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Man'i nnharpinefi. as I construe ft, com
of IiU (JratnfV: it i It;him? ihort in an In
linito in him which with nil hi running h can
not 1.it unir tli- riititv ';irl !'.
Each must work out his own salvation, but
4hiw few there are who know the tools with
which ther ninst work, or. knowing the took
wntierwtand the of them. J. F. Ergle.
George Cobb Hewit. Soldier in
Hawaii, is One of Large
Family in Army
fnr-e roSb .Hewit, h -fji'ii?r tor
the laM t'o years in In" Hawaiian
lf arthif lit, i.-, r.nr of five sons v. ;).::
Mrs. Sarah M . 1 lew it of H;t!i Kranis'
lias to America. A o -in hi
also joined the colors. C'-nif: Hc
it's I. tile hfin. I" years of as", is 'w
with Ms crmdmother and say that
ho s.-: tiji i" ' a h ):': w - s
"crowed Hi'.'
VVlirn the first un;t of t!.- Win
Francisco !ralied arni man h"d
away a rnuple of week, a-o. Wait, r
Ksbit Jleuit, the l.al.y." was in i's
ranks. I lif mother went a-ross the
hay to hi J him good-bye. A mainland
exrhance prints the story:
"He ronM havr claimed pxwpt.inn.
on know, ' she said. ' He could have
said lie was t'te onlv support of his
mother, with the mher boys all away
to war. or lie mild have proven that
lie was Australian horn. Hut he
wouldn't, and 1 wouldn't have him da
to. I paid: 'Walter, don't worry
about me. The dear ird has takea
-care of us all until now. and I am
not colnc to begin now to doubt His
goodness. We will Ret on somehow,
tnd your duty is to the country now.'
"So he went, the ?ast of my boys,
and my girl's husband is gone, too.
I wouldn't have them slackers. And
won't you say, please, that there are
few slackers, in Australia? The
mothers are giving them up by the
thousands over there, and are doing
it bravely and proudly."
Mrs. Hewit has lived in San Fran
cisco four years and in California 10
years. She and her children came
from Australia to make America their
home. America was 'kind to them, for
it provided employment for the stal-
, wart sons and they had their mothe?
to make a comfortable home for
them. America being their home.
It May Be Very
Unusual But
It's bona fide and worthy of your at
tention; and here it is:
We offer you a regular 10 course
of private Kaai-method lessons with
" any instrument you buy from us. Uks.
from $6.50 up, and guitars, for steel or
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1 .by your own appointment. It you are
not ready lust now remember this
offer against any future time when
you may wish an ukulele. Phone 2028,
or call 1126 Union street Ernest K.
Kaai, -Hawaii's Music Man." Adv.
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
- Compound,
TSiHrtTt. "N Y. "Whv will women
pay out their money for treatment and
receive tiu is;iicuv
when so many have
proved that Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound
will make them
well ? For over a
year I suffered so
from female weak
ness I could hardly
stand and was
afraid to go on the
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tors said medicines
nesteei nri ftnhr an oreration
v.in m hnt T.vdiA E. Pinkham s
y Vegetable Compound has proved it
otherwise. I am now perfectly well
and can do any kind of work. --Mrs.
Keixie Phelps, care of R. A. Rider,
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We wish every woman who suffers
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backache or the blues could see the lt-
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If you have bad symptoms and d Lot
Codu?tand : the cause, write to the
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I... .... i i i ,i 1 1 ill
'- , 4
f A
3 o'clock p. m.
Personally conducted by
Iriter-IsIandSteam Navigation Co., Ltd.
Queen Street ; Phone 4941
mother and sons deemed it their duty
m't.'i'' sa-ntk't-s for i's when came
ihe time oi stress.
"If !oe (or country or family can
not t.ar f make sacrifice, then it is
not love." said Mrs. Hewit, the day
-after her laM son liad answered the
.i.iil of Mars.
Loneliness will he her portion in
t the time to tome, especially at
! Thnnkgivine and Christmas, and
''streams A lonely teirs, hut Sarah M.
, Hewit j not made of the stuff which
will i i rmit her to turn from the star
towarl which her fa e is set, the
ideal of patriotic self sacrifice. A
deeji and abiding faith in the ethical
rigiitness of the cause tor which Amer
ica fuhts has filled her with an ex
a.lted sense of the necessity of giving
i in r all, and surely that is w hat sho
! lias done.
I The eldest is George Cobb Hewit,
who is Z2 years old, who enlisted two
j years aco. joining the army in San
'Francisco. He is now in Honolulu,
j It is Ji is hoy, whose mother died
I five ears ago, that Mrs. Hewit is car-
ing for now . The boy is George Ham
jilton Hewit, now 10 years old, who
i says that he, too, is going to be a
Next is William Andrew Hewit,
aged :'. also a volunteer, now in the
reserve quartermaster corps. He has
a wife and baby, who will live with
her family during his absence.
The third son is Leslie Ernest" He
wit, aged -S, drawn in the draft. He
could have pleaded exemption on the
account that he is Australian bom
and had a dependent mother. Hu:
he and the dependent mother scorned
the privilege. He expects to be called
to the training camp next week.
The fourth is Arthur Eastwood
Hewit, aged 25, also drafted: He, like
his brothers, refused to claim ex
emption. He has passed his physical
examination and is -walling to be no
tified as to where and when he shall
begin training.
With .every bit of room taken, and
every seat and desk filled with pupils,
McKinley Hu?h school is facing a sit
uation which is unprecedented. The
school has a total enrolment of over
500 students gathered from all parts
of the territory. M. M. Scott, princi
pal, said this afternoon that although
the institution was crowded to over
flowing, the teachers were able to
handle the students without much
trouble. -
Mr. Scott explained the unusual con
ditions, and pointed out how he was
seeking to remedy the trouble. It ap
pears that any pupil who receives a
diploma or certificate from an eighth
grade in any grammar school in the
territory is entitled to enter McKin
ley High school, and in this way hun
dreds of pupils whose legal residence
is on one of the other islands, seek
to enter the local Institution. Because
of the unusual number of pupils who
attempted to enter the high school
this term, Mr. Scott 'trned away a
great number of young people from
Hawaii, Maui and Kauai. He notiffed
them that they would have to enter
the local institutions of the same rank
in their own districts. A high school
is now being erected on Kauai.
At present, however, while the high
school is crowded to capacity, the pu
pils are receiving just as good atten
tion as they would under ordinary con
ditions. In fact, stated Mr. Scott, the
large number in attendance makes
more competition and the pupils must
work harder.
The Y. M. C. A. Night School opens
?onday, October 1. Enrolment in 25
classes can be made this week. Start
you progress now. Enroll tonight
' " ' -
Sept. 29,
The World's Highest Paid Woman
A MAN has just been sent to the
I'enitentiary to serve a stiff term
because he advertise! that, he
would teach people ho to hy;ino:i?e
the objects of their affeetions. so .hat
they ir.ipht win whomsoever they de
sired as mates or brinq hack any rec
reant lover to the fold.
The government held that this wis
a fraudulent advertisement made with
intent to deceive, and calculated to
separate the lovelorn rrom their coiu
without giving them even a run for
i their money.
Perhaps so. Perhaps no other
human being can teach a man or
woman how to weave potent and
compelling spells about the desired
one, but, as a matter of fact, what is
love except hypnotism? Only tWj
curious paxt of it is that in love we
do not hypnotize the party of the
other part. We are victims of self
None of us falls In love with an
other for what the individual really
is. We are enamoured of what we
imagine him or her to be.
Every youth and maiden who is in
love will deny this. Edwin will tell
you that he has made the most minuft
study of Angelina's character, and
that the reason he thinks" that she is
an angel is because he has seen her
wings that he knows her to be a
paragon of virtue, a model of amia
bility, a pattern of domesticity, and
altogether perfect.
Angelina will assure you that it is
impossible that she could be de
ceived in Edwin because she know
from her' own observation that he
is the wisest, bravest, strongest, nob
lest, most generous man in the world
If you should tell Edwin, as we
who are Edwin's mothers anl sisters
and female cousins sometimes are
rash enough to do, that Angelina is an
exceedingly commonplace young
woman, with a raspy temper and a
predilection for coming down to break
fast in a slouchy wraper and curl
papers, and that she is accustomed to
lie on a lounge and eat chocolate
creams and read novels while her
mother does the housework, he would
not believe a word of it and would
set it down to malicious envy fnd
Nor could Angelina be induced to
give credit to the statement that her
Edwin's employer and fellow clerks
regard him as a nirc ordinary youth
who is considerable of a bore, and
who will never rise iibcve being a
ficor walker in a dry gorls srore.
and that among themselves they
laugh at him for being a "tin horn"
Now Edwin ha not consciously
tried to deceivo Angelina or to make
her think that ho is something that
he is not He has not purposely posed
before her as a hero of romance and
assumed qualities that -ie did not
possess in orde. to win her young
Neither is Angelina a deep, design
ing adventuress who lias atfected
charms that do not belong to her by
right, to win Edwin's heart.
The deception .s from within, net
from without. The n-an and woman
Putting The Physical
mattes what our theories are on
keeping in health, no one any more
disputes the fact that the mind has
the mastery over the body. We do
est have to be Scientists to prove
t?iis. Take, for Instance, a dull
headache or a sluggish digestion
Get a brisk walk in loose
garments, and note the results.
It Is the changed mental attitude,
beside the exercise and air, which
The rhythmic Ireathlng
works the cure. The illustration
fchows a girl, such as I have recent
ly come to know, who was told she
would never be well again, since a
i-.eavy weight had fallen on her
siomach and hips when she was
seventeen years old, and she became
partially paralyzed. However, she
cured herself, and this was tha way
she did it She laid perfectly Cat
on her back and grew very quiet,
then she began to take deep
breaths, with her mind directed tc
this drawing in life's oxygen, till
her even and deep breathing made
the whole body tingle with warm
blood. Next, she 'would place her
hands on the afflicted parts of her
body (Just to further her theories of
building her own health) and then,
by so concentrating her mind on
her weakened parts, she would
afflrns to herself, "This pure, life
giving fluid is making my stomach
snd hips strong. I feel it- I will
iDl ' miMiir -ni l" MHmi-nM" i i i mum i mr
fool themselves. nrt each other.
It is said that Cuvi-r, the geat
naturalist, could construct a whole
animal and tell you of its :;fe and
habits from a "intle piece of bone,
but his skili rs iiathin-; compared to
that of a lover.
Edwin sees that Angelina Laa a
pink and white complexion and a gold
en curl on her forehead and from
them he builds up an ideal domestic
character possessing whu'eer fem
inine graces and charms he i:iost ad
mires. Angelina observes that Ldwin iias
broad shoulders and a drooping inous
tache and from these ?he Knows that
he will be a sober, fai'-UTuI, indus
trious husband and f:thr.
The value of this Kind of scientific
reasoning in love is that just to long
as you believe it to be true it is iust
as good as the truth, .imi so long
as Edwin thinks Angeima fie iiiost
beautiful woman iu the world, she is,
so far as he is concerned, a Venus,
no matter if she has carroty hur :;nd
a snub nose and a featherbed fig
ure. So long as Angelina hangs with
awe on every word that Edwin utters
and so long as she sec in him a roman
tic figure oracle and a hero, she can go
on worshipping him as the one perfect
man and congratulating herself upon
her luck in getting him.
There are in life certain fine pleas
ures that we can only enjoy through
our imaginations and by becoming
party to a sort of deception. Strip
the illusions from these and the beau
ty and the delight of them is gone.
Analyze it and the finest picture be
comes a daub of paint; the best play
is nothing but men and women mouth
ing among canvas trees and houses;
the gold of a lily becomes mere Insect
breeding pollen.
Love is like this. Tear rrom it the
halo of ramance; take self deception
"laway from it, and the thing that rs
, left is so poor, so mean and tawdry,
so marred by faults and blemisHes
that we wonder that it could have at
tracted our fancy.
This is why married people should
never let themselves discuss the
faults and idiosyncrasies of their hus
bands and wives with anyone, or even
permit themselves to indulge in the
fascinating amusements of vivisection
the characters and appearance of the
partners of their bosoms.
The minute Mr. Smith begins to
question in his mind whether his
Maria's nose is really straight or a
little lop sided, and to wonder
if her artless conversation is the
naivete of extreme youth or merely
the lack of brains, that minute Mr.
Smith begins to come out from under
the trance of leve into which he has
put himself, and his salvation lies In
his making another pass or two before
his eyes and sinking back again into
a state of romantic dreams.
And if this is true or men it rs
doubly true of women. A woman's
happiness depends upon her reciting
over and over the litany of her hus
bands' perfections, as Hindus do tne
name of a god, until she becomes self
hypnotized by the process. Let a
woman once begin canvassing her
husband's weaknesses with her Rar
est friend and Cupid beats It. He
can't stand the revelations.
Inasmuch as love depends upon ii'u
sion and delusion and the ability of a
Under Mental Control
not be useless, as I am getting 'well
now." Then 6he began to "walk
on air," Quite literally, too, for
she raised first one leg, then an
other, while still on her back, and"
took all the motions of walking.
With plenty of fresh air In the
room, this motion brought to her
most of the benefits of an outing.
It hastened the breathing and made
the blood circulate over her bce
will make the blood tingle
body. A few months brought bor
perfect health. Was it not Ihe v lil
to do it, after all, that cu;d iter?
Questions tn 1 An"verc
I hare a numhrr cf Ujr.KfiiJ$ r-.,:
pimples, and thouyh I steam mv face fvu-
timet a week and vasK it u'ith " '
aoap, it dots it no pood. Xoxe, what i my
trouble and how cun I correct ittJ.
Xao R.
Reply ns Btor etem!n? ft fc
more than one a wk. The scap you
mention Js excellent: but yovr trouble is
more than tkio deep. Take rny advlcs
bout flushing the colon till all waste mat
ter ia cleared, glye up rich, fatty, greasy
and Tery aweet foods. Eat plenty of
salads, rare meats, drink buttermilk, to
coffee, don't eat between meals. Ana
watca the skin dear then !
Please tend me your bvst-developinr
formula. I have tried four ether kinds
without tvecett, W. T. T.
Replp Send me a aelf-tddressed.
stamped enrelope, and I will send rou the
formula. Remember, deep breathing and
correct standing will ds more tban any.
tbtng else to deTelop a bust and do not
expect results over eight.
Kaffir . ZSL.
man to think some perfectly ordinary
woman an angel, or a woman to estem
seme commonplace man a Sir Galta
had, it follows that it is nothing short
01 a crime to wake lovers up and
open their eyes to what their be
loveds really are . This is a form of
cruelty which is the favorite intfoor
sport of moet families, and when one
hears mothers criticizing iheir dauch-ter-inlaw
to their sons, and tneir
son-inlaw to their daughters, one
wonders that they never realize that
they are ruining their children's Hap
piness by breaking the spell that binds
them and making them see those to
whom they are tied for life stripped
of all the pink chiffon of romance
which had made them" beautiful and
And 6till more curious is it that
married people do not walk softly rn
the domestic life for fear of waking
uii their husbands and wives. For
well they know- that all martial hap
piness depends upon a man or woman
being mesmerized. None of us have
enough admirable qualities to inspire
a deathless devotion on our account.
It Is only our husbands, or wives, abili
ty to hypnotize themselves that en
ables us to get away with it.
! Copyrighted, 1917, By The WneeTcr
Syndicate, Inc.)
Dorothy Dix's articles appear regu
larly in this paper every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
A "tireless" water heater is a novel
invention recently perfected by S.
Karasuda, a storekeeper at Kapaa,,
Kauai, after two years of hard effort
to revolutionize the Japanese baths
with a perfect water heater which
needs little fuel and expense to pro
auce the hot water. He is going to
secure a patent for his invention from
the United States government.
According to the announcement
made by the Japanese inventor as
published in the Nippu Jiji yesterday,
his invention is so perfect that the
sun's days do the work of the fuel
in producing the hot water, just as
the sun heater does, yet it differs en
tirely from the sun heater. When
the day is cloudy, he added, a quart
of kerosene oil, as fuel, will easily
produce 20 gallons of the hot water
in his unique Invention.
The Japanese are noted for their
hot water baths which they take
every day on returning fmm their
work or before retiring. In almost
uii of the plantations are baths con
ducted by the Japanese.
I Up-ftQ'
Everything improves even methods of shopping. 1
The fatigues and worries that beset the path of every
woman shopper are needless and can be practically elimi
nated if she will only use the information that is available
every evening.
That information is the advertising in the Star-Bulletin.
Merchants are realizing more and more the great ser
vice that paid publicity renders.
It is a two-edged sword that cuts two ways; quickening
his own sales and enabling him to move larger quantities
of stock; and allowing buyers to form ideas of what they
want, how much it will cost and where to get it, before
they even leave their homes.
He Kas learned that advertising means low prices to
the consumer and rapid turnovers for him.
You can render both your family and countrya great
service by taking full advantage of our advertising every
evening economizing in money, trouble and time; and
saving for things of greater moment your powers and
Plan Your
Mlitlllllllllltliliiil fitiiiiiiiifisiiiiiiiiiiiiitlllllllllllflllllllllllllllllllllllfltlllllllllllffltllllltllllllMltlllllllllllllllllllM IHIIfltirjM
BOSTON. Mass., Sept. 14. Stanley
C. Kennedy and Alan J. Ixjwrey. botu
of Honolulu, are registered at tha
Massachusetts Institute of Technol
ogy in the school of naval aeronautics
established by the 1". S. government
at the institute. They are among Z0
naval cadets in their group.
The courses extend over some eight
wreks and will include naal special
ities and work in naval and mechani
cal engineering. The former is under
' the direction of Lieut. E. H. McKit-
terick and includes navy regulations,
! navigation, seamanship and infantry
i drill while the academic and scienti-
fic studies are directed by the in
istructitig force of the institute under
j Prof. C. 11. Peabody.
The Massachusetts Institute of
Technology has already had in opera
tion a cadet school for military aero
(Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence.)
HILO. Sept.T 24. Although the
whole hearted enthusiasm displayed
iu the formation of a local Japanese
platoon, to be attached to the national
guard, has ntt entirely fizzled out. It
has to a great extent. Such was the
information disclosed yesterday by
K. Arakawa, organizer of this move
ment. Arakawa 6aid that of the 40 young
men who had signified their Inten
tion of joining a local military body,
only 22 attended the medical exam
ination, and of this number 5 failed
to pass, leaving the force 17 strong.
It being impossible to have a sepa
rate platoon without, at least, a mem
bership of forty, the Idea had to be
abandoned, and of those who passed
the medical examination eleven have
joined Dr. A. T. Iloll's medical corps
while the balance went in with the
regular national guard unit.
Despite this somewhat unsatisfac
tory state of affairs, Arakawa is still
determined to form a separate pla
toon. He is canvassing among the
young Japanese of the community for
additional men to join up, and should
he succeed, a complete Japanese pla
toon will be formed at a later date.
An Athens telegram received in
Paris says that the Greek government
has decided to bring M. Gounaris, for
mer Prime Minister of Greece, who is
at present in Italy, before a special
Shopping Trip the
nautics for a courle of months, and
in the establishment of the present
one for naval aeronauts has patterned
along similar lines. The military men,
however, spend the first thro weeks
in nothing but military drill. Her
the naval aviators differ, since thejf
begm theoretical work immediately
on entering the school.
There will be eight weeks of inten
she study at the institute and then!
the young men will be sent to one cl
the naval flying schools and attes
practise in the air at them will
ready for service as assistants in air
planes of one kind or another.
The cadet school of naval aero
nautics is the eleventh special school
undertaken by the institute since May
to prepare its students and other1
students sent to it by the governmcul
for work in relation to the war.
Albert Thomas, the French ministel
of munitions, made an appeal to th
workmen of the Renaud establish
ment at Billancourt to keep up their"
efforts during the remainder of th
are made from only sound frseh
fruit and pure sugar. Not ad
vanced in price.
CQ.Ycc Hop &Co.
King street, near Flshmarket
Phone 3451
Night Before

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