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Brief is Filed in Supreme Court
on Appeal From Utilities
Commission's Order
Sugar Famine Will
Be Relieved, Says
Controller Rolph
4soc!ated Pma by U. Wirc'tss.r
NEW YOKK, N. V., Oct. 26 Relief
from the troublous sugar situation is
expected within ir, days
Gorce M. Rolph. who i in charge
of the sugar situation for the Hoover
bureau. aid today tliat the price oi
sugar will be eight and a half or nin3
cents a pound.
To ctnsider means of relieving the
world-wide shortage of sugar the In
Following closely on the heeU of
tiie rerord in the litigation, a brief
was filed In the supreme rourt yes
terday afternoon Betting forth the Hide ternational Sugar commission, headed
r the Inter-Island Steam Navigation J by George M. Rolph, conferred at
Co. in the investigation of the con-J length yesterday afternoon and last
rrh recently conducted by the pub-J evening with a committee from the
lie utilities commission. I feugar refiners of America. Until the
As the litigation now ttands, it la beet suyar production of the West and
in three courts federal court, on a mo-1 Northwest readies its height the slf-
tion to liflve a temporary injunc- uation. must remain serious and it was
tion; circuit court, on an injunction,
and supreme court, on appeal from a
decision by the commission. As re
gards the motion to dissolve the tem
porary injunction, the utilities commis
sion has filed in federal court a mo
tion to remand the matter back to cir
cnit court. Further argument on the
motion was to be had this morning, but
owing to the Illness of Attorney II. W.
r.reckons, was continued until next
Monday mcralng.
The following points are made by
the Inter-Island In 1U-"cM in the
ourt: C- ,
"The public utilities cowJhnHias
no. Jurisdiction to fix rat? AJ. classi
fication for the Inter-JsjafvA Steam
Navigation Co.. Ltd., dr
amendment of its tariff.
"Congress having legislated and
placed the Inter-Island Steam Navi
gation Co.'s commerce, under the con
trol of the shipping board, that con
trol 'ji exclusive. '
"No hearing was had as provided in
section 2234, and no notice of such
hearing given to the Inter-Island
Steam Navigation Co., and the const!
determined at the outset that pianslo:
economizing and conserving the coun
try's supply must be taken at once.
The purchase of a'hundred thousanl
tons or Louisiana sugar by the Ameri
can Sugar Refining company whien
was reported cn Wednesday removed
at once more than a third of the prob
able crop of that state which is below
the normal and estimated at not to ex
ceed 275,000. tons. Cuba's remaining
supply is variously estimated at from
2.",00( to 75.000 tons and Louisiana
and Cuba cannot be counted upon to
go far toward relieving the shortage
without the beet sugar output which
will be above early expectations.
Cuba's next crop will come in toward
irect the the end of the beet sugar production.
By then it is expected that the situa
tion will have been measurably reliev
ed but meantime conservation is to be
the watchword.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Oct. 26
Food control authorities and dealers
here have put a ban on sugar for
Christmas tree ornaments. The loads
of cheap candies which for cenera-
tution or the United States requires tions have been going Into Christmas
such notice and hearing before the tree ornaments are to be frowned on
commission can enter the order made this holiday season because of the v-
l,y it- . tal need of 6tigar by the Allies. Man
"The notice actually given, as shown ufacturers say that every effort will
l y Uie record, was of a bearing under be made to conserve sugar
suction -223, under which the only
power given is that given by, section
, 1213 to make recommendations and
brfn?:' cult.
"The order of the commission ts
not sustained by the facts found in
its decision. The company is entitled
to a fair return upon the reasonable
pritc-Ki eJue of ita property used in
th scrvicu of the public."
'1 he -commission ordered th Inter-
wand to return to the acheduie of Commission Will Recommend
ireigni ana passenger rates in eriect
fa .1016, and secured a temporary in
junction restraining - the steamship
company from refusing to obey the
aecision. v
Vheatless Day
Proposed Here
By Food Board
White Bread Be Dispensed
With on Wednesdays
f Continued from page 1)
form had not the attendants supported
him. . Then he had dropped to his j
doom at the ropes end.
His body - from the moment he
struck seemed as lifeless as tn
stretched rope from which it dangled.
nut Koneiia gave convulsive kicks and
shrugs that caused the impression that
he-was being strangled. ; His breath
ing could , be seen under the black
coat he wore for some minutes. Ver
ier could not be leen even to twitch
a muscle
The two men came out together tr
ONOGULU will soon . have
-wheatless,.daj,a. -
.Beginning Wednesday. Nov-
ember 1 14, and every Wednesday
thereafter, local hotels, clubs, res-
' tauranta, boarding houses, cafes
and the public In general will use
.a substitute (or white bread, that
.-is If they . fbUow- out a request
which is to be made by the terri
torial food commission.
V .. . Decision , to' request "wheatless-
t days In Honolulu was reached at
a meeting of the food commission
. this morning.: A very good corn
meal Is now being manufactured
on Maul and steps are to be taken
by the commission to place It in
the local market so that it .will be
available as food. '
; On the Wednesdays designated
the commission suggests that, in
place of white bread, the public
; eat corn meal 'bread,-; Graham
bread, whole wheat bread or rye
' bread. ;- -
TOKIO. Japan. Oct. o. Art Smith
tiie oung American aviator noted for
his raiuous ' looping-the-Ioops," yes
terday bade Japan goodby and sailed
from Yokohama for home. He and
Mrs. Smith, his mother, with whom
he was visiting Japan, were among
the passengers on a T. K K. liner
bound for Honolulu and San Fran
chisee. Smith declared that he U deter
mined to sere his country on his
return to the United States. It is
generally believed here that he will
volunteer his services as an army
aviator with the American troops in
Art Smith, who is now on his way
home from a second visit to Japan,
was to stay in Honolulu to give a
series of his famous flights, but it
seems now improbable as he is hasten
ing back to the states to volunteer.
Smith was received most enthusi
astically wherever he has made his
flight and became an Idol of the Jap
anese people. When he was injured
in a bad fall in Sapporo on his first
visit to Japan, he received from many
Japanese letters of 'sympathy, some of
which were written with Wood from
fingers cut for the itrpose. He was
moved so deeply that, after he had
entirely recovered In a Chicago hos
pital, he made the second visit to
Smith and his mother are expected
to pass through Honolulu early next
Japan's Opinion
Growing Against
Ship-steel Deal
(S?Sa Cii X ',-D Jin)
TOKIO, Japan. Oct. 26. - It is an un
profitable butines for Japan to ex
change her shiuuing with tLe iron
from the United State?.
Such is the - growing conviction
which now appears as dominating the
thought of the- Japanese government
as well as the shipping and shipbuili
ing circles.
When Viscount K. Ishii. head of the
Japanese war commission to the
United States, prolonged his stay in
Washington, it-. was learned that he
was deadlocked over the negotiations
wrtk the proper American authorities
on is steel embargo question. Japan
wanted the embargo on the steel to
be lifted in favor of Japan to enable
the Japanese ship yards to continue
operation while the United States gov
ernment asked for Japanese steamers
to be used in carrying the American
troops and supplies in the Atlantic.
The .United State?, it was learned
from an authentic! Japanese source, is
ready to srapt Japan imports of 1 ."),
000 tons of - the American steel pro
vided Japan supplies the Allies with
her shippingver 400,00') tons. It is
on this suggestion of compromise that
Japan's public opinion is now growing
in disfavor, maintaining that Japan
will lose much more .with her shipping
than she can gain from -the American
(Assoc.'ated Pres by 9. S. Navtl Wixeltss.)
WASHINGTON. L C, Oct. .26. It
was learned today that a federal in
vestigation has shown that possible
criminal prosecution may be insti
tuted against both retail and whole
sale coal dealers for violations of the
prices as fixed bv Controller Garfield
It is alleged: that evidence shows that
many coal men have been charging
higher prices than that allowed by the
administration, and criminal proceed
Ings may be instituted to bring the
dealers to time.
the scaffold, facing the small crowd REPORT; IN SMART-
below who had gathered to witness the
execution. Then they were turned
.with faxes toward the prison and the
cans and straps were hastllr fitted.
t Tho hftnlM vara mit ' . r. -
it- m. . m .
Later they were burled m the potters
. field. -
History of Crime '
Tsunetaro' Hayashlbara, a 'Japanese
storekeeper near Kaneohe was shot
mo siaoDea to aeam on the night of
August 21, after he and his wife had
been bound with atrin f n
asn ana iea into a nearbr nlneannta
xase;due TOMORROW
,That AttorneyCarl ' Carlsmlth's re
port on a motion for an allowance of
$10,000 a year for four year old Rich
ard Smart may be filed tomorrow, was
the, report" In local court circles today.
Attorney Carlsmith returned from the
mainland last Wednesday after hav
ing taken the testimony of Mrs. Eliza
beth Knight, grandmother and guard
Ian of Baty Smart, who resides in San
Francisco. '
After his appointment as master to
v(Auodated Press by 0. 8. Naval Wiralasa.) .
WASHINGTON,' D, Q, Oct. 26; An
nouncement was made today that J. Y
Child of Honolulu-aff been made fede
ral food administrator for the Ha
waiian islands.
This announcement was made in
Honolulu Wednesday and Mr. Child is
now assuming his added duties.
Alaska Gold
American Smelter '. .
American Sugar Rfg.
American Tel. & Tel.
Anaconda Copper . . .
Paldwin Loco
Baltimore & Ohio . . .
Eethlehem Steel .r
Today day
pass' on the motion for the increased
Gabriel Verver and FiniWu I allowance, the present annual allov
r ella, who paid the supreme nenalf ance being $2000. Attorney Carlsmlth
lodar. and Pedrn Pnr . ir 'ea a report m circuit court but with-
AbeU and Isidore Alarlo all went Intoldraw 11 almost Immediately. It has
uie store late in the evening and de-l lv:o,ucu rerun mfn;.
nnnded that the Japanese give them WM t0 tfce effect tnat ne was unable
rnat money he had. The woman tes l ima u"cieai eviaence in me re
tified that - she v was threatened with I cord upon which to .base any definite
. t. revolver.' The moner was turn-d ! recommendations.. He was' then given
?ver Xp them. The man and woman I autnorIt? to proceed to San Francisco
n ere Ted Into the field. theJapanese I t0 uk the testimony of Mm. Knight.
,iskea to be . reitased for a moment, I T
;w this was do.-: n started to run RUMORS OF CRISIS IN
.- ma' uraeua snot mm. v erver then
. .an uo and stabbed him. i.
: . After the killing the Filipinos fled.
aving the woman in the field, still
.wuu. jjuB.iiawiT worsea ner hAndi
" tnco tdit rani tnm Kit t .
wi ucit etc me Bame
lme Informing the police In. Honolulu.
( Asslated PrtM by U. a. arat WIrt!o.)
LONDON, Eng., . Oct. 26. "The
whole of West Irelandls trembling on
the . verge of open- armed rebellion
against' the ' British government,"
wires the correspondent of the London
Dally Mail from Dublin. This corres
pondent insists that the Irish situa
tion is very much more serious than
CLAUDE BECK, son of Chris Beck. Ian not.nn the t MirM
Proprietor of the New York barber I states a h nrintnn that tmnho mnv
jnop, vno was inougnt io nave been be looked for unless those who fanned
filled In the -siege of Antwerp m the smouldering spark until a wide-
is alive and well, according t,o spread conflagration of revolt is about
-tdvlces received, by Jlr. Beck from to break out are able to quench it.
lis daughter in Australia. .
f ' " - 1 ' I . Arthnr Griffith, mta nf thm Sinn
. L. GRIMSHAW, former cashier for Fein leaders, denies indignantly, that
.lie Mutual Telephone Co, has writ- the Sinn Fein orgaalxatlon is feeing
xn to friends here that he Is soon to financed hr r.prman pom nr that th
,)e Invalided home and 'should arrive!
, ' ..... t . . ... i. . . - i o
jj jionoiuiu aooui ine nrsi oi tne I order is In th intprpst of firrmanv
-Marshal J. J. Smiddy today seized
the four-masted American schooner
S. I. Alleard to be held pending the
disposition cf a libel suit filed in fed-
Calif. Petroleum
Canadian Pacific
C. M. t St. P. St. Paul)
Colo. Fuel t Iron
Crucible Steel
Cuban Sugar
Erie Common
General Electric
General Motors, New . .
Great Northern Pfd
Inter. HarvM N. J.
Kennecott Copper
Lehigh R. R.
New York Central
Ray Consol.
Reading Common .
Southern Pacific .
Studebaker .
Texas' Oil ......
Union Pacific
U. S. Steel ...... m
Utah 8t
Western Union ........ 87'a
Westinghouse 42,4
. 85'4
. 63
b. 84V
.. 3a.
.. 66
. . 31 -
.. 18'2
. . 133
. 93V4
.. -33'4
. . 58 -71
.. 50
.. 73'2
.. 87)2f
.. 3894
.- 119
. 922
, 60'4
- 56i
at-. . .
b 83
Bid. ; Ex-dividend. 4Unquoted.
By Atsoclat.Pras1
. MANCHESTER, Eng. "There is- no
romance Hit. in war, it Is a' dirty busr
ness, and every one of us who Is.iii it
Is determined that when we finish this
war, It shall be so thoroughlj finished
that nobody will ever start another.''
Thus writes, a British transport
captain in a letter to his local news
paper, describing how he had just lost
twenty of his men, although they were
nearly a dozen miles behind the front,
through a shell from a German long
range naval gun fifteen miles away.
The shell was a chance shot. Here is
the captain's story:
"We have descended on a war of
stlnk-pot3, of spectacled chemists leer
ing horribly in obscure laboritories
while they concoct the tortures of the
damned, of medieval poisons, of flying
death from the -clouds. - It Is less like
war than some elemental devilishness
which man Is tas powerless to contro
1 '. . 4 r
as he was. the volcanoes wmcu over
whelmed Pompeii or St.. Pierre.. It Is
pot aloneinjthejtjprefront of- the -battle
v(iexe men suiim. .lavc-j-w-fAi-jr, . yvy u
quiet ptaces far back,. '.where' death
flings himself, with outrageous vio
lence' and. suddeness. .The dead men
have never seen thplr foe; there has
breen no contests, no combat.
"I witnessed an incident today the
like of which I have seen before the
like of which .is happening every day
along these hundreds of miles of battle
line. It It as well you should hear of
it who have a quiet roof over your
heads, who wait -placidly under "your
umbrellas at the street corners for
your tram car.
I was at a cross roads, and a vast
amount of traffic was moving by It,
gnns and wagons and panting motor
lorries and officers on horseback and
ambulances. Far In, front hung motion
less in the air the long row of balloons
that marked the circle of the 'front.
it enaurea pernaps but two seconds
before.lt precipitated that frightful
tragedy towards which it was moving,
but very second was an age. Every
man who heard It held his breath.
"Now; the whistle changed to a sudden
plunging roar.- A quarter of a ton was
falling headlonc through space and
yet Invisible. A rocking crash, and up
from the road leaped a volcano of
black earth and smoke and stones. The
whole air filled itself with shrieking
bits of metal, whirling swathes of dust
and ehoking fumes. Horses were
plunging, men cursing. Above'all rang
the screams ofmortal agony.
"I gazed with .horror towards the
spot and saw a .wagon lying with its
wheels up In the ditch, its horses lying
motionless .nearby. In the grass by
the roadside lay some Inert figures of
men whose absolute motionless told
its tul
"One though', of ut homes sudd-'ily
emptied far - away, of mothers jiid
wives and children that would wait in
vain. .And.lt has all been done by the
unseen band that had just nulled a
ctring lii'iten -miles away."
$6,000,000 MARK
(Continued from page 1.)
was the order iasued to the sa!e3
agents ttlay.
lleuorts from Hilo announce th3t
more than $2W.y hve been collected
in th Crescent City. More definite
details will be received by the com
mittees tomorrow morning when tuj
island- mail is received.
The subscription lists close exactly
at noon 'tomorrow, and the committee
has issued a bulletin reminding every
persn who has pledged themselves to
subscribe tor a bon dto call at their
banks tomorrow and make the first
payment. IJoy Scouts will be out in
lull force tomorrow- to rund up per
sons who have forgotten to make the
first payment on their bond.
Every road overseer on Oahu-has
subscribed to the loan, and evwry
road laborer1 in the districts of Ewa'
and Waialua bought a bond. This was
due to the excellent work done uy
Supervisor Charles Arnold, who tured
the island Tuesday.
Ubby, .McNeil & Libbv have sub
scribed 700. .-This was received
from 21 employes. The Chinese-Amer
ican bank has received pledges from
201 subscribers since the opening of
the campaign. The Rapid Transit
company's employes have subscribed
for 110,000 worth of bonds, and the
territorial teachers subscribed to the
amount of $12,000. .
Hie Honolulu Iron works report
that their employes have subscribed
for $9,700 worth.-The von Ham Young
employes have pledged themselves to
buy $8000 worth of bands.
The army has probably established
a record for the amount of money col
ected during the period of the second
liberty Loan. Schofield leads trio
field with $919,300, with the coast de
fenses next with $1S4,6S0.
The figures by organizations were
as follows;
2oth Infantry :;4i.C00
Coast Artillery Corps, r. y.". 158,650
Mrst infantry 147,850
ourth Field Artillery H 2.000
.'2nd Infantry 117,700
Ninth Field Artillery....... 11.05
Second Infantry 105.35J
First Field Artillery 103,r5
Quartermaster Corps 41,950
.Medical Corps 37,100
Signal Corps . .- 20,900
Engineers . 19,000
Ordnance Department 10,400
. .$ 1,26G,500
Hear, .ne nas Deen ui iot some time
Jiia tn "irjtssiTifr . hv t fvo fjprmftii :
, ... aaww - j
y .
'Mvely entitled to the use for re- eral court against the vessel by Lee
i publication of all news despatches ilason, a seaman, who clainiS $2950
credited to it or." not otherwise -f alleged damages. Mason claims he
credited in this, paper and also 4 as Injured while the vessel wa& at
! the local news published herein. j For personal injuries he asks
' I - . .' ?2rT'00 and, among other things, his
By Associated Pressl
TOKIO, Japan. Baron Shimpel
Goto, Japan's home minister, has
characterized the United States' "ban
on exportation of. iron and steel as en
tirely necessitated by the war and as
declaring that.it is unreasonable for
Japan to expect ?n absolute cancella
tion cr removal of the embargo. The
only way .for Japan to approach the
question, he said, was to request some
exceptional treatment affording Japan
a smooth operation of the shipbuilding'
Industry. He believed the steel ques
tion would be settled " satisfactorily.
Baron' Goto added:
"Recently the movement of the Ja
panese business bodies opposing the
American embargo on iron and steel
is becoming stronger and some agita
tors at times Indulge m utterances
which are by no means pleasing to
America to hear. Such an attitude on
the part of our countrymen cannot be
recommended. They should observe
an attitude of calm circumspection
seeking the solution of the problem by
moderate and conciliatory means. At
the same time they must not lie
grudge making sacrifices in the causw
City Attorney Arthur M. Brown Vas
to present the following ct.ses to the
territorial grand jury this afternoon
for investigation: William KemD,
charged 'mh procuring; Antone de
Mello, Jr., charged with passing forg
ed writing; Harold Harrison and Ash
ford Oakley, charged with first degreo
larceny. ,
H. H. Walker, F. E. Steere and I.
H. Beadle have been appointed ap
praisers of the-estate of the larte Cecil
Brown. Tlie esiaie Is valued -in the
neighborhood of half a million dollars.
. - ewk. Teacher, Whp can tell me- n
.tiling, of- importance that did nofcxlst
a hundred years ago? Little Boy
Ate.-r-Dallas News. - .
Woman for housework and cooking.
No washing, no children. Apply 777
So. King street. 6927 tf
A lady wishes employment in office,
afternoons-: Shorthand, typewriting.
Reasonable compensation. Address
N, P.-O. Box-81. City. 6927 6t
As chaffeur in private familr. Expe
rienced. References furnished. Ad
' dress Box 763, Star-Bulletin office.
6927 3t
Completely furnished two bedroom
cottage in town. Desirable neighbor
hood. Inquire No. 465 Beretania St.
, - 6927 tf
Ford Touring Car, demountable rimr
good condition. Cash or terms. Apr
ply B. J. Guerrero, 27 Campbell
Block. ' Phone 5484. 6927 tf
First Judicial Circuit, Territory of
Hawaii At Chambers In Probate.
In the i-Iter of the Estate of Don
ald Francis Nichclson, Deceased.
Notice to Creditors.
Aloha Chapter. D. A. R., will meet
Monday,' October 2:t. at 3 p. m. at the
home of .Mrs. F. IJatchelor, 1S20 Ana
puni street. Visiting Daughters are
cordially invited.
Colonel Seth Scofield. U. S. A., at
tended his first, meeting of the terri
torial food commission today as the
representative of the military forces
in the islands. Colonel Scofield sue
ceeds Major Charles S. Lincoln, re
cently assigned to duty or? the main
"I dreamed last night that I propos
ed to a beautiful girl," he confided.
"And what did I say " she queried.
The undersigned. ALICE NICHOL
SON, Executrix cf and under the Last
Will and Testament of Donald Fr .ncis
Nicholson, deceased, hereby gives no
tice to all persons having claims
against the Estate of the said Donald
Francis Nicholson, deceased, to pre
sent such claims, duly authenticated,
and with proper vouchers, if any exist,
even though such claims be secured
by mortgage of real estate, to the
undersigned, at 261 Perry Street, Ho
nolulu, Territory of Hawaii, or at the
offices of her attorneys, Messrs.
Thompson & Cathcart, 2-14 Campbell
Block, Honolulu, within six months
from this date, or within six months
from the day they fall due, or such
claims win be forever barred.
And all persons indebted to said
Estate are hereby notified to make im
mediate settlement with the under
signed Executrix as aforesaid.
Dated at Honolulu, this 26th day
of October, A. D. 1917.
Executrix under the Last Will and
Testatment of Donald Francis
Nicholson, deceased.
2-14 Campbell Block, : '
AtTTT'jeys fcr!'iF,
PHONE 12J1. -
JK Graham
Tell us vhat day to deliver it.
the 'tween meal sandwiches
for the growing boy
Phons 1431
A coalition government has been
formed in South Australia, the liberal
members being Mr. Peake, as premier,
Mr. Butler and Mr. Rice and th tia-
tioualists Messrs. Style?, Blundell and
Jackson. The portfolios have not yet
oeen allotted.
Walter Ixuig, colonial secretary, ban
telegraphed to the governor of Hong
I ong that the operation of the military
service bill now before the local legi
lature should be limited to the dura
tion of the war and tor six months af
29,000 OASfcS
have passed through the Palmer Chiropractic College free clinic sine
May 1. 1909.- Tncse all represen "baffling, difficult. Incurable cr unusual
cases' all represent failures und :r medical trertment.
Why don't YOU tee a Chiropractor?
204-5 Boston Bldg. (Over May's)
Oriental Silks
and Silk Crepes just Arrived.
Now on display at our store.
Hotel St., near Nauann
ew Oriental Goods
Just Opened
1137 Fort St.
ft "Take the Cause of Education.
fj "Not many years ago Northwestern
University at Bvanston, 111., brought down'
criticism- by engaging in a paid advertising
campaign in the newspapers,
-"But the ethics of this are now. recog
nized. '' .
""The time is coming when every unU
versity will advertise as part of its business
necessity.' Scribner's Magazine.
Paid Publicitv Will Uo It.
The general circulation of the 7002
Star-Bulletin for Oct. 22 was
Are All
Star- Values
Beautiful fabrics in a great variety of weaves, colors
and all white materials of fine sheer weaves and depend
able quality. Full pieces and remnants are included. All
priced for a sweeping clearance, first here first served.
Floral BatL-te, 20 inch, stripes and floral patterns, 7
yards $1.00. .
.-inch Colored Dress Linens, line quality, light weight,
$1.00 per yard.
.'Mi-inch Wash Skirting, stripes and sport effects, 3
yards lor $1.00.
Fancy White Dress Goods, Lawns, Voiles. Madras,
Crepos and embroidered Swiss. Regular price J0c to 35c
per yard. 8 yards for $1.00, 7 yards for $1.00, 6 vards for
$1.00, 5 yards for $1.00.
:6-in Brocaded Delphia Silk, in all the leading shades.
2 yards for $1.00.
r T T T ' T X T T r. t y t i lu . rvr inay ,w . . .. ?

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