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fi. '
. .1.
Nineteen well knon engineers of
the city met lat night at the Com
mercial Club and organized a new en
gineering body the Engineering So
ciety' Club with these 'J a charter
members and about 40 throughout the
Manes eligible to membership.
R. Renton Hind of the organization
committee, in telling of the -club's
plans today, emphasized that it is iu
no way rn conflict with the Hawaiian
Engineering Association. "It will oc
cupy a distinct field," he said, "and
nan ot the club members are of
course members of the association, "
he pointed out.
A dinner and organization was the
prngraaj last night. J. M. Young pre
sided and officers were elected as fol
lows: E. Kopke. president; E. C. Webster,
vice-president; E. F. Cykler. secreta
ry -trea surer.
A committee on constitution and
bylaws was named as follows: &.
Renton Hind, chairman; C. W. Parks
of Pearl Harbor. C. D. Andrews and
B. E Hooper. The ciub to to meet
about once a month for a lunch or
Membership in the club is made up
of those with membership in recog
nized mainland engineering societies.
Among the societies which will be
thus recognized locally are the Amer
ican Society of Mechanical Engineers,
the American Institute of Electrical
Engineers, the American Society of
Civil Engineers, the American Insti
tute of Mining Engineers in Hawaii,
the American Institute of Architects,
the Western 8ociety of Engineers, the
American Association of Xval Archi
tects, and a few more.
The objects of the club are set forth
in a preliminary announcement sent
out by the organization committee. R.
Renton . Hind, John M. Young and
Emit Kopke. TLey are largely so
cial, dealing particularly with enter
tainment of distinguished visiting en
gineers Those present last night, who will
be charter member, are as follows:
J. M. Young, W. 0. Hall, E. Kopke.
O. W. Armitage, E. F. Cykler, F. Ohrt,
C. B. Andrews, J. W. Caldwell, B! E.
Hooper. A. O. Hawes, C. H. Kluegel,
F. B. Smith,' J. T. Taylor, J. Ogg, R.
Renton Hind, C. J. Hedemann, J.
Lewis Renton.
Work began today on tha erection of
a sew office building for the con
' strutting division, quartermasters' de
. partment of the army, to stand on Al
lan street alongside the new army
storehouses. '
The present office stands in the way
of the new storehouttt, construction
work on which has, Just begun. The
new office building will have two
. stories, and will be 14 by 36 feet in
floor dimensions. The upper floor will
be used largely ' the- drafUng d-
m. ' ' - - . . . . . . . . . .
w s
i Hi
" jr.KaarJ i
5 3
l'jV4i vanr summer occasion.
In Circuit Judge Heen's court this
morning City Attorney Arthur M.
Lrown et the following criminal as-s
for trial:
June 7 Hecr K Lonokanu. fir?.
; degree murder. Ha lint and Sheldon
J for defendant.
! June Kukuda. thr-e charges of
j assault on a girl undr lo. Andrews
I for defendant. Paul Tanaka, assault
I on a girl under l'-. Andrews for de
I fendant
! June 12 Keai Keawekane. first
j degree murder, Andrews for defend-
I June 14 KuJiOkp., assault nnh in
tent to comma e statutory offense,
Rawlins for defendant.
June ID Samuel Kaai, man
slaughter. Thompson, Mllverton and
Cathcart for defendant.
June 18 Morehead, conspiracy,
Burr for defendant
June 19 I. Brooks, first degree mur
der, Rawlins for defendant.
June 21 John Kekaula, man
slaughter. June 25 Ah Hee and 37 others,
gambling, no counsel. Ah Hoo. et a!,
gambling, no counsel. Ah F'o. et al,
gambling, Straus for defendants.
June 26 Lee Nee alias Lee e. lot
tery, no counsel. Young Hung,
tnrv Okamoto. lottery, Rawlins
for defendant.
June 27 Ah Lung, lottery. Rawlins
for defendant. Ah Sam, lottery, nt
counsel. Tanaka, lottery, no counsel.
Ah Fong. lottery, no counsel.
The following cases are to be called
up at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning for
John Lewis, profanity; Joe Kekoa,
assault and battery; Awana, assault
and battery; B. D. Allen, assault and
battery; C. B. Moore, heedless driv
ing; Aaano, assault with intent to mur
W. H. McClellan, candidate for su
pervisor on the Democratic ticket, in
an emphatic statement to the voterB
gathered at a Punchbowl rally last
night, declared that he stands by the
frontage tax, that he believes the sen
timent of the city supports the tax,
that the Democratic county platform
upholds it.
"I am for the frontage tax without
any 'ifs' or 'ands,' " he told the voters.
Speaking this morning of an adver
tlsernent printed by the Republicans
attacking his financial record as a
member of the board of supervisors
some years ago, McClellan declared
the statements "absolutely false."
"I realize that it is merely a poli
tical fight on me, but at that It Is
absolutely unjust and a falsehood un
fair in the most partisan politics,"
he said. 'The records will show how
the funds were handled, just as the
records will show how the funds have
been bandied by the present board,
through its wsys and means commit
tee. I am perfectly willing to be
Judged by the official records."
partment, the lower for offices and a
store room.
The public is cordially invited to
the opening of the new
This afternoon from 2 uniil' S:30 o'ci
Miuisle aimdl IEelPireglhiinnie
Today's preliminary opening is for inspection only.
No business will be transacted until tomorrow, June 2
as had
a t . i . ..
oi me medical d
any years, whUe an "cxtizcjlA
rodud Xvhirh rvtnf;. -ri-ji.
m ffT w m mm - -v h mm W I hi m m - Mmy . mm mm m mm .-. m mt -m r- m mm - & mm mm I mm t I mm mm . a aH aw mmmmmmmm mm M m
mr5xirrazrviw rr3i II III r-i Nf IttTIB Hrrmlllli-L Mil Ml LL2L II II rtlt 1 1 rn ft rLJnBI II II 1 1 iv-1 I II a-lM'
New Police Magistrate Tells
Bar Plainly What It May
Expect From Him
In a s-nappy. businesslike way Judge
Harry lrin. the ne district court,
mazi.-trat :n place of Judee J M. '
Monsarrat, took the pulice court bench
at o' !ock sharp this morning and i
disposed of the day's busines? in rapid
fire i-tyle after addressing the court
generally and the attorneys in partic- j
ular on the proposed policy of the'
court. ,
The:" '.vt re no firewor-.- ?r.d few ,
flowers. As F.aiiiff Jce Nobriga '
rapped loudly everyone stood until .
Hit lienor was seated. An Kwa:. a
ierk in the j'idge' downtown oliico ,
pia ed a vase of handsome American j
Beauties on the bench and the judge
spoke ' om isely to a number who ar- j
ried promptl v to st him take the
Warns Aga'nst Continuances j
"I wish to address a few words tt j
member of the bnr before we go on;
uith the regular work," he said. "It!
is my understanding that for some;
time there have been complaints about I
this court relative to oelays and con- j
tinuancf'S. Police court is a poor
man's court and cases should be dis-
posed of with the utmost dispatch. Ij
want the attorneys to help me in this!
matter and with their assisance. al
though 1 do not believe that the pres
ent judge possesse s a great deal moro
ability than the preceding one. wt:
should be able to obviate uch com
Will Frame New Rules
The judge sugeted that a commit- j
tec of attorneys confer with him and j
upon suggestion of Attorney William !
Rawlins, who responded named four, j
Attorneys Rawlins, Camara, Straus
and French, who will meet informally
at his town office at 1:30 tomorrow
afternoon to discuss possible rule3 and
regulations which the judge believes j
will facilitate and expedite the police ,
court grind.
In his response Attorney Rawlins ex-! building, a one-story concrete struc
plained to the court that a difficult , rure, o') y on leet, will cost about'
situation for those attorneys practls-, 22'"( and machinery of the latest:
ing In more than one court existed in ' improved type will mean a $7"'H ex
Honolulu and showed how impossible jpenditure.
u aS lUHvoiu ponce couri couunu-1 Superintendent Werner Roehl of the
ances when counse was actually Queen-8 ho.spltaI Baysthe institution
obliged to be at another place at the!ha. Rm.b Hprtmt
same time.
Rav.ilns also declared that more
' consideration should be Ehown defend
ing counsel and complained of having
been obliged to wait the whole morn
ing to try a case in police court only
to have it postponed by the prosecu
tion after some case where counsel
waB not employed had taken all the
court'6 time. Attorney Straus second
ed Rawlins' Ptatements.
Deputy County Attorney William
Sheldon, who, by the way, was nor
depo&ed today by Senator Chilling
worth, replied from his side of the
court with the statement that he a!
ways tried to relieve counsel of anv
unnecessary delays. Judge Irwin
closed the patter by saying it was jusr
these things he wished to discuss with
the attorney's committee.
Sweden' new ministry will con
tinue the nation's strict neutrality.
7-ous flnag
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mwmw M .laB alaKTl rWW aT aT:ar-m m ariiHBHBIlam ar:;aaW BBHBBBBSBlBlBmiBmBBll-c KBsvvBaBBaaiiavBaaBaaaBWBBan ft aBV'-viaHBVaVaW mm- mm h mm mm. m mm . a
KAIRk. Ill I I III tJmjLSX II I H I IB I iFI I IJU1 H 1 I 111 II I II I ijHt I II In I lKk I H I 1 liU In II Ull I II I I I a 1 I I irrMT I 1 " a III I
rcJpK VrlILy V.U1M IILil I BIB all III I ILUI . Bl II IIULJI I III I ILUI f IIIK lit ' i BIB I ffLlH i I III B-l ill 111 I 1111 I I IB I IW1 1 III te3 I ill I I
riLLTLv J llHIIf I I IB I I Hill IIifTJ fl I II I l II I II I I B I !l I ILIJ IHI I 111 1 ' B IB 1! f L
ence again to mar your ha
Judc Wijliam H (Billy ) Heen.
Hawaii s ounces jurist, opened court
promptly at . o'clock this morning
and in less than half an hour had
disposed of the business of the day,
which incl'.ded tne settine of a lareo
number of criminal cases for trial and
disposition 7h-re were n flower
cr speei hes. tiie co'irt settling
into it- work with surprising rapidity.
Judce Urea as sworn In yesterday
Lat yesterday aft t moon an order
was issued di . idlnz the work of th-3
court anion tiie three divisions. The
'rJer :;.akes the follow assicr.
ments :
To 1st division, j idge Ashford
Kq :ity and ;ro! :ite calendars: exam
ination of applicants for licenses to
practise law m the district court, du
ties of the water commission.
To 2nd divisio", Judtre Kemp Law
calendar, jary and j :ry waive cases.
lnri court r;tlAnriur ano,-ijl
ings. including habeas corpus an 1
To Crd division, Judge Hern Crim
inal, divorce 3tid juvenile ca'endars.
A modern laundry. Involving; a total
expense of about $17,000. is the latest
improvement for the Queen's hospital.
Contracts for the building and ma
chinery have ben let. to the von
Hamm-Young Company and work will
begin on actual construction on the
riiTii n i i tTHTrhi-fciT
HI III dl nVllrf Y
ewa side of the hospital and waikiki'fare matters.
ot Miller street in about a week. The
laundry will probably Le in operation
in about three months.
Some time ago a lot for the new ad-
dition was purchased for $7000. The '
and avers tliat a saving of about 20
per cent will be made on the initial
investment. The institution now has
a laundry bill of about $500 a month
that counted with the wear and tear
on laundry sent to outside Taundrles
makes quite an expensive item.
Automatic mangles, washinp ma
chines and drying-room tumblers will
be installed and the dancer of slott
ing will be eliminated by individual
motors propelling each machine sep
arately. Power will be supplied by
electricity cominp in a service wire
from the Hawaiian Electric company.
The meeting of the McKinley high
school alumni association which was
to have been held this evening at the
high school has been postponed on
account of the play which will be giv
en by. the Jolly McKinleyites this
Governor Ptnkham. Brlg.-Gen. Fred
erick Strong and Capt. George R.
Clark will be hosts early this month
at j. reception In the Capitol building
in honor of the Japanese emperor s
training " squadron, Reax-Admiral T
Iwamura, commanding.
The exact date of the reception
i cnnot be announced until later, when
tne squadron has arrived in local
waters. The hour of the reception
will be 8 30 in the evening, and danc
ing will be held in the armory.
In the receiving line will be Gov
ernor Pinkhatn and Mrs. C. B Cooper.
Gen. and Mr. Strong, Capt and Mrs.
Clark, Admiral Iwamura Capt. M.
Taniguchi, Cnif.; S. Saito. Hon. Ro
kuro Moroi. Secretary and Mrs. Cur
tis P. laukea. Gen. and Mrs. Charles
G Treat, Gen. and Mrs. Samuel I.
Johnson and Mayor and Mrs. John C.
Much farorable comment is being '
I heard on the appearance of Hawaiian,
Tribe No. 1. Improved Order of Red :
V.oxu in the Memorial Day parade. Ha-;
I wanan l nte not only too.: pnrt in the
1 parade, but it3 members carried a
targe American nag wnlcn was con
spicuous in the line of march.
The Red Men here have taken part
! in the observance of Memorial Day
! for the past 12 yrrs.
in Offer OIi
namiuau iiiue w join in uoni norior
to the nation's heroes was accepted
by the G. A. R. and with each recur
rence of Memorial Day the Red Men
ave taken pari. The Tribe has
membership of 20o and the members
are active in many community wel
DC uci n utdc iiimc oo
A competitive examination for clerk-1
typewriter in the office of the disburs-;
ing officer, Pearl Harbor naval sta-
tion, salary $3.76 a day, will be held i
June 28 at 9 a. m., probably at the i
customhouse. 1
Application blanks may be obtained
from the U. S. civil service commis- j
sion's Pearl Harbor representative, t
Fred G. W. Cooper, or from Secretary
John W. Short of the Honolulu cus
Governor Pinkham has just received
a neatly framed copy of President Wil
son's famous war message, bearing a
flag draped photograph of the presi
dent. The message has been hung In
the executive chamber.
Up to noon today 82 applicants had
filed for the Kapaa land drawing to
be" held by the territorial land office
on July 3. There are only 71 lots to
be Included in the drawing.
V I 'It T.rr-,-; m m ... ... i , i ,.- i ... 4-
"The Bread
This in its aentridaente Inciudss women end children
particular should well-fed.
Supplies more nutiment for the money than anKED',
! "ALL GROCERS SELL LOVr othtr ,ood
There's a Reason" OEM ANDfS BREAD"
New Purchases
Lost On Vessel
Here are a few oi the odd incidents
In connection wttathe Hamakua dis
alter, as told the Itar-Bulletin today
by the surviving ccera:
Capt. Carl V. Wchert had paid $6
for a nw uniform caD thn afternoon
bfore the wreck. It went down with
the boat, or rathei up in the flames
wfaich destroyed Iff. He never got
a cnance to wear -
The day of the wreckfWednesday,
was the 40th birfiday of John S.
Perry, first assisBU engineer. He
was born at t a. ii May 30, 1877. At
K i n Vtav "fi 11? ha n-aa in m Ufa.
Kmt miIIIikt from fha rharrorl
hulk, and vary S'a" that he wag alive.
Perry had also aurchased some new
correspondence eoool 5ooks on -engl-
a.Tt,... .v.
ea. A filler ani earborundum stone
bought the day he boat left wen
down too.
ffi p Tref. S.
l08t a new sult. Mbr coat- ot
shoe8, book3' eha3, other liel0n5-
lings worth an m 15.25. He got
into the lifeboat Wearing a shirt and
some B. V. D. s.
Purser Kekuew lee'. J2S cash, his
and other men's iicaiey left in th
strong box for sai keeping.
Chief Engineer peerge Porter saved
only his watch ati a coat. He lost
his uniform, somfvtluable tools, and
his lo? book.
All the boats' ojflcers lost their
licenses, which tvi to be displayed
In a conspicuous place In the respec
tive department Df the boat. They
v-r. get new on3 by uiiug affidavits
of the loss witl tne local office of
the inspectors of lulls and boilers.
Governor PlnlUm and his clerical
assistants have pegun again on the
annual task of preparing the gover
nor's report toj;e secretary of thf
interior. The pfort is made each
year ss of Junp 10, and must leave
here by August R A total of 135 re
ports frord varifV- territorial sources
are included In 2 one work compiled
by the goveraoi
JaIa 1 I frcsJ
PHONE 1281
- Fed wti"
And, children in
to Mr. ailn Honolulu. May 11. 1117.
1316 L1111M Mn. Isaac Kanaka oi
a street, a eon.
MR 8. Blf . W m
the publlcRMCE SMITH, clerk with
returned to utilities aWnlsaion, has
ing a thre her work here after epend
Pacific coal months' vacation on the)
New two-bedlSMCD nouato.
$30 2452 'room fnrnwnea cottage,
Grove, Wall? Kuhlo avenue. Royal
ttkL 801 2t
One combinatf
in pool and billiard
table witn cc
2425 N'uuanu
implete equipment at
,ve. 801 3t
ON NO. 777.
Be It resolved
pervisors of the
y the Board of 8u
;tty and County of
Honolulu, Teirito
the sum of One
ot Hawaii, that
dred Dollars ($1.5
thousand Fire Hun-
same is hereby ap
0.00), ba, and tfc-
moneys in the G
Treasury of the
prlated out of a.
ler&l Fund Of the
Honolulu, for an t X' Mtt ywnny.or
Donation Hawaii Pi W
motion. Comoit-
Presented by
el looav
Honolulu, May 29,
I do hereby certify
in or Ratnhit nn naam UVAt w
lEz and ordered to nf ed mtl -Bead
ing held by the Board "tat at S meet
on Tuesday, May 29. 1 of Saprrlaora
lowing vote of said bo, 31. a the fol-
Ayes: Ahla, Hollinfi d:
sen, Logan, Total 5. t. Horatr, Lar-
Noes : None.
Absent and not vc
Hatch. T6U1 2. , ting; Arnold.
E. BUFTr -Deputy
City and crANTJEATV
8801 Junl, Vtintr. Clerk.
Hi. . -
m '
gMy alcoholic 9f
oau your sirensth r. z - -

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