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I .- -v.
1m. -
Municipal Depots Planned if
Retail Dealers Balk at
Volunteer Methods'
, .
Early regulation of the baking Indus
try was promised tonight by Food Ad
ministrator Hoover. Plana to control
bread production and distribution al
ready are wnder consideration, and
will be put into operation as aoon as
breadbaklng experiments now being
conducted in several cities are com
pleted Municipal bread depots will be
provided it it la found Iba rcUilers
cannot be controlled under a volun
tary arrangement. .
The baking industry was left out of
the general food control law to be
put into effect November 1. Before
taking any steps to deat with tbe in
dustry tbe food administration wish
es, first to standardize baking Hour;
second, to standardize bread Ingred
ients, and third, to standardize either
the size of the loaf or the price.
The bread content will be estab
UvhArf nn the bsils of facts disclosed
: i.. tit a rwHmentm under war. It Is
. hoped to establish a. standard bread,
containing, the : ame amount always
of lard, milk and other ingredients.
If the size of the loaf is to be stand
ardized Mr. Hoover believes prices can
. be kept down through competition,
and if the orice. on the other hand, is
stabilized he beWeves competition will.
tn. Am Ttpnt- vPii the size oi me
tV from being reduced.
TWr . licenslnz crstem is put into
effect it cannot be made to apply un
der the food control act to retailers.
and the Drico will be for bread at the
bakery door. Tbe plan for bread de
pots will be put Into effect, however.
if tbe retailers refuse to cooperate in
holding prices down. " ,: ''
' imniirn nnrinmer i.'iiflilliiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiii!!liiiiiiiiiilililliiiiliiiiliillilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilHliiiiniil FfnilBFQ Wffl'J I HnnVFRHIAIfi ifT " r,
- n IVr ir U i lilLi II iuuiiluuiiuu lluu uuuvliuluiu
Mo Jo Bo
Five-pound Can
Now $1. 75
Superior quality Delicious flavor
maker Rolled
White Oats
No Appreciable Increase in Graham Ffour As Much Butter
Fat Sold as a Year Ago, it Reports of Local Dealers Reflect
Situation Accurately No Further Decrease in Flour Prices
Expected . . ,
Five Breakfasts at the price of one
2 Packages 25c
Sold by others at 20c a package
The House of Quality
5 King Street
'At the recommendation of the TJ. S.
food administration, .the state of
Massachusetts has removed almost all
restrictions on its salt water fisheries
for the duration of the war. This ac
tion is confidents expected to be the
berinnlng, of a general loosening of
fishing restrictions all over the coun
try. Including inland waters.
"Lakes and streams la the principal
agricultural districts,- said Kenneth
Fowler chief of the fisheries section
of the U. S. tood administration,
"could yield at least 00,000.000 pounds
of 'rough, or non-game fish annually.
Th.mleht lost as weH'he taken out
and distributed among the rand pop
ulation for the' mere cost of netting
and the future supply still conserved.
Under the present stringent fish and
-came laws, the supply of rough fish
, has become overplenUful;; and at a
time when the meat supply of the
country is unequal to the demand. Tht
moat common of these fish are suck
ers bowfin, German carp, buffalo, cal
"i Ico'bass, catfish, bullhead, crapple, eel,
white perch; yellow perch, pike, perch,
rd eye, redfins, red horse, Sacramen
to perch. strawberry bass, sunflshes
And rock bass.' ' ,
, Angling with all Its fascination as a
sport i uneconomical. The v logical
means ot catching fish for food is to
' seine the streams and small lakes
- under proper regulations, give the
' game fish their liberty and utilize the
classes that are orerplentlful,
The administration has no direct
power of authorizing such a course,
-stated Mr. Fowler -as practically all
the fishing grounds of the country are
' pnder the control pf the states. But
' we have pointed out the benefits of
- less stringent fish laws as a war meas-
' tire and the Yarious state food admin-
jstrators can cecure 'definite action
through the governors , and the state
iuh nd came , commissions. The-or
v ganizatlon-Tarles hi different states.
If : the people are Interested enough.
here Is no aerious obstacle to pre
vent their haTinr the fish."
- While details of the operations are
nhiftct to local management, the plan
'im hrieflr this. To prevent misuse of
the fisting grounds, the wardens will
uher catch tha fish themselves , or
denutlze resDonsible citizens to do so
- -A"fw hours work" a weeV.will in
mmt rauM result in enough fish for
. In the case of lakes and large rivers.
. small portions will be fished at a time
either br.riets. set lines or whatever
, fmp f most aultable. The state fish
and game commissions have full infor
matloft' resardinc the regulations ne
cessary Mo protect the spawning
grounds and insure a plentiful supply
ip the future. - -
: i The plan has the noteworthy ad
, vantage of developing a supply of fish
for small villages and rural districts
not regularly reached bv the commer-
cial fl6h industry. The distribution,
in ' the opinion ot the administration.
should be localised so that the dally
- supply in each community will be con
sumed at once In the' same commun-
ity. "This will invjre the freshness of
- tf.; fish and avoid roost of the pack
.X, and transportation difficulties.
; , Apparently farmers , of. the North-
- west hare heard the call to save the
.feed supply.; "Smoke from burning
' straw stacka is not so. much in evi
dence this fall,- says the Dakota Far
ner. "By .bitter experience we arc
' learning not to waste straw.
Modern warfare consists of united,
coordinated effort on the' part of en
tire nations. If. the - present war
teachesAmericans to cooperate It will
; have been entirely wasteful
Chcn Yctir Eyes Heed Care
?Try Clurins Eye Rctnciy ...
Phone 3451
'HE moulting season U m its last stage the wet
season is coniinjr on cs:crs are selling at toe 10
SOc a dozen. Dry runsrand foods high in protein con-
l if tent are vital to the success of your business. . ,
Beef scraps, grit, charcoal, ground
bone, fine mash and green foods
must be used this fall and winter.
We are prepared to supply all these
except peen stuff We also have
isei Pigeon Foods
Caiitaiaf ced Co., LtA
Phone 4121
Alakea and Queen Sts.
Local merchants and jobbers are
not anticipating any further decrease
in flour. Flour is now lower than it
has been for months, and, unless the
price should be forced down by the
food commission, is as low as it will
?o until the war is over, so flour ex
perts say. It would be higher now
than It has ever been, thinks Robert
Ii. Looth of Fred L. Waldrou. Ltd.
agency for White River flour, if it
were not for the control exercised by
the food commission.
A lucid explanation was Kiven by a
salesman in one of the retail groceries
as to why "the price of graham flour
should be so high as to prohibit its
general use among householders. He
said it was high because it came in
small Quantities, and that it came In
small quantities because so little of it
-vas sold that it .deteriorated before it
was used, and that there was noi
much demand for it because it cost
more than white flour.
There has been no appreciable in
crease in the use of graham flour
among housewives in Honolulu who
do their own baking, if the amount or
dered is any . guacc of the amount
iisrd. About a month aco there was
a spurt of enthusiasm for graham flour
but within the week the dejuand ha(i
dwindled down to what it was before,
which h comparatively no demand at
all. Onlypnc store, that of J. M. Levy
rona. renorts anything like a
growh2f tfemand for graham flour.
Wholesalers report the aemana jusi
about where it has stood for a long
time. In fact, Theo H. Davies & Com
nanv's books show that they have sold
le.ss this month than last, Hackfeld &
Company sell very little, and May a
Company are selling just about wnat
they usually do. '
Except for imported poods there has
not been, any great falling off in the
exoenslve stuffs ordered. High priced
canned zoods. and it is pretty hard to
get any kind of canned goods that are
not high priced now, continue to be ia
demand. One order clerk who takes
possibly more telephone orders a day
than anybody el?e in town takes in
three, said that she could not notice
any difference at all in the orders that
were given her. She said she usually
knew as soon as she found out who
was speaking just about what the or
der would be. Foreign goods of course
are not being brought into the islandi
any more, but the demand for domes
tic goods, anything put up in the Unit
ed States, remains steady, and show
ing the normal Increase that would
come from Increased population iu
peace times.
None of. the buyers anticipates the
slightest trouble from shortage in
shipping or from iny embargo on
-freight from the East and middle West
to the Pacific coast.
"We have been assured by the San
ta Fe that we shall get all the goods
we order, so far as their line is con
cerned," said one of the big jobbers,
"and I feel sure, as does everyone
else who has studied the question, that
none of our boats will be taken ofl
until they can be replaced by other
bottoms." -
1 Eggs are scarce, and very high, the
cold storage output selling at 60 and
65 cents a dozen. Island eggs can
hardly be had at any price and retail
at 90 cents a dozen.
In SDite of the food commission and
the insistence that less butter fat be j
use, Just as much is being sold iu
Honolulu as was a year ago, with pos
sibly a slight increase.
Aire Ybo Satibfied?. -
DO you leave the breakfast table wit ht hat feeling that
you erijoyed your cup of coffee!
OR do, you wish to fine a brand to your own taste
Which! . ' "z
WE add to Uje aroma of our Pure. Kona Coffee fresh-;
ness. Ground while you wait- pounds, $1.00.
Hotel Street, opp. Bethel ' . Phone 4341
"It Costs Less"
"It Feeds More
Include Poi In Your Menu.
It is not only that it tastes good prepared in a dozen tlif-;
ferent ways, but also that it costs less ami coutain more;
nutrition than any other food before the jjublie.. f
AVIDD ALO oahu fish market
n u '
3 - ,' ,
for Saturday only
'I - i.PURE
TAloha Creamery Butter
(Purity Insured)
... : 55c PER POUND
"No more than 2 pounds to one customer.
Freshly Smoked
" 50c per pound.
, Chipped in ourown sanitary market.
, You'll find food economy as well as sav
ory goodness ; in pur I Fresh Island Beef,
Perk and IXntto-every morsel is edible,
tender and delicious.
PHONE 3445
; yew -Whito Clean -Sanitary .
Phone 3-4.4-5
One of the most serious preventable
losses in the dairy business is tne
rapidT depreciation of milk anaeream
cans. This is due partly to rough ana
careless handling in transit but in
large, measure also to rust resulting
fmm insufficent drying.
The United States Food Adminlstra-1
Hon considefs this situation a seriouU
nn for several reasons. Plenty of
milk '.and ''cream cans are absolutely!
necessary for' the proper distribution
of the Nation's dairy food supply: yet
it Is important not to overload the
metal-working industries with orders
for new cans.
Several larse creameries have instal
led machines, for. straightening batter
ed cans; also' retlnning equipment by
means'of which a fresh tinned surface
may be given to cans that have begun
to rnsL
rtv timelv reDairs of this kind the
service is greatly lengthened at a cost
much less than that of new cans. But
for rarm dairies the following sugges.
tions coming from a Federal dairy ex
pert will help to make cans and uten
sils longer lived even in the absence
lor the special, epulpment referred to.
After tne cans nave Deen inorougniy
washed with luke warm water and
washing powder, rinse, and scald.
Allow the. cans. to drain until dry and
place on a rack with the mouth down,
Cans handled in this manner will keep
awnaf onii Mson 4 and rotflfn "thplr
i bright tinned surface.
Si jn addition To the longer service
! which they will give there is the added
benefit of purer flavors in the milk
and cream shipped In them. Dry, well
aired cans help to prevent metallic
and musty flavors so frequently en
countered in shipped cream.
I There, is a lot of sound philosophy,
squarely put for farm consumption, in
these words of J.: P. Mason, a widely-
known IUinois dairyman, reported by
Prairie Farmer: "Within a few milea
of me are men trying to dairy without
a silo. They are pretty., nearly plumb
crazy, of course; it must cost them 54
to $5 (per hundred pounds) to make
milk, work and alt I tefl you those
fellows don't deserve an Increased
price. Then: there .are a lot of men
whn rrow neither, clover nor alfalfa.
We cannot milk and maker money with
out one or the other of these, and we
musn't let troubles In growing stand
in our way. Wreve just got to grow
them in spite of winter killing once
in a while.
jien- Franklin said:. "Plow deep
while sluggards sleep and you'll have
corn to sell and Keep. If Franklin
had seen a tractor plow he'd have
said,. "Don't wait, go buy one now."
California Cultivator.
Your duty to your state and country
now Ig to use your tractor and engine
disk plow for seeding as much land as
you por-sibly can for wheat. Southern
Ruralist. .
"At present there are far from
enough competent tractor operators to
meet the rapidly growing needs," says
Power Farming, "and our agricultural
colleges, commercial schools and trac
tor manufacturers should employ
every means at their disposal to train
men and boys to handle tractors." The
manufacture of tractors and the train
ing of operators are of equal impor
tance in increasing production.
; r
"Grains will oe Valuable almost any
where tnis year," say tne warmers
Guide, "except when fed to rata."
"stack of corn" or a "stack of kafir"
instead of a 4 stack of wheat" cake3 at
the hotel or restaurant. Pancakes
made of corn or kafir corn dr one of
these grains 'with a little wheat flour
are fully as palatable and nutritious
as cakes made of wheat only, say food
specialists of the United States de
partment of agriculture. Millions of
wheat cakes arc consumed at the
American breakfast table every morn
ing. Get the "stack of corn" habit
and save the wheat.
The department is urging restau
rants and hotel proprietors to instruct
their chefs to prepare and have ready
for uso batter for corn cakes etxh
morning so that patrons may order
corn cakes instead of wheat cakes.
Corn cakes have always been popular
on the family table. By featuring the
"stack of corn cakes on their menus
it is believed patrons will be glad to
form the "eat more corn" habit at
breakfast time.
:Corn cakes with syrup are appetiz
ing v. and satisfying. The following
recipe is recommended:
Corn Meal Pancakes
1 cup corn meal,
1 cup flouT ( wheat),
2 teaspoons baking powder,
1 teaspoon salt,
1-2 tablespoon' sugar,
1 tablespoon melted butter,
1 egg,'
1 cup milk.
Mix the dry ingredients, add melted
butter, well beaten egg and milk. Bake
like ordinary griddle cakes.
Tractors-are the busy Berthas of
Feed the
Army and Navy
As wholesalers of anything and everything to eat we are
called upon daily to make large shipments to, the forts.
.Let us supply your store. ::
Service Supply Go.
Phone 2819 Offices at Hawaiian Fisheries
The price of fresh fish is becoming
very alarming and the peopls cf Hono
lulu will either have t go without eat
lnjg fish or resort to canned goods.
We carry a full line of tuna, salmon,
sardines, shrimps, crabs, clams, lob
sters and oysters In different size
cans. ' - v "
'v- --r
PHONE 1104
F of (General HdnsewQFli
In kitchen and bath
room, on fldors and
walls, woodwork and
metals. for cleaning
; marble and tile, or remov
ing rust, oil and grease use
p Q
Sold everywhere
Thm stnain i$ marked
7 :' --7-';'
1 1
Look fr Thin Sign on
Yfur Otaltr't Windota
lSm 1
Health-Divine: thirst-quench
intr evervdav drink for evervone
J m . : I j lit
Armour Grape Juice is pure and un- VyA irfTf f ft jy
diluted --pressed from choicest, hand- rl
ydu add the water yourself as much' or
as little as you want, unxermexueo, un
sweetened and darified., - :
Look for the Ovd Label. If your own
dealer cannot supply you, 'phone us his; name.
Try This t
SWStocUartRMi ' -
Pmaflira tun
CbTtrUM UCat -QiWifi
0Ur(trSM '
SSnrCktn ffiirpwM
. 1- A full line carried by
California Feed Co. and C. Q. Yee Hop & Co.
Phone 4121 PW i?4ftt -.';

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