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bought by U
who v want the
list, 17 perfect
black degrees,
end; 3 'copying
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.Whether, stopping "here for . day
4 or. for -the swans v you wQ 4
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'V "'
f -V Solid Concrete Structure
Every Room Vrfth Private Bath r
HeaSquarter for Island Residents
purorcsa . PHV $W0 per ; day ; up
. Aaertcta rim, $2.50'v per :dsy up
' Special iionthly. Rates .'
, . .horgan:ros3.. '
.Y JU'-: v Manager.
4 P. 6 Bex Jt9. - or' Telephone 2271
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i cut can wa steel bocoa
ca't lcxk cr fill out ? . v
Tcitsd &ad Approved; by
i Cccd ;I Isubs&eeplnrj 4j
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"rcr Csls by-;-- ',
Twelve additional precincts to those
commonly numbered for voting have
been recommended on the island ot
Hawaii by Sheriff Sam Pna. this rec
ommendation being approved by wire
less today by F. J. Green, executive
officer of the board. This makes
total of 26 precincts for the Big
Word was received from Maul today
that Sheriff Clem Croweil is out
around the island on work for the
board, potting the final touches on a
carefully planned system to be ueo
there on July L
It is Uncle Sam's Intention that pub
licity shall be given to those names
registered for the selective draft.
cable from E. H. Crowder, provost
marshal general in charge of registra
tion, was received today as follows
"One list of registered persons with
serial number shall be made acces
sible to the press in the office or each
local board. In lane cities where
there are several local board a this
proving inconvenient to the press. In
such cities please arrange to have
these accessible lists gathered in some
safe central office, such as police
headquarters, for the convenience of
the press, providing in each case thst
the list be not removed except under
the supervision of an official who wil
be responsible that no list is lost or
tendered unavailable to the press.
Honolulu and outside districts today
took on a patriotic appearance with
the hundreds of posters that were set
tip and pasted on many corners.
Businessmen this morning were
greeted with, registration-day posters
in red, white snd blue, as they boarded
the cars for their offices. These post.
ers are in the various languages com
tnon to Hawaii, and are neatly and
attractively done.
The campaign of advertising started
last night when moving picture houses
displayed notices calling attention to
July SI as registration day, and prao
tleaUy all papers ot the Islands have
agreed to furnish advertising space.
Twlgg Smith, Ambrose Patterson, D,
Howard Hitchcock and Charles Bart
lett all . well known painters, have
done huge posters calling attention
to .the day. These are being displayed
along Tort Street in store windows.
Newspapers which have contributed
to the cause with advertising space
are as follows: Star-Bulletin, The
Advertiser, and New Freedom, Hono
lulu; Hawaii Post, Kilo Tribune, and
Hawaii Herald. Hilo; Jdaul News and
weekly Times, Wailtxku; Garden Isl
and.: LOrae.
Japanese Hawaii Shfnpo, Nlppu
JUL - and ; Hawaii 3 Choho, Honolulu ;
Hawaii MainichL and Hilo Shinpo,
Kilo: Kauai Shinpo, . lihue; Kona
Echo, Hslualoa; Haul Record and
Haul Shlnbun. Wailuku: Pacific News,
Honolulu: , Hawaii Independent,' Hilo.
Chinese-r-Chea Tow Shin Bo. Hon
Man Ccv Son Chlng Kwocg Bo, and
Nah Hlng Bo, Honolulu. -
Portuguese O Luso, Honolulu; A
Setta nd .0 Fachcv Hilo, v
Hawaiian Nupepa Kuokoa and Alo
ha Alna. Honolulu,
Korean Korean National Herald,
Honolulu. ' v ,
Upon the recommendation of F. J. Green, executive officer, of the
board of registration. Governor Pink ham today approved the list of reg
istrars for the Islands of Hawaii and Kauai, word of the approral being
sent by wireless to the island sheriffs.
The list for Oahn and Maul Is not ret complete. Following are the
registrars for the islands of Kauai and Hawaii:
Island of Kauai
-- . . .-. i e. - .
Corns to-
Optical ' ;
?: -'.iVi.. , si - f. -
'- "I- . ;-'iV-'".- r - V-.' j '
i Eyes - properly exam-..'
.-.jriftrl. '- r- -Prescrirjtions
' . Ji . -
r r Tit' rv..vri-t- 'T t
Until the War. Relief Committee of
Hawaii- receives .a reply , from. Amer
ican Red Cross headquarters in Wash
ington to Its letter asking for advice
relative to vthe formation of a - Ha
waiian branch. t the Red Cross,, no
action will be taken by representative
women of Maul looking toward forma
tion of a Maul branch of the commit
. Senator -Alfred li.' Castle, executive
officer and treasurer of the War Re
lief Committee, returned from the Valley-Island
this morning He said he
had talked with Maui women about
the'establlshment of a "Maui branch: of
the committee, and that they told him
they will reorganize after a reply Is re
celred here from Washington by the
War -Relief Committee, as to the ad
visablllty of forming Red Cross chap
ters in ' the Islands. At present' the
committee is unofficially representing
the .American Red Cross in the terri
tory. . . . , .
In the Star-Bulletin of July I It was
stated that the Hawaii and Maul units
of the Hawaiian Allied .War Relief
Committee were supplying: their; own
materials. This should have Includ
ed the donations from Kauai also. -
If It is proven that August SpHlner,
the German ' luna and plantation ' po
liceman ' for the' Oahn - Sugar Co., at
Walpahu.- Informed the Japanese wo
man proprietor of; a "bund pig", that
License Inspector W. v H. - Hutton
planned to raid her place he will not
be given a commission and badge as
a"speclal"cfncer. ' '
This was made evident today by
Sheriff Charles Rose 7 In discussing
what action he would take against the
plantation man as a result of the ac
cusation made . yesterday by the li
cense inspector. 8pIHner Is one of a
number ot special officers to whom
Sheriff Rose has not Issued new com
missions since they-expired on July L
-"Certainly, Sprunerwlll not get, an
other commission if-ft Is proven that
he .acted In opposition to the .license
inspectors, f A man .cant be a police
man not even a special policeman
in .this department and work for .the
interests of law breakers," the sheriff
hct!y:d??red .t;y; r-:-- -
First precinct John Rennle.
Second precinct E. A. Knudsen.
F. H. Aaser, NUchl Kuramoto, Louis
Kllanano, J. D. Cook.
Third precinct C. B. Hofgaard.
Chang Yaa. S. Tamase, W. H. Wright,
Jr.: J. P. Kahalbaum.
Fourth precinct-7-G. F. Rankin, J.
K. Bufgesa, Joe Gomes, H. C Brown.
Fifth precinct K. Roendahl, M. R.
Jardln. C. F. Loomia, J. D. Kehahu.
Sixth precinct J. K. Farley, 7. K.
Cockett, W. K. Walaleale, D. K. Ka
pahee. Seventh precinct C A. Rice, P. L.
Rice. A. G. Kaulukou, C. Maser. J. L
HJorth, W. C. Avery, J. A. Souza.
Eighth precinct C. B. Gray, 8. W.
Meheula, Von Ekekela, 7. F. Betten
court,Jr.; Geo Ewaliko.
Ninth precinct H. Hadfleld, E. M.
Mash. J. L. Hdddy.
Tenth precinct Wm. Werner, Ah
Sau Hen.
Island of Hawaii
First precinct W. J. Stone.
Second precinct H. J. Lyman.
Third precinct Chas. Weatherbee,
Daniel Kaloi, Geo. Mundon.
Fourth precinct C. F. Eckart, A.
J. Watt, Teves, F. Sakamaki,
Fifth , icinct Huge Watt, Sim
MtKenxle, T. P. Gray, OchiaL
Sixth p eclnct D. McH. Forbes, A.
M. Wilson, R. M. Lindsay, G. K. Lowe.
Seventh precinct W. K. Ragsdale,
M. 8. Cordelro. H. M. Leonard. R.
Willard, T.!R. Saiki.
Eighth precinct J. Henderson. J.
K. Akau, E. Vieira, J. K. Maa, Geo.
Lowson, F. Arakawa, H. L. Ross, C.
H. W. Hitchcock.
Ninth precinct J. A. Scott, W. T.
Balding, A. H. Scott. Chas. Shaw, W.
Pacheco, Masaki Susuml, A. Fonsec
ca. Tenth precinct J. T. Moir, V. A.
Carvalho, Ed. Campbell, E. Smith,
Soichl Tamaka. M. Arruda.
Eleventh . precinct H. D. Beve
ridge, D, K. Kaflimaf. .
Twelfth precinct Forest - Hill, , Al
fred P. Martin, E. L. Keven, M. N.
Souza, K. Shishldo, Wm. KeliinuL
.Thirteenth, precinct Wm.' Pullar,
D. G. Buchart, A. Spalding, K. Ishi.
Toshiro KuritanL D. Kalanl, M. Ta-
Fourteenth precinct J. M. Ross.
J. M. Muir. W. J. Marshall. W. Ross.
P..C Nagaishi, J. Pagan, Joe Moniz,
K. W. Kinney.
Fifteenth precinct J. M. Jamie. J.
IL Mach. H. Fraser, J. Lain. A. Ya
magata, L.'Cadinha.
Sixteenth precinct A. J. Iganclo.
D. Vieira. M. Chalmers, Dan Poika-
lanl. W. Isono.
Seventeenth precinct R. A. Hutch
fnson. J. Fraser. W. McKemie. Y.
Eiahteenth precinct A. L. Moses,
J. Maluo. D. Branco, S. Mukai.
Nineteenth precinct W. 3. Aiona,
J. Ignaclo. M. Sumide.
Twentlath precinct J. Makalua. T.
TakataskL'K. Myiamoto.
Twenty-first precinct T. D. Col
lin F Pnrtado. J. K. Notley. A. L.
Loulsson. L. Wilson.
Twentrecond precinct F. M. An
derson. J. C. Jamieson. R J. West
lv. J. W.' Murphy. Rus Madina, Aral,
Manuel de Coito.
Twnrvhird precinct W. P. N-
nnln I PHtfhftrd. J. J. PaVSO. J. K.
iU Wm --w- -w
KMioha. MatsunamL.
Twenty-fourth precinct Robert H.
Smith. Sol . C. Burke. W. N. Hattle,
N. Hino, Hanaoka, J. Manalo.
Second District ,
First precinct H. L. Holsteln. E.
K. Akina, 0. P. Tulloch, 1 Japanese.
Second precinct H. Hind, S. Sa-
kai. A. P. McDougall, J. A. Wight.
HTf. Mendonca.
Third precinct W. M. S. Lindsey,
Fonrth nreclnct E. M. Muller, J.
N. Komomua.
Fifth precinct M. M. Springer, T.
Konno. J. Ako. Wm. M. M. McQuaid,
SlTth nrAclnet T. C. White. H. L.
Kawewehi, J. N. Koomoa, Okamura.
Seventh , orecinct W. D. TlcKillop,
J. A.. Luis. J. G. Machado, T. Oka.
Efrhth precinct L. P. Lincoln, T.
N. Haae. A. Hlf.
Ninth precinet-R. A. McWayne,
D. K. Kauplko.
Tenth precinct W. H. Hayselden.
L. Forrest B. ApikL O. Konno.
EleYenth precinct J. Campsle, A.
Patten. H. , H. Ueda, G. W. Matthias.
, TWelfth' precinct-rAv C Kaaua,
All over the wide world the Asso
ciated Press is gathering- news and
"shooting", it by wireless into the
Star-Bulletin editorial room. That's
how you read it TODAY in the
Subscription Rates, 75c per Month,
$2.00 per Quarter, $840 a Year.
P. O. Box 366 '12S Merchant
Islands' MostImportarit Dirty Now is f o Becoifpe $eli -Suf f ic- Karl Koessler,, Arrested By U.
ina. Declares Director ?Wcstaate ot U. Sc Experiment sta- wiarsnai, races rrospeci
tion in Reviewing Work Awimplished Dirring the fiscal of Prison During War
earJllStJECded t , u . M;ii Kf .k 4 Karl KoWslen Vk bemoan alien
i. m . ' taken into custody by Marshal J. J.
That much progress has been' made
along the . lines to which the United
States experiment . station , has i de
voted its chief attention" during the
past year--that ,of making, the iHil-
waiian Islands self-sufficvir. as i tar
as possible and that the Individual
and. organised response to the efforts
of the station are grttlzying, l tn
statement of J M. Westgate. .direc
tor of the station, in his annual re
port which Is now being completed.
-The isolated position of the Ha
waiian islands combined with the
world . food shortage . has . revealed
more clearly than ever ' the' depend
ence of' the ' islands on, distant- sec
tions for Its food supply, stateswr.
Westgate In the Introduction to his
report "The "f pcusing of attention
on the vital necessity of the local pro
duction and utilisation of Ja much
greater: proportion of a the locaUy
raised food products has led :- to
gratifying response on the part , of
numerous local organuauons ana in
dividuals. It-has been fully realised
that in making serious efforts to. feed
herself Hawaii is doing a real service
both to herself and to the country at
large and that every pound of. food
produced here releases just that much
for use elsewhere as well; as provid
ing1 the best form of insurance against
the possible consequence of complete
isolation from 'the mainland." , "a-(
Cooperation with. the. military posts
and vrith the Castner , station ln par
ticular has been a feature - of the
year's work that promises sun further
development. Under the direction of
the station over 100 acres ofsod and
guava land have been cleared and
broken up and the larger part. la al
ready planted to cassava and aweet
potatoes. , Originally it was ,the Inten
tion of the, station to experiment with
: Since last, year a plant disease de- Smiddy yesterday for falling to se
partment has been organised and has cure a permit to reside and do bust
devoted the- greater part of its at- ness In the local restricted areas, is
tention to the diseases which attack tiU in Oahu prison and no arrange
the Irish .potato in the islands. ments have as j-et been made for
- Aft increase in the amount of busl- his release.
neas done by the Territorial Market- Taken into custody without . court
Jug 'division Is shown in its annual process, Koessler may be required to
report. i In the fiscal year of 1915-16 remain in confinement until the end
a total 'busines of '$121,085.78 was of the wsr. He Is eligible for parole,
doner while "for -1916-17 $139,519.05 Is however, if the marshal sees fit to
the total " Consignments to the num- follow this course." The marshal,
ber:-of 2538 ah consisting or 60 kinas however, said today that he would
of island products were received and not Parole Koessler unless he could
soid; Pat him to work on a plantation on
. The 1 retail vegetable and meat one of the islands. Koessler will not
branches djd not quite pay expenses, hav t0 tod trial, neither will he
but furnished a ' valuable adjunct to he released under bond,
the "wholesale consignment depart- , federal authoritiea consider Koess-ment-
in that it furnished an outlet Ier arre8t warnhig to other Ger
at all times for the produce con- man aliens in Honolulu, or other
signed by the small farmer. Dart8 J the territory, who fail to se-
v.The chief items in the . expediture fLv"?1 0th?,r, Germans
of Wfederal appropriation of $40,000 Jjg J w,m ?
were $1T,685.85 for salaries.. $14,585.76 th Ko 8ier nad a
forjabor; and $2,109.93 for traveling KrSt A,n .wM, to 8ecure
eTPMnies 8 permIt' and on. several occasions
J'- ws warned to take It out To data
L"!?rZl !lbout 160 German aliens have r-
m t....,! 4.x. - ... .
uM.ciTJu si. , uie 4 marBcai s Oluce and
government ? printing : office
nea? future.;. ' .
i r s e e
secured their permits.
f There will be no slackers
among the Japanese, according to
forage crops for the horses of - the j Japanese, newspaper men who
cavalry and toward
steps were taken
combination stable and barn' has
been erected and a place for a fore
man and the work . has also become
one of raisins food crops for the sol
Pineapple Seedlings
Work with pineapple seedlings has
been an important part of the horti
cultural investigation of - the ' year;
Two new varieties of pineapples have
been Introduced, one of these ' sup
posedly being Immune to UTe "black
heart' disease.
Tho potential value .of small home
vineyards led to the establishment
of cooperative vineyard of about an
acre In extent where various fertili
ser, variety: and cultural experiments
are In progress.. The principal work
with avacados has -been -in connection
with the development of a winter 'ri
pening type with the -rind sufficiently
hard and tough to furnish protection
from the fruit Hy as well as to 4 add
to 1U-shipping, qualities. Work, was
done with the mango in crossing sev
eral Varieties. A new hybrid tomato
which is immune to the melon fly,
the greatest enemy of the tomato 1n
the Islands, has been striven for.
Five Demonstration Farms
. Five demonstration farms have
been maintained, cooperatively, with
the owners of the farms in the 'ex
tension work of the station. 4 Other
campaigns for. the Improvement , pf 1
agricultural conditions nave been
done through-field tripr and publicity
throrjh the press and ether bedfras.
Within a short time the circuit
court of appeals of the ninth circuit,
San Francisco is scheduled
the appeal of Charles E. King from a
decision of the local supreme mm
holding that William Williamson has
peen regularly appointed ont of the
Summer Frocks
of unusual
White Voile combine
with attractive colored trim-UJ
ruing effecls;
Sports Models; of Plain
Voile, embroidery on pocket,
belt and collar. V
Models of box' pleated
Voile with contrasting bands
of Voile, sash or girdle and ;
tie. - -
All .moderately priced at
from $9.50 to $15.00.
" Ji Jt ,-
- Hotel SL, , near Fort
,.';,:-4( -,
i .. iT VVill-v - V- "-ij-.v u j "wu ivsuiasij appoiniea ont of the
1 that end definite" . have been waging a campaign trustees of the Bishop estate. Attor-
3rer,a0 itov of education through the press In ney E. C. Peters is representing Kins-
- th SaS Wwmm J . rrk a STIum TIJJ M. B W-T . . . v w
t wdim.kw uj. luoiuiiyu.yi, t upon ue resignation of S. M Da
nfcwm nwuu, xxswsu uuono aua t i man irom tne board, the trustees
-f. Hawaii Shinpo have printed a I designated Williamson as his sucee.
number of articles urging all -f sor. Circuit Judge Ashford, however
Japanese to register. -f declined to confirm the appointment!
t ..-iuo 4eri7 newi oas prmwa r nsming rung instead, at the same
- - -v.aicx- t i cavc9buub uio opinion tnat a
f lng. the method of reglstratloni person of the Hawaiian race should
1 Many, of the vegetable growers 4-1 be on .the board.
are not aware that Registration The trustees appealed from Judge
Day has been declared a holiday, 4- Ashford's. findings, carrying the mat
and the Liberty News has been 4 ter to the supreme court, which held
4 sending out circulars urging all 4 that the appointment of Williamson
4. Chinese to take enough time from 4 was regular. King then appealed to
t weir wot to register. -t-i me nintn circuit,
The Beofi IVoy to Rerriov
' ' l7rinklbo
Stop frowning ; by . wearing suitable glasses' made " by
1148 Fort Street - ' ; ; ;: ; ; Blaiidell Bldg.
Honolnlnv -T. H.-,,; ' ' I ; ;
4 444444444444444
4, i . a
Evidently in line with the recent
tightening up of observation maintain
ed' by federal authorities here on all
neutral steamers , while they are in Cable messages to friends here last
porC an order was received today by night brought news of the death of
i;ouector or tne fort Malcolm A. Mrs. Eugene M. Scoville at Tamoa.
Franklin, from Washington, saying Florida, on July 12. following an oo
that it is . the request of the nary de
partment that no one be allowed to
board neutral vessels from the customs
launch. This order will prevent news
papermen from hoarding Dutch liners
off port. 'It does not apply to Amer
ican, British or Japanese steamers.
Quake shocks from. Peru were
corded' fn New Tor i. r ,
era tion. The body was taken to her
former home In Chicago and buried a
few days later..
Mrs. Scoville for. almost 15 years
was a resident of this island, her hus
band beings pump engineer tor the
Oahu Sugar Co. at Waipahu. -Slur hid
many friends here. - . ; . -
Mr. - Scoville has oousht ; a lame
farm near Tampa and i rmrtir r?
- -i i J
- ," J- -- r
.. J ' i.--f-l i
Steamer every T7cdntsday zzi Citzrday
ir-klaiiil Scni iJcvI j J: 1:.'

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