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tfaval Strength is 233J17:i"7;F
Number of Volunteers
Reaches 1,300,000
There are today .4::,14I ih'-n in u.-i
armed tones of Hi" Cnitcd S'atv - '
all volunteer, sav- tho nffuia! I'll
letin, issued ;it Washington, I' '
Since the declaration of war. ap
proximately 1.3n,tMto nu n have oitn .! ,
themselves tor hervice in ii,c fighting,
forces k the - o miry. During tie tiin'.
Total land fort c.s . .
Th- sea fun es an:
1" ' 2i
as follow r
Fleets Taken Across Atlantic
Together; Depth Bombs Sink
U-Boats: Ship Loss Smaller
Regular navy, enlisted men..
Naval reserves, en list r d .n
Naval rrnlit ia in fed ral rer-
vice, enlisted men
Hospital Corps, regular navv,
enlisted men
Oahii Arrests
Almost Double
In Ten Years
In August, 1907. They Were
323. While Last Month the
Total Was 632: Fines Jump
Reports to Police Say Enlisted
Men Again Menacing Resi
dents of Wahiawa
ASHlN",TON. I. ('.
::caii naval f'n o an
this country has been a belligerent ' Hospital Corps, naval
121, ".14 men Lave olunt rr d for i t r i serves, enlisted men
vice in the nav m 11 d marine corps and 'Marine Corps, cnlicers and en
been accepted, in the regular arm , listed rnc r.
the increase since April 1 by volunteer j'
enlibtnn m has been '.'V:47. and in
the national uard 130,90s, a total oi
32T,o4."i enlistments in the army
branches, and a grand total of 44SXH !
In both army and navy. Kven this j
figure does not include all who have; jH. total forces are:
ben accepted for service since thejfand fortes
United StatCK entered tne war, for!Sa forces
iner-hant eiatt rs the Atlantic, it
war, iiNdot-ed offi'-ially today at the
nav. depar'ment. and examination of
the record. show that the loss of con
o. ii ships r,y .marines has aver-
Approximate number of naval
.11 i les ti.an
c n' .
I fetalis
l v. i! :!..!.'
1 hat American
one-half of one i.er
of the
i '
convoy sy
.i-- ' tilted.
war vessels
ulariy escorting fleets
Frem h r other allied
across, the protection
men ted when the danger
!'e;:r'ii.-l i-v tile destl overs
tem ;re
are ger-
o! isruisn.
iieing suppie-
aim ot
there have been additions to the a i
rious reserve corpn, but these figures t
are not all available. The largest
felnglc item is that of the 27,:'.41 men
recently commissioned from the of
ficers' training camn.
Totiil lorcos
The enlistri.eiits since
tion of war tin the as
since April 1) are as follows:
i Regular navy
r4::.i 4 1
the dcclara
o: fie army
hese figures were gathered from j Naval reserve forces
the most recent official returns of the ; Hospital corps
army and navy which are available
but, especially in the case of the army
figures, accuracy down to the last
unit is not possible.
The land forces are as follows:
Officers, men. t
vJlegular Army 6,700 298,996
Rational Guard 11.000 300,000
lleserve Corps 10,500 55,487
National naval
Marine Corps .
volunteers .
Total naval forces
Regular army
National 'luard
7I',V S '
!2 .".,' mi
Private Oscar G. Harris, 6th Aero
SqHadron. Signal Corps, will proceed
to these headquarters reporting on ar
rival to the department adjutant for
temporary duty as orderly and ou
completion of this duty he will return
to bis proper station. j
First Lieut. John B, Hartman, cav.
airy, and 2nd Lieut Lewis A. Weiss.
4 th Cavalry, are detailed as additional
members of the general courtmartial
appointed to meet at Schofield Bar
racks. H. T.. by paragraph 2. Special
Orders, No. 129, these headquarters,
current series.
j 1st Lieut Frank P. Tuohy. 32nd Infantry,-
now at Pearl Harbor, H. TV.
win proceed to Schofield Barracks, H.
Tand return for the purpose of mak
ing an Inventory of the effects of the
late Private John F. Domaraski, Com
pany L, 32d Infantry, The travel di
rected Is necessary in the military
Capt .Charles'" F. Leonard, 1st In
fantry, will make one trip from Scho
field Barracks to Honolulu. H. T., and
return, and one trip from Schofield
Barracks to Kahuku, H. T.. and return
for the purpose of investigating
charges pertaining to a general court
martial case.
Private John A. Smith, Company F.
S2nd Infantry. Schofield Barracks. H.
t ia transferred to the Quartermaster
Corps at that post and will report to
Se post commander ior auiy acwru-
First Lieut ', Eugene A. Ixjhman,
Signal Corps, in addition to his other
duties. Is detailed as assistant to the
department signal officer and will
report accordingly. - i
Pursuant . to instructions from the
War Department, MaJ. Edwin S.
Hartshorn, adjutant general's depart
ment, will proceed by the first avail
able transportation. Government or
commercial, to San Francisco, CaL.
thence by rail to Washington. D. C
where upon arrival he will report tp
the adjutant general of the army
i for. duty. . ..
Pursuant to Instructions from tne
War Department, Capt William T,
Peyton, Signal ; Officers Reserve
Corps, Is called to activo duty and
assigned to Company B (wire), 3rd
Field Battalion, Signal Corps, vice
rant John E. McNeills," Coast Artil
lery Officer' Reserve Corps, relieved,
;Mtrnl r.i'f.
No I "'-lioat I as been raptured hy he
A incri' an. It is the best judgment
r iiitli ot;-iaK l.ov. :-.er. e .'era!
nav - been sunk by Admiral Situs' do
mi overs, and tliey nrn confident that
tiie marine menace will be sub
stantiiilly abated as the number of
deM rovers and other craft available
ior the work is increased.
Reports from London that the sub
marine are working now farther at
sea than formerly were confirmed by
( the navy department. It may be tiiat
1 the new boats of greater size and
i hotter sea-keeping qualities lend to
) this extension of the zone of activi-
i ties, but it is regarded as more prob
34: j able that the increasing vigilance oi
the anti-submarine forces is mainly
and will proceed to Fort Kamehame- e ic of th increasing patrol,
ha T H employment of airplanes and
A general court-martial is ap-1 of the addition of new devices to be
pointed to meet at the general court- anti-submarine weapons has been to
martial room. Post Headquarters force the I' boats under water to a
Schofield Barracks. H. T., at the call greater degree. Their effectiveness
of the president thereof, for the trial is limited m proportion. They can
of such persons as may be properly ; t run down a merchant ship of av
brought before it. , erage speed if kept under w ater. They
Detail , for the Court . ,asi operate only against ships that
Capt. James M. Loud, 25th Infan- almost stumble nion them. And all
try; Capt. John N. Hauser, 9th Field ' the time they are under water they
Artillery; Capt. Howard P. Milligan, are consuming stored power of their
25th Infantry; First Lieut. Charles storage batteries, decreasing their
M. Crooks, 25th Infantry; First Lieut. ; range of underwater action and com-
Marvin C. Heyser, 1st Field Artil- j filing them to come up at night and
lery; First Lieut. Ivan N. Bradley. iie idle on the surface while their
9th Field Artillery; First Lieut. Frank oil engines are used to recharge the
The steady increase in the nuu.'.rr
arrests on Oahu 'or crr.!!:,i! : -during
the last l'1 ears is stri-i-.t!!.-shown
in a compilation ot figures !
Solomon Meheula. clerk of tne police
station. The island is divided n t! -'
districts of Ewa. Waianae. Wa.ac.'.a.
Koo!auka. Koolaupoko and Motn i . u.
but by far the great number ef the
arrests were made in Honolulu.
in August. 1Vm7. the number ' ar
rests on the island totaled and
convictions . 5J. while during that
l onth of this year the total arrests
were 632 and convictions The re
ceipts in costs, fines ami forfeitures
for this month. 1 eais aao. w.n
$ljS7.1, while during August of this
year they were $750S.3'"V
How the arrests have increased as
the population of the island has gnxvn
is shown in the number of arn-Mr.
is T.ade each vrar iurinu the month or
I the arrests during the months o; the
lollowing 11 years totaled ::. '..
t3. 273. 332. 432. 569. 5i'. 5-"". and
632. Similarly, the total fines, costs
ond forfeitures were $lt)s7.lo, J24vi.:'.'i.
?3SS5.45. $2226.20. $2464. Sc. $3;;44.m.
$204S.65O. $3355.45, $379".'." and
Of the f.32 arrests made on thi
island last month, 7( were Hawaiians.
117 fhinese. 131 Japanese. 2; Portu
guese and 159 others. There were LM
arrests for gambling 4 tor as-.aim
and battery, 4S for drunkenness. for
vagrancy and 31 for violation ol the
city and countv ordinances.
Solders are atam menacini: t..c
. s ; ts ( f tovv n o ahi i" a
.-:-.!;n to t -; . e? t s li.at .ue -1-'ehi:.u
the ; oiu a.uhon'ies. Since tie
w itl-.tr f-.d of the armed guard la-:
T'.u la. '. ' have een fl(K kir.- into
own in 1 .r-e numbers as ever.
1'rev oe.s to tiie reoinmu l.t -?
.r k. the armv had rohibited a:l s"'-
iieis entering the town. Since the t.
c:s rai.l on ' Hlocdtown." as :iie
: ho e was then cailed. vhen d:ui. e
l.al! were closed, saloons raided, ami
1 rostit ites arrested, the town
1 '-en 'lader armed cr:at !.
bo ' member? of ' e ih'ith In
fantrv were engaged in a free tor-all
ctai." uaii'e on Sunday morning at
Wahiawa v. hen tiiey were stopped b
Officer Arth.ur II. Palmer. Although
there is era. tit-ally no illicit sale ot
li.pior in the (own. Officer Palrper as
sers that many of the men are known
Says of Big Business
- ! tO
been ---moki'ig opium.
Total land forces
Grand total 448,859
E. Hinton, Infantry; Temporary 2nd
Lieut. William F. Saportas. Field Ar
tillery; Temporary 2nd Lieut. Frank
J. Cory, Field Artillery; First Lieut.
Patrick L. Lynch, 9th Field Artillery,
judge advocate.
Orders issued from headquarters
announce a change of name for First
Pany.E, -rd Telegraph Battalion, Sig
nal i orps. is designated as company
E. 3rd Telegraph Battalion. Signal
Corps, with station r.t Fort Shafter.
H. T.. to take effect Sentember 9.
The enlisted
Platoon. Comnanv K. 3rd Telper.-inh
RattaUnn sip-nni rnrn tlM,. tn T,1P enlisted personnel of 1st
become Comoanv El 3rd Rfltbilinn. Platoon, Company E, 3rd Telegraph
Signal Corns. The chanire 1m be I Battalion, Signal Corps, is trans
cause of an increase in the number ferred lo ,ake September 9,
of members to be made soon. I
. Capt. Eber I. Sharp, Quartermaster
Officers' Reserve Corps, having been
called tp active duty by telegraphic
instructions from the war department,
is assigned to temporary duty at
these headquarters with station in
this city, pending the sailing or the
first available transportation en route
to the United States.
The following transfers of enlisted
men are ordered : Pvt. First C!ass
Nicholas Marchesani, Battery F. 1st
Field Artillery, as private to Battery
V. 9th Field Artillery, Schofield Bar
racks; Sergt. Henry Dorman, Com
pany A, 1st Infantry, as private to
Company B, 32nd Infantry, Schofield
Capt Charles F. Wiison, Quarter
master Officers' Reserve Corps, hav
ing been called into active service
this date and reported at these head
quarters, will report to the command
ing officer. Fort Shafter, for duty,
Cpt. John S. Scally. Quartermas
ter Officers' Reserve Corps, having
been called into active service this
date and reported at these headquar
ters, will proceed to Fort Kameha
meha. H. T., reporting on arrival to
the commanding officer. Coast De
fenses of Oahu. for duty as assistant
to the Coast Defense Quartermaster.
,1917. to Company 1, 3rd Telegraph
Battalion. Signal Corps, Allfunds.
articles of equipment, and quarter
master properties in possession of
1st I'lntoon. Company K. 3rd Tele
graph Battalion. Signal Corps, will be
transferred on Septemher !, 191 (, to
Company E, 3rd Telegraph Battalion,
Signal Corps.
Capt. Eugene A. I.ohman. Signal
Corps, is designated to command
Company E. 3rd Telegraph Battalion,
Signal ('orps, to take effect Septem
ber fJ, 1M7.
That the Japanese in Hawaii, or at
least most of them, are ready to
serve the United States by joining the
national army, is the general expres
sion in Japanese circles.
T. .Murai, Japanese eleve'-consul,
said this morning that he believed it
is the duty of every Japanffo here
to stand for the flag under whose pro
tection they are enjoying their live
lihood in Hawaii. Asked whether h
had received word from Tok'o pro
testing against the drafting of the
Hawaii-Japanese for the national
army, Mr. Murai answered in the neg
ative. The receipt of purported instruc
tions from Provost Marshal Crowder
directing the exemption board not to
draft certain Japanese, is of no inter
est to the local Japanese. WTiat they
say now, is that they are ready to do
their share towards protecting the
country of their adoption.
Bids will be opened next Friday at J
the office of the department quarter-
master lor food supplies to be fur
nished the troops on Oahu during Oc
tober. Advertisements issued call for
250,000 pounds of potatoes, 34.000
pounds of onions, and 18S.000 pounds
of sugar.
How life in Hawaii can be made
more pleasant for the soldiers sta
tioned nere win ne aiscussed at a
meeting hnday afternon at 2:30
o'clock at the Y. W. C. A., w hen dele-
Sgt. 1st Class Ward D. Walker, sani
tary department, 2nd Haw. Inf.. N. G.,
is granted a three months' furlough
from August 26, 1917, to enable him to
attend the officers' training camp at
Schofield Barracks.
The following named enlisted men
are transferred to the National Guaru
Reserve: Pvt. Andres Armin, Co. L
2nd Haw. Inf.; Pvt. Henry C. Tallant,
MG Co. 1st Haw. Inf.
That portion of subparagraph h),
paragraph 1, G. O. 12, AGO. T. H.,
current series, which refers tb the
resignation of 1st Lt. O. L. Beuttler,
4th Haw. Inf., is revoked.
1st Lt. O. L. Beuttler, 4th Rgt. Haw.
Inf., is assigned to 1st Rgt. Haw. Inf.,
N. G.
The following named enlisted met:
will be honorably discharged :
Pvts. Daniel M. Falvey. Pedro Mo
linas. Sup. Sgt. Paul Bernard, and
Pvts. Lazaro Baban. Felix Brasa, Ali
handre Carriaga, Paisano Catumbii
A iia:: e has opened aga.n and
.ilti.o .h tue officers say that, as :ar
a .an he .-e. ii. there is nothing ob
. ctu.r.able. in the hall as it exists
'V, soldiers openly solicit ; rosti
tutes there.
The t eo le of the town are ordtriv,
.-av the officers, but are. menaced ccn-tiii-iallv
by the soldiers. The wives
of the rihpinos are approached on the
street and even in their homes by
the soldiers, it w -;aid
Since tlu' opening of the town to
i be soldiers, the conditions are rap
idly becoming the same as before the
laid, say the officers, and promise to
be worse unless something is done
by the authorities to keep the sol
diers away.
on Eczema
It will take jmt a few moment! to itep la
and ask di what our experience ha been in
the way of rratefot customer with the tooth
ing wash of oila. D. U. D. tic. 90c and Sl-M.
Your money back nclea the first bottle r
here you.
Tlxe Licruid. Wcxslv
Benson, Smith & Co.. Druggists.
fT"Tht aily jnv-. I h;e t'ouml. i- :i
priii.- factor in -on:niri rial nrtivit of
e- -! kiini. It i in alualiK" in liroaoJriiitiir
a ti'arket atul in imimotini; uuloirantiinir
fVrwvn thf iinltiMrinl invitation aini tho
I it.
fI"Th' nros. in a ?ono. liolonc to tho
I'ulflic aiul on.joy its oontiilonco ami rojo t.
Tiiat i- fit t i n ir ami irojor. for I know of
no mvattT ami tnoro nn-ltih fon o that i
w r l imr for tlic intorpst of tlu- nMif.
fj"'ri!0 unity of our national lifo i- tho
community. On tho pro.-jKTity of tho coiii
munity dcpomls tho prosperity of tho na
tion. IWtunate is that coinimmity which
h i a -ool live newspaper, for its editorial
and adverti-imr .activities are second to no
force in huihlimr up ami de eloping its ter
ritory. "t)ur civilization i haed on specializa
tion, and specialization is based on the
lindini; of a market for the product of the
specialist. The newspaper finds this mar
ket and develop it. thereby developing tlie
home comniunity, making it biirer and
tnoro pioperou and a more satifyini;
place in which to live.
f".T zain a full realization of the influ
ence of newspaper advertising one has only
to imagine the effect upon the business of
this country of a sudden stopping of all
means of public announcements. "
Paid Publicity Will Do It.
The general circulation of theQC
Star-Bulletin for Sept. Ii wasOJUO
... I S
bought by all
who want tho
best. 17 perfect
black degrees,
and 2 copying
for every pos
sible purpose.
Clue Band
Supreme in its Class
American Lead Pencil Co.,N. Y.
Oriental Silks
and Silk Crepes just arrived.
XT . ! J! 1 i .
. huw ua uispiay ai our store.
Hotel St., near Ntraann
f.l ICS 11IH1I tut w muuui Allele, Ol
rursuani to lnsimcuons irom tne lege ciuu. and every etiurch organ!- Fernando Clavera. ADolonio Concen-
war aeparxmeni, ist riaioon, com- ization in Honolulu will be present. Hon Lamberte Conseio. Francisco
Deas, Tomas Diaz. Lucio Fahricante,
Mlahalo Laanui, Milguiades Ledisma,
John Mahl and Marcelio Mangano
With the specific authority of the
governor, Territory of Hawaii, the foi
lowing named enlisted men of the Na
tional Guard of the United States and
of the Territory of Hawaii are dropped
from the rolls as deserters:
T a i 1 a f x - t
t-via. uagaiuan, Ancuo -jregg. isann
Fausto, Baskis Simeona, Bulayi
Bueno, Bation Malino, Enag Cepriano
Ibusca Mariano, P. Labitas. Lagusta
Malayo. L. Nakapaahu, S. Nicolas
Galo Ollaban, Manuel Rodrigues. Vas
purez, Guraming, P. Pacific, K. Luyon
Co. L, 2nd Haw. Inf.. and John J. Mc
Guire. Sanitary Detachment 2nd Haw
Pvt. Isidorq Padua, Co. F, 2nd Haw.
Inf., is transferred to Co. B, 1st Haw
Inf.. N. G.
imm 1 - - - 1 1 -
sSK and
. xKfU5i? Brilliancy of tone,
r s.?Sl Ukulele are largely
W Mu XlL Armour's
mil H a rNi?SSfl uaequaiea
- WKU 1-4 W WKB tT? from the
Musicians' Snppliei
responsiveness and musical quality in the
dependent on the kind of strings ycu use.
Ukulele, Violin, Banjo and Guitar Strings arc
tone-quality, Krength and duronm- y. i acy are mane
st selected etock. Only the choicest out of the entire
production are reserved for Armour's "Hclrrif t", Ti Tro-
vatore and JLa rutloaia trar.ds. All are cai-t;.aiy
elzd by expert gangers. Ask your dealer.
Also ask for Amour's Violin Accesses, Drum
Snares and Drum Heads.
Yoa can fartilii ysur cvr.ettra deeeadsb'e Mtiffso
ticn In Annour'a Lulele Etringm. Our lm.ene cut
put and facilities enabie ua to e;ert the very choicest
fnaterialt for oil Amonr brnd etrincv Strings rr.ade
U blue, wi: and crenao coior. Wnte .'cr deui.a.
Senator Myers of Montana intro
duced a resolution asking the Prs-
ident to set a day for prayer through
out the nation for the soldiers.
-ii... ii n -'VVJ
Office at "THE MODEL"
1139-1141 Fort Street
A Help Toward the Conservation
of Meat:
"The Chicken of the Sea"
A pure food dainty, and a splendid nourishing food, lending itself to var
ious ways of serving.
-It's distinctively
a dish for
warm weather
The new pack in 3Y2 oz., 7 oz. and 13 oz. tins aids in the practice of economy
at this time when the waste of unused .foods should be avoided.
Motor Delivery
assures the promptest service, but to get the
best out of this improved delivery, customers
are asked to kindly place orders early.
Henry May & Co., Md,
Fort St.
Turn the little disc to 1271
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