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Honolulu star-bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1912-2010, May 21, 1917, 2:30 Edition, Image 10

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ft .... . ; a . . . j i . ", o r . 1 - - - -
! ;io ty tcvc ). ; '
r , '" -, -..- ., -
; Xc-M carter Ka. 2, O. E. B
TUZC SAY -'"-a" 'V
' Ilcsslula Ledge I'cv 4C3.; Eps
eld, TLlrl.Dcrrce,,7:20 p. n."
THUHCOAY " V: ' - V;v
Ilcr.ciula.Ccmr-ni'o.y No. V
Epceiul, ,r.vi Crcts Degree 1
., 5 7;C3 : ; ,;.: v y-:.
FRICAY '."'-' v' "'-'- -a .
Lei -3 Le Prcgrts No." 271,
-CpcclaL Third- Degree, 7:23
p. G, . ; ' ,: J; ? ; :
cATunoAY , .'';"-. -r-'. -;
- -
w v . -
( . c
: c.
j !
- r
,,..-... rr Anotf lrrmj..--.:-.-.-;
IINTON, Lng-Ttat tie entry ct
lie U ad ted Ctitca into the war may In
fluence & settlement cf tie Irioh prob
lea- elf -government far Ireland Is
row not enly tie tntject cf ccmracnt
la tie iTtzh revrrapcr tut Islorisins
ta it sort ir tc;Ic for elite rial 3 end
tcciaJ articles ta '.tie l.'crticle
jrers, rct&lly tie Lcndca TIes. It
is era furrcsted ti-t Ancxica r:ay
izve a ilrect t:r.3 fa the settlement;
Its liTtnca la 'IriiVitfrrs is to be
tioirn la Increase 1 rccniltlns la Ire-'
Tie rr c : r. '3- J c u il, t-a efflclil
crraa ct tis rcllcnsllit T"xt7, tzjt:
-It 13 c-:t3 tr3 tl-t tcJciy vrria
Acerlca t interfere la VZ'
Ikrs icrnes:!5 drrrences tut as
tirte cccs ca -it Is untilniiila tiit
Anerica, fl'Mins fcr tie rriacljla liii
tfOTra ty Precnt V.'Csca and having
tuca a lare tculitlca cf Irfcinea ia
tterttntes, tct rclrt cut to rns-
liza tie cecc;::ty cf acting la acccrd
tace irlti her cxa rrlnclr'.cx"' 1 ;-
Tie TIcs f"r"::t3 tiat If ta After
I eta ccntlr-rcnt 13 f "t to Europe It
ticu!3 Tlzlt Irclcni ca Its way to
Trench Ti3 Irl:i pce; It cays.
-;-3 t r;:.: :r: 2 lzI t.:-c:t rraiyzed
ty tla::-r tra cf tTcnts.' There Is
ta en 2 to . t;li cl Tn-Inal's TTar
en3 cf rr:-; : 7 r.I'.i Crrtnnay, The
v.hc:3 f-' c! :r r-tlrecrritlaj?
rrc:3-.i ij L-:-ti.' Never at
I : irt rcluetcnt to Crit, some cf them
t curdy t hn-cJ cf tielr. Idleness,
en J ecme cj them te!i t-ci alraost by
fcrcs, tl3 ycun? Irkimra are .tesla
r.!rj r:rf-rc3 to eee ti!3 rereading
ftrur:'.3 fcr frecicm la a rsw tad
t -,.- . , -
.:o cao ttcu'.J IutcTto tia Anerlcaa
rrru:..3'la cur r?ra Ccmestlc dlfflcut
t:. :, trt It rrczll la tiecr folly tot to
t Irelsai'ls
. j a. i j. .rcns
r3 e:1
:ste tiat
c ti:a-tc;:ci nea.ia
I..!:-: vlo .:3 el! -ills fcr nilltury
-' f - ' ... I rr::il f
i-3 'Ic7
' 1 U'-a t-3 Ju:t ruh-
r ! l:- t : i cr ccc;era
: -t cf c..c::::r3 ca the
. : ;1 c:::::-t 13 to-cunefst
.::: v-:;r tia, rurcrrt-
c : - -: c 1 1: ' !r rum ::r, ta csrer-
:' :: r. -:r3 r.r3 to.ti furnu3
- - - f -
r- ,
A .Jf '
: c
; t: rc-
' ' t f'::: to
: I! t' e
' - r " v (-
. ;:.t-
. .. . ! ' P.." I V:r:e
.. v ... r . .. c
- . : - t ii to
: ; f. : 1, with
, ; j . ty cf
-t 1 tal3 a uric
ti). cb-
It: i th3 uric
r. AS v.
, : i l :n duly
.If.. :-J.iiz cf.Cs
T - J ' ,f
. -. i. . , v . -
" .!r, C lu, tere-y
:: cr. :;.::3 cf raid
t t' :.:r clafmc. cly
Cf I..
::3'l- :
to r. .
r, if t-y c.:.; c
;alf tl3 c:airaWl3
4 i-J
- o vt ::a real cetate,
t.ir, tt tis c:::ca cl
r-.-t.l3 fee
m tis day cf tie
tl a h
::rcr ta:
er;et cr, tis tame
3 f.
I- " T
t . - .
c : ta 3 :
'.'to cf Lucre tla LI.
7. ::ay n, isn.
. , j . .
r - -
. ... t i
4, II".
- T r:
QUIPJGUA, . Guatemala. Tie,; xaost
famous, relics : cf ,'a ; departed ;race lc
all ' the "Amerlcu5,C tie " racauments (of
Qulrlsuai- remnants- ;'cf tie ancient
llayaa drUIzatioa most cf wilciVto-
day is siroaded J la antiquity nave
beea preserved - from ; the assaults ' of
the Jucgle. -Today tie etupendous
rncncliths," cunnlnsly carved ; by; the
artlsurs cf a lcst.race, Vficao speech
is thought to have tcmo mnny words
tila to Japanese, r.y ta c-cerved ty
tny .tourist- ia; Guatemala . without
troutlefor tiey are wlthia two railc.i
cf tie United Trult' Company's sta
tica' tt Quirlrua, - the location cf a
magnificent ccnurete ?230.COO hospital
built ty'.tie. company. '.; ' 'f-::-
A i few years ? ago reports i of J tie
Royal Gecsraphlcal - Society ; stated
tiat tie magnificent ruins were conv
r.lctely hidden by the foresi- In Eome
cases giant trees had grown over them
tad the Etcnes'were so much crushed
ty the pressure cf the roots tiat noth.-
Izz remained worth observing. . in
tie cu:a cf others they were bo thick
ly covered with, creeoers, ferns and
ruc:3 that It was .difficult to dlstia-
V.T.ea the :TJnited- Fruit Compary
"rt:I to reclaim, a vast area cf
to ZTzr: t:r.-na3 fcr the Amcr-:-a
mcrl-r.-s-tnd tccua-ta Introduce
(A. P. L TJ. -S.tatal Wireless) ,
PAT;::, I ; ace.: lUr 23. Here thaa
lv.C : 3 en -ea. :l;ers- Lave 'now' joined
r - " e cf tie etrlksrs la this city.
i " . :.
CL!:.VC rES!DE'I7::--v:'ii:
7;,,E3 0A7il OF OFFICE
P. ty U. S.'.Kaval Tireless).
IIAVAIxA, Caaa, i.:ay lres.-ea i
i:-aeeal tcci -tie cath cf crfica; fcrj
113 Eeeead t:rr.i ":etcrday la the pres-j
cnc3 cf a la: a crov.'d. ' ; : ;'
cu::Ar,:-:n ionFEDOED;-.
. - - T- 13 J
(A. P. ty U. S. Naval V,irelees) ;
LOIIPOM En May 2D. The Cun
rrd et-am Tlracia has beea torpedoed,
c- -ai-tYo ta announcement. Issued
ty ti3 Pritlah admiralty last nlsht
113 iteamer was eunk .cn the. after
nocatt April 27, although the sinking
rc3 announced only :yesterdaytvi The
f eurth officer was the sole surriybr of
tie tlip's complement - V- ' . '.;--
(A. Poy U. S. NavaP Wireless)
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands,. May 2.
Tie Deutsche Klrchia Zeitung fitates
ia a; current number that tie -Roman
Catlolic Clergy of Germany are. unit
ing In a ' gigantic organization1; which
13 exceedingly. powertnLto, Cght for
lnamecaiaie peace..
- (A. P. Tby U. S. "Naval Wireless) 1
; PARIS; France, May 21.- A squad
ron cf French torpedo "boats , cruising
eff the French coast yesterday report
ed vthat It encountered'a German, fleet
steaming southward.. One vessel of
our fleet was damaged In the running
fight that followed, abut- all managed
to reach port In safety. ' " ,
'' (a! p. by' U.' S.: Naval Wireless) .
-NEW TOPJs N. Y May 21. After
having been- out : for more than - 24
hours, the jury la the trial 'of. Franz
ven Rintelen and six 'alleged fellow
censpiraters late yesterday afternoon
returned a verdict cf guilty against the
"raa.ster.spy" and frlendcf the kaiser,
and Jlenry B. Martin and David. La
mar, who has won the nickname of. the
"Wolf on Wall Street" by his financial
dcal3. ' :;:S-:r-;
The Jury disagreed on the other , five
prisoners, who 'were Frank.' Buchanan,
a farmer representative from-Illinois
and a representative In the house at
tie time of his indictment; IL Robert
rcviier, also formerly a representative
from Illinois; Frank S. Mcnnett,"one
time attorney general of Ohio; Jacob
C. Taylor cf East Orange, N.'Ja,! for
merly president cf Labor's National
r:- C3 Cauaaea, tad Henry J. Selultles.
V Wwft MH.1-fllflM FAMOUS
" - vAfAUUP f !(SO(M.-RfiPaJECNTI43 ; CN3 CP OgWJSKJ .WITH t
sanitation Iato tie tropics ; of Guate-jhumaa flrure etaadlnsTuIl facel and
mala It was decided to preserve that f In a riid ccnventional attltnda. Tie
sectlon of Jungle la- which - the ruins
are located - and to " have ' It : cleared.
Til3 was done and aa organized study
of tie ruins was made possible under
the guidance of Prof. Edgar !. Hewett,
director cf 'tie School of American
Archaelcgy. by the financial assistance
given by the 'United Fruit Company.
t Today the railroad runr;witiln - 20
rods of tie"; fringe, of forest-enclosing
tie ' great; -tropical park where the
ruin's are. ' Aside from the ruins cf a
great temple which' Is how thought' to
have stood some time .before 600 A. D.
there are, la the grove, 15 large carved
monoliths .la two .groups.; In one of
tie groups tie figures carved' on the
surface of the stone are all men. v In
the other they are women,-- The great
stones are arranged Irregularly around
what was probably tie most Import
ant part of the ancient cityj- Six of
the ' stones -are , tall standing .14 to "20
feet above the ground and measuring
3 to 5 feet square The others are. ob
long and rounded," shaped to: represent
huge, turtles or - frogs. - One . of these
stones - has '. on .' it3 , top huge ; grooves
where it Is supposed the body and
limb s cf a . victim . f or sacrifice were
which the blood" m'tit run.
ca t cti -tuc' tn 1 front cf
11.3 tall . men eliti.
; car;: 1 a t"":3
(A. P. by U. S. Naval Wireless) '
PARIS,' France,, May' 21. The
French steamer Colbert has been tor
pedoed and sunk la 'the Mediterran
can, "according to 'Information, made
public' last nlolt by. the admiralty.
The Bubmarlne attack 'Is reported to
have "taken place April. S3..'. Fifty-one
members of the clip's crew were lost,
including', tie 'commander,'. ' The Col
bert was a larrs passenger carrier.
(Al P. by'u. S. Naval ? WIreIes3) ;
WASHINGTON, D. - C.,! May 21.
The work of getting ready for the
selective draft is going forward apaca
throughout the nation. Last night of
ficials ; of' the'- war . department an
nounced 'that already 41'states have
reported that the, preparations for"
complete registration have been - fin
ished and that the task cf taking the
names can begin at any time tie pres
ident orders. . ." . f -:' yii ? ---" :;-: J,
P LA r J 0 EL 0 Ti STRATI o r J :
P. by U. S. Naval Wireless)
' , PARIS, France, May 21. De
spatches from Madrid reaching here
yesterday, reported that plans are un
der way, la the Spanish capital for a
monster demonstration In favor of the
Entente Allies, and against Germany.
The -date set 13 May 27. It 13 expected
that Eeveral thousand troops' will be
needed to guard the streets of Madrid
and ee that the nation's neutrality 13
not ' violated In any way, ; i a"; ;':'...;.v .
(A. P. by U. S. Naval Wireless)
j OYSTER BAY, N. '.YV May 21.For
mei President Roosevelt .Issued V a
statement at Sagamore HilL his home
near, tils-, place, last night In. which
he called upon the members of the
totalled- Roosevelt' dlvisionto aban
don alj idea of going to the front under-
his command : and ' to make - ar
rangements'' for. joining'the-army or
the National Guard,' or, failing in that,
to' arrange for carrying on some work
for the nation, will still in civil life.
' "Such a course is the, only one in
view, of : the announdement' of Presi
dent .wnson". says' the r. statement,
"and while I regret ' that t- has; been
found necessary- to adopt that policy,
P believe that : we should aid' at this
time if only by obedience to the prop
erly constituted authorities, ,1 there
fore urge .that an those men "who had
enrolled themselves in. thet-division
which I hoped to be able to raise, win
regard themselves as -being freed 'of
their obligation, and will adopt; the
only course that remains dpen .to, us,
prepare to join the army, or. navy; or
to serve' the; nation la some civilian
capacity'- '.'.a-r: ; v
- - '' i
' -
Jdayas-tad advanced far cejcu 1 ia
profile carving cf tie rations. Ths
Bides are coveted by cleverly-wrousit
tables of hieroglyphs about X incies
square nsually ccntalnlng two or tire 3
grotesque fir-ires cf men and animal 3.
The- largest of the stone'-. animals
weighs1 about' 2? tens but the;llayaa
had advanced to ,far. la necicnl:s
that they could transport stone blocks
welshing from 0 tc, 3 . tcn3. ' Also
la their iierColypia or ' Inccnpticns,
they had .begun to cenvey eound3
rather than word3. Th3 carrinr3 ars
most elattrate. and curlou3 c.cnc!:tin
mainly , of plumes and , faces, f No, In
struments cf war are shown, ( r
- Many opinions have beea-hazarded
as to the origin and . Identity cf tis
Mayan race, tjo cne knows eitier.
Perhaps tiey were clcsely associated
with tie Japanese. la origia.for th3
faces oa tisir monclitis resemtla tia
Japanese - tncT Ind:cn3 la the far ,ic
terior speai,tcnT-C3 miny; word3 cf
which bear clcss resemtlc;nce to Jap-
anese. . - ' - " .
In any event tiere , flcnrlsied at
Quirlgua- tie meet . advanced prei!
dictc-.t' frcra Puerto r-rr:e.3.ca t: :
: Cnrr - a c :t and reny -t;-..' ::
1 1 i i . .1 ... i . . ' , , .1 . . i 11 i . -
: v w nZ.'UE 70 GO 70 YAM
5. 1 .......
- PEKING, Clina, May 21. 113 tli
nese'heucs Cf representatives -ta'3 re
fused to-consider-any i war mcaeurcs
! until Premier Tuan and tlo mialiter
cf war resign and tie entire callnet
has ' teca rccrraniaed.' ;'-". . . v
(A. P. ty U. S. Naval WIrelee3)
7ASIIINGTON. D. C. May 21.
IJudza Robert Lovctt, head cf tl3
Uniaa Pacific X:. "read syetea and
chalrmaa cf tie teard'.cf , Cx:etcr3.
has volunte ered hi3 services . la any
capacity, tis Red Crcs3 authority
may see fit to mala ties cf tlem dur
ing the continuance of the - war. A
formal statement to' tll3 effect wa3
issued last night 'by Chairman David
son, head cf tie Rod Crce3 beard c!
directors..;...-.' ' : ' ;
british l'ethods ahh
-baffli;;g submarines
t (A. P. ty ' jj:" S: Naval' tireless)
i '-.XONPC:, Eng., May 2?. Kennedy
Jonea .etor-of the feed economy
turca-. :aling' ia Edinburgh laet
Eisht, c red that tl3 Eritiai naval
officials 1-T3 now perfected a nc7
and novel metlod for meeting-tis at
tacks cf. tie submarines. '1 ' -.
ye are now able to attack tie sub
marines wlich tie Germans are tend
ing against U3, and so far tie me tied
which the navy ha3 perfected ia work
ing 'successfully.'.- Indeed,if,the result3
: continue e.3 eatisfactory as tiey are
at- present tiey may result- la aa
earlier terminatica cf .tie war.
-a, . .. mi o o i ; . . ,
(A. P. ty U. S. Naval' Wlrfelesa) U
SAN FRANCISCO Cat, May . 21.
Officers cf the Chinese Six Comra
nle3 .have telegraphed to -official ia
Washington offering to Import half a
million coolies , from - China for, work
ing the; farm3 cr the : United ; State3
during the war, provided they are
needed. The telWgram guarantees
that the coolies will be ' deported as
soon after the war :- as necessary,
should the government desired la the
message the companies declare that It
la the- wish of the managers .to' "do
all that we can to hasten the 'spread
of democracy throughout-the world.
. ,
. i u -. . '-.:' : 1 . 'f- -a -. vv-
' A merchant relates 'the following:
"For years I could not sleep. without
turning every hour. ' Whatever I ate
caused gas and sourness.' . 'Also had
stomach catarrh. 1 NONE SPOONFUL
buckthorn bark, glycerine, eta; as mix
ed In Adler-i-ka relieved fae DISTANT
LY." Because Adler-i-ka flushes tie
ENTIRE alimentary tract . it relieves
ANY CASE constipation,' eour stomach
or, gas and prevents appendicitis. .' It
has QUICKEST, action of anything we
ever sold.'. The Ilolllster Drug Co
Adr." ' " -."-'' , : a.,.;-- '.
tlauralta r.:ar "i;::a Ficr.s M'.'i
i-YiSJCi-lAII 'c- CO.'
-:-"-v'UIIj Ml, 0 j
; ':; ' ; tad 1:3 Crtam .y-;. ." ;
Her. J l...j. ..-.
I.-:;,;. ;EAl iiD I il- ' a
?;af:'Ci5:i lit fcuslnscj.rata
Y...!zr.--f:.urtriV Cits' Clara
.i::t rcrt ct.-: -" .
.-V: .;. Cua':t C!:t: :i ct - .
cXiii g,mv:::g -
:,) .; . 11;:$.; ; a" 'a'.
TiZ HUn: 'z: c? Pert
; 'j U.5it nw:a.aj f;: t:. : :? :
C;,C:ivtr Z'-J v': t:?
nr;a! Cr.cs Ct:r8.: Ui- C rz:l
C;r;;--ra ?!-t'3 C5, Ltd.
V; llW::i!-J Irca VVcrki C;rr;ery ;
I., t . . .
- t -
; c:;a:ac ' .. -
Tfts Hiv.-:::a Cl Ltl
r 7T.
:',C!:ll:3.f;r.-.:i In - c.rri.: I
C:t '.'ar Ti
AU i w .
-. ir:? Peri ct.
PATTH' . 3
a, .-- . J -
- v Lnz cnu Lu::-zn cc.
;' , ' 03 No. Klrj 0L..:
Fhcr.s C:i3
p. o. ::?
Self-inMiig, nil mcio.1, col
idly : built; will . : worl:
sinoothly ', fid ; .without
friction for year3va:".a''-.
'-ar': -a'?'" 'aa : . .'.'' - . ..,; a
..i;Eve ryi luipcr 'sHcuId
bear a date. A CADO on
a "clerk's desk will ave
yoa hours now wasted. 5
-1 PricD, CLC5
..U a
"a - .vv - ...i
. . .. fc.- , v. . l. .
' - w - - - r
- - V.J.. . . .
fert rati.:? tain -r- . .
ra;:r.;ro laiarr. lac ' -tleatrc,ca:t2ir::;
1 :"
Ca car Ur-j fan:; ... :
ct:? ri:r. T:l3 nur " ' if
: aa c i ? c. ::...r:.
3 t:.:-3 tzl t' ;;.
: : t r---- : t j '
i : i. r
1 ..- -a A .. C
r- - r
jr----" --
rail fill tV : -t .--
t t - u t s
t id vii. r &-J m ...
i . ,- : r :'
, . rr..;') t: i t
c t l:..
C: rlf ,
c:el c- 1 c:- :t-V.'
. ?3. c:
'I " T"' " f '
i I a a m 1,1 I . , .
..Thayer r.:n3 Ca., LtJ.
IF YOU V10H to Aovzr.Ti:- in
Anywisre at Any Time, C-Il ca c
' .a-a ( '.',;.' -Wrlte. '-1
Tnrr DAitn ADVEiiTicEtCi Acr:': 37
21 Eanscme Street : Caa Fran;:;: 3
'Ilawaaa :Ccrlcv tamp3," Cc!-.r, ' '
and Post Cards. - The race;: ce-
, t'.cta'aad' attractive ' Curio Ctc:3.' '
170 Hotel Ctrcci'- Hc:! : z
' . LV " : - a )

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