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AdacHi Kinnosuke, New York Publicist, Tells Why Nipponese
Could Not Undertake Job of Punishing Russia
A few weeks ago the newspaper
of the Eastern United States were
making a sensation of reports that
Japan, In case Russia, made a separ
ate peace with Germany, would send
forces into Siberia to chastise a faith
less Russia. In tie following article,
which appeared in the New York Tri
bune, Mr. Adachi. a prominent Jap
anese writer working in New York,
tells why Japan could not accept such
a task.
Here Is one of trie most sensational
Items of news that ever came out of
"Japan has an understanding with
Great Britain whereby she will attack
Russia, if Russia should, for any rea
son, cease to make war on Germany.
It Is an appealing Idea; it may be
even tremendous to those whose
eyes areTer on the destiny of Japan
and the Far East. It isn't what you
might call offensively Christian,
though. Japan and Great Britain,
with the rest of the proud Entente
Allies, are fighting for Justice, human
ity and all the rest of the fine
phrases. That is their contention,
anyvay. And all of a sudden they are
said to be In a secret plot of knifing
one ef their own Allies in the back
even; with Russia is with them be
fore she has given any positive proofs
of going back on them.
"It, la curious how calmly the Amer
ican sentiment takes this news. It
. held its breath; it held up both its
hands in holy horror when President
Wilson exposed the ZJmmermann plot
to get Mexico and Japan to attack
the United States. Yet the little silly
scheme of the German foreign min
ister to seduce Japan away from her
Allies through the good offices or
MexlcdIa as white as a feather from
a new born angel's wings beside this
picture ' of the i Imitation ; Britain of
the Far East and the original Britain
'putting their heads together over a
thing erblch has a distinct flavor of
the middle ages about it
: If , Russia Quits
But that Is neither here nor there.
The Question is: . If Russia as, in-
' deed, It seems rather likely from the
newspaper r despatches should go
.back on her Allies, break her pledges
. and come' under the Teuton domin-
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ht ! -
ance. what then? Will Japan fight
her? Would Japan cross the Rubicon
with an heroic step and ocrupy the
maritime province of Siberia? Ger
many, with Russia under her domina
tlon, could draw ample food supplies
for the empty and mutinous stomachs
at home and stoke up those along the
front to a fighting efficiency. With
Germany supplied with food ft would
not be pleasant for the Entente Allies
to think ot what might happen along
the western front. Such a condition
may spell almost anything, including
a German -dictated peace, the disap
pearance of the French republic even
the death struggle for the British
Isles. Under the circumstances, it is
not at all beyond the horizon of a
prophetic vision that the Allies would
ask Japan to send her armies to Ku- i
rope to stem the German advance,
to which there will be no second bat
tle of the Marne. But there is Just
one trouble about that, a little mat
ter of ships, altogether aside from
Japan's willingness to send a million
men to Europe to fight. It would
take at least more than a hundred
more ships than Japan can possibly
spare at this time to transport that
number of men. And anything less
than that force would be worse than
a sad joke, either Europe nor the
United States can help Japan iiv thla
matter; they have no ships td -spare.
Would Lose, Not Gain
Now. if Russia were to comqp under
the German sway she would either
voluntarily fight on the side of the
Teutonic powers or be forced to do so
in the end. She will not be strong
enough to stand aloof and enforce
her neutrality. And if she were to
fight as a ermany ally, what would
Japan do? Would she fight Russia in
Siberia? She would not. For the one
and all-sufficient reason that she
would, not gain anything by it. Be
cause she would lose, and lose very
heavily, by it
But would not the conquest and
occupation of the maritime province,
of Siberia destroy once for all the
Russian dream of the Far Eastern
empire and the hope of a war of re
venge on Japan? It would, certain
ly. But both of those two things are
dead now; the Russian empire of the
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pslt-fscad peopU , txaatvrt
TwPntV-fifth Inf Cflntain MaVrof "blind PiS"-that are known to ex-
iweniy-Tiiin mi. uapidin may iBt in Hilo ln tte vlcmitv 0f the
Recommend Company Be
Returned to Honolulu
( S?clai Sur-Bullottn Corraspondeceo )
HILO. July 27. That there is a big
r-hanr of TomDanv B. 25th Infantry,
be! sent back to Honolulu or else
an order b!ne issued that will create;
u "dry" zone around Hilo, is the latest
development. The situation is a seri
ous one, and It is known mai captain
McNab of the 25th Infantry, is deter-: take up his time. The lack of sufri
mined to put an end to the illicit sell-; cient appropriation by the board of
in r rtf hrwre tn hi mm Th rsnec -
table hotels and saloons are not do
ing anything along this line, but many
olind piggers and others are declared
to be. giving the soldiers all the liquoi
they can pay for.
The attention of the sheriff and the
license commissione-s has been
brought to the matter. That a deter-
mined effort should be made by the
license inspector and the police de -
partment to stamp out the hundreds
East and the second Russo-Japanese
war died a complete and permanent
death with the fall of autocracy if.
indeed, it did not die' on the 3rd of
July, 1916, when the Russo-Japanese
alliance was signed.
Moreover, Japan's attack on Sibe
ria would not advance the cause of
her Allies. If Russia were actually to
join Germany and take up arms
against her former Allies ln Europe.
Japan could not stop her from carry
ing her plan out by invading Siberia.
Japan could not march througn Sibe
ria and attack Moscow. The utmost
she would be able to do would be to
take the maritime province east of
the Amur river; and there would be
the end of her military activity. That
In no wise would affect the war front
in Europe. For under such circum
stances, neither Russia nor the
Teutonic Allies would think it wise to
divert enough force from the Euro
pean fronts to the Far East to in
fluence their European operations.
But would not the Pacific provinces
of Russia be a tempting prize for
Japan to seize especially when the
otner members of the Entente , Allies
would urge her to do so? No eager
and ready "yes" to the above ques
tlon will be forthcoming from Japan.
For such a war Is a war of conquest,
T I 1 1
pure ana simpje. u means aiso me
creation of a second Rosso-Japanese
war which is happily and effectively
dead now. Another, and a rather
pertinnent, query is whether Japan is
financially and economically able to
carry out a scheme of conquest of
that sort. Leading economists of
Japan would be bitterly opposed to
it, including such men as Baron Ta
kahashl. Prof. T6umura and all the
rest who oppose what is called the
"continental policy" of Japan
Besides, the maritime province is
not such a glittering prize as is gen
erally supposed. There is a mistaken
idea that the Primorsk is a prom
ised land of flowing honey and milk
that it is a vast agricultural won
derland. Nothing is further from tna
actual truth.
Attitude of the United States
And then there is the United
States. When Japan drove the Ger
mans out of Kiaochao American pub.
lie opinion was not slow to point the
finger of condemnation at Japan. The
American press was filled with the
picture of Japan driving the first
wedge in her unholy scheme of the
conquest of China. The occupation
of the maritime province of Siberia
would look in the eyes of the United
States like the birth of another Ger
many in the Far East. And Japan
would be much blacker and more
sinister in American eyes than the
Germany in Europe because Japan Is
nearer to the United States and be.
cause she is a "yellow" power. And
Japan would not like that at all. That
is about the last thing that Japan
would like to see of all the black per
turhations of international politics.
For, after all, it is the attitude of the
United States which fences out Japan
from the Asian continent, as well as
from the Americans on this side of
the Pacific, certainly infinitely more
effectively than Russia does.
Then, too, Japan has learned a good
lesson with Korea a lesson she is
not likely to forget soon namely, it
is neither pleasant nor profitable to
make your neighbor's country a part
of your own. This is utterly contrary
to what some of the American papers
say about the sinister design of Japan
on China; but never mind them, it
is true. When she can have all the
wealth producing advantages in Man
churia and in the maritime province
of Siberia without the annoyance and
city is the general opinion here. That
the long drawn out row and bad feel
ing between the sheriffs department
and the license inspector should be
thrown into the discard and the two
work together for the good of the town
is the unanimous verdict of those who
understand the situation.
Sheriff Pua claims that he is short-
handed, and that he, ln addition, has
many extra duties to attend that
! sunervisors nas torcea mm 10
charre several DOlice officers ana
there are not enough left now to police
tewn, he claims. 1
The license inspector has always
claimed that he could not get any
assistance from the police department,
so as to make arrests of blind piggers.
He claims that he is so well known
that he cannot get in and secure evi
j dence enough to convict any illicit
booze dealer whom he might arrest.
i should she
of administration w-hy
insist on spending her
for no other commodity
' good money
than the enmity of your neighbors and
the hatred and distrust of the other
powers of the world? That is not
sense. Whatever else Japan is, she
is neither a downright Idiot nor an
incurable lunatic.
The Russo-Japanese Alliance
Then, again, there is the present
Terauchi cabinet : d its foreign po
licy. All this talk of attacking Rus
sia would sound like a cheap yarn in
the ears of those who know the pres
ent foreign minister of Japan, Vis
count Motono. It was he who signed
the Russo-Japanese agreement of July
30, 1907. He was the negotiator of
the Russo-JaDanese convention of
1910, and it was he who put tlirough
the Russo-Japanese alliance of July
3, 1916. Russia today has no better
friend in the whole of the Far East
than the present holder cf the port
folia of the foreign minister of Jap
an. Would Japan under such a mm
ister as Motono and with the genera
foreign Doliev of Premier Terauchi
bc kci, to indulge in a dark scheme
j of piaying a Judas to
Dlaylng a Judas to Russia even
while she Is stl"' her ally? Tho ex
tremely Innocent American interna
tional imagination might bo equal to
httch an orignal fiction of that sort,
but no other.
Besides, public opinion in Japan is
now suffering from an acute attack
of sudden sobriety in matters of in
ternational politics. This, again
does not square with the popular pic
ture of the Young Japan revising her
he. bands every few seconds. But,
again, it is true. Marquis Okuma,
writing in his own magazine, the
Shin Nlhon, in the May, 1917, issue
devotee six or seven pages to the
merciless exposure of the shortcom
ings of the Japanese and the prim
itive state of their scientific achieve
ments, and then adds:
"Nevertheless, our countrymen too
often fall victim to pride and empty
boasting. Some of them mouth 'the
Monroe doctrine for the Far. East.'
There are even those who entertain
the shallow idea of trying to drive
cut the influences of the white men
from Asia under the name of 'Asia
for Asiatics.'. It is all wrong. WTiat
we should do is to hold ourselves in
all modesty and face the world and
life ln a receptive attitude of mind
We should foster substance and
power with might and main."
And Marquis Okuma is a represen
tative Japanese of today. In the above
he is simply echoing the general sen
timent of the thinking half of the na
Fighting Russia in the maritime
province of Siberia will not stand
much chance in a Japan whose leaders
are of the type of Marquis Okuma,
It's a catchy, colorful suggestion, but
it hasn't a ghost of a show in the
realm of practical politics.
(Speeiil 8tr-Bantln CorraapondmeO
IULO. July 27. E. H. Austin in
formed the board of trade members
on Wednesday last that all the sa
loon managers of the city and nearby
districts have agreed to not Bell any
bottled booze after 5 p. m., and that
they also refuse to sell to chauffeurs
who might take the liquor out to
The matter of how the wholesale
and retail liquor dealers are working
to help to prevent booze being sold
or given to agents who represent sol
diers, has been taken up by the deal
It is thought that if the dealers
will not sell booze in bottles after 5
o'clock in the afternoon, there will
not be much of the carrying away of
liquor in containers during the day
time. It is generally at night thtt
the stuff is purchased for joyriders.
Six Filipino couples were married
' last Saturday in the same place and
by the same priest, Father Victori
nus Claesen of the Catholic mission.
; The happy six are Benito Gonzales
; and Sarah Makuena, Costor Calledo
! and Bettlta Hermines, Fausto Ponsay
and Domlnga Cabalis, Jose Martinez
and Flelclano Ablino, Paecual Verte
and Barbara Gallego, Laurentio Pasu
guiroy and Clara de la Berte. George
Walpa and Malie K. Kahimoku, Ha
walians. were married on the same
i day by Father Claesen. Emilo Augus
itme and Ramona Cruz were married
on the day following.
I wish to announce that I am better
of my late sickness, and that begin
ning Monday, July 30, I will be at my
place of business ready to serve all
my customers. Hair Cut 25c, Shave
, - Prop. Quintal: Barber. Stop.
Hint Boycott of
Local Landlords
If Rents Raised
Chinese Lodgers Said to Be Up
in Arms Over Threatened
Increase of Rates
Denizens of Honolulu's Chinatown
whose homes are in the tenements
threaten to boycott certain owners of
these buildings if they persist in rais
ing the rent on rooms when there is
no apparent reason for the Increase.
This Is the information received
from a Chinees well acquainted with
conditions in Chinatown tenement
district, and who asserts that, during
the past week, a number of Chinese
of the working class have been stirred
to action over the wholesale rent
raising propaganda.
One Chinese landlord, who conducts
other business besides hit tenements,
announced recently that room rent
would be raised one dollar.
"Now everyone knows that the war
has had no effect on the rooming
houses in the city of Honolulu." says
the Chinese who knows conditions in
the tenement district "The Chinese
who are living ln these rooms were 'ukj
in the air' when the landlord sent his
collector out with notices that the rent
on every room will be raised one dol
Irr beginning August 1. In one of the
tenements, on Hotel street, there are
about 50 rooms and each room meas
ures about 7x9. Some of the rooms
are double and the rent charged for
two rooms is nine dollars. Two years
ago. according to the Chinese people
the rooms rented for $4.50. and tiie
rent was gradually increased a dollar,
"Some of the buildings in which
these rooms are located are filthy and
with but a single light at the entrance
at night, leading to stairs that are
nearly worn out.
"Bath tubs and showers are not to
be foupd in some of the buildings and
in many instances the small lavatories
are used by from 70 to SO people. The
so-called bath rooms ln some cases
are used by the lodgers as kitchens.
There are at least half a dozen
buildings in wnich these conditions
exist. Some of the Chinese are talking
of boycotting the landlord if he per
sists in raising the rents. But they
add, nowever, tnat if the rooms were
cleaner and more sanitary they
would be satisfied with having to pay
more rent. When August 1 comes,
some of these landlords are likely to
find their tenements without occu
Board of Trade Exercised at
Free Supply of Booze to
Men in Uniform
(Botei! Eur-Bniletin CorratDOndanc)
HILO, July 27. At the special
meeting of the board of trade that
was held on Wednesday last, it was
decided that United States Marshal
Smiddy be asked to appoint a dep
uty marshal for Hilo. This was the
sense of the meeting which waa held
to discuss the proposition of soldiers
in uniforms being supplied with
booze in Hilo. Capt. McNab made
the statement that certain men are
obtaining the booze and that be wish
es this practise to be stopped aa it
may lead to something unpleasant.
Capt McNab declared that he could
handle the men of his company all
right, but that he did object to having
to punish certain men repeatedly. He
thought that the people of Hilo should
back the federal authorities up and
do whatever is possible . to prevent
soldiers getting booze.
The question of soldiers getting
booze in private houses was brought
hp and an opinion was read by At
torney Carl C. Carlsmith that the fed
eral law was not violated when a
citizen gave an officer or a private
liquor while the officer or soldier was
a guest of honor.
Capt. McNab pointed out that while
it was said that the soldiers were
getting booze at the homes of Ha-
wallans, it must be plain to everybody
that the soldiers were providing the
money for the liquor. It was always
around payday that the trouble in re
gard to the men drinking occurred.
The secretary was also Instructed
to write to United States District At
torney Huber and forward the written
opinion of Attorney Carlsmith and in
quire as to how the law stands, ln
the opinion of Attorney Huber.
AT 1 0:30 A.M.
Tomorrow being Registration Day,
The Metropolitan Meat Market will
close at ten thirty ln the forenoon to
allow employes to register. Advt
The store of Henry May & Co., Ltd,
quality grocers, will dose all day on
Registration Day, Tuesday, July 31, to
enable the employee to register. Adr.
He It Is bard to ask for bread and
ll -a- IT
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stantly looking over the top rims of your
glasses, a habit that is looked upon as a
sign of old age.
The bi-focal glasses we make are of two
lenses, one for reading and the other for
distance, either in cemented two-piece, or
invisible Kryptok. Nt
. These glasses may be made "either rim
less or with rims.
Formerly with the Chinn-Beretta Co., S. F.
Successor to
Boston Bldg., over May & Co. Store
GasoTine J .
PoiHiS I Beati, i S trtlgfiMSMilfel cuoOnt ths I .
Z I boiling Debits mduttty titm in a rnniimM
L y? i
" HiliAUEA '
Steaner.eyery Wcdsssday and Eatsrday
Oriental Silks
aad Bilk Crepes jnst arrived.
Hotel St, near Nnnanu t
We carry the finest assort
ment of Oriental Curios
and Novelties in tha i
Japanese Bazaar
Fort St, opp. Catholic l7
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ianol a toLxtnit.j - -
"The Q-oUMifQwiitf
t ' ' ' - ' 'v.:..-'
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