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Because of Short Time for Or
ganization, 1917 Plans
Go By the Board
Because of the tote date t which tli
cotnatf.km weald he oraaaized, plans
to bold a county fair in Honolulu seat
month hare been abaadoaed. Chair
' tnas Jaatee D. Dougherty , announced
today. Mr. Dougherty was appointed
cbatnnaa by the governor yesterday.
. Chairman Dougherty, however, will
begin Immediately to make plane for
toe lair to bo beM next year. Some
'time between now and the first of
October he will summon the Island
' members of the commission to Hono
lulu for a conference, at which time
the first steps toward drawing up the
plans" wiQ be taken. Aside from
Chairman Dougherty, the members of
the . commission' are Harold Rice,
Maul; James Henderson. Hawaii; A.
Urban! Case. Kauai and Valentine
Holt. Oahu. "m -'-
At this meeting a secretary and pub
licity manager will probably be ap
pointed in order that there may be no
delay in starting the work. Where the
fair win be held next year Is still a
matter of doubt, but there Is a posst
bllity t: t Honolulu will be selected.
Among other reasons for pot holding
a fair this year.' it was thought that,
on account of the recent outbreaks of
anthrax on this island .owners of prize
stock or the other islands would not
care to bring their cattle to Honolulu
at this time. .
'." Chairman Dougherty says he has
excellent fair plana in mind, but that
they are not ready to be announced
yet '.:'.? -.
, e SJH ' '
(Continued from page 1.) S y
tie County Review of Fresno, Cat He
showed marked aptitude and lixinf
for newspaper work and later as a ts
j orter starred against veterans la the
work. !-: .-v.. . 'r
Col. Hank Martin, who as star re
rorter of the Sun had to work against
Haley when ' the latter was on the
Tribune.- declared ihit Haley was one
ot the hardest nuts, he erer had
to crack -i v ..-v--.-.: vr
Having established the Nevada
Masailne In 1899, Haley founded the
Raisin City News at Fresno In 1901.
A year later he was with the Grass
Valley Cnion. ' then later iuter-tnoua-
tsla manager for the Calkins News-
laper Syndicate,' "Hi srred'a cljy
editor of the Nevada State Journal
at Hcao, nanaslss editor ef the Ely
Mlrilng Expositor, was in the editorial
department of the San Dieso Union
Zi city editor. ot the Advertiser of
Honolulu. This last position was irom
1 : 12 to 1915. and he left It to accept
the revenue cKice. ;
' Haley , was state butlloa Ux and 11
ccr.se - areat - of Nevada . from . Jnly,
i::s, to Hay, 1210. 7hea be took the
crrice the revenue of the state from
bullion taxes was about $100,000. He
increased It in a year to KSwSW.
When he took te office owners of
sons of the blest rzlaea in the
file were paying practically no taxes.
TUy clilccd the tax law was un
jjft and tad clataed ao tor years
l:.':re tla adveat. Haley told them
no natter what the law was and he
I dieted It was Just that to long as
It was on the. boots.; he would ea
lie raade good his promise. They
laughed at him at ftrsOut soon be-
in to feel his perr.ctesce. his energy
aai t!s flitlr cualltlss.. He pro
cured criminal lac!ctn:cat3 ajalnst the
c-'-r CAczizT. The fecll-s-that tils
ttcp &rc .-cl w&3 estreiscly titter and
Ce cc'.'.::tcT was even threatened
v it'u rujt::il violence. tut in the
end he won cut. They paid the Ux
r-1 the rait was dropped.
Jl3 cane to tte Hawaii office May
l, i:i5. Duriag his administration he
paw the revenues licrease more than
r.3 per cent. Thac".mcult task ot
l::ierrretl2 raany new laws was one
c Ue thirds he taa to tace aimost
i s cooa as he reached the -of rice. With
l..s assents he was always. on the
Vest of terms, and none of them but
Mvould do as la his power to help tee
His policy In office has been to deal
l.iudly but. firmly with tax payers.
Asa result he had practically no pro.
lea with delinquents ror there were
r.c-e. One ot. the details of office of
vi.ch he: was most proud was this
i c t Yet Haley was not a grand
stand player. What he "wanted , was
results. . " ."'-i .'. .
Haley was married, but not happily
as developments In life proved, yet
thete troubles he bore courageously
rd kept them to himself. He leaves
one child, a son Charles Emmet Ha
ley cow in school on the mainland,
lie -was affiliated with the order of
Knights of Pythias. '
. ot ' i - -
ii mm
That "boose- Is being- sold freely at
themes and perhaps on streets and In
Dubllc parks was predicted this morn
when John Kanlau, Hawaiian, was
sentenced to pay Judge Irwta a fine
of S250 for eelling beer to his nelgh
hors - W. H. Hutton. Donor Inspector,
rScid the defendant nader arrest cn
Ju1?23. Iccordlng to his official rec
;0rd!;is apparent lha,
t from the saloons
;"n!au esentedby Attorney.
Sheldon. : t . tr.l?n hA Kf
The rbooaevinav y7C Y-T
i i, arrest was worth joore- uiaa 4, i soia.at nomea. oa streets and parkai
acccng r o!Hutoa. r: Ktttsf s. . pi Retail limea to these.olacea.
i n te . uuvftw r am.
Ruth Stacker Takes Charge of
Girls' Work: Department
When Miss Lowe Quits
With the resignation of Iflaa Flor
ence J. Lowe- from the head of the
girls' work department of the Palama
Settlement. Mfri Rath Stacker, who
has lately bees directing: the summer
kindergarten work at tha settlement
has bees advancedits ".0ai L.Lowi
place, and Miss1 Margaret Jones, . a
graaaate of the Boston school of phy
sical education-and poplariy-swi
here, will Uke Mist Stacker's place.
These two appointments were an
nounced yesterday by R Hwnv
phiies, assistant head worker and di
rector of the boys work.
Miss - Rutkt fitacSter. whe -is well
ksewn ta Honolnln. as a awtnuncra has
been tn social service work for a year,
and in her capacity as the head of
girls' athletics -last year, she received
the training which fits; her, for the
position .that" she will undertake oa
September "1.
Miss Margaret . Jones graduated
from the Boston school of physical
t education, which Is sow considered a
leading school la this work, this June,
and returned to Honotvhi which is her
home. Ehe is also a graduate of the
Psnahou academy." where ? she was
prominent in school activities and es
pectaqy athletics.- Ehe Is the sister of
Kisser Helen and Catherine Jooee.
prominent . In the social life of the
younger people of Honolulu.
. By . September .' 1 the work of reor
ganltaflna of the Palama Settlement
girls', work under the direction of the
new appointee will begin.. At pres
ent the chief attention. Is being paid
the fresh air camp-at Walaroa, where
James A. Rath, head worker of the
settlement, jtf cowstaying. J
Continued from Page Oa) '
Chinese: The offense was said to have
occurred at o'clock and the arrest
four hours later. v , ' ' ' S
Mr. Aadrewa point was that If the
police. , with only suspicion to go oa
snd lacking corroborative ; evidence,
or proper warrant, were allowed to
make arrests." no one ' In Ilondul
onld be safe frm spite wotk and l
Jastlce. .. -. r;w.v:V:,(':? ' ' '
-The first witness was John San-
bom. He said that be knew scthlnf
about the 15, but about 10 o'clock had
been offered by Officer Holstala to
go to the police station where he
was taken before 8ergeant of Detec
tives Kellett and. after, being ques-
tkmed. released with no charges made.
Officer Holsteln -was then, called.
He sail that be had been told that
Castors had takes IS from the ma
rine. About 10 o'clock a Chinese point
ed out Sanborn as .the mas who had
taken1 the money. He said, he .went
op to him and said that he had bel
ter ko' to the police station and see
Sergeant Kellett and that Sanborn
had gone with htm.- " ;
Hclstels first declared that he did
not ; arrest Sanhcra but had ataply
Uken him to the sUUca.for iavtstl-
i "What would you have done if San-
bora had refased to accompany tost
asked Mr. Andrews. ,? ;v.i -k:$-
1 -would have takes him anyway.'
answered Holsteln. '
: Mr. Andrews then asked him If hi
hsd teen grves instrueuoss as to
when to arrest a person; and what
the laslructioss were. i - '
( Holsteln, replied that he had beea
given Instructions, . but , on further
cross-examination was unable to say
what they - were; --later .Chalrmaa
Alull asked the . same , question and
Holsteln was unable to answer: intelli
gently, v -?kx v:.;
Mr. Andrews then asked what hap
pened " at the station and Holsteln'
-replied that he had taken Mr, San
born to the desk sergeant who haa
told him to take Sanborn to Serseant
Keiiett., ; .. .r-' ;v;;-'
"You say that the desk sergeant
told you to take Sanborn to Sergeant
Kellett? , Did nl you tell Sanborn that
he had better see . Sergeant Kellett
hen you arrested himH uked Mr.
Andrews. , ; .-,Vr, :.;r-r; .
Holstela replied : that he had not
mentioned Kellett's name to Sanborn.
But a short time ago you said you
did." shot back Mr. Andrews.:
"No I didn't," said Holsteln. -Throushout
the hearinx Commis
sioners Alull and Sheldon continually
squabbled between themselves and
also with Mr. Andrews, betweea whom
and Commissioner Sheldon there were
several Oery verbal encounters, .' in
examining Officer Holstela ; It was
claimed they used leading questions
which were objected to by Mr. As?
crews. -.'. - .. ;" . -:::. - t-v ::;-
We are sitting here as Judges and
can use any kind of euestloa we Uke."
abouted Mr. Sheldon. ' ;
Br v amashlna- the. bottle of boose
over the head of the man from whom
they had bought it, two soldiers, Pvts.
Smith and Fisher of Co. K, 2nd In
fantry, punished the " raid ealler of
the Honor. He bad no license and to
the. soldiers took It woa themselves
to penalize the man for. his. unlawful
sale, hit him as stated, and then re
ported what they had done to the
mornins paper. ' -v c- ; v- j-r j
hard-working man; , but ft seems that
he has purchased, liquor ta great
amounts and kept. It Jn his house,
whether for his own use or for sale, no
definite information could be obtained.
Kanlau. through his counsel, noted
appeal this .morning. r v
. Mr Hutton, thuksfUojuor'; 4s .being
la UzZfcm Array
; sasssies '' ,
0:toc:n2rian, Sash-Bedeck
SiroectiYe of Kalakaua Dyn.
asty. Haled In Police Court
CARRYlXO a kauwTla walking case
and bedecked--in the old uniform
of the Kalakaua dynasty, with
sash, said to have bees worn by the
Kamehamehas. Naonahielua. aged tl.
was haled ta Jadge IrwJa'e court-room
this moraing os a charge of vagrancy.
The old Hawaiian, apparently proud
of his attire. , was the center of at
traction fa the court-room.
XaonehJelua la regarded as simple
rafsded and absolutely harmless. - But
os. several occasions, he was 'seen
frequenting the homes of the rich
and causing unrest and pilikla. As he
sat la ..the courtroom this morning
waiting for the trial of his case. Pros
ecutlaa: Attorney Charles ; ChOlIng
worth walked up to Judge Irwts and,
after holding a short discussion, the
court ordered his case coa tinned until
Asgsat 14. 1 "
Kaonohielua was forberly as in
mate of the Lusalflo home, but no one
could held him. there.! He generally
wakes up at alaht asd without any
ceremony walks out of his room and to
the street. He said this morning; that
the life in the-heme for him is "mis
oraMe.' . :
The shipping board will use most
of the former German steamsblpa now
Is this port fa ether waters Xhas the
Pacific, according to a despatch from
Washington to the Sas Francisco
caronlcle. Announcement Is expected
soon . as to what vessels will steam
away ta a few days. Other former
German vessels are at Manila aad
shipping men - believe some of the
steamships to come to Saa Francisco
later win be allowed to remain ts the
Pacific en thetr arrival. It is said
a few ef .the vessels will be turned
over to the Pftcific Mail Steamahlp
company and other companies,'
ii sat
U U U cCandlese has written to the
territorial food commission suggesting
that persons whose lands adjoin gov
ernment forest reserves be allowed to
pasture their cattle on these reserves
He says It would mean more pastur
age and. consequently, more cattle. -
w " 2
.1 '-' '".. :,!-.:'.-v'' . '.-..' '- . . '. Vt-i;::.---v. . , " :: : . -' -. ' s - , ?. '- t ', -'f s" "'' .' 1 "; ' : - - ' ' , ;
1 W
. x
V -
Stamped designs and colpre3lBpr
lAidie'sW Parasols
Regular price $3.75
sale ionce $2.50 each
Supervisor Hollinger Opposed
'to Outsider; Suggests
Promotion Policy
' That ao outsider should be consid
ered as a possible appointee iors the
posJUoa of .ctty;and county engineer
but a sua ah-eady la the office who
has worked under George M. Collins,
the incumbent, should be selected as
the new head of the Honolulu 11,000,
000 road program. Is the belief ot Bea
Holllnger, -supervisor.
'We must have the very best mas
for the place said Mr. Holllnger,
"aad in my opinion we need look no
further that the department .itself.
There are one or two men there who
are perfectly capable' of handling the
position and If we are to get good
engineers la the future .we should
have a eoliey of promotion, which win
make if worth their while to stay with
the departmettf
Among the men in the department
who have beea spoken of for the- po
sltloa are Fred Obrt and E. E. Black.
The former baa beea with the county
government, for four years and has
been, Engineer CoHins right hand
man. Mr.. Black has hsd considerable
experience here both with the federal
government aad the county.
While Supervisor EL A. .Mott-Smith
says that he Is not ready as yet to
take a definite stand on the question
from hla conversation It appears that
be favors giving the present depart
ment engineers the first consideration.
, Who be .will appoint as assistant
engineer, prpviding the ordinance es
tablishing the position passes . third
reading. City; and. .County Engineer
Collins said today, that he had not
definitely decided. '
Mr. Collins baa agreeu to start with
the a. F. Bishop estate es chief, engi
neer the first ot October and will pre
sent his resignation to take effect on
that date within the next few days.
onsale ati
'Vn... I
ot Ladt
Toile du .Nord
One of ;Ae;best qiialijty
Special fcthfe
i oweis
Regular $l;00:aiid $1.25
sale at
Chauffeur Now in Jail Follow
ing Reckless Driving Under
Liquor's Influence
DriTing ewa os Ktnjr street at a
reckless rate while, under the taflu
esee of liquor at aa early hour this
morning. Edwin N. Ratherford. a Ha
watas chauffeur ea the Young Hotel
Asto stand, amaxhed tato aad broke
aa electric lisht pole when his car
skidder sear PCkoi street." Although
a pole was broken esd a aearby fence
smashed, the machine was not badly
damaged and the driver received only
a bruised, leg when he was throws
out. Rutherford now restr la the
police statics facing a charge of heed
less driving asd a second charge of
beta under the influence ot liquor
w;hfle drtriaav -
Retorslns home from Heuis's tav
era. Rutherford is said to have raced
op Kalakaua avenue aad then along
Km street at a fast pace. Nearing
Plikol, his car skidded and the ma
chine smashed tato the pole, breaking
It, aad then lata Hanry Da vies fence,
la the double smash the tar turned
completely 'arouad.
The ear. No. 1599, Is the property of
Caesar J. LopesM and Is a Cadillac.
Guide (hi Shakespeare's home
town) An them' you see In that Jail
are ardened criminals 1
Tourist Ah- The Barred of Avon.
Jack o'Lantern.
t .-:.. "
i t 9
Experienced lady stenographer., Ap
ply Box 691, SUr-BuDetin. office.
. ; -v- 6SC1 6t
.; ?
... -
Hotel Near Fort St.
. - . . . . . i ... . . : .
We effer ta the psUlc; ta LOV3T3 G
rior loaf of bread, especially rfeh and nutty (a Cavor, mads frta Ha eO
brated wheat Alaxa flour, known to be the highest priced Corr cf tts
la America, with a fdeaalaf taste, coatalnas aS the natural meantli ta
the loaf, necessary for the development of the entire aaaaa arra, a CZJ
the child uacoasdoualy craves. See that your grocery ertUr far "v .'ir- tot
dudeealoafef -''T ' ' "" ""-r- '
-y. A.
Continued from page One) -
have the official button ot the food
administration aad a sleeve badge
bearing the lnslxnia ot the adnita&tra
tkm. send 10 cents and a return ad
dressed envelope with your pledge
card, aad ; one or both, ot these, as
requested, will be tent- to you. la
this case. Inclose the tea cents, pledge
card and return envelope is as en
velope with postage prepaid and ad-
I Armmu ,y.m i-tr tn rood Admin-
tor, Waahlngtoa. D. C .
'this modera. terrible, gjgantie
i t of destructive forees, food
first amons; 'munitions ot
Almost as much may, be done
Jie cause of the allies la - the
homes as la the trenches.
"Heace. the food control campaign
Inaugurated and the leglslatioa re-
eently enacted by the federal goTem-TfoUce
ment os this subject.
'Hawaii's duty aad
stand forth dearly.
"By; just the extent ta which Ha -
wall ceases to draw oa the mainland
the store
r 4
. S
ST 'fW
'. " S7 r e ':. ? ' f " s
m all cizes
price $1.90rr$2.25
stripes and sport
. 36 in. wide
Regular 35c sale price
Regular SOc'sale price
, RegulariSOcIsale pric:35c yds E
Hemmed or HL S. and Embroidered
kelar 25c sSJe price 15c
tor. staple focls wa Ce crrrx as
enabled to ts crease ns eens at
these staples far the eat4 go at
the peQua. Ce Tesala ts Xi. Csk
miee at the frest. ' ;-
: The plelrs cirs vQ to iOtt
ed by carrier titrday. Axx U.
- . ; ri Tk h. t;?tir.i:f.
a es a
local af;d GE;:rAL
Miss Louisa de Haras of Cachs
Co, leaves oa the Uausa Saa- Eatm
day witj a party of friaslx for HUa. ;
They expect to spend most cf.thatr!
time at the Yoleaao hoteU ?u . .
Begiatratloa cares raa cut at the
aheriTs offlca la the last few days,
to that those msa who reciter ed. but
did not receive carts ia rttsra, ara
recelvins them troa Ccstst Wosx.
registrar la the ahariTa ct2ca today.
Pacific Rebekaa Lodje, L Ou O. r
had a very pleasant eveninx after
lodge on Thursday evsslsx. Aa ex
cellent merary aad tsnlcal crcsiaa
was given on the root-cxrdsa. At the
close ot the, etrtaiastst Trtffi
wai tndasxed ta. - ;r- - .
:''" 4. 7- ,
Officer Manuel Snlli was ttZti ap
oa to guard aa old tat PcTtsrsrre can
thl tnorni who eosrlalrcd to the
that one of tu testes wc!d
not pay his rent and that te cox!! not
force him cJt the prealiee. He ta
supposed ta pay a lease cf $13 a rear
oa a plot cf had fa KxL tut he
refuses to do so. " "
v i if. v -
ft S
iV-v iiif ii1
? -t ' .
and S2.5
. ... J. - .. 1' . . t .". J .
I f,, 'r.';..
25c yds
35 c yd.
it"?, i Wv ;
1...., ". V - V . J- .r !. k . -' -I -"-"r"1- -
?."" -ii-;- firi

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