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l J V
afianifdjaiss June 23d, 12 o'clock Noon, at Jas. F. Morgan Co., Ltd., Auctioneers, 125 Merchant St.
ix Trips Daily until Date of Sale
ve your Family up to see these Lots
Jjg, this afternoon.
A Conspicuous Sign on Each Lot gives
you the Number and the Upset Price.
You Will Eventually
Live Somewhere on
the Foothills
above the City
- n mi fc- I, , , ,.,1 , M i i i in miwi MiiimMiirff'M m t'r i .in .mm. . mil mi in i i -
10 degrees cooler than Waikiki.
10 minutes only from King Street.
TANTALUS climate and vistas, but an
all-year-round country home within walk
ing distance of the business district.
Macadamized Roads.
Provision deliveries.
Panoramic View from Diamond Head
to the Waianae Mountains.
This is a Rare
Opportunity to
Select the Site
A Neighbor if You Buy on Pacific Heights.
FnM(Di?fflainivo-s.Ltdl-sAuoiioneer- or HawaiiiiaiirD Trasti
oriard Parish Savs" Vcterin-
sriAh Wflrfft Trotihle Over
t ; . AIIUU OA UlUUl Vd
... i
rollowlnr vhat h declares w an
i rtloa tj Dr. Victor A. Norgaard.
territorial Teteriaariaa. Uxat his er
prices abould not b retained, Leonard
jrarUa Lai ' resigned , aa' manager or
ue nncevuie pianiauon, mum.
i ranaa -aaserw mai in enure
trouble grew out of a rlxU Dr. Nor
gaard made to Kauai to Inteatlgata
tne antnraz outbreak. He tajt that
i'when ereral'ases of the disease
vn-ere dlscoyered on the plantation, he
flmmediaUlj irrote to Korgaard asking
-him to come to Kauai 'immediately.
!. ' The trouble first arose -rhen Nor
'gaard, aasicertng my Utter, upbraided
Lima tor wirelessing him, says
4- P-Jish. In spite of the fact that h
I must hare known thrt the lnter-lsland
prireless srrice.irsj. not working at
that time."
When Parish took charge of the
plantation on March 22, 21 head of
cattle had died from anthrax, he says:
' I immediately exercised erery pre
tautlbn "against a spread,Jusihg disin
fectant; and having-aU carcasses im
mediately tmrnedwk tays Parish. "I
also summoned the territorial veter
inarian stationed on Kauai.
w Parish says b had his first argu
ment with Norgaard when he found
that Veterinarian A. R. Glalzyer had
purchased a tuantity' of disinfectant
at k Honolulu drug store and charged
It to the plantation.
"I objected to this Parish says,
"and told Norgaard that if Glalzyer
was making purchases and charging
them to the plantation, I should be
informed of it." . ;
On March 22 Parish says he was in
vited to make a trip to Eleele with
some friends., Before he went, Ae con
tinues he had Instructed a gang of
laborers to go to work burning car
ceases. This was on a -Sunday. On
the following Monday, he says, Rev.
Hans Isenberg, who owns a two-thirds
interest in the plantation, met him on
the road and told him he would have
to give up his ' position.
"Norgaard says youTl have to go,'
are the words he used in telling me
about it Tssys Parish.
He adds that Isenberg had men
tioned his going to Eleele and that
Norgaard had been of the opinion that
be should have stayed at the plan
tation and personally supervised the
' - ,
5 4';
HSlis the Lead
. For nearly twenty years Grape-Nuts, the
pioneer health cereal, has had no equal
either in flavor or nutrition.
Thousands of families use it regularly
Has qualities
make it the ideal rooa
Delicious Flavour
Rich Nourishment
Quick Preparation
and withal, easily digested.
Grape-Nuts and cream, or milk, in place
of heavy, indigestible food, builds body and
brain in a way that gives zest and energy.
'There's a Reason" for Grape-Nut
Sold 6y Grocers and Stores ererytcherc.
i t
, Special ceremonies tomorrow will '
mark the Opening and dedication of
new buildings and facilities at the
Salvation ArmyJlome, Manoa Valley.1
At 3:30 the Salvation Army Home
for boys, the gift of O. N. Wilcox of
Kauai; of the Dillingham cottage and
of the Boys' Hospital will take place,
also the dedication of the ground for,
the Cooke Assem'Jly Hall. I
Commissioner and Mrs. Estill, no"v
visiting here, will officiate at the cere
monies. Those who intend to go. to
the home by autoe are advised that
Mr. and Mrs. C. Montague Cooke have
volunteered to allow the drive way
through their grounds to be used.
Those going on the Manoa street car
should take the car to the end of the
line and walk the short distance from
there. i
burning of the carcasses and other
"Naturally I thought that since Nor
gaard was there be had taken com
plete charge and that the affair waa
out of my hands," says Parish. "After
what Isenberg told me, there was
nothing left for me to do but to quit"
Asked today if he thought the an
thrax outbreak on Kauai was due to
bone meal shipped there from Aus
tralia, Parish said be is not certain.
He Baid the plantation bad used bone
meal to mix with salt for the cattle
"I do not know whether Norgaard
analyzed a sample of the bone meal,"
he continued, "and I am not certain
where the last shipment of bone meal
came from. We laid the outbreak
to the Cold and heavy rains, and I had
the cattle moved down, which lessen
ed the number of deaths to some ex
tent. "Glalzyer bad diagnosed the dis
ease as something entirely different
until Jay Kuans, a former interne at
a local hospital, made a microscopic
examination of some blood, and then
we all knew that it was anthrax.'
Parish says the outbreak of an
thrax in Honolulu was decidedly sus
picious because of the suddenness
with which it occurred. The outbreak
on Kauai, he sayB, came slowly, with
only a few deaths at first.
Alleged to have entered the base-;
rcent of the store of Wo Chung &!
Co. and stolen a case of condensed
milk and other property; Ah In, a Chi
nese indicted by the territorial grant1
Jury, pleaded not guilty on Saturday
in Circuit Judge neen's court The
case has been placed on the calendar
to be set for trial.
Titi Garcia, one of the original 114 j
women arrested for practising com-j
mercialized vice and given suspended)
sentences following the closing of Iwi
lei, was before Circuit Judge Heen
Saturday on a charge of violating her
parole. She told the judge she had
not violated her parole and asked for
a hearing. Her case will be heard
The high cost of living which has
struck a hard blow at many persons
and organizations in the territory, has
found a brand new target This Jime
it is the Hawaiian Evangelical Asso
ciation. Because of the high price of food
stuffs, as well as transportation, the
95th annual meeting of the associa
tion in Honolulu from June 26 to June
29 is going to be unusually small, and
some of the interesting features
which have made former conventions
auspicious are to be discontinued this
In the first place the cession will
last four Instead of seven days. Be
cause the transportation charges to
Honolulu from the other islands will
be reduced only one-fourth instead of
one-half, only about 150 persons are
expected to attend instead of the cus
tomary 300 or 400.
The Christian Endeavor and Sunday
School annual meetings, vhlch have
always been held in conjunction with
the big convention, will be dispensed
with this year, and the annual inter
island song' contest, always an enthu
siastic climax to the session, will not
be held. The usual big luau to the
delegates will be lacking and even
the program will be cut down mate
rially. The business to De conducted will
be only that pertaining to the Corpora
tion or board. The usual reports of
the church will not be presented or
considered. On the first afternoon the
Hawaii and Maui associations will
meet, and in the evening the Anti
Saloon League will hold its annual
meeting in Kawaiahao church.
A portion of the time will be devot
ed to inspirational addresses and a
discussion of live topics pertaining to
the welfare of the churches. Some of
these topics follow: .
"The Christian in the Home," Rev.
E. G. da Silva; "The Christian in Bus.
iness," Rev. George E. Lake; "The
Christian 'in the Church," Rev. 77. C.
Schenck; "The Christian in the Com
munity," Rev. F. S. Scudder.
One of the main subjects will
"The Relation of the Church to Soc":
Welfare." This will be discussed on
two mornings by Rev. J. M. Lvdeate.
Rev. D. W. K. White, Rev. W. B.
Coale, Rev. S. L. Desha and Rev.
George Iaughton.
Other topics to be disrussed during
the meeting are "The Church's Con
tribution to Education." Revs. J. P.
Erdman. T. Okumura and A. S. Baker.
"The Church's Contribution to the
Spiritual Life of the Community."
Rev. William Kamau. Rev. H. p.
Judd and Rev. G. L. Kopa; "Ministe
rial Education." Revs. E. E. Pleasant.
W. M. Kalaiwaa and Jamps Davis.
Rev. Akaiko Akana il! conduct a
meeting to discuss the topic. "The
Church and the Young People."
"Blind Pigs," too, Flourishing
Since Liquor Sales to Army
Men Were Tabued
"To adequately enforce the law
prohibiting the selling of liquor to
military men in uniform, it would be
necessary to have two men stationed i
at the door of every saloon in the
city," said U. S. Marshal J. J. Smiddy
todav, speaking of the activity of the
"winB bums" who are believed to be
negotiating extensive liquor sales to
men in khaki.
As regards the saloons themselves,
Marshal Smiddy believes they are ad
hering strictly to the law, but it is tha
go-betweens, he says, who are going
to make all the trouble.
"I have information," he continued
"that "blind pigs' are now ordering
booze in large quantities either from
saloons or wholesale houses. When
these places find that the saloons will
not deliver, they engage chauffeurs t-j
get it for them. I am also informed
that tUe saloons are selling consider
able booze to civilians who, in the
past have never had money enough
to buy more than one or two drinks."
Since the enforcement of the new
federal law, says the marshal, the
"wine bums" have become suddenly
"They are appearing on the streets
in clean clothes, ahirts and collars,
and some of them are even boasting
baths," he declares. "They are ever
Construction of the handsome new
Mutual Telephone Company's Kallhi
sub-station building has started and
plans similar to those of the Kaimuki
sub-station now in operation have
been announced by Manager F. O.
Hummel. The building will be a two
story, white, concrete, fire-proof struc
ture and will stand on Kallhi road,
about 300 feet mauka of King stfeet.
It will cost about 915,000 and there
will be 8000 switches with allowances
made for more. When the sub-station
is connected with the city system the
service will be just th same as that
now enjoyed by Kaimuki with an
automatic relay.
A son, George Ferdinand, was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Schnack
at the Kapiolani Maternity Home Sun
day evening.
Fifty-six students of the territorial
normal school will receive diplomas at
graduation exerci.rs to oe held at 8
o'clock tomorrow evening in the Mis
sion Memorial halL
Rev. L. L. Loufbourow, minister of
the First Methodist church, delivered
a baccalaureate :ermon to the mem
bers cf the 3nlor class of McKInlay
high school last night Thirty-eight
students will be graduated this year.
The Diocesan Woman's Auxiliary of
Honolulu will hold special meeting
Friday morning at 10 o'clock at St
Andrew's Cathedral parish house. As
important matters are to be discussed
all members of the different branches
are requested to attend.
The Gospel Mission Home, of which
Evangelist W. E. Pletsch is superin
tendent now located in Kaimuki, will
move to Palolo on July 1, where it
rattling loose change in pockets that has secured 15 acres of land. Several
were Dractically eranty before." buildings, including dormitories and
On Saturday evening Marshal Smid-1 school rooms, are now being erected
ww r a ' m m r i at I
Tomorrow evening during dinner
and for the dance beginning at 9:00.
The Hawaiian band will play In the
garden at the Moana Hotel this eves
ing. Adv.
dy watched for an hdur or more the
entrance of a local rooming house sit
uated near army headquarters.
"I have good reason to believe," he
says, "that a large number of soldiers
went into the rooms there, changed
into civilian clothes and then went
out and bought drink3 or else brought
booze back with them. Soldiers were
rolling in and out of the i)lace all the
while I was there and the air around
the place was thick with boisterous
laughing and talking."
Commercement exercises will be
held at the Honolulu Military Acad
emy from 4 until 6 o'clock next
Thursday afternoon, the address to
be delivered by Chaplain Ignatius
Fealy of the 1st Field Artillery, U. S.
A. Six cadets will receive diplomas
this year.
7. B. Thiele, well knpwn In Hono
lulu from his seven years connection
with the Territorial Hotel Co., has
taken the management of Byron Hot
... iinady says he made no I Springs Hotel, located at Byron, Con
arrests for the reascn that what vio- J tra Costa county, California. For some
lations there were were purely matters j time Thiele was general manager of
tor aimy headquarters to attend to. 'all the Territorial hotels the Young.
He adds that, under the circumstances,
he had no authority to make any
P. Rodrigues. who, with another
man, was arrested recently on a charge
of selling liquor to soldiers, was to
have a preliminary hearing this after
noon before U. S. . Commissioner
George S. Curry.
Moana, Seaside and Hawaiian. He
resigned and left Honolulu shortly
after the Carnival.
fc', la
11 I i in u
, Are Troubled With
L?t us
If a GOOD stenographer is advertis
ing for a position today, isn't that in-
j teresting to YOU?
Wanted Two more passengers for
I rotor party around island, $4 each-
Lewis Garage, phone 2141. Adv.
or Distilled Water. Hire. r?nr.t
Formerly Young Bldg.. is now located
at the Standard Optical Co., 1116 Fort
Street Telenhone 3875. Adv.
MAGISTRATE FOR K0NA Beer and il otier PopulS Drinks
I try the Con. Soda Water Works Co.
Former Senator D. K. Baker was Adv.
commissioned oy the governor asi Considering how many GOOD
district matfstrate for. North Kona, I BOARDING HOUSES are advertised,)
Hawaii. The commission is for two to continue to live in a poor one seems
years, effective from Saturday. ilike superfluous martyrdom!
Second Floor
Young Building
Dr. P. W. Rushforth,
n. n.
'yymrymreicf ymj imu mo
.ttn. r-t, ':-'

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