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- i - ; - -1 IT '
Committee Appointed by Hilo
on the Staging ol Big tventt-May Be nwo on ijew ib
I t Day Civic Organizations, Athletic -Clubs and Plantations
(Will Be Invited o Participate in Great Run All-Island Event
Xeptune sends mestj;e of greet.
lojtoPele," Th! will without donbt
b the tlo;an used when the first
Volcani Marathon it stated. Thia
cVent l aitured, as the board or trade
ofiHIlo went on record favoring
the plan for the relay rate, and a
coran-.lttee haa been appointed to
-writ on the trocraw.
George VJcau, 'vreaident ot tn
Hflo board of trade. Is Inthe city, and
ia 'a talk today aJd that the PUn to
send a message from Neptnhe to Pele
was .one of the biggest athletic fea
tures that 'bad been proposed i "
waIL" He 'was confident that Huo
" would bV represented with a number
of; teams and furthennote said' that
the citizens of HHq would do all la
their power to make the etent ' oc-
May fit. Run New Years
. A'hirh -nn.AmUnlf di& ha been
set aside for the Ug event, it wa
sugxested that -the raoe oe ran. v.
New Year's Day from Hflo to the-o4
ot-the-cTater. a distance of about il
miles. As; Planned at present,
men' will compose a team,- each ruft
nrag about fire luftea. ' , ;
- .11,1. -4m i,.'fint tim In-the
tory of athleUcs- that such an event
has been proposeo, no u 7
that JtvwIU become one of the We
icaiurea oiiui fhm,w.
territory. " a - record will be eatab-
ilshed; and this twill be Placed in sat
of the record ;books-on the "mainiana.
Publicity for -.-
- O v fTm'vinr , UffrptM.Tr Ofthfc Ha
wall Promodcm committee rnas" sent
out a letter to more-than' J00
rapers, describing ,the? plans! tor the
tig Volcano MaratnonY and I, a,e,
Vis-Norton," secretary 'qiT
IbUctty '.commission', -;has : Indorsed
ti nrt furthermore has. sent
a story regarfllttxthe. racer to hun
dreds, of: publicauona v- inrous-
America." ,"), . -
Followers Tor, kthletlcs
discussed the proposed race, beMere
ttzX It will .become one of the really
I'.x athletic; events' in " the territory,
tti expected that
ir.alaland runners will -'come to pa
waa-td- attempt to-wreati-uie otwew
m ay 'from -our1 local loaf diatance
As ; proposed at : present the teama
wia leare HUo on-New Years pay
tsd the .first junner; will, negotiate
a distance 'Of about five mllea,rwhen
te will turn, over. the message to, the
rext runners Diatances will be placed
in conformity with the -difficulty ot
Ther mT be anrwhere from ' sa
ta twehty teams entered Jn thp 'first
im which wIU probably, be held ; on
New Year'a ' Day, and 'theVHIla com
mittee of the . board of trade -will tn
vite teama from -U of the Islands.
TLIa feature would gltecMauU Kauai,
1 1 a wall and i Oahn.'an opportunity. to
test forces, whereas -it ts not pbssibla
la rowing, - football -anti -baseball, No
u taf would be favored .to "'wlh,- and
th e competition" among J the Various
clubs and organlwtiona, added to the
ccrapetition among the v Islands would
te an especial.feature-. .-i-.:-', Jr
In the preliminary -outline, civic, of-r-lzatlona,
' athletic 'clubs and : plan
utions "would be eligible : to' aend : a
tcin to compete for the honors. This
wculd give a wide range for tmpe
titlon, anoT without 'doubt ' Honolulu
and t)ahn ' wouM be in line with; a
nuaber of teams! ' The 'suggestion
was xaade that "the 'Ad, Club, Rotary
Club,: Pan-Pacific - Club, -.-Japanese
ilerchanu- 'Association; Pacif ic
Lescce, Hawaiian. Chinese, Portuguese-Korean,
and Filipino societies
enter in the event which, would bring
together all tiatioaalitI Then the
laree plantations-on-: Oahu " would
without doubt; be I able to select six
sterling runners wining 'te .to 'the
route. Added ,to this possible en
tries from- Punahou; VSL 'X-onls,- Mo
Kinley MIUs and Kamehameha..Oahti
would find -ft good-representation-in
th e' ractv 'V - Vj, f ; - V ,'-t ';
- The aame would apply. for the other
-islands, and it U thejntention of the
ccamittee to work .on a .plan: which
wia brtns at least 20 teama to- the
ciark in the bUace.. Hflo will with
out dosbt ' stand retdy" to - assist - in
every way; by 4 furnjshtax machines
axl . officials for . the 'blf event!
Cpmmrttee . Ttamed . - - , . tt
At: the. meeting" qf - the " board- of
trade held - recently - in - Hilo V com
mittee composed of V. L., Stevenson,
J. W. Bains and Demosthenes Lycur
gTis was . appointed JM begin work
on the preliminary Plana ,for ' the
event; : Roy Meyers of the Hawaii
Post , and - Owen .Merrick were liter
aiied to the committee. The! commit
tee will begin work at once on tEe
plxna as outlined. -The first bcslne&s
will perhaps be . the . setting of. the
date . for : the race, and then active
work, wilt begin in lining. p. a team.
The : t oUowtng : troxa the vHawall
Post; shows the interest 'whicli has
been taken in the. event j.thejCre
ctzt City: j';.c:;: v- -Heal
If the r enthusiasm x displayed ' ny
cembers of- the board:, of trade: at
-tielr monthly . eetng; yesterday can
be ; taken - as ;an indication of - their
-'.'.--v The 8an Frandseo. ?st -;t
Contains ;ArmyDrderk-sreek to.-19
ays;before malL f.",i .-v- C'V-
:l: rt McrrtC; newsrt;;;;
- V7Vl!a'V"duR'eu'lA8elto,,.''f
Board of Trade; to Begin Work
-fetim "toward a revival of, sporu
here. Hilo'wUl ahortly be the staging
jU"Ound. jiO. only for . the, most novel
marathon, race erf r held, but also
for the h-jlilng of regular swimming
Tbe plana as outlined .in a letter
Jrom 0n Merlck, sporting e&tor of
fine' 5ta-UJiUetlB, and which came
.before, ;he board, -propose the holding
-of an-annual Volcano marathon to be.
'gin In. Hilo and , fialah.' at the edge
or me crater, or prereramy ai
Vplcano house. The race to be run
in rclajn.-, - . -
, Running ..four lljousaud feet In the
air Itself a-flore!y seldom wknesfed.
and lie eaUHshment'Bf 1 a 'record
for ..such ' race wonl- beqome an In
ferecHng -fgatare In 'alT recibrd books;
. Those present at-festertfay's meet
ing viewed the poJect favorably, de
claring It to be n good-scheme for
the boosting qf Hawaii.
Blnt..B.eprtj.'p,in : . . ": '. .
la cxtoJUng.lbe. hoJdJng of a mara
thon race to tbe, Volcano. J-.W.. Bains
waxed s ea(h4aJasHc, declaring, that
not only should theboard of trade
rlahd behind : auri a ' movement Cut
that tliey '.should .also fpstcr arrange
ments' ror . the.- promulgation of a reg
ula -.swimming; meet -' He .told hoW
In. ; the .Tn.r SEast t the: ts rious sports
were featured; arid concluded ' by, urg
ing: -the membersto-look ;r Into the
question of holding .a. marathon first
and later to deal.Itb the swimming
prpppaition.,-,4 y . , -, . -.. . . -.
-That- the staging of - both these
events" fa -Hikt. weuld be a, succese: is
assured by the ajdor. displayed y. all
who have had tlje' suggestions placed
before them. V v .
Y.,L. Stefenabn followed up the re
mark by ' Mr. Bafns 1 with a motion
to appoint .ac)mmlttee of .three to
go Into the question and, report the
result ..of: their deliberations ;to the
board of trade at an early date. The
motion waV heartny approved:
o:::ss. o;mi:e
1 mmmmmm-mmmm
Brm pi$6n$ri -rirna' the "big
slugger forlthe;Eyes of :5hafterv but
he spoiled hi good record' by making
four-errors: " r-" v,. V ' : " J
K Frtdayrwboplajfl j third base fqr
the . Company, L, team., of the"; 2nd In
fanUT'got thrftq'nlu;off;Petrbsky on
Saturday. Friday ; and - Billy Sunday
ought to mageV good battery, if -one
would forget, the .weekend ffeetV :Z
Luis, - the centerfleldenqf the -Fjli-Ffnof,
- has "been hltung; the bail JxaTd.
He landed, three bHs off Stewart 'of
StXoula on .Saturday, 4ndNla 27 times
at bat Is hitting fpr an average of 370.
DiehU Yanjaahiro and - some ."of the
other bafters,twill bkte: to go sdme.tn
the.aecondaerieprlt Lala continues his
aitUng. x. ..-'; xy,
Hoaea, whiO pitcei for tbe Filipinos
on Baturdaj, bad a let of atuft on ne
ball. With any; kind of support
w ould iave ef eatfii. t. Louis, nd
should be teady to wia some games in
the second series. . lpw neW him up
in ; tine ehape and' the;cateherrssJsp
came tlvrougn with- three ' Clean Uta
off. StewartH'' -v V-.l.Vv;
C ItfV decent gamefn tnerth
west -League Ticonia defeated - Butte
by . score qi, 31 .to ;2.;'iMcO.Innty,
Lelfer,.; Hunt' and IJowen vwere ham
mered" all "over 'the lot' by;Tacoma.
Stevena of Tacotaa'tiecured 7 hits out
of; l'timg;(Up and 'Flagstad-. and
Thompson ,eac.r made iflTe-mta,'-'. Se
attle defeated, Spokane 2-to 2 on the
sanae .daySu it'Baslban. , V
v:::-j.'-0 tj V 'XT':' ::-.' '
(. Tnr Coombs-Sfar-Bulletnji 'girne .was
ereal1 thrtllerr- and'.thef e -'were hun
dreds , at ' the game' 'who said thaC it
was one: of.'the bsf contests: of the
year, f . With- the -exception of Cqnn-
Ldu'ia infield; were Jn the game. There
were vll -meaberstt'. of ? ihe Pacific
League ln'the game and two from the
Honolulu League. ' . ' - t
Thitj the oygaiilurion 'o'f the Pacific
league was rworth while" has " been
demonstrated manyUmes thia season.
ln' ;theCermb8gamfc,Markhain,' a
Pacific leaguej-pltcher, liad : the best
of the batUe vwttb Luck Yee, a pro
fessional; and tUe Pacific league play
ers in the game .were-the atara. You
Bimv- Kerlsakl. 'Haneberg, ' Planas,
Yoshikawa -and ? .IClng. Jan . broke
through I wlth-klts -an: fleldlngn stuff
which- aa ."worth rwbile. ; ;.r
..The Advertiser sprang a surprise
on' the Hawaiian Clectrles on' Sunday,
and, by. hitting: the '.hell' end playing
together managed'.te win out if the
Adrertlaer teas win continue 'te 'play
togetber; and ' jrork r bar d-fof every
point without doubl. ;tbey:oughti tp
develop Into a: strong team; Affonso
and Crane. hate inject ed,e. heap bf
pep-Into the play, and McGowan has
been-pttthi; good -UU in the ?paat
few- gamea.., " CvN : '':-
There: ootht to be 1- reenrd VtwH
out at tbe Healanl-.dacf which will
be given r on -Anpexatlan 'Daj. -0ni
Kabalawei, wtae- is J at present mana
ger, of the, McKlnley teanj, ; win nae
charge -of . the .Arrangepenta Qr-Uje
dance, juidan;t!ie ;. numbers of the
Pacific Learae - era entered - 4o hm
present j VMaagttiBmr pa'ktr. t 4
Johnny Strachan Playing Greats " 1 V
Tennis; Ross considered
Greatest of All Time
J By Ameiaud TimI
SAN FRANCISCO, Cel., July 17
With tbe approach of mid-season for
the Pacific. Coast baseball league and
tbe warm weather aiding In limbering
up the pitching arms, of the .va'notia
inoundmen, batters are slowly reced
ing from the . heights of a 400 per
cent batting arerage. ' Bassier of Los
Angeles, who has been m the lead
among the regular players and was the
last to step out at the 4DD class, fell
10 points further away according to
the unofficial arerage gives oQt for
the. Uth: weak. -He has dropped to
SJ7. At the end of the llth' week be
waa batting 402, AMhe present rat
of retrogression ht ts likely; to . lose,
his -position n .the leading- batanraa
of the league before many - ntore
weeks. . v ..---.-.
Pltigerald of Ssn- Fran eteco, who
has been' holding second place, came
tap 11 points, making his -average 247
ro that only ten points separate the
two players. At tbe end of the lltH
week Fttrgerald was 68 points behind
Beasler. ,
The men who made tbe biggest
gains during the week were it- Miller
of Oakland who jumped 44 points, and
Hof f of Salt Lake who made a gain
of C points. Williams of .Portland
stili retains a comfortable lead of
ten home runs. Sheely of Sflt Lake
with seven is his nearest competitor.
Johnny Strachan of. San Fraociscp,
who has been playing seme excellent
tennis of late, his most reeeat exploit
being a matcb against' the -former
champion, William, Johnston, Jn which
be -compelled the : ex-national title
bolder to play a full five stiff sets-fn
order to be declared tbe winner. Those
who 'saw '.tie P. match, declare that
Strachan' driving: wm superior to any-j
thing that he had . Shown in tne pan
and it wis, only on account of , bis-eK
rors that ne finally succtimbed.
An analysii of the two men'e play
chowe that Straeban bit the net oft ea
er thah his opponent and alscmade
more outs.- 'He excelled him; b,oweie.
in number of pWce'.'abqts; JtJqaiton
served-nlne-donbles in jlH. .to.straxbr
an'e f our. Btracban's drive ws dead:
ly;whfle Johnston seemed eicel at
the' net . Each scored a point on-asi
acB-serre.' . : "'
Norman 'oss otthe Olympic, Club,
and hoider of ?k baen swiminlng
recordt including both' national :and
American Utles, Is aald by bis- frlenda
to be,awlmmfoig) at tbe top, of nla fbrnj
with; theend -cot yet la sight -They
have eet up 'the, claim for. him that
be-tls the beat- aU-roubd ;awlmmer of
aR f time ;for' the, Areaaon v. tbat-:.wnll
formerVchampions v have , galped.. dla
thictlon.eOherrrn the short f prtnta o
else? 1. the " longer awjms, v Rets vis
showing, bUTiupetlorlty ln botb. ktf oj
qnry thlsbut Jt is pdlnted.eut Uit "hit
verutlUty isvapparent In: bla ability
to negotiate the breast stroke andtbe
back stroke in competitiqn ; with f.ath.i
Iete-wbo aie tpecfallsiprln
erenta, bla recent mark.qf 6l4-a ect
ones for ffcjraroe. m ine" isxierreyeni
being -,inor)ds) - figure, i . . v ,
l lRosa remarkable work baa all been
done during- this;.; Prior; to IWl,
while'' If waa ' acknowledged: be bad ell
tbe makings iot la champion, bla er
ratic Terfornrances? were tUedqsfiair
of , nls ' trainers, who were finable -to
make : btm take 'awimmlpgaettpasly.
For tblareason' there wms-consider,
able opposition tbe matter; or send
ing him. e at ert to the year iTbat
be j i appreciated the confidence - placed
In him by Wsdpportera In .the .01
pfc Club, and: . rose:-to, the 'occasion,
is evideiced by bla trtampbant reqqrd
Aolayer'on-W-'amatdur team-'who
made -a tbfee-btse hit in tbe Jast bglf
of the ninth inning of a basebaU game
and ibereby. won" tkeconteat; bast been
rbbbed-'jof the peTonal?.glprywJicb
usually goes : with such .n -feat iTbe
ball "was- driven through - a- panotjbx);! axtjllejrjr-,brlgade
fria fat thtt window of A eublic school
and the ' town constable Is looking tor
the xoan wno made the nit in -orderto
compel hftn ' to.paytbe-et 9f isntf
pane: bt?glass.. For obtioUS'reasons
the hero1 prefers toemaln nameless.
ing neat sum for the fund neblcb
will go toward the etpensea, incurred
tbfai- season- Tickets may be secured
from : SaJa ' Kabalawef and Harry
Pecker. ' The tickets are being : sold
at $1. . V -' -
V The - Myrtle Juniors . and i. Seniors
played ' a tie game yesterday alter
noon, - tbe ' score being S to 3. Meyer
pitched- for: the Juniors andCaffowed
but t four hits. Bechert wis on - the
mqund' for tbe Seniors. .. Mey and
Gomes were the leading . hitters , 61
tbe day: ' The lineup of-the teams
were.: as.' follows: V ;
. , Juniors L. ' McQueen, If ; N. . Tayby,
sijJohbipp,: 3b: o; Meyer, p:0;
Auerbacb. lb: w. Bryant: c; W.
Oehrjng, 2b; "Al Perry,-cf; :Il. .Brown;
rt 8enlors Hoke, : a;, Becbart, p;
Gomes, - th;- Even son. 2biAnderson,
3b: Granlberg;. ' e$: ,-McKhixie f.rf :
KruegerTif.-, f jE m
?. ;..!. .-'' y ?
; Tbe members of the Hawaiian iiowi
tag'Aasoclatlpn woi b mating t
(be office of the-ur-Bulletm at 7:50
on :Tburaday evening. '.-At: tbatttlme 1
preliminary ans Joy erregitfa- will
W dlscnsaed, 'and': 'committee '"will
be appointed.; to ;begin worfe . en ;tle.
manyUtanr necessary to'Staglng tbo I l - lv ,. ' I pended Jor. we.yeellt;wa:annonao.l -1
Menagera a d;.of fleers of :the
I Pacific. Leagve; wO) meet, at the t
Y. li. CJK WHne.sday. evening
at 7 o'eloclc. to dfaft the nw
f- schedule for taeaecopd series. or
j Play. The-tatmbera et tbe -league
f have expressed aatlafaction at
V-e-.-iae .outeome jOt . tne ursi. series.
f and every team. will go. tfirougn
the. aeeond.sfrlee-with, a strone-
Robley's' Gmnwt-iiGiye Prc
ffiminExhtbjtionevious : ; taiirlipijrritKauii :
, Last-night; atrtbe-Oahu prts,Qn S.
W. RobTey. 'general- secretary :bf the
Honplulur - a'C10' Te ;: B
feUcTenterfalnmebt' tq tbe- men, .and
th. entire Vprogram i . yaa a huge, sue
cefs. ' r Vv , . - .
BnWey'j. traveling team are. rqund
ingJnto gfiaf. form, for their coming
frtp to Kanal and.tbelr excellent wprk
of last evenlng easRy demonstrated
the . vast amount, of time that bas
necessarily been spent Itt preparation.
The rtirf t". two numbers : of the evening,-
Indian club: and dumb-bell drills.
weTe.iastand.eaPBy. but.lt was tbe
following, nnmberi-tbe high dive, that
took, the- men's- fancy. The bar was
plaeed t four feet and. 9vanced two
ihekee time: it jfa". cleared untlLi five
feet had been' reacbed' at vblch
height' four of . tke team, Pachece. R
Chung -and T Al Kalelkau.. and . Robley
easily cleared. Paclrco dropped out
ati five 'feet four: whUe- Kalelkau
cleared the bar . nut missed : at five
feet lire, while obleyi although not
ellglbre to enter in eompetitlon with
snistedrs,' cleared' fire feet 'fire.
;'Tbe SiyramidV 1 W Vceptlpnally.
good 'and: tbr .'team work: was fine
wltbVllttle .exander If8
bandTcr hlaenylftnrin tbe
of 'fncy'Ind1an'-'elnb.,awindnir5w
waa Vell -recelred; 'and fetr. exoj
cuted:, ,Pc4se- wlU.eMhr
Ka;uai;witIi,Roblay and- We team will
hi i " Tery.yaluab.te:nddltlonrto -to
cqmpany. Jti'-ma?y,'WBya ; as ; fr&la not
bnrx eni excellent, .Indian ;fclub-; pet -forierTbTltllltoo
ofitbp, ."best pw
firn4efa0Dn;tbqr'parael :bara. ln .the
Islands.. , .4.,. .... i. ....
.'t is.
:. '1 -taa' Lest PCt
neaaqiB.. .......
A Bgtt .
D BaOr.
mi . ..' ...... -
F -Batti --it : A-w
vThoutb-Jmany are under tke lmprea
slonnhar the- Head Quarters 'Company
of the 1st-Field-ArtlUery ia aare of tbe
trebby to ttei rHorse" league at Scbo
fleld,' a ctaee atiidy of tne,avragea and
the. part:-6f2 tbe.chedal. uyejt j vto tbe
played . wUUabow.tnat It Ja. pqaslbje
yet for either C battery or-A battery
tn brine: home the. bacon. The i shouts
in la otK oYM
tflnment.tprv-even yv
BxBaltery.. can. better .theft .positloiu
onrtbe;rpiteri;, Bf ttf ryr and. F Bat
tenr ha,vetbdrawn;frgm; tba Tco In
ordertft.nnstene-.end .ot, .tne eer?es.
Tne J9tbeld nasi4rea4y finished tta
ecefdnle:and Hi noi wHlng-to pfey
tb rjcbAmplaq t,ugnt . battejxf lor ;tn
A warm'dame-wai'played this at
ternooh betweed Headquarters ,na A
Battery but amfeandefstandlng as to
thV-raesfiine eTthe eesaed bill srrounda
rule -iniy call -for -the 'playttg.of - tbe
contesn second time." Tne ecore atood
2ifei"inIfareT:ofth present league
ieaaeni at" tbefrnlsli'oi1 ttfeihelee,' but
credit for 'this la not 'given in the
averabb nelowv neither fb.A Bitteryl
enargeor,witna"ioes. me protest to-
tbe'decislott' of vVmptre rAugust Mich
alek-wlH be considered at the end' of
thrseam--Thetwirrlngbf both Youtg
and Burnett was of a bign nrder and
"Wlgwagger. . Parts knocked' . Out " a
pYelty-hpmq tun: 'y ' " :
: JPit Bert .5, Shannoniof ,C'Co., 32nd
Infan,tiy,.'hAsiwitten.. to, the lartiUery
ataleUc. efacer .tnAt 'b,-,wpnld Uke
tOAne any; soldier er'elvllan to Hon
olulu n;Labor:.)y. Oainftng to hare
iwdjeitbeinariaton: distance rat.Pitts-l
imrg w,two vaonntno: crony .minutes,
afad.i run - p I miles f oni annttte. peca
slonito.' acses. a nCC one-half bos. J
have av real' sut Jf tbjelctodfr. path
in ojLfTniWst; tU!tfeav tberdepArtnient
ootamanaer maysJecKie tntt ita. ,t w
hot: in Hsiwaii .for iw loan a: sntint
fto: Greek lasaic: inlght bp Oanne&edH
neTjepTenDey -r. .;. . V't--.- x J
a t :
most 2,teet- m'
tiA SL-VftrftaeieAlbltlon
rrnnnoniw i
llllllll WIIVll
we ii si iv
Sifva Pitches Great Ball and
Fivers Fail to Annex Hits;
22 Runs for Winners '
Troop Nine won the baseball' cham
pionship of the Boy Scouts by. de
feating Troop Five by the owe -aided
score of 22 to 2. Troop Nine went
after their rivals In the first frame
and singled six. times, for. ten runs.
Troop Five was unable to solve Sll
va,'s delivery, and only got three hits
hofflm, Suva pitched a great jam
in spite of . the fact tbat be was aii
in. the. last twQ.inainsv He etruck
out elgh men and passed four, Only
28r men faced him Jin ' tft nine in
nings. His support was excellent. Al
though his; team mates made three
errors, they , supported- him in tle
pincbes ta good style. , '
iftr Frertas.' stepped a homer by
capturing Trtus ALna drive Jn- tner
fjftb. . : It looked -Jol''for ' homer
wne-tt left -he bat but Lefty went
right after . It and; caught it- atter.-a
bard Ifun nad" wonderfuly timed
leap in tbe airttej It As ne Is only
about four , feet f our fn bis stockings,
tbM snakes -bis ; catch an .the more
wonderful. Watscn : handled eleven
cbancea arptmd first without' Jnls
cue. Crane hkndledaeTeral.bard
cbapce$ .ayt second J pt slipped up on
an : easy!, chance and spoUed bis - rec
ord. Wqodward ..caugbt " -hangup
game and although his two wild
heaves to third were' responsible for
tbe, two runs of. Troop .Five, he bold
Silra up in fine form. At tte-oat
Rowland, . Watson and Jones each got
three "out of. five-Walter Dowerhit
one for-a bpmerr and , got'; a double
besides. Reeves got two out of 'our,
and.,Sflv. also' connected..' twice out
of four times up." ; No one on Troop
Five's team . distinguished himself
with tbe willow or, on the Jfleld. Ho
sea, IngKand Ho were the lucky ones
to bit safely.' :Tblamakes TroopNIne
tbe cbamplons of Hawaii, and they
win receive a' large pennant for: win
hing the.tltle of the Boy Scouts. .The
Troop .' win 'give the 'team a banquet
In tke';near futHre.'"?. "
'--'ThVmbiw: m;'A, -r'V'.y; '
avftJf ..... 3 11
CraltaSfb ...... .d-ft
Reeves,: rf . .... .4 J l
DowerH 4 ;r,3!2
Jofies.4 ear -. f ; tT ;4 "Z
WationT lb . .1n4 Z
Woodwerd, c . .". 5 : 1
Sirva, p .......'4 -2' 2
Rowland, 3b .... 5.1 2
:kz&2iit; in to z
. A0 R BH SE PO -E
TyauMf: . ..
Hosee, as .
:....-.z;:q i, a;
.... 3. .0 0 0'
2 1
3 0
0 0
0 '0. 0
1 1,1 2'
o o o t '0
lo d'i i
o i o; ? o
0 d e 8 0
0 0 0 2 3
wise, .-or :
K HdlC 'c
Ing, rf .
Naeole,. lb
rkeole, p .
;Hit 'and ;ttts by vtqlngsr V'
Troop Five . 0 0 o 0 0 0 t 0 0 2
' ."Base 'bits r$ 1 0 0 l;l, 0 0 2
TrOOp Nine ' . . 10 O 0 ;2 3 fi 1 622
tBMejhits '.yj-iMsn o;o-8
; Summry: Home run, ttower; bit
by plter,ijdnestvbaaes.re'baIs.,off
Silra .4, off fkeole -9; sfrdctt out by
SifW 8by Ikeole-3: :wild pitch,-Sfl-
va; passed ballsy Woodward; Holt, 2.
Empire. .Jnes.v';-; ,
v Member of tbe .Oab Country, Club
will stage a tournament for the bene
fit of the RedCross . on Saturday,
Julv-21. The "eroceeda bfi the ..entry
fee are .'to be lureed'oyerj to 'Cat .Red
crgss ? society., .in-.we-eTeougioe
members; will oId a dinner InviUtu
their ' friend s ' . "- : "
r Many ;Ot the goif -cubs on; tbe main
bind bare been staging tourneys for
tbe benefit of the'Red.Cross.iand.the
leading -events of.: the season have
been given tot: tbia: organisation. Golf-
tera . on the .mainland bv raised a
large fund Xon the. Red. Cross organisa
tion, and the local devotees of the
royal and ancient -pastime are confi
dent of raising a goodly sum f Or the
cause.".' ' ' '
-' Inasmuch as there has been rauca
golf play of late' at the club. It is
expected that there will be a large
number of entries. ' Harold Glffard,
Willard Grace. Frank Halstead, Jhnmy
'Grefg;C.-F. Cleveland and others are
expected to participate. The play win
be overTlS."bOlesivmdahplay:
L L'VUnna. mtoiaontworkeni ..went'
t '' : a ' tM m a ir... iv.Lv.
OB iriM ia uta niuuio uiif;. uuwiu
th.newf 'was jimt: permitted td4 bej
lim-m. ,M4jik A' a-wim mrmAmmAi
tteii demands: tTber are ijto have
ejpie.mentaryr supply of. food and. an
inejease r.wagesr..ana we agreement
T to "ieeffectite until ,.two ' inontha
After .theliiflualoi-otrpes.';; , . :
fAuleQeonteata- al.WeatPoinL ex-
pt.lnterclaje nieeU,baTeJe
AT . f.I C. fl. TlHlt IIJ KET FUTUHE
Tentative Date Has Been Set for August lOwirhmers Will
Select Their Own Events for Big Indoor Meet Westing Of
Swimming, Enthusiasts Will Be Held This Evening at YVI.U
td Discuss PlansMiirls Will Be Entered in Meet This Year
If the present plans materialise.
Honolulu is to have a clasey mid
summer swimming 'meet with the not
able, local swimmers both men and
mermaids as the participants.
L Realizing a popular demand to see
our beat nataiora. In action again., the
local Y. M. C A., through Its physical
drector Glenn Jackson, uas sent, out
a call to tbe leading swimmers and
enthusiasts to attend a meeting at the
Y. M. . C- A. tbir Wednesday evening
at 7; 30 at which -Um the ewimmers
themselves are to be given chief place
in drawing up the plans and. events
of . a big. tank mept, ,
Swlmmere Select .Eveeta .
'Too many' times: in the past," said
Jackson yesterday, "organlxatlons in
Hopolula have drawn upithe iuU de
tails, .of a. meet . andtben: urged tbe
swimmers: to accept their program.
Instead,- the srnnmersthemaeltea
ought to. bare .tbXVbiefxaay. to their
ownsbow ind it la in line" with thle
hata bave.caJled together the. awinv
mere, as the committee von . arrange
ments, .'' . -V.. ' ;; . ', - . ' .
; Fpurror.llveof the leading swim
mWg entbusitsts. have been added to
the' llstto mike: up- a , very ' complete
who ebeen; asked. to attend' this
meeting. l)ieIuflatVLidyier, Duke
KAbaqamoknr Clarence Xane,;.Stubby
Kroger," Jaha Kelllr. Mi2a :Ruth: 8uek
er. ;DM Center, . Captain Pepla,r Alert
.Athletic Officer, '.Lawrence Cunba.
Bn Clark, ' Clair Talt, John Soper
and Harry Decker. ' ' .
A. A. . U. Sanction .
An A. A- C.: eaactlon haa already
been .secured for,. the nieet,'and.Ube
meet will be an "open one.; The local
Y. M. C. A. Is throwing its tank open
to practise by th contestants end Is
willing t- do., anything to make of
thia meet the best 'tank' event yet
helobere.-'- .;.r.---'.-.?--;-f
The evening of .August 10 has been
tehUtirelr' selected fer tbe'meet but
this ia eubjecftothe meeting's action.
Plenty of -Talents . : IV :
It is not" known whether. Duke
Kahanaaoku cares - to -'enter - or Ludy
Laager, but.it,tbey doi'togetber: with
Kruger; Lane KeUl and;Alargenum
oerjf younger avintcersirho are fast
developingr it wHlvtiake an exceedlng
ly Jilt eresttngv meet v:ifcr . ,- v.:
. ' ie r,teryj,-plbleoO, that the
mlUtiry will be:.well represented and
urgent" tiTKatiOtis'hateiteea sent to
both De. tu&sy and the Alert At first
ft tas'th ought that the. soldier would
hive-to glTe' t' Jiii.'athletlca . when
J way cwaa' declared,? hot ? tn"llhe -i4lh
present- reeling fin -.the v matter: ; this
meet r will proCy' f f& A-relcome
addition to tpe,J Boorts : already;, under
wayrr- ''vj.i--''-l-
: Rowlnii' is' a 'Dtrto'.Abeyahee for
a eisell .andxiwimmttemay eome in
as v.a relef- to- some 'ofr tke boys .who
arraomgooiiu; vuae naa oeen unaer
bard training for the Hilo Fourth 'ot
Jety aces amJ."UL to.doubt. be .one
of tbe Mjrtle's maihstaye to the Sep-
u mper regatta. But at tllat Duke may 1
i 4 :
B.V:D. Lhsen$ Thelrf
T$! lob dhk cut andiH?ht
. wown lsbrics;eivc - indoor :rv ;
1 workefethif feclihe of
t ejom wmchgtkwitji ptttooorlife.--v;
- ': ' ' V
In tur owb ato4cral7.MHlppd Cottom Mills ' ' .
.' t Iztagtosv X C,-t) .artuook from
which tkM Lmh Tltttas V. D. rdr
SViU an madt. la prvdaetd 1a cia
tlfle'MMr tnm -Mlteted evttoa to tnsur
dunbUlty- la vtib'tad irttr. -
In'eur own B.:V.- D Factories the garmeots re
toliully cut, strtfngly stitched, acoirately finished
to fit and be cool and comfortable all day long,'
yy.. nLfpmt cut vihm
be willing to endure a short season
of training and enter the proposed
meet: Kruger, acting .as a - cox wain
for the Healanle, ie not compelled' to
be ia tbe same training and haa radi
cated his interest in the August meet
Ludy Laager baa already accepted his
luvltatioa to attend the meeting to
morrow sight but did not state wheth
er or not be would enter. The public
Is very keen . civ-seeing all. cT these
swimmers la action again., ft bas
heard so much lately of Ue achieve
ments of Norman- Rossi, that Jt; would
take pride to seeing some local color
Injected Into the athletic horizon.
Girls to Enter .. ... ' ;
Miss Ruth Stacker baa also enthusi
astically accepted her Invitation," and
bints at some Ideaa for-tbtfxneet
Clair Tait who heads the . swimming
game at the Outrigger, said this; morn
ing that: to a short nime, all -of the
clubs would have; to take serious ac
count of that dab's entries, and ino
pne-is gainsaying Clair's statements
Tomorrow, nlghVa meetlng wm;-b
held to tbe directors': room - at' the
Y. M. C A. and is1 called for: 7:20
- Y i -v '
.- ' (8ptUl 8ur-Bn(la 0rmpD4SM)
HILO. Jury 11 Hawaii Herald ,
Hilo Tribune 2. -j, ?: ,-.:; '.
' That's the score of the ball "game
played last Saturday v afternoon. ' at
Moohean park. 'Manager"A.tlV Mac
kaye.of the Tribune. team haa; pet
yet recovered from the shock. It wan
painful the manner in which The H
eld ball toesere handed out the. dope
to. :the . opposition.7 "The pitching vol
young Bapiete took the number of the
Tribune' bunch and tbe drop ball ot
the youngster; fooled the1, mlsgalled
ones - who- challenged ' tbe.' real ball
te am th at cornea from Tbe Herald. of
fice. - '.-'--'. rSi'i;
There was an .'interested rowd : te
see: the game' aid itwas easily seen
that we -rooter were nearly all Her
a.ldes.VTbe. IIUo and was ;unableJ
to ,atunv out. ecwwa. govien
right ."without theimusie.na,the-gisre
aroused -tnuchT excitement '-4?eciily
when the' Tribune' play ars. prov. tbe
goose egg-and. scored rthelr. JlfUun.
It looked.llke : av "whitewash' 'itor the
Tribune jhlne-.np tm thett. v
: 'Manager Mackaye Ja; tAJito g4bont
a return: gime and The Hra4 lunch
are- hoping that it doea cpme about
They declare that; the .Tribune' score
will' consist of .-a .string, of dphers
next time. .. . 2 ,.rt v-.-tt
Tba-'neTt Liberty Loan Issue-wlir :bJ
made about Sept Laccprdiag 'Jtp , law
cationa at the. Treasury-- Department
Th interest rtte. will bo' probably;, 4
tm) rfit i-v..,:;v 1r-f-f? .M-
kathertae i Sarah MaicQuol British
novelist;, todead; aged 3.
irce - r
sa ; w i s y
im 1
Pf 1
I' ):
: B : -ifi U:,
ice, eaiaais-is:. ccrpqent.'a)f Pears- 5

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