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-ert in; the fceautifuT matt
en; or . blended, decora
orisgecnrV, yonrnipply
V ioVBpration -pajf tMa
tune,, as only, iuw more are
to ba sold at these nrfcea.
Cemetery vases - from 60d
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,a thlrDrodlst;aad".a:.tratoe4 ntrta for
their fccL-v.--,
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lt ,Ui3 to rp:r.d arc:d r-rt;cf that all-tca-trief ; 1
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fcrth to Xho kitdicn xrhen. electric cooking ap-
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A TTcrt'.rharr ttbve,
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: t:z3 .cfrth::3. c!::t:;:nl helps 'trhy not ctpi
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'';' ;T.::tri:al Hc;cqi:artcrs ' .help 'yon;conpj8ta"W
Phcno'.sai; ;
it I
- 4 :. Modern, three-beci
fc . . '--.: - - ' ' -"- i ,v rfi
-; House in good repair, &n
proyea. . Jrriage ciitTO ser- r
" 3 f !,'V!r'-vfr:-':-" Bethel Street
'.---'.... -. . .. .. - j
imsL ixmis , E. Davis nox
Mr. C. Q. Heiser, who leaves short,
ly, bat been the incentive for many
very pleasant and happy assemblages
of friends. Mrs. Louis E. Darts was
a hottest complimenting thia popular
matron on Thursday afternoon Irom4S. Paxson, lira. Kenneth flarnes, lira,
8 to o'clock at her Manoa home. The
room wer Terr attractlre. Dozens
of fern baskets were suspended from
the cede and In the windows, lend
ing an air of coolness and charm.
Pink begonias and gladiolus weVe at
tracttrely grouped.
Mrs. Darls followed a custom that
if very vogue on the mainland of the
ladles receiving Telng decollete. Sore
ly In topical Honolulu this is a cool
and charmingly pretty custom. The
ladies who received with Mrs. Davis
and Mrs. Helser were' Mrs. Charles
Fraxier, Mrs. J. Howard Eliis. Mrs.
Ray UUen and Mrs. Oscar Phillips.
The friends invited by Mrs. Davis
to honor Mrs. Heiser were: Mrs.
George A. Brown, Mrs. A. H. Tarle
ton, Mrs. A. R. Gurry, Jr., Mrs. A. Gig
nous, Mrs. Robert McLean, Mrs. . A.
Berndt, Mrs. Fanny '-Hudson, Mrs.
Daniel McCorrlston, Mrs. E. B, Loo
nls, Mrs. Samuel Tay, Mra. S, Peck.
Mrs. George Smith, .Mrs. C. G. Bockus.
Mrs.f F.'E. Steers Mrs. IF. EL Blake.
Mrs. C Braly, Mrs. De Graff. Miss
Vanderbilt, Mrs. Clarence Cooke, Mrs.
Stanley McKenile, . Mrs. Henry Judd,
Mrs. John Lucas, Miss Sara Lucas.
Mra. David Thrum, Mrs. Lewis Under
wood, Mrs. A. S. Prescott, Mrs. Don
ald Currle, Mra. Ernest Clark, Mrs.
Wynant, Mrs. Marlott, Mrs. M. Camp
bell, Mrs. Zumwalt, Mrs. Osborne,
Mrs. Phillip Frear, Mrs. William Stod-
art. Mrs. Edward Dekum, Miss Louise
Lucas. Mrs. William Clark, Mrs: Otto
Blerbach, Miss Ehrhorn, ; Mrs. . Raymond-
Brown, , Madame McCorrlston.
Mrs.- 6arw"Aneuf,"- MIA AngU,' Miss
Jean: AngTis, Mrs. George. Angus Mrs.
St. C. Sayres, Mrs, Fred - Bush,v Mrs.
C. i F. Schmutxler, Mrs. A. ; Hpdgins,
Mrs..' CHJ Olson.' Mrs.' Matthew Gra
ham; Mrs. Stuart Johnson, Miss An
na Johnson,- Mrs. Chris .Jenkins, Mrs.
J J. Reiser, Miss Oltourke, Mrs. Wit
Ham;: LoveA Miss Mabel 'Armstrong.
Mrs.iDanlel Mooney. Miss Edith Mist,
cclTc3 percolator andUa;:
enmcipato you irba the,
. -. . i - w . . v. ....
- e.rf
. r - . . ... 1 ..... -
. -4
lot 150x200 feet, fully im-
iQTJllln. Robert Mist. Mrs.
hert Mlat,4
lira, J. N. ST. Williams;
ra. w. c.
IicGonagle. Mrs. Fred 'iarter. Mrs.
John Lennox. Airs. ByrotlKoble, Mrs.
J. L Toung.Ars. F.E. trotter, 3irs.
John Drew, Mrs. John t. Warren.
Mrs. Louis J. Warren. Irs. Sumner
Sheffield, Mrs. Jack Haya, Mrs. Roy
al D. Mead, Mra. Kelly Brjwn, Madame
Frailer, Mrs. G. K. Tabury, Mrs.
F. Jameson. Mrs. RA G. ' Moore.
Mrs. Percy Morse, ,Mra4 John John
son, Mrs.. A. L. Le Coma Mrs. Law
rence Robinson, Mra. A - Armltage;
Mrs. Edwin Benner, Ms. Farmer,
Mrs. .Sxunuel De Freest Miss Kath-
erine Blake, Miss Chaiotte Blaxe,
thy Hawk. .! r
Mr. end Mrs. Allen Bclomley enter-
tained at their Manoa h&e last Tues
day evening, honoring M; and Mrs. R.
A. Jordan, whose golden wedding ah.
nlversary It was. "i
It was a very happy occasion and
the bride and groom of&O yeara ago
were the life and center) f the gather
ing. The table was mased in golden
daylight lilies and Coreopsis.. A
wedding bell was susperied over-the
table of yellow coreoptfk and yeliow
panslea. A wedding eke was also
part of the decorative scheme. As
the bride cf 50 years culthe wedding
cake the wedding marc) was played
on tb.e. piano. The plao cards were
golden slippers and wedng bells. X'"
The evening was devced to music
and social chat. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan
were the recipients of mmy beautiful
Mr. and . Mrs. Bottodleyfs guests
were Mr. and Mrs. R. A! Jordan, Mr.
and Mrs. E. W. Jordanl Mrs. Lees,
Mrs. Ellaabeth Watrhoe, Mrs. dis
may 3tubbs, Miss Plndtr, Mr. and
Mrs. George Waterbouse, inland Mra.
Arthur Berg,. Mr; and Ma. James
Cockburn, Air. and MrsG, Lindsay
Watson, Mr. James Dole, Lieut A. C
Cotchett and Master Jack Bottomlly.
' ' ..r.-
?The wedding of , Mis nvotbyw Ale
shire, daughter pi Major general and
Mrs. James' B. Aleshire J 4nd Ensign
Alexander GUchrlst Hatch, .US. N,
vfhich took placa-4n Washington, ID.
C, its of interest here., jrhey . were
married at the " apartmt -of- the
bride's parents m the St. Sicholaa In
the presence of . relatives ind . a f aw
intimate friends. ' A large, reception
followed t '-Mi: : V?
The ceremonr was perbrmed hy
the lie v. Dr; . Roland - Cotfcn t Smith,
rectbr of St John's EpiscoipflChureh;
and took place In ' the " Inn parlor.
which was a bower of whits lilacs arid
dogwood offset by palma aid ferns.;.
Miss Marjorie Aleshire who ' wai
her alstert pnly attendanfj was In r
dainty gown of . shell pink qprgette
crepe with it. girdle : of. Fhnch blun
ribbotb She wore a hat of shell pink
feeorgette. crepe trimmed jvith Ink
blosams, and; Freachi.biue. jelvet.Hau
botiQuet was bit -lavender oEhids.T . -
' Ensisn. Tnlly.. eheUeyAtLi-NJ-was
best, ittxan s and,; like the , WdegroomJ
and , the bride's, father,;, wis; in vtmJs
forntv; . k ;-r:-' ;' m.;: -;lr'
ftMrac Ieahjre, ; mptnef ofiiie bride;
wore ; gown of eand-colbed geor
gette -crepe embroidered: iifbekasof
the "same shade, -worn with 'a..smalf
black . hat :'trimmod with -ourra,v Jaer
costume finished by"a corstge of 1 or-j
rJ. Later: Ensign ! Hatch and; his - bride
Jef V for, a wedding trip, Mrs. Hatch
wearing a smart tailored silt of blue
serga . bound .wh : black bmidU worn
with Amall hUck hat triifmed withfl
inA'-M1.. ..v.w. v- j K..rruesaay evening by Mr. and Mrs. John
pieteav her costume. r.- -
t Enslgij . Hatchfs father aad sister.
Judge xFranda March Hatch and Miss
Harriet -Hatch of Honolulu, were - un
able to Arcach -AVashlngtoa forthe
weddiug -on account of the ate of tha
marrUdrbelng advanced, hastened by
uncertain . cxndiUons created by the
War. '4 : ';!C:yii;ti '
Among the outMownl euestsr at
the wedJing were Miss . Katherlne
Gaseofj- Phila-lelphla, , Mlsa. :Harriet
Gillette of. Sheridan, Wyo.fwh6 is the
guests of General nd Mra Aleshire,
and Major General and Mrs, George
Goethals, recent arrivals & in Wash
ington. San Francisco i. Examiner,
May 6. . v
at.coronAdo ". -
Mis. W. D. IC Gibson Is visitta heri
sister, Mrs. John tt- Spreckels, at Cor-
mudo. ; Mrs. Frank Hall Moon gave a
luncheija ;for her a few days ago and
also entertained Miss Ruth Boettcher
of Denverv .who la travelixig with her
father in their . private' car. Others
present 'were Mrs. Raymond AC Morris,
Mrs,-Fred Winchester.r Jlri. " Claus
Spreckels Mrs. Helm.' Mrs; G.'AT; Da
vidson,' Mrs." 3urr of New- York, Mra.
Evelyn Chadwick, Mrs. Reed Dilworth.
Mrs. George McKensie,tMrs." William
caperton Miss - Manau Crocker. Mrs.
J. B. Richards, Mrs. J. H. Pendleton,
Mrs. Francis H. Mead, MraL Harry Hot
brook,' Mrs. John - McClelln,'- Mrs.
Frank von tTesmar, 2lrs.; John Dupee,
ITew stock; of :fii:and; Crepe!
for Men
v "
Wid '. II J Ut-
lvf-: -
M W, ' . jf A '
J '
''. il SviW H?
- 'Gwendolen Waterhouse who
will be a leading participant In the
pretty 'Snow Dance" by ' pupils
.of Madame Lester on Friday even
Jng at I. O. 0.k F. hall.
Mrs. .Leslie Moon, Mrs E. 8. Bogart,
Mrs. John D. Spreckels, and Miss Mar
garet Caperton. San Francisco Chron
icle, May II.
' .Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Jackling will
leave New York on Saturday, arriving
in $an' Francisco early in the coming
wees;:;- 'vn",. .. ;
The. Jackllngs were hosta at ' an
elaborate , and beautiful dinner given
at the Ritz Carlton th j other evening.
Twenty-five guests were present v at
the dinner and .the decorations, principally-American
Beauty roses, were
handsome in the extreme. -San Fran
Cisco. Chronicle, May 13. .-r'm. . -
v Mrs; Herbert Hoover; who was guest
ot honor at fJentury Club on Wed
nesday, -delighted anr interested the
members with a talk upon her experi
ences in Belgium during the time that
hei husband; Herbert, C. Hoover, was
hucharge of the -'relief .work. This
was the first time that many of - the
women had - enjoyed . meeting Mrs;
Hoover, and there was a large at;
tendance, ; Mrs.-Bruce Cornwall was
the hostessTof the day San Francisco
Chronicle., . . --'?r
A delightful dansfns party was given 1
Hazel Maxam, at the family residence,
1573 Plikoi street:
: About friends attended and danc
ing waa nJoyed o the abroad lanal
until 11:30 y o'clock; Refreshments
were served. Guests Included; Hono-
iulans and several from outside points;
including Schofield BarracksCj Hawai
ian musjc -waa furnished by a glee
club;of local musicians. -' -
i Brig. Gen. Robert K. Evans, U. 8.
A., and Mrs. Evans, who are at the
St Francis hotel for an indefinite
stay, were hosts Tuesday evening at
dinner party given at-the hotel.
v.. Mlsa Louise Clark, daughter of Capt
and- Mrs.- George Clark, was hostess
at a v dancing party on Wednesday
evening -at Pearl Harbor. About 75
guests were in attendance.
'f Mr. and Mrs. John Dun entertained
at a very informal dinner at the Coun-
pry Club on! Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Lewis Merriam, wife of Mai
Merriam, U. S A who spent the win
ter and spring, as the guest of her
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
A.- E. Gillespie, has returned to her
home In Washington, D. C. Mrs. Mer
riam -tame West last winter to visit
with her son, Capt Merriam, U. S. A.,
before his departure for his new
post in Honolulu. Mrs. Gillespie Is
spending several , weeks at Skagga
A number of San Francisco women
WMt.tn PnT illii lacf 1nuit,v t-n.
iattend the tea given by Mra, Howard
KW.-Morrow In honor of Mrs. A' Dougi
flas'MeBryde. Mrs. McBryde has been
a resident of the peninsula since last
fall, when she gave up her establish
ment on Green street and bought the
Oxnard place in WoodsJde. San Fran
dsco Chronicle.
Mr. and Mrs. George Bowles (Be
atrice Nickel), who are spending their
honeymoon in Honolulu, will' return
the latter part of this month. They
will be the guests of Mr. Bowles pa
rents, Mr. and Sirs. Philip BoVles, in
Piedmont for a time, and will later
establish a home of their own on this
tside of the bay. San Francisco Bul
The Canadian branch of the Red
Cross. Society is rejoicing in the gift
of; a beautiful fountain from Mra
James Jordan. Thia win be 'disposed
of by the society for the benefit of the
Canadian ; division of theiled Ooss
work and a generous return is expect
e5f fj tv9 f v"rff ft " iMw
Mlaa Martha Davenport of Tanzes
see, la here as the guest of Capt and
Mrs. Daniel Gleaty for, the coming two
weeks. ' Mlsa Davenport has just, re
turned from a. lour months,. . tour of
the Orient Mra. Gleaty la giving ' a
luncheon oa Wednesday at Laaiakea
in compliment to Miss Davenport'
Mr. Kenneth Ablea arrived on this
week's steamer with his bride -Mae
Kathleen Emerson) for a visit here.
They - are -at the Moana. Mrs, Ablea
comes from Eureka . and was a stu
dent at tin University of California,
where'she- and Mr. Abies met
- m w V -a W
jlt. ena sirs. u. ju. senon ana ner
little children, of Kilo, arrived cn
Tuesday. Mra. Sexton will go to
Kauai to visit her parents, Mr. and
Mra. W. H. Rice of Lihue.
Mrs. Alexander Iaenberg and her
two sons, Rudolph and Alexander, ar
rived thia, week to spend the summer
1 at Kahaja and at the Pleasanton.
" Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit P. Wilder are
the houae-guesta of Madame Wilder
at "Esbank," where they will be for
the next few weeks.
Mrs. Hamilton 1. Agee, who went
some jpontha ago to visit her father
In Ne Orleans, returned to Honolulu
this week. -.
' -e
. Miss Gladys Halstead- came home
this week from college to spend the t
summer with her family.
Mr, . and Mrs. Charles Osborne are
the bouse guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry H. Williams.
Miss Cleo Case was a returning
passenger from the mainland on this
week's steamer. .
U ; - -J'n i
Mr. and Mrs. J. P, Carta of Kailua
are here,; after a pleasant month In
Saa Francisco. : -
- Col."andMrs. J. A. Irons of Fort
Shatter arrived home from Hawaii
Tuesday, r- ;
Misa Helen McLean, who has been
a studant at Berkeley, is home for the
summer.' , . . .
- - - - -
Mrs Wmiam Ogg leaves for-the
mainland on Friday for a two months'
stay. :-V : -.
" Capt and Mrs. C. J. Campbell leave
shortly for an extended mainland trip.
Mlsa Ramona Marks is home from
college; having arrived this week.
' Mr, and Mrs. A. P. Taylor are home
from a brief trip to the mainland.
fr and lrn TTarrv mm Mnlt rttDTTI.
ed from the mainland' this week. V
4 a s :i :: -
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Abies were
arrivals in Honolulu this week.
i Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Lyser are home
after a pleasant mainland trip.
f tratdal gttr.Banetis OorrttPondtBeew) '
WAILUKU, Maui, May 22. On the
occaslon-of her birthday last Satur
day . (May . 12), Sirs.- George Lindsay
of - Kuiaha was tendered a surprise
party, that was as unusually pleasant
affair for everybody; concerned; "The
party had been arranged by Mrs. Iisd
saya daughters,-Misses Margaret and
Mary Lindsay, , who had succeeded
in keeping , their . mother ' in complete
ignorance of the plans on foot Those
present were Mrs. ' W. L WellsMrs.
HJ L. Sauers Mrs. H. . M. Wells. Mrs.
Mrs. c; a James, Mrs.
rirn ' T i, vnn?
vr m vwvi . Alio . swaaa m aua wo
A. B. Watson,' Mrs. F.' O. Krauss, Miss
Isa ' Lindsay, Miss ' Irene Wells " and
Miss Dorothea 'Krauss. - ,
Mrs. ' E.: 8 Smith and 'Mrs.: H. . L
Pitchford-of Haiku were hostesses at
a fouT-course luncheoaf last Monday at
the 'home of the ; former. Thei lunch
eon was' followed -by -an afternoon cf
bridge and ."SOO." The nesta were;
Mrs von' Tempsky, Mrs: Zahriskle,
Mrs. Worth Aiken. Mrs. Oeorge Aiken,
Mrs; Rothrock, Mrs. 'Cnmmlng, Mrs.
W, A. Baldwin, Mrs. Wi D. Baldwin,
Mrs. F. W. Hardy, Mrs: Murdoch; Mrs.
Patterson,-. Mrs. Partridge, .Mrs. : L. E.
Bailey, Mrs. Jones, - Miss : McMillan,
Bliss McLaren. Miss Jean Lindsay.
y Mete
lool: :
G$x every paclmgo
TASXmi '
, BUW 24 md 100
pi !
IS4 z v
K? .. I:.
Annual Sale
By the members of the Ahahui Iolani 9 na Wahlne Hawaii (of St An
drew's cawedrai.
-rllilitary; Naval and Civilian Ladies,. Take Notica
Cool and light wearing, just right for the summer, months. Also Lau
. laus, delicatessen, cakes.' candy and refreshments, pots' of plants, etc '
T 9 - .
"PWomen h6We X?1 critical about tHeihappearance
realize triat there is as much differed
fas there' 13 between diffeVent classes of people. Some af e
Ours belong; to the latter I classV Xarge assortments of r
Sprmg'iiewestlBmartest and ymostpomilar" styles in
in ilei-ne, antung
cfepVde chiieb
attractive :priceslS ':V" :y
' " - .
--7 - r- i
t, sari it a ry careof
meata and vegetables meaii
niiTJthrner tn vyftii r
Uo housewife can give greater thought to, he?
, cooking than we give to the freshness and
deanliness of foods we selL
f or the best--it pays m purity
anid satisfaction
Patrons who desire to call for packages may
obtain them at cashier temporary office; King
street entrance.
Your Gaarantzs
of Parity.
tablet 'of
pt4u "AWe
( JUtv U. 8. 1t. OOe ) ta
tii im tbw tmbla n4
ea2M U of th rUbl
JUNE 9th, 1917
Aim hisses
selection at
- :'i''
V . . .- -. .. - - .
of Muumuus

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