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Honolulu star-bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1912-2010, May 21, 1917, 2:30 Edition, Image 6

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' 1
- J Jh.
M U .-lli(i- v
: t
- t
1 a t:i::r-c:vcrr:i city.
rvcr wr
J::ity ever J. C.
M ' -
: ! r3 ! .:':rct:v3 cf tl2 city C?
!.ri::::r:!y izi :t3 rem. A3 tl :
ticu IocLs cWLdns tvIII Le returned to cCcs
. (I Ircr C.vjij? ard tLs.cityV; cicc-tire rf cl
'iriica will nbt-U trrcdrl . ty . Dceraiic
...... . 4KH.V4S1 ' .. ,,, " . :
V ' ' - -l V - ' - I f T"- "v.
c candidates for tupcrviscr. ttsrotcrs pklicd
'r hrcrt rzrport. tla.tpctca n:a:;ir., rJ
, witlut 'exception: . .- . ; . ;;
re is not a candidate en the Republican Ji'::!
is unacccptal Ar.d th? vctcra c-Te ft trcr...
:;o3- Jrti ;:n r.: pert to tVo'ccn ca the Dzrz
?. licd.-rt IVtris and llcCIc.Haa rrho Trill bG
! n JifL'D., TLfFe tiro t:: 1 end tboal
vcr V. cir crrr:!?, .T. hi!? tli3 Crst 73 Ca jtt?
tic! rt : --r f'b f:at t!:.:r f:rrc:i h
I if t!.3 roto ca June 5 stands tquarcly by
cf j-rod f rrcrnmcnt as it did ca Pnturuny.
11 f r i tin 2 in years, the "Tray is c :ncd to
1 i!. .; i :Mc2 C. artn:cnt frcm ita rcttc:i ircd-
r. . a
I :
th3 veto
cln V.'k3 fcr th3
to r::rc3 cf tie old-
tL:r Ln:7 tl3 facts in a political campaia. - When
tl ? :t ttc3 rnblhiad that a factional Jdty 5tall
f -t T7C3 L .Izj tamed into a political raia came
liter's c:.:. Tvith Ciciaell a- tKnait!8: tlctiia
tl:rc trcnt tlrcc'sh. Landreds cf Totem an instant
t.r ra c f - r -n "tioa and thev tamed oct at the polls
and t:at EI:ncIl;cppcaeat to afrai2l& At the
r m:3 tir:3, tL3 voters exprcened their intcatioa to
?--- fn t- ;tu .h n fin trhb has xaado cood.
Is ctler Trcrd.5, they upheld tha cerit fstem at the
r:Ili Tey teck a solid stand for good govcrniaent.
i;o clhcr "result of the priraary election gives more
CrdtLIeatica to Kepabllcaaxand independent alike.
And uneetUnatly there vas-cja;Demotk
rote caet for.Eic!el?i toC;iU;
Arthar IL CroTm'tTictory'iwosepi'- Ugatjfbot
for city attcrsey;
r:tcr3 t!:oTrcd that thcy "Ead no confidence -whatever
il-t Lr:.'tfoot TTould do the things he said he vftuld
de,'E-!:3 tha improvement he Eaid he iroald .make;
if elected. And ia rceleethis ; the eity attorney, the
fcpl a aia '"upheld the principle of protecting the
pullic Icrviee, for in his olSce there is a vast aiaonnt
cf crrreat rcrk v,hich would be badly disorganized
if 1. 3. Vcre "retired.. Jn a.way,;: the candidacy of
Lhtfeot c-ded to Crop's ttrngth,ior the attacks
ca Brown coupled jvithpraise for : ;Lihtfoot ;in
vrhich the voters evidently tooi ho stock roused in
raeay voters anger which showed itself in the sup
port Crown received at the' polls. f ;' ;
The contests fcr c!erkand treararer could hardly
U celled centeets. Doth - the Ilepubncaninctini
lentn'r ro cr elly euccessful, another proof that Ho-
rrr-'' itei Tnui - '
; VXHDUN", i The visitor to
Verdaa dust . . iadi it stealttilf,
cladl In e-cl helmet and carrjlas care
tally fc!a gaaask ta- Its waterproof
tas. Thns iortiiled and Ttim his eye
Tratchfal lor tny conraencemeat of &
tlvitjr -fcy. ite dUtant German batteries,
be may iwalk and climb :amon the
rs.lr.zj cr toUoyr the 'debris-cluttered
IzzX cf tae lotely Jlense, broad, green,
cala?a.J,ladirterent ttf solitude aach
as it ta not tcoirn for &: thousand
years.' .. ;; -:r :y
The raia drips through the shell
torn roof of the Cathedral, pllplng the
choir-acores and the missals tossed
with the fallen- masonry r about the
floors, maMng mud of the alter 'a dust,
rotting the ' canvas of the r fallen pic
tures, rendering' : thinss 1 squalid. i ':
; i Close by ia the theater, with Its bro
caded galleries brimming: orer. witn
wreckage, flaunting ragsV and reveal
ing through the. uncurtained stage &)J
the shabby mysteries of. its median
hisni, all in wild confusion. '; -
' Few Visitors ' Seen :''--::
, Visitors are rare in .VerdunI Tut the
town: holds out to them emphatically
the .freedom. of the city, every door
and 'Window pea. and -no .human tjn
to watch. Alons the river' bank are
the little restaurants and cafes, tho
floors strewn wjth cups and 6aucers,
glasses . ranged ,on ; thei counters, the
open ledgers cn the; cashier's desk3
invitias' the inspocUdn of the curious.
Itvhas been many months ;ince-;tha
customers sat around; these upturned
tables or out on tne terrace, and owatch 4
ea tne green ; Meuse. slide below the
bridges on sunny afternoons.
The humble; shops along ' the sida
streets ars mora pathetic than the bi
clubhouses or. -the pitted warehouses
with their shattered windows.": The
shops are jride open, with their scales
n t r.;;n t. .? yc;:--:tcr"a chance. J ce.nlu cn Is - trusted. to:snppcrt ror. reelection oia
i to tl 2 cr:rpr:7n frc:!i Llood, a vij-j cials. who hare giveti f reasoaablyood ; satisfaetioh.
- .1 r:y i 11 r t t3 rlvcl On its whole. Caturdav's primary was "the most
i.i ana a record ior cricni
cne cf tin i: , i IIav;aiian'cCl
! rd. Cnhan:r :: cd hy ' eld
1 : ' , I - vi3 al!j to miLe.a
t -
f f t1
Etri!:irT rrcef ever riven under county and munici
pal government that public sentiment is moving def
initely toward .- non-partisanship in focal election?.
D:r.:ocrat30f ability ran far ahead of Kepublicans of
r - Verity or who wee fully lacked ability. Wliile
tl 3 T - ".ahlicaa ;vote was generally very active'aiid
. .iw. it wr3 not thsrert cf vote which is tied with
t"", , It waa cet in the Kepublican column
l-ecr.u:3'in.the gr.cat .EsCjority of cases that colunin
c : rtu:.-: I the l::t r.:en. ; -" ' : ;.- : I
1' primary is a long step toward a victory for
ree f;cvcrnm:nt cn Jun3 5.- But the figh is not
e:ikt. It r ill not t2 won until the votes are ae
t ; .!! Jcr : t f r t!.e lest raen-bf these' now nominated.
It 1! ret I : :i if tL5 ieroej citizens'' grow
ill ret I.? wen if t!.ere U a rtfy-at-
It ill
, - V v
vill r
i'AiiAurn ro-ici a:-d dooze. :
r ,
1 .-
t'.e : :;-ttM:?-3 al:cut te primary
: i I CI r e t f.;e'ailr'-;le"inan at the
:Ir- Ci r 'erly cn account :cf . liquor,"
: r -. ; ' ! own Demc era tic leader. . "I have
y - - - i ' , r , " n n Tl 1 Z" 1 TP 1 V
..t ile.t t! ero v;a3 Iee3 dmnhenne3 than at
', r ti. . will in reeent years. For tui3: we
t' ti." c e.rlr-eleeir rere'etien adopted by
I . il: . !er:l tl.e ll;er :V:.";:;-T;fr
v "7 tl :re veere; very Lv;.' report v-of
: at ti. i j :II;!e: . -.ft . cnld r appear,
. - :r I efvi-3 flnr. loeal Izz'A: r.3 .U-ave - been
v ? f: v:i c. cr two pre eii-'e, that some
: e 4'ten!:cd' but 'ia geatral the
A.a.vz.i c -.I.t, crderlv'and well-har.dled. As
.1, t! ? ce-.::.t w: ; te dleu : in somj? precincts vrhere
: ' J ' : c ' ' - . a ! .3 we ret low. Tl e "vet e cast was
- ; r i at cf .'the. " rcgiitration
' ! vy i- Il eelulu elections have gone in re-
- ; : .
ve.l .
' v v v. w . i
- t c
li :.:y,z
I. ....
. i I , v..
4 ' i
. t. -
'! lilrr-y rre
(rr:n rit:- rin:nctil'Arirtca);;Cv-
' T - ect: :: . :!i 1 3 immediately taken' by th
: :t te, ' rmit the -3 villi'rg Wx-Hst'to do
;.. " cf c r til;;. ens wLd feel. it their duty to
. J 1 ' : : I yet '!i .rot want to remain in the
.,l. r.i. r T Z2A1 deelired. Tliey v,ieh wh'en
V r C.Ay to 1. cceintry no lor jer requires them
t : 1 ::: t V. r T 3 and tenches' and help again
? - ' - - " - - " v - e - - :-. l
- ' a - '
To f 1 - . cnllitmeats now-' is '.working
r ::: t tl 2 re; ' 1 IV.'. ; cf cur military and naval
..Al 71: ? : :av I : I re;: -ht-to ttandard through
e :ri; tien..! .t to enfe- ee coueerip-5-1 at the out-
t i t o c r. f : I -; r 1 ty r a d tl.at 12 at best a danger
i. :z 1 lir . All America:: v worthy of the name,
are 1 ve.l but i' y a!:e are lcvcr3 of freedom. They
e' 1:7 r !l I ; . ; ! 1 1 ; v e'e r. aetmen' : that ravor of force.
Tr t tl 3 f re t c :: ": ; : ent cf ZZ 3,CC3 consist of volun
t: e: j fe.r. ti e J'd r:e. tie a of the wa' If 1 such a
r -1! . : 1 f ' - I i: II to bring cut the strength rceAuir
r2, - ! r3 v:ry mueli doubt, then prescribe who
f' '1 r rve t" 3 c;!er, Lut f.rst give the people the
c ' z:i to z,r t. 'r p triotirm without hampering
still ; 6a ecounters their- knives ani
ragar scoors ail reaay for business
The'Uilor shc;3 disilayed pictures, ct
the moes for sxunmcr 1814, tojslessly
out of date.:;,--:-: V .f ; ?::; v -; i-v--'
Verdua I only a. little town just
etmgsle - out ' cf tnisgehood ; lata dig
nliy as an incorporated city; , Ten or
twelve thousand was Use peace-time
population. It looks no ditrerent than
a peaceful American city, forthe cita
del I3 the least conspicuous of Ver
dun's features and the town deceit
fully seems indef ensive open to assault
and outrage Ilka a, seaside watering
place. '. - '-' ' ::''v -y--y . ,
Vast ; Scene' cf AVreckass v
:Frota cue r.t ta buildinga on -the
hiir abote t: nirrow winding streets
of the upcr to.vu one may look down
on the wor: t - -died central parts, all
pounded into f-apelessness, the finest
street oaiiterattd. workshops " ware
bouse and tenement ? all reduced to
crumbled brick and mortar of yellow
ish hue. Outside the deraststed area,
the rest of Verdun stands with a speci
ous look of belng-'hale and habitable,
only with the Jogged outlines V of ;
broken gable showing here and there.
Tramcara used to run down! the
Avenueede Ia Gate from, the railway
station;, cabs plied for hire; folk louns
cd la the afternoon on the Promenade
de Ia.Digue. No life isin any of. these
places now save the rats that squeaks
and burrows in the ruins when another
shell comes ; with ; its commotion,: for
Verdun is still the object of the ;Oerr
mans dally hato.'-- 'T, ,y Hi
' Ther e I3 nobody above the surface
of the ground in Verdun but the sub
terranean'fortres3es beneath, the Cita
del, deep down under mountain rock,
are still animata with men soldiers
who are keetins up the defensive that
months of German activity; failed Ito
1 -. " . -. : . - - - :: V :'
- ROME, Italy. The v pr6sperity of
Italy after - the war depends upon ,th e
solution .of. three great , engineering
problems, in the opinion of Professor
Luli Luiggi, president jot the - Italian'
Society of ; Civil ' Engineers. The3e
three problems," he, stated' to cn ad
dress here this week, - srer; - The rd
clanation 'of marsh lands, the irriga
tion of semi-arid tracts; and the more
complete utilization of , water t power,
especially in the production of chemi
cal fertilizers for tho soil.. -
; The chief interest of the United
States in- Prof essor Luiigi's program
is found in hla statement that it ; will
require large sums of foreign capital,
time cf which " Italy bepes to draw
frcra America. . ' v .,,,; ; ... .;,-;.'
"During the - list V five: --vear3: cf
Peac?."-5 a! I rrc:;::or -Lv!ri, "nearly
7C0.CC ! tl - T f.:t. r?:-::V'2':cf c ::r
rrral pcru'.aticn l?ft-thcir .r.itive vil
larss to seok Letter ccnuitlona.cf la
ter -zcrcs3 the Atlantic, or,- wcrsa
ttill, fn middle Europe.- Thi3 excebti
cf c-fraticn la a-drawback to tho
prcrers of Italy - and ' of the Latin
races, ss France has no- Increase at
all In her population, while. tlje Teu
tonic race3 Increase very rapidly.;-.
"To reduce tmisraticn" It Is cece3
sary to offer to intending emigrants
wcrk'better paid and in healthier con
ditions. This can be done by devel
oping the natural resources of Italy,
many cf which are still lying dormant
or are sot yet completely, utilize'd. :
"By improving agricultural : meth
ods, putting in cultivation land that
now lies idle either through excess
of water or for lack of it -that is, by
draining marshes and Irrigating semi.
CIIcrctfCii Tell
their own story in th?
: comc3 of pcopho who
-. arc worried. -
"rj l!srchant3"; Shcdd
l?do this in connection
f5;wj.t h their own
V" business : if they feel
that it is of any value
S O aid in pnttinff the
1$ public3h :the right :
: fttraclrl-::;.f-' -'-;.-'
Dusmess uiiiu. m
errcv3 I K-d tr
rV ycvtK, :
ru tKit .tKcyrc pt !
It mK-rr.a.vMiy,
::. to think : '':' -;.:;
Feeling th
rs i
f f of cohMenceltR
pkd Pnhlitity:
rinto eyeryon of IJmyer. yfMt jiv v
ald Puhlicity Builds Up": -; '
tM? rrhk-np -waid circulation i of i the
Star-Buli -ia 'on iHafch-2 Hras
fine new rangs aU : fitted cut and. are
getting ready for a rub with town riiie-
men.,'s. - i i; rK'i:fT: "
;SHERIFF ROSE: This campaign
work- is rather bet business,, so I
bought a. Palm Beach suit, to keep mo
cool. ; : . - i - ? " - '
land3 now 'almost sterile would be
blessed by the most luxuriant crops.
Also hydro-electro ' power should be
utilized better for the production' of
Lnltrates and other fertilizers and for
developing many Industries connect
ed, with agricultural products: - . "
- "There should 'alsa be better mean3
of transport, by rail, by road, and; by
water. -The sanitary and social' con
ditions cf the rurcl tenters cf pepu'a
tion should fcs improved-'by :bett:r
water sur- j-c. tsttcr t:wr. tetter i
hc;'?:ng end better Frt-.ee!:::-:. ' ' ' -:-.
- - ' - - - e -j .... ..lie iiu .r-
cu3 ir.rr.rtir.t engineering wcrl.3,
and rouira largs initial outlay cf cip
ital, to te refunded,- Lnclcding yearly
interest, inabcut CO to 50 year3, -
t-"JLTpon the development of our riat
ural 'resources along the lines f fc4ve
indicated. concluded the ' .professor,
"depends tho possibility of realizing
an Italian population of EO.CCO.tCD to
6O.0C0.C0O Inhatlt-nts, which I3 neces.
sary to -the Erii.sh-Latin-Ciav union
to keep peace in Europe.. Outside fin
ancial cooperation I3 of course a de
tlderatum. ..."Towards thl3 cooperation
we must bend all cur efforts," .
Hopkins - is sure to defeat Posq for
sheriff now. He will -poll a surrrii
icgly large vote. ;-' . ' : . ' . : -. "
. . ' ".' ; V '
-CAPT. G. K.- LARIU3PN : This 13
about , the week recruiting ousht to
take a'- boost, word having : b esn re
ceived officially cf the draft systaa
baing put into effsct. "v7a expect-s
Coed showing by Saturday. . , .
i J. ASHMAN BCAVEN: -I wish to
thank personally each and .every cna
cf the 12C3 voters who cast' their bal
lets for. ma. in the-primary last Sat
urday and to ask them new to rapport
the' Republican -tick:: ea Juneo, zz I
shall do Just as vigorously and ccriUl
ly as I know how. -
miss icATnrr.iN'n etinzon: .
fan glad to reae'.i i:en:'.:u. tet.I
will not-"be hacrur.ttl I r t: : : to
make' my lc-'s" rrc
, 3
1 .v - 5
R. N. T..OMAC; Qn!nt. III.:
elecUcn ni;:.t cro I in Hone-'.:
interesting. ' I was ,
clieerithat wcr.t up
Viisoa's pictura wo 3 '
patriotic slide cf t'u? Ce;i
4-... . t .... .
e! U's-.
Japene-3 and C:.::::5
crty . leadinj
baby girU "wa3 r
ate. The Star-Dur.etia cavs
tbat-wculd hare cer. a cr,.::
newrpepcr. ; 1
.Vrhat are .'known c.3 t'.'-'j: c
ti.e meet ce:t:r c
found in enly ens p!aea
a small ; tract cf land La
V.al?3. : : '; :" -
. fc- w t i
- " " -.
"Resolved, That - the United States.
Army and Navy Should De Recruited
by Selective Conscription is the Ques
tion upon which the Damon . Lyceum
Literary Society cf Mills schcoi I3 de
bating thi3. afternoon." a'ainst.'kthe St.
Lcuis College Literary Society. St:
Lcul3 has, the affirmative and Mill3
the "negative. - The judges, were to be
Prof. A. L. Andrews" of the? College-of
Hawaii, James A: Rath -of Palama
Settlement, and Judge W. L. "Whitney.
The St Louis team 1 is composed of
Richard Hvn?- PiTi,, Henry. Lau Tan
and Dement MacconneL and the Mills
team cf Edward Ha; K. Doi andXouis
Choo. - r :-;';,:-V-
V -"; ALONE TO X CANNED'4; ':(r
: . : r : ' ; DURING TH fi VVA R
- " . . - . . -' -. ..1...... . ::
' ' . - : Yj. : -;
CHICAGO, 111. So .'more - baked
beans, heminy; kraut, - oils, tobacco,
mclatse? cr.lard is to betcanned in
the Unite I ' f tates during war time.
Th'3 dse:;r;u .was reached. at a con
ferenco cl ce.nner3 . ,at:l . jobbers' of
canned products. - The meeting; was
held a t tt e ' request ; of . Secretary of
Agriculture Houston ,; and Secretary
Redtield,- who urged that only perlsh
al; 1 3 f ruit3 t e . canned, owing to the
l:ertr."3 cf ilaplate.' --J .-'-' .' '-'-' -
- In' a! flower decked chapel at "Val
kikl Mis3 Juli.t IIcIL'nger became "the
bride cf George J; Dunn at a" pretty
wedding Saturday morning. The ser
vices were held in St Augustine chap
el with the Rev. Fr.. Valentin official
ing. The cl.apcl was a beautiful tow
er of white lilies and ferns.' Latsr, at
tho. bride's borne, vespers .were said,
enly the " immediate families : cf,th'e
contracting" partlri being present.
.Viils3 Julia HoRjger made 'a charm
ing bride. She 13 the j-oungeat daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas' Jflcllinger
cf WaikikL - George J- Dunn, the
groom," is the youngest son cf Mr. and
Mrs. George II. .Dsnn of ; Lahaina.
Maul. George H." Dunn, the father cf
the. groom, . is cent f er the Inter-.?-'
land Stoamship Company at. Lahalna.
Mrs. Dunn, the mother of the groom,
came over from Maul on the Mauna
kea for the ceremony. - :. -:
. 'R.. V. ERUCXONS: It looks good
tt me for . a '.Republican; victory - on
June 5. ;. ---. -;.:.-.;':;. j-h: ..:
Is interesting to- cote the enthusiasm
cf the Ewaifle Club. They have a
71 ? C'zW:-. ii vzt cn end' l:;t. a cicdnsto' an cud.
c I rt ' ; cz.zzy"Ajz3. and elections. aim is
-t. 1 l.c, cccz epical and representative
' cf'.wLilei-fcr enhinarincacon
. V - XI r. r;.-7 cz-li to cnlht tcr vrLalere
(Two new bungalows built; on-adjoining lots. : Qronnds
j neatly improved y ith: hedges; cement -walks, etc v-v:::-A
. Land "areaVlj
Eentals $5300. per, mpnth:v?; i ;
Sale priceaOOO. ' .
f;' .;"'.'. r ivf-?2-i'-''--t5,i''-
x ch ww3
icin Triist Co., Lid, .
y-- -i : rtA v?".;:V''"' Ct-zjcnTTald Bldj.
' , - t -
Let CD by ISO feet,
?Ti .. i--(..T-'- - -i r - ' - - 1 -" - ' ' -
th? c::ticn T7iU fcs.in t!:3 Lintlj cf l::r.3 Lu:'.'
-X . ST A T . f c "
r- .
-- 1
Iflatinntn ; finish, that will pi:-.: 2 yc:, 1:0 vr in our tc:I:.
i jj m if-i vizi?.: j's;;.:lzt co., 113 ::ct;i
..f?r ' '" "
i M I
. j, -
''- ' r:,K--'; ;-,-':-'- '... " v - ": - V
at E6yalvGrove, 'including bnngaloTT on lot 502120.
- i A - : A"" '-vv rr,: V-rr- .- - " V
.- . k I v.--,-,.-" v.--"
A bafram. : House; and larco - crounds.' ' Particnlar3
at our-office, v y - v,--;. :;
Ral Estate Arenta
Cc'rnsr Fort nd Ilcrchnt C trcct3

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