E " - -. . j . C ..
::-U7 c:. ;
;.;r, ltd.
Ti : I !
:lrl5.C: Lt'.
c "J Fcrt
Vi(.:j ,
! i
t 1 -
ly tl-Lil rr: cf the
rr.ry cf IIr.v.T.ii.
V v A.
, 1
by -Tenfc?..
Lv Ctcvcn-
- "
1 1
, 11
-1 .
;;;V LU U Lli .U Jlu o v "J
Sielal EUr-SiCitJi Ccrrwpleae.)
IHLO Ilty 14. Hua vas tsx
icus last Eaturda xaoniz?;wtea"tl.e
news was trcslit froa Haul tfcat.a
supposed raider tf as clt tie- slxores
cf UolokaS tad Mac! sad that she had
Uro rsrsela. cat tltcn.eTldeiatly a
damny.'" ? The - reports-was s'enf -into
! Cabald by, CaptaJa Parser, the ta
Lcraastr- st ttat pert The eaptaia
tad -teea put early xnaaaj: tis way
U Lataica sra. . tkhea near tae sjm
cf vtat was. ace ilcGresors Lsxd-
Tcrsa out st .set.: He felt sure that
cne cf tfce two fuaaels sported toy the
tteasierr-wss &dunuy. ;Tte captaia
reported tie aiuer r . oy ,-ieiepooae
frmri Thstna tn Kahnlul SUd thea!
scene' of eidtaxcat is said to hSTe
eventuated. . ,
Th first thin t!ane was tt arrange
for two sampans to xaake tHe circlo
of the Island of Maul rrom cuiereni
siaes vneso two , ooau wb
speedy - and : they were sooa off - oa
their Journey la the -course oi uae
the- .net oa the Klhel side of. Haul
and thea both saw the -strange look
iaj steamer, e,way oft iloIoklnL The
saxapans headed toward the- ship and
she at ccce- stsamea ou at iuu speea
Into the wide PacTicrXi N'l, A
la the ineaauae an Island steamer
was raailns her way to a. Maul port
nf thm -'rHntA!n.'".Wtfentoff "Moiokisi,
H j : imi 7
also sa-v? ; the stranser. ' He 'describe
her as -a.-'pecixliar-iooiUBS-'Crair wim
two funnels cto tt them, a false one,
he declares.' ,:- ". ''-'
A Matsca Eteaner' was ia Kahului
f.arhr. K-aiUns: tn start 'for here
to get, a cargo "of susar at - .to pick
up the former Gernaa stealer u. v
n -AkTpr TuTtow her to Cia Fran
cIsco. ; Captaia nysa wts iirrced cl
the presence of he supposes raiar
.n3 fia advised to kill with all lights
extinguished.; Thlj was don and the
rcsstl arrived sarely, la Ililo Day ca
Saturday ecrcj-Av "--v '-a '
- V.tHa son a ueo2le do' cot' heHavc
ia .the raider story, others declare thai
the vessel Is i prctatly the cue that
haa l;sca reported from Earner ana
ri'f nd that '.the- extra fuuael has
beea raised la order to divert sus
picion iron ler, as la the real South
eas . she was described as :havins
only cne fuzneL . . si,' ' "--.-,'" ''.''. .
That the raider, if there Is cue, is
w-!i!fiT!r fir 'a . rhance to attack some
cfr m?r tonnd for the coast and thus
kUa!n cup;llci Is the 'crlr-a of
tizzy 'il;:-3. Stni there a:
113, to
la J:;:-::3 warshir3 ia;i:
v,aicrs tad they should -be
3 to
ta-ila' the-cltuitlca- all nshL-.. ;;
r-' ' v i-'atbTo v.-t2 written lave
t'r-Ltin has failsd to . confirm : the
tt:ry cf the nystcrisu: vesrd.!
.-.. 1 0
? j11 1 '
I ;
i "
i '
. I. '
- & m. i
The June 'number cf the J!id-Pacif.c
risazine Is out on. the 'newsstands
today, and k.tepp' up its hlsh standard
Trcm the bright cclor-cover, show
ir ' beautiful -.AVvlalua Fall3 , Kauai,
t3 the last rase; . thl3 ninth's '.111
Vrr'Ti- I a' tnarazine cf cuality. Ar
ticles concerning Ilawallnd, as csua
era featured but rractlcally . every
country cf the Pacific is 'represented
Tcr "Japan; 'Barca -Ehitu"sawa .con
tributes an article, entiuecu "Lpirnaa
J;;:a and . Amfrica";. : the Editor";
r: -rv mcnth tells cf the T::s:cst
CILj.in Ca V,crl2,M, Canton, "C!i!na;
tlcv.3 LlaUca cf tenia cf the
rr- '-r? end inri:r'.r!?3 cf South
.a.,3 t . j . A-ir.-- -, ---
cf a
wcni:rfl nlnia-
tura ciuillt3 cf Ccnlia at Coa Tmn
clrcj, .an 3 th
' -' tl3 Crc:
1 tells cf the real thins
TrLIch arpcars ia the form cf an tr
Lcla: -limbics Atout mlla
J. 11. '. Lydate- ccntrioui-3 ani sa-
r.-Tj-.t cf 'the nbtory, cf - the .'Last
I2zz cf Ilauci, and Vocd3 Fctcrs, J
roun-r ITcnc-lnlaa.' UII3 cf. a -venture
fcn:e trip with LI3-.1 Icycl3 ithraugh
thf "Z'.z Island-, cf-Hawaii
'"'irlc.Tvahi en Tlanr-13-. full ct
!-t-s : and. ccatnfns . err-criences
tnd an:c-otC3 cf tha rrct hun:crist
n th3 val'ey :II3. ;:rs. jts Lcn
ci Ln
Ju-e nunirer, tut a new
outh Cca artlcl:3 has bcoa
1 ji k
7 Mr3. Lcr.icn.
Th3 illi-Paciflc-edited. and prints
entirely ia Ilonc.uix I3 a rnararinr.
itzt contrares favcrahly . with any
r:il.V.rr.t!;a cf it? kind anywhere.' an i
the Juna number,' just cut, 13 a' good
- o -
1 .
1 c i
A f
- . Iw.
' ' ' '.:
'f I...
t i.
... 1, -', f ,
r-i c . - :
r. 'tl-.' s . r-- " , - ... ; j. .;
hum xf-ir 14 --ThAt some criminal
1 1 1 plfhrt!T trrins: to
murder somebody b deraCinX' trains
cf the Hawaii consoucawa ,iiuw7
rT.an U "Tprr. erldent. 'For ' the
secend tlaerwithia a weesi a switch
has bera tampered with near uoonean
iPTir-e-irf.rfliT fnr certain fsafesuards
intHoii mh tha , railroad' company
there s would cave oeea aawuier
wrecked locomotive T last ; Saturday
evtninj.' It will -te remembered that
a week ago the evening train to Pa&u
Ilo was derailed and the engine sent
dissinglato the-sana .01 , woonean
T.V xrrhen cwttrh thftt ChOUld haV6
heea closed: whs forral'to be open. c "
- Last Saturdar.night tne tram came
inrt? ss csn.il. from Waiakea but the
crew took no . chances of another acci
dent and a man was sent bead to see
If the r switch was propenr ;ciosea.
itnrh tn tha surnrise of this man, he
found, that the switchalthough show.
lag most of the white signajpwas opeu
atratn Th train was baited and the
switch properly closed before the, en
gineer went ahead. , r
That ;a 1 serious wreck was only
avoided by the 'care . taken by the
company . Is- sure.' It: as- rather . la
iv Vmma t9 a mfniMa that the enSl-
neer was not killed a week ago when
and narrowly missed pinning nua oerji
reath lLr'rf. ; :ti:
The seccni outrage is a nornoio a
and the po:::e ere being-urged to look
into the . matter ana place guaras. or
in some .way. or. another, get hold ct
the man who is so criminal , at heart
as to wrecfe-a trala and attempt to kill
the crew.f.nd tpassengersv VThe ;milt
tary. anihcrliiss 'may. be appealed to
as they are guarding many ower insti
tutions in and. "around Hilo. ; ' f ; -
The mystety- of bow the switch is
opened'' 1 la H: ff air - vay : to- -be ex-r-1-oa
a' tertaia man is under
suspicicn If be. la proved to be the
perpetrator of the crimes he" should
get the iimiri3:3aiur..;---;;,-r-
4 - - . 1 I
DAYAt j the' Department "Hospital,
Fort Shafter. :' Honolulu, . way , v
IS 17, to Capt and llrs. '.Clarence
rachmbnd..Day of , Schofield i Bar
racks,;a 1dau2hter.-x,
- :' MARRl ED'v C - ! 'r
OIlO-ALAPA--Ia Hoholulu,'-;ray
12, 1S17, Samuel . Kaaono .cna.-ii.a
.T.ovriv nr. Alaca, Rev.. Samuel 'K.
'iff -shrill' assistant raster cf Kau-
rrahapili church, officiating. V.lt
' nesses. Lliss- Sarah K Alapa. and
Tnrh 7. Jeremiah. " ';- -'.-;.".'-'-
t naTnvn - Tn irr.nolulu:" Mat: 10,
..w - , . ii-i n. ,
iii7 -Uo 7ai Tons ana bubs uiu
itso'tptI Nnrrnan C. Schenck,
j',-,'.r,f "j t.o . rhfciese depart
nenfof the Hawaiian Board ot. Ul
nicn?, -officiating.' WlUies3es, vfl
Hpy. and H I.:Young.?. 'V.'-,'
$ ii'' -f'ftfii&t-Uk
.;. Caesar Cabral, married. Wco
clerk, caUye.or. lionoiuizu J"
COOK Ia Kapaa, KauaL , May J.
1317. John K. Cook, .formerly of llo
nolulu, unmarried, farmer, , a- native
' t, tTanniT 42 vears old.
?t;r : w7t.a-A . the oueca'3
Tcnitai.- Honolulu, May, 11. uu
MI" 3 Mary ,Kahoohalahala,r 16-year-'.'
Lv.Mpr of Mr. and Mrs.. Joseph
S Kahcobalahala of. Queen, near
Pcnchfcowl street; - t ' . -;1Q.-
Vera. 1-ycar-cld daughter of Mr. and
Mrs.- Gecrge rciro ot au -
. tt- T TV, r. IT-el -J . "May .
X AJJ rj AU -iaun j - - ,
v.. - Tiei-hprt Wade, a-' native of
AI IN ALL In theAVest Front.;France,
March - 24, 1317, Karl Ahnall, scout
' cfllcer, formerly ci. .-. j aui.
.. Hci. a native cl Sweden, So ycers
Passengsrs arrived from the main-
lanaI! S. Alfred. Mnt .fJfT
a a rm strong." CT J. Atkla-
scn Mrs. Crace -VT. -Bryan, '.W.
CanaJy. Miss MthW,A.Cj
i-e- . V. tames. .irs. a. .
' 'W t i-ri.-nf Tis n Fens eli. Mrs.
rr , Kt Gecrce. John Girrcra,
JHarzie. Miss
n.-f, TTirrie.ilES 'Avis Hargie, Al-
r vv,nn. rr; JansenecL Mrs.
V'llalhert:. J. W. Mansoiv Miss Malt-
fr-- nprri JlcKInlay. Mrs. tu
nica McLaren, IL Perriera, MraC. IL
Pnven. Master Tv.: V. Kaven, uasier
r riven TV Ixi Sanborn. Miss W.
U Sawyer, Hi S. - Serrano, Jonathan
Chaw, Mrs. Jonathan Shaw Mrs. T. L.
Smith, MI33 Edith: Smith. G, S. Sny
? - s m: Stock. A. F. Stubenberg. A.
Talt. Mrs. A G. Talt, Dr; M. It-Tall-
1 1 ?.tra ' m . IL Tallman. K. J. iao-
Miss M, Tucker, tranx b. win
A K. Yap, J. Windrcth, 3Hs L.
t 1 Ppiifnffer lira. K. iu.
r.rv'itrrr and rhlld. ' . ' 1 "
From Australia; Miss Dorrington,
George BUI, Miss Ferguson, C; F.
Pratt and K.; G. MernlL , - . ;
1 ' ". , 1
For --'the Orient J. W. Appletca.
Mra J. T7. .Ac fcletoa. It . Barton, W
P. Cooler sn. A AV. Ferrin. P. D. Fraw
j jJrei L-famei by rxtxj-r'---VrJetoS--.EilaitL-J
Execution Usutd by the Circu.t.c-ij
Ting Cxmryna vs. lie
lula praying c liuins
fcidant. for the su;cf Thr
dred Five and ACJ Dollars - "l-"
I did; ca the ISth day cf April. A- .D.
151T, at 9: S3 a. m.of Eall t'y, levy
epea and shall offer and enre for
aale and sell at Fuhlic Auction to Us
., v 'bt. .ti ef.the t :r::ni
property hereinafter described 1 .
fendant la suca prepcrty. to t-.-.y i-e
said Writ of nxecutiwa, at
Prlsca Stable-, in r-
of Honolulu,, Territory of Ivf.1
'if Tcsday. the n
day of May. A.. D, 1317. tmls.th?
tlcn; together with interest, costs a-J
my fees and expenses are previously
: ' pnorrnTY to bs sold;
t All ct the right." title and interest c!
said Defendant, Honolulu Graying t
Building- Co. ,Ltd. of. In ;aad- tor
i. 1 ? wn.i lrs white and
white spot ex bead) ; 1 mare Cdajk).
1 - jnare ' (brown) ; .1 mare (L-x
brown); ! borse branoeau a oa
fore" thigh, aid branded A ;ca 1:
bind thigh; I; horse r(Ught brown)
branded 8 2; 1 mare (orewnj oraauca.
8 on left hind leg: 1 drilling machine;
1 ktvirn?ti mitfit and toolsr 2. sets
hamessi'l lot loose, names 3; pair ci;
eitiresg wasoa: t-wneeioarrow i wi
old Iroa ; 1 lot tools ; lot p':?;3 ct
wood: 2 damn carts; ztas.cs; 1 c-.
lot borse feed; 1Qt sun-ry r.
ia' cash.-, '
Terms cf Sals:
State3 Gcli Coin. .
4. Dntol at nonchi'-U, CI, -1 C:--i
cf Honolulu; Territory cf I:
27th day of April, A D.i:i7. .
PATKIwl. ULwl-..,-
CDeputy Hlnh SheiifT. Territory :!
Hawaii.'':- i';-t'-"-i " '
6771 Apr. 27, Hay 13, "
Ttnfi?r and bv virtue cf .these, two
certaia -writs cf Ex ecutloa issued by
the Hcnoratie E. P. Aikus, tioinci
T.Tasfrrt of ircc!aur;oko. Oahu City
and County cf Honolulu,- Territory cf
Hawaii, ca tha'.Sfd cay.or i.iay. A. v.
1"17. in tha matters of. first: the San
ri39 CouM : Water. Works Co., v,-Ltd.,'
plalnuff, against vasamoio ncten,
rf?rt. tPccvA: !L Satal. tlalntiff.
a-r-iinst O. V.'ah-r-oto. defeni-nt, I did
-at'IIanech9r -llcolanpcko- afor:sald. cn
said Srd day of May, A D, 1317, levy
epen and th'Il c!f:r for tale-and sell
ti public ai t::n to th3 highest tid-
d;r3 there:,. for cash,;;&t JIaneohe
Court Ilcr- t-IIa-cch3,"-.KccIatpc'.:3
afr-r. : . 12 o'c'.sc'.:. -ccn cf Tat-
urJay the ICta day cf June, A. D. 1217.
all tha ri-ht, 1:1:2 tnd Uw;;:t cr sa:c.
defendant.-. Yi'ahamoto. la and ta all
the property hsreinbclow : set forth.
unless the sum cf Three Ilunired and
Thirty-cne end S31C0 Ct331X0 "dol
lars, that tt:z ."the total amount for
whlch- said Elocutions, were issued,
.erp.thpr virh tr.tpm -rt. rrt fec3
and xpcn?03 arereviou:!y paid..' x
1.1 lea box. 1 cavh resistor. 4 show
cases, 6 tricycles, ,2 email- ecales, 2
galv. tub3, 1 Ice cream 'freezer, .1
counter, 1 eld brake,-1 clock, 4. pieces
Japanese ere? 2, 1 lot- children hats,
also a: lot cf collars, tooth brushes,
ladies combs buttons, hair pins, fish
hrcki.- t!ss; crr;y.rr1!a." rf-trs. it
j r - j - " , c
strings, rioocn-3, postal caroj,- pencil
sharpnrs, Jo ; si - - 3 - combs, : cafsty
pins, c!othC3 pl.;,' rulers, Ink bott:s3
and-toilet soar3, j a lot of.cona;d
good3, tcttloi T'oc3,' tctaeco. -c:n-ty
bottlo3, JE.I.0 3 polish, teeth plch3, J-;
nesa sandal?. cllrncrs. . Kt.i'.-.r rv.
cccklr' utensil!:, paper cis, school
car3, knives, lamp cnim sys,-gra;3
knives, Jopane3 Jansf ;empty, l.2jr3,
etc., etc. .,' -- '.. -
Dated Kaneche, ;'Koo2aupoko,'-May
11th, A. D. 1317. . V; ' .7 ' . - .
Deputy Sheriff, District 'cf , Koclau-
V poko, City and County cf -Ilcnolula.
- 734 :.Tav ?2, 23, Ju 13. -
He (Just ?fter being accepts!) I
er wantta confess that I've boon en
gaged enc a before! " . u
- She Oh, - yoa -sIow-pcke, why., this
tf-my fifth I Juci;e. ,' -. - - - ,,. -
' Fend Papa VclL my boy fcowHdid !
you isaya everycnE3 ia Ausiiar
-; My Boy Gcesslng;' dad, gu;
Lonhorn: ',-:.-:
v )
Olie Laud of tlie 2IIclni-
Sun by tha palatial f'Priil
ccs3 LiBo' Steamships so.il
in I f rem Seattle, Victoria
and Vancouver, B. C. - ' .
10 days ccraplcte3 tho trip
by the Eiystcrious incido
passage.; -v -i : '
For Hates' aud iBlorraaticR,
apply ' to fy U. : '-;:.;:'
i -
Iey,,Mis3 Laura Gereite, J. Il-IIIiuy,
Mira Eva Lcnj, Mr. Lcnrmirc,-. Mrs.
Lcngmlrerarl chllt'Mr. Mccre.'r.lr-.
Mccr?, C Iriichs.rd, T. Sanborn, R. C.
Schuldhei03, Miss Kanoti 3 Tyler, J, R.
WEIad-sca. : ' .-'.. ' ; - ,--V;--. - -
. zy2 days to caii rA:;cii:co
KeIaraiiiBs t6;Soh Francisco ami Svdner, & ,Y.
y 'FoT further porticubrs apply to -; :
CEIIEVERC: COLTD. G:::crdi A-cnls"
"'l.'; :-r;'"r'
i '
. i
. .
. . ' t'
; -;Dircct Csrvica Between Con
;YfV'v;V"For further particnlara appfy to-'" :-T v
; castle Cz co 6:;e, Ltd., i- Hcndviu
' . . .- - - ---..-. .-. .
: t '
Y Y For further particulars apply t
5TLE Cz C C 0112,
v ; C A ! .' A D 1 A !I - A U STH " L '
ch-J:S: I For further p ?.rt: -Y
5 THEO. H. DAV1ES c C J.
Son Pa, what' do the head hunt.'ri
do with the hea;l3 afror they tt th-n?
Fa Make nocdia soup cf th:;n, 1
guess. Don't bother ca cain. Ameri
can Boy.
sn3 t?;iys hs-'s
1 Ii-.- -
1 c!
ths.t A. rsori r.i .;
CTrcca-:3't3.r.3 u cur.ut.u t.i
ampla that v. ill' ho! p to rsake rcssi:.:-
. 1. 1
ism unr?;u!ir." Washias'
OAliU r'.LVAY Ti:.:E TALLu
. t oxjt a no
Per Valine. Valalua, Kahuhu tnl
Way. Ctat!:r.3-3:lm., 3:23 p.m.
For Pearl City, i:4-v U'.r and ,oy
Stations t7;CD a.n.. a.n.,
11:20 ajsL, 2:13 p.m. 2:Z" P.m.,
3:13 pxw 23:23 P-.. tH:lj p.h.
Fcr AVahlawa and LcIIshua ll:f -a.m.,
2:43 -p.m-, 3:C3 p.m. H:J
ForLeilchua t:C3 a.m.
; r ' INWARD .';"
j'-irrfW Konolul-a '. frc'n
Y7: : il -a an I YJuians. s S : G :
3:C) p.n. ; -
Arrive Ilsnula fr:. La
Pearl City a.m.,
r6'. v
....no - 1."'7
1 p.m.,
-. t -1 7"Lj p.m
Arrivo II
a from Wh'
a.m., !::.
Lf'.Ishua J:13
Tl-3 Ilal:!"'?.
trsin (cr.!y Ilr : ;
lcats3 Ilsn-V.. :
a.m. f:r i:' -arrivts
la lis".
rrt. T ' ' - ' - ' -
Ewaill'.l'tr 1 T
,c-:!y, AZ
c. p. tll::zzr.f
Liss'.tcl, a two'.s
:'rj ti:..st3 hs-. -r: !
every Csn lay at ::
1 A '1
-? cn'. :t -Pearl City,'
c. c-:it;
c. p. ..
Jf c.vi..ry C-H -1 "AT -
4 1
1 . ...
' Fi
" "
Franci::o rd Hcrohlu
1 .
M t
1 -
- to
,1 .
: i
3 v
I 'Li' , U . j I
-0 r
Vj' -J
- 1 r
S:curi y

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