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mm m
. Copies of Uie Official Bulletin, con
UinlD notice or the third training
camp for officers have been received
rom Washington. These state that
the csrs trill open on January 5 and
tlosety April 5, 19 ltL
The oh Sect of the camus is to train
enlisted men of the rejular army, the
national guard and national army ior
anointment as officers to fill vacan
cies that rosy pecur In these forces.
The graduates of these camps who
may be so recommended n. oe com
missioned as second lieutenants.
It has also been decided to admit a
certain number of graduates and un
dergraduates of oniTersitles and col
leges and schools which have earned
recognition by having had military
training nndcr army officers during
the past 10 years.
Hawaii's camp at Schofield will be
one of a large number. Sites hare
been set for each of the regular army,
national guard and national army di
visions, In the Philippines. Panama
and Hawaii. Fort BUss, Texas; Fort
Kara Houston, Texas, and Chicka
mauga,' Georgia. The quota for army
units Is 1.7 of the enlisted strength of
the organization, regimeut or other
smaller unit.
Applications for enlisted men are
regulated as follows:
Department commanders will at
once Inform the commanding officers
of such troops In their departments
of the schema or training schools au
thorized and - direct them to submit
the names of enlisted men betweea
the jta of 21 and 40 recommended
for attendance, the number they rec
ommend not to exceed 1.7 per cent of
the enlisted strength of the organiza
tion ; any fraction to be regarded as
one. ''v';"'i;'-- ?..;' ; :v
Enlisted men of. the regular army,
national guard, and national army will
be carried on detached service while
students at training schools. They
will receive pay and allowances of
: their. grade..
- All men who successfully complete
the three months' course and are so
recommended will be carried on a list
as eligible for appointment as second
lieutenant and will be commissioned
as vacancies occur In the order of
merits determined by performance
while at the training school: Provided,
that their service between- date of
graduating and date of occurrence of
their vacancy has been satisfactory.
Eight years Imprisonment at hard
labot-and &is honorable discharge' rom
the Wvice- br the United , 8Utes Is
the punishment meted out to" Mechanic
VJ. W. "Knight. : 5th ' Company, ; Coast
: Artnirrv hv a militarr court-martial
found guilty on a charge of shooting
wlth intent to kill at Police Officer
nmrl. . Pnnloa at r Atea on SeDtem-
ber 13 last. "'
" to five years. He wtlj be sent to Mc
V Nell lslandr Washington, to serve the
term. ' . ' '
Acrding to the story of the affair
, the Cdier established a reign of ter
ror In the peaceful village of Aiea
thatrouid nave aone creau to me so-
l called wild and woolly days of the
. ... - ......... . " V
COW ' ,
Evidence brought out that he had
entered tne Aiea aance nau ana as-
KaTiltd t -nnf IInnrtM a' Filinfno.
first-aiming a loaded .revolver at mm
and then hitting him in the face. Fol
lowing this he shot out a number of
. Iha He-hf mnA left thA hftll
Pooloa, the police officer, had been
notified of the disturbance and ar
rived at the . entry about the time
Knight was leaving. - He attempted to
put the soldier under arrest. -
Knight refused and began walking
away,: closely followed , by the officer
who continued his orders to surrend-
er. Alter - iney naa gone aooui , ouy
feeL thev were aiJDroached by the
plantation police officer and .upon' hit.
appearance rooioa graoueq ivuigai uy
the waist. The latter, freed himself
, and fired from his .33 revolver at the
" . officer. - ; .,;
cnL rluillUl
declared Captain Lowe in a talk before
sa . mj rr tk iun vaaBTamav sni was
are trvinz to train our men so when
the test comes that demands the
maximum of physical skill and en
durance, they will be on lop so
when it comes to spilling the other
fellow's blood or spilling their own.
they will win the fight.. Out there at
camn ; they are being . but through
' strenuous training, but it 'has to be
strenuous if they are to be successful
under modern war conditions. ;
rUt Perkins read an Interesting
tnreu nuie paper ca ine . ueveiop-
: rreat Euronean war. and a number -ox
" guests were introduced to-the club.
- INDIANAPOLIS. Ind ' Oct 26.
- John White, the president of the Unit
ed Mine Workers, resigned from tho
ficod nf'tliA hf? union vesterdar to be
. come adviser to Fuel Controller Gar
field." , -' -.-v..': . v---v. ; -
Wblte will be used particularly In
handling questions arising out of wage
disputes between miners and operat-
Schwarzterg L
MaMng It
Got "Sold" on Stack of Willow
China,-So Now He's Learn
ing History of Pattern
"A china house,
A cherry tree,
A new bridge, as you may see.
Three little men.
Three, maybe four,
With willow-branches hanging o'er,
Two little doves swinging high,
A little ship passing by . . .
If E. L uenwarzoerg. Honolulu's
crack auctioneer, should be heard
muttering along the street, that's what
he's saying. It doesn t mean mat any
thing is the matter with him. mentally
speaking. It means that he is trying
to fix the description of the famous
willow-pattern of china so firmly in
his mind that hell never let another
piece get by without his knowing at
least that it is passing.
It all happened, he says, when a
great stack of china was taken into
the auction rooms the. other day for
Immediate sale it looked Just like
any other stack or cntna to mm. ana
so it would to anjrone else, because
it was topped by six plates of ordiur
ary blue and white china, such as may
be had for $10 or $12 a set His sur
prise, not to mention his consterna
tion, came when he had knocked the
whole lot down to Mrs. Sarah T.
Grace, who, being a woman Immedi
ately discovered and divulged to him
the fact that the common blue china
had hidden 40 pieces of very rare old
Dlate of the willow-pattern. A con
noisseur In china who was present a
Honolulu woman whose collection of
rare porcelain Is the envy of all her
friends, at once offered - Mrs. Grace
S10 for a sinele niece of the willow.
pattern, an offer which, was promptly
turned down.
Now, Mr. Schwarzberg Is collecting
Information about the willow-pattern,
with a view possibly to becoming a
collector of the china himself. Al
though he Is not going to be so gen
erous with, the plate,, after he has it
collected, he is quite willing ror tne
public to know what he has found out
about It. Here it Is: . r ;
The design, which "is of Chinese
origin, was Introduced into England in
17S0 by one Thomas Turner of Caugh
lev. it caught the fancy of lovers of
good china, and became the most pop
ular of all the famous blue ana wniie
china, all of which is made by paint
ing the design on the plate before the
glaze is put on. ; ;
Willdw branches and the willow
tree are believed by Chinese to ward
off evil spirits. Old Wang Chan, who
Dlanned a rebellion against the era-
pereor during the Tang dynasty about
a thousand years ago, had us follow
ers wear a willow Drancn to onng
good luck, which it did, as it showed
where their allegiance lay, and kept
them from ; being killed ; by Wang
Chan's warriors, ; who . overran ; the
land. On the day of the Festival of
the Tombs, always celebrated In in
terior China, willow branches may be
If fn t Vlrtgg - -in ' the .tflea. .ntialL- lha
roofs. r ' .- '.-I
The artist . who designed thewlllow.
pattern was inspired by legend
woven around the unhappy .; lovV af
fair; of ft mandarin's daughter and a
man of low degree. The . maiden's
name was Llchl, and - she lived In
great state in the mandarin's house
which one sees on the plate, to he
risbt of the .picture, and jshe loved
greatly the mandarin's secretary.
Chang, who lived in the tiny cottage
on the tiny island which one sees at
the ton of the Plate. - The mandarin
forbade such a mesalliance, and the
lovers eloped, and concealed . them
selves In the gardener's cottage, whicn
is seen in the plate surrounded by a
peach tree in full bloom, an orange
tree, and a willow tree. Next morning.
having provided themselves with wil
low branches, they escaped to the Is
land home of the lover, where they,
were . found by the. mandarin, who
chased them with a whip,, and would
have killed them had not the sods
Interfered and changed the lovers into
two turtle-doves, which; .are seen
"swinging high" on the plate. ' : ;
Mr. Schwarzberg says that now
when he looks at his single piece of
willow-pattern ne sees tne wnoie
story, Just as . the artist . saw it so
many, many years ago. He's getting
almost sentimental about it! ; :
ttoiauauiittiHiiiiiiiMHi -- -
Werik Kidneys Age
XX - - fcJ"
lou too soon
',' ' r 'tmyPki'
; .V ;.: , A X SAy- ..,
Too many folks begin to suffer after
middle age with lame, aching backs,
distressing kidney disorders and rheu
matic aches and pains. Often this is
due to- faulty kidney action and there
is danger of heart trouble, dropsy,
gravel, hardening of the arteries, or
Bright's disease. Don't let weak kid
neys age you.' Use Doan's Backache
Kidney Pills They have restored
thousands to vigorous condition.
-When your back is lame remem
ber the name." . (Don't simply ask for
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Doan's Backache Kidney Pills and
take no other.) Doan's Backache Kid
ney Pills are sold by all druggists and
storekeepers or will be mailed on re
ceipt of price by the Hollister Drug
Co or Benson, Smith Co- agents
for the Hawaiian Islands.
v r
I to the sEieering challenge of Barbaric militarism
I The eyes and ears of the world are strained for your answer.
Strike it home so that there may be no doubt ol it.
" " '
if re . it k to
The world must be made safe for unarmed nom
combatants, for the aged and infirm, for womei
and families and for your .children yet unborn.
Put every dollar that you can spare into Liberty
Bonds. If you have one bond, buy another, and
sell two to friends for every one that you buy.
Buy bonds for your children and for your rela
tives. For the Liberty Loan is an INVESTMENT
the best in the world today. It is MONEY that
pays you 4 per cent interest each year. The bonds
are in such small denominations that anyone can
buy them. .
Your country calls upon your resources in her
fight for the right. What is your answer going
to be? Don't waite any time
, v.
your answer
I on
H And follow it up by calling on some bank, trust
company! member Honolulu Stock & Bond Ex-
H change, or Plantation office.
1 before NOON tomonrov!
Liberty ln pommlttse,
P. O. Box 1361, Honolulu.
I hereby pledge myself to subscribe to the United States Govern
ment Second Liberty Loan in tne amount er 9
Below fill in the name of a bank, trust company, plantation office or
member of Honolulu Stock and Bond Exchange through whom you
wish your subscription to be handled.
NOTICE: Do not fall to call at the place you have indicated and
arrange payments before October 27. Do it now!
IE it I I v " r't
Mm m 1 II . 154 "W ' t.
'.ml n MM v I f i I I . V "
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