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Bulletins election.' returns on Sstur-
-day sight and were given the figure
the ysrioas . precincts, .
' At times the crowd father on King
street between Fort and Bethel was
so lame that it spilled into the s4Ja-
cent areas, in spite ct sent rata
that'fell at.inUmls, thi peopls Janv
med- the atanding-space all Along tae
fclocfc and when "Good . Nighf was
flatbed on the screen! e few ttlnntes
hundred of so faithful followers of
politics watering oeiatea - returns.
liany people; watched ' a while; went
- m.m frir w A VaaV arfl .r- ::
the help ot numerous mends who tel-
- CVUUUCU 1U VU WlCCh 41 W W WlUkfcUt
-. k - . . va' - - - - .
f .Hlai.i'la li 1lt..t A.AA. Jk llVI
il in on sample oiuou or ouwrwue;
with':. the' faculties afforded by: the
county clerk's office and hy Demo-
perhaps had the jnost eornprehensirs
lecUon-nl3it btireaa In the history
- of local politics. A special room wai
. sees re a urousa e coviresy i ti iw
Toinit.-. manufacturer's agent. Walty
hufldlng,. who placed his office at the
.disposal of this paper, into this office
'. . i 1 t - .. ' . . -"
i phernaa;'-ahd with E. K. Fernandez,
who tit handled election returns on
- th - screen tar Vrfiru thA antem for
- jyufrhphti-Sv- vui uo tt mm. vwiuytswi
-Outside,, the taff of precinct-work-
en corerey erery city precinct." Spe
cial help was given by detAchment
st EcyjSc'cratt, who took charge In sev
er! precincts and telephoned in the
::' As dusk gathered the figures were
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propelling machinery consisting of
ductlon gear-turbine for driving th4
lag .about 2C&0 h. n. This - WiU give
ue cutter a sp.eea or not less man is
miles an hour, as demonstrated by the
eipertmenta made, on a modercf tli
The vessel .' wltt .hive , three fun
decks fore and aft, and will be tttV
give the greatest efficiency, and ; so
'tha cfflceririid crew. An innovation
r. in ' be iatrt duced l3 this ship by
Havfr.r a fleers 'rmtterx forward
reverse trf the ccnfiitlon for the- ma
jority or .vessels jn : tne povernmenx
. : . 1 1 ... - .y . .. -i.--.. t . .. .
v. ; 1;
t 1
S-T rjl? thing
';lJvj-i'A" tTro.cre
1 : i s
1 '.it
vvv - money to connect tne two.s
faster than
t , facumany
CIDOOK, too.
Ii.;.-'" ''; wai -. . -: ; . - - , - . - -. ' -;
'' yf---TP there are things which we wibnt and that can be had at prices which we can
r' - : ; afford. But where are they f t Ah that' the qnesti(m--where are.theyf Well,
v-jost to satisfy yonrEGlves,J torn to the Oaified Advertising in today's Star-Bnlletin
: .... L v ?.---.: -f. f it S-. ::.
shot tenws tts stretta the tflarala
ated screen Indent ofWv W. Dimood
Company, and in a few minutes the
crowd began to come. : It was largest
between'8 and )11 o'clock.
Bcj 7:30 the early totals were being
glrei out. and by f the Star-Bulletin's
figures ahowed the probable nomina
tion of Hopkins for sheriff and the
election of Brown for attorney, Kalino
kalanl for clerk end v Conk ling for
treasurer. Half an.nour later It was
made certain thas tUckneU was nom
lnsted and'abctrt this tims the EUr
Bulletin showed tnst Uottntlta and
Homager were almost surely leading
for the Republican auperrisori! nonv
tnatkm, and tnat etrle and McCleSan
were far in the lead in the Demo
cratic cojumfl.
AValmanalo as. usual had its count
tn first This precinct has set the
lesd for years In early reportlag. It
is a small nreclnct sad the count is
made rapidly and teWphoned at once
It srriTed 15 'minute after the polls
closed ' ' j - " ."
-The second precinct of the fourth
district, -Wsiklki, was last in, at 2:45
fiunflay. murnlng- The rotlng here
wis iieaiy ' :
The 8wUiHetln desires to extend
its hearty thanks to those who assist
ed in the election night organization
and thus made" it possible to give the
lews to the people at th earliest pos
slble moment Those who voluntarily
sent tn news helped (rat s great deal
The Boy Scouts who aided, with the
precincts in ;which they gathered the
news, were as follows: -
Ray Jacobson and W Sampson,
first ; precinct, four district. Kslmnkr.
waiter uathesoit' and Winiam Holt,
second precinct, fourth district Wai
Richstd Ronton .and V. Cwmg,
f lis; nswcuttef', will be provided
with a , complete - outfit of lifeboats
and other apparatus for rendering ltd
to vessels in distress," " - . ':.
The ; electrical f equipment win be
very . complete, and will consist it i
powerful radid.-. outfit " two I search
lights and - various other apparatus
with which: modern . craft of, this ds
fcriptica ire fitted. la tia 'tt wif
th cutter' will uaddnbtedry 139 tries-'
f erred to the nary for that purpose
and will hava : a batterr of modem
guns cortpttftle. td i, gunboat ; of lier
i Heir fuel ' supply 'will bw Teryl large
and sufficient to give her a- steaming
radius at r economical speed ct -ivct
TOQOt mlles,..;' fr:Ji-'l
: In . times of peace -her complement
will , consist,: of . slx voffleen' ind0
petty officers and enlisted men. i'-
yon want is on one side-rprice
the waters of expense.- WhetT
y "-. !' '4:.
EABLY every day : we,' yon, all of ns, are greeted by the announcement of 'an
: .other advence in prices of this, thatVandibther thines-vances that come ,
bur advances' in inwtne.Nearly
have bee -
and there jou will find much for sale and
tenth predict fourth distrlct,'Pauoa. -
Edward 8I1ts and Benry Clpp Hath
precinct, fifth dlsWct, Kalihl.
Carl llorteisen, tenth precinct, fifth
district, KairhiwaenA.
John JTellx and - Rodolph Dunesa.
elerenth precinct fifth district King
street near Kaiulani school.
Sentiment seemed slightlr mixed in
todays stock market after the holiday
since Friday. Olaa was a shade
stronger but Hawaiian Commercial
was a half oft between boards. Wal&
Ion appears -on the new basis of cap
italization. Between boarda sales were
175 shares and at the- session 286.
Prices on sales were Olaa 14 1-4, Ha
waiian Commercial 481-2 and 4S, Pio
neer 37 1-1. M cBryde 10 1-2, Walalua
28 and Oahu 29.
Honolulu Oil wis the feature of the
unlisted market- More than S500
shares changed hands and the price
rose from S3 to S3.S0 closing at the
session it S3.30S3.40. Next in in
terest was Engeis Copper, unchanged
in price it $5.60, and of this stock
634$ shares were sold. Mineral Prod
nets wis 43 cents with sales of 3159
shares-and Mountain Kins; was 37
cents. Quotations were S435cent
for Montana-Bingham and 28923 cents
for lladera.
Brokers professed to be without in
formation as to the cause of the rise
in Oil and if any had the information
they were keeping it to themselres up
to noon today. - .
The Better Business" propaganda
for Honolulu fs going along with a
rush today, taking Increased impetus
with a bright Monday morning, and
hew . announcements will . be - made
from .time to time.
John Efflnger of the eiter Bus
inesS' committee slid ' this morning
that the whole situaUon in A nutshell
was to keep down ccmercfal alarm
and to move along very, much as be
fore with special mention paid td
economy la. th food supply.
The ; plan of action of the Better
Business committee will be to show
improvements that are going on here
munkipaliyand Industrially; to con-
vise residents that there is no oc
casion , for Harm and to encourage
thw Idea that wages will it least be
th4sam with possibly tendency
towards higher salaries; also to show
that there t will be no dUchargmg of
employes. . ' . ' : ' : - -. ' ' .i :': -Charles-
It:. Frtrier is i preparing
somi -:striiinj'- svdvettislns-A matter
which wiU forcibly eresent: the whole
proposltlod of the Chamber of Com-
merce to th tmblld-r--'. v-
in stock wm
thS. thep-and ittnning between the
selling expense is great, the waters are
everything we tise i affected
: . :
Advertisinir in todav1
for rent that fit your needs and
3 A!I G?53
Tenders for Other Buildings for
Airship Base Will Be
Opened May 31
Local army authorities are getting
ready in rapid order tor the estab
lishment of a base (or the aero
equairon that Is due to be sent to
this island, as is erldent from the
amount 01 business in this line that
is being transacted at the -office of
Lieut-Col. R. McA. Schofield, con
structisg Quartermaster.
Bids have just been opened at the
construction office, it was said to
day, tor four aeroplane hangars at
Pearl Harbor, each 60 by 100 feet in
floor dimensions. The low bidder for
furnishing steel for the structures
was . the Lord-Young Engineering
Company, with an offer of 122,500,
No award will be announced until
approval is 'received from .Washing
It was also announced today that
bid wiU be opened on May 31 for
the construction of a storehouse and
garage at Fort Kamehameha where
the aero squadron is to hare its
base. This building will be 42 by
125 feet In floor dimensions, and will
house the tools and machine supplies
of the squadron which hare alfeady
begun to arrive.
Everything Is reldy today aboard
the Pommern at Pier 7 for her de
parture for the coast Her steering
gear and pumps are in good work
ing order and the crew which will
take care df her while she is being
towed up to the coast are Aboard.
When the Pommern leaves she will
be the fourth ex-German boat to
leave the islands this month for the
mainland as i United States - steam
erv with the- American-flag flyfs'g
from her to -.. place of the German
mercantile emblem. The Ahlers, HoP
satii and Setos ire now en route.
r The ''Big Four"--Ahlers, Pommern,!
HolsatU- and SS
cleaned opf the Itttle bdats are now
getting attention. The Loongmoon
is on the Inter-Island drydock today,
the Print Weldenuf was cleaned last
week and made ready for. the trip,
and only the two smallest, the Staata-
sekretar Kraetke and Jhe Gduverneur
Jaeschke, now iwait their turn "to
"do their bit" Is American steamers.
' w'i
orders aggregating jwfjw ions osi
steel: ships have" been.. placed in Cans I
, V .f. ( r i
eoara rcr steamers, rangm irom ,wu 1
to 8,400 - tons, to carry canaaian sup-
until, in
H ii
your pock-
Peter M. Johnson of Pearl City is in
the Queen's hospsui today with three
bullet wounds in his body, and Walter
Cape and a CL Hirls, both of the
Headquarters Company, 32ad Infantry.
hive been arrested on suspicion of
being implicated in the shooting af
fray which took place at Pearl City
last night
' The fcvwTy which the police-have is
that it the home of Prank praellas
Policeman J. K. Keonaona was called
in to arrest a soldier who is said to
have? attempted to insult someone in
the OrneDas home. Keonaona in turn
called upon Johnson to assist' him in
'making the arrest and in the ttelee
which followed one of the Soldiers if
said to have fired three thou into John
son's body.
One bullet took effect in the , left
elbow, another la the abdomen and
the third in the left side of the chest
He was taken to tbe emergency hos
pital and later to the Queen's hospital
where he Is reported resting easily to
day. He will probably recover.
Deputy Sheriff f ernandes arrested
Harris at Waipahn shortly after the
e f fray, add although Harris idmttfed
being present it the shooting he said
Cap was the man who did it Upon
this information Capt McDnffle of the
detectives got in touch with officers
of the army and they informed the
police shortly that Cape had been ap
prehended. 4
McDuffle was to go to Schofield for
probably be arraigned in police court
tomorrow. Harris Is still held, for in
vestigation. . ' ' . v
The shooting was done with a A$
caliber revolver.
at mmm
Follawing the receipt of week-end
w(.. u..r
ton of th Products Company,
George a Waterhouse, secretary of the
company, issued the following report:
- "General Manager . Anderson of the
Mineral Products Company sends the
following iafornr.tlon by week-end
, "The manganesd diolde factory wis
rmrfor three days during last waefc
TheA'corrosiroaf piping , is now -beiag
installed. ' At the same time the re
torts,ar being relocated nearer tbd
tower, and other adjustment are be
! The tower 5 workts jplenf
"The' possibilities of magnesia' in
v. .V' Jf-.j' - - "T- 1' i 1
making, of firehrkk and the develop
mem 01 tne magnesii deoosiu are
narmg attention. : v., : ' ,
In regard to the . railroad. :; tha
freight business from the ? If aanesite
Companies, is 'more promising
....... , , ,, ,-
At Boston ClncinnaU 2, Boston 1,
t Brooklyn-SU Louis Brook-
At Philadelphia Phliadslphia 4.
cnicago 3. -- - ;. . ; 4 .
At New YorkNew Tork -4 Filts-
hurg 2. - -v ' . ;- - :
American' League eames nostnoned
cn account df rahv
What people dont know don't hurt
. them? -v.-" - 'v :v
Is that sdt What about the" man
who didn't know the gun was loaded T
-Detroit Free Press. :: '
Then ydn: dont km me?
Why do you fif thitft Why, yes.
absolutely. . v;- -tf - ' .
"I dont lore you" Sun Dial.-
Values 0
Children's and - Infants' White
Dresses, 6 months to two years, at $1.00.
Combinations of Fine Nainsook (draw
er and corset cover )j 36 to 44, at $1.00.
Special ralne in Smart Tailored Hats
for Misses, "Leighton," formerly sold
at $3.50, now $1.00.
Premises ftwsV healtH
n ifw-7r
LzZ W L3
They are constitution bulldsrs. Dsmsrtd your eholce st yc-jr crsetf
Claus Roberta, clerk of the third di
vision of circuit court will be retained
la office by Judge WfiHam 11. Heen,
the latter has announced. Roberts
wis appealed . by James L. Cooke
when he became circuit judge, and
has kept on in the office since Coke's
appointment to the supreme bench.
Albion Blom, present second clerk,
will probably be retained until July 1,
Judge Heen says, as the. new regula
tions . provide that the second eterk
Shall also be 1 stenographer.
Judge Hsea says that reports to the
effect that he has appointed It It.
Springer as court reporter ire errone
ous. He has Sprfngetin mad for the
definite as yet as to who will be tin-
ally appointed, springer- Is-stenographer
of the tlltA circuit court it
09 111'- -
Fraak J. Hare, the new postoffke
inspector for this territory, is in Hv
noluln today, to tak the place of
Thomas J, JTavin, who left ;OU the
last Haul for the mainland, tq recuy
eTau his health, -jj- - :';
Thi lnspectcr was l member of the
committee which made a borough
examination of ths methods ind sill
ciency ot tbd New : York postoffiCf,
this resulting in the dismissal of Post'
master Morgan, after 3& yesrs of ser
ried. - A new postmaster has been ap
pointed, - ifiUiyi: . '' 'v. J, -:
Hare will continue the annual i in
specticm ct all postoff Ices tn the is
lands, which was started hy nlspector
flavin, and ni4 to. he dropped by hint
wnen narm. wis taken seriously iH
while at HIIo. :i The new inspector
anowa tie territory' thoroughly, as he
was stationed here altogether more
than- 10 years, serring from lidl tn
ltH: 'He comes from the Sin Iran
Cisco mtlsion where be has been on
special work, Including the Kew Tork
Inspector Flarin expects to olula
it least a month's sick.leirs on sr.
riTing at 'the coast, before reporting
ior auty again. -;-
Experienced stenographsr (resident)
wants position law work or com
mercial. Phone 4354, 171 Youhff St.
-r 'i'i'- 47912? ' -c
A good washer and Ironer is wanted
it The Juoselawn; 13 w King street
Ponr-reom furnished cottaee. Phdne
4229.' - v--v 6711 4t
Children's Milan and Peanut Straws,
value np to $3.00, now $100 coca, Z
A splendid , lot ;of jiew 'patterns in
Dress Voile at'4 yards' for $100. . "T C
' "White; Velvet Cordnroy hrcad welt,
also an assortment of colors in the nar-
row welt, 36 inches wide, extraordinary
value at $L0O
- -FH0K2 " : '
fee Men umI Wemesi
Two Js panes s . firm . Tasd and
roktiyi A Company were krr 114
den for farnlihlag labor fa ti
stmtlon of ii buUdiag at Echcr:14
Barncki to be tried is qvirun fcr
officers, it wis stated todays it Cs
offici of Ueut-CcL K. licx. Bel: 1 til,
constructing Qtrtrmistsr. v
Thti is another portion ct tL tig
eosstmction Job which Until tin has
ordered it thi post- Two's bid the
lxbtf tor t!r Jhirtt.1fnr f r?l!3
while thi other fits bid era IS tHi
tegs for 111325. V-
HEHOfllAL sinnofj.' '
. Chaplain Telly ef th 1st fU!4 4
Artillery fs to preach A itrtson
Spanish War Veterans at thi
next it 10:29 s m.u Thi crethsri
a special musical prozrasi and 4
thi . two caata of the txnUcx
r are arranging to itund thi ms- -f
rices the . brothers wCl be thi
cuests of the chaniiln at Isnch
r wa at pw in. ui couiss cus t
ban team will meet the mi J- f
-t Quarters outfit -on thi irtlHiry f
-f paradi grounds for a shar? cc
4- test with hit and ban f , -. ?
1 1
fcr twoyesra, crtj;J t7it .
darlr? r r i '
trrj c.-.J:r n
r.-. , t l . -.
Vf ! C;"
fr- I . M
.- 4 ...
tr:: r;: .,.J.ti
t-: c - 5
r-J r.;7 1- l.: cJ ft
rJ:i ts cLM tf -
c: l u t II
CC:i Ta. Piri kizz tJ.:: 1 .
- Thers rra c--r trr?.: i r
cj Iln' I.-t J 5 t.ri
L-7. 'It tas ts.'j: i t . t :z ' ' c . ;;
CtL.r.r-J:-, t::r: v.
CcntlXIi, Ly3,
!cntIaILLrvll3.i-v. i . .
per yard v
!i !i
j.V ,
Hotel Street, near Pert
-S, -

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