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v .::-f .. . i . ,;, .- .... -.v ...... . , , ; ,
raEEWlth svery puxthase "of one dozen cans of
Alpine IliQ: dirEaturday, July 14, we will give away
free "2 bars of "Electrio Spark'? floap. A wonderful
self-washing vegetable oil white laundry soap. ; '
2 V
The House
Ybxi ccm
v r
Th c : 3 v satisfying',;-nourishing
foods r.re prepared by the spe
cial Armour processes that re- j
tain - the full natural fiavor3. ? ,
Evcr-rc:.dy icr; umcdiitc Service
Tcrk and E cans, Luncheon
: " - 'I " . - ' " . c:ncs;:Etc ;
: O .
. r
. ; v
rjr dnsr, eeli fcr tench, brewed ibr breakfast, Armour! Star Ham has the ftppetfta
t-7zz thit never CIls. To be cure cf best turn, look for Armour's) blue and yellow Oval Label.
FOR SALE BY LEADHIQ GROCERS' v'v- - " ; " ? " " ' a S ;
' ' QiVS:i?, Tccd Co. tnd C. Q. Yea Hep
e cans
y - 4 r , - -
of Quality Ji
Pbon? 3451
or ' '
Beef, Ketchup, Salmon, Sar-
Phone . 412U V
. " --
r :
Ons cf ' i4rrnbsrs ; fczsjjjj
J AAV: T -
A fUnoos general one declared
that "an army right on Its stomach
and realizing the truth of his state
ment we women nnst look well to the
ways of oar household that no waste
fulness on oar part' lessens the sup
ply 9f food which Is exported to oar
own boys and our allies.
One important item of sarins Is the
terrlng of soap at both luncheon and
dinner. Not only does it serre to take
the first edge off the appetite, but It
is an excellent method of using op
bone, meat trimmings and giblets.
HoweTer, the dislinctlTe flavor of
stock bouillon, or consomme should be
preserved and not impaired by the ad
dition of strong herbs, spices, mush
rooms, fried onions and other meth
ods. Superior stock is made by means
of gravy beef, leg of veal, a few car
rots, turnips, leeks and celery, which
are allowed slowly to simmer in water
for some eight hoars. The broth is
then strained off into a large basin
and kept in a cool place. The flavor
of the broth may afterward be improv
ed by the addition of the "bones " of
rabbits and fowls. The stock is boil
ed away till It has a gluey consistency,
when It obtains a bright, clear color.
The heat is then slackened and the
stockpot filled up with water. No
flavor is needed for this soup, bat
only the addition of a very little salt,
and. If leeks 'are not available, one or
two onions. ? f
. Where vegetable flavoring is intro
duced, from four to six ounces is gen
erally sufficient to allow to each pound
of .meat Those , most used for flavor
ing are carrot turnip, onion and cel
ery, though mushrooms are sometimes
favored,' especially , in game stocks.
They should either be cut In blocks,
or.left whole if they are small; they
should never be chopped in small
- OH Hi Cost O LIvng is. In a bad
way, The old rascal lias received sev
en! hard ' blows this week, of which
the foUowlng ' are a ' few: y.-: ix
--. Pstiteea have 'gone down from;
MO td 130 hundred pounda. -Onions
have hit the tobaggari from
Z50 to St75 a . hundred, v .
Alligator peare ' are down from
$1)0 to -60 cents a dozen.' !.--V-:f - .:'
v- Bananas are - going .- begging ; at
: from 29 to 6 cents a bunch not
. a ; dozen, but a bunch containing
from to .9 dozen. of the fruit
' 7 Nearly everything "in . the . line of
local fruits and vegetables is cheaper
this- week than It -has Jeea Jn many,
months,, and bousewivea can cut down
expenses considerably by visiting the
territorial-marketing division and the
fish market? with a big' basket and
a doUar or two. :Pli'--:
This is welcome news, after the way
every known variety of - eatable has-l
been looping the loon and going after
altitude records ever since last win
ter. -V' f'--
Supt Xongley of the marketing di
vision asks the Star-Bulletin to Inform
Honolulu housewives that now is the
time to buy island' grown grapes and
make ' jellies - and Jam for r next tan
and -"winter.-'K 0-.:-i-
Longley has In stock a good Quan
tity of fine Isabella grapes from Hilo
which he is jelling reUu at 6 cents a
pound. The grapes are at their best
right now. ' The dtrisloo " iflll receive
another consignment tomorrow morn
ing. .-. The superintendent says the
present supply 'la: the best of this
variety be has ever . received.) it is
good as a table grape as well as (or
jams and Jellies. ; The Isabella is
practically r the oily . grape whlch
grows , weU ' In the Islands.:' .-?u.
The- division has some exceptional
ly fine island grown fspuds" 'at 4
cents a pound, one tent cheaper than
0 days ago., ; By the hundredweight'
the potatoes are selling today at $3.50
a bag, one dollar cheaper. ? ,.vr . , 1--
Tomatoes are excellent several lo
cal dealers report at 5 cents a pound
or 75 cents : f or a 29-pound basket
New - potatoes from California are
i r
. ' swawawBej s ....i1,.71 --":-. ' l;.-.-; a ' .-
C" -i;jV.;p-
Tho Stocldnet (vennjj
Jm exclusht ArmsxrftMbtru ftttnt ffpitMJtrk
Inteosifiea arid preaervei all Cj- V,
the rich, iuicy coodnest cf ;
v $.1 v, V.-: .Vi - ,:.,:..v
& Cd;
pieces. It Is better also for them not
to remain, tod long in the stock, as
after a certain time they only absorb
the meaty flavor instead of Impart
ing their own. ' - . . -;
There are many economical variants
from the familiar dried pea, and vege
table soups. A good sonp, for Instance,
can be made of cabbage leave and
bread crusts; , then there are carrot
soup, . potato and leek & soup, sorrel
soup, onion soup and dried bean or len
til soon. -;. . i-i;. w;.
A prudent housewife will soon dls
cover many little leaks In the kitchen;
for instance, a great many cooks dis
card the outer lettuce leaves when par
ing head or other lettuce for salad.
This; is ; unnecessary. - These leaves
when ; carefully washed, steamed : or
boiled, cooled, : pressed and chopped
and tossed , tn butter on braised with
cream or gravy, make a delicious veg
etable, : Cocks' combs, when scalded and
rubbed in a towel with salt are easily
skinned; they can then be soaked in
cold water and the water changed
dally until they become snowy white.
When blanched they may be used as
the principal ingredient of a "ragout
financlere" and in other waya. --
Fowl v gizzards, when thoroughly
cleaned and soaked .for ten das in a
saltpeter pickle, may be made Into a
"potpie," or used in stews and nava
rins. . .;: :' :-; : .-. vV
Baked potatoes left over from meals,
when scooped out and roughly chopped
up, then V stewed ;wita milk, cream
sauce, pepper and salt are far prefer
able to the product obtained from boil
ed. .potatoes. :;r:-'-:. V .-.;V : c
f Cream, when threatened, to - turn
sour, or even when slightly sour, can
be -restored by stirring a little bak
lug iuui iuw iu .
quoted at 13.75: a,' hundred, $L25 be
low the price on May 1 ..v..'
Citrus fruits are about the only, va
riety to increase. New Valencia or
anges are selling at 50 cents a doz
en" or 1125 a box. Lemons are high
er, too, 3,cenisv a.-cozen and'; a
box, against "25 cents and $4.50 a box
a month ago. Hot weather on the
mainland and bigger? demand have
sent up the price, v
kBIuch waste of sugar' and spoilage
of; jellies X can 3 be avoided ? by using
a simple ; aiconoi test recommended
by u the bureau of chemistry: United
Stater department'' of agriculture. To
determine' how .; much sturar should
be used with" each kind of. Juice put
a spoonful of juice in a: glass and
ana to it one spoonful - of 95 - per
cent grain alcohol, mixed by shak
ing the glass ' gently Pour "slowly
irom ue giass, noung how the pectin
the-substance in fruits which makes
them jell Is precipJtatedL If the pec
tin Is precipitated - as .one ' lump' to
a cup of sugar may be used for each
cup of Juice; if in several lumps the
proportion of sugar must be reduced
to approximately three-fourths the
amount of the Juice. ;j If the pectin
is not In lumps but is merely precipi
tated under this test' it is unsuitable
for jelly making and ' must: be com
bined , with ; apples - v or other i Juices
rich In 'pectin. . .-... .-.
? The housewife win dowell before
making the test to tato the Juice, as
fruita not as acid as ood tart apples
probably will not make good Jelly un
less mixed , with othaf fruits blch
The corn has ears and 'cannot hear
Potatoes, eyes, but cannot see: , '
Whlch.vstate of things is rather queer.
Or that's the way it seems to
The melon has a lender heart, " ;
But still he doe's not love, they say;
The onion's skia will never sman
v, Although it has been built that way.
The 'cabbage has a giant neadr V
- But still It lacks a bt of brams.
And though the squash's head Is red,
; yrom wearing collars Jie refrains. :t
The bamboo always sports Vcane;
The oak has limbs, but never walks:
The; willow never weeps 'Us plain;
How strange the tulip never talks.
The -pickle has no hands, but stfll
-Has warts to spare, I understand;
The trumpet flower must thlnkit fll
?he cannot-Join a'circua band.v
The barley has a beard, and yet ;
- A barber shop he never seeks.
And here, I say It with regret
No kisses press the apple's cheeks.
The-tlades of grasVl do not fear;
The rubber plant can never see?'
Which state of things is rather queer,
; Or that's the way It seems to me.
v;- a " : - v 4 -Chlcag6 Chronicle.
Early this week the Territorial
Marketing Division : received -v a .big
aipmem oi grapes irom two, xrpnt A.
G. Serrac. The grapes were raised by
Serrao to supply his winery, but he
has recently , decided to retire from
the liquor business and as they ripen
are-being placed on the 'market ...
The ; grapes - are 1 being o!d f or 7
cents a pound.. The Territorial market
also, has a good supply of Irish po
f aloeav which . came from Kohala. v
ii i. i in v J"
Wftcn Year Eyes Heed Cere
SIX w i.. U f I h.i.i . .
ft F .T--', C-"-'-n. f i r--- ,
'It Costs Less"
'. -; , -i ;,V .-' ''
Service Supply Go
Honolulu Offices at
Hotel opp.
ziWhere Coffee is
;Vv -
r-mm MING C0;
32 years in the ; Optical . business land still progressing.
Dr; John J. llundorff of 'the - vO-'--v-;; - ;
U43rcrt BtrefeKJihj??1 Llii
Honolulu, T..H.
Punch, Loju Sherbet, Loju Sundae, aro
other Slimmer dainties made with this tnpt -
irignewirmt up.
. -it: -.Cru
- - ! 'Itijl H
"U Fctds HcreM.
"3 :. !;s.
i : v.- -,7
the Hawaiian Fisheries
Bethel Street
Ground to . Order
. ".' 'A' . :'," '
Fort -St.
onlhand when Jfousewivea
JneTPr Ixeats-andfbld
tllsi espedany,- 12io tha Loju
tOJU BALI-na Lphi tiaveW
. ee over ice; the rest ttaryd wxtcr cr
; emgerale. ?-v: i?
LOJI imrr JUIXPCrcsh tcrcral
sprays mint in jass. ra.r tS f-
chipped ice, cover with ess ; carry cf
Lcja, rest wrter, Dccsre trih c :
erqua gprsy cf c2t, b:-.;V;'K ; ': V- V..
IlcxtlmesS Frdt Prizc
HCJI. HSr.D C? ? '
cov3 a?:d jzwzLrtY f
Vm:;- w nza CRCca fund
Cross crncixlj Cadithetr orrxsi-
sill on the owner of one herd cf
4-vdalry cows, a tat Plymouth Rock
t-'bea and dozen erst, a dozen g?U
4- and sUver medals ?of . varlouj
kinds, raucf Swelry and . taer- -f
chandiae, dv itlons to the Eed
Cross war fund from persons who
coold. not give money. ; .V -' -f ;
A Slav woman of Middleton, O
donated the hen and errs. The -t
local eampa&a committee . auc-
tloned the eggs for I1T39 and the
hen for 1268. Both were returned
for resale. , Officials - said they
v would be forwarded to New York
4- for sale by auction la Wall street
Cows, hogs, horses and other
f , livestock have been ' given by
farmers tn a number of states.
Ten per .; cent discount on Picnic
Hams will save you several car-fir 3
or at least a gallon , of .. gasoline to ;
come to town shopping V Wild Hose '
Picnic Hams are delicious boUed and
can be served in various ways. Noth
ing more economical at the price. Ceo.
A. Belayetf, 928 Maunakea street
Adv. - rVy v
(nv Auocuud Frtn '
nOMZ, Italy. The stars and stripes
has become decidedlx popular sic?
the entry of the United States into e.?
war, but the. scarcity of the. America
flag preventa its display in many c:
the public places where are bang to
gether the flags of all the allies. In
one street demonstration that tc :
place the day the United States C:-
dared war an old-flag was resurrect :
for the occastonrcarrylng but St star-,
the flag having been made ,In E.
more befortha ClvU War;
. During the. demonstration that c :
eurred before the American Em tar-
several hundreds ef batton-hole fla: .
prepared for the occasion, were toss : '
into, the crowd and since that t!r
these tiny flags have been worn at: .
Rome. '," i ..Vv. I -.
r -
j .... i
4 . J 4 w ...... .. M v . . .
A . m
( 1 1 ' 1
: ..1 i '
-CV" 1 - 'v;

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