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7JLEY H. ALLEN . V; - -
- j rr
ACaUST.20, W17
'An Engineering Suggestion
' r
r it '
One of the suggestions made 'to this paper in the
iaterests'of better management of tbe; city 4 engl
i.cerV million dollar program for tbe coming year,
j rcjxwes that tb present staff be retained anthe
1 rinciple of promotion be. rwogniied. It being as-
KUiaea tnat wider experience in management uj
l neceWry to(establih a ieel!ns:of confidence on
the t.artW tire public. U.ia suggested' that tbe plans
'and speciflcaUonsVissued by" the department be .sub.
nitted to a' renewing boanX.of engineers . made.up
of exDCriericed engineers of HonolulnV- ? '
The routine of this system of oTganiration would
l for .the supervisors to initiate an ' improvement
lan: ;It-would go to the engineerVofflce for costs
; :!f specifications. Then it .would be passed upon
!v the board of engineers-ana, .witn recommeuaa
t i o u , referred bact to the' superr isora for final ae-
One of the" points made In, favor ;of this proposal
that Jarger vities of the mainland have Inaugurat-
! this system and with signal success. 5
Pav'of the board of engineers will be the first
tion. 4 And there possibly, might come the rub
. i lie whole proposition. :j, ; . .
Ti e 1 Ian is given publicity- forthc purpes of
vussion"; as it may have a heipful suggestion for
ytervisorewho carry the; responsibility for
Llic work;?; ; V IS T -T V-v '-'i.-K?A.
The attitude of the average citizen and taxpayer
i that the men and 'the plan of their organization
II bV-equalt?;'toe;'si free from
::tical entanglements, and a credit to a growing
fipr ''lparninff the" rocresa of the? nation's de
! rs at the front and in preparation for .the
:t, business! has the first attention: How's
'.zcr.sV is the. seexmd, thought, '.;' . . V t'
If we may take as a criterion the condition at the
2 of the latest received report of Bradstreet's,
; ; pears that tie business of the country holds
' v and is itaproving. Secretary McAdoo prom
! v. i 'crprcad prosperity when the billions of the
t 1. ?rty loan bonds were .let loose. The pros
i:y has begun even . before - the loan money came
; full action." 'The prospect of good crops sup-
n --tVnd;i mental strength of the situation. "
v ;fH" or readirtinir crocess born of war1
tnds to rc;? operations in ;BQme
: -1.-,'; VaIlrlrTtjcct'i w'ple at"'tb?same
'.! ihtirg a .widerrange .of.war.lines to great
: . v. I it rr:ay lc termed regular distributive
.'is lar?,aad thpehit is conceded that
jVrot theeriap to buying that was so remark
: Is tenths co, faith in the future of trade is
:: --red by concern" over governmental reg
i f -ri res cr by present uncertainty, as to
k .lA-ts. cf readjustments now- making.. How
r ; justmcnts will go, and what lines will
t rcj-rcFfcd while Expansion grows in the in
. I .s tL-t are c::ntial to warfare, is the? lead-
" - ever, the main developments of the week
vv rctwitL: landing-:that.v the; - larger
cr o Vcnrczal quiet.;'.-Warn" weather and
i '-ruu'2.aks have itimulatcl. retail trade,
I; in turn hr.s u.ade for Bome reorders,-and
try is attire as 'ever, he,ing only held back by
: ? cf labor or raw materials. r
: -tally,, crop conditions are 'more- iavor
Lt any previous tie this season; soil pro
;.re lower in ftrice, speculative operations in
" T. as well as in' financial markets are re
.1; the rail ways, ? aided by '-waterway'; navfga
, ui2,!cirg bcttcr'the car. shortage Vis,; less
in the country districts merchants seem dis
I to buy for all shipment and mail-order houses
uDirg well. Witlial, the season has been excep
llr backward for retail trade, and besides hit-
: fiinnncr. goous, ice. econumj campaign iu
1: at. luxuries and fancy articles as well as fur
ze, and while some distributers report an ex
::ally good turnover the first half of the year,
are numerous reports of retail" dealers asking
t hirments- of textiles be deferred until n later
. This attitude, is dictated by the desire to
'rc.T stocks and to let filing "agents carry "the
' ; for the time being. .. ' y- .r-- ,:l-lr:;.
Efficiency lill Check It
Every city suffers" at times from epidemics of
crime and the., wholesale stealing of automobiles in
Uonolnju may be partly explained on this lakbC"
"But there "is 'usually a' good reason for these
epidemics starting and it is ordinarily found in
loose methods and lack of discipline
; ! The record Indicates that ifonolnlu furnishes an
example of.the epidemic and the lack of discipline.
Greater efficiency in police management will qukk:
Ijf put, an end to wholesale thieviogfn a town
where the thieves are at all times within a relatiy
ly few miles of the police station.
A' meek and frightened tootle Ut-'r
MeuVUJLX. draftsasB tt
' Dr. Pattrsm's office at ti board
I . the QQSrtermaiter's ofHca; vas
i S At In til Hmm.-9.mtmt h nthat
of betii .the otber day and informed 'daj wltH a crowd of tUhtag compaa-
uw Butw ui'U wsniea nnn 10
eee her little boy. Somebody had told
her that he bad a temperature of 117.
..t ' Patterson cot tip and J
upeara ui ine win
1 -
uuwe oeiore leiuas
the youngster in.
"I thought he mast
be pretty sick," said
the woman. .
said , ' the
Feelings of Americans on th$ peace proposal
the Pope hai-e to quite a large extent been exp:
ed bv an Irish Catholic who wrote the follow
letter for publication in The Outlook: , , -1
I am a Catholic born in Ireland." I am dissatisfJeri.'
"with the stand the Catholic church has taken in tht
' war. Now, the leaders of the Catholic people in Amenf
lea are Irish. The Irish at homelwant'a republWfj
" The Irish In America ought to help preserve the rV (
, publie within which they, live and of which they for
a part.' , It is more than a suspicion that the goveri
'"; ing body of thf church in Rome, which has been hoi
Ing out for restoration of temporal power, is in syn
pathy with the aims and objects of Germany. OnS
the other day the papers had it that some church di
nitary was to go to Europe sailing the Papal flag-i
by grace of Germany. If I claimed heirship to ULk
. Wntritnm ImIidiI mnA ta Vafaor memt mm m TMrarmAl
; letter that I might sail , the ocean unmolested under i
; the flag of Ireland, I would not do it. Why? Because
I am not in sympathy witS the aims or objects of
i. Germany and the kaiser. Personally, I believe that it
is of more importance to the world that democracy
should win this war. than that the'Pope should regain
temporal power, or even than that-the .unity in gov-
ernment of the Catholic church-should be-nreserred. r
.i:v:;X.'f-. JOHN B. ROONKY. ',
Trainlsg Csmp, Fort Mcpherson, Georgia. .
gM.f - f'Mv !t : ysible
ions when he felt a sadden tug at
his line.
Only this sad
nothing , more,
and HcSJuXlan re
marked that he
aid caught a
snag. He began
to reel la his line.
When the
"snag" came to
the furfact he
found it to ' be a 10-pound Csh that
had tied its own taO is the nue dur
ing some extra gyratrtns in the water.
The fish came in tail-end first Mo
,piugiMuIUn says that hereafter he wfll
snare the finny creatures rather than
trying to hook them.
. '-"V';'."i'.-.""' ' ' i' ' ' , ; . t
German papers commenting t on. the," proposal in
Congress Jto compel the furnishing of 1 translations
in English of articles appearing in. German-Amer
ican papers say it makes two classes of citizens in
the United States-tbe Anglo-Saxon i rulers ; and
Ihe German servants.w Letting it go at that, the
reason Is simply that the second class described
were Geian'servBnts-Tferying a foreign poten-
tate-more thanVAmerican citizens in the first
place. , And thoie who falsely, took the oath abjur
ing f oseign alliegiance made themselves candidates
for ih voluntary servitude, v:
There'' Is nothing Jn the war measures so .far
adopted t which; would r indicate that labor will-1 re
ceivcan unfair deal: from he government; Strikes
Mthoul previous subrbfs'silbf Ltlie
the constituted Authorities-1 should therefore w be
deemed hostile- action
What this war means Is strikingly illustratedl)y
the exile of the"ltutocrat of all thKussias and his
wife to Siberia where they and their;. forebears
v- - ' :"' -.it. . it.i.ii 'J i
nave sent many iiiousanas oi ; laeir oeiiers 10 pine
away in misery. ::. , .Vh
Holland and Uhe other neutrals have only to play
enemies of -cm1
necessaries tle
Secretary M
bonds taxable
ests, toVhich t
inform Berlin
ing for, the
lanterns instea
ii. fl
!,-s;r;; . .
: k-
If the GermaT 'rrfTrin.
. . hlcr shortage is more acute, and strikes
reus,- with tie coppc mining regions: of
: a and Arizona most afTected. Higher prices
? ; iron,t!ie uncertainty ,of governmental cbn-
f prices lower quotations for scrap material,
y 1 lying of coal, large demand for lumber and
' J Activity in buying of machine tools by chip
: i s and makers of aeroplanes are additional
! Actions are relatively, good,"money is easy,
c learings are large and business failures are
The easier tone of money has failed to stim-
peculation "in Securities, and the disappoint-
use by the' interstate commerce commis-j
; ?cision on rates, anaunccrtainty;as to gov
r.t price regulation, is credited with the bear-
.? s!i6wn. ; Bondy;. are dull and": investment
. .T I? light- -jj - - . . .. . r:.-
-J. nile'for,xaotorcycWfmiist;'De' tightened
r I : idly enforced. Daredevil riding on these
' v. cr machines is a menace to the lives'of all
. u e tbe roads. ,
-avicr tLe war taxes the stronger the rea
:c.rir.z be until the power for making
'-V rrivil' tl few is forever abolished.;.;
Stoppage of
hurt the. indui
never done any
-Daylight M
that its antis A -vuiu pui.it to umu.
: Musical, instruments have been dropped from the
war .tax bill tfr the senate. More power to the
uknlele. W
r The .Promotion; Committee ' should . inform the
tourist public that-a shark has never attacked any
one in an automobile here except in self-defense.
- When: Japan is doin so Iwll for the cause of
humanity, America will , not see ? her : shipbuilding
industry destroyed for want of a litth steel. v
Suffragettes who take advantage of the nation's
time of trouble to make disturbances are only set
ting the clock' pf equal suffrage back.
'. Enforced domiciling of the czar and. family, in
Liberia is one of those " "strange revenges the
"whirligig of time brings. : -
fa the
i i v-- wr
k"Yo don't need a doctor, madam.
Kirk replied,' "what you want is the;
nre department." . .
in town for a few days, is telling of
how he almost . caused a calamity
in Niumalu, his home on Kauai. . The
genial and joking sen tor nearly gare
a . man "suggestive'; anthrax.
tt i happened at J the
time one of -Coney's
i cattle , died of the
t t T "
) Coney ? had . brought
j ? ' Mm .
i-iown a ,.une -young
HtAAr tnr HlftiiPhtar
, W on the same May and,
ADA I. ftlA "vteiflvA
boys - had 'carried - home - a generous
piece of beef from the steer's carcass.
-. When word of the anthrax death
came out the young Hawaiian . began
to feel nervous and - his nervousness
was increased when -Coney told ' him
that he .- would wait : for-; effects on
the pther. fellow .before eating , any
beef himself,; 5 A fltUe while after this
Coney Jearned that, the.p'oung fellow
wag ,111 and getting ? worse.- He - de
cided it was about time to put him
straight and did so. .Almost, instant
recoveryi followed, but Coney decided
be would go easy -with : his next an
thrax -joke.'.---. ;- ',tn:.v.. -rx-:,.
F Ai c ; conspirea .againso- Josepa
Swartz,can employe' of the Kahntut
, Railroad -company' Maul when it
led 1alm to accept a seat, the other
day on the' front end of a . locomotive.
That , Tate - had . something up her
sleeve at the time Is evident fronthe
fact that just before the locomotive
reached a certain point lff the" road a
tree-, on the bank toppled over.
-. This' would not
t' have been so bad
s had not Fate ar
ranged to place a
- telephone'7 wire in
fthe way of, the
falling tree..; The
- telephone -- ; wire
was .the ; final
vwarp in the web
It caught 8warts by the leg. and.
according to the brief report of the
accident, Swart? was taken to the hos
pital at Puunene. The -exact, nature
of the accident, whether - he waal
thrown to the side of the. track; or
against - the end of the locomotive, is
not - stated. "The r report -wis - filed
wlthtthe public - utilities commission.
Captain Charles H.' Baker, city po
lice force,; exercised his Ingenuity in
the absence of the police patrol on
other duty Saturday afternoon when
he was called pon to care tor. a
drunk whoWas lying out on the grass,
asleep In the rain near Pier 15.
Alone Capt. Baker strolled down to
get the man on the waterfront. Short
ly afer picking him up, he discovered
secona arunk mamng ma tmsteady
way along ' the road.. Knowing that
hecould not handle tbe two men
alone. Capt Baker devised this means
of killing two birds with one stone. .
"You get that man." he said to Jim
Kaleua, the first drunk, in his care,
"you're a policeman now, see that man
over there ? ; Get him." . . , - -
Obediently. ' Jim ,Kaletia marched
over to. Vincent - carreiva ; and
placed liim under arrest, while the
police captain looked on. Then Ka
leua marched his staggering victim up
to the police station,' and the police
captain followed. - '
fm EORGE DAMS, attorney, is s
I - "Good Samaritan." He is ever-
M lastingly ready to help those who
are in pillkla. One morning, while
waiting for the trial of a case in
Judge Irwin's court-room, Mr. Dsvls,
seeing ; an . old .; Hawaiian sitting be
hind Bailiff Joe Nobriga'a seat, await
ing trial, walked up to him and gave
nun a quarter. The Hawaiian ac
cepted the gift with tears and put
the coin in his purse. - .
Ine old Hawaii
an, is Kaonahielua,
well . known to the
police ! and an in'
mate of Lunalilo
Home. Although
absolutely .. harm
leas, Kaonahielua
was arrested about
two weeks ago for .vagrancy. He was
seen, the police say, holding a high
priced bowl of cut glass and coming
out of the premises of s well known
family In town. When asked where
he got it from, Nsonahieiua said that
he. got it from a rubbish pile. He
was later freed.. - " -: v.---:
Naonahielua : asked the ? Star-Bulletin,
man this morning. If Davis ' was
an aspirant for the oTflce of delegate
to congress. If so, he said lie would
vote for a good-natured learned at
torney at law. ' ! 1
(Tune: "Marching Through Georgia")
Bring the good ' old' bugle, boys well
sing another song, : v-
Sing it with a spirit that will move the
world along, : ... r; i,r-:
Sing it as we need to sing it, halTs
,; million strong 'A v f V ' - --V
4 While we are canning the KiiseH
Oh, Bill! Oh, BiH! We're on .thff Job
today! : ;- v-vy1?:
Oh, Bill!; Oh. Bill!- Well seal yotTso
youll stay!.'.' -A-.-:.-
Well put on np with ginger in': the
good old xankee-way- SV
Whlle we are canning . the Kaiser.
V : J-t;'';i:-K;.:3'',v
Hear the , song we're singtog on. the
shining roads of Frances ';- f ?-r :
Hear, the Tommies cheering, and .see
the Poilus prance: -''V n ; - .';'
Africanders and Kanucks, and Scots
without their pants N-'l ; ; .
While we are canning the Kaiser.
: '-'n Chorus? ' i:;- -J
Bring the' guns' from. 'Bethlehem, : by
way of old New.Tork.j
Bring the beans from Boston, and
dont leave out the pomr y- i i
Bring a load of soda-pop,, and null the
grape-juice cork '-r. -'-U";--"
' While we are canning the Kaiser!
. . .... , ,-, , . ... , ..V . i
'.'-::- ' Chorus: ; -
Come ybtt men ifrom Dixieland, you
lumber-Jacks of Mame: ; v
Come jon Texas cowboys,"; and you
farmers of the plain; , - - rf .'
From Florida to Oregon we, boast Jthe
Yankee strain J:. v- --'
While we are canning the Kaiser.
v '-'
Chorus: .
Now we've started on the "Job, we
mean to put it through;
Ship the kings and. kaisers all, and
make the world anew;
gietr the way for common folk, for
men . use me ana yon ,
While we are canning the Kaiser,
- --ntrlbuted.
1. - A.. i:V
fTdveitisiiig is jthe art of trnmsftrring an
idea from your mind to ths minds of others.
The adwtiser V: task is to see a thing
clearlrr and to describe it simply and con-'
vincingly f, The ; great mistake of the pro
fessional advertising man is lack of sim
plicity. The most idiotic mistake' of the .
business man who has something to adver
tise is the notion that he can do it himself
better than a professional.
S You cannot be at the same moment the
ynamo in the power house" grinding out
the current and the brilliant- bulb that -sheds
light and tells what the dyiiamo is
doing. The business man is the dynamo;
the advertising man is the electrio bulb
that tells of the dynamo's work. The bulb ;
that thinks itself more important than the
dynamo is foolish. The big dynamo that
thinks it can ?get along without any bulb
and make a success of a lighting plant all
by itself i$ h foolish dynamo
Advertising is an art and science im-"
portant to all the nations and to every man'
in the nation.
J Advertising is to.. business, ; industry ;
manufactures, what printing and language '
are to 1he human race. ' -IT
Advertising is the speech of business,
f Withput it business is dumb , "
J To exaggerate the importance of adver
tising and of its unlimited possibilities is
not easy. . :-.
Paid Publicity, Will Do It K
The general circulation of the
Star-Bulletin for Aug.1 11 was
J. 0. PRATT. Jr, Pais, Maui, is in
Honolulu for jt short visit.
HAROLD W. RICE and - wife" ar
rived in. Honolulu Saturday :t or the
? REV. JOHJf P. ERDMAX has left
for Mahl where he ;will -spend, some
weeks on a vacation. :. r
.- WM. H. RICE, sheriff ' of x Kauai,
came to Honolulu : with his mother,
Mrs.: W H. Rice, on Saturday. '; :
DR. H. P. NOTTAQE, formerly of
Honolulu, is now a lieutenant ia the
Medical Reserve Corpa.. Uein an ear,
eye and, nose specialist who has re
cently been practising In Alameda.
. -
' te ethool and car line. ' In the Punahou district; FJne bearing
: ; fruit trees.t:Te bath' rooms, basement, -etc. Lot 75x125 fttt. .
Price SSC03,r:'.-r" ':.-'fLv..'' : i - :..;'';.-
, :: i r j . r .
- ik. J ,i i .ii. i i mm.
sxcaAin h. Txrrr. rzzs.
C3ASV O. BZZSZ3, , TXXll."
. Charged with sssiult and battery
for-having hit and cut 3 fellow-wcra-
man's face.- fauenune lauuoan. a
mipino, was arrested nn-1 p
3a;iHs-letrf "was written to the pnbUt
is. gardens1 or -Bordeaux on tne evening
ingtf his arrival there.' '
wer The submarine attack occurred two
days out from Bordeaux. Mr. Castle
3ras standing at his cabin' door talking
Disorder will not'be'tolerated. This ia the kind
of talk from Washington ; which will be echoed by
Mhe whoie" nation. ? .
v Fish .stories, are coming to-the stage when they
will be limited only by the length of the fisherman's
tape line. . ' ;- ' ' -' -
"Vfc are comingi Father Woodrow,. ten hundred
thousand strong'T-f-and as? many inore as will be
needed. - ' -s'A
Germany may flow TW' expected tojilame fChina
;- f with the others for f forcing her intoarJ&jl
with an American officer when the
ship's gun boomed and ' looking to
port he discerned a periscope. Four
more shots were fired, and the last
"appeared to . find Its mark. Castle
rAmfortAhle. recently bniltfrabbed a life belt and rushed out on
Lot 73 x 235 feet, fronting on .
Palolo Hill Road. . jored br the submarine passed within
' d. ee aaa Ihlrty feeof the steamer.
Price 53000 on terms. pon his visit to London a large fleet
v f& German aircraft attacked .the city
il'-linlmiZEZ-'-:mV'myJ h MV BriUsh fleet go up
MaRlRl ivCh f- -
. I Mr. Castle, writes that the general
New twbfdroon, bungoJf. ?
planted irt bearing innl. treesJop BOt ciy to send srmles, but
spring water. Garage, servant! also money tor the families of men
Price $6400 on reasonable 4at To s "
S. DOGURA, vice-manager of the
Yokohama Specie Bank of San Fran
cisco, passed through Honolulu Friday
on his wsy to San Francisco. :: -
Trmt Co.; If d.
Guardidn Tri
TeL 3688
1 Stogtawald Dldg.-
Dq not ask' a friend' io'tco on your bend: Ton ; 'f ?
- place yonrself 'iinder; obligation to him, and the :;.;
- time niight come' when- he lyn& askf yon to re- 5 f
cipree and hiscirenmstancea niight be nchr
that yoii would not like to comply.; i
Let us aignjrouf bond. ;; Reasonable rates, prompt
service.'- '. ':v v';-"'-"; ' '
' " er.;... ... i - i . - . ; v, ..... . r,. .. ., , , V .. . ; . V i ' C..A. - . J , :
Rtaf Iiutt Actnts
Ocatr Pert and-IIcrchoss Ctrttts
P. O. Eos 313
. ? V,
Telephcsa C701
r.i i 4- 4.

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