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Prom tan Francleee
Wilhelmlna, Aug. 2L
Per San Francisco
Matsonla, Aos. 22.
' From Canadian Porta
Kert mall. Sept 12.
Per Canadian Porta
Next mall. Ass,
X Evening Bulletin. Est. 1882. No. 6869
P. 5
Hawaiian star, vot, julv, iq.
J u.
Air SiflltlOB
m , aa'BBai bb33 sawe
' 'aBiBBsasBSBMHawwM
Anndunement Made Government Will Assume Control of
; Sugar as Soon as Wheat-Flour Conservation Program is
; Ccgipieted o . y - ; .rr:
VAfSOND. O, Aug. 20. Food Controller Hoover
" i W today held a conference mth the members of the New
York CoiTec'Exchange committee and discussed measures
1 trh6reby the prices of sugar could be brought under control
fif th commission . . -
The food eommtaslon plans to taie
ftver the control of sugar, -which has
. been advancing sharply tn price re
D. S. U
fulfil OF Sillfl
The government; has called -lot con
v tracts for 100.000 tone of" sugar for
amr and navy consumption, at prices
to be fixed by tha food control com-
; ,1 J
f n r
JB. Lishtfcct BriAgs Iniunc-
tioh Agcinst County on the
Ground That Dirt,-Dust and
E!a:ting Are uamaging ns
propcny '
(i. the present price of the commo
yTJ thefigure would reach between
tl2.CC3.CC0 and, fltOOO.OOO,-.-;-
wJ;U Iwwa.
: , --.5
- circuit Judse AaJitord V!LS?t5e5
. decree temporarily. enJolnmrUu . city
-d county .froa employteg Prt J
ether labor for work on ImuM FJrt
- cstll inch time 'J.
Uon which has been filed In circuit
, court ty J. B. Usttroot against the
city la finally disroscl cf.
Mr. Ligtttoot. uLcsa hone.on 10th
are-ue, Kaimukl,'. adjoins Kalmukl
Viz ai Is la the rear of the home of
CupervUor Cen Holllnger, alleges in
" Lis peUUon that tor the last, three
months prisoners have been employed
I ty the city and county to dear and
- level the park, owned by Thomas HoV
llrser, father of the supervisor.: On
' t:any occasions, he says, the prisoners
. have burned abxubs and weeds and
1 that the smoke has been blown into bis
house, greatly annoying" himself and
- t's wife. He further alleges that aa
'. & result of blasting, 'large-pieces of
K and rock have been thrown upon
s ti-remisea, and that It-has mad.e It
v tzsafe for him and hla family, to oc
T c..y their yard. And because ot the
tirt that haa drifted In, Mr. Llghtf cot
continues, -he and his wife have had
. to ease to use their home to a great
- e? I mt, and that they have been un
' a' to receive visitors or entertain
li J I r friends. : He goes on to say that
: thVy. hare been forced' to keep the
. wisdowa- closed, and have thereby
rreaUT suffered from; heat and lack
CI proper venuiauca. . . .
The complaint further alleges that,
during this time, persons working for
the city and county have continually
' watered and kept damn the soil around
; lir. HolUnger house. Mr. Llghtf oot
asserts that some time ago he re
Quested that the ground around his
' house be likewise dampened, but that
: Lis reonest was Tefused.- -"
In the concluding paragraphs ot the
complaint. Mr, Ughtfoot says:
That by reason of the tact of the
- !5gard action : and , slowness wlflh
vtich said prisoners work, that your
'petitioner will suffer great annoyance.
damage and aisturoance in iaa'Ue oi
Lis said home and residence for a
great perio dot time,1 to wit: for the
period of six months , or more.
That unless said respondent, and
: Its servants and agents, are enjoined
" ty an order of this honorable court
i from so using, working upon and using
the aforesaid premises of said Thomas
7 Holllnger. asV'to annoy, disturb and
damage your petitioner,-that your pe
. titioner wOl. suffer Irreparable dam
' age, harm and Injury;; that ; said , re
- t pendent, by using and working in and
: upon said premises as aforesaid, are
maintaining a public nuisance to the
Injury, damage and annoyance of your
petitioner.";. ' r--.:t ' '
Furervisor Holllnger said today that
Le is aware of the tact that prisoners;
WB f?f MIS
cently. Just as soon as - the program
r for the conservation or wheat no
bread has been completed.
mm seek
Coast Association Wants Dis
. tinguished Counsel in .
Naturalization case
HAT the Japanese Association of
the Pacific Coast will endeavor
to secure William H. Taft, former
president of the United States: Chas.
B. Hughes, -former associate justice
cfthe ILS. suDreme court, or Eliha
Koot, who headed Ue' AueafinbSuv
mission to Russia, to represent Takao
Ozawa, Honolulu" Japanese, when ms
petition J for naturallxatlon Tr argued
before the supreme court in Washlsg-
ton, D. C is the summary of a let
ter received - by . Ozawa- recently. 5 i
Oxawa's petition was denied by the
local federal court. He then appeared J
to the ninth circuit court, which re-1
served the case to the supreme court
of the United Sutes. The case f will
probably oa argued next year. - t '
Resulting Explosion Leads.By-
.standers to Believe Pier :
v - - is Blown Up- '
What It feeJs like to be bombed by
the Germans and live through the oc
currence was realistically experienced
by the crew of the coal ship Serapls
and the workmen at Pier 3 a few
minutes before noon today.
Without warning the pier was jarred
by an explosion and" the air was so
filled with particles of dust that none
could see what was happening. In
the S0-eecond interval of surprise and
some fear the workmen tumbled from
their various positions and started
rapidly away from the danger sone.
v Then It was discovered that there
were no casualties and that the pier
was not falling down, as the tumbling
around of loose timbers seemed to
indicate. A workman engaged under
neaththe pier cutting, off . . concrete
pile cad cucaargea.a suck ot grant
ttowder to hasten hla work. He set
the powder tff without warning and
hence the panic.. .
When the excitement' was over and
the explosion explained, . most of the
men laughed sheepishly at their own
frights aa they returned to work. But
the "blowing up" of the pier was so
realistic that one ot the 8erapis crew
declared, . ri ; thought the whole bot
tom of the ship was gone." And a
Star-Bulletin man was among those
who were headed far away' when the
causa of the explosion was discov
ered.". WASHINGTON, D. O,. August 20.
The senate today confirmed all but
two of the list of 200 army officers
promoted to .the rank of generaL ;
are being employed to clear Kalmukl
Park, but that he knows of no request
having been made for the dampening
of the land about, the Ughtfoot resi
dence to keep down the dust and dirt.
CiailT PQwUEIi
280 IB
Saloniki Is In
Flames; 80,000
Made Homeless
LONDON. Eng., Aug. 20. It
was reported here today that the
half of Saloniki is in flames, and
that 80,000 people have been
rendered homeless. The despatch
gives no Indication of what start-
ed the conflagration.
Discovery Made Constantine
Was Neutral Only Because
'Anglo-French Fleets Would
Have Blown Greece Off the
ONDON, Eng., Aug. 20. A docu
ment which the deposed King Con
stantine of Greece sent to Kaiser
Wflhelm a few days ago after the
start of war has just been, made pub
lic. "The emperor." says the note.
"knows well my personal and political
sympathies. t Nevertheless Ittejm-J
poastoie to unaerstana in wnai man
ner,! can b nsefuriB mowuiing, as
the Mediterranean Sea Is at the mercy
of ' the ' Anglo-French fleets, which
would wipe Greece off the map. Neu
trality has been Imposed.
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Von
Jagow is reported -to have replied that
the, kaiser thoroughly understood the
necessity of 'maintaining neutrality
for the present, and advised Conatan-
tine to 4 bring about an understanding
between . his government and Sofia
rS9d Constantinople.
Attorney Rules Men in Hawaii
But Drafted on the Mainland
May Be Examined Here
Men in Honolulu who have register
ed on the mainland for military ser
vice, and who have been notified that
their names have been drawn in the
selective draft, need not return to the
states to take their physical examina
tions. This fact has been pointed out by
District Attorney ,S. C. Huber for the
purpose of clearing up a doubt that
apparently exists in the minds of men
now tn the city who registered away.
T believe the fact should be given
publicity." says the district attorney.
"as It does not yet seem to De quire
Two cases that have come before
the U. S.-attorney recently prompted
him to request publicity on the point
One was the case of a young man.
now in the city, wno ' registered in
California and who was notified that
he had been drafted. He questioned
the district attorney regarding the ne
cessity of his having to go back to
California for his physical examina
tion, intimating that, if the trip was
necessary, he might have to seek fi
nancial assistance. At the same time,
the young man expressed a doubt
that he would be able to pass the ex
amination. The other case was one
of a young man who registered in
New York and who has been drafted
In that state. The question wheth
er he would have to return there for
his physical examination was raised
by him.
In both cases the district attorney
explained that the point in question
already has been fully covered, and
that both men, or any others in the
same situation, should report to the
central registration board for their ex
amination. To Pvt Matios Estrella, a Filipino
guardsmen on the island of Hawaii,
goes the dishonor of being the first
fined for evading drill. Estrella un
derwent a summary court martial last
week and was given a money fine
and severe reprimand. He is a mem
ber of the machine tun comoanv at
PanaJUora. i
Soldiers Who Figured in Em
bryonic Uprising as Resent
ment for Imprisonment Are
Handed Out Stiff Penalty By
Court Martial
DETAILS of a mutinous uprising
among six soldiers of Battery F,
1st Field Artillery, Schqfield Bar
racks, which occurred on July 6. be
came known today through court mar
tial orders made public from army
Ten years' imprisonment each and
dishonorable discharge was the sen
tence Imposed by the court on the six
offenders, but the time portion of the
punishment was reduced by Brig.-Gen.
Charles G. Treat to one year each.
The six offenders were Samuel Ro
sinoff, Dan B. Hogan, Michael A.
Zflemper, Peter J. Eustace and Ed
ward Peno, all privates. Violation ot
the 64th; 66th and the 96th articles
of war were the charges on which
they were tried.
Under the mutiny charge the speci
fication states that the men while
"prisoners in the post guard house,
acting jointly and in pursuance of 'a
common intent, did, in time of war,
on or about the 6th day of July, 1917,
voluntarily, knowingly and wilfully
begin and join in a mutiny in the. post
of Schofield Barracks, H. T., against
properly constituted military authority
by engaging with each other to re
fuse, and by refusing, wilfully to obey
the. lawful contaajuL,. of 1st Lieut
VJncent P. Erwin, Field Artillery,
thelr; superior officer to each to get
your mess kit from the porch of the
barracks and clean it, and the lawful
command of 1st Lieut Karl C. Green
wald, Field Artillery, prison officer,
their superior officer, to work as or
dered, -and the lawful orders of 1st
Sgt Haddock L. Clifton, Battery F,
1st Field Artillery, who was then in
the. execution of his office, to clean
up your mess kits and to police up
the porch.
The specification goes on to state
that the six mutineers threw their
food uxn the porch and walls of the
mess hall of Battery F, thereby
'wasting It wilfully, maiicously and in
open defiance ot existing orders."
How far their mutinous intent car -
ried four of the truble makers is
shown in the fact that Silva, Zllemper,
Eustace and Peno threatened to mur
der two other privates, Leavitt and
Cohen, if they made known the plans
of mutiny, a previous attempt having
been made to get the two threatened
men Into the conspiracy.
The entire court martial prder Is
filled with the story of the action of
mutineers which shows that they were
evidently Intent on causing trouble,
It is said that they had been dis
charged from the mess hall and made
to eat mess kits because they refused
to behave themselves in the building.
The disciplinary barracks at Alcat-
raz, Cal., have been designated as
the place of confinment for the of
WASHINGTON, ;D. C. August 20.
It 'was learned here ' today that an
Imposter, who represented himself as
the son of Secretary of the Navy Dan
iels, has been fleecing naval officers
here, but a .diligent , search by the
police has as yet failed to locate the
man, who is 'still at large.
Admitting he was guilty of hitting
Henry Johnson, Charles Conners, col
ored, of Co. F, 25th Infantry, this morn
ing appeared before Judge Irwin to
explain his case. Conners said that if
Johnson had not called him "thief"
there would have been no trouble.
"If I had struck him hard," said.
Conners, "Johnson would not have
been able to appear before your
honor." Judge Irwin smiled and sen
tenced Conners to pay a fine of $5.
-Standing on the running board of
a street car, Elmer V. Armstrong,
Troop F, 4th Cavalry, was hit on the
head by a telephone post as the car
passed Sheridan street on its way to
wards town yesterday afternoon.
Armstrong was taken to the depart
ment hospital at Fort Shatter after
being picked up unconscious. He had
given up his seat to a "woman stand
ing in the car and was forced to
stand on the running beard because
the car waaap crowded (
U. S. Navy to
Center Energy
On Destroyers
4- WASHINGTON. D..C, August
20. Secretary of Navy Daniels
ia todav in conference with ship-
4- biulders regarding the immedi-
ate speeding up of the construe-
tion of navy destroyers, and an,
4- exDansion. of shipbuilding facili-
ties. v
4- Secretary Daniels told the rep-
resentatlves of the shipblulding
Interests that "we want more de-
troyers than any other power.
"Destroyers," he continued,
are the one thing submarines
fear most."
4- .
EW YORK. N. Y., Aug. 20. Two
members of the New York exemp
tion board. Dr. Bernfeld and Louis
Cherey. today pleaded gumy 10 ob
structing the working ot the draft
law, and were sentenced to two years
in Atlanta penitentiary;
Aiir Refused -Two-Injured
Boys At
SEEKING first-aid for two small
Japanese boys whom he had run
Into with his automobile, and who
had been painfully Injured. Charles R.
Bye was bluntly turned away from the
Queen's hosnital and forced to drive
the two boys to the emergency hospital
yesterday morning shortly after the
At the emergency nospuai
khe boys were treated and kept until
their fathers came to take them home,
While driving along King street yes
terday morning. Mr. Bye ran into the
boys as he turned up Keeaumoku. The
boys were riding tandem on a bicycle
and one carried a fishing pole. When
Mr. Bye turned off King street they
also switched off into Keeaumoku
and the collision occurred aa they
turned across the street in front of
the machine.
A soldier was passing and he volun
teered his aid immediately, helping
to pick up the boys and put them into
the machine. Mr. Bye's father waa
in the machine at the time of the ac
cident and be also drove with them
to the hospital.
Stopping his machine outside the
hospital, Mr. Bye rushed into the of
fice and stated that he had two boys
outside in the car, how badly hurt he
did not know. He stated that he
wanted them cared for immediately.
He waa bluntly told, be says, that
the boys could not be taken into the
hospital, and waa turned away even
before he had time to offer to pay for
whatever services might be necessary.
"They told me that they could not
take the boys there and that I would
have to go down to the emergency
hospital," said Mr. Bye this morning.
"This I did immediately, and there the
boys were eared for."-
(AuocUtad Ptmj by XX. S. Hti1 Commul '
PEKING, China. Aug. 20. General
Chang Chn Yan has been sent to sup
press Chang Hsun's rebel forces.
Gen. Andwef, it was learned today,
has. sent a telegram to the president
offering to send his entire command i
of 30,000 men to fight against Ger-j
many in any war theater where they
may be most wanted.
The Entente governments have
agreed to send a note to China con
gratulating the republic on her entry
into the war against the Central Pow
ers. No admission will be charged, but
needlework, flowers, ice cream, can
dies, and other articles will be on sale
at the booths. The sale will be taken
care of by the young - Chinese girls
of the Guild; - v
7500 AUSmRttS '
Forward Movement
From Tolmino
Meets Success; Many Machine Guns!
And Heavy Cannon Captured
(Associated Press by U. S. Naval Communication Service.)
ROME, Italy, Aug. 20. In a nexr and irresistible offensive,;
the Italian troops, in a dathing attack today "won their ;
way across the Isonzo river, capturing many machine guns ;
and heavy cannon, and 7500 men.
A new offensive was also begun on a 37-mile front rang- j
ing from Tolmino to the Adriatic Sea, with results as yet undecided.
British Consolidate Captured
Positions at Lens and Now
Dominate Teuton Army
FRANCE, Aug. 10. After the
.severe fighting. of the last. wsek.
the Canadian troops have firmly .con
solidated the positions captured to
the northwest of Lens, and the Teu
tons have ceased their counter at
tacks. The last ground to be taken gives
the Canadians a great advantage in
strategical position, as they are now
able to overlook the whole German
trench system in this section.
The Teutons are entrenched in the
hollow about Lens, at the mercy of
Canadian gunners and airplanes, and
are being continually harrassed by gun
It is reported as almost impossible
for provisions , and - ammunition to
reach the German garrison in the city
and surrounding trenches.
LONDON, Eng.. Aug. 20r-Strong
German counter attacks were today
repulsed near Epeny, the enemy suf
fering heavy !os.
Fighting around Tpres is sanguin
ary and the British today made sev
eral slight advances along the front
Heavy air raids are' being conducted
by British battleplanes on German
positions In Belgium. -
(AiMdsted PrtM toy V. 8. VaviI OomanaL
cation Mnlci)
LONDON', England, August 20. It
was announced here today that a
joint conference of the Entente Al
lies would be held to discuss Pope
Benedict's peace proposals before a
reply was sent to the Vatican.
(AsMdated Pru by V. S. Itru Otaaiu
ration SttIcO
NEW YORKtN. Aug. 20. The
Commercial Cable Co. today an
nounced that cable service has been
restored between America and the
It was also announced that China
refuses to accept cablegrams from
German and Austrians resident in
Aug. 20. General Petals, commander
of the French forces In the field, to
day visited the American camp, and
was much Impressed by the -showing
t Pershgs-jnen, v
On 37 Mile Front
To Adriatic Seat
Drive on 11 -Mile Front Results
In Evacuation of Toulon
Ridge Under Fire
PARISFrsrtct.'.AuBBSt 2B i
The French attack at Verdun j
was leunehed this morning "at
4:40 and reached its first ob-
Jectfve without serious toss. For ;
six days heavy ; artillery rained
a showtr of shells on Dead. Man's L
hi IV. Toblon ridae, for the last ,
three days under the Incessant
belching . forth of shells ,-. re- j
sembled an Inferno.
PARIS, France, Aug. 20. The French ;
are today, attacking the German
lines along the banks of the Meuse ;
in the Verdun section of ine western?,
battlefront on an 11 mile front
After a devastating artillery prepa-,
ration the plolus are winning ?
trenches from the Germans, who are!
reported to be putting up a stubborn -defensive.
Prisoners sre arriving behind the;
lines, and the attack is promising to;
be a complete success.
BERLIN, Germany, Aug. 20 Toulon i
ridge. In the Verdun sector, on the
east bank of the river Meuse, .was to
day evacuated by German troops, and
the French are now In possession.
Toulon has been occupied only by -German
The Rumanians have been driven
back on the Cltus valley, and the ;
Austro-German armies are continuing:
their advance.
Today ;day
Alaska Gold
. 121
f 19
ia :
American Smeltsr . .
American Sugar Rfg.
American Tel. A Tel.
Anaconda Copper ...
Atchison ,
Baldwin- Loco.
Baltimore oV. Ohio
Bethlehem. Steel
b112 b114
Calif. Petroleum ...
. 19 1t
Canadian Pacific 160
C, M. A St P.(St. Paul) UH
Colo. Fuel & Iron 48
Crucible Steel
Eria Common
General Electric
General Motors, New
Great Northern Pfd.
Inter. Harv, N. J.
Kenntcott Copper . .
Lehigh R. R
New York Central . .
81', '-7914
. 2334 i24
. 152 152
. 113 112'.
. 105& io5H;r
.43 43 V
. 61 : 624( '
. 844 84
'. 92' :
i 94
f 83H
Ray Consol. 27,
Reading Common 90
Southern Pacific ... 94'.
Studebaker t S24
Texas Oil ..188
Union Pacific 1854
U.S. Steel 12414
Utah ; ,,..v;ivi...'104- 104HT
Western Unlennr.i.. 9V9 WJ
Westlnghoiise .V.... .w . 47Ta :
Bid. tEx-dlvjdenaV: tUnquctsdV
Dr. C. ti Cooper Haves on the .Mat
sonia on "Wednesday, to join his fanllj
tn New. York City. Mrs. Cooper anc
the children have' been spending sevH
cral'weeka la Alaska and the Caaan

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